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2020-01-01 00:26:14
Swift 1641 First Edition RARE book about sin
1641. full calf rebacked, 2 labels on binding, minor ex library marks, a few notations in border, one leaf with an edge chip no text missing, mostly clean and complete, VG minus. NEVER BEFORE SEEN AT AUCTION 1641 FIRST EDITION RELIGION BOOK ABOUT SIN OCLC locates 2 copies in the world The present copy was purchased for $600 in the late 1980's Title: The ruine and repaire of kingdomes. Wherein is plainely shewed the causes why God sounds out his trumpet against us ; with the meanes for the preventation of ruine, and happy reparation of this distracted and tottering kingdome. In two parts. By Daniel Swift ... Author: Daniel Swift Publisher: London : Printed by T. and R. Cotes, for Humphrey Blunden ..., 1641 [16], 246 pages ; 8vo. [Attributes: First Edition]
Bookseller: EastAve Rare Books (brett$c) [Bristol, Virginia, US]
2019-12-23 12:23:08
Printed for Tho. Bates in the old Bailie. 1641 [1642] Single column of text, printers' device along upper margin, three City of London shields, dec. first initial. 30cm x 19cm.ESTC R208411, BL, Manchester, & Oxford in UK; Harvard, Huntington, Yale in US. Lady Day dating means that this was published in 1642, not 1641. This document was published the day before Charles I's attempted arrest of five members of Parliament in the House of Commons, the event which ultimately triggered the beginning of the First Civil War. The broadside outlines the right of members to refuse arrest and defend themselves against seizure, unless their detention has been authorised by Parliament. Tensions were growing as Charles I attempted to raise money for the developing war in Scotland, and Parliament worked to reduce the King's power. In particular, the members wanted to ensure that a monarch could not go such long periods of time without calling Parliament, and could not unilaterally decide to dismiss it. The disastrous Short Parliament of 1640 lasted three weeks, and before that Charles I had not met with his government for eleven years. The dating of this broadside, January 3, 1642 is timely: on January 4th, 1642 Charles I entered the House of Commons (the first monarch to do so, and in gross violation of Parliamentary privilege), and attempted to arrest five sitting members for treason. The members, having been tipped off, were not there and William Lenthall, the Speaker of the House, made clear that he served Parliament and not the King. Having failed in his mission to arrest t … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: Jarndyce Rare Books [UK]
2019-12-19 06:26:45
Henrico Caterino Davila; [Enrico Caterino Davila]
Venetia; [Venice]: Not Stated, 1641. Click here to see our other books! Historia Delle Guerre Civili di Francia. Nella Quale Si Contengono le Operationi de Quattro Re, Francesco II. Carlo IX. Henrico III. & Henrico IV. Cognominato il Grande. Henrico Caterino Davila; [Enrico Caterino Davila] 1641 Not Stated : Venetia; [Venice] 9" by 6" [34], 1054pp SUMMARY A smartly rebound copy of an early edition of Enrico Caterino Davila's enriched and illuminating history of the French Civil Wars between the years 1562 and 1598, written here in the original Italian. Leather Binding,Rebound Overall Condition: Very Good Indeed This book weighs 1.5 KG when packed UK Postage: £ 3.99 US Postage: £ 23.99 EU Postage: £ 18.99 European Postage: £ 19.99 Asia Postage: £ 31.99 Worldwide Postage: £ 32.99 DESCRIPTION With a half-title. Written in the original Italian. Title within a double ruled border, and with woodcut armorial device. With woodcut head-pieces and initials throughout. Includes index. Rebound with new endpapers. The signatures for this work run as A-B8, C32, A-3V8. Collated from Jisc from a copy held at the University of Oxford Libraries, complete. A new impression of this work, enriched with useful and copious annotations, as stated to the title page. A captivating, enlightening, and graphic history of the French Civil Wars, also known as the French Wars of Religion, which took place during the reigns of Francis II, Charles IX, Henry III, and Henry IV, as well as the long regency of Catherine de' Medici.. The war took place between 1562 and 1598, and saw political and religious unres … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: The Mad Librarian (the-mad-librarian) [Bath, GB]
2019-12-15 18:17:35
SOPHIE, Jacques].
1641. Krivatsy 2592; STCV (1 copy); WorldCat (2 copies); Cf. Vandewiele, Geschiedenis van de farmacie in België, pp. 152-155. Very rare first and only edition of a large collection of stories that exemplify the sometimes fierce rivalries between doctors and apothecaries. It here forms part of an ongoing quarrel between the magistrates of the city of Brussels, represented by the new Collegium Medicum, and the city's apothecaries. In 1641 the city established the Collegium Medicum and published the Pharmacopoeia Bruxellensis in an attempt to regulate the apothecaries. This roused their dissatisfaction because they justifiably claimed they were underrepresented in the Collegium: in fact unrepresented, for all members were doctors. Apothecaries were often also grocers, and in 1659 they threatened to stop paying taxes on beer if the Collegium Medicum was not abolished. This threat succeeded for a few months, but the Collegium was soon re-established. The doctors had momentum and with the present publication they tried to silence the apothecaries' complaints for good. The quarrel continued nonetheless, until they came to an agreement in 1664.Binding lightly worn; a very good copy.
Bookseller: ASHER Rare Books [t Goy Houten, Netherlands]
2019-12-13 01:13:39
Kupferstich v. Merian aus Werdenhagen, 1641, 27,5 x 35,5 Aus der frühen Ausgabe.
Bookseller: Antiquariat Clemens Paulusch GmbH [Berlin, Germany]
2019-12-13 01:13:39
KÖNIGSBERG ( Kaliningrad ):
Kupferstich v. Merian aus Werdenhagen, 1641, 26 x 35 Fauser, Nr. 6733. 1. Ausgabe!
Bookseller: Antiquariat Clemens Paulusch GmbH [Berlin, Germany]
2019-12-08 23:27:09
COEHOORN, Menno van.
Jordan 0740; STCN 157287297. Second edition of the most important work on fortification by Menno van Coehoorn (1641-1704), Frisian artillery officer and military engineer. It introduced a new Dutch manner of fortification and siege warfare, covering both defence and offence, and challenged the approach that had been established by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633-1707) in France. Though developed in part to suit the level terrain of the Low Countries, his fortification techniques and his more active deployment of troops in the defence of fortifications revolutionized warfare internationally and the present work was translated into English (1705), French (1706), German (1708) and even Russian (1710).Binding rubbed along the extremities, top and bottom of spine damaged. Lacking two engraved plates, but otherwise in very good condition: only slightly browned with a few small spots.
