How Libribot Works

Several times a day Libribot checks the internet for the appearance of new listings of books for sale. When fresh listings are found Libribot matches them against the recorded wants of viaLibri subscribers and registered users.

The number of wants that will be matched each day depends on the subscription level of the user and the category of website. Books that are listed on the harvested websites of booksellers who subscribe to viaLibri Premium Services are matched every day against all the recorded wants of all viaLibri users. Third-party websites are searched according to the subscription status of the user, as shown in the chart below.

Registered users Premium Services subscribers Additional daily wants
Websites of harvested subscribers Unlimited Unlimited
Other websites * 1 daily 100 daily $5 per additional 100

* ABAA, AbeBooks, Antikvariat,, Biblio, Bookzangle, Catawiki, ChrisLandsSearch, eBay (AU), eBay (DE), eBay (FR), eBay (IE), eBay (IT), eBay (UK), eBay (US), Livre-rare-book, NVvA, PBFA, Uniliber, ZVAB

For subscribers with large numbers of wants, matching against new listings on third-party websites will be performed up to the daily limits allowed by their subscription level. Libribot rotates through each list, starting each day with the wants that have remained unsearched for the longest time. For example, a Premium Services subscriber with 100 wants will have all those wants matched every day. A subscriber with 200 wants will have all their wants matched every two days.

How do I get started?

  1. Before Libribot can do anything you must first be a registered user. Register here.
  2. If you want to enable the full power of Libribot you will also need to purchase a subscription to viaLibri Premium Services. Either find our more about Premium Services or sign up right now.
  3. After you have registered you will need to record your wants using the Wants Manager. You can also save a new want to the Wants Manager by clicking the button on the search results page. This saves the details of your last search as a permanent want.

Once you have recorded your wants everything else happens automatically. When Libribot has found new matches they will be added to your list. You can always access your list of new matches by clicking on the link marked “Wants” at the top of each page. You can also receive email notifications whenever new matches have been found.