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      Grimsby, England: Robinson, Ernest A. 1891. 38pp. Decorated with eight illustrations, seven of which are full-page. Published as "a curiosity," this book was the smallest in the world to be printed from movable type until Galileo from the Bros. Salmin in Padua. At the time of publication of Bondy's Miniature Books, it was still considered to be the smallest English book thus printed. The text contains articles on various curiosities and trivial facts. This copy bears a printed presentation leaf to John Stirling, who served as Chief Constable for Grimsby. The apparent occasion was the opening of the Queen Mary Hostel in 1925. A very fine copy in a variant deluxe binding of full red leather, ornately titled in gilt. All edges red. Housed in the original miniature envelope with Robinson's printed return address in the upper left corner, and with John Stirling's name in holograph. (13/16 by 11/16; 21x18mm). (Bromer/Edison, pp. 115, 117; Spielmann 376; Bondy 99; Welsh 5067).

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      First edition of many parts, one of 550 copies with the correct date of 1891 on title.First appearance of 31 of the 41 poems in this collection.Complete with the original preface by Rodolphe Darzens, excised from most copies of this issue.Spine lightly sunned (but not serious), one small light stain to margin of first plate.A good and rare copy, as issued.  Léon Genonceaux Paris 1891 11,5x18cm broché

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        Geometrical Researches on the Theory of Parallels. Translated from the Original by George Bruce Halstead.

      Austin: University of Texas, 1891. First obtainable edition in English (see below) of Lobachevsky's revolutionary work on non-Euclidean geometry, the rare offprint issue from the Bulletin of the University of Texas, Austin. "The researches that culminated in the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry arose from unsuccessful attempts to 'prove' the axiom of parallels in Euclidean geometry. This postulate asserts that through any point there can be drawn one and only one straight line parallel to a given straight line. Although this statement was not regarded as self-evident and its derivation from the other axioms of geometry was repeatedly sought, no one openly challenged it as an accepted truth of the universe until Lobatchewsky published the first non-Euclidean geometry... In Lobatchewsky's geometry an infinity of parallels can be drawn through a given point that never intersect a given straight line. "Nicolai Ivanovich Lobatchewsky was born in Novgorod, Russia, and studied at the University of Kazan, where in 1827 he was appointed professor. His fundamental paper was read to his colleagues in Kazan in 1826 but he did not publish the results until 1829-30 when a series of five papers appeared in the Kazan University Courier... He amplified his findings (still in Russian) in 1836-8 under the title 'New Elements of Geometry, with a Complete Theory of Parallels'. In 1840 he published a brief summary in Berlin under the title Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie der Parallellinien" (PMM). "Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie der Parallellinien, which he published in Berlin in 1840, is the best exposition of his new geometry; following its publication, in 1842, Lobachevsky was, on the recommendation of Gauss, elected to the Göttingen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften" (DSB). The present work is Halsted's translation of Geometrische Untersuchungen. George Bruce Halsted (1853-1922) was the first student of J. J. Sylvester at Johns Hopkins University and held chairs at several universities, including the University of Texas (1894-1903) where the mathematicians L. E. Dickson and R. L. Moore were among his students. "In a period when American mathematics had few distinguished names, the eccentric and sometimes spectacular Halsted established himself as an internationally known scholar, creative teacher, and promoter and popularizer of mathematics. He was a member of and active participant in the major mathematical societies of the United States, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Russia. His activities penetrated deeply in three main fields: translations and commentaries on the works of Nikolai Lobachevski, János Bolyai, Girolamo Saccheri, and Henri Poincaré; studies in the foundations of geometry; and criticisms of the slipshod presentations of the mathematical textbooks of the day" (DSB). The first English translation of Lobachevsky's classic work appeared in February 1891 in Scientiae Baccalaureus (Vol. 1, No. 3), a short-lived and obscure journal published under the auspices of the Missouri School of Mines; it was then reprinted by the University of Texas, Austin, in May 1891 with a new preface by the translator Halsted. Nevertheless, most bibliographies cite the Austin printing as the first. Halsted himself writes in the preface to the May printing, "Of the immortal essay now first appearing in English..." and even Cajori in his 1922 obituary notice in the American Mathematical Monthly writes: "His most important work was the translation of writings on non-Euclidean geometry. Lobachevski's Researches on the Theory of Parallels and Bolyai's Science Absolute of Space were first published at Austin, Texas, in 1891, as parts of 'Neomonic Series'." We have been unable to find any copy of the Scientiae Baccalaureus printing in auction records, and there seem to be fewer than 10 institutional holdings of this journal. The present University of Texas printing is also very rare. Horblit 69a; cf. PMM 293. On the Scientiae Baccalaureus see 8vo (231 x 155 mm), pp 50, original printed wrappers, preserved in a half-leather box (embossed stamp of Bowdoin College on upper wrapper, three punch holes to inner margin (not affecting text); slight toning and crease to inner edge of wrapper; neat ink numbers at wrapper top edge, internally clean).

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        Function und Begriff. Vortrag gehalten in der Sitzung von 9. Januar 1891 der Jeniaschen Gesellschaft für Medecin und Naturwissenschaft...

