Advertising on viaLibri

The following advertising options are offered, subject to availability:

Home Page

Home Page Tower (includes exposure on search results page)

Code: HPT_160x300
Size: 160px x 300px
Primary Location: One of 4 in left or right home page side bar, random placement.
Added Location: One of 4 at the bottom of search results page between search results and footer.

Home Page Center Banner Display

Code: HPC_728x100
Size: 728px x 100px
Location: Centre of Home Page. Two ads from different advertisers alternate in the same position, with each receiving 50% exposure.

Search Results Page

Search Results Tower

Code: SRT_160x300
Size: 160px x 300px
Primary Location: One of 4 in left or right side bar, random order at top of page.
Added Location: Random side bar placement at or near the bottom of the home page.

Search Result Interstitial Banner

Code: SRI_728x100
Size: 728px X 100px
Primary Location: Between search results.

These ads appear between the book descriptions in the middle of the book results page. The ads appear randomly beginning after the second search result, followed by groups of four descriptions between each ad. A maximum of five different ads can appear on any page of search results. After up to 5 different ads have appeared the same ads will be repeated in the same way until the end of the search results has been reached. Thus, a full page of 50 results should display a total of 10 ads (5×2).

Image Formats

JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats are supported. Animated GIFs require a minimum 4 second delay.

Providing an image with dimensions double the stated size will result in a sharper display on some devices. For example, you could provide a 320 x 600 pixel image for a Home Page Tower advert instead of a 160 x 300 pixel image.

Advertising Rate Sheet – Update Effective October 2023

NB: VAT will be charged where applicable.

Minimum booking: 10 days.

Ad Description Size Rate
Home Page Tower  [HPT_160x300] 160 x 300 pixels £16 per day
Home Page Centre Banner [HPC_728x100] 728 x 100 pixels £18 per day (50% exposure)
Search Results Tower  [SRT_160x300] 160 x 300 pixels £10 per day
Search Result Interstitial [SRI_728x100] 728 x 100 pixels £10 per day

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