Bookseller: ASHER Rare Books (Since 1830) [Netherlands]
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2019-12-08 04:55:04
[VOC & WIC].
Alden & Landis 644/139; Asher 191; Knuttel 5119; Landwehr & V.d. Krogt, VOC 62; Sabin 77475. Pamphlet warning of the dangers to the Dutch Republic and its people if they do not unify the East and West India Companies under a single charter. Though in Europe the Dutch allied themselves with Portugal against Spain in the Eighty Years' War, they seized a great deal of Portuguese territory in Brazil and elsewhere in the years 1641 to 1644 and rejected Portuguese demands for its return in June 1644. Portugal, in no position to reconquer its territories, agreed to a truce with the Dutch at Goa in November 1644. Even before the truce the Dutch had reduced their garrison at Recife and recalled the highly regarded and moderate governor-general Johan Maurits of Nassau. On his return to the Netherlands in May 1644 he warned of the dangers of reducing the forces and envisioned the unification of the East and West India Companies to make a stronger force that could seize Spain's colonies in Peru and Mexico. The present pamphlet argues that the unification of the companies would secure the Dutch colonies in Brazil, help them drive Spain out of Peru and Mexico, cut off the source of wealth that was feeding the Spanish war against the Republic in the Low Countries, and provide the Republic with lucrative new trade in the former Spanish colonies. The proposal for unification proved ill-fated, however, and the Dutch not only failed to conquer Peru and Mexico but even lost Brazil a decade later. Slightly browned, a small streak in red pencil on title-page, and some faint water stains. Overall … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: ASHER Rare Books (Since 1830) [Netherlands]
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2019-12-06 17:05:10
Lauro Giacomo
1641. Bella veduta planimetrica prospettiva della città di Venezia che riprende il modello della pianta realizzata da Giacomo Franco nel 1580. In calce 188 rimandi dei luoghi più rimarchevoli, disposti su 13 colonne. Esemplare inciso "con notevole diligenza". Secondo stato, sconosciuto alla bibliografia di riferimento che riporta un unico stato. Molto rara.Rif: Moretto, "Venezia Le immagini della Repubblica - Piante e vedute prospettiche della città dal 1479 al 1797", p. 166 [-167], n° 75
Bookseller: Libreria Trippini Sergio [Italy]
2019-12-04 18:10:36
[ASTON (Sir Thomas, 1600-1646, Sheriff of Cheshire, 1634-1635, M.P. for Cheshire in the Short Parliament, from 1628 1st Baronet of Aston near Runcorn), Sir George BOOTH (1566-1652, Sheriff of Cheshire, 1621-1622, of Lancashire, 1623, from 1611 1st Baronet of Dunham Massey, Sir Richard WILBRAHAM (1579-1643, High Sheriff of Cheshire, 1615-1617, from 1621 1st Baronet of Woodhey, near Nantwich) and others]
Contemporary Copies in the same hand, unsigned, - (A) of Sir Thomas Aston's 2nd Petition to the Lords in support of Episcopacy, on behalf of the Nobility, Gentry and Inhabitants of Cheshire, (read in the Lords 2nd April 1641), with (B) the Attestation to the Lords against the production of (A), by Sir George Booth, Sir Richard Wilbraham and others, not named here, but bearing numerous Original Corrections by one of the Attestors, and with (C) a Fair Copy of (B) in the same copyist's hand as (A) and (B) but a little smaller, with transcriptions.In (A) Sir Thomas recalls that he "did lately present", (27th February 1641), a 1st petition "unto your honours ... attested by the Subscription of divers persons of honour and of quality of that County which your Lordships were pleased to approve of, and to [be] committed to the consideration of the Committee for Religion",since when "some seditious person ... hath caused to be printed a most invective Libel ... in name of a petition from the Inhabitants of the same County, in answer ... herein most Scandalously reviling the whole order of Bishops as the professed enemies of the Gospel, That they are only of Ethnical or Diabolical institution, that they have exceeded the primitive persecutors, in ... shedding the Blood of God's dear Saints, that in their doctrine there's nothing taught but what is different from the word of God, or the Articles ratified by Law".In addition the libel traduces "your honours, that your Lordships have unanimously voted that the Bishops have corrupted the purity of the Gospel ... with Romish errors", the … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: Sophie Dupré Autographs [UK]
2019-12-04 08:30:07
BAUR (Johan Wilhelm), OVIDE
à l'italienne, Vienne, 1641, in-4, à l'italienne, titre-frontispice et 150 planches, l'ensemble gravé en taille-douce, vélin rigide de l'époque, peint en rouge, Célèbre suite de gravures illustrant les Métamorphoses d'Ovide, oeuvre de l'artiste strasbourgeois Johann Wilhelm Baur (1607- c. 1642). L'ouvrage, qui a connu plusieurs éditions, a été gravé en 1639-1640, peu de temps après l'arrivée de l'artiste à Vienne, où il s'était installé à la demande de l'empereur Frédéric III. Chaque gravure comporte, en pied, une légende en latin. Une traduction allemande manuscrite a été rajoutée à l'époque sous chaque illustration. Bel exemplaire, malgré une fente à une charnière. La reliure a été curieusement badigeonnée à l'encre rouge. Bon état des gravures, à l'exception d'une auréole pâle en marge des premiers feuillets, et en dépit de quelques salissures. [Attributes: Hard Cover]
Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux [paris, France]
2019-11-30 18:45:30
ACUÑA, Cristóbal Diatristán de.
Alden & Landis 682/2; Borba de Moraes, p. 12; Palau 2484; Sabin 151. First edition in French of a travel account of the expedition by Pedro Texeira (d. 1641) and Cristóbal Diatristán de Acuña (1597 - ca. 1676), exploring the Amazon River from Quito to the east. They were the first Europeans to penetrate Indian land as deep as they did. Originally published in Spanish in 1641.This French edition is the most complete edition to be found, with the Journal du voyage qu'ont fait les Peres Jean Grillet & François Bechamel de la Compagnie de Jesus, dans la Goyane, l'an 1674, following the fourth part and including the very rare map of the Amazon River, drawn by Sanson d'Abbeville. Borba de Moraes thought the map could only be found in the simultaneous issue with the publisher's address of the widow of Louis Billane.With some water stains. Good copy of a travel account of the exploration of the Amazon River.
