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        Scott Kings Modern Europe

      Chapman and Hall, UK 1947 - 1st Edition 1947. Inscription from John Piper who designed the wrapper and frontis for Waugh. A unique item. Book is very good++ with bright boards and clean contents. The wrapper is very good+ with thenormal foxing to the covers and a little loss to spine top. Slight rubbing to edges. Digital images available upon request. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Lasting Words Ltd PBFA]
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        Under The Volcano

      Reynal & Hitchcock 1947 - Published in 1947 in New York by Reynal & Hitchcock. First edition, first impression. Book in Near Fine condition, grey cloth and bright red gilded title on spine and on front board, clean pages. Dustjacket in Very Good condition with original $3.00 on front flap, first issue dustjacket with "Advance critical acclaim" on back, very minor chips to spine ends, unfaded spine. Signed/inscribed by author on front page. Very rare copy signed in collectible condition. Photos available on request. $14,500 [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: E. B. Books]
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        Antologia Lírica. L'Encís De Nadal.

      Montserrat Borrat = Editorial Estel, Barcelona 1947 - 216pp. en papel de hilo de calidad superior. Ricamente ilustrado con bellos dibujos, todos iluminados a mano a varias tintas. Edición de 200 ejemplares. Sobresaliente encuadernación en piel, fileteada en oro. Lomera con nervios y florones. Cantos fileteados. Guardas en pergamino y enmarcadas en piel decorada. Corte superior dorado. Y una pintura original en la tapa superior. Size: Gran Folio [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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        The Butterfield Overland Mail, 1857-1869

      Glendale, CA: The Arthur H. Clark Co., 1947. The first two volumes of a three-volume set. Red cloth with gilt lettering to spine. Top edges gilt, others uncut. 412 pages. Frontispiece in each volume. Index. Clean books with little wear. . First Edition. Very Good.

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        22 offprints, mimeographs, etc. on molecular biology and bacterial genetics, with two others

