Harvest Documentation

Harvest XML Format

This is the documentation you want if you’re building your own Harvest integration from scratch. It describes the changes you’ll need to make to your website code to give us access to your data in the right format.

Harvest WordPress Plugins

We have several different WordPress plugins that can be used to connect your site to viaLibri. Each plugin is designed to help with a particular way of setting up a WordPress ecommerce site.

  • Using WooCommerce? This documentation will outline how to configure your site.
  • Using custom post types? Our CPT page has details of what to download and how to configure it.
  • Doing something more complicated? We’ve created a WordPress plugin that will shortcut some of the development work (note that some development work is still required). Take a look at the Other WordPress page to find details of how to download the plugin and integrate it into your site.