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        Sophocles : the plays and fragments / with critical notes, commentary, and translation in English prose by R.C. Jebb. Complete in seven volumes

      Cambridge Univ. Press 1891 - Finely bound in contemporary gilt-blocked aniline calf over marble and raised. Remains well-preserved overall; tight, bright, clean and sharp-cornered. Physical description; 7 volumes. Subjects; Sophocles. Oedipus (Greek mythology) — Drama. Hardcover Kg. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

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        FEMALE RUSSIAN WRITERS] Nashi pisatel'nitsy: (''Bibliographichesky slovar' russkikh pisatel'nits knyazya N.N. Golitsyna. SPb. 1889. VI i 308'': Statiya S.I. Ponomareva) [i.e. Our Female Writers: (''Biographical Index of Russian Female Writers by Count N.N. Golitsyn. SPb. 1889. VI and 308'': Article by S.I. Ponomarev]

      typ. Akademii Nauk, St. Petersburg 1891 - [2], 78 pp. 22,5x15,5 cm. Without wrappers. Very good, occasional foxing, with later spine and back cover. Very rare. Offprint from Sbornik otdeleniya russkogo yazyka i slovesnosti Akademii nauk (V. 52, #7) [i.e. Digest of the Department of Russian Language of Academy of Sciences]. This is a book of very valuable additions to ''Biographical Index of Russian Female Writers'' by N. Golitsyn (St. Petersburg: typ. V.S. Balasheva, 1889). Nikolai Golytsyn (1836-1893) was a Russian bibliographer. During his life he'd been gathering information on Russian female writers. Even though the index was criticized by his contemporaries this was a very important first work of such kind. Ponomarev's additions consisted of two parts: review of the index and supplement to it. In the first part he tried to answer the question 'in which genres female writers were mostly working' and gathered their names into thematic groups - fiction, bibliography, drama, history, natural sciences, critics, medicine, etc. Ponomarev's supplement to the index is quite significant. He provided 419 names which were not mentioned in the index at all as well as a number of important corrections. Worldcat locates copies in Columbia, Yale. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

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        Colusa County: Its History Traced from a State of Nature through the Early Period of Settlement and Development to the Present Day

      , Orland, 1891. Good. First Edition 9 x 6 inches, 473 pages, leather, Includes 59 plates and a fold out map, front inner hinge cracked but still holding, rubbing to outer hinges with a 2 inch split.

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        Bericht über Handel und Industrie der Schweiz (KONVOLUT aus 28 Jahrgängen) - 1890 - 1917.

      Ulrich & Co.; 1891 ff. - Die hier angebotenen Bände stammen aus einer teilaufgelösten wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek und tragen die entsprechenden Kennzeichnungen (Rückenschild, Instituts-Stempel.). Schnitt und Einband sind etwas staubschmutzig; der Buchzustand ist ansonsten ordentlich und dem Alter entsprechend gut; KOMPLETTPREIS für 28 Jahrgänge; bei Versand ins Ausland erfragen Sie bitte zuerst die Versandkosten; Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 20000

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        History of the University of Texas. Based on facts and records.

      Henry Hutchings State Printer, Austin 1891 - Ex-Library. Original binding. viii, 332 p. Includes one foldout plate. General wear to the boards, with some fraying at the top and bottom of the spine. Edgewear and bumping to the corners. Text is unmarked by underlining or notations. Size: 24 cm tall [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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        Geometrical Researches on the Theory of Parallels ... Translated from the Original by George Bruce Halstead.