      Jena: Hermann Pohle, 1891. First edition, very rare, of this important essay, in which Frege carried out a revision of his famous Begriffsschrift (1879), which was necessary in order to carry out his programme of reducing arithmetic to formal logic. Function und Begriff contains Frege's two main innovations since the publication of Begriffsschrift, namely the notion of 'sense' and his 'Basic Law V' (see Alnes, p. 1). Function und Begriff also contains the earliest traceable germ of the ideas that lead to the modern formalism of functional grammars and to the Church-Kleene lambda calculus of the 1930s that was to play such an important role in the development of the theory of programming languages (see, for example, Klement). Together with his two subsequent papers, Über Sinn und Bedeutung (1892) and Über Begriff und Gegenstand (1892), Function und Begriff was incorporated into his magnum opus, Die Grundgesetze der Arithmetik (1893-1903). OCLC lists copies at Chicago, Harvard and Lehigh only in US. "In the preface to Begriffsschrift, Frege announced his interest in determining whether the basic truths of arithmetic could be proven 'by means of pure logic.' Kant's answer had been negative. According to Kant, the truths of arithmetic are synthetic a priori... One of Frege's main goals in Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik was to refute this view by giving purely logical proofs of the basic laws of arithmetic, thereby showing that arithmetical truths can be known independently of any intuition" (Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Vol. 3, p. 772). "In Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik he did not give a completely formal reduction of arithmetic to logic. Instead, and possibly at the instigation of Carl Stumpf, he offered a logicist reduction in informal language. Frege was conscious that [Die Grundlagen] had only made it plausible that arithmetic was a branch of pure logic and that a complete demonstration would demand carrying out the reduction in question within the formal Begriffsschrift, thereby ensuring the Luckenlosigkeit [rigour] of his derivations. In 1882 Frege had already indicated in correspondence that the formal execution of the logicist reduction was close to completion. Eventually this task turned out to be no routine matter and markedly more difficult than was expected at first. The 1879 Begriffsschrift proved insufficient for the work at hand: it had to be revised considerably... "The three major philosophical essays that Frege published in the early 1890s provide an attempt at a philosophical underpinning of the revised Begriffsschrift. Of these essays, 'Über Sinn und Bedeutung' has acquired a special prominence, owing in large measure to the importance attached to the sense-reference distinction, and variants thereof, within current philosophy of language... The first appearance of the distinction in print, however, is in Function und Begriff" (Sundholm, pp. 57-8). "During the years 1887-1890, [Frege] published nothing, but was engaged in thinking through afresh his system of philosophical logic and redesigning, in accordance with it, the formal system he had presented in Begriffsschrift. He announced his new ideas in the lecture Function und Begriff of 1891. The principal changes in his philosophical logic were the introduction of the far-reaching distinction between sense and reference, and the identification of truth-values as objects and as the references of sentences. The principal changes in his formal system were the introduction of value-ranges, and the obliteration of any formal distinction between sentences and singular terms; the addition of a description operator was an important secondary development. During the middle period, lasting from 1891 to 1906, his thought evolved little... The logical basis for all the work of the middle period was presented complete and entire in Function und Begriff; and it scarcely altered through throughout the whole period" (Dummett, p. 2). Michael Dummett, Frege: Philosophy of Mathematics, 1992; Kevin C. Klement, Frege and the logic of sense and reference, 2002; Jan Harald Alnes, 'Sense and Basic Law V in Frege's logicism,' Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic, Vol. 4 (1999), pp. 1-30; Göran Sundholm, 'Frege, August Bebel and the return of Alsace-Lorraine,' History and Philosophy of Logic, Vol. 22 (2001), pp. 57-73. 8vo (233 x 149 mm), pp. [iv], 31, [1]. Original printed wrappers, uncut and unopened. Wrappers with some wear, top margin with small loss.

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        Contribute [to THE STRAND MAGAZINE]; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, (all Doyle), Martin Hewitt, Investigator (Arthur Morrison), etc. Volumes I to X.

      London: George Newnes, 1891-1895. Large octavo, with illustrations. 10 volumes. Original magazine parts bound in half-yearly volumes of half speckled calf, gilt, edges speckled red.Some light occasional thumbing and marking within; externally fine. An attractive copy in a robust recent leather binding. Contains the first appearance of all the above mentioned Sherlock Holmes stories, plus 'The Adventure of the Cardboard Box' (vol.5, 1893) which was not published in book form until 'His Last Bow' (1917). Several of these Holmes stories feature far more illustrations (notably by Sidney Paget) than in book form, and in some (such as 'Cardboard Box ') the illustrations are exclusive to 'The Strand'. Doyle also contributes the historical caper 'The Exploits and Adventures of Brigadier Gerard' (vol. 8,9,10). The set also includes science fiction from Jules Verne; 'Dr Trifulgas' (vol 4, 1893), and 'An Express of the Future (vol 10, 1895). Volumes 7-8 feature the entire first series of cases for the consulting detective Martin Hewitt; probably the chief rival of Sherlock Holmes- indeed Morrison's ingenious crime stories were commissioned by 'The Strand' entirely due to an appetite for Doyle imitations. A superb literary magazine. DeWaal. Green and Gibson [A10a], [A14a]. Harold Locke p.13-18. Graham Greene and Dorothy Glover; Victorian Detective Fiction [128],[129], [425a], (1966). Hardwicke; Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes (1986). See also Haining (Crime Fiction), Cooper & Pike (Detective Fiction), Steinbrunner & Penzler (Mystery & Detection), Quayle (Det.Fiction), Haycraft (Murder for Pleasure) Queen's Quorum. BMC No.271, 'The Great Illustrators'. BMC No.261, p62-73 'Collecting The Strand'.

