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        Une étude sur l'Apocalypse. Manuscrit autographe et tapuscrit complets

      S.n. (Journal des débats). Autograph manuscript of the author of four and a half pages in-4 published in the issue dated November 3, 1943 the Journal of Debates. Complete manuscript writing very dense, with many erasures, corrections and additions. Literary review published on the occasion of the publication of the study of Father HM Feret on the Apocalypse of St. John and the Christian view of history. Full typescript is attached. Between April 1941 and August 1944, Maurice Blanchot published in the "Chronicle of the intellectual life" of the Journal of Debates 173 articles on recently published books. In a half-page newspaper (about seven pages in-8), the young author of "Thomas the Obscure" his first steps in the field of literary criticism and inaugurates a theoretical work that develop later Many in these essays, "The Share of fire" to "The Infinite Conversation" and "The Writing disaster." From the very first articles, Blanchot demonstrates a sharp analysis far beyond the current literature that motivates writing. Oscillating between classical and modern writers of the first order and minor novelists, he puts in his columns, the foundations of critical thinking which will mark the second half of the twentieth. Transformed by writing and by war, Blanchot breaks, over a thought exerted "on behalf of the other," with violent maurassiennes certainties of his youth. Not without paradox, then it transforms literary criticism philosophical act of intellectual resistance to barbarism at the heart of an "openly marechalist" newspaper: "Burning a book, write, are the two acts between culture which registered its oscillations opposites "(The Book, In Journal of Debates, January 20, 1943). In 2007, Cahiers de la NRF together under the direction of Christophe Bident all literary chronic unpublished volumes with critical analysis of the relevant work of Blanchot "novels, poems, essays give rise to a singular reflection, always safer his own rhetoric, delivered more to echo the impossible or the lure of extinction. (...) Not without contradictions or step aside, and the certainty of a feverish work begins (... ) these articles reveal the genealogy of a critic who has transformed during the chronicle necessity of thought. " (C. Bident). The autograph manuscripts of Maurice Blanchot are of great rarity. S.n. (Journal des débats) s.l. (Paris) s.d. (1945) 13,5x21cm & 4 pages in-4 4 1/2 pages in-8

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        SPELLBOUND (1945)

      United Artists / Selznick 1945 - Vintage original 22 x 14" (55 x 35 cm.) window card poster, USA. Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Michael Chekhov, Leo G. Carroll, Rhonda Fleming, Norman Lloyd, dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Selznick/United Artists. A man suffering from amnesia is revealed as an imposter when the doctor -- whose place he has taken at a mental hospital -- is found dead. A woman psychiatrist at the hospital, who has fallen in love with him, works with him to discover who he really is and to find out what happened to the deceased physician. One of the earlier films to explore the area of psychoanalysis, brought to the screen with brilliant suspense and creativity by masters of their craft, including producer Selznick (who had a big interest in the subject), writer Ben Hecht, composer Miklós Rózsa (Academy Award winner) and director Hitchcock. There was a best picture nomination too, and the Academy was mentioned on much of the poster art as Ingrid Bergman had just won for her performance in the suspenseful Gaslight. The romantic aura of the film is at the core of this poster presentation. This poster has been beautifully restored and cleaned. The missing top blank are for the theatre information has been replaced. There was a crease running down the right side of the image area which has been addressed as well as a minor crease to the bottom left corner. Really clean. NEAR FINE.

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        Les malheurs des immortels

      Editions de la revue Fontaine. Second edition, one of ten numbered copies on Madagascar paper, this one unnumbered but justified "Madagascar", tirage de tête.With 22 reproductions of original collages by Max Ernst.A very good copy.  Editions de la revue Fontaine Paris 1945 16,5x22,5cm broché

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        Lord's Prayer.

      NY: 1945. A stunning original painting in ink and gouache by the renowned illustrator Arthur Szyk, signed and dated by the artist. The painting measures 7 3/4 by 5 3/4 inches, on illustration board measuring 12 by 9 1/4 inches. This illustrated Lord's Prayer is comprised of fourteen calligraphed lines, illuminated in bright colors in the style of a medieval manuscript. Along the left margin of the page is an intricate border, incorporating portraits of people praying, including a little boy kneeling with his hands folded. A floral border extends along the bottom of the page, and tiny, delicate curls of tracery fill in the border and extend along the top edge. Szyk's work is characterized by its minute detail, and his style is very much in the tradition of Eastern miniaturists. Szyk was born in Lodz, Poland in 1894. His artistic talents became evident at an early age, and he was sent to Paris to study at the Académie Julian when he was a teenager. He was a prolific illustrator of books, many of which were of Jewish content, including his masterpiece, The Haggadah. After World War II, Szyk moved to the United States, where he became one of the chief artists for the Limited Editions Club and contributed illustrations and caricatures to several magazines. This illustration was published in the January 1946 edition of Coronet magazine, inside the front cover. Mounted and framed. On the sheet of illustration board, around the illustration, are publisher's notes. Two small spots of tape residue, light soiling to margins, light toning; the painting is in fine condition.