      Rolla, Missouri: School of Mines Press, 1891. The true first publication in English, incredibly rare offprint issue (only one other copy known), of Lobachevsky's revolutionary discovery of non-Euclidean geometry. This work, published in the short-lived and little-known journal Scientiae Baccalaureus, is a translation of Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie der Parallellinien (Berlin, 1840), which was the first complete account of Lobachevsky's work to be published in a Western European language; "following its publication, in 1842, Lobachevsky was, on the recommendation of Gauss, elected to the Göttingen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften" (DSB). "Cet ouvrage est un vrai chef-d'oeuvre de la littérature mathématique" (Piccard, p. 19). Lobachevsky sent Gauss a copy of the 1840 work, and Gauss's opinion of it is recorded in a letter, dated 28 November 1846, written to his colleague the astronomer H. C. Schumacher: "In developing the subject, the author followed a road different from the one I took myself; Lobachevsky carried out the task in a masterly fashion and in a truly geometric spirit. I consider it a duty to call your attention to this book, since I have no doubt that it will give you a tremendous pleasure." "The researches that culminated in the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry arose from unsuccessful attempts to 'prove' the axiom of parallels in Euclidean geometry. This postulate asserts that through any point there can be drawn one and only one straight line parallel to a given straight line. Although this statement was not regarded as self-evident and its derivation from the other axioms of geometry was repeatedly sought, no one openly challenged it as an accepted truth of the universe until Lobatchewsky published the first non-Euclidean geometry ... In Lobatchewsky's geometry an infinity of parallels can be drawn through a given point that never intersect a given straight line ... His fundamental paper was read to his colleagues in Kazan in 1826 but he did not publish the results until 1829-30 when a series of five papers appeared in the Kazan University Courier ... He amplified his findings (still in Russian) in 1836-8 under the title 'New Elements of Geometry, with a Complete Theory of Parallels'. In 1840 he published a brief summary in Berlin under the title Geometrische Untersuchungen zur Theorie der Parallellinien" (PMM). We have located only one other offprint of this work, a presentation copy from the journal's editor, W. H. Echols, held by the University of Virginia. Even the journal itself is exceptionally rare, with fewer than 10 institutional holdings. No copies of the offprint or the journal in auction records. "In his early lectures on geometry, Lobachevsky himself attempted to prove the fifth postulate [i.e., the axiom of parallels]; his own geometry is derived from his later insight that a geometry in which all of Euclid's axioms except the fifth postulate hold true is not in itself contradictory. He called such a system "imaginary geometry," proceeding from an analogy with imaginary numbers. If imaginary numbers are the most general numbers for which the laws of arithmetic of real numbers prove justifiable, then imaginary geometry is the most general geometrical system. It was Lobachevsky's merit to refute the uniqueness of Euclid's geometry, and to consider it as a special case of a more general system. "In Lobachevskian geometry, given a line a and a point A not on it, one can draw through A more than one coplanar line not intersecting a. It follows that one can draw infinitely many such lines which, taken together, constitute an angle of which the vertex is A. The two lines, b and c, bordering that angle are called parallels to a and the lines contained between them are called ultraparallels, or diverging lines; all other lines through A intersect a. If one measures the distance between two parallel lines on a secant equally inclined to each, then, as Lobachevsky proved, that distance decreases indefinitely, tending to zero, as one moves farther out from A ... A comparison of Euclidean and Lobachevskian geometry yields several immediate and interesting contrasts [notably that] for all triangles in the Lobachevskian plane the sum of the angles is less than two right angles" (DSB). In Euclidean geometry the sum of the angles of a triangle equals two right angles, and in spherical geometry it is always greater. Of particular interest are the curves called 'horocycles.' These are the limiting curves of the circles that share a tangent at a given point, as the radius of the circles tends to infinity. In Euclidean geometry this limiting curve would be a straight line, but in Lobachevskian geometry it is a new kind of curve. By rotating the horocyle around the line perpendicular to the tangent, Lobachevsky obtained a 'horosphere' and he proved the remarkable fact that the geometry on a horosphere is Euclidean, so that Euclidean geometry is in a sense contained within non-Euclidean geometry. "Working from the geometry (and, hence, trigonometry) of the Euclidean plane on horospheres, Lobachevsky derived trigonometric formulas for triangles in the Lobachevskian plane ... Comparing these formulas with those of spherical trigonometry on a sphere of radius r, ... Lobachevsky discovered that the formulas of trigonometry in the space he defined can be derived from formulas of spherical trigonometry if the sides of triangles are regarded as purely imaginary numbers or, put another way, if the radius r of the sphere is considered as purely imaginary ... In this Lobachevsky saw evidence of the non-contradictory nature of the geometry he had discovered" (ibid.). "[An] important development of Lobachevsky's geometry came from Riemann, whose address of 1854, Uber die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen, was published in 1866. Developing Gauss's idea of intrinsic geometry of a surface, Riemann presented a notion of multidimensional curved space (now called Riemannian space) ... It subsequently, then, became clear that Lobachevskian space is a Riemannian space of constant negative curvature ... "The presence of specifically Lobachevskian geometry is felt in modern physics in the isomorphism of the group of motions of Lobachevskian space and the Lorentz group. This isomorphism opens the possibility of applying Lobachevskian geometry to the solution of a number of problems of relativistic quantum physics. Within the framework of the general theory of relativity, the problem of the geometry of the real world, to which Lobachevsky had devoted so much attention, was solved; the geometry of the real world is that of variable curvature, which is on the average much closer to Lobachevsky's than to Euclid's" (ibid.). Lobachevsky's first lecture on non-Euclidean geometry, "Exposition succincte des principes de la géométrie avec une démonstration rigoureuse du théorème des parallèles," was delivered (in French) to the Kazan department of physics and mathematics at a meeting held on 23 February 1826. French was the language of scientific discourse in Russia but Lobachevsky strongly advocated the use of the Russian language and published his first four works in his native tongue: O nachalakh geometrii (1829-30); Novye nachala geometrii s polnoi teoriei parallelnykh (1835-38); Voobrazhaemaya geometriya (1835); Primenenie voobrazhaemoi geometrii k nekotorym integralam (1836). The 1835 work was revised and translated into French by Lobachevsky and published as 'Géométrie imaginaire' (Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik 17 (1837), 295-320). This was the first publication on non-Euclidean geometry in a Western European language, but it dealt only with Lobachevskian trigonometry, not with the underlying geometry. His other early works were not translated until the last years of the 19th century. Thus, Geometrische Untersuchungen (1840) is the first work in a Western European language to treat both the synthetic foundations of non-Euclidean geometry and the Lobachevskian trigonometry. It was translated into French in 1866 by Jules Hoüel and into English in 1891 by George Bruce Halsted, as the offered work. Lobachevsky published a final summary work in Russian, Pangeometria, as part of a volume celebrating the jubilee of the University of Kazan in 1855; it was translated into French in the following year. The appearance of Lobachevsky's work in the Scientiae Baccalaureus is little-known, and has frequently been ignored by historians of mathematics. The first English translation is often given as that which appeared, under the same title and with the same translator, in the 'Neomonic Series' of the Bulletin of the University of Texas at Austin. The preface and main text are identical to that of the Scientiae Baccalaureus version, but its preface is dated May, 1891, and must therefore have appeared at least three months later. "[The] Scientiae Baccalaureus, A Quarterly Journal of Scientific Research, was published under the auspices of the Missouri School of Mines [M. S. M.], and was edited by 'The Senior Classmen'. Fewer than ten libraries now own Scientiae Baccalaureus, and even at its home institution it cannot be found in the regular stacks" (Hall). Only one volume was published, in 1890-91, comprising four issues. "The journal's greatest claim to fame came through Halsted. Vol. 1, No. 3 contains his translation of N. Lobatschewsky's [spelled here as in the journal] work on parallel lines, and Vol. 1, No. 4 contains his translation of J. Bolyai's famous appendix to the book written by his father. Their publication in Scientiae Baccalaureus was the first English language appearance of either of these seminal works on non-Euclidean geometry, in which each man, independently, showed that a consistent geometry was possible by negating Euclid's fifth postulate that exactly one parallel to a given line may be drawn through a point not on the line. E. T. Bell considers the work of Bolyai and Lobachevsky one of the major revolutions in all thought, comparable in significance to the ideas of Copernicus ... "Because of the short life and relative obscurity of the journal, and because Halsted later published his translations through the University of Texas, Scientiae Baccalaureus is not always given as a source for these translations by historians and in bibliographies. Smith credits Halsted with both translations in 1891, but does not specify where they appeared. Bonola lists Halsted's translation of Lobachevsky as "English translation by G. B. Halsted (Austin, Texas, 1891)." The ... Translator's Preface, identical to the Scientiae Baccalaureus version, is dated May 1, 1891. In that Preface Halsted claims, "Of the immortal essay now first appearing in English ..." The date of Vol. 1, No. 3 of Scientiae Baccalaureus is February, 1891. On the other hand, Sommerville's bibliography lists the May, 1891 Texas Univ. Bull. as the 2nd ed. of the English translation of Lobachevsky, and does cite the February publication in Scientiae Baccalaureus ... knowledge of even the existence of Scientiae Baccalaureus gets buried a little deeper as the years go by. Halsted himself wrote many articles which mention Bolyai and Lobachevsky, but he usually simply referred to 'my translation(s)' without giving any specific source. All this supports the conclusion that Halsted did not intentionally ignore Scientiae Baccalaureus, but it is reasonable to assume that when he was asked for reprints of his translations, he sent the ones published in Austin simply because those were the ones to which he had ready access. When Halsted died in 1922, his obituary notice in the [American Mathematical] Monthly [Vol. 29 (1922), p. 187] pushed Scientiae Baccalaureus even further into obscurity, saying, "His most important work was the translation of writings on non-Euclidean geometry. Lobachevski's Researches on the Theory of Parallels and Bolyai's Science Absolute of Space were first published at Austin, Texas, in 1891, as parts of the 'Neomonic Series'." As we have seen, the word 'first' in this quote is in error ... "The decision to discontinue publication of Scientiae Baccalaureus was announced in an Editorial Note in Vol. 1, No. 4, June 1891, which was signed 'W. H. E.' ... The full text of Echols' editorial note follows, and gives additional evidence of the primacy of the English translations of Lobachevsky and Bolyai. 'It has been decided to discontinue the publication of this Journal and its issue ceases with this number, which closes the first volume. We close the first volume and cease the publication with considerable regret, yet with no small degree of satisfaction, believing as we do, that as a Journal of Elementary Mathematics it has accomplished fairly well the object which it had in view. Had it done nothing more than to put into English words the papers of Bolyai and Lobatschewsky its life had been well lived. We believe that the time will yet come when the seed thus sown will bear its share of fruit in the advancement of sound geometrical teaching in America'" (Hall). "Lobachevsky was the son of Ivan Maksimovich Lobachevsky, a clerk in a land-surveying office, and Praskovia Aleksandrovna Lobachevskaya. In about 1800 the mother moved with her three sons to Kazan, where Lobachevsky and his brothers were soon enrolled in the Gymnasium on public scholarships. In 1807 Lobachevsky entered Kazan University, where he studied under the supervision of Martin Bartels, a friend of Gauss, and, in 1812, received the master's degree in physics and mathematics. In 1814 he became an adjunct in physical and mathematical sciences and began to lecture on various aspects of mathematics and mechanics. He was appointed extraordinary professor in 1814 and professor ordinarius in 1822, the same year in which he began an administrative career as a member of the committee formed to supervise the construction of the new university buildings. He was chairman of that committee in 1825, twice dean of the department of physics and mathematics (in 1820-1 and 1823-5), librarian of the university (1825-35), rector (1827-46), and assistant trustee for the whole of the Kazan educational district (1846-55). "In recognition of his work Lobachevsky was in 1837 raised to the hereditary nobility; he designed his own familial device (which is reproduced on his tombstone), depicting Solomon's seal, a bee, an arrow, and a horseshoe, to symbolize wisdom, diligence, alacrity, and happiness, respectively. He had in 1832 made a wealthy marriage, to Lady Varvara Aleksivna Moisieva, but his family of seven children and the cost of technological improvements for his estate left him with little money upon his retirement from the university, although he received a modest pension. A worsening sclerotic condition progressively affected his eyesight, and he was blind in his last years" (ibid.). George Bruce Halsted (1853-1922) was the first student of J. J. Sylvester at Johns Hopkins University and held chairs at several universities, including the University of Texas (1894-1903) where the mathematicians L. E. Dickson and R. L. Moore were among his students. "In a period when American mathematics had few distinguished names, the eccentric and sometimes spectacular Halsted established himself as an internationally known scholar, creative teacher, and promoter and popularizer of mathematics. He was a member of and active participant in the major mathematical societies of the United States, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Russia. His activities penetrated deeply in three main fields: translations and commentaries on the works of Nikolai Lobachevski, János Bolyai, Girolamo Saccheri, and Henri Poincaré; studies in the foundations of geometry; and criticisms of the slipshod presentations of the mathematical textbooks of the day" (DSB). PMM 293; Norman I, 1379; Sommerville p. 100. E. T. Bell, The Development of Mathematics (1945). R. Bonola, Non-Euclidean Geometry (1955). L. M. Hall, 'A Forgotten Nineteenth Century Mathematics Journal,' Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences 16 (2004), pp. 159-167. S. Piccard, Lobatchevsky. Grand Mathématicien Russe. Sa Vie, son Oeuvre (1957). D. E. Smith, A Source Book in Mathematics (1920). D. M. Y. Sommerville, Bibliography of Non-Euclidean Geometry (1911). Offprint from: Scientiae Baccalaureus, A Quarterly Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 1, No. 3, February, 1891. 8vo (207 x 153 mm), pp. [3], 126-165 with numerous diagrams in text. Contemporary light-green boards with green cloth spine. The University of Virginia copy of the offprint is bound in the original light-green printed wrappers. The front wrapper bears the text 'Reprinted from // Scientiae Baccalaureus // Vol. 1 February, 1891 No. 3 // Theory of Parallels, Lobatschewsky, // Translated by Dr. George Bruce Halsted, Austin, Tex.' In our copy a light-green printed label with the text of the last two lines is pasted onto the front cover. Evidently this was cut from the original printed wrappers in which our copy was originally bound.