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        Mistress Branican

      Hetzel. First illustrated edition 8vo decorated with illustrations of L. Bennett and two large maps.Cardboard Hetzel publisher "printed in portrait" in full red calico signed A. Lenègre first signed polychrome dish Souze representing animals and golden marine instruments in the foreground and a world map and other color illustrations in the second, second Lenègre type flat " e "as indicated by JAUZAC back to the lighthouse, blue endpapers backgrounds, all edges gilt. Hetzel Paris 1891 18x28cm cartonnage de l'éditeur

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        Gil Blas illustré, tête de collection, du n°1 de 1891 au n°52 de 1894 avec les 4 suppléments de 1891, soit en tout les 187 premiers numéros

      Gil Blas. Edition originale.bindings en demi chagrin cerise, spine à cinq nerfs ornés de fleurons dorés, épidermures, coins émoussés, contregardes et gardes de papier à la cuve, bindings de l'époque.Chaque numéro de 8 pages comporte une grande illustration en couleurs sur la première page et sur la dernière page (chanson avec musique notée). Contributions de Paul Adam, Jules Barbey D'Aurevilly, Stéphane Mallarmé, Alphonse Allais, Paul Arène, Baudelaire, Jules Bois, Georges Clémenceau, Courteline, Alphonse Daudet, Lucien Descaves, Gyp, Maurice Leblanc, Jean Lorrain, Guy de Maupassant, René Maizeroy, Catulle Mendès, Edgar Quinet, Jules Renard, Jean Richepin, Albert Samain, Marcel Schwob, Paul Verlaine, Emile Zola...Journal illustré par Steinlen, Balluriau, Caruchet, Chéret, Gerbault, Gottlob, Guillaume, Louis Legrand etc.Rare et belle tête de collection. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! Gil Blas Paris 1891-1894 27,5x40,5cm 2 volumes reliés

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        La Force des choses

      Ernest Kolb. First Edition, one of the few copies on Holland paper paper only leading copies. Binding to bradel half red calico, smooth back piece as black morocco, small lack in head thereof, preserved covers, binding signed Henry Joseph, typical of copies from the library Goncourt. Autograph signed by the author Edmond de Goncourt: "In Master Edmond de Goncourt thoughtful tribute." He probably misses the first page of the binder. Paul Margueritte, a member of the Académie Goncourt first naturalist and writer, is near Edmond de Goncourt. It was one of the signatories of the Manifesto of the Five Earth against Zola and one of the regulars Grenier d'Auteuil. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! Ernest Kolb Paris S.d (1891) 12x19.5cm relié

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        La Vie Populaire : année 1891 complète

      La Vie populaire. First edition of this illustrated magazine bi-weekly serials are engaged in unpublished, are previously published texts of the most illustrious writers of the late siècle.bindings half shagreen cherry back with five nerves decorated nets with small cold traces of rubbing, marbled paper plates, guards and contreplats of handmade paper, first boards cover illustrated preserved bindings époque.Riches the literary contributions including those of G. de Maupassant, Verlaine P., H. Ibsen, J. Lorrain, A. Daudet including the complete delivery of "Port-Tarascon," H. Malot with an unpublished novel "Anie" A. Villiers de l'Isle Adam, A. France, T. de Banville, J. Richepin, E. Zola with full delivery of "Money," with P. Loti "Suleima" Courteline G., E. de Goncourt, Papus, G. Rodenbach, Leconte de Lisle, C. Cros ... Contributions pictorial A. Rodin, JP Laurens, JL Forain, JF Raffaelli ... Nice and rare set despite a few minor foxing. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! La Vie populaire Paris 1er Janvier au 31 Décembre 1891 24,5x32,5cm 104 fascicules reliés en 2 volumes

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      Tresse & Stock. First edition. Contemporary Bradel binding of half dark green cloth over marbled paper boards, spine with a central gilt fleuron, double gilt fillet and date to foot, brown shagreen title label, covers preserved. Rare autograph inscription from Joris-Karl Huysmans on this work to Palu de la Savière.Modern ex libris to one pastedown. % Tresse & Stock Paris 1891 12x19cm relié

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        Catalogue de la bibliothèque de M. Ricardo Heredia.

      First edition: Auction catalogue of the extensive, impressive library of bibliophile Ricardo Heredia y Livermore, Conde de Benahavís (1831-96). Heredia built "perhaps the greatest collection of Spanish books ever formed" (as noted by an old cataloguing slip laid into this set), incorporating the former Salvá y Mallén collection; this catalogue serves as an important reference work for a wide swathe of Spanish literature, theology, belles-lettres, etc. The listings are augmented in the first three volumes by numerous in-text reproductions of illustrations and title-pages from the books. This copy includes => auction prices neatly inked alongside every book.

      [Bookseller: PRB&M/SessaBks (Philadelphia Rare Books ]
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        Chansons pour elle

      First edition, one of 25 copies on Japan paper, the only large paper copies. A magnificent pale pink morocco binding by A. & R. Maylander, the spine in five compartments with floral decoration, onlaid pieces of red, beige, and green morocco making up the petals and leaves, the covers within a similar frame of garlands of flowers, gilt-rolled decoration to head and foot, double gilt fillets to edges of covers, pale pink morocco frame to pastedowns with a double frame of gilt fillets and floral decoration (as to covers and spine) to corners, pastedowns and endpapers of light brown moiré silk, additional marbled endpapers, covers and spine preserved, all edges gilt; half pale pink morocco chemise over marbled paper boards, spine in six compartments, marbled paper slipcase edged with pale pink morocco, lined with cream felt.  This copy enriched with an autograph poem mounted on guards, signed and dated by Paul Verlaine, entitled: "Tu m'as frappé, c'est ridicule [You hit me, it's absurd]," one of the poems in this collection.    One can spot one variant and two errors not noted by the editors at la Pléiade:    In verse 2 of the autograph version: "Je t'ai frappée et c'est affreux", while in the printed version: "Je t'ai battue...".In verse 3 of the manuscript : "Je m'en repents", while in the printed version:  "Je m'en repens".In verse 7 of the manuscript : "morniffles", while in the printed version:  "mornifles".Provenances : from the collections of Louis de Sadeleer and Edouard-Henri Fischer with their ex-librises pasted in.A very good copy exceptionally enriched with a manuscript poem by Paul Verlain in a superb binding by Maylander.  Léon Vanier Paris 1891 12,5x18,5cm relié sous chemise et étui

