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        Noa Noa

      Munich: R. Piper & Co. 1926. 204 pp. Limited edition, this is no. 44 of 320 copies. Bound in original raffia cloth with lettering to front board and spine. Publisher's limitation bookplate to front paste-down. Facsimile edition of Gauguin's autograph manuscript of his travel journal Noa Noa. With reproductions of Gauguin's drawings, watercolours and woodcuts, many tipped in. . Near Fine. Publisher's Cloth. Limited Edition. 1926. 4to..

      [Bookseller: Stephen Foster Books]
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        Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Volume I: The Evolution of Modesty, The Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity Auto-Erotism - Volume II: Sexual Inversion - Volume III: Analysis of the Sexual Impulse/ Love and Pain / The Sexual Impulse in Women - Volume IV: Sexual Selection in Man [Touch/Smell/Hearing/Vision] - Volume V: Erotic Symbolism / The Mechanism of Detumescence / The Psychic State in Pregnancy - Volume VI: Sex in Relation to Society - Volume VII: Eonism and Other Supplementary Studies

      Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. Third Edition. Revised and Enlarged.. Seven Volumes (complete with very rare supplementary volume). Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Ex-libris labels on pastedowns. The only complete set on the international market.. Third Edition. Revised and Enlarged. Philadelphia, F.A. Davis Company, 1926-28. 22cm x 14.5cm. xv, 352 (4), xi, 391, xii, 351, xi, 270, x, 285, xvi, 656, vii, 539 (7) pages. Original Hardcover (brown cloth with gilt lettering on spine). Seven Volumes (complete with very rare supplementary volume). Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Ex-libris labels on pastedowns. The only complete set on the international market. Henry Havelock Ellis, known as Havelock Ellis (2 February 1859 ?- 8 July 1939), was a British physician, writer, and social reformer who studied human sexuality. He was co-author of the first medical textbook in English on homosexuality in 1897, and also published works on a variety of sexual practices and inclinations, including transgender psychology. He is credited with introducing the notions of narcissism and autoeroticism, later adopted by psychoanalysis. He served as president of the Galton Institute and, like many intellectuals of his era, supported eugenics. (Wikipedia) The seven volumes include for example the following chapters: Volume I: Modesty an Agglomeration of Fears/ Children in Relation to Modesty/ The Phenoma of Sexual Periodicity/ The Phenomena of Blushing/ The Question of a Monthly Sexual Cycle in Men/ Insanity, Heart Disease/ The Annual Sexual Rhythm/ Tendency of the Sexual Impulse to Become Heightened in Spring and Autumn/ The Easter and Midsummer Bonfires/ The Growth of Children According to Season/ The Annual Curve of Bread Consumptions in Prisons/ Scarlet Fever/ Auto-Erotism/ The Japanese rin-no-tama and other Special Instruments for Obtaining Auto-Erotic Graification/ Abuse of the Ordinary Implements and Objects of Daily Life/ The Frequency of Hairpin the Bladder/ The Influence of Horse Exercise and Railway Travelling/ Sexual Excitement During Sleep/ Erotic Dreams/ Hysteria and the Question of its Relation to the Sexual Emotions/ The Early Greek Theories of Its Nature and Causation/ Charcot/ Breuer and Freud/ Neurasthenia/ Masturbation/ Mohammedan Attitude/ The Immense Part in Life Played by Transmuted Auto-Erotic Phenomena. Volume II: Homosexuality Among Animals/ The Albanians/ The Greeks/ The Eskimos/ The Tribes of the Northwest United States/ Sexual Inversion at Rome/ Homosexuality in Prisons/ Michelangelo/ Winkelmann/ Muret/ Walt Whitman/ Verlaine/ Burton's Climatic Theory of Homosexuality/ The Racial Factor/ Wesphal/ Hossli/ Casper/ Ulrichs/ Krafft-Ebing/ Moll/ Fere/ Kiernan/ Lydston/ Raffalovich/ Edward Carpenter/ Hirschfeld/ Sexual Inversion in Men and Women/ The Theory and Nature of Sexual Inversion/ The Freudian Theory/ The Influence of School/ The Code Napoleon/ Germany/ England/ THe Attitude of Society etc. Volume III: The Sexual Impulse a Factor of Instint/ The Sexual Impulse in Castrated Animals and Men/ Analogy Between the Sexual Relationship and that of the Suckling Mother and Her Child/ Sexual Selection a Part of Natural Selection/ The Fundamental Importance of Tumescence/ The Primitive Significance of Dancing in Animals and Man/ The Object of Courtship is to Produce Sexual Tumescence/ Analogy Between Coitus and Epilepsy/ Analogy of the Sexual Impulse to Hunger/ The Chief Key to the Relationship Between Love and Pain to be found in Animal Courtship/ Human Play in the Light of Animal Courtship/ The Frequency of Crimes Against the Person in Adolescence/ Marriage by Capture and its Psychological Basis/ Man's Pleasure in Exerting Force/ Sadism/ De Sade/ No Real Line of Demarcation Between Sadism and Masochism/ The Impulse to Strangle the Object of Sexual Desire/ The Wish to be Strangled/ Pain/ Anger and Fear the Most Powerful Emotions/ Their Biological Significance in Courtships/ The Physiological Mechanism of Fatigue Renders Pain Pleasurable/ The Primitive View of Women as a Supernatural Element in Life/ Embodying the Sexual Instinct/ Sexual Anaesthesia/ Special Characters of the Sexual Impulse in Women etc. Volume IV: The Primitive Character of the Skin/ Tickleishness/ The Secondary Sexual Skin Centres/ The Kiss/ The Bath/ Antagonism of Primitive Christianity to the Cult of the Skin/ Its Cult of Personal Filth/ The Primitiveness of Smell/ Rise of the Study of Olfaction/ Zwaardmaker/ Cloquet/ Smell as the Sense of Imagination/ Vasomotor