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        John Sherman and Dhoya

      T Fisher Unwin.  T. Fisher Unwin, London, 1891. First Edition. Hardback. A very good copy in the original tan cloth ruled in green. Top edge gilt. No ownership inscription. 195 pages. Some pushing to corners. An early work by Yeats published as the tenth title in the Pseudonym Library. Only 356 hardback copies are believed to have been printed. Overall VERY GOOD+  . Very Good. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 1891.

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        Mutiny Memoirs Being Personal Reminiscences of the Great Sepoy Revolt of 1857.

      Pioneer., Allahabad 1891 - iii, 211, iii. No: 185 (of?). The 1st edition does not have plates. Signed by the author to the preface. Leather is rubbed, cloth is stained, clean and tight in binding with hints of ageing. 500g Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Parveen Papers]
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        Opisanie Rostova Velikago

      Moscow: Snegirev, 1891 Antique volume is bound in printed paper-covered boards and brown cloth backstrip. Book shows moderate external wear, with darkened spine and light soiling to covers. Binding is firm. Edges of text block are marbled. Antique decorative bookplate is affixed to front pastedown. Pages are clean and without markings. With full-page and in-text illustrations of sites and historical figures associated with Rostov Veliky, one of the oldest towns in Russia. 123/iv pages.

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        A Brave Black Regiment. History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry 1863-1865