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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      Tresse et Stock. first edition on the current paper.Binding half full glossy red calf, spine slightly thinned with five nerves set with ornate golden double dotted ornate gilded coffered, gold tail date on castors golden headdresses, light friction on the joint minor, coaching a game gilded nets triple and florets in spandrels on the boards, small scratches on the second board, guards and contreplats of handmade paper, golden lace coaching contreplats, net gilded on the cuts, preserved covers, red head, elegant binding unsigned at the time.Pleasant copy drawn in a charming uniform binding. Tresse et Stock Paris 1891 12x18,5cm relié

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        Hombres (Hommes) -

      Imprimé sous le manteau et ne se vend nulle part - - 1 volume. In-12. 48 pp. Couverture marron rempliée avec titre doré sur le premier plat. Intérieur propre et blanc. Non coupé. En bon état ÉDITION ORIGINALE. Celui-ci un des 500 exemplaires numérotés sur papier Hollande Van Gelder.Pour rappel, Verlaine avait en tête un projet qui devait paraître sous le titre D?aucuns et d?aucunes, dans lequel devait se trouver, d?une part, Hombres, d?autre part, Femmes. Ce dernier fut publié clandestinement par Henri Kistemaeckers en 1891, mais celui-ci refusa d?y associer, ? comme c?était pourtant le v?u de Verlaine ?, les poèmes homoérotiques de Hombres pour créer le diptyque. Verlaine vendit le manuscrit de Hombres à l'éditeur Léon Vanier en 1892. Le recueil se termine par le célèbre Sonnet du trou du cul, écrit à quatre mains par Verlaine et Rimbaud, publié ici pour la première fois. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie KOEGUI]
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        ÄGYPTEN.- Zweiter Theil: Ober-Ägypten und Nubien bis zum zweiten Katarakt.

      Leipzig (Baedeker) 1891 - XL, 400 S. mit 11 teils farb. Karten + 26 Stadtplänen und Grundrissen. OLn. Einband leicht bestaubt, sonst sehr gut erhalten. BK D488. So komplett und in vergleichbarer Erhaltung fast unauffindbar. Durchaus museal. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Bebuquin (Alexander Zimmeck)]
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        Der Darwinismus. Eine Darlegung der Lehre von der natürlichen Zuchtwahl und einiger ihrer Anwendungen. Autorisierte Übersetzung von D. Brauns. Mit einer Karte und 37 Abbildungen.

      Braunschweig, Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, 1891. - Oktav. Farbig geprägtes Org.-Ganzleinen. XVIII, 758 S., mit einer lithographisch gedruckten, mehrfach ausfaltbaren Karte. Ungewöhnlich gut erhaltenes Exemplar. Erste deutsche Ausgabe (zuvor auf englisch, London & New York, 1889). Zum Verfasser s. DSB 14, S. 133-141: „During the 1880‘s Wallace had given a number of lectures on evolution by means of natural selection, including many wile touring the United States in 1886-1887. These mature reflections finally appeared in elaborated form in his important ‚Darwinism‘ (1889), which carefully reviewed thirty years of evolutionary biology. While pointing out differences between himself and Darwin, the book actually elaborates a pure form of Darwinian evolution, devoid of Lamarckian elements, and therefore represents (except for the last chapter on man) perhaps the authoritative statement on the subject in the late nineteenth cnetury. The work went through many printings." (S. 134). – „In ‚Darwinism‘ verteidigte Wallace die natürliche Selektion. Darin postulierte er die Hypothese, dass die natürliche Selektion die reproduktive Trennung zweier Arten antreiben könne, indem die Ausbildung von Barrieren gegen eine Hybridisierung verstärkt wird. (.) Diese Hypothese wurde als Wallace-Effekt bekannt. (.) Noch heute ist sie Gegenstand der Forschung zur evolutionären Biologie, wobei sowohl Computersimulationen als auch empirische Ergebnisse ihre Gültigkeit unterstützen. (wikipedia, dt.). 1001 g

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Stefan Wulf]
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      Roberts Brothers, Boston. 1891 - Dickinson, Emily. Poems by Emily Dickinson. Edited by two of her friends. T.W. Higginson and Mabel Lewis Todd. Second Series. Boston: Roberts Brothers 1891. 1st Edition. 7 x 5. [1], 4-230 pp. Original beveled green cloth, gilt lettering a floral design. Top edge gilt. Spine lettering and design faded but legible. Light wear to corner tips and spine ends. Binding tight, contents clean. Very Good copy. BAL 4656. Rare. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Holly Books]
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        Guía Péant 1891 de trenes de España. La Guía Michelin de los Ferrocarriles y Navegación. Itinerario de Ferrocarriles y Navegación para España, Francia y Portugal. Año 3º