Bookseller: ASHER Rare Books (Since 1830) [Netherlands]
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2019-11-30 02:00:02
1641. Interesanter Sammelband mit drei separat erschienenen, die Steiermark betreffenden Ordnungen: I) VD17 1:015853F - Graff 937 - Schlossar 62.- Vierte Ausgabe "mit denen Anno 1641 und 1660 erhaltenen . neuerlichen Concessionen und Vermehrungen".- Titel in Rot und Schwarz.- Mit dem Holzschn-Wappen der Steiermark.- II) Graff 938 - Schlossar 61 - nicht im VD 17.- Mit dem Holzschn-Wappen der Steiermark.- III) Graff 939 - Schlossar 62 - nicht im VD 17.- Meist nur leicht gebräunt od. etw. braunfleckig, Ebd. etw. berieben u. bestoßen, Vergoldung verblaßt, oberes Kapital fachm. ergänzt.
Bookseller: Antiquariat Johannes Müller [Salzburg, Austria]
2019-11-29 22:23:13
augusta de francesco angeloni
Historia Augusta Francesco Angeloni History Ancient Rome Antique Coins 1641 1st. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. "Historia Augusta De Francesco Angeloni" 1641. History of Ancient Rome from Julius Caesar to Constantine The Great, Illustrated with antique coins of the time. Title page missing but has a 1641 date inside and therefore assumed to be a First Edition. (See pictures). Filled with copper plate engravings. Folio size 9 x13 1/4" tall, 3/4 leather. Gilt title on raised spine. Some of the pages show some foxing as well as stains. (See pictures). Fine binding in good condition. Angeloni dedicated most of his life to collecting antique coins, medallions, books,and paintings. Angeloni, a renowned antiquarian, was secretary to Cardinal Ippolito Alfobrandini. His work not only made public his collection of coins but also contains references to Renaissance and contemporary artists. A scarce and important book!!! B1
Bookseller: sjmcdevitt2 [Royersford, Pennsylvania, US]
2019-11-28 20:14:23
Lake Genava/Lac Leman - Willem Blaeu, 1641-42
1641. 'Lacus Lemanni Locorumquae Circumiacentium Accuratissima Descriptio' Kopergravure van het Meer van Genève uitgegeven door Willem Blaeu te Amsterdam als deel van zijn Novus Atlas, 1641-42. In de tijd met de hand gekleurd. Afm.: 41,5 x 52 cm. Deze prachtig gegraveerde kaart van de omgeving van het meer van Genève is gebaseerd op het werk van de Zwitserse theoloog Jacques Goulart (1580-1622). Talloze minutieuze details, zoals landgoederen, wijngaarden, parken, versterkte steden en kleine dorpjes zijn weergegeven, evenals aantekeningen over de pogingen van de hertog van Savoye om de controle over Genève te krijgen. Genève een belangrijke hanzestad, die in de Middeleeuwen handelaren uit Noord- en Zuid-Europa een marktplaats bood, was ook de stad waar een nieuwe golf van protestantisme ontstond die in de 16e-eeuw door Europa ging. De Fransman Johannes Calvijn (1509-1564) verspreidde vanaf 1641 zijn ideeën vanuit Genève en kreeg met zijn Calvinisme binnen enkele jaren voet aan de grond in Frankrijk, Duitsland en Nederland. Prijs: Euro 750,-
Bookseller: Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge [Amsterdam, Netherlands]
2019-11-28 00:56:17
Dom Pierre de Sainte Marie-madeleine
Bookseller: secondhandfeathers [Paris, FR]
2019-11-26 08:56:10
1641. Berlin Kat. 5291; Hollstein, IV, no. 141, items 51-54; not in Becker/Hofer, Practice of letters. A rare and finely engraved complete alphabet of roman capitals with figures mostly from Greek mythology, conceived and drawn by Samuel Bottschild (1641-1706) in Dresden, where he was painter to the court of Johann Georg IV, Elector of Saxony, and from 1699 inspector of the Electoral art collection. The series was engraved by Moritz Bodenehr (1665-1749) in Dresden. The letters do not directly copy any known model, but they come closer to those in Geofroy Tory’s 1529 Champ fleury than to any other we have seen, with the straight strokes, the bracketing of the serifs and some curved strokes possibly executed with a ruler and compass, but the letters generally well-proportioned without a geometrical straightjacket. They owe little or nothing to Giovanni Cresci, whose alphabets of 1560 and 1570 influenced many later ones.In fine condition and with generous margins.
Bookseller: ASHER Rare Books [t Goy Houten, Netherlands]
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2019-11-24 10:39:06
Barnabe Brisson, Francois and Antoine Hotman, Francisco Barbaro
1641. Barnabe Brisson, Francois and Antoine Hotman. De Veteri Ritu Nuptiarum & jure Connubiorum. Lugd.Batavor. Apud. Francisccum Hackium MDCXLI [bound with:] Francisco Barbaro. De Re Uxoria Libri Duo. Amstelodami Typis JoannisJansosonii, M.DC XXXIX. First edition of the first work. The second work first appeared in 1533. 24mo (6 x 13 cm) 566, [46]; 178, [10] pages including 2 blanks. Engraved title on first work; device on second. Contemporary vellum, yapp edges; top-margin trimmed on slight angle, a few ink underlines. Willems 1615; Wellcome II, page 240. The first work is on Roman wedding customs and matrimonial law. Barbaro’s treatise (Englished as “On Wifely Duties”) was written to Lorenzo de Medici on the occasion of his marriage in 1416. The last eight pages of the second work are letters from Poggio and Paul Vergerio praising Barbaro for having written so well. (See the article in Bayle’s Dictionary on Barbaro.) It is by no means a feminist work, enjoining submission, silence, and loving support for one’s husband. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]
Bookseller: South Willington Book Cartel [WILLINGTON, CT, U.S.A.]