      Boston: The Boston Book Company, 1891. First edition. Hardcover. Very good condition. Presentation copy, signed by the author, of a history of the first regiment made up of free Black volunteers. The inscription reads, "Frederick T. Brown, Esq. With Compliments of Luis F. Emilio. New York Nov. 29, 1893". It is most likely that Frederick Brown was the pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church of Chicago, which was organized January 29, 1865, a Black congregation. At the end of the Civil War separate Black congregations were being formed in the north, allowing Blacks to have some voice in church governance and providing help to impoverished ex slaves. Brown in his first July 4th address, said: "Today, then, as on no previous fourth of July, we are a free people; four millions of colored people and twenty-seven millions of white people are stripped of their shackles and stand up together before the world freemen". (Frederick T. Brown, An Address Delivered in the Central Presbyterian Church, Chicago July 4th, 1865, (Chicago: Jameson & Morse, Printers, 1865, p18). This volume is a history of the first regiment made up of free Black volunteers from the North, which was organized by the Emancipation Proclamation, and prioritized by the Massachusetts governor who had long worked to recruit African Americans. Soldiers were recruited by prominent white abolitionists including Ralph Waldo Emerson. Luis Fenellosa Emilio (1844 - 1918) who became Captain in the 54th Mass. Volunteer Infantry, wrote this account in 1891. Born in Salem, Mass he volunteered at the age of 16 in 1861 while a high school student, enlisting in the 23rd Mass. At 16, Emilio was too young to enlist, but he persuaded his father to sign a consent form stating that he was 18. While with the 23rd, which fought in North Carolina, notably at the Battle of New Bern, Emilio was promoted to Sergeant (1862). In 1863 he was selected as one of the original officers of the 54th by the Governor of Massachusetts, and mustered in as 2nd Lieutenant. Emilio was promoted within 2 months to 1st Lieutenant and then Captain of Company E. Emilio greatly distinguished himself in South Carolina at the Battle of Fort Wagner (July 1863), in which all of the ranking officers of Company E were killed or wounded in the attack on the fort which protected Charleston Harbor. The 54th had the heaviest loss: 281 men, of whom 54 were killed or fatally wounded, and another 48 who were never accounted for. Two of Frederick Douglass' sons (Charles and Lewis) were part of the 54th, and both survived the war, although Lewis was badly wounded in the second assault of the 54th on Fort Wagner. The example set by the 54th encouraged free African Americans to enlist, and by May 1863 the Government established the Bureau of Colored Troops to manage the burgeoning numbers of black soldiers. The commanding officer, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was among the dead at Fort Wagner, buried in a mass grave along with his fallen Black troops, making Captain Emilio the regiment's acting commander. Even though the 54th's assault was unsuccessful, the battle was an important watershed, providing irrefutable proof of African Americans' bravery and sacrifice for the Union. Captain Emilio fought with the 54th for over three years, including at the Battle of Olustee in Florida, the only major Florida battle of the war. After accompanying his regiment to Savannah in March of 1865, at the end of the conflict, he mustered out at just 20 years old. 8vo, frontispiece, xvi, 410pp, portraits, 9 maps, 2 of which are folding. Original dark green gilt cloth, gilt title at spine 'A Brave Black Regiment 54th Mass.' OCLC: 1650331.

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        Bibliografía Madrileña ó Descripción De Las Obras Impresas En Madrid. Siglo XVI - 1601 al 1620 - y - 1621 al 1625.

      Tipografía De Los Huérfanos - Revista De Archivos, Bibliotecas y Museos, Madrid, 1891 - 1907 - XLVIII - 434pp. y 3 h. = 558pp. y L pp. = y = 564pp. y 2 hojas. Muy buen ejemplar encuadernados a media piel en rojo. Lomeras con nervios y florones. Corte superior pintado. Size: 3 Vols. En Folio. 27 x 20 Cm. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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        Jane Austen's Novels: Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility (Four-Volume Set)

      London: George Routledge and Sons, 1891. Book. Near Fine. Half-Leather. 12mo - over 6¾ - 7¾" tall. Four of the five volumes of Routledge's Edition of Jane Austen's Novels: Emma, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility (lacking Pride and Prejudice), with undated title pages but printed between 1883 and 1891 as it is a reprint of the edition first published in 1883 and each volume has a previous owner's signature dated "Nov. 1st 1891" on the front flyleaf. Original half-leather fine signed bindings by Estes & Lauriat, Boston, with dark-bluish-green leather spines and leather corners and greenish marbled boards and bluish marbled endpapers. Five raised bands on the spines. Patterned tooling on the leather strips on the front and rear boards. Gilt-covered top edges. Untrimmed page edges. Frontispiece illustration in each volume. 444, 443, 448 and 379 pages. Each measures approx. 7 5/8" x 5 1/4" x 1". Each volume is in NEAR FINE condition. Spines uniformly sunned to a very pleasing dark brown. Slight wear to the edges and some slight touches of wear to the spines along with a few tiny scattered specks of white paint. The Emma volume has slightly rubbed top corner tips. Otherwise Fine. No surface wear to the paper-covered boards. No bumping to the edges or corners. All are tightly bound and square with strong, sound, unworn joints and no cracking to the inner hinges. Close to flawless interiors with bright, clean pages with no foxing or browning..

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        John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1891 - 1891 Wisden Paperback, Facsimile Spine, Front Cover and ads

      1891. This is an 1891 Original Paperback Wisden, with facsimile spine and front cover and facsimile front adverts. The original rear cover is good with loss to one corner, the pages are very nice and white inside, a dark mark to the very bottom of the photoplate and a couple of ink marks inside.

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        Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society - Vol 1 no 1 - Vol 6 no 6 - 1891 - 1911

      E. Ponsonby, Dublin 1891 - A complete run of the first 38 issues of the Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society running from issue 1 1891 to vol 6 no 6 1911. Generally a very good set in original wraps, staining to the cover of one issue and the last issue stained at the edges with some loss. No markings or inscriptions. The rest of the issues are in near fine condition with minor rubbing to the edges of the wraps. Illustrated throughout. A scarce run of an important periodical. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Blackrock Rare Books]
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        Commentaries on the Present Laws of England (2 volumes)

      William Clowes and Sons, 1891. 2nd Edition. Hardcover. Good/No Jacket. 2 Volume set. original burgundy pressed boards are shelf worn and lightly marked. gold gilt to the spine. several stamp marks from a previous owner. age related marks. the condition is given in terms of the books' age. the binding has been repaired and is good. very neat annotation sporadically throughout both books.a total of 1294 pages. three quarters of page 503/504 has been torn out and the next page has a tear repaired and is complete and legible.

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      AUGUSTO FEDERICO NEGRO, 1891. ITALIANO 0,69 Dorso in tela con apposto adesivo con titoli manoscritti. Copertina in cartoncino rigido con scurimento ai bordi, anche alla quarta. Minimi segni di impurità all'occhiello. Pagine leggibili, pulite, chiare, con tavole illustrate. Lieve ingiallimento dei tagli. Parte II, dispensa prima; parte relativa ai testi. USATO

      [Bookseller: Biblioteca di Babele]
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        A New England Nun and Other Stories

      New York: Harper and Brothers, 1891. First Edition. Hardcover. Very good +. Octavo, 468pp. plus advertisements. A very good or better copy in decorative blue cloth.Gilt faded on spine, front hinge starting, but otherwise a very nice copy. ALS pasted in on the front paste-down from Wilkins to Carolyn Wells, the prolific children's author and novelist: "Dear Miss Wells/Simply/delighted. I will be on/hand at 1.30 Friday and/thank you so much for/including me./Sincerely/Mary E. Wilkins Freeman." While the book itself is not signed, the letter makes this a marvelous association copy, which includes the postmarked envelope, pasted to the front paste-down. [Wright III, 2036].

      [Bookseller: Cleveland Book Company]
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        Poems by the Way.

      Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press,, 1891. Octavo. Original stiff vellum, yapp edges, original sage silk ties. Housed in a custom blue morocco-backed box. Elaborate woodcut title-page and woodcut initials throughout. Printed in black and red. With the bookplates of collectors Estelle Doheny and Willis Vickery. One tie defective, otherwise a fine copy. First edition, presentation copy, inscribed by the author on the front free endpaper, "To Phyllis Marion Ellis, from William Morris, October 21st 1891". The recipient was the daughter of Frederick Startridge Ellis, Morris's executor, publisher, and close friend. They met in 1864, introduced by Algernon Charles Swinburne – Ellis later took over from Dante Gabriel Rossetti the joint tenancy, with Morris, of Kelmscott manor in Oxfordshire. Ellis had brought out many of Morris's pre-Kelmscott works – including The Glittering Plain, The Grettis Saga, and Love is Enough – and was one of the proof-readers of the Kelmscott Chaucer. A beautiful copy, one of 300 copies on paper, of the second book produced by the Kelmscott Press.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Ten Years in Equatoria and the return with Emin Pasha

      London: Frederick Warne, 1891. First Edition. Hardcover. Fine/Fine. Two volumes. 359 and 347 pp. 150 ill, color plates, folding maps in rear pocket of first volume. Elaborate printed, gilt and silver stamped brick colored cloth. Casati spent ten years in the African equatorial regions meeting such men as Emin Pasha and Henry Stanley. He set out for Sudan in 1879 and was an early explorer in many regions. His adventures are as interesting as many better known explorers. An important work. The set in remarkably FINE condition. A classic of African travel literature.

      [Bookseller: Trophy Room Books]
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        Choix de poésies.

      - Paris. Bibliothèque Charpentier. 1891. 1 volume in-12, demi-maroquin turquoise à coins, dos à nerfs très légèrement passé, tête dorée, couvertures et dos conservés. Reliure signée Canape. [2] ff. ; 360 pp. Portrait-frontispice de Verlaine, par Eugène Carrière. Première édition collective de poésies choisies, en partie en originale. "Deux poèmes paraissent ici en originale : L'Amour pour la Patrie est le premier amour et Bon pauvre, ton vêtement est léger.". "Le choix de ces poésies a été fait par Charles Morice avec l'approbation de Verlaine présenté par Félicien Champsaur à son nouvel éditeur". Carteret II, 429. Vicaire VII, 997. Bel exemplaire relié par Canape. Livres [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Pierre PREVOST]
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        Cesar Cascabel.

      London: Sampson, Low, Marston and Co., 1891.. FIRST UK EDITION. Crown octavo (19 x 13cm), pp.xii, 313 [35]. With 80 wood engraved illustrations by George Roux, including a frontispiece. In publisher's green cloth with gilt titles and polychrome blocked illustrations to spine and upper board. All edges gilt; foliate endpapers. Edmonton School Board prize plate to front pastedown, dated 1898. Publisher's adverts at rear heavily browned. Reading lean, with some rubbing to fore-edges and some sunning to spine. Very good overall. Pre-dated by the US edition by several months, this is the first UK edition of the novel of the same name first published by Verne in French in 1890. A group of travelling French circus performers struggle to make their way home from California, attempting the over-land route via Alaska and Siberia.

      [Bookseller: Adrian Harrington Rare Books]
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      CALMANN LEVY, Paris 1891 - Francese Nuova edizione, pagine brunite attorno ai testi da fattore tempo ed alcune quasi libere dalla legatura, a pag. 52-53 piccole macchie scure come di caffè, rilegatura in mezza tela, con piatti cartonati leggermente usurati ai bordi, dorso in tela beige, con tassello marrone e titoli d'oro incisi, al di fuori del tassello piccolo fregio d'oro, con alcuni aloni e tracce d'uso

      [Bookseller: Biblioteca di Babele]
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        MEMOIRS OF THE 149th REGT. N.Y. VOL. INFT. 3d BRIG., 12th AND 20th A.C. (Presentation, Association Copy)

      Author Published, Syracuse, NY 1891 - First edition with two errata slips at the rear. 426 pages, illustrated with portraits and woodcuts. Frontis of the author, with tissue guard. Floral end papers. Pictorial cloth binding with silver and black highlights, bevelled edges. THIS COPY IS INSCRIBED on front free end page: "To Maj. W.G. Tracy With the Compliments of the Author." Maj. Tracy was an aide-de-camp to Gen. H. W. Slocum, and saw action during Sherman's March to Georgia, was wounded twice, once in the arm (at Chancellorsville, per Broadfoot's "The Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War--case 1785) and once in the leg (during the Battle of Bentonville on the march from Savannah). It is also documented that Tracy was originally from Syracuse (the home of the 149th Regiment)--on page 692 of Volume IV of Johnson & Buel's "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War," there is a narrative of Tracy interviewing a Union deserter, who was originally from Syracuse, and being able to identify him. There is a bookplate inside the front board of a "William Marion Tracy," of whom I can find no information, but presumably a relative (son? grandson?) of Maj. Tracy's. The 149th New York Volunteers was heavily involved in conflict, seeing action at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (including the famous defense of Culp's Hill), Lookout Mountain Tennessee, and the battles of Savannah and Atlanta. Overall the 149th had a total enrollment of 1,155 men, of whom 486 were killed or wounded. Frontis is a little loose and there are a number of pencil notes by a previous owner in small, neat hand, possibly by the original Maj. Tracy. Very good condition. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Jim Hodgson Books]
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        The Doctrine and Covenants, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Containing the Revelations Given to Joseph Smith, Jun., The Prophet, for the Building Up of the Kingdom of God in the Last Days

      George Q. Cannon & Sons Company, Salt Lake City, UT 1891 - 503pp. Quarto [25.5 cm] Dark green cloth with gilt stamped titles and blind ruled lines and embossed corner designs on the spine and covers. Decorative floral endsheets. Fair condition only. The extremities are mildly rubbed and a little soiled. There is a 1" split in the cloth along the front hinge, and the cloth at the spine ends has multiple small losses. The underlying boards are heavily exposed along the edges. There are two dark green ink stains on the top edges of the covers and text block. The larger stain is 2" wide by 1/2" tall. The stains have carried over onto the top margins of the pages at the end of the text. The endsheets are split along the hinges, and the hinges are going. The text block is cracked multiple times. Tanned pages. The so-called "pulpit" edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, the only large-sized edition of the Doctrine & Covenants issued in the 19th century. Flake/Draper 2878. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Ken Sanders Rare Books, ABAA]
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        The Condition of Women Workers Under the Present Industrial System. An Address by Ida M. Van Etten, at the National Convention of the American Federation of Labor held at Detroit, Mich., December 8th, 1890 (Richard T. Ely's copy)

      New York: American Federation of Labor / Samuel Gompers, 1891. First Edition. Desirable copy of an important document, one of the first serious attempts to secure safe working conditions and better hours for working women, speaking out especially against the so-called "Sweating System" of the underground garment industry. Van Etten (d. 1894), scion of one of the oldest New York families, was an influential writer and speaker on women's issues, serving as the secretary of the Working Women's Society of New York. Curiously, she died unhinged and penniless (in fact, $120 in arrrears) in her room at the Hotel Continental in Paris, where a contemporary newspaper account notes "...[her] room was found to contain nothing of any value. The most of her belongings consisted of papers and a stack of unsent letters appealing for help, some of them of not very recent date" (New York Times, Mar 8, 1894). This the copy of Progressive economist and journalist Richard T. Ely (1854-1943), with his ink ownership signature at head of front wrapper. Ely was the founder of the American Economic Association, and a noted author on labor issues. Of the current work, OCLC locates approximately 8 physical locations, all with Washington, D.C. imprints; there appear to be no institutionally catalogued examples of the New York printing, nor can we establish priority. Octavo. Staple-bound pamphlet; printed paper wrappers; 16pp. Faint vertical crease; front cover lightly foxed and soiled, with wax-pencil ownership initial at upper margin near bound edge, else a Very Good, well-preserved copy. Ownership signature in ink of R[obert] T. Ely to front cover. At base of cover: "Copyright by Samuel Gompers, 1891."