      Administración Calle de San Agustín 4., Madrid 1891 - Administración Calle de San Agustín 4. Madrid  Noviembre 1891 11 x17 cm; 388 pág + un  mapa plegado.   Rarísima y muy exhaustiva Guía Péant 1891 de trenes de España. La ¿Guía Michelin¿ de los Ferrocarriles y Navegación. Única, solo un ejemplar similar (pero de otro año) en la Biblioteca St. Pancras de Londres  British Library: Año 4º  ¡pero de 1893! Ningún ejemplar conocido en ningún centro de documentación ni en las bibliotecas más importantes de España, y nunca vendida en Todocolección. Se trata de una publicación de la Papelería Péant especializada en papeles rayados y litografía sita en Madrid, Calle de San Agustín, próxima a la Estación de Atocha. En ella, de manera exhaustiva aparece toda la información necesaria par viajar en cualquier línea de Caminos de Hierro españoles ( incluídos los de Mallorca) ,franceses y portugueses; horarios, municipios, clases y precios, precios de almuerzos y comidas. Imprescindible para realizar el estudio profundo de los ferrocarriles en España a partir de esa temprana fecha de 1891, solo 40 años después de la inauguración de la primera línea de trenes, la de Mataró, y coetánea a las todavía tempranas e incipientes líneas de otras poblaciones del Estado Español, Francia y Portugal. Y Lo mismo se puede decir de los buques marítimos, pues también se incluyen. La  rareza de estas publicaciones ( ni una sola referencia en Internet) puede deberse a varios motivos o hipótesis: Al ser controladas por el Estado,  que encargaba a algunos impresores la Guía ¿Oficial¿ de Ferrocarriles, no sería extraño que hubiesen sido retiradas del comercio publicaciones como la presente de la Papelería Peánt, sin duda más completa que las oficiales. Otra  hipótesis tiene relación con su encuadernación; el volumen y sus páginas se conforman gracias a unos agujeros que atraviesan todas las páginas y se unen con un cordel, de manera similar a la encuadernación japonesa, deshaciendo el nudo del cordel quedaría desmontado el volumen y el usuario podría extraer del conjunto las páginas que le interesasen de su ruta, el resto se desecharía¿ este carácter efímero explicaría su escasez en el mercado; hipótesis como éstas podrían justificar la rareza extrema de esta publicación periódica. Se desconoce la tirada original que podría rondar solamente los 100-500 ejemplares en el caso que estuviesen destinados a la limitada demanda de la Papelería. Conserva las cubiertas originales, alguna falta en el lomo y en planos (ver fotos) firma de un anterior propietario en primera página, alguna marca de doblez. Buen estado general [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: El Archivo]
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        Zur See - Luxusausgabe Nr. 17/900

      459 Seiten mit 376 Abbildungen, streng limitierte und nummerierte Luxusausgabe mit goldenen Eisenbeschlägen, mit Goldschnittumrandung und mit vierzehn ganzseitigen Kunstbeilagen. Ein hochwertig ausgestatteter Reprint der Ausgabe von 1891. Das Exemplar hat die Nummer 016/ 900. Auf Elefantenhautpatina gedruckt, von Hand geheftet, mit Goldschnitt veredelt, aus deutschem Rindleder gefertigter Einband, geschmückt mit einem schweren Messingstempel. Das Buch beschreibt das seemännische Leben im Hafen, die Reise durch heimische Gewässer und ferne Meere beginnt mit einem Rückblick auf Schiffe und Seewaffen vergangener Tage. Darstellungen zum Schiffsbau und Werften sind zu sehen und das Seerettungswesen wird beschrieben. Ein prächtiges Geschenk für einen verdienten Seemann oder Kapitän. In der Anlage zehn Kunstbilder aus der Seefahrt, zum Einrahmen, die auch in dem Buch enthalten sind.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Paff e.K.]
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        Manuscript library catalogue on blueish paper entitled "Catalogue of Archaeological, Architectural, Decorative, Fine Art, Illustrated, Keramic, Numismatic, and Technical Works, forming part of The Library of James O Byrne, Liverpool Architect."

      Ruled account book of 229 numbered leaves with manuscript entries on rectos & versos of 153 leaves, including a general subject index covering five pages. Small folio (335 x 200 mm.), orig. half roan & cloth sides (spine somewhat worn), stamp of the "Benson & Holme Ltd. Commercial Stationers. 38 Castle Street. Liverpool" on free front endpaper, new title label on spine. [Liverpool: 1891-93]. A fascinating record of one of the great British architectural working libraries of the 19th century. James O'Byrne (1835-97), began his practice in Liverpool in 1869 and worked throughout the northwest of England, designing many notable civic and ecclesiastical buildings. He was especially noted for his contributions to British Catholic architecture. The best books in his library were sold at Christie's London in July 1987. According to Hugh Pagan, "it was the most cohesive collection of books put together by a British architect of his generation to have survived into the second half of the twentieth century" (see his web-site, which is filled with all sorts of great articles). O'Byrne has provided an attractive introduction on the third leaf of the catalogue: "This catalogue is prepared for my own use, and for that of select friends, who knowing the value of books, need not be reminded how to take care of them. All lengthy titles, fulsome descriptions, and officious comments would have been avoided, as those for whom this catalogue has been arranged will not require them. A few works by authors such as Hamerton, Jameson, Ruskin and Viollet-le-Duc, altho' they do not refer either to architecture or the Fine Arts have been included, in order that the writings of these authors may appear in the same catalogue. I claim some indulgence for this catalogue, as most of it was arranged and written as a pastime during repeated attacks of gout." Following the title and introduction, O'Byrne has provided a general subject index of five pages. This is followed by an "Alphabetical Index of Authors" (leaves 8-80) and then the books and manuscripts arranged by subject (leaves 101-90). While O'Byrne had a good representation of the classic 18th-century books (Adams, Fontana, Piranesi, and Zabaglia), the library's main strengths were in the 19th century. O'Byrne's "intention was clearly to put together a comprehensive collection of the larger and handsome illustrated books on architecture and related subjects published from the beginning of the nineteenth century onwards."-Hugh Pagan. The collection was especially strong in nineteenth century Gothic Revival decorative arts and included a near comprehensive collection of 77 Ruskin titles bound in 123 volumes together with works by Pugin, Burges, Owen Jones, and Christopher Dresser. He had a number of the French grand folios and bound runs of French architectural periodicals. Fine condition.