2019-11-23 11:19:30
Haarlemmermeer, plan inpoldering - Jacob Bartelsz Veeris
1641. Afbeeldinge van zeker concept tot Bedykinge van de Haarlemmer, Leydse en andere byleggende Meeren Kopergravure naar het ontwerp van Jacob Bartelsz Veeris gegraveerd door Daniel van Breen. De kaart verscheen eerst in 1641 bij Nicolaes Visscher, dit exemplaar werd ca. 1750 uitgegeven door zijn opvolger Pieter Schenk Jr. Later met de hand gekleurd. Afm. 47,5 x 71 cm. Hoewel in de 17de eeuw op grote schaal meren in Noord-Holland werden ingepolderd, bleef het project om het steeds verder afkalvende Haarlemmermeer droog te leggen voorlopig liggen. Rivaliteit tussen Haarlem en Leiden, dat niet graag de inkomsten uit de visrechten van de enorme binnenzee wilde verliezen, maakte dat de plannen niet ten uitvoer werden gebracht. Nadat in 1836 een storm het water opjoeg tot Amsterdam en Leiden werd besloten de Haarlemmermeer toch droog te malen. Dat gebeurde uiteindelijk tussen 1848 en 1852. Prijs: Euro 1.750,- (excl. lijst)
Bookseller: Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge [Amsterdam, Netherlands]
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2019-11-21 19:38:08
Gezicht op Antwerpen - Hugues Picart / Jean Boisseau, 1641-48
1641. GEZICHT OP ANTWERPEN VANUIT HET OOSTEN "Aspec meridonal de la Ville et Citadelle d'Anvers", kopergravure vervaardigd tussen 1641-1648 door Hugues Picart en uitgegeven door Jean Boisseau. In de tijd met de hand gekleurd met latere toevoegingen. Afm. (prent) 23,7 x 82,7 cm, (lijst) 46 x 104 cm. Aangezicht van de stad Antwerpen vanaf landzijde. We zien de stadsomwalling met daarin van links naar rechts de Begijnenpoort, de Sint-Jorispoort (ook wel Keizerspoort of Mechelse poort geheten), Kipdorppoort en Rodepoort. In de stad zelf zien we het kasteel (tegenwoordig is hier slechts nog Het Steen van over), St. Michielsabdij (1831 verwoest tijdens de Belgische Revolutie, nadat ze tijdens de Franse bezetting al deels was gesloopt), St. Walburgiskerk (gesloopt in 1817), Sint-Andrieskerk, Sint-Joriskerk (verwoest tijdens het Franse bewind en heropgebouwd in 1853), Sint-Elisabethgasthuis (het oude hospitaal), Jezuïetencollege, de Waalse broeders, Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, het beursgebouw (afgebrand in 1853 en heropgebouwd in 1872), het klooster van de ongeschoeide Karmelieten, Sint-Margarethakerk (?), Sint-Jacobskerk, Franciskanen (Minderbroeders) klooster, Anglicaanse kerk, het Begijnenklooster en helemaal rechts het klooster van de orde der Kapucijnen. De gravure komt voor in het Théâtre des Citez, een van de zeldzaamste Franse boeken met stadsgezichten. Hiervoor maakte meester graveur Hugues Picart tussen 1641 en 1648 achtentwintig grote profielen van Europese en Aziatische steden. Vanaf 1648 werden de bladen ook los verkocht. Van Jean Boisseau (actief tussen 1637-1658) we … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: Inter-Antiquariaat Mefferdt & De Jonge [Amsterdam, Netherlands]
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2019-11-21 00:02:09
Great Britain; Parliament
London: Printed for William Cooke, 1641. The Long Parliament Establishes Fundamental English Liberties [Great Britain]. [Parliament]. Speeches and Passages of the Great and Happy Parliament, From the Third of November, 1640, To this Instant June, 1641. Collected into One Volume, And According to the Most Perfect Originalls, Exactly Published. London: Printed for William Cooke, 1641. [8], 24, 152, 159-174, 169-184, 177-240, 205-220, [8], 233-351, [1], 351-358, 321-335, [1], 385-440, 455-459, 500-534, 24, [2], 6, 14; [ii], 46 pp. Pagination irregular, text complete. Final two sections have their own dated title pages reading Mr. Speakers Speech, With His Majesties Speech to Both Houses of Parliament, At the Passage of the Bill for Tonnage and Poundage. and An Argument of Law Concerning the Bill of Attainder of High-Treason of Thomas Earle of Strafford. Quarto (7-1/4" x 5-3/4"). Contemporary calf with later rebacking, diced spine with raised bands, lettering piece and gilt ornaments, endpapers renewed, hinges reinforced. Some rubbing and light gatoring to boards, heavier rubbing to extremities with some wear to spine ends and corners, hinges cracked, front free endpaper and title page partially detached but secure. Moderate toning, occasional faint dampspotting, faint dampstining to fore-edges of final 38 leaves, chips to edges of a few leaves, edgewear to endleaves, small holes to leaf H2 (pp. 53-54) due to paper flaw with minor loss to text, legibility not affected, light soiling and some edgewear and owner signature in tiny hand (H.E. Cullen, Jr. 1928) to title page. $1,500 … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., ABAA ILAB [Clark, NJ, U.S.A.]
2019-11-17 12:48:08
augusta de francesco angeloni
Historia Augusta Francesco Angeloni History Ancient Rome Antique Coins 1641 1st. Shipped with USPS Media Mail. "Historia Augusta De Francesco Angeloni" 1641. History of Ancient Rome from Julius Caesar to Constantine The Great, Illustrated with antique coins of the time. Title page missing but has a 1641 date inside and therefore assumed to be a First Edition. (See pictures). Filled with copper plate engravings. Folio size 9 x13 1/4" tall, 3/4 leather. Gilt title on raised spine. Some of the pages show some foxing as well as stains. (See pictures). Fine binding in good condition. Angeloni dedicated most of his life to collecting antique coins, medallions, books,and paintings. Angeloni, a renowned antiquarian, was secretary to Cardinal Ippolito Alfobrandini. His work not only made public his collection of coins but also contains references to Renaissance and contemporary artists. A scarce and important book!!! B1
Bookseller: sjmcdevitt2 [Royersford, Pennsylvania, US]
2019-11-14 19:28:08
Leiden, Paulus Aertsz. van Ravesteyn en David Jansz. van Ilpendam, 1641. (40) 510 p. Half Perkament, 8° (Latere band.)
Bookseller: Antiquariaat De Roo [Netherlands]
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2019-11-05 12:26:09
Nantua, Yehuda Leib Darshan ben Yosef Rofe
Prague, 1641. Prague. Please feel free to request a detailed description. Short description (computer translated from Russian into English): Kol Yehuda, 1641, Prague. Author: Nantua, Yehuda Leib Darshan ben Yosef Rofe. Language: Hebrew. We have thousands of titles and often several copies of each title may be available. Please contact us for details on condition of available copies of the book. SKU000138891 . Good. Hardcover. n/a. 1641.
Bookseller: Land of Magazines [SOMERVILLE, MA, U.S.A.]