and Muscular Effects/ Odorous Substances as Drugs/ The Specific Body Odors of Various Peoples/ The Ability to Distinguish Individuals by Smell/ The Sense of Smell in Neurasthenic and Allied States/ Olfactory Fetichism/ The Influence of Perfumes/ Their Aboriginal Relationship to Sexual Body Odors/ Fragrance of Flowers/ Synthetic Manufacture of Perfumes/ Musk/ Peau d'Espagne/ Smell of Leather and its Occasional Sexual Effects/ The Identity of many Plant Odors with Certain Body Odors/ The Evil Effects of Excessive Olfactory Stimulation/ The Symptoms of Vanillism/ Occasional Dangerous Results of the Odors of Flowers/ Effects of Flowers on the Voice/ The Place of Smell in Human Sexual Selections/ The Physiological Basis of Rhythm/ The Physiological Influence of Music on Muscular Action, Circulation, Respiration etc./ The Place of Music in Sexual Selection Among the Lower Animals/ The Larynx and Voice in Man/ Ancient Beliefs Concerning the Influence of Music in Morals, Education and Medicine/ Its Therapeutic Uses/ Significance of the Romantic Interest in Music in Puberty/ Primacy of Vision in Man/ Beauty as a Sexual Allurement/ The Objective Element in Beauty/ Ideals of Feminine Beauty in Various Parts of the World/ Savage Women Sometimes Beautiful from European Point of View/ Mutilation/ Steatopygia/ Obesity/ Gait/ The Pregnant Woman/ The Ideals of the Renaissance/ The Hair/ The Beard/ Beauty of Blondes and Brunettes/ The Love of the Exotic/ Movement/ The Mirror/ Narcissism/ Pygmalionism/ The Alleged Charm of Disparity in Sexual Attraction/ The Admiration for High Stature/ The Admiration for Dark Pigmentation/ The Charm of Parity/ Conjugal Mating/ The Origins of the Kiss etc. Volume V: Foot-Fetichism and Shoe-Fetichism/ Restif de la Bretonne/ The Chinese, Greeks, Spaniards, Romans, etc./ The Influence of Early Association and Emotional Shock/ The Tendency to Idealize the Defects of a Beloved Person/ Stendhal's 'Crystallisation'/ Erotic Fetichism/ Wide Extension of the Symbols of Sex/ The Fascination of Physical Constraint/ The Dynamic Element in Erotic Symbolism/ The Symbolism of Garments/ Scatalogic Symbolism/ Urolagnia/ Coprlagnia/ The Ascetic Attitude Toward the Flesh/ Scatalogy in Folk-Lore/ The Obscene as Derived from the Mythological/ The Scatalogy of Saints/ Influence of Nates Fetichism as a Transition to Coprolagnia/ Animals as Sources of Erotic Symbolism/ Mixoscopic Zoophilia/ Bestiality/ The Goat/ Exhibitionism/ A Symbolic Perversion of Courtship/ The Psychological Significance of Detumescence/ The Influence of Exercise/ Erogenous Zones/ Is There an Erotic Temperament?/ Characteristics of the Castrated/ Pigmentation/ Everted Lips/ Bright Eyes/ Shortness of Stature/ Profuse Hair/ The Relationship of Maternal and Sexual Emotion/ Conception and the Loss of Virginity/ Changes in the Nervous System/ Effects of Pregnancy etc. Volume VI: The Mother and Her Child/ The Child's Right to Choose its Ancestry/ Infant Mortality/ The Need of Rest During Pregnancy/ The Economic Question/ The Duty of the State/ Question of Coitus During Pregnancy/ Nurture Necessary as Well as Breed/ Precocious Manifestations of the Sexual Impulse/ Children's Ideas Concerning the Origin of Babies/ The Mother the Natural and Best Teacher/ Books on Sexual Enlightenment/ Value of Botany/ Menstruation/ Sexual Education/ The Valuation of Sexual Love/ The Attitude of Mediaeval Asceticism/ St. Bernard/ The Mystery of Sexual Desire/ Chastity Essential to the Dignity of Love/ The Eighteenth Century Revolt Against the Ideals of Chastity/ Unnatural Forms of Chastity/ Chastity Among the Early Christians/ The Penitentials/ Influence of the Renaissance and the Reformation/ The Revolt Against Virginity as a Virtue/ Potency and Impotence in Popular Estimation/ The Influence of Tradition on Sexual Abstinence/ The Physician As Reformer/ Alcohol/ The Influence of Physical and Mental Exercise/ The Inadequacy of Sexual Hygiene in this Field/ The Orgy/ Prostitution/ The Causes of Prostitution/ India, China, Japan/ Rome/ The Appeal of Civilization Attracts Women to Prostitution/ The Influence of Urban Life/ The Decay of the Brothel/ The Need of Reforming Marriage/ The Significance of Venereal Diseases/ The History of Syphilis/ The Social Dangers of Gonorrhoea/ The Innocent Victims of Venereal Diseases/ Prostitution in Relation to our Marriage System/ The Definition of the Term 'Morality'/ Ethics/ Manifestations of Sexual Morality/ The Theory of the Matriarchate/ Women in Babylonia/ Egypt/ The Ambiguous Influence of Christiantiy/ The Increase of Women Who Work/ The Sexual Responsibility of Women and its Consequences/ The Alleged Moral Inferiority of Women/ Marriage/ Among Animals/ Canon Law/ Contract/ False Ideas of Individualism/ With the Birth of a Child Marriage Ceases to be a Private Concern/ The Firm Basis of Monogamy/ The Art of Love/ Sexual Initiation in Africa and Elsewhere/ Flirtation/ Sexual Ignorance in Women/ The Husband's Education for Marriage/ Variation in Sexual Capacity/ The Lover Compared to the Musician/ The Proposal as a Part of Courtship/ Divination in the Art of Love/ The Unskilful Husband Frequently the Cause of the Frigid Wife/ Coitus Interruptus/ Jealousy/ Risks of Absence/ Primitive Function of Jealousy/ Platonic Friendship/ The Maternal Element in Women's Love/ The Problem of Love One of the Greatest of Social Questions/ The Science of Procreation etc. Volume VII: Eonism/ The Doctrine of Erogenic Zones/ The History of Florrie and the Mechanism of Social Deviation/ The Menstrual Curve of Sexual Impulse/ The Synthesis of Dreams: A Study of a Series of One Hundred Dreams/ The Conception of Narcissism/ Undinism/ Kleptolagnia/ The History of Marriage etc.