      [Bookseller: Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc.]
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        Anatomie artistique du corps humain... Deuxième édition

      VII, (1bl), 208 pp., 17 pl. Paris, J.B. Baillière, 1891, in-8, VII, (1bl), 208 pp, 17 pl, demi-chagrin bleu sombre de l'époque, dos lisse et fleuronné, 17 planches en couleurs, dont plusieurs dépliantes, dessinées par le docteur Fau, figurant les os et les muscles du corps humain ; quelques figures dans le texte, dont les reproductions de la saisissante série de photographies effectuée par Duchenne de Boulogne pour les muscles du visage. Ouvrage d'anatomie scientifique, dont la vocation est de se rendre utile pour aux artistes.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Histoire zoologique et médicale des téniadés du genre Hymenolepis Weinland

      in-8 de 112 pages Paris, Société d'éditions scientifiques, 1891, , in-8 de 112 pages, demi-toile moderne à la bradel, dos lisse portant une pièce de titre, Unique édition, peu courante, de cette monographie sur une espèce particulière de vers ou ténia, parasite de l'homme. L'auteur, un des pionniers, en France, de la parasitologie, conjugue étude zoologique et médicale afin de servir tout autant l'Histoire Naturelle que la médecine. 22 figures en noir dans le texte illustrent l'ouvrage. Bon exemplaire.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Portrait photograph signed (on reverse, with autogr. musical quotation). No place, April 1891.

      1891. 100:141 mm. Reverse with three bars, signature and date.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Inlibris]
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        Il Codice di Leonardo da Vinci nella Biblioteca del Principe Trivulzio in Milano trascritto ed annotato da Luca Beltrami

      Tip. Pagnoni, 1891. In-4°, pp. 16 + 94 tavole eliografiche riproducenti il testo del codice + 14 pp. di note, indici e bibliografia numerate 301-310, (4), legatura posteriore m. tela e angoli. Brossura editoriale pergamenata conservata. Alcune tracce d'umido al margine superiore. Prima edizione, tirata a 200 esemplari. Italiano

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Galleria Gilibert]
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        Picture of Dorian Gray

      This is the rare first edition, first impression published by Ward, Lock & Co in April 1891 having all the identifiers of a true 1st/1st:- thick, grey paper-covered and bevelled edge boards- no publishing history- typographic error at the beginning of page 208, line 23 ("nd" instead of "and" - this was corrected for the second edition published in July 1891)- publisher displayed as "Ward Lock AND Co London New York & Melbourne" (no reference to "Bowden")- no publisher's imprint or advertisements at rearBook condition : GOOD. 8vo, vii + 334 pages. All pages are exceptionally clean for their age with minimal foxing as shown in the pictures. The spine has been restored at some stage but the gilt decorated grey boards (Charles Ricketts' 10 gilt "butterflies" design) are original and present. The binding is in great condition with no pages loose and no pages lost i.e. all 334 pages present. Best of all, the book has NO inscriptions or ownership marks as is usually the casemaking this fantastically rare for this book.

      [Bookseller: rareantiquebooks]
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        Hypnotisme et hystérie. Du rôle de l'hypnotisme en thérapeutique. Leçon faite à la Salpêtrière, le 23 juin 1891

      de 43 et (1) pages Paris, G. Masson, 1891, in-8, de 43 et (1) pages, exemplaire broché, sous couverture de l'éditeur, Tiré à part, rare, extrait avec pagination nouvelle de la "Gazette hebdomadaire de Médecine et de Chirurgie". Texte capital qui éclaire d'un jour sans précédent les conceptions thérapeutiques et cliniques charcotiennes de l'École de la Salpêtrière sur l'hystérie, contre celles de Bernheim. Jusqu'à la mort de son maitre, en 1893, Babinski resta fidèle aux idées de Charcot sur l'hystérie, il ne développa ses propres théories qu'à la toute fin du XIXe siècle qu'il formula, en 1901, dans son article iconoclaste, "La définition de l'hystérie" paru dans la Revue de neurologie de Paris. Exemplaire portant un "hommage de l'Auteur" estampillé sur la page de titre.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        The Story of a Musical Life

      Cincinnati: The John Church Company, 1891 - First Edition. PublisherÕs cloth; very good. Bookplate; 1892 ownership signature of Eugene Field and his bookplate; inscribed by the author and composer in 1894 with a one line musical passage from his best-known song ÒBattle Cry of Freedom,Ó captioned below the music, ÒYes, weÕll rally round the flag, boys!Ó Signed ÒGeo. F. Root.Ó The composer enjoyed a lengthy and successful career, but achieved his greatest popularity during the Civil War. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Peter L. Stern & Co., Inc., A.B.A.A.]
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        Etudes sur les maladies cérébrales et mentales. Préface de M. le Dr. Jules Falret

      XII, 443pp., (8)ff. Paris, Librairie J.-B. Baillière et fils, 1891, in-8, XII, 443pp, (8)ff, demi-veau bleu moderne à la bradel, PREMIERE EDITION. Jules Cotard (1840-1889), neurologue et psychiatre français, présente ce que l'on nommera plus tard "le syndrome de Cotard", délire de négation d'organes dans certaines formes d'hypochondrie. Bel exemplaire.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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      in-8 bradel, [4]-120 pages Paris, Léon Vanier, 1891, , in-8 bradel, [4]-120 pages, demi-maroquin olive à coins, dos lisse à encadrements de filets dorés ornés de petites fleurs de lotus dans les angles, tête dorée, couvertures et dos conservés [E. Barayon], Édition originale. Après Sagesse et Amour, Bonheur constitue le troisième volet d'un triptyque mystique de Verlaine. Frottement sur une charnière et en tête du dos. Lacune en pied de la couverture originale. Néanmoins, bon exemplaire, non rogné. Vicaire VII, 996-997.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        WIDOR Ch. M. LA Korrigane Suite Orchestre 1891