      [Bookseller: Lorne Bair Rare Books]
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      Marshall's School of Cookery and Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, London 1891 - First edition. Quarto. 656p, 28p illustrated ads. 284 illustrations including portrait frontispiece. Publisher's green pebbled cloth over beveled boards with gilt titles on spine and upper cover, covers with frames in blind. "An entrepreneur, innovator, and inventor, Agnes Marshall was probably the foremost Victorian cookbook writer, and made unique contributions to the development of ices and ice cream. She apparently originated the edible ice-cream cone. [Her] Larger Cookery Book of Extra Recipes, as much a prestige publication as a practical cookbooks, and aimed at the haute cuisine end of the market." (Alice Arndt. Culinary Biographies, p. 257-8)Her other book are The Book of Ices, 1885: Mrs. A. B. Marshall's Book of Cookery, 1888; Fancy Ices, 1894.Bitting p. 310. Inner hinges reinforced, some edgewear and bumping to corners, else very good [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: First Folio A.B.A.A.]
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        Good-bye My Fancy

      Philadelphia: David McKay, Publishers, 1891 Philadelphia: David McKay, Publishers, 1891. First edition, first printing. Publisher's deep red V cloth over beveled boards, lettered in gilt with facsimile signature to front board and ornate gilt-stamped "D. McKay" to bottom of front board (Myerson's A binding), top edge gilt, frontispiece portrait of Whitman with no caption (Myerson's style A), tissue guard still intact. About near fine with some light wear to extremities and page edges lightly toned, with two bookplates to front pastedown and some offsetting to front free endpaper, some light pencil marks to endpapers from previous booksellers, otherwise a beautiful, tight copy. Myerson A13. From the library of Pulitzer Prize winning author Kenneth Silverman. Named for a short verse within the work, Good-bye My Fancy is Whitman's second annex to his earlier and most famous collection of poetry, Leaves of Grass. It is a collection of short poems and essays, and candidly expresses Whitman's musings in the last year of his life. The work includes such essays as "Old Poets," "American National Literature" (subtitled "Is there any such thing, or can there ever be?"), and "A Death Bouquet," among others. Whitman's characteristic personal tone shines through in this work, which critics note is arguably even more honest and passionate than his previous writing. This collection would later be included as the second annex to Leaves in the final "Deathbed Edition" published before Whitman's death in 1892. Chiefly a biographer, Professor Kenneth Silverman co-directed the American Civilization program at NYU, and won not only the Pulitzer but also the Bancroft Prize for his work The Life and Times of Cotton Mather. Other notable works of his include biographies of Edgar Allan Poe and Samuel F. B. Morse. A magician himself, he also profiled the life of Harry Houdini. . First Edition. Hard Cover. Near Fine.

      [Bookseller: B & B Rare Books, Ltd., ABAA]
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        Great Western Railway (1891-1904)

      Original Great Western Railway Letters File Book for The Divisional Engineers Office, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, Containing well over 800 Letters and Documents Dating from 1891- 1904 Concerning all aspects of the Maintenance and Day to Day Running of the Railway Titled on the spine "Minutes of Engineers Meetings", this is a very large folio volume kept by The Great Western Railway Divisional Engineers Office at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire between the years 1891-1904 containing file copies of over eight hundred department letters on headed paper and twenty plus original printed Railway documents covering all aspects of the everyday running of the Railway, ie. Broken Rails, maintenance of Signals, dealing with Ice and Fog conditions, Reporting of Accidents, Privilege Rail tickets, Bridge & Viaduct Repairs, Weight Limits, The Queens Train, Metalling of approach roads, Fogmen's huts, Fencing, Railway Cottages, Dredging, Lamps at Crossing Gates, Platform maintenance, Train Crashes, with one instance of a train being badly damaged as it smashed into a crane Jib that was overhanging the lines, Firewood, Cutting Trees, Staff Wages and Holidays, New Sidings, Expansion of Rail joints, The construction of new 40 ton rail trucks, inspections, Spacing of Sleepers, New Signage, Hedge cutting, Reporting Fires, Problems with Rabbits in Railway embankments, Bridge inspections, Rail Walking Permits, Holidays for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and much, much, more. The book is a very large heavy folio format measuring 18 inches by 11 inches approx., binding has some wear and tear as you would expect from a book that was in constant daily use for a 12 year period, but is still in solid condition, old leather closure tie has broken, internally page edges brittle, general creasing to the letters, some are loose, and evidence of a few that that have been deliberately removed at the time, else in good general condition. This is a fascinating and invaluable Original Primary Source Document containing masses of detailed information on the day to day running of a Great Western Railway Engineering Department in Victorian England, with over Eight Hundred Letters and Documents

      [Bookseller: Andrew Cox]
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        Love Lies Bleeding.

      Oxford: Basil Blackwell,, 1891. Duodecimo. Original wrappers, titles in red to front. Split at the spine but holding, wrappers otherwise dust soiled and a little ruffled at the edges, one ink mark to front wrapper, good condition. First edition of this rare work of 90s verse, this copy with the ownership inscription of poet Laurence Binyon (1896-1943) who was a student at Oxford and won the Newdigate Prize for poetry in the same year as this book's publication. Binyon is best known for his definitive First World War remembrance poem "For the Fallen". Francis William Bourdillon (1852-1921) was an Oxford-educated poet a generation older than Binyon, and Love Lies Bleeding is one of a small few anonymously published collections which were later collected into Minuscula: Lyrics of Nature, Art, and Love (1897). Copac lists only 4 copies of this in British institutions.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Journeys in Persia and Kurdistan: Including a Summer in the Upper Karun Region and a Visit to the Nestorian Rayahs

      New York: Putnam's Sons, 1891. 1st Amer. ed. Hardcover. Near Fine. 2 vols. frontises, illustrations, 2 folding maps, index, xiv, 381, 409p. Original decorated blue cloth. 21cm. Clean and attractive.