      [Bookseller: The Time Traveller's Bookshop]
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        [Typescript]: The Pages of this Book have to do with The Activities of the Kickapoo Valley Baseball League and that Stellar Player "Slugger" Sutton

      [Richland Center, Wisconsin: no publisher. 1926-1938]. Typescript. (38)pp., and (3)pp. Black three-ring binder with typescript pages, printed rectos only; several cardstock separators, one with a typed label bearing the title; and a rear pocket with three additional typescript sheets, also printed rectos only. The binder is somewhat worn at the spine ends but the pages are fresh with scattered corrections, near fine or better. An unpublished account of the wondrous fictional baseball player, "Slugger" Sutton, based on a real small-town baseball league in Kickapoo River Valley in West Central Wisconsin. A charming tale of a small-town baseball legend who eschewed big leagues success for the ardor of his hometown fans. Further details available upon request. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Portrait of Charles Baudelaire

      [Paris, 1926]. (BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES) No. 2 of 35 copies SIGNED AND NUMBERED by the artist in pencil; with his stamp lower left. 8.3 x 6.5 in. (21.2 x 16.5 cm.). Lithograph. Professionally conserved. Fine. Matted. Rauch 149; Chapon & I. Rouault II, nos. 310-315 and p. 264 . Superb image of the brooding genius so greatly admired by Rouault, who included it in the second edition of his collection, SOUVENIRS INTIMES (Paris: E. Frapier, 1927), with portraits of Suares, his mentor Gustave Moreau (2), Leon Bloy, and J.K. Huysmans

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller]
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        [Binding, Fine- Paul Bonet] Les Oeuvres de Francois Villon

      Paris: Cite des Livres, 1926. First edition thus. Suerpb half dark blue morocco binding by Paul Bonet [signed "Paul Bonet" in all caps on front dentelle] consisting of inlaid brown and gilt-blocked squares, gilt ruling and lettering with red fantasy marbled boards (and endsheets) leaving an additonal space of bue morocc at outside edges of boards. A representative binding of the celebrated Belgian bookbinder, Paul Bonet, probably the most influential of all French bookbinders of the period. This is an example of his earlier work, typified by geometical gold fillet designs such as this binding. later inscription on front fly, very slight corner bumping, else fine condition. #986 of 1000 Copies.

      [Bookseller: Nudelman Rare Books]
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        Soldiers' Pay

      New York: Boni And Liveright, 1926 First edition, first printing. One of 2,500 copies. Publisher's navy cloth, lettered in pale yellow, pictorial blue endpapers with floral vine pattern in white. Near fine, with some light wear and rubbing to the extremities, a hint of toning and faint vertical creasing to spine, a hint of spotting to the top edge, bright and fresh interior. Overall, a tight and fresh copy of Faulkner's first novel. Housed in a custom navy cloth slipcase. Originally titled Mayday, Soldiers' Pay tells the story of the wounded Lieutenant Donald Mahon, who returns to his hometown in Georgia after the conclusion of World War I, accompanied by a war veteran and a widowed soldier's wife. Previously presumed dead, Mahon returns home a shell of his former self-- scarred, with amnesia, and nearly blind. Throughout the novel, Faulkner explores the differences between the expectations and realities experienced by soldiers and civilians reuniting after the world war; just as the broken soldier did not live up to the romanticized image of a triumphant war hero, Mahon's unfaithful fiancée fell short of the devoted sweetheart he expected. Interestingly, Faulkner, after being rejected from the U.S. Air Force because of his small size, joined the Canadian Royal Air Force in 1918 intending to fight in Europe, but the war ended before Faulkner completed his basic training. While he never experienced first-hand war trauma, Faulkner was certainly haunted by the war that created the "Lost Generation.". 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Near Fine.