      - WIDOR Ch. M.La KorriganeBallet de l'OpéraSuite d'Orchestrepar Charles Marie Widor1. Prélude - Alla Marcia2. Tempo di Mazurka3. Adagio4. Scherzando5. Valse Lente6. FinaleUniquement le Materiel d'Orchestre- Matériel d'Orchestre : 1er Violons x 5, 2e Violons x 6, Altos x 2, violoncelles et Contrebasses x 5, Flûtes x 2, Hautbois, Clarinettes, Bassons, 1er et 2e Cors, 3e et 4e Cors, Trompettes, Pistons, 1er et 2e Trombones, 3e Trombones, Ophicléide, Timbales, Triangle, Tambour et Tambour de Basque, Grosse Caisse et Cymbales, HarpeEdition Heugel & Fils H. 7039XIXe siècle 1891Très bon état015066 Ensemble/Orchestre

      [Bookseller: partitions-anciennes]
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      London: R. H. Porter, 1891. 1891-1897[98]. Portrait frontispiece of Lord Lilford to vol. I.; complete with 421 chromolithographic or hand-coloured lithographic plates mostly after A. Thorburn and J.G. Keulemans (a few by Lodge and Foster) , mounted on linen stubs throughout. Fine bindings of contemporary crushed burgundy morocco by Zaehnsdorf with 5 raised bands and extensive gilt decoration to the spines; top edge gilt. Second edition, first published from 1885, and not completed until after Lilford's death by Osbert Salvin and including a biography by the zoologist Alfred Newton. A keen ornithologist all his life, Lilford was one of the founders of the British Ornithologists' Union in 1858, and its president from March 1867. "At an early age Powys manifested a love for animals; at Harrow he kept a small menagerie, and also began contributing to The Zoologist. He kept a larger menagerie at Oxford, and all his spare time, during vacations and subsequently through life, as far as his health would permit, was devoted to travel for the purpose of studying animals, especially birds. In 1853 he visited the Isles of Scilly, Wales, and Ireland, and becoming acquainted with Edward Clough Newcome, the best falconer of his day, shortly afterwards took up falconry himself. His aviaries at Lilford Park in Northamptonshire were the envy of field ornithologists, and especially noted for the collection of birds of prey" (B. B. Woodward, rev. Yolanda Foote for DNB). Nissen IVB 563; Fine Bird Books, p.91.. Second Edition. Half Leather. Very Good. Illus. by A. Thorburn and J.G. Keulemans. 4to.

      [Bookseller: Loe Books]
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        A Case of Identity in Strand Magazine

      Strand Magazine, Newnes, 1891 The original magazine issue of the Strand containing the first appearance of the Sherlock Holmes story, A Case of Identify. In unusually very good condition for this fragile item.

      [Bookseller: Bookbid Rare Books]
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        Liste des ouvrages et mémoires publiés de 1838 à 1891 par Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel

      de XVIII et (2) pages Paris, Morgand, [circa 1891], in-4, de XVIII et (2) pages, exemplaire broché, sous couverture d'attente, Rare tiré à part extrait des Nouvelles archives du Muséum d'histoire naturelle (troisième série, tome III). Il s'agit de la toute première bibliographie des très nombreux articles (plus de 150) publiés par Edmond Becquerel sur plus de 50 ans. Peignot, qui réalisa ce travail de recension, indique pour chacun des articles les références bibliographiques précises. En guise de frontispice, en héliogravure, un grand portrait d'Edmond Becquerel. On joint : Notice sur les travaux scientifiques de M. Edmond Becquerel, Paris, Lainé et Haynard, 1863, in-4 de 57 et (3) pages, exemplaire broché. Très bon état.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        A Dictionary of Law (Black's Law Dictionary)

      St. Paul, Minn: West Publishing Co, 1891. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good. First edition. Very Good in original tan leather binding with raised bands and gilt lettering to spine, blindstamped alphabet border and rule to boards. Previous owner name in gilt on leather label on spine. Scuffing to edges of red title label. Leather shows light general wear, rubbing, and scuffing though remains in much nicer shape than as usually found in. Front inner hinge slightly exposed though front board remains firmly attached; hinge toward rear of text block exposed, weakening binding just a bit. A rather handsome copy of what is now the most widely used law dictionary in the America.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        New Grub Street

      London: Smith, Elder & Co, 1891. First edition, one of fewer than 1000 copies of the first issue. 3 volumes, 8vo. Half-titles. With the advertisement leaf at end of vol. 1. Original morocco-grained green cloth, titles gilt-lettered on spine, and in blind on front covers, cream endpapers; velveteen-lined morocco-backed folding case. A superb copy, with the scarce advertisement leaf at end of volume 1, found only in a small number of copies. Collie A9b; Sadleir 971; Spiers & Coustillas M6; Wolff 2552. An outstanding copy, fresh, clean and bright.

      [Bookseller: Riverrun Books & Manuscripts]
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        The Little Minister. Three Volumes

      London: Cassell & Co, 1891. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Dust Jacket. Octavo. First issue.Three volumes in original brown cloth; 232 pp, 239 pp., 232 pp. 16 pages of ads in volume I, dated 9/91. Travelling library labels expertly removed from front panels. With bookplate of Charles Philip Huntington 3rd Baronet front pastedowns. Very good indeed, housed in a custom blue half leather slipcase, with chemises.

      [Bookseller: Charles Parkhurst Rare Books, Inc.]
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        Queen Summer, or, The Journey of the Lily of the Rose. Large Paper Edition

      Cassell & Co, London 1891 - 40pp. 40 colour illustrations. G: in Good condition without dust jacket. Boards edgeworn and lightly foxed. Teg Hardback: Illustrated board covers [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Barter Books Ltd]
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        The Fruit Grower's Guide

      London J.S. Virtue & Co n.d. -94 1891 - 3 volumes bound as 6, containing 43 chromolithograph illustrations of various fruits including apples, pears, gooseberries, cherries etc., by May Rivers. Original publishers decorative cloth, light wear, a very good set. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Shapero Rare Books]
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        Il Monte dei Paschi di Siena e le aziende in esso riunite : note storiche raccolte e pubblicate per ordine della deputazione. Comprende: 1: I monti dei Paschi e della Pietà al tempo della repubblica. 2: Ricostituzione dei monti di Pietà e dei Paschi 3: I monti dei Paschi e di Pietà riuniti 4: I monti di Pietà e dei Paschi : espansione lenta e laboriosa della loro attività 5: I due monti durante il regno del primo granduca lorenese 6: I due monti durante il granducato di Pietro Leopoldo 7: I due monti nei commovimenti politici dal 1791 al 1814 8: I monti riuniti dal 1814 al 1860 9: Il Monte dei Paschi dal 1860 al 1880 Sommario di notizie storiche e statistiche.