      1947-1968. <p>Jacob, Francois (1920- ); Monod, Jacques (1910-75); Lwoff, Andre (1902-94); & Brenner, Sydney (1927- ). Group of 22 offprints, mimeographs, etc. on molecular biology and bacterial genetics, together with 2 related papers by other authors. Various sizes. 1947-1968. Together in one volume, cloth, "Institut Pasteur" in gilt on the spine. Overall good to very good; see detailed condition descriptions below. From the library of G. G. and Elinor Meynell, authors of Theory and Practice in Experimental Biology (1970), with their address label on the front endpaper and ownership signatures on several of the offprints.</p><p>First / First Separate Editions. Jacob, Monod and Lwoff, all colleagues at the Institut Pasteur, received the 1965 Nobel Prize in physiology / medicine for their discoveries concerning genetic control of enzyme and virus synthesis-discoveries that "opened up a new field of research that deserved to be called &#39;molecular biology&#39;" (Magill, The Nobel Prize Winners: Physiology or Medicine, II, p. 921). Their work answered the fundamental question of how the hereditary information contained in DNA can be translated into the chemical processes that synthesize cellular proteins (this question had been posed most succinctly and explicitly in Francis Crick&#39;s theoretical paper "On protein synthesis" [1957], which laid the groundwork for over a decade&#39;s worth of research in this area). Brenner, another key figure in this field, worked with Jacob and Matthew Meselson on providing experimental evidence for messenger RNA; he was awarded a share of the 2002 Nobel Prize for his discoveries concerning genetic regulation of organ development and programmed cell death.</p><p>The collection we are offering here focuses largely on the Nobel Prize-winning work done by the Institut Pasteur group-Lwoff, Jacob and Monod-in the 1950s and 1960s. The work can be divided into four sections: </p><p>(1) lysogeny and bacterial conjugation</p><p> (2) expression of the genetic material via messenger RNA</p><p> (3) the regulation of the genetic activity of bacterial cells by operons</p><p>(4) the organization of bacterial genetic material.</p><p> In the following paragraphs we will attempt to highlight the more important papers in this remarkable collection; however, all the papers here touch upon these central questions of molecular biology.</p><p>Lysogeny, defined as the hereditary ability to produce the bacteriophage virus, is a peculiar type of infection in which the phage becomes part of the genetic material of a bacterial cell; in this non-infective form (prophage) it can then be inherited by succeeding generations of cells, becoming virulent only when some environmental stimulus causes the bacterium to produce and release phage.</p><p> "Lysogeny brought a model for the interrelation between a virus and a cell. And also a model for the possible mode of action of carcinogenic agents, which could disturb something in this balance" (Judson, p. 368). Lwoff studied this phenomenon intensively in the late 1940s and early 1950s, successfully demonstrating the genetic nature of lysogeny (which was disputed by several scientists, including Delbruck) and discovering how it is induced. In 1953 he published an important review of the subject ("Lysogeny," Bacteriological Review 17; see no. 2 below). Lysogeny was also studied by Jacob and Elie Wollman, whose paper, "Induction of phage development in lysogenic bacteria" (CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 18 [1953]; see no. 5 below) summarizes what had been learned about lysogeny as of that date.</p><p>Lwoff&#39;s work on lysogeny inspired Jacob and Wollman to investigate the phenomenon of bacterial conjugation (the transfer of genetic information from a male donor bacterium to a female recipient, resulting in genetic recombination) to see if they could discover where in the bacterium&#39;s genetic material the prophage was located. In 1955, working with a highly recombinant strain of E. coli (K12) discovered by William Hayes, Jacob and Wollman performed what came to be known as their "coitus interruptus" experiment, in which they used a Waring blender to interrupt the mating bacteria at various stages of their conjugation. They found that the donor cell&#39;s genetic characteristics were not transferred all at once, but rather sequentially over time-a discovery of great importance. </p><p>"Wollman and Jacob had stumbled upon a way to measure off the genes on [the] bacterial chromosome as directly and physically as a child squeezes toothpaste onto a brush or a carpenter unrolls a coiled steel tape measure. As they saw instantly, and reported in a note in mid-June 1955 in the weekly Comptes rendus of the Academie des Sciences ["Sur le mecanisme du transfert de materiel genetique au cours de la recombinaison chez E. coli K12"; see no. 6 below], they had the means to make a genetic map of biochemical characteristics expressed in units of time" (Judson, p. 385).</p><p> In 1956 Wollman and Jacob published the first (albeit rudimentary) timed map of the K12 strain of E. coli in a paper published in France. This map was printed again in their English-language paper "Conjugation and genetic recombination in E. coli K-12" (CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 21 [1956]; see no. 8 below), which also contained the first publication of Thomas Anderson&#39;s famous electron micrograph of two conjugated bacteria.</p><p>In 1958 Jacob delivered his paper "Transfer and expression of genetic information in E. coli K12" (see no. 9 below) at a symposium in Brussels; this paper, together with one given by Jacob&#39;s sometime colleague Arthur Pardee, "ranged over the whole matter of transfer of genes between bacteria and the regulation of their expression" (Judson, p. 400). Jacob and Wollman had originally represented the hereditary material in linear form, while stating that the genetic map could be formally represented as a circle. In 1963, at a Cold Spring Harbor conference, the researcher J. Cairns provided physical evidence that the E. coli chromosome was circular; at this same conference, Jacob, Brenner and co-author Francois Cuzin presented their paper "On the regulation of DNA replication in bacteria" (CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 28; see no. 16 below), containing their "replicon model of chromosome replication in bacteria, a model that almost required circularity of chromosomal and F factor DNA" (Brock, p. 103).</p><p>Experimental proof of the existence of messenger RNA, the substance responsible for coding protein synthesis, was announced in Brenner, Jacob and Meselson&#39;s landmark paper, "An unstable intermediate carrying information from genes to ribosomes for protein synthesis" [Nature 190 (1961)]; see no. 1 below). The theoretical groundwork for messenger RNA had been laid in Crick&#39;s "On protein synthesis" (1957); demonstration of the substance&#39;s existence had been foreshadowed by Volkin and Astrachan&#39;s discovery of a high-turnover, unstable RNA distinct from the ribosomal and transfer varieties (1956), and by the famous "PaJaMo" experiment demonstrating the negative control mechanism of enzyme induction (1958). However, it was not until the spring of 1960 that these previous findings were combined by Brenner, Jacob and Francis Crick into a biological model setting forth the exact means of communication between gene and cytoplasm, while eliminating the various problems associated with earlier ribosome-based theories of gene expression. As Brock puts it, the ribosome was now seen as "simply a nonspecific translation machine, something like a computer whose behavior depended on what software it contained" (Brock, p. 306).</p><p> Working with Matthew Meselson, who had developed experimental techniques for tagging and separating ribosomes, Brenner and Jacob performed the critical experiment described in their paper, which provided direct evidence for the existence of an unstable, rapidly turning over messenger RNA.</p><p>The concept of the operon-a group of adjacent genes functioning as a unit under the control of another gene (the operator gene)-developed between 1958 and 1960 on the basis of work done by Monod and Jacob, who were investigating the repressor model of gene regulation. Jacob developed the idea that gene regulation was based on a repression system that operated like an on-off switch, and that "genetic units of a higher order existed . . . that contained several genes subject to unitary expression. . . . On the basis of these ideas and observations, Jacob and Monod developed the concept of two kinds of genes, structural, which coded for the synthesis of proteins, and regulatory, which did not" (Brock, p. 300). In October 1959 Jacob and Monod published the theoretical basis for the operon in "Genes de structure et genes de regulation dans la biosynthese des proteines" (C. r. Acad. Sci. 249; see no. 11 below). Their paper "establish[ed] the sharp distinction between the familiar genes that determined protein structures and the new class of genes that regulated. It even looked to them, then, as though the product of the regulatory gene were not a protein by RNA. But the fact to be underlined, they said, was that in every known case, when several structural genes had their expression controlled by the same regulatory gene-&#39;that is to say, in all probability by a unique repressor&#39;-the structural genes were grouped tightly together. . . . [T]he best fit to the evidence was that the group of genes had among them a single element: the operator, target of the repressor" (Judson, p. 410). </p><p>The Jacob/Monod operon model of gene expression was further explored in their 1961 paper "On the regulation of gene activity (CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 26; see no. 14 below), which presented a more detailed examination of the mechanics of protein synthesis. For further information, see Judson, The Eighth Day of Creation (2nd ed.) and Brock, The Emergence of Bacterial Genetics; specific references are given below.</p><p>1. Brenner, Sydney; Jacob, Francois; & Meselson, Matthew. An unstable intermediate carrying information from genes to ribosomes for protein synthesis. Offprint from Nature 190 (May 13, 1961). 576-581pp. Diagrams. Without wrappers as issued. Light toning. Ownership signature of E. W. Meynell on the first page. Garrson-Morton 256.10. Brock, ch. 10.12. Judson, pp. 414-27.</p><p>2. Lwoff, Andre. Lysogeny. Offprint from Bacteriological Review 17 (1953). 269-337pp. Without wrappers. Small stamp on first page. Brock, ch. 7.4.</p><p>3. Monod, Jacques. Inhibition de l&#39;adaptation enzymatique chez une bacterie (E. coli) infectee par un bacteriophage. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 224 (1947). 2, [2, blank]pp. Without wrappers. Light browning, creased horizontally with small tear along crease. Ownership stamp and ms. annotations of A. A. Miles.</p><p>4. Lwoff & Siminovitch, Louis. Induction de la lyse d&#39;une bacterie lysogene sans production de bactÈrophage. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 233 (1951). 3pp. Fore-edge frayed, marginal tear affecting a few words. A. A. Miles&#39;s signature.</p><p>5. Jacob, Francois & Wollman, Elie. Induction of phage development in lysogenic bacteria. Offprint from CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 18 (1953). 101-121pp. Without wrappers. Light soiling, a few annotations. Owner&#39;s name on first page. Judson, p. 382.</p><p>6. Wollman & Jacob. Sur le mecanisme du transfert de materiel genetique au cours de la recombinaison chez E. coli K12. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 240 (1955). 3pp. Without wrappers. Creased horizontally, light toning. Ownership signature of Elinor Meynell. Brock, ch. 5.7.</p><p>7. Jacob; Alfoldi, Lajos; & Wollman, Elie. Zygose letale dans des croisements entre souches colicinogenes et non colicinogËnes d&#39;E. coli. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 244 (1957). 3pp. Without wrappers. Small marginal tears. Elinor Meynell signature.</p><p>8. Wollman; Jacob & Hayes, W. Conjugation and genetic recombination in E. coli K-12. Offprint from CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 21 (1956). 141-162pp. Without wrappers. Brock, ch. 5.11.</p><p>9. Jacob. Transfer and expression of genetic information in E. coli K12. Manuscript for the Symposium of the Society for Cell Biology, Brussels, 1958. 29, 3pp. Dittoed table. Mimeographed. Without wrappers. Edges a bit frayed. E. Meynell signature. Judson, p. 400.</p><p>10. Jacob & Fuerst, Clarence R. The mechanism of lysis by phage studied with defective lysogenic bacteria. Offprint from J. Gen. Microbiol. 18 (1958). 518-526pp. Without wrappers. E. Meynell signature.</p><p>11. Jacob & Monod. Genes de structure et genes de regulation dans la biosynthese des proteines. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 249 (1959). 3pp. Without wrappers. Creased horizontally. E. Meynell signature. Brock, ch. 10.10. Judson, p. 410.</p><p>12. Changeux, Jean-Pierre. Sur l&#39;expression biochimique de determinants genetiques d&#39;E. coli introduits chez Salmonella typhimurium. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 250 (1960). 3pp. Creased horizontally. Meynell signature.</p><p>13. Jacob. Comments. Offprint from Cancer Research 20 (1960). 695-697pp. Without wrappers.</p><p>14. Jacob & Monod. On the regulation of gene activity. Offprint from CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 26 (1961). 193-211pp. Without wrappers. Meynell signature. Brock, ch. 10.13.</p><p>15. Jacob & Monod. Elements of regulatory circuits in bacteria. Unesco Symposium on Biological Organization. Paris, 1962. Mimeographed. 27pp. plus tables and figures. Without wrappers. Light browning.</p><p>16. Jacob; Brenner, Sydney; & Cuzin, Francois. On the regulation of DNA replication in bacteria. Offprint from CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 28 (1963). 329-348pp. Without wrappers. Meynell signature. Brock, ch. 5.11.</p><p>17. Jacob & Ryter, Antoinette. Etude au microscope Èlectronique des relations entre mÈsosomes et noyaux chez Bacillus subtilis. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 257 (1963). 4pp. Plate. Without wrappers. Meynell signature.</p><p>18. Lennox, Edwin S. ; Novick, Aaron; & Jacob. Relation between repression level and rate of enzyme synthesis. Offprint from Colloques Internationaux du Centre Nat. de la Recherche Scientifique. No. 124. Mecanismes de regulation des activites cellulaires chez les microorganisms (1965). 209-219pp. Orig. wrappers. Meynell signature.</p><p>19. Sebald, Madeleine & Schaeffer, Pierre. Toxinogenese et sporulation chez Clostridium histolyticum. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 260 (1965). 3pp. Without wrappers.</p><p>20. Jacob & Ryter. Segregation des noyaux chez Bacillus subtilis au cours de la germination des spores. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 263 (1966). 4pp. Plate. Without wrappers. Meynell signature.</p><p>21. Jacob & Ryter. Segregation des noyaux pendant la croissance et la germination de B. subtilis. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 264 (1967). 3pp. Plate. Without wrappers.</p><p>22. Jacob. Genetics of the bacterial cell. Offprint from Science 152 (1966). 9pp. Orig. printed self-wrappers. Nobel address. Meynell signature.</p><p>23. Jacob; Pereira da Silva, Luiz; & Eisen, Harvey. Sur la rÈplication du bacteriophage l. Offprint from C. r. Acad. Sci. 266 (1968). 3pp. Without wrappers.</p><p>24. Ryter, A.; Hirota, Y.; & Jacob. DNA-Membrane complex and nuclear segregation in bacteria. Offprint from CSH Symposia on Quant. Biol. 33 (1968). 669-676pp.</p>

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        Le Surréalisme en 1947

      Paris: Maeght Editeur, 1947. Number 271 of 999 copies with 24 hors texte original graphics. 205 x 235 mm. 140 pages; Wrappers in board slipcase. One of 999 numbered copies in original wrappers with a reproduction of an object by Duchamp. With 24 original graphics by Ernst, Miró, Lam, Man Ray, Bellmer, Arp, Tanguy, Matta, Calder, et al. This copy has a reproduction of the foam rubber breast on the cover, as issued. The colophon states that the cover is "un objet de Marcel Duchamp en collaboration avec Ernrico Donati, ou sa reproduction photographique." Cramer, Miró Illustrated Books, No. 11. D-B, V, No. 46. Loosely inserted: An original color etching by Miró, Dupin no. 74, numbered 35/50. This was a 1951 New Year&#39;s card from Aimé Maeght.

      [Bookseller: Alan Wofsy Fine Arts]
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        Land of Israel Earth

      Tarshish Books / Goldbergs Press), (Jerusalem 1947 - First separate edition, reprinted from *The Palestine Stories*. Translated from the Hebrew by I.M. Lask. Thin octavo. Boards a bit soiled else near fine. Inscribed in Hebrew by Agnon (we believe to an unpublished American playwright named Stanley Levenson). One of only 40 copies printed. Books inscribed by the 1966 Nobel Laureate, the first Israeli to win the Prize and one of the central figures of modern Hebrew literature, are very uncommon. In addition the book is rare -- *OCLC* locates a single copy, at the National Library of Israel. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers-Rare Books, Inc. ABAA]
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      Random House, Inc., NY 1947 - First printing of Random House hardcover edition. x, 214pp. Black cloth, silver gilt spine and front cover lettering, blue ink spine publishers name and front cover design, cream endpapers, light blue/gray top-stain. Dust jacket price 2.50. [Bruccoli A9.1]. Signed by O'Hara to title page. Book appears in tight, unread condition with [typical] endpaper hinges off-setting and a neat previous owner's signature to front free endpaper; red dust jacket is quite bright with only slight wear to spine extremeties and white rear panel age-toning. 26 short stories most of which appeared in 'The New Yorker' between 1945 and 1947. First book of O'Hara's published by Random House, who remained his publisher until his death. " 'Hellbox' is a collection of 26 short stories. John O'Hara defined the twentieth century short story. This is one of his best collections consisting of stories for the most part published in The New Yorker from 1945 to 1947. He gives a glimpse and a memory into middle class white life, the things people thought about, the things they fretted and aimed for. It's the small detail at times that frames the atmosphere of the story. On the flyleaf, there's a explanation that Hellbox is a printer's receptacle for broken type." - OHara fan. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

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        Autograph musical manuscript full score of the Sonate und Sonatine für Streichquartett, dated October 1981 at conclusion,. 1. Sonate "Brinje." 2. Sonatine "Das reine Gedicht." Complete.

      - Kont studied composition with Lechthaler, Polnauer, Swarowsky and Krips in Vienna and later with Milhaud, Messiaen and Honegger in Paris. The present work was inspired by the folk music Kont heard while serving as a soldier in Croatia in World War II. "Progressive pioneer who. startled musically insecure post-war Austria, or a traditionalist who is sometimes labelled a "Conservative"? - More contradictory verdicts have been applied to hardly any other composer in recent Austria's music scene than to Paul Kont. The notion of the "avant-gardist" ha[d] become manifest already in the first years after the war, when Kont - unlike many of his contemporaries - did not so much follow tendencies originating in Hindemith (and, to a lesser degree, in Webern and Schoenberg), but developed a polytonal style deriving from piano improvisation - resulting in the so-called phase of "captured improvisation". The course of his later studies in the years following 1947 resulted in the evolution of the "complex technique", in which. individual parts are treated independently and are joined together in complexes of exclusively metrical and tonal consolidation. His studies of dodecaphony from the year 1951 onwards led to an alternative concept to serialism: the employment of "statistic values". In this technique, it is of paramount importance that the distribution of pitches and other parameters result in a harmonically feasible. [whole], within the bounds of which free development is possible. Kont's most important innovation is the development of the "third tonality" (also called "new" or "wide" tonality) in the years following 1963." ". In Kont's "third tonality" functional harmony is abolished, and the diatonic and pure-interval voice-leading of the separate parts leads to a sometimes widely branching writing, which, in polyphony, often brings about surreal harmonies. [This]. theory, as formulated in his book, Antianorganikum, finds its most strident application in the Weinheber oratorio, Vom Manne und vom Weibe (" Of Man and of Woman", 1964). Parallel to these innovative concepts, Kont worked - most notably in his Lieder, which were melodically sketched during the war and worked out until 1977 - with a "method of metrical motives", in which motives, melody and form are derived from the metre, verse and stanza of the text. Kont's late work forms an applied synthesis of these various innovations." Christian Heindl, translated by Nicolas Radulescu, in Paul Kont: Music Published by Doblinger, pp. 4-5.The von Kammlers were also the dedicatees of Gottfried von Einem's 4th String Quartet, op. 63. [1] (title), 2-59 pp. Folio (304 x 220 mm.). Full dark orange leather with titling and decorative devices stamped in gilt to upper and "Sammlung Dr. Heinz-Georg v. Kamler, Wien" stamped in gilt to lower board. Notated in pencil on 12-stave music manuscript paper. With an autograph presentation from the composer to Dr. Heinz-Georg and Michaela von Kamler to title, signed and dated Vienna, November 9, 1981. Together with:Two autograph letters from the composer to the von Kamlers providing a description of the work, a performance of it, and news of the players (suggesting that the von Kamlers may have actually have commissioned the work) and copies of the published score and parts issued by Doblinger in 1990. [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