      [Bookseller: McBlain Books]
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        Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping Established 1834 Yacht Register From 1st May, 1891, to 30th April, 1892

      London: Lloyd's Register of Shipping, 1891. Hardcover. Good. 1059 p. 61 plates of yacht club flags and racing flags. Rebound. Original cloth scuffed. 3 pinholes on front and back covers. Some repaired damage. Gilt edges. Endpapers dampstained. Front free endpaper poorly repaired. Top corners dampstained and discoloured. Foxing p. 1042 to end. Half title repaired. Many plates repaired. Lists arranged alphabetically by yacht name, call numbers, owner. Also includes lists of yacht builders, surveyors, ports, and of groups that subscribe to the register. Booth 045.

      [Bookseller: Attic Books]
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      [Bookseller: Controcorrente Group srl BibliotecadiBab]
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        Ten Years in Equatoria and the Return with Emin Pasha.

      London and New York: Frederick Warne & Co.,, 1891. Translated from the Original Italian Manuscript by Mrs. J. Randolph Clay, assisted by Mr. I. Walter Savage Landor. 2 volumes, octavo. Original dark red cloth blind-stamped with overall crocodile-skin pattern, titles and authorial portrait gilt to spines, titles in black and pictorial decoration in black, gilt, and silver to front boards, brown coated endpapers, top edges untrimmed. 60 plates including frontispieces, from sketches, paintings and photographs, and variously coloured, tinted, or in black and white, 104 black and white illustrations to the text, 4 folding maps in end-pockets, of which 3 partially coloured. Contemporary prize label (Kidderminster and District School of Science and Art) to front pastedown of vol. 1. Trivial rubbing to extremities, light spotting to endpapers, prelims, and one of the folding maps ("Map of the Return Journey"). A superb copy. First edition in English. "Most books on Emin Pasha and Stanley have something to say about Casati, but do little justice to the work of this important explorer" (Howgego). Casati (1838-1902) set out for Sudan in 1879 to join the expedition of Romolo Gessi, who was in need of a surveyor. He was an early European visitor to Azande and Mangbetu lands, and his account greatly expanded contemporary European geographic and ethnographic knowledge of equatorial Africa. During the Mahdist revolt in 1883 he joined the beleaguered Emin Pasha at Juba. In 1886, following news of Stanley's relief expedition, he was despatched by Emin on a reconnaissance mission south to Bunyoro, during which he was constantly harassed by the despotic King Kabarega, and was with the Ottoman governor when Stanley finally arrived two years later. Casati's account, which is extremely critical of Stanley, was originally published in Italian earlier the same year.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Love Lies Bleeding.

      Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1891 - Duodecimo. Original wrappers, titles in red to front. Split at the spine but holding, wrappers otherwise dust soiled and a little ruffled at the edges, one ink mark to front wrapper, good condition. First edition of this rare work of 90s verse, this copy with the ownership inscription of poet Laurence Binyon (1896-1943) who was a student at Oxford and won the Newdigate Prize for poetry in the same year as this book's publication. Binyon is best known for his definitive First World War remembrance poem "For the Fallen". Francis William Bourdillon (1852-1921) was an Oxford-educated poet a generation older than Binyon, and Love Lies Bleeding is one of a small few anonymously published collections which were later collected into Minuscula: Lyrics of Nature, Art, and Love (1897). Copac lists only 4 copies of this in British institutions. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        The Strand Magazine including Sherlock Holmes stories

      Illustrated. 1st Editions. 11 Volumes, 8vo, original blue cloth gilt.

      [Bookseller: Maggs Bros. Ltd.]
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        Bush Friends in Tasmania : native flowers, fruits and insects, drawn from nature, with prose descriptions and illustrations in verse. Last Series.

      Macmillan, London 1891 - #95 of 700 copies, signed by the author/artist. Folio. vi, [ii], 76pp, [8]pp (contents, last blank), 12 numbered full-page colour plates (Plate I is the illustrated title), 3 other coloured plates (dedication page and two titles for poems), all with tissue guards; 8 poem-title pages printed in monochrome on the text paper, all text pages with decorative border. Original gilt- and blind-decorated cloth over bevelled boards, extremities a little rubbed but bright and clean, all edges gilt. The book has been expertly repaired: the usual problem of perished gutta-percha binding meant that several pages/plates were loose in the binding, but none were adversely affected, with the gilt edges in very good condition. The front hinge has been strengthened with Japanese tissue. Offsetting on the limitation page (the first leaf), a little occasional light marginal spotting, the plates clean and bright. Very good. ***Ferguson 12516. *** Please use [Ask Bookseller a Question] option below to confirm availability and get accurate postage quote for this item (the amount quoted is for an 'average' hard-cover book of up to 1kg in weight). [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Astrolabe Booksellers (ANZAAB)]
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        Klinische Studie über die halbseitige Cerebrallähmung der Kinder. Beiträge zur Kinderheilkunde aus dem 1. öffentlichen Kinderkranken-Institute in Wien. Herausgegeben von Dr. Max Kassowitz. III. Heft.

      Wien: Moritz Perles, 1891. 1st Edition. Hardcover. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. 8vo (245 x 158 mm). [2], 220, [2] pp., 8 folding tables. Contemporary half cloth, paper label to spine (cloth stained and chipped at foot, extremities rubbed, corners bumped), book block little weak. Text with marginal light browning, 3 leaves with dog-ear. p. 163/64 and 173/74 misbound/interchanged. ----Norman F14; Meyer-Palmedo/Fichtner 1891a; Grinstein 27; Waller I, 3248. - RARE FIRST EDITION of the first independent (non-journal) work by Freud which appeared directly before the epochal aphasia study. Freud deals with this area until 1897, a time when he was no longer looking for physiological explanations but psychological explanations for mental disorders. All subsequent publications dealt with the new concept for which Freud coined the name Psychoanalysis in 1896. Rie (1863-1931) was a pediatrician, colleague, and close friend of Freud. The two became acquainted while Freud was in charge of the Neurological Department at the Institute for Children's Diseases in Vienna and co-authored the 1891 Klinische Studie über die halbseitige Cerebrallähmung der Kinder, a study of unilateral paralysis in children. Pp 213-220 comprises a bibliography of 180 publications on this topic. Freud schrieb die beiden Werke, davon eines zusammen mit O. Rie, welcher auch Arzt seiner Kinder wurde, nachdem er bereits seine Privatpraxis auf der Berggasse 19 bezogen hatte u. nur noch an wenigen Nachmittagen als Neurologe am Kinder-Krankeninstitut von M. Kassowitz arbeitete. - Visit our website for additional images and information. Very Good.