2019-11-04 20:59:09
Angeloni, Francesco
per Andrea Fei, 1641. in-4° grande, 300x212 mm, leg. rigida del sec. XIX in mezza pergamena con angoli e carta marmorizzata ai piatti, titolo in nero al dorso; pp. [20], 396. Frontespizio calcografico allegorico inciso da Giovanni Lanfranchi, ritratto dell'autore a c.++4v, numerosissime tavole nel testo con monete e medaglie. Prima edizione di questo studio sulle monete romane da Giulio Cesare a Costantino il Grande, a cura di Francesco Angeloni (1559-1652), famoso antiquario. Prov.: Al frontespizio ex libris impresso in ovale di Gio Batta Nicolini di Verona. Rif.: IT\ICCU\CFIE\003312. OCLC, 760166047. Cond.: Margine interno di alcune carte rinforzato. Carte croccanti con occasionali macchie. Copia molto buona.
Bookseller: Studio bibliografico Books and collectibles di Paolo Cadeddu [IT]
2019-11-01 09:11:03
[ MARQUES (Antoni) ].
107502 [ MARQUES (Antoni) ]. Cataluña Defendida de sus Emulos. Illustrada con sus 1641 [ MARQUES (Antoni) ]. Cataluña Defendida de sus Emulos. Illustrada con sus Hechos, Fidelidad, y Servicios a sus Reyes. Por el Doctor Antonio Ramques, natural de la Seo de Urgel. Por mandado del Señor Deputado Real. En Lerida, por Enrique Castañ, 1641. in-4. 4ff. 17pp. (i.e.71). 1f. Plein vélin souple d'origine. Edition Originale dédiée à Pau Claris et à l'ensemble des membres de la Députation, de cet ouvrage rarissime imprimé à Lérida en décembre 1640, quelques mois après les débuts de la guerre des Faucheurs qui avait vu les paysans catalans prendre le contrôle de Barcelone et assassiner son gouverneur.Après avoir exposé les faits qui démontraient à ses yeux la loyauté de la Catalogne à l'égard de ses rois, autant sur le plan militaire que sur celui de l'économie et de la culture, l'auteur proteste contre le traitement reçu en retour dans les premières années du règne de Philippe IV, et développe une importante série d'arguments en faveur de l'indépendance de la Catalogne sous forme de République."En el texto de Marqués domina el tema de la anti tirania y en ella, no por casualidad, hace su aparición la posible solución republicana. Entre los privilegios de Barcelona 'otro mayor tiene que es el de regirse y governarse para si misma como la Señoria de Venecia o Génova siempre que los Reyes no le guarden sus fueros y privilegio'. A diferencia de Marti, Marqués insiste especialmente en los elementos del autogobierno ciudadano y provincial. Entre los 106 privilegios de Barcelona se encuentra … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: livresrarescom [Barcelona, ES]
2019-10-26 02:40:02
DAMIENS (Jacques).
107317 DAMIENS (Jacques). Synopsis Primi Saeculi Societatis Jesu. 1641 DAMIENS (Jacques). Synopsis Primi Saeculi Societatis Jesu. Tornaci Nerviorum (Tournay), typis Adriani Quinque, 1641. in-folio. 8ff. 365pp. (1f.blanc). Plein vélin souple du temps. Edition Originale, imprimée à Tournai, de l'une des premières histoires des Jésuites. Publiée à l'occasion de leur premier centenaire et imprimée dans la ville belge de Tournai, elle contient une multitude de détails sur la création de la Compagnie et sa rapide expansion à travers le monde, relatés chronologiquement.Magnifique titre allégorique gravé par le graveur anversois d'origine française Peeter Rucholle (1618-1647). Ex-libris manuscrit ancien d'une congrégation religieuse dans la marge supérieure du titre.Rousseurs éparses mais très bon exemplaire à grandes marges, dans sa reliure d'origine. Carayon, Bibliographie Historique de la Compagnie de Jésus (1843), 62.
Bookseller: livresrarescom [Barcelona, ES]
2019-10-26 00:14:51
London: Printed for Thomas Paine, 1641. AN EXCELLENT COPY. COMPLETE, TIGHTLY BOUND AND INCREDIBLY CLEAN. First blank pages are missing. There is one blank at the rear. Both portraits and complete text are present. Covers are roughed up a bit, but tight. Pages are crisp. Two small flaws should be noted: p395/6 tear within page; page 380 small tape repair at edge of page. Two Volumes Presented as One, with Continuous Pagination The Historie of the Pitifull Life, and unfortunate Death of Edward the fifth, and then Duke of Yorke, his brother : With the troublesome and tyrannical government of usurping Richard the third, and his miserable end. Written by Sir Thomas Moore To which are added: The Tragicall Historie of the Life and Reigne of Richard The Third. London: Printed for Thomas Payne. 12mo (5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches) (14cm) No blanks. Then Portrait and 8 pages, including title page opposite Frontsipiece. Then 1-172, Blank, blank, Portrait of Richard III, 185-461. Final leaf blank. Some relevant notes: ----Thomas More's name is spelled "Moore," but catalogued in World Cat and other places as "More." ---- Paper label on spine reads: "Sir T. More/Edward Vth" ----It was relatively easy to find a facsimile ed of the Richard III section, but I could not find a public access facsimile of the Edward 5th. I wanted to check whether any preliminary material precedes the first frontispiece, other than blanks. None of the catalogue records I found listed any kind of matter preceding the frontis and T.P. and Unpaginated Dedication. ---- Although a lot of institutions are listed as having … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: gilmorebooks (gilbooks) [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US]
2019-10-22 08:10:30
MYDORGE (Claude).