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      Pròleg d'Antoni Vilanova. Ed. Rosa Vera. Barcelona, 1947 - . 27 cm. 143 pàg., 4 f. Il lustr. amb vinyetes i gravats a la punta seca per Jaume Pla, en el text. Imprès a dues tintes. Edició de 12 exemplars, d'un total de 150, numerats de I a XII, en paper Extra Blanc de la casa Guarro, amb les proves d'estat de totes les il lustracions, el retrat de l'autor gravat a la punta seca i una de les planxes originals (ex. IV). En rama, presentat en caixa en mitja tela, puntes. Bibliofilia. Literatura catalana. Bibliofília Libros modernos a partir de 1830 catalàn

      [Bookseller: Libreria anticuaria Farré]
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        Tristeta. Gravats a La Punta Seca De Jaume Pla.

      Rosa Vera, Barcelona 1947 - 143pp. en muy buen papel de hilo. Estampado a dos tintas. Excelente decoración de Jaume Pla, con dibujos entre texto, todo puntas secas originales firmadas en plancha. Edición de solo 150 ejemplares. Perfecto ejemplar con regia encuadernación en pergamino. Lomera con nervios y florones. Corte superior dorado. Size: 4ºmayor [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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      1947. WILLIAMS, Tennessee. A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. NY: New Directions, [1947]. Tall 8vo., pictorial purple boards in dust jacket. First Edition. Signed by Williams and actress Jessica Tandy on the front endpaper. Only a mere 5,080 copies were printed. One of the most difficult, if not the most difficult and desirable, books to obtain in the Williams canon. Tandy portrayed Blanche DuBois in the original Broadway production, also starring Marlon Brando, Kim Hinter and Karl Malden. Tandy garnered four Tony awards for her performance. Unquestionably one of the great masterpieces of modern American drama and the first play to win Williams a Pulitzer Prize. Near fine (few very tiny dings to upper & lower covers, little tanning to endpapers; text clean & tight); minor soil & few very short tears (little fading spine & small, light stain front cover; $2.75 price is present on the front flap) d/j. A nice copy!! $20,000.00.

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        Autograph Note Signed

      Lenox, [Mass.], oct. 13, 1947 - "Your pictures were good seventeen years ago, the were excellent ten years ago and they are wonderful now. I hope we will be here in another ten, twenty and thirty years from now; you taking pictures, me admiring them and raving that they are magnificent, superb, unsurpassed, in short: not bad, not bad at all. "With best wishes "Stefan Lorant "Lenox, Oct. 13, 1947" Stefan Lorant (1901-1997) is widely acknowledged as a founder of modern pictorial journalism. Born into a family of studio photographers in Budapest, he pursued a career in silent-film making in Vienna and Berlin, then went on to both found and edit illustrated magazines in Germany, Hungary, and England. As editor of the Münchner Illustrierte Presse, Lorant transformed it into the first modern photojournalistic paper in Europe; his political commentaries after the Nazi putsch in 1933 enraged Hitler, who ordered him imprisoned. A year later, he was released through the intercession of the Hungarian government and began editing a paper in Budapest. Lorant wrote a memoir, I Was Hitler's Prisoner, and took the manuscript to London; it was published in 1935. Lorant became editor of Odham's Weekly Illustrated and then the influential British magazine Picture Post. "His innovative layouts, his 'exclusive' interviews and thirst for knowledge became a familiar part of millions of everyday lives, largely through his own creations, and in particular the legendary media icon Picture Post. His vision of photography as a documentary medium inspired Life and Look magazines in America" (biographer Michael Hallett). In 1940 he came to America where he wrote and edited pictorial history books, including the noted Lincoln: His Life in Photographs 8-3/4 x 6-1/4 inches. Pen and ink on paper. Binding holes in left margin, else fine [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller, ABAA]
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        Codice Bodley. Manuscrito pictorico antiguo Mexicano de la Civilizacion Mixteco Zapoteca. Forma parte de la Collecccion Thomas Bodley. Se conserva en la Biblioteca de Oxford, Inglaterra.,

      Libreria Anticuaria G. M. Echaniz, Mexico, D.F. 1947 - Single sheets 18 by 14 inches bound with screws in the publisher's leather-backed portfolio with cloth sides, gilt title on the upper board. Forty leaves, printed on one side only. and each exquisitely hand-colored to match the original manuscript in Oxford. One of 25 numbered copies; this being copy no. 8. Title page in Spanish followed by the facsimile of the manuscript. Painted shortly before the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1521, the Codex Bodley has been long recognized as one of the most important Mixtec manuscripts and a premier example of native Mixtec pictorial historiography in all its complexity. Trace of wear to the edges, else a fine copy. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Thorn Books, ABAA]
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        Fields of Wonder

      Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1947 - 114 pages First edition, first printing. Inscribed by Hughes In March of 1947 on front endpaper. Very good+ book in a very good dust jacket with a 1/4" chip to top of the spine and slight fading to the book's and jacket's spine. Price clipped. A very nice copy! [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Fireproof Books]
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        Full Moon

      Doubleday 1947 - An interesting item .The book is inscribed six days before publication .I think the publishers must have sent a few copies to the author to hand out to friends.This is the first copy I have seen but I have heard of others. Not sure who the recipient is but there was a Ruth Abercrombie Snow who was a translator at Princeton in 1947 so there may be a connection .The book is fine with some small repairs to the wrapper. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Dick Neal Fine Books]
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        Doppelporträt oder &#132;Stirnspalt". 1973. Radierung (Buchdruck-Ätzung u. Kaltnadel) von 2 Platten. Im Unterrand von beiden Künstlern in Bleistift signiert (von Roth datiert), unten Mitte numeriert: 27/30. Die rechte Platte unten seitenrichtig betitelt u. signiert.

      - 41,5 : 30 u. 39,5 : 31 cm auf Velin 62 : 79 cm. Diese Variante der Werkkatalog-Nr. 379 nicht im neuen Oeuvrekatalog der Druckgraphik: Dobke, Dirk. D.R. Druckgraphik. Catalogue Raisonné 1947-1998, und nicht im WVZ Bücher und Grafik (2.Teil) u.a.m. 1971-1979. &#150; Gemeinschaftsgraphik der beiden Künstler. Drucker: Karl Schulz, Braunschweig. Verleger: Kurt Kalb, Wien.

      [Bookseller: Gerhard Zähringer, Antiquariat & Galerie]
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        Contes pour enfants pas sages

      Editions du Pré aux Clercs 1947 - Cartonnage papier de l'éditeur, in-4 à l'italienne (26 x 22 cm), dos toilé vert, plats illustrés en couleurs. Bel album (69 pages, ici non coupées), proposant huit contes originaux . pas sages du tout ! ÉDITION ORIGINALE numérotée (n°201). Illustrations en noir in et hors texte, texte en différentes couleurs. EXCELLENT ÉTAT. Henriquez Elsa [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Abraxas-libris]
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        The Garden Party and Other Stories

      The Verona Press, London 1947 - First illustrated edition, with colored lithographs by Marie Laurencin. Tall octavo. Original green pastepaper over boards with printed red paper spine label gilt. Slight foxing on the front fly, still easily fine. One of 1200 numbered copies (the first 30 were signed) designed by Hans Mardersteig of the Officina Bodoni. This copy is nicely Inscribed by Laurencin in French in 1949, with an elaborate filigree decoration surrounding the inscription. See this book in 3D on our site. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers-Rare Books, Inc. ABAA]
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        Pompes Funèbres

      "A Bikini aux dépens de quelques amateurs", [1947] - One of 450 numbered copies "sur vélin de Lana" Large 8vo Sewing slightly strained and edges of leaves a little darkened and two leaves also darkened from previously loosely inserted bookmark, otherwise a very nice copy [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Bertram Rota Ltd]
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        La Peste

      Gallimard, Paris 1947 - FIRST EDITION, SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY CAMUS; one of 2000 copies of Alfa Navarre. Inscribed on half-title: "au Reverend Père Dubarle / avec la confiance / Albert Camus". Dubarle was a prominent critic who wrote several studies of Camus's work. "When The Plague was first published in 1947, the majority of French critics greeted it as an allegorical presentation, not only of la condition humaine in general, but also of the particular experience of the German occupation. Yet it would be an extremely limiting interpretation to see in The Plague only the description of a single historical experience. The struggle against plague and occupation are part of a wider struggle, not only against the physical evil inherent in the world, but also against the evil which men, by their blindness and indifference as well as by their cruelty, do to one another" (Philip Thody). La Peste, Camus's second novel, is perhaps his most effective demonstration of two of the central themes of his work, namely personal morality and the "man in revolt". Paris: Gallimard, 1947. Octavo, original wrappers; glassine; custom box. Book slightly cocked with a little bit of toning to spine; pages a little toned (as usual). An extremely well-preserved copy in original wrappers. Rare inscribed. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Manhattan Rare Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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      Vallecchi,, Firenze 1947 - (Codice LN4679) In 16º (20 cm) 50 pp. Edizione originale, esemplare della tiratura speciale in 300 copie su carta speciale, numerata: esemplare n.72, firmato dall'Autore. Cfr. Gambetti-Vezzosi, Rarità Bibliografiche, p. 844. Titolo in rosso alla copertina, sguardia e frontespizio. Brossura editoriale, con minimi segni del tempo. Ottimo esemplare completo della scheda bibliografica editoriale. Euro 470 ~~~ SPEDIZIONE IN ITALIA SEMPRE TRACCIATA ~ Tutti i libri subito disponibili. Descrizioni precise, consegna rapida con imballaggio solido. All books are in stock in fine conditions or described meticulously. Very safe packaging ~

      [Bookseller: Bergoglio Libri d'Epoca]
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        Edmund Campion. Jesuit and Martyr.

      London: Hollis and Carter, 1947 - Octavo. Original blue cloth, titles to spine gilt, red top-stain. With the dust jacket. Bookseller's ticket to front pastedown. Lower edge bumped, cloth a little dulled and spotted, spine slightly faded, spine titles dulled. A very good copy in the price-clipped, rubbed, toned, and spotted jacket with a few nicks and short closed tears. Frontispiece and 8 plates. Second edition, with a new introduction by the author. Inscribed by Waugh on the half-title, "With happy & grateful memories of Dundee, from Evelyn Waugh. Oct 26, 1949". At the outbreak of the Second World War Waugh joined the marine infantry brigade and, after seeing action on the Libyan coast in April 1941, returned to Britain and spent about a year on active duty in Scotland before breaking his leg and obtaining temporary leave to begin writing Brideshead Revisited. [Attributes: Signed Copy]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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      Editorial : MONTANER Y SIMON 1947 - Barcelona 1947 . Doce aguafuertes de RAMON DE CAPMANY . Justificación tirada : 166 ejemplares sobre papel hilo blanqueado de las manufacturas Guarro, conteniendo el estado definitivo de los grabados numerados del 1 al 166; ejemplar Nº 95 . Encuad : Cubiertas de cartoné, lomo de pergamino. Con barbas. Estuche de cartón, 25 x 33cms. 225pag. 3h. Tema : Artes Gráficas, Grabados, Aguafuertes. Evocación patriótica de la famosa batalla, ilustrada con láminas de Capmany. En apéndice unidades y mandos de las armadas cristiana y turca. Libro en buen estado con ligeras señales de uso , estuche con algunos pequeños roces .

      [Bookseller: montgiber]
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        Manuscrit enluminé Indo-Persan. Scènes de harem, lieu de plaisir.

      S. l. s. d. [début du XIXe siècle]. - Gd in-8° [245 x 145 mm] ; 28 ff. non chiffrés (56 pp.), texte complet de 18 lignes calligraphiées en écriture ourdou (indo-iranien) ou indoustânî (avant 1947), belle graphie arabo-persane, dite nastaliq, à l&#146;encre noire sur papier paraffiné « à l&#146;indienne », plusieurs pages avec texte en marge, en diagonales. Bandeau à décors ornementaux en couleur rehaussés d&#146;or pour la page de titre encadrée d&#146;un filet doré. 10 peintures à la gouache encadrées et rehaussées d&#146;or sur papier paraffiné « à l&#146;indienne », dont 1 double page. Chaque peinture est encadrée d&#146;un filet doré et surmontée d&#146;une légende expliquant la scène représentée. Reliure souple en plein maroquin rouge brun de l&#146;époque, très bel exemplaire en parfaite condition. Rare. Superbe manuscrit érotique enluminé indo-persan réalisé à la fin du XVIIIe ou au tout début du XIXe siècle. Les 10 peintures très vivantes et détaillées représentent différentes scènes de harem ou zenana (en Inde musulmane) dans plusieurs lieux de résidence d&#146;un grand personnage musulman ou nawab (souverain indien de religion musulmane). Un érotisme discret mais présent et bien agréable pour le lecteur apparaît sur certaines peintures au fil des pages. Nota Bene : À la suite de la conquête musulmane des Indes, les rajputs (fils de râja), en particulier, utilisèrent un mode similaire d&#146;enfermement des femmes dans des pièces isolées, partie d&#146;habitation ou aile de palais, appelées Zenana Mahal ou « palais de reines », dont la fonction était de soustraire les femmes, épouses, filles et s&#156;urs au regard et à la convoitise des hommes et des envahisseurs. VERY NICE COPY. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Hérodote]
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      A LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION OF 182 COPIES SIGNED BY D. HUNTERChillicothe 1947, - Hunter. Quarter red morocco leather overboards, vellum corner-tips, 102p., 18 b.w. photos,two bamboopaper samples tipped in, beautiful hand bound by Peter Frankin quarter red crushed morocco, patterned end papers. RARE Color scans available for this book on request. Description content 2014Copyright Rare Oriental Books Co.