      [Bookseller: B & B Rare Books, Ltd., ABAA ]
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        Investing in Purchasing Power

      New York: Barron's The National Financial Weekly. 1926. First. First edition. Fine in an about fine dustwrapper with a couple of tiny chips. Scarce thus. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Beschreibendes Verzeichnis Der Illuminierten Handschriften in Österreich. VIII.Band : Die Illuminierten Handschriften Und Inkunabeln Der Nationalbibliothek in Wien, Teil II & III.

      Karl W.Hiersemann - 2 Parts (in 2 vols.). II.Teil : "Die deutschen romanischen Handschriften". Mit 44 Tafeln davon 1 farbenlichtdruck und 2 heliogravuren und 236 Abbildungen im Texte. Leipzig 1926. 466pp. Index. Wrs. III.Teil :"Die romanischen Handschriften des Abendlandes mit Ausnahme der deutschen Handschriften" mit 2 Tafeln und 149 Abbildungen im Texte. Leipzig 1927. 162pp. Index. Wrs.; 4to

      [Bookseller: Knuf Rare Books ILAB/LILA]
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        Teddy Bear; More Very Young Songs; Fourteen Songs, etc.

      - Offered here are four of the books in the "Song Book" series al quarto in their original pictorial dust wrappers, two English firsts and two Canadian firsts, as follows: 1) "Teddy Bear and Other Songs," London, 1926, Methuen; "Teddy Bear and Other Songs," Toronto, 1926, McClelland & Stewart; "Fourteen Songs From 'When We Were Very Young," Toronto, 1925, McClelland & Stewart; and "More 'Very Young' Songs, London, 1928, Methuen. All wrappers very good to near fine. Books, two fine condition, the others very good. A nice collectible set.

      [Bookseller: Edward Nudelman Rare Books]
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      New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1926. First edition. First printing with misprint "stoppped" on page 181. A finely bound copy in full blue morocco with gilt spine, stamping to boards and top edge; marbled end papers. Binding in excellent condition, internal contents Very Good with the occasional smudge or small stain. Hemingway's classic novel -- a Roman a clef about a group of American and British expats in Spain, centered around the characters of Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley. It was based on Hemingway's own experiences in Spain in the 1920s, visiting there with his wife and friends and watching bullfighting. It is without question one of the great American novels -- perhaps the most important to depict The Lost Generation. The novel was an immense success - college students began to emulate the dress and manner of the characters and Hemingway was made a household name. Interestingly enough, the first printing of the novel was only around 5000 copies, but this, and a second printing of a few thousand copies, quickly sold out. " [Hemingway] writes as if he had never read anybody's writing, as if he had fashioned the art of writing himself." (Contemporary review in "The Atlantic").

      [Bookseller: Whitmore Rare Books]
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      New York: E. P. Dutton & Company. 1926. First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Very Good in boards. Hinge is starting. Copyright page dated 1926, with no subsequent printings listed. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall .

      [Bookseller: Rare Book Cellar]
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        Céleste Ugolin

      Sagittaire 1926 - Sagittaire, Paris 1926, 236 pages, 17,5 X 13 cm Edition originale, un des 5 exemplaires sur Hollande, deuxième papier après 3 Japon Ex. N° 8. Dans une reliure papier étiquette cuir rouge, manque minuscule au coin supérieur du premier plat, couvertures conservées, en parfait état. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: D'un livre l'autre]
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        The Girl on the Boat

      UK: Herbert Jenkins, 1926. 1st Edition 5th or later Printing. Hardcover. Fine/Good+. The Girl on the Boat by PG Wodehouse First Edition Seventh Printing Herbert Jenkins circa 1926. No foxing or browning to pages / edges, clean and unmarked throughout. Small date inscription to fep, covers fine, bright and unmarked in original pictorial dust jacket priced at 2/6. Very scarce title - further images available on request.

      [Bookseller: Brought to Book Ltd]
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        L'Aviation au Siam - Aviation in Siam

      Sans lieu, ni date (circa 1926). - 1 volume in-4, reliure moderne plein cuir bordeaux (modern leather binding), 13 pp. (text bilingual- french and english - in 2 columns) with 16 full page black and white illustrations, 1 graphic and 3 large folding maps, a very good copy. An extremely rare copy of this early History of Aviation in Siam, fully illustrated. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: INDOSIAM RARE BOOKS]
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        The Eater of Darkness

      Contact Editions, Paris 1926 - Marbled wraps with paper title labels to spine and front panel. This is Coates first book and the book often considered the first novel of the DADA movement. Wear to the extremities with chipping to the head and heel of spine. Otherwise a fiarly sharp copy of one of the more interesting books published by Robert MacAlmon's Contact Editions. Size: 8vo [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Contact Editions, ABAC, ILAB]
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        The Chronicles of the East India Company Trading to China 1635-1834

      Cambridge / Oxford: Harvard University Press / Oxford Clarendon Press. 1926-29. First Edition. Hardcover. Five volume set. Review copies with slips and publisher's prospectus laid in. xxi, 305pp; vi, 435pp; vi, 388pp; vi, 427pp; vi, 196pp. Original blue cloth stamped in blind on the sides and in gold on the spines. With nineteen illustrations and five maps. Some minor annotations in pen/pencil in the first volume but still a bright, clean near fine set. ; Octavo .