99209 MYDORGE (Claude). Prodromi Catoptricorum et Dioptricorum: sive Conicorum op 1641 MYDORGE (Claude). Prodromi Catoptricorum et Dioptricorum: sive Conicorum operis ad abdita radii reflexi et refracti mysteria praevii et facem praeferentis. Libri Quatuor Priores. D.A.L.G. Parisiis, ex Typographia I. Dedin, 1641. in-folio. 2ff. 308pp. Plein vélin raciné, dos lisse orné de filets (reliure de l'époque). Première Edition Complète des quatre livres (exemplaire de seconde émission avec un nouveau titre à la date de 1641). Les deux premiers livres avaient déjà été publiés en 1631.Cet ouvrage important et rare, qui fut inséré en 1644 par Mersenne dans son "Universae geometriae" sous le titre "De sectionibus conicis", contient les travaux de l'auteur sur les sections coniques considérées comme base géométrique pour l'étude de l'optique. Il contient notamment l'explication de la méthode inventée par l'auteur pour déformer les figures géométriques, méthode qui fut utilisée notamment par Newton puis, beaucoup plus tard, par Chasles qui lui donna le nom de "déformation homographique"."Mydorge's works on conic sections contain hundreds of problems published for the first time, as well as a multitude of ingenious and original methods that later geometers frequently used, usually without citing their source. (...) A friend of Descartes and an eminent geometer, Mydorge was also well versed in optics. He possessed a lively curiosity and was open to all the new ideas of his age. Like Fermat, he belonged to that elite group of seventeenth-century scientists who pursued science as amateurs bu … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: livresrarescom [Barcelona, ES]
2019-10-21 22:07:02
Only edition of the work capturing the momentous first months of the Long Parliament, as the Star Chamber and High Commission were abolished, the Habeas Corpus and Triennial Acts were passed, and "[t]he very doctrine of modern freedoms" in part began. Contemporary unlettered speckled calf, double blind ruled, red edges, very clean and bright with the Earl of Lonsdale bookplate; the Taussig copy. Printed for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop [etc.], London, 1641.
Bookseller: Meyer Boswell Books, Inc. [U.S.A.]
2019-10-21 09:56:07
Bookseller: ALL WORLD ART BROKERS [New York, NY, U.S.A.]
2019-10-20 13:08:03
MARTEL (Geronimo).
En Çaragoça, por Diego Dormer, 1641. in-4.10ff. 108pp. 4ff. Plein vélin rigide postérieur. Edition Originale. Description du protocole employé dans les célébrations officielles des autorités de la Province d'Aragon. Rousseurs. Palau, 153132. [Attributes: First Edition]
Bookseller: Librería Comellas [Barcelona, Spain]
2019-10-18 20:21:40
DAMIENS (Jacques).
Tornaci Nerviorum (Tournay), typis Adriani Quinque, 1641. in-folio. 8ff. 365pp. (1f.blanc). Plein vélin souple du temps. Edition Originale, imprimée à Tournai, de l'une des premières histoires des Jésuites. Publiée à l'occasion de leur premier centenaire et imprimée dans la ville belge de Tournai, elle contient une multitude de détails sur la création de la Compagnie et sa rapide expansion à travers le monde, relatés chronologiquement. Magnifique titre allégorique gravé par le graveur anversois d'origine française Peeter Rucholle (1618-1647). Ex-libris manuscrit ancien d'une congrégation religieuse dans la marge supérieure du titre. Rousseurs éparses mais très bon exemplaire à grandes marges, dans sa reliure d'origine. Carayon, Bibliographie Historique de la Compagnie de Jésus (1843), 62. [Attributes: First Edition]
Bookseller: Librería Comellas [Barcelona, Spain]
2019-10-09 09:29:12
Stefano della BELLA (Firenze 1610 - 1664)
Acquaforte, priva della firma, circa 1641. Esemplare nel primo stato di quattro, avanti la firma dell'autore. Magnifica prova, ricca di toni, impressa su carta vergata coeva, con sottili margini, appplicata su antico supporto di collezione, in ottimo stato di conseravzione. L'opera è datata al 1649 circa dal De Vesme, mentre Massar suggerisce la data del 1641 circa. Raro esemplare di primo stato. Flight into Egypt; in centre, the Virgin seated on a donkey holding the infant Christ, with cherubim circling around them, and St Joseph to right in profile carrying a knapsack and leading the donkey towards left over rocks. c.1641. Example of the first state of four, before the signature. Dated c.1649 by De Vesme but c.1641 by Massar. A very good impression, printed with tone on contemporary liad paper, with thin margins, laid down on antique paper, very good condition. A rare example of the first state. De Vesme/Massar 1971 11, I/IV.
Bookseller: Libreria Antiquarius [IT]
2019-10-04 23:45:25
Printed for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop [etc.], London, 1641. Contemporary unlettered speckled calf, double blind ruled, red edges, very clean and bright with the Earl of Lonsdale bookplate; the Taussig copy Only edition of the work capturing the momentous first months of the Long Parliament, as the Star Chamber and High Commission were abolished, the Habeas Corpus and Triennial Acts were passed, and "[t]he very doctrine of modern freedoms" in part began
Bookseller: Meyer Boswell Books, Inc., member ABAA [San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.]
2019-10-04 09:11:56
INDIEN (India):
Altkolorierter Kupferstich b. Johannes & Cornelius Blaeu in Amsterdam, 1641, 42 x 52,5 van der Krogt, Koeman's Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. II, S. 592, 8330:2. - Zeigt das nördliche Indien mit Bangladesh zwischen dem Arabischen Meer im Westen und dem Golf von Bengalen im Osten. - Oben links Kartusche mit Kartentitel; oben rechts Kartusche mit Meilenzeiger; unten links im Arabischen Meer Wappenkartusche mit Dedikation an Johannes Huydekoper und Segelschiff. - Verso deutscher Text.
Bookseller: Antiquariat Norbert Haas [Bedburg-Hau, Germany]
2019-10-01 17:34:15
1] 2 full-page engraved illustrations. Waterstain at first few leaves. Incidental foxing, hinges showing at. p. 24. 2] Upper-margin cut rather short (without loss of text).Calf over wooden boards with gilt armorial stamp and gilt decorated spine. Binding worn, library-labels on spine.2 works bound together. Latin - Hebrew. I. Scholem, Bibliographia Kabbalistica 943. Fuks 196; II: Fuks 202 mentions the edition of 1641, which has no dedications nor introduction. Johannes Stephanus Rittangel (1606-1652), Professor of Semitic Languages at the University of Koenigsberg. This edition of Sefer Yetsirah was the third latin translation and the first bilingual publication of the famous book of Jewish mysticism. It is not clear whether Rittangel was a converted Jew or a temporary convert to Judaism. He certainly had an excellent command of Hebrew and spent decades among Jews including Karaites of Lithuania. On his way from Lithuania to Konigsberg in 1640 or 1641, he wanted to stop in Amsterdam to publish his translation of Sefer Yetsirah. However, his ship was attacked by pirates and he ended up in England, where he got acquainted with famous Christian Hebraists such as Samuel Hartlib, John Dury and John Selden. He finally published the book in 1642. (text copied from online Blog of the Leopold Muller Memorial Library, Cambridge). Additional pictures will be sent upon request
Bookseller: Antiquariaat SPINOZA [Netherlands]
2019-10-01 11:46:23
Oswaldt Gäbelhouern (Gäbelhover, Gäbelhour)
Tübingen 1641: Tübingen Verlag Johann Jakob Porschen S. Wittib, 1641. Frühbarock: Buch in gebrauchten originalen Fund-Zustand mit Altersmängel, Seiten teils etwas braunfleckig oder gebräunt, eine mit Einriss, ohne Restaurierung, bezogen auf das hohe Alter in gutem Zustand. Medizin-Buch Frühbarock 4-teiliges Arzneybuch in einem Band Oswaldt Gäbelhouern datiert 1641 Altes Buch Oswaldt Gäbelhouern (Gäbelhover, Gäbelhour, Gäbelhauer, Gaebelkhover "Artzneybuch (Artzeibuch, Arzneibuch). Darinnen/ Fast für alle deß Menschlichen Leibs Anligen und Gebrechen/ außerlesene und bewehrte Arzneyen/ gemeinen Vatterland Teutscher Nation zu gutem/ auß vielen Hohen und Nidern Stauds Personen geschriebenen Arzneybüchern zusamen getragen/ und in den Truck verfertiget sind". Tübingen Verlag Johann Jakob Porschen S. Wittib und Johann Berners S. Erben, 1641.Titelblatt in Rot und Schwarz gedruckt. Überaus umfangreiches Arznei-Buch gegen nahezu jedes Gebrechen. Vier Teile in einem Buch mit Zwischentiteln: Vorrede und Register über den 1. Theil 1. Von allerley Anligen deß Haupts und Hals, 2. Von den Krankheiten deß Herzens und der Brust, 3. Von den Krankheiten der Dawglieder, 4. Von Krankheiten der Blatern und Nieren, 5. Allerley der Gemächt. 6. Von Krankheiten der Glaich und eussserlichen Glieder. Register des andern Theils des Artzneybuchs 1. Von Anliegen so allen erwachsenen Weibsbildern gemein sind, 2. Zuständ der Frawen so verheurat, 3. Was zur Zier gehört. Register IV. für allerlei Kinderkrankheit Register ober die letzte drey Theil des III. Theils - Deß III. Theils, Fieber, Schwindsucht, Pesti … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: fine-art-munich [München, DE]
2019-10-01 11:13:30
Spain: In good condition for the age,1641 Antique Book Las Obras De Publio Virgilio Maron, belonged to Don A Canovas del Castillo, biblioteca. Shipped with USPS First Class. The only other copy of this I saw online was going for over $1,500.
Bookseller: Pretty Fly for the Right Buy (foolonthehill305) [Miami, Florida, US]
2019-09-22 13:22:36
AMERIKA ( The Americas ):
mit altem Grenzkolorit, 1641, 41 x 55,5 Burden, Nr. 189 (state 3 of 5). Koemans Atlantes Neerlandici, 9000:2. Schilder, Monumenta Cartographica Neerlandica, 16.3. 3. Zustand dieser gesuchten Amerikakarte mit geänderter Namensangabe in der Titelkartusche. Da die Zustände 1 und 2 überaus selten sind ist dies der früheste erhältliche Plattenzustand. Am oberen Rand Leiste mit 9 Stadtansichten im Oval: Havanna, S. Domingo, Cartagena, Mexiko, Cusco, Potosi, I. La Mocha, Rio de Jaineiro und Olinda, am rechten und linken Rand je 5 Trachtengruppen, unten links die Titelkartusche, oben mittig kleine Insetkarte von Grönland. Mit Deutschem Rückseitentext aus der Ausgabe 1635. Die Karte ist bis an die EInfassungslinie beschnitten und alt auf den Originalbogen montiert. Es handelt sich hier um einen Fehldruck, denn eigentlich wurde die Karte von Afrilka (Koeman 8600:2) auf den Bogen gedruckt und dann mit der Karte von Amerika überklebt, die eigentliche Amerika-Karte hat keinen Rückseitentext.
Bookseller: Antiquariat Clemens Paulusch GmbH [Berlin, Germany]
2019-09-21 21:33:25
Lambertini, Giovanni Battista
(Antuerpiae : apud Iacobum Mesium) Antwerpen, MEsens, 1641. [24nn] 134; 135 S.[23 nn] E.A. Cicogna, Saggio di bibliografia veneziana, Venezia 1847 n. 650; BN v. 87 col. 416; Seltene Geschichte Venedigs, hier die Teile fünf und sechs, die den Zeitraum 1423 bis 1501 umfassen, gebunden in einer prachtvollen rubrizierten und golderhöhten Handschrift des frühen 15. Jahrhunderts. la Gewicht in Gramm: 1200 8° Makulatureinband unter Verwendung einer golderhöhten Handschrift auf Pergament. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]
Bookseller: Antiquariat Michael Solder [Germany]
2019-09-20 06:13:07
Thomas] [HEYWOOD
1641. [History] ~ [HEYWOOD, Thomas] The Life of merlin, Sirnamed ambrosius. His Prophesies, and Predictions Interpreted; and their truth made good by our English Annalls. Being a Chronographicall History of all the Kings, and memorable passages of this Kingdome, from Brute to the Reigne of our Royall Soveraigne King Charles. A Subject never published in this kind before, and deserves to be knowne and observed by all men London. Printed by J. Okes, and are to be sold by Jasper Emery, 1641. Quarto. [72], 376pp. With an engraved frontispiece. Contemporary panelled calf, morocco lettering-piece. Extremities worn, some loss to foot of spine, surface loss and scoring to boards. Contemporary inked ownership inscription to head of title-page, lightly damp-stained, occasional spotting/browning. The first edition of playwright and poet Thomas Heywood's (c.1573-1641) compilation of political prophecies attributed to the seer of Arthurian legend. Heywood based his work on that of earlier English chroniclers, such as Holinshed and Fabyan, and evidently drew inspiration from Geoffrey of Monmouth's Prophetiae Merlini (1134), to provide an account of what he claimed were the accurate predictions made by Merlin foretelling the course of England's history up to the coronation of Charles I; rather sensibly Heywood did not extend beyond that monarch's reign. The frontispiece wood-engraving of Merlin reading a book entitled 'The Red Dragon', with Thong Castle and both real and imaginary animals in the background, is generally attributed to Hollar. ESTC R10961, Wing H1786. ~ About Antiquates We' … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: Antiquates Fine and Rare Books (antiquates) [Corfe Castle, GB]
2019-09-14 07:26:04
Virgil (Vergil)
Paris: Typographia Regia (Imprimerie Nationale), 1641. TYPOGRAPHIC TOUR DE FORCE PRINTED AT THE LOUVRE ¶ [4], 498, [2] p. | Folio | pi^2 A-3P^4 3Q^6 | 385 x 272 mm ¶ Includes Virgil's Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid. This was the first classical work published by the Imprimerie nationale and only its sixth publication overall. Following the advice of Cardinal Richelieu, Louis XIII founded the state-run press in 1640 and installed it in the Louvre, where it remained until 1792. Hundreds of editions issued from the official press during its century and a half in the royal palace, and the press remains in operation to this day. ¶ At a time when typography was in a general decline, institutionally run presses like the Imprimerie nationale produced some of 17th-century Europe's finest books. Under the inaugural direction of Sébastien Cramoisy, the press employed first-rate fonts on paper carefully sourced from Auvergne merchants Ferrier et Danvilliers. The books were so prone to imitation that in 1642 the state thought it necessary to issue a notice explicitly forbidding the exportation of punches. ¶ The present Virgil, handsomely printed in a large Roman type by Robert Granjon, represents a masterful combination of typographic elegance and restrained embellishment. Even in 1902, the Virgil was "sought after as a specimen of typography" (Roberts). Baroque painter Nicolas Poussin designed the title page, as he did all of the earliest titles for the Imprimerie nationale. "The frontispiece designed by him for the works of Virgil and engraved in broad manner by Claude M … [Click Below for Full Description]
Bookseller: Patrick Olson Rare Books [U.S.A.]