      [Bookseller: RARE ORIENTAL BOOK CO., ABAA, ILAB]
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        Lonely Crusade

      Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1947 - 398 pages. First edition, first printing. Dust jacket art by Philip Grushkin. His second book about Negro-white relations seen through the main character's eyes who is the first Negro Union organizer in Los Angeles. Inscribed by Himes on the first sheet. Near fine book and near fine dust jacket with light edge wear and it is price clipped. A beautiful copy! [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Fireproof Books]
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        Les Ydilles. Traduites Du Grec Par Belin De Ballu. Édition Revue et Corrigée Par Naïk Brin. Eaux-Fortes De R. Chicotot.

      La Tradition, Paris 1947 - 145pp. en papel de hilo de máxima calidad. Estampado a dos tintas. Y magníficamente ilustrado con 17 aguafuertes iluminados a mano a varias tintas. Rica encuadernación en piel fileteada en oro, y con una pintura original del pintor Pere Pruna, firmada, en la tapa superior. = Edición numerada de 300 ejemplares. Size: 4ºmayor [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

 28.   Check availability:     IberLibro     Link/Print  

        Ephemerides Carmeliticae : cura facultatis theologicae de urbe ordinis carmelitarum discalceatorum editae. (60 volumes).

      Firenze / Romae, Libreria Fiorentina / Teresianum, 1947. - - 1981. 60 fascicules (year 1-32, year 21 (1970) missing. Paperbacks; 24 cm. - (monastic library stamps, sl. worn, older volumes covers damaged and sl. browned) Although still good, see picture. Volumes present are: 1947: 1,2. 1948: 1,2,3. 1949: 1,2. 1950: 1,2,3. 1951-1954: 1,2: 1955 1,2. 1956: 1,2. 1957: 1,2. 1958: 1,2. 1959: 1-2. 1960: 1,2. 1961: 1,2. 1962. 1963: 1,2. 1964: 1,2. 1965: 1,2. 1966: 1-2. 1967: 1,2. 1968: 1,2. 1969: 1,2. 1971: 1,2. 1972: 1,2. 1973: 1,2. 1974: 1-2. 1975: 1,2. 1976: 1,2. 1977: 1,2. 1978: 1,2. 1979: 1,2. 1980: 1,2. 1981: 1,2. 30000g

      [Bookseller: Emile Kerssemakers]
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      Little, Brown and Company, Boston 1947 - ELEANOR ROOSEVELT'S COPY INSCRIBED to her and SIGNED by the author on the front endpaper: "For Eleanor Roosevelt/with every good wish/and renewed admiration/from/James Hilton/Oct. 1947." Hilton was the author also of LOST HORIZON and GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS. Internally Near Fine; the rear cover has a large dampstain that does not extend internally and there is light soiling to the spine. About Very Good, lacking the dustwrapper [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Charles Agvent, est. 1987, ABAA, ILAB]
 30.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Find My Killer.

      New York: Farrar, Straus and Company, 1947 - Octavo. Original blue boards, titles to spine in blue. With the dust jacket. Boards a little mottled, bump to lower edge, but a nice copy in the nicked dust jacket with some tiny chips and small fading at the spine. First edition, first printing of the author's prize-winning first novel. With his signed presentation inscription to his brother, "To Paul - with great personal satisfaction & admiration., I send my first book. Contra Coupe! Manly". Paul Wellman was himself a noted author of western novels. A fine association. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        Le Cheval et L'image

      Le Fleuve Etincelant, Paris 1947 - 205, 12 eaux-fortes engravings, thick laid paper covers with an illustration by Hugo bound in, all with labelled tissue guards. No. 56 of a limited edition of 500 printed on Johannot paper, this edition with a binding of natural leather with black titles and three horse heads inlaid in brown morocco with incised details on the front cover . Top edge painted with similar horse heads, other edges uncut, eps marbled and sprinkled with gold paint, black stamp of a crouchinmg rabbit to bottom edge of fpd. The inlaid designs are after de Brayer, the top edge decoration may be by his hand. Excellent condition, minor foxing of binder's leaves. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Interquarian]
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        Le Surréalisme en 1947.

      Paris: Maeght Editeur. 1947 - Number 271 of 999 copies with 24 hors texte original graphics. 205 x 235 mm. 140 pages; Wrappers in board slipcase. One of 999 numbered copies in original wrappers with a reproduction of an object by Duchamp. With 24 original graphics by Ernst, Miró, Lam, Man Ray, Bellmer, Arp, Tanguy, Matta, Calder, et al. This copy has a reproduction of the foam rubber breast on the cover, as issued. The colophon states that the cover is "un objet de Marcel Duchamp en collaboration avec Ernrico Donati, ou sa reproduction photographique." Cramer, Miró Illustrated Books, No. 11. D-B, V, No. 46. Loosely inserted: An original color etching by Miró, Dupin no. 74, numbered 35/50. This was a 1951 New Year's card from Aimé Maeght. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Wittenborn Art Books]
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        Announcing the UN Resolution to Establish a Jewish State in Israel

      1947 - Broadside. November 29, 1947. 1 p. 27.5 x 39.5 in. To the Workers of Israel, celebrating the historic decision of the United Nations General Assembly authorizing the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel. Full TranscriptionTo the Workers of Israel and to the the Jewish Settlement in Israel!A historical event for all the workers of Israel: Here comes the historical decision that we have hoped for 2,000 years. We will awaken conscience throughout the world. Indeed, we have not yet completely obtained our rightful claim. However, it is our joyful right to swear independence in the State of Israel right now. It was the Israeli resilience, it was our fateful declaration, it was in our government's resolving mandate, it was in our displacement. It was the plot [for us] to be broken. Two significant, powerful countries- The United States and the Soviet Union, along with the majority of the world's nations, faithfully protected our right and stood beside us demanding a State of Israel. Against the "White Paper" [of 1939], The Worker's Party of the State of Israel brought immigrants to Israel. The flag [ie flagship?] of the Israeli Government called for the salvation of the Jewish settlement, the Zionist Movement, and the common masses of Israel throughout the whole world. All around were signs for us to withdraw our outlandish plans- they urged us to fold and to neutralize. We were not hostile towards outside council, but we did not flinch from our path. Today we are standing on the threshold of our realized dream. Since the creation of our people and the struggle in our land, our nation has been troubled; we have progressed in the day of our government's campaign- those who stood against us are convinced. It is not the day to take our opponents into account. We have faced the histories of our past. We were without observers along the way, who were we to go beyond establishing the entirety of the Israeli Government, to gather the Diaspora, to deepen the roots in the soil of our homeland [reference to immigrant's agricultural work?], to create the socialized worker, to propose friendly relations and peace with the Arabs of our land and our neighbors.Witnesses were blind to our difficult struggles and the criticalness of our past and current obstacles. It is the strange historic hour from which the working population, Jewish settlements of Israel, and the entirety of the Jewish people are bound-To rise up with a renewed and refreshed spiritTo focus on building our StateTo volunteer together and help on anotherTo support our military and defend our nationTo go out and settle the deserts and uninhabited landsTo be welcoming to all immigrants To be disciplined settlers and citizensTo be united as Laborers of IsraelTo all of the Jews of the Diaspora, the Refugee Camps, and immigrants who were smuggled in during the British Mandate it will be said: You have not suffered and struggled in vain. We have approached the great hour of your freedom and your emancipation! The Labor Party has carried on for two generations in the dimmed Zionist vision and the pioneering project, managed the ranks in preparation for our generation's duty and called to all the workers in the land to come and to glorify the camp of the united pioneering Zionists- the issue of the dream [for Israel] the Israeli Government was robbed of that has now been achieved. The Labor Party of Israel.Center Saturday Night, Kislev, 29.11.1947Historical BackgroundOn November 29, 1947, the U.N. General Assembly voted 33 to 13, with 10 abstentions, in favor of the Partition Plan (General Assembly Resolution 181). The division was to take effect on the date of British withdrawal from Palestine. Both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. voted yes. Afghanistan, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen voted no. Great Britain was one of the abstentions.ConditionOn thin paper, folded, some creasin. (See website for full description)

      [Bookseller: Seth Kaller Inc.]
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      Agrupacio de Bibliofils de Tarragona., Tarragona. 1947 - 231 p. Ejemplar en perfecto estado. Intonso. Edición nominal y numerada de 101 ejemplares, siendo este el nº 11, ejemplar de Antoni Palau y Dolcet. Reproducció facsímil de la primera edicio catalana, impresa a Tarragona per Felip Robert l any 1588. Precedida d un breu comentari de D. Armand Pin de Latour y seguida d una bibliografía del text catala. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

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        The Prints of Paul Klee. The Museum of Modern Art New York. "Colophon: This second edition of the prints of Paul Klee was printed in the summer of 1947, in an edition of two thousand copies, by the Meriden Gravure Company, Meriden, Connecticut, and the Golden Eagle Press, Mount Vernon, New York. The eight color plates were reproduced in stencil by Esther Gentle, New York".

      1947,. 2. Auflage, 32,5 x 24,3 cm, (8) Seiten, 5 Abbildungen im Textheft, 40 lose in Original-Klappkassette einliegenden Tafeln, 8 davon in Farbe. Illustrierte Original-Fadenheftung des Heftes und Original-Leinenkassette, montiertes Titelschildchen auf dem Vorderdeckel. Die Kassette an allen vier Ecken beschädigt, bestossen und gestaucht, Randeinrisse, schwarze Stoffbänder zum Verschliessen brüchig und verkürzt; innen ein sehr gutes Exemplar.. Bolliger 1, 424. - Freitag 4870. - Harvard list p. 106 (1. Auflage). - Hopfengart, Klee-Bibliographie 1989, Seite 256. - Grohmann, Muller-Applebaum 201. - Lucas p. 159. - Riggs p. 173. - Bolliger: "Querschnitt in 40 Tafeln durch das graphische Werk Paul Klees. Im Text-Anhang eine 1945 von Lily Klee, der Frau des Künstlers, angelegte Liste mit 112 graphischen Werken und einer Mappe mit 42 Lithographien, die als Basis für spätere Forschungen dienen sollte [...]". - Erstausgabe erschien 1945 bei Curt Valentin, New York. - Mit folgenden Grafik-Blättern: #1 Virgin in the Tree/Jungfrau im Baum 1903 Etching. #2 Two Men meet, each believing the other to be of a higher rank/Zwei Männer, einander in hoeherer Stellung vermutend, begegnen sich 1903 Etching. #3 Comedian/Komiker 1904 Etching. #4 Crown Mania/Kronennarr 1904 Etching. #5 The Hero with the Wing/Der Held mit dem Fluegel 1904 Etching. #6 Head of Menace/Drohendes Haupt 1905 Etching. #7 Two Nudes 1907 Etching. #8 Pergola/Gartenlaube 1910 Etching. #9 Railroad Station/Bahnhof 1911 Etching. #10 River View/Blick auf einen Fluss 1912. Lithograph. #11 St. George/St. Georg 1912 Lithograph. #12 At the Window/Am Fenster 1912 Lithograph. #13 Garden of Passion/Garten der Leidenschaft 1913 Etching. #14 Little World/Kleinwelt 1914 Etching. #15 Little Castle in the Air/Luftschloesschen 1915 Etching. #16 Destruction and Hope/Zerstoerung und Hoffnung Lithograph and watercolor (farbig). #17 Comedy of Brids/Vogelkomoedie 1918 Lithgraph. #18 Three Heads/Drei Koepfe 1919 Lithograph. #19 Insects/Insekten 1919 Color lithograph (farbig). #20 Blowing Out a Candle/Ausgeloeschtes Licht 1919 Lithograph. #21 Flower Table/Blumentisch 1920 Lithograph and watercolor (farbig). #22 Giant Aphis/Riesenblattlaus 1920 Lithograph. #23 Fulfillment Angel/Engel bringt das Gewuenschte 1920 Lithograph. #24 Saint of Inner Light/Heilige vom Innern Licht 1921 Color Lithograph (farbig). #25 Queen of Hearts/Herzkoenigin 1921 Lithograph. #26 In the Spirit of Hoffmann/Im Geiste Hoffmanns 1921 Lithograph. #27 Tightrope Walker/Seiltaenzer 1921 Color Lithograph (farbig). #28 Lugano 1922 Lithograph. #29 The Witch with the Comb/Die Hexe mit dem Kamm 1922 Lithograph. #30 Lantern Party/Laternenfest 1922 Color lithograph (farbig). # 31 Buffoonery/Narretei 1922 Lithograph. #32 Vulgar Comedy/Vulgaere Komoedie 1922 Lithograph. #33 The One in Love/Der Verliebte 1923 Color lithograph (farbig). #34 Ass/Esel 1925 Lithograph. #35 Singer of the Comic Opera/Saengerin der Komischen Oper 1925 Color lithograph (farbig). #36 Juggler in April/Gaukler im April 1928 Etching. #37 Height/Hoehe 1928 Etching. #38 Old Man Figuring/Rechnender Greis 1929 Etching. #39 Not Ending 1930 Etching. #40 L'Homme approximatif 1931 Etching.

      [Bookseller: Stader Kunst-Buch-Kabinett]
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      WILLIAMS, Tennessee. A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. NY: New Directions,[1947 - ]. Tall 8vo., pictorial purple boards in dust jacket. First Edition.Signed by Williams and actress Jessica Tandy on the front endpaper. Only amere 5,080 copies were printed. One of the most difficult, if not the mostdifficult and desirable, books to obtain in the Williams canon. Tandyportrayed Blanche DuBois in the original Broadway production, alsostarring Marlon Brando, Kim Hinter and Karl Malden. Tandy garnered fourTony awards for her performance. Unquestionably one of the greatmasterpieces of modern American drama and the first play to win Williams aPulitzer Prize. Near fine (few very tiny dings to upper & lower covers,little tanning to endpapers; text clean & tight); minor soil & few veryshort tears (little fading spine & small, light stain front cover; $2.75price is present on the front flap) d/j. A nice copy!! [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antic Hay Books]
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        Lettre autographe signee.

      Domaine de Rozes, 14. XI. 1947.. 2 pages in-4to.. Raoul Dufy a recu des chataignes, il aimerait rendre visite a Mme Alfred Martin sur la route du retour pour la remercier: "[...] Je vais voir avec le chauffeur qui doit nous ramener si la visite que nous voudrions vous faire est possible [...]". Puis il prend des nouvelles de sa sante, quant a la sienne elle "est bien meilleur, je viens de faire ici un tres profitable sejour au grand air dans le silence et le repos d'un tres beau domaine situe dans un magnifique paysage [...]". Sur la route du retour a Perpignan, il essayera de faire son possible pour lui rendre visite chez elle a Mazamet.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Inlibris, Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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        Vanderbilt Clinic.

      NY, Presbyterian Hospital, 1947 - NY, Presbyterian Hospital, 1947, first edition, wrappers. Softcover. A very scarce pamphlet written by Steinbeck about this New York hospital that apparently had served his family well, even the hospital itself doesn't own a copy, laid in loosely is a memorandum about this pamphlet signed by the hospital president, Charles P. Cooper, this is one of the more elusive of all Steinbeck "A" items, Goldstone & Payne A24a, Morrow 187, but neither record this memorandum, the whole is now housed in a custom clam-shell case. The memorandum is aged and quite brittle, but the book itself is fine. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: James M. Dourgarian, Bookman ABAA]
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        CLINAMEN - Revista bimestral - Taller Torres Garcia.

      1947 - Montevideo, 1947-1948. 5 volumes brochés au format 189X282mm. Couvertures illustrées en couleur. Nos. 1 à 5. Collection complète. Couvertures, vignettes de Joaquin Torres Garcia, Julio Alpuy, Horacio Torres, Augusto Torres, Eduardo Fonseca, tous membres del "Taller Torres Garcia". Illustrations de Chagall et Picasso. Textes de Torres Garcia, Alfonso Reyes, J. Bergamin, Macedonio Fernandez, et al. Rousseurs, 2 ex-libris sur les couvertures des nos 1 et 4. Voir Photos. (Avant garde periodical, Taller Torres Garcia, Constructivismo). [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Le Grand Verre]
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        Maxim Gorki, von vorne.

      1947.. Holzschnitt. Darstellung 30 x 14,7 cm. Blattgrösse: 50,7 x 34,2 cm. Auf gelblichem, japanähnlichen Velin. Signiert. - Eines von 328 Ex. der Auflage für die Griffelkunst Vereinigung, Hamburg. -. Zimmermann WH 235. - Erhaltung tadellos.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Galerie Joy]
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        Station Plan of Burbank, Los Angeles County, CA

      Los Angeles, Calif.: Southern Pacific Company, 1947, rev. 1956. Blueline print, 27" x 108". From Victory Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard to Flower Street and Allan Avenue. Includes businesses and buildings within 1000&#39; north and 1500&#39; south of railroad tracks. Scale 1" = 100&#39;.

      [Bookseller: Alan Wofsy Fine Arts]
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        Under the Volcano

      Reynal & Hitchcock, New York 1947 - First Edition, First printing. A beautiful copy. This ORIGINAL sophisticated dustjacket is rich in color with NO chips or tears. This First Issue dustjacket with "Advance Critical acclaim" quotes printed on the back panel of the dustjacket has the $3.00 printed price present on the front flap. The book is in great shape and is bound in the original publisher's cloth. The binding is tight with NO cocking or leaning and the boards are crisp. The pages are clean with NO writing, marks or bookplates in the book. A wonderful copy of this TRUE FIRST EDITION. We buy Lowry First Editions. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Quintessential Rare Books, LLC]
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      New York: Scribner, [1947].. Black cloth. First edition of the author&#39;s first novel, and first clothbound book. A few finger dulling spots to the black cloth, but a very good, or better, copy in reasonably bright second state dust jacket (with price clipped and $2.50 stamped in place) with light rubbing at edges, and small loss at a couple tips and toe of spine.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Literature ABAA-]
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      Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1947. First Edition. Hardcover. Internally Near Fine; the rear cover has a large dampstain that does not extend internally and there is light soiling to the spine. About Very Good, lacking the dustwrapper. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT&#39;S COPY INSCRIBED to her and SIGNED by the author on the front endpaper: "For Eleanor Roosevelt/with every good wish/and renewed admiration/from/James Hilton/Oct. 1947." Hilton was the author also of LOST HORIZON and GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS.

      [Bookseller: Charles Agvent]
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        Human Relations: Studies towards the Integration of the Social Sciences (Vols. 1 - 62); KOMPLETT gebundene Jahrgänge in 88 Bänden.,

      The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations/ The Research Center for Group Dynamics; 1947 - 2009. - Die hier angebotenen Bände stammen aus einer teilaufgelösten wissenschaftlichen Bibliothek und tragen die entsprechenden Kennzeichnungen (Rückenschild, Instituts-Stempel.). Schnitt und Einband sind etwas staubschmutzig; Der Buchzustand ist ansonsten ordentlich und dem Alter entsprechend gut; KOMPLETTPREIS für 62 Jahrgänge (= 88 Bände); Beiträge in ENGLISCHER Sprache! Bei Versand ins Ausland erfragen Sie bitte zuerst die Versandkosten; Sprache: en Gewicht in Gramm: 100000

      [Bookseller: Petra Gros]
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        Shakespeare in Harlem

      Alfred A. Knopf, 1947. First Edition, 3rd Printing. Hardcover. Very Good. Signed. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1947: First Edition, Third Printing. Signed by Langston Hughes on the first page, inscribed to the previous owner. In Very Good condition. Light wear to bottom of spine. The dust jacket shows light edge wear with light loss. Light tanning to the rear panel. Rare signed.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        Notes sur le rire.

      Nagel 1947 - - Nagel, Paris 1947, 12x19cm, broché. - Edition originale, un des 100 exemplaires numérotés sur vélin du Marais, seuls grands papiers. Envoi autographe signé de l&#39 auteur à André Prunier au crayon de papier sur la page de faux-titre. Agréable exemplaire. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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