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        MILDRED PIERCE (1945)

      Warner Brothers 1945 - Vintage original 36 x 14" (90 x 35 cm.) insert poster, USA. Joan Crawford, Ann Blyth, Eve Arden, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Bruce Bennett, dir: Michael Curtiz; Warner Brothers. The grand noir telling of a mother and daughter relationship gone wrong. James M. Cain's novel was more a story of the Depression and a woman's struggle to overcome that and her mediocre life situations. The Warner Brothers screenplay framed it as a murder mystery, set with high 1940s fashions. Amongst the contributing writers to the script was William Faulkner. After being released from 18 years at MGM, Joan Crawford campaigned hard for a vehicle to bring her back. She won the role, even having to audition for it and later she fought just as hard to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role. She always considered it to be the best picture she ever made. It most likely was. Eve Arden, Ann Blyth, the screenplay, the cinematography and the production were all nominated for 1945 Academy Awards. Poster displays the clean, straightforward duotone art which branded Warner Brothers posters of the 1940s. Poster has been conserved and paper-backed. It was folded and the fold lines have been touched-up. A few tiny inter tears and creases have been addressed and the borders cleaned up. NEAR FINE

      [Bookseller: Walter Reuben, Inc.]
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      First edition of which there were no large paper copies.Precious copy inscribed by Beckett to his friend the painter Geer (Van Velde) and his wife Lise.Spine very slightly sunned, not serious."What to say of the sliding planes, the shimmering contours, the cut-out figures in the fog, the balance that any little thing can break, breaking and re-forming themselves under our very eyes? How to talk about the colors that breathe and pant? Of the swarming stasis? Of this world without weight, without force, without shadow? Here everything moves, swims, fells, comes back, falls apart, re-forms. Everything stops, non-stop. One would say it's the revolt of the internal molecules of a stone a split second before its disintegration. That is literature" (The van Veldes' Art, or the World and the Trousers, in Cahiers d'Art n°11-12, Paris 1945).Beckett here is not talking - despite how it may appear - about his literary oeuvre, but about the paintings of Geer Van Velde, going on to add a few lines later "[Bram] Van Velde paints distance. G[eer] Van Velde paints succession." This elegy, published on the occasion of the double exhibition of the Van Veldes (Geer at Maeght's and Bram at the Galerie Mai) is the first important text on these painters, more or less unknown to the public at the time: "We've only just started spouting nonsense about the Van Velde brothers, and I'm the first. It's an honor." This is also the first critical text written directly in French by a young Irish writer who had not, as yet, published anything in France.Thus, the first and most important of Beckett's writings on art, composed at the dawn of his literary career, establishes - right from the start - a fundamental relationship between his developing work and his friends' art: "Thus this text has often been read in a hollow or in the mirror, as one of the rare designations of Beckett's poetry (to come) by the man himself, a sort of anamorphic program of writing," (Un pantalon cousu de fil blanc : Beckett et l'épreuve critique by Pierre Vilar).A real statement of dramaturgical intent, this fundamental text whose introspective value Beckett lays out from the introduction on ("one does nothing but tell stories with words") ushers in the writer's most fruitful creative period. In essence, like Apollinaire and Cendrars, Beckett draws from the artistic problems of his contemporaries the catalyst of his own future writing through "the deepest questioning of narrative, figurative or poetical presuppositions" (Pascale Casanova in Beckett l'abstracteur).The major influence of modern painting on the narrative structure - or destructuring - of Beckett's drama and novels would be pointed out and examined by a number of thinkers, among them Gilles Deleuze, Julia Kristeva and Maurice Blanchot. It was, in fact, with the art of the Van Veldes (first Geer then Bram) that Beckett began to formalize this desire to translate the pictorial question into dramaturgical terms. Thus it was that he rejected Nicolas de Staël's set design for Godot, since: "the set must come out of the text without adding anything to it. As for the visual comfort of the audience, you can imagine how much I care. Do you really think you can listen with the backdrop of Bram's set, or see anything other than him?" (Letter to Georges Duthuit, 1952).When he met Geer in 1937, "Beckett was going through a major existential crisis and had just been reworking his first novel, Murphy, which had been rejected by a great many publishers. He was lost in alcohol, leaving Ireland and moving once and for all to Paris" (Le Pictural dans l'œuvre de Beckett, Lassaad Jamoussi). He returned from a long artistic journey in Germany, where he was marked by classical works as well as contemporary art - it was during this journey that he discovered Caspar David Friedrich's Two Men Contemplating the Moon, his source for Waiting for Godot.Art was thus at the heart of his creative thinking and the friendship that would tie him to Geer and later his brother Bram and their sister Jacoba (with whom his relationship may have been more than merely friendly), and which would profoundly influence his life and writing. His first writing on art is a short piece on Geer Van Velde, whose works he pressed on his new lover Peggy Guggenheim when she set up her new London gallery. Despite the relative failure of the exhibition (which followed Kandinsky's), he got his friend a one-year scholarship from Peggy. James Knowlson even thinks that "if Beckett maintained close links with Peggy for a long time, it was first and foremost because she could be convinced to give his artist friends a serious helping hand, starting with Geer Van Velde" (in Beckett, p. 474). Enigmatic, the little piece that Beckett wrote at the time at Peggy's request already contained a dramaturgical kernel of thought: " Believes painting should mind its own business, i.e. colors. i.e no more say Picasso than Fabritius, Vermeer. Or inversely."   