Harvest: WordPress Custom Post Types

This plugin is intended to be quite straightforward to use for a typical WordPress user, but it is new and there may still be quirks to it. If you’d like help then please get in touch with us at support@vialibri.net.

If you’re using a custom post type to list books on your WordPress site then this plugin should take all the hard work out of connecting your site it viaLibri.

This a beta version of the plugin and we are eager to hear any feedback you have about it. Please do contact us if there’s a missing feature that would stop you using the plugin, or if you find something that looks like a bug.

Installing the plugins

There are actually two plugins to download: the first is our generic WordPress Harvest plugin, the second is the add-on for this that interfaces with custom post types.

Neither are available in the WordPress repository and they must be downloaded directly from us using the URLs below. Add these to your WordPress installation in the normal way. If you’re not familiar with this then follow these instructions, ignoring the section about WordPress Plugin Search. Don’t forget to activate the plugins too!

Configuring the plugin

Once you’ve got the plugins installed it’s time to set them up. You can find the settings page in your WordPress admin area under Settings -> viaLibri Harvest. There are two tabs there: one for configuring the plugin, and a second for checking that the data is coming through properly.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to select which post type you use for listing books. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to pick which fields belonging to the post type should be used for each bit of data expected by the plugin.

As you’ll see, the only required fields are title and price. However, giving us as much information as you can will mean that your books appear more frequently in search results on viaLibri.

Once you’ve picked the fields and saved your changes it’s a good idea to switch over to the “Books” tab to see whether the book data is being processed OK. If all looks well then send us an email at support@vialibri.net to tell us you’re all set up.

As mentioned at the start of this document, this is a new plugin. Please let us know if there are any features we could add that would result in more (or cleaner) data being sent to viaLibri.