      [Bookseller: Milestones of Science Books]
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        Les cahiers d'André Walter - Oeuvre posthume

      - Librairie de l'art indépendant, Paris 1891, 12x16cm, relié. - Prima edizione, nel commercio, una delle 20 copie numerate sul Giappone, edizione deluxe con 20 la Cina. L'edizione originale, pubblicata da Perrin, è risultata essere corretta da André Gide e lui di conseguenza si distrugga distrutto solo in réchappèrent sessanta copie del servizio stampa. Binding pelle di pecora metà blu, indietro con quattro nervi decorate con motivi floreali dorati, piatti di carta marmorizzata, guardie e contreplats di carta fatta a mano, cosparso bordi, vincolanti contemporanea. autografo firmato Precious Gide: A Albert Mockel perché ha chiesto (questa è una menzogna piatta). André Gide. Con la presente riconosco la (mentendo) AW "sulla prima pagina del occhietto. Secondo autografo firmato da André Gide, Albert Mockel sempre, in un'altra pagina di occhietto: "A Albert Mockel perché è mio amico André Gide il suo autentico.". Sorprendente copia "doppio" del Giappone, pagine comprendenti due occhietto, due pagine di giustificazione stampato (# 39 e 25 sul 20 Giappone numerato da 21 a 40) e due frontespizi. Questa caratteristica sembra chiarito da questa lettera autografa firmata Gide tre pagine, indirizzata a Albert Mockel e montata su scheda dopo queste pagine duplicate in cui compare il dedicatario ricevuto Gide due firmato copie di questo libro e pose, sorprendentemente, i due acquisti nella stessa copia. - [FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Première édition dans le commerce, un des 20 exemplaires numérotés sur Japon, tirage de tête avec 20 Chine. L'édition originale, parue chez Perrin, fut jugée incorrecte par André Gide et il la fit donc détruire, seuls en réchappèrent la soixantaine des exemplaires du service de presse. Reliure en demi basane bleue, dos à quatre nerfs ornés de motifs floraux dorés, plats de papier marbré, gardes et contreplats de papier à la cuve, tranches mouchetées, reliure de l'époque.  Précieux envoi autographe signé d'André Gide :  A Albert Mockel parce qu'il l'a demandé (ce qui est un plat mensonge). André Gide. Je soussigné le reconnaître (le mensonge) A.W." sur une première page de faux-titre. Second envoi autographe signé d'André Gide, toujours à Albert Mockel, sur une autre page de faux-titre : "A Albert Mockel parce qu'il est mon ami. Son authentique André Gide". Etonnant "double" exemplaire sur Japon, comportant deux pages de faux-titre, deux pages de justification du tirage (N°39 et 25 sur les 20 Japon numérotés de 21 à 40) et deux pages de titre. Cette particularité est élucidée par cette lettre autographe signée d'André Gide de trois pages, adressée à Albert Mockel et montée sur onglet après ces pages en double, dans laquelle il semble que le dédicataire a reçu d'André Gide deux exemplaires dédicacés de cet ouvrage et qu'il a placé, étonnamment, les deux dédicaces dans le même exemplaire.  

      [Bookseller: Librairie Feu Follet]
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        Across East African glaciers. An account of the first ascent of Kilimanjaro.

      London George Philip 1891 - First English edition, 8vo., xx, 404 pp., colour frontispiece, 20 plates including 8 actual photographs, numerous text vignettes, 3 colour folding maps, occasional light spotting, original green pictorial cloth gilt, top edge gilt, light wear, a very good example. The account of the first ascent of Kilimanjaro. This most handsome volume details the undisputed first ascent of Kibo, the higher of the two peaks of Kilimanjaro. This was Meyer's third attempt on the mountain, two previous attempts in 1887 and 1888 having been unsuccessful. The present attempt was made in 1889 with a well equipped support team and in the company of the mountaineer Ludwig Purtscheller and the painter Ernst Platz. The epic ascent took three days, during which time many hardships were overcome. Several scientific observations were carried out and the massif was mapped for the first time. Neate M92. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Shapero Rare Books]
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        Ten Years in Equatoria and the Return with Emin Pasha. Translated from the Original Italian Manuscript by Mrs. J. Randolph Clay, assisted by Mr. I. Walter Savage Landor.

      London and New York: Frederick Warne & Co., 1891 - 2 volumes, octavo. Original dark red cloth blind-stamped with overall crocodile-skin pattern, titles and authorial portrait gilt to spines, titles in black and pictorial decoration in black, gilt, and silver to front boards, brown coated endpapers, top edges untrimmed. Contemporary prize label (Kidderminster and District School of Science and Art) to front pastedown of vol. 1. Trivial rubbing to extremities, light spotting to endpapers, prelims, and one of the folding maps ("Map of the Return Journey"). A superb copy. 60 plates including frontispieces, from sketches, paintings and photographs, and variously coloured, tinted, or in black and white, 104 black and white illustrations to the text, 4 folding maps in end-pockets, of which 3 partially coloured. First edition in English. "Most books on Emin Pasha and Stanley have something to say about Casati, but do little justice to the work of this important explorer" (Howgego). Casati (1838-1902) set out for Sudan in 1879 to join the expedition of Romolo Gessi, who was in need of a surveyor. He was an early European visitor to Azande and Mangbetu lands, and his account greatly expanded contemporary European geographic and ethnographic knowledge of equatorial Africa. During the Mahdist revolt in 1883 he joined the beleaguered Emin Pasha at Juba. In 1886, following news of Stanley's relief expedition, he was despatched by Emin on a reconnaissance mission south to Bunyoro, during which he was constantly harassed by the despotic King Kabarega, and was with the Ottoman governor when Stanley finally arrived two years later. Casati's account, which is extremely critical of Stanley, was originally published in Italian earlier the same year. Howgego IV C15. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        NEW GRUB STREET. A Novel. In Three Volumes.

      1891 - GISSING, George. NEW GRUB STREET. A Novel. In Three Volumes. London: Smith Elder, & Co. Second Edition from first edition sheets. 8vo. 3 Vols. 305pp.; 316pp.; 335pp. Dark green cloth stamped in black on front and spine and stamped in gilt to spine. Rear flyleaf missing from Volume 1, which is a little over opened. Otherwise a very attractive copy, the cloth outstandingly sharp and clean. The only Gissing three-decker to be reprinted in its original format. (Freeman, 21)

      [Bookseller: Boston Book Company, Inc. ABAA]
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        Jeune premier!

      - Paris. Tresse et Stock. 1891. 1 volume in-12, demi-percaline verte à coins à La Bradel, dos lisse orné, pièce de titre en maroquin beige, tête dorée, couvertures conservées. [2] ff. ; 27 pp. ; [3] pp. bl. Edition originale de cette Comédie en un acte, présentée pour la première fois au Théatre-Libre, le jeudi 26 février 1891. Illustré de 7 dessins dans le texte de Borione et Henriot. Exemplaire unique comprenant un tirage à part sur chine des illustrations et les 7 dessins originaux ayant servi à l'illustration. Au début de l'ouvrage sont reliées trois Lettres autographes signées de Ginisty. Ex-libris Albert Natural. Livres [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Pierre PREVOST]
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