      [Bookseller: Lyrical Ballad]
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        Egil's Saga. Done into English out of the Icelandic with an Introduction, Notes, and an Essay on Some Principles of Translation

      New York: Albert & Charles Boni. 1926. First. First edition. Maps. Ownership signature of a noted American scholar, tiny nick at the edge of the rear fly, else fine in very near fine price-clipped dustwrapper with a short tear, and slightest toning at the spine. Icelandic Saga translated by the author of The Worm Ouroboros and other fantastic fiction. An unusually nice copy. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        British Columbia Telephone Company (B.C. Tel./Telus) Telephone Talk: Bound Issues January, 1926 Through December 1926

      British Columbia: British Columbia Telephone Company. Half Leather. Telephone Talk was the glossy bimonthly publication of the British Columbia Telephone Company. It was written by employees for employees to present information of interest to those engaged in the plant, traffic, commercial, operating, accounting and other departments of the service. Each issue is replete with black and white photos and information on topics such as: company, industry and technological news, traffic levels, expansion plans, personnel announcements, publicity and social events, deaths, weddings, lists of exchanges, and more. As such, these issues serve as a vital preserve of rare and fascinating British Columbia history. This volume covers topics including: Great photo of cable-pulling gang; The progress of the phone in greater Vancouver; New record set by Vancouver installers; Cartridge fuses defend against foreign currents; Providing phone facilities is a co-operative task; New Kerrisdale exchange being equipped; How a switchboard lamp is made; William Buckle and Splicing; Construction/splicing in Vancouver; A Switchboard Plug and Cord Explains its troubles; Where the cables end when they crawl out of the sea; Chilliwack's first telephone agent, John McCutcheon, passes away; Nice photo of Granville and Hastings; Nice photo of Richmond Road and area near Victoria; Operator training - 8 pages with nice photos; Peter Grant helped equip Canada's first common battery office; Nanaimo and New West. offices to be expanded; Preparing the pay cheques; George P. Kelly - installed 80' poles; More trunks in Vancouver; Lightning damage on mainland; Repeaters aid voice currents on long journeys; automatic typewriters - chief repeaterman William Faulkes; New Kerrisdale office; Bar Graph of growth of the B.C. system; Statement of Development: # of phones in operation in towns across the province; Victoria and Vancouver to be united by new route; how the phone bill was paid 20 years ago; Kootenays get service; The service application; High tension hazards; draughting the system; Mr. C.E.S. Fisher; Operator Grant gets a phone in her home; Arithmetic is paramount in traffic man's life; Phone shattered by lightning strike; Kamloops now connected to coast; Despatching yellow cabs from 'seymour 4000'; New Carlton office; plant garage serves many cars; new Langley office; Long Kamloops feature with many photos; Grouse Mountain yields to phone's advance - long article with many photos; and more. Average wear overall with the exception of backstrip which shows significant wear and is loose along back edge. Ink stamp of company executive E.P. LaBelle upon top edge of text else unmarked. Binding intact. . Fair. 1926. First Edition.

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      Hicks-Hayward, 1926., 1926. First edition. [6]. 25 [1]pp., some photographic illustrations. 12mo. Original beige pictorial wrappers printed in red and black, [4], 25 [1] pp., foreword, illustrated, brands, advertisements. Removal of a small bookplate from inside front cover, otherwise fine copy. Burs 102: "In this rare little booklet is a chapter on Billy the Kid." Dykes, Kid 111. Guns 529: "Exceedingly rare.... Originally published as an advertisement to be distributed by a firm dealing with cowboy style clothes. It is said to have been published in an edition of 60,000 copies, but when the dealer discovered how much postage it would take to distribute them, he gave up the idea and destroyed most of the copies. The author tells about the Texas Rangers and the outlaws of the Southwest."---Rader 999.

      [Bookseller: BUCKINGHAM BOOKS]
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        Hagenbund. Frühjahrsausstellung. Mai - Juli. I. Zedlitzgasse 6. 9 -6 Uhr. 1. S.

      Wien, Rabeck, 1926.. OPlakat [ca. 95 x 63 cm].. Vgl. MAK PI 97. - Leichte Randläsuren, etw. fleckig.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Weinek]
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        Poker Book Glorifying America's Favorite Game

      SIMON AND SCHUSTER, NY 1926 - a Handy Volume for the Hearthside Consisting of Fifty Portraits by H. T. Webster, informative and diveting text on the joys, rules, lore and pitfalls of Poker by George F.Worts, side line suggestions and interpolations by Marc Connelly authoratative data on the history and technique of poker, inlcuding hints from Hoyle, by R. F. Foster and a foreword by George Ade together with a compartment containing a set of poker chips and a pad of I.O.U. forms embellished by Webster, ready for instant use, covers rubbed a ring mark on front cover, corners and spine bumped DATE PUBLISHED: 1926 EDITION: 126 [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Princeton Antiques Bookshop]
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        The Portrait of a Generation.

      [Paris, Contact Press, 1926] - Octavo. Contemporary green and white Japanese vellum, titles to upper board gilt, original buff wrappers printed in brown bound in. Spine a little rubbed but an excellent copy. First edition, first printing. One of 210 copies. Probably bound for McAlmon himself being very much in his personal style. A small vintage photograph is tipped in at the front showing Noguchi's bust of McAlmon. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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      Very Good; ***SALE! The price of this item has been temporarily reduced by . 25%.***. 1926-1928. Photographs. Provenance: Rex Arrowsmith, renowned Santa Fe Native American art dealer. 67 stereoviews (no duplicates). Includes a scarce stereoview of Thomas Moran. Most are in very good condition. .

      [Bookseller: New Boston Fine and Rare Books]
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        Jardins D'Espagne (2 volume set)

      A. Vincent & Cie, 1926-01-01. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good. 2 volume set. Folios, 45 cm.Publisher's marbled boards with silk ties. Bound with later brown morocco. Hardcover. Handsome binding and cover. Collated. With 124 plates, plans in text. Unmarked pages. Photos and plates of architectural plans and Spanish gardens. This is an oversized or heavy book that requires additional postage for international delivery outside of Canada and the US.

      [Bookseller: SequiturBooks]
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      Very Good; ***SALE! The price of this item has been temporarily reduced by . 25%.***. 1926-1928. Photographs. Provenance: Rex Arrowsmith, renowned Santa Fe Native American art dealer. 29 stereoviews (no duplicates). Most are in very good condition. .

      [Bookseller: New Boston Fine and Rare Books]
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        Das Schloss. Roman.

      München, Kurt Wolff, (1926),. 8vo. 1 w., 3 Bl., 501 S. Blaue OLwd. m. Deckel- u. Rückenschild. Farbiger Kopfschnitt.. WG² 9. - Erste Ausgabe.- Mit einem Nachwort von Max Brod. - Kanten berieben, Rücken stärker verblichen u. etw. fleckig. Buchblock minimal verzogen. Innen sauber u. wohlerhalten.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Düwal]
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        Le papier. Recherches et notes pour servir à l'histoire du papier, principalement à Troyes et aux environs depuis le quatorzième siècle, 2 vol.

      - A l'Enseigne du Pégase, Paris, 1926 ;; in-folio, broché édition originale, tirage limité à 711 exemplaires, un des 675 destinés au commerce, frontispice couleurs, xiv, 530 pp., 78 planches hors-texte (I à LXXVIII), la planche XXIV est joliment coloriée, brochés, sous couvertures rempliées. Très bel exemplaire non rogné, partiellement non coupé, dos plissés et coiffes légèrement fendillées ! [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: M.J.B. S.A.S., Librairie TOP DUCK]
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        Etienne Moreau-Nelaton. Manet raconte par lui-meme. 2 Bände. Kunstleder-Einbände mit reichverzierter Goldprägung auf Rücken; Blindprägung. Vergoldeter Kopfschnitt auch verziert mit Radierung. Mit zahlreichen Wiedergaben auf Sondertafeln. Tschechische Widmung mit Zeichenstift auf Vortitel des ersten Bandes.

      Paris: Henri Laurens 1926 - Pappschuber, 153 S., 152 S., 2°. Einbände fast unbeschädigt. Schuber etwas berieben u. beschmutzt, sonst sehr gut erhaltene Exemplare. * Our books are stored in our warehouse, not in the shop. If you want to visit us and see a specific book, please notify us in advance. Unsere Bücher werden nicht in unserem Geschäft, sondern in einem Lager am Stadtrand Prags verwahrt. Bitte teilen Sie uns vorher mit, wenn Sie uns besuchen und ein bestimmtes Buch ansehen wollen. * Book Language/s: fr [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antikvariat Valentinska]
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        Le Juif qui Rit. Legendes anciennes et nouvelles arrangees par Curnovsky & J. W. Bienstock. Preface de M. Anatole de Monzie.

      Paris: Albin Michel 1926 - OPBd., 239 S., kl. 8° mit zahlreichen Federzeichnungen im Text. Exemplar auf Rückend gering berieben, sonst unbeschädigt u. frisch. Gut erhaltenes Exemplar. Selten. Book Language/s: fr [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antikvariat Valentinska]
 29.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        The Yellow Y

      Cincinnati OH: Robert F. Schulkers, 1926. Blue cloth, white lettering on spine, white sketch of Seckatary Hawkins on cover within blind-stamped border, frontis. ill., viii, 311pp. Yellow dust jacket, black lettering & sketches on front panel, promo copy on back, ninth in list of titles above price on back flap. This is one of the signed Seckatary Hawkins Club Contest "prize copies" offered by The Pittsburgh Press to members of the Seckatary Hawkins Club, complete with the original contest promo leaflet affixed to the front pastedown, with the Scripps-Howard lighthouse logo, with heading: "To The One Who Wins This Book" and Seckatary Hawkins facsimile signature near sketch of himself at bottom. The Genuine SIGNATURE & Inscription "Yours, Fair and Square," is on the facing front free endpaper. Affixed to the front free endpaper below the inscription and signature is a bookplate From the Library of L--- P------ with illustration of Chas. Lindberg's airplane, "The Spirit of St. Louis." As Lindberg's historic flight from New York to Paris was achieved on May 20, 1927, presumeably the bookplate was affixed shortly after this book was awarded as a prize in the contest. Bright blue cloth, some scattered chipping on white lettering on spine, spine ends lightly bumped, corners tips on the rather thin boards are sharp and not really bumped but slightly turned inward, edges moderately faded with a small light stain on bottom edges, text bright, crisp & clean throughout. Dust jacket spine faded with about 5/16" loss to chipping at top, thumb-sized open tear at bottom with "----lkers" of publisher's name remaining, front & back panels lightly agetoned & soiled with a bit of light chipping along top edge, small chip at back bottom edge, both flaps are complete and bright, protected in a new Gaylord archival clear plastic cover (removable).. Signed & Inscribed By Author. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good Plus/Good. Illus. by Carll B. Williams. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.

      [Bookseller: Gene's Books, IOBA]
 30.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        Autograph Letter, signed ("Theodore Dreiser"), to Frederick W. Skiff

      N.p., may 6, 1926. 8vo. Pen and ink on printed letterhead. Old folds, else fine . Not long after publication of AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY and at the height of his fame, novelist Theodore Dreiser responds to a letter from Portland, Oregon, collector Frederick W. Skiff, who later sold his American literature collection to Mrs. Estelle Doheny, "I think you had best take a look at the portrait in the April Vanity Fair. If that pleases I will secure a copy of that. Once more my thanks for your invitation & kind thoughts. I may get to Portland at that. Theodore Dreiser"

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller]
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        La Paix chez les bêtes. Edition ornée de gravures sur bois originales de A. Roubille

      Editions du Capitole, Paris 1926 - In-4 (285 x 225 mm), broché, 142 - (2) pp. - (3) ff., non rogné, en partie non coupé, couverture rempliée. Illustré par Auguste ROUBILLE (1872 - 1955) de 34 gravures sur bois originales en couleurs, dont 1 frontispice et 33 grandes vignettes en tête de chaque chapitre. Tirage limité à 765, un des 710 sur vélin de Rives (N° 660). (rousseurs sur la couverture, piqûres sur les tranches et en marge de quelques pages, quelques pliures sur la couverture). // Quarto (285 x 225 mm), softcover, 142 - (2) pp. - (3) ff., uncut, partly unopened, folded cover. Illustrated by Auguste ROUBILLE (1872 - 1955) with 34 original wood-engravings in colours, including 1 frontispiece and 33 large heading vignettes for each chapter. Limited printing of 765 copies, one of the 710 on "vélin de Rives" (Nr 660). (foxing on cover, spots on edges and margin of some pages, some foldings on cover).

      [Bookseller: H. PICARD ET FILS, founded 1860]
 32.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  


      London : Jonathan Cape 1926 - Description: 320 p. ; 20 cm. Genre: Fiction. Publisher's ephemera including a promotional piece on Lewis loosely inserted. Very good cloth copy in a good if somewhat edge-torn (with some loss) and dust-toned dw, now mylar-sleeved. Remains quite well-preserved overall; tight, bright, clean and strong. Scans on request. 1 Kg. 320 pp. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
 33.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        The Cabala

      Albert and Charles Boni, New York 1926 - The first edition, published by Albert and Charles Boni in 1926. Bound in publishers red cloth and patterned boards. This copy has been inscribed by Wilder; Annetha L. Wilson. With all the best wishes of the author. Thornton Wilder. The exceedingly uncommon dust jacket lacks the upper one third, narrowing rapidly and in triangular fashion for about one inch into the front panel. The paper abscence is more pronounced to the rear panel, with a triangular section missing which extends roughly half way across its breadth. The book itself is near fine, with just a touch of fading to the spine - consistent with the jacket chips. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: The Reluctant Bookseller]
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      London : Jonathan Cape 1926 - Description: 320 p. ; 20 cm. Genre: Fiction. Publisher's ephemera including a promotional piece on Lewis loosely inserted. Very good cloth copy in a good if somewhat edge-torn (with some loss) and dust-toned dw, now mylar-sleeved. Remains quite well-preserved overall; tight, bright, clean and strong. Scans on request. 1 Kg. 320 pp. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd]
 35.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Flying Buttresses

      1926 - Copper engraving 115 x 70 cms on cream paper, in window mount 42 x 35 cms. Published DC 1929.Ref JP 373. Provenance: Blond Fine Art Cat.No 59 Stock No 3852. 1982 Possibly Lincoln Cathedral??