      L. Lazzeri, 1891-1900. In 4, 10 voll. di circa 500 pp. cadauno con tavole e disegni n. teso. Rilegatura non coeva in mezza pelle, titolo oro e fregi al dorso. Acclusi due tavole dei frutti e 14 buoni storici del Monte dei Paschi.

      [Bookseller: Nuovi Quaderni di Capestrano]
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        A Case of Identity in Strand Magazine

      Strand Magazine, Newnes 1891 - The original magazine issue of the Strand containing the first appearance of the Sherlock Holmes story, A Case of Identify. In unusually very good condition for this fragile item. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Bookbid]
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        JOURNAL DE ROSES (Rosa inter Flores). Publication mensuelle speciale. 5 Annees: 1888 - 1892. [= 5 Jahrgänge: 1888 - 1892, Zeitschrift, komplett, fest eingebunden]

      5 Jahrgänge in 4 Bänden. Gr.-8, Bibliothekseinband 5 Jahrgänge in 4 Bänden (1891 und 1892 in einem Band). Aus ehemaligem Bibliotheksbestand. Mit entsprechenden Kennzeichnungen. Einbände berieben. Seiten stockfleckig. Bindung fest. Noch im guten Zustand. Bitte beachten Sie unser reichhaltiges Angebot an antiquarischen Zeitschriften. Mehr Bilder auf Anfrage. // 5 Volumes in 4 Books (1891 and 1892 in one book). From library-stock. Pages foxed, but still in good condition. More pictures on demand. zqx mbx

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Bookfarm]
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        A History of England in the Eighteenth Century (Complete in Eight Volumes)

      D. Appleton and Company, New York 1891 - Complete eight-volume set, each volume bound in half-leather with marbled boards borded in gilt, banded spines with gilt titles and decoration, gilded head edges, marbled endpapers. Pages clean save for mild toning in the margins throughout, a small and faintly inky water stain at the lower bound corners of Volume III, mild rippling along the head edges in Volume V, and small water stains at the heel edges of three other volumes; all bindings remain square and tight, the leather somewhat darkened about the spine heel on five volumes and worn with occasional spots of exposure at the free corners, more gently rubbed at spine ends, with the occasional nick or scratch along the spine and occasional, mild flaking along front hinges, the marbled boards showing chipping at head and heel edges and surface scuffs on the back of Volume VIII and on the front of Volume VI, otherwise lovely. xix + 625, xvi + 699, xii + 591, xv + 606, xvi + 602, xviii + 611, xvi + 465, xv + 650, with index; the first two volumes cover the period of 1700-1760, and subsequent volumes assert a definitely British view of North American colonial rebellion, Irish shenanigans, church struggles, and the dawn of a new scientific era. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: The Haunted Bookshop, LLC]
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      Longmans, Green, and Co., London 1891 - Blue Cloth with Gold Design. Cloth worn through in a few places on bottom from shelf wear. Top edge and corners show minor wear and worn through cloth in five small places. Bright front and spine gold accents. Gilded top of pages. xvii, 566pp. 12 colored plates, 15 Illustrations total. History of the famous unit including their service in Penninsular Campaign and Waterloo. Previous owners bookplate on ffep and inscription from May 1892. Minor foxing present on a few pages. Mylar protective cover. Size: 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: HERB RIESSEN-RARE BOOKS]
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        Los Proverbios. Colleccion de diez y ocho laminas invetadas y grabadas al agua fuerte.

      1891 - Los Proverbios de Goya. Publicala la Real Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, 1891. Album in-folio comprenant un titre et la suite complète de 18 eaux-fortes publiées sous le titre « Los Proverbios » mais dont le titre prévu par Goya était « Disparates » (Extravagances). Brochure verte de l'époque défraichie. 315 mm x 490 mm. / Los Proverbios by Goya. Publicala la Real Academia de Nobles Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, 1891. Folio album [315 mm x 490 mm] made of one title and the complete suite of 18 etchings published under the title ?Los Proverbios? but which scheduled title was ?Disparates? (Extravagances). Brown contemporary wrappers. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Camille Sourget]
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        Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle. Reisen und Forschungen der Massai-Expedition des deuschen Antisklaverei-Komite inden Jahren 1891-1893.

      Berlin, Dietrich Reimer, 1894, 1891. XIII S., 1 Bl., 385 S. Mit 27 Tafeln, 140 Textabbildungen in Heliogravüre, Lichtdruck und Autotypie nach Photographien und Skizzen des Verfasserns und 1 mehrfach gefalt. Karte (in Rückentasche, mit Korrekturzettel). Gr.-8°, HLeder, dreis. Rotschnitt Henze II, 200 ff. Kainbacher 33,5. - 1 Tafel mit hinterlegtem Randeinriss, 1 1 Bl. mit kleinem Randeinriss. - Beschreibung der über 4000 km langen Ostafrika-Expedition Baumanns (1864-1899), die zum grössten Teil durch Neuland führte.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Galerie Joy]
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        The Complete Works of Charles Dickens.

      30 vols., 9" x 6", with illustrations after the originals. Bound in fine contemporary 1/2 green morocco, ribbed gilt decorated spines, top edges gilt, others uncut.

      [Bookseller: D & D Galleries]
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