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2019-09-10 14:22:22
Sennert, Daniel
Venetiis: Baba, 1641. Danielis Sennerti Vratislaviensis ... Medicinae Practicae Tomus ... Autor / Hrsg.: Sennert, Daniel ; Sennert, Daniel Verlagsort: Venetiis | Erscheinungsjahr: 1641 | Verlag: Baba In gutem Zustand! (siehe detaillierte Fotos). Dieses seltene Werk wurde vor ca. 15 Jahren im Auktionshaus Dorotheum Wien erworben und von einem dortigen Experten geprüft! Payment: We prefer paypal payment, but we accept nearly every payment method. If you want to use any other payment method than the ones offered please contact us. Shipping: Unless otherwise specified we use standard international shipping. We pack thoroughly and customized for the safety of the items. We ship within three business days after payment is confirmed, in most cases the following day. Shipping usually last 3-7 business days If you have questions about shipping (duration, alternatives, insurance,...). Contact: Please, use the eBay contact form or call +43 664 338 1 238 WorldWideArt at Vienna | Austria.
Bookseller: WorldWideArts (uniti2) [Wien, AT]
2019-09-05 09:12:47
Kupferstich v. Merian aus Werdenhagen, 1641, je 14 x 36
Bookseller: Antiquariat Clemens Paulusch GmbH [Berlin, Germany]
2019-08-30 13:57:55
1641. With expected wear from use and age. Extremities are worn. Front and Rear boards detached at hinge. Pages with various discoloring and some staining.A few small tears to pages and bumps at edges. Du Bartas (London: 1641), 670pp 13.5/8 inches high.
Bookseller: preservedpast [Kansas City, Missouri, US]
2019-08-07 18:57:35
AFRIKA (Africa):
1641. Altkolorierter Kupferstich v. Henricus Hondius b. Johannes Janssonius (Jansson) in Amsterdam, dat. 1641, 37,5 x 50 Tooley, Africa, S. 54; Norwich-Stone, Maps of Africa, map 34. - Zeigt Afrika als Kontinent. - Oben rechts Titelkartusche; im Atlantischem u. Indischem Ozean Schiffe, Seeungeheuer u. Allegorien; unten rechts Verlegeradresse von Janssonius.
Bookseller: Antiquariat Norbert Haas [Bedburg-Hau, Germany]
2019-08-06 11:33:14
PICCOLOMINI, Octavio (1599-1656. Herzog von Amalfi.
1641. 2 Seiten folio. Mit Adresse, Siegel ausgeschnitten. Gebräunt und gefaltet, Mittelfalte mit kleinem Einriss. Schreiben mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift an den Bürgermeister und Rat der Stadt Naumburg. "Sonders geliebter Herr, . antwort, und wie gehrne ich Denen Herrn hierin Wilfahren thette, . habe zwar bereitt ordinirt, daß theils Von der guarnison ehistens Von dorthen aufbrechen Und anhero Zu der Armada sich erheben solten, Und sobaldten der Feind sich weitters befundet Und laße nit die noch alda ubrig restirendte Völkher abzufordern. So ich meinen geliebten Herrn in Antwort hiermit mitbringen, . und . erlaubt unns sambtliches empfehlen ." Piccolomini, der in der zweiten Hälfte des 30-jährigen Krieges an fast allen erfolgreichen Schlachten des Kaisers beteiligt war, antwortet hier wohl auf eine Anfrage der Stadt Naumburg die kaiserlichen Truppen abzuziehen. Im Jahre 1641 verfolgte Piccolomoni die schwedischen Truppen durch Anhalt, um dann in Wolffenbüttel im Juni 1641 eine Niederlage zu erleiden. // Signed letter. With adress, without seal. Browned and folded, small tear to middle fold. Letter with Piccolomini's signature to the mayor and council of Naumburg. [Attributes: Signed Copy]
Bookseller: Antiquariat Tresor am Roemer [Frankfurt, Germany]
2019-08-04 00:00:31
Matthaus MERIAN "il vecchio"
Francoforte, 1641. Pianta della città incisa ed edita dal Merian, e pubblicata per la prima volta nel "Itinerario Italiae" di Martin Zeiller. La carta è la copia in formato ridotto della grande pianta realizzata da Antonio Tempesta nel 1593. Incisione in rame stampata su due fogli uniti verticalmente, piccolo strappo perfettamente restaurato, nel complesso in ottimo stato di conservazione. Meraviglioso esemplare di una delle più belle e decorative rappresentazioni della città. Plan of Rome, engraved and published by Merian. It was first issued in the Itinerario Italie of Martin Zeiller. The map is a reduction of the big map realized by Antonio Tempesta in 1593. Engraving printed on two sheets, joined up vertically, perfectly repaired tear, geberally in very good condition. Magnificent example of one of the most beautiful and highly decorative representations of the city. A. P. Frutaz, "Le piante di Roma", CXXXV, tav. 275; Hulsen 88, Scaccia Scarafoni 186; C. Marigliani, "Le Piante di Roma delle collezioni private", tav. 76. 712 310mm
Bookseller: Libreria Antiquarius [Roma, Italy]

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