      [Bookseller: Led Astray By Language]
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        Fine Typed Letter Signed to the Mayor of Chester (1894-1972, King of Great Britain, Later the Duke of Windsor)

      1926 - explaining that this "first visit to this historic city ." was so long "deferred . largely due to circumstances, such as the War and my many overseas tours . I trust that I can take the cordiality of my welcome on arriving here . to mean that the citizens of Chester . have forgiven me . Chester, with its picturesque buildings, its unique walls and fine Cathedral Church has much of interest to offer. Its history, since the days when it was an important Roman settlement and the headquarters of a Legion, is a fascinating study, but . the City has kept abreast of the times, and I am greatly looking forward to the programme that has been arranged for me ." thanking the Mayor and sharing his "hope that other opportunities will be given to me of meeting the inhabitants of a City with which I am so closely associated, and in whose prosperity . I shall always take the deepest interest .", 1 side folio, with gilt Prince of Wales feathers at the head, Chester, 20th October yellowed on the verso of the conjugate blank, the letter itself is fine Philip Ziegler, in his recent biography of Edward VIII, notes that when the young Prince was invested as Prince of Wales in 1911, at Caernarvon Castle in Wales, the Mayor and Aldermen of Chester were the only people unhappy with the ceremony, feeling that as Earl of Chester, the ceremony should have happened in their City. The remarks at the beginning of this letter indicate his awareness of their sensitive feelings on the subject. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Sophie Dupre ABA ILAB PADA]
 37.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Joseph Conrad's Diary or His Journey Up the Valley of the Congo in 1890

      London: Strangeways, Printers, 1926. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Privately printed and limited to 100 copies. Green cloth cover with printed paper spine label. 35 deckle-edge pages with photo frontispiece of an actual diary page. Protective tissue present. Light wear. Minor sunning to spine; label chipped. Clean pages. Owned by famed book collector Waring Jones, whose signature (in ink) and edition annotation (in pencil) are on the front free endpaper. The foundation of Conrad's masterpiece, The Heart of Darkness.

      [Bookseller: Read 'Em Again Books, ABAA]
 38.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        Indice de la nueva poesía americana.

      Jorge Luis BORGES, Vicente HUIDOBRO, Alberto HIDALGO: Indice de la nueva poesia americana. Buenos Aires, Sociedad de Publicaciones El Inca, 1926. 280p. 4h. Portada ilustrada por Perez Ruiz. Primera edición. Rústica. Buen estado general: cubierta con algunas manchitas y pequeñísimos faltantes en bordes y muy leves en lomo. Sello de antiguo propietario en hoja de respeto. Muy buen ejemplar. Inhallable. La principal antología de la vanguardia poética americana.

      [Bookseller: Librería del Signo]
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        Handbuch der Holz- und Metallschnitte des XV. Jahrhunderts. Stark vermehrte u. bis zu den neuesten Funden ergänzte Umarbeitung des Manuel de l'amateur de la gravure sur bois et sur metal au XVe siecle. 8 Bände. Leipzig, Hiersemann, 1926-30. Fol. Hlwd.d.Zt. mit Buntpapierbezug; Kopfschnitt braunfleckig.

      . . Detaillierte bibliographische Erfassung von ca. 3000 Holzschnitten, mit genauer Größenangabe, Beschreibung, Sekundärliteratur u. Bestandsnachweisen. - 1. Holzschnitte mit Darstellungen aus dem alten und neuen Testament, den apokryphen Evangelien und biblischen Legenden. X, 239 S. - 2. Holzschnitte mit Darstellungen der heiligen Dreifaltigkeit, Gottvaters, Jesu Christi und der Jungfrau und Gottesmutter Maria. X, 174 S., 1 Bl. - 3. Holzschnitte mit Darstellungen der männlichen und weiblichen Heiligen. X, 232 S., 1 Bl. - 4. Holzschnitte darstellend religiös-mystische Allegorien, Lebensalter, Glücksrad, Tod, Kalender, Medizin... XII, 159 S. - 5. Metallschnitte. Schrotblätter. XII, 217 S. - 6. Teigdrucke, Weißlinienschnitte, Holzschnitte ohne Bilder nebst Monogrammen-Register, Liste der Passepartout-Bordüren, Attributen der Heiligen. XII, 152 S., 1 Bl. - 7. Der Formschnitt. Seine Geschichte, Abarten, Technik, Entwicklung und seine ikonologischen Grundlagen. XII, 176 S., 1 Bl. - 8. Nachträge zu den vorhergehenden Bänden. General-Übersicht des gegenwärtigen bekannten Bestandes öffentlicher und privater Sammlungen im Inland und Ausland. XIV, 189 S., 1 Bl. - Vorsätze etwas stockfleckig. ** Bestellungen bis 14 Uhr versenden wir am selben Tag. - Schweizer Postkonto vorhanden. **

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Patzer & Trenkle]
 40.   Check availability:     ZVAB     Link/Print  

        Winnie the Pooh

      U S A: E. P. Dutton and Company 1926. xiv., 159 pp, illustrated in b/w. Bound in full dark green morocco, with gilt lettering, lines and devices by The Chelsea Bindery. Leather entry slipcase. Silk endpapers, the boards having a gilt decorated morocco border. Number 15 of 200 Large Paper copies printed on Japanese Vellum, and signed by both A A Milne and E H Shephard on the limitation page. All edges gilt. A beautiful thing to behold. . Fine. Full gilt-decorated Morocco. First Edition. 1926. Large 8vo..

      [Bookseller: Stephen Foster Books]
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