Slower to develop, his friendship with Bram and interest in the latter's painting slowly changed Beckett's outlook on Geer's art and when, ten years after his first meeting the brothers, he wrote The World and the Trousers,  Beckett brought up to date a duality symbolized by the title, taken from an anecdote given as a legend to the article. The world is the "imperfect" work of God, made in six days, to which the tailor compares the perfection of his trousers, made over six months.The link between this anecdote and the Van Velde brothers is perhaps to be found in the second essay Beckett devoted to them, in 1948, Peintres de l'empêchement [Painters of the Problem] (Derrière le miroir n° 11/12) : "One of them said: I cannot see the object in order to represent it because I am who I am. There are always two sorts of problems - the object-problem and the 'eye-problemGeer Van Velde is an artist of the former sortBram Van Velde of the latter."Resistance of the object or impotence of the artist, this tale, the "true primary narrative core in kôan zen form," (P. Vilar) would later find itself scattered throughout Beckett's work and would more specifically take centre stage in Endgame, whose similarity, by the by, with the art of Geer Van Velde was noted by Roger Blin. "At the time, he was friends with the Dutch brothers Geer and Bram Van Velde, both painters. Geer was a painter in the style of Mondrian. I have the feeling that Beckett saw Endgame as a painting by Mondrian with very tidy partitions, geometric separations and musical geometry," (R. Blin, Conversations avec Lynda Peskine in Revue d'Esthétique).    Beckett's growing affinity for Bram Van Velde's work and the energy he put into promoting his work, especially to the galerie Maeght or his friend the art historian Georges Duthuit, was no doubt to the detriment of his relationship with Geer. Nonetheless, despite some misunderstandings, their friendship remained unbroken; as did the silent but anxious dialogue that the writer maintained with the art of the younger Van Velde brother, two of whose large canvases he owned. "The big painting by Geer finally gave me a sign. Shame that it should have turned out so badly. But perhaps that's not true after all" (letter to Georges Duthuit, March 1950). "Geer shows great courage. Ideas that are a little cutting, but maybe only in appearance. I have always had a great respect for them. But not enough, I think" (letter to Mania Péron, August 1951)The death of Geer Van Velde in 1977 affected Beckett deeply and coincided with a period of intense nostalgia during which the writer decided to give himself over to "a great clear-out" of his house so as to live between "walls as grey as their owner." Confiding his state of mind to his friend, the stage designer Jocelyn Herbert, Beckett bore witness to the indefatigable affection he had nurtured for the painter over forty years: "more canvases on display, including the big Geer Van Velde behind the piano."A precious witness to the friendship of these fellow travelers who had, ever since checking the veracity of the game of chess played by Murphy and Mr. Endon for Beckett's first novel, tackled together the great challenges of modernity: "It's that, deep down, they don't care about painting. What they're interested in is the human condition. We'll come back to that" (Beckett on the Van Velder brothers in The World and the Trousers). Les éditions de minuit Paris 1967 9,5x18cm broché

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        A wonderful collection of over 900 vintage paperbacks, fastidiously hand-picked from all parts of North America by an avid and knowledgable collector. The collection is still intact and has not been 'robbed' of its outstanding and often signed publications. (Please ask for detailed list). / Lovingly curated, with a particular eye for unusual titles, this collection represents mid 20th century American pop art at its best. From hard-boiled detective stories to alien invasions, from femme fatales to teenage angst, from swashbuckling buccaneers to gritty westerns, these books were collected for two reasons; their excellent, almost new (and in many cases unread) condition, and their lurid, 'one of a kind' cover art and outrageous tag lines. The collection also contains some very scarce copies of highly collectible books, including John D Macdonald's first book, 'The Brass Cupcake' and John Fante's first paperback edition of 'Ask the Dust'. The great paperback publishing houses are all represented here; Signet, Popular Library, Pocketbook, Penguin, Pan, Lion, Fawcett Gold Medal, and so on. This is a unique opportunity to own a highly respectable collection of 20th century publishing history.

      Signet, Popular Library, Pocketbook, Penguin, Pan, Lion, Fawcett Gold Medal, and so on,, 1945. New York and others, Signet, Popular Library, Pocketbook, Penguin, Pan, Lion, Fawcett Gold Medal, and so on, 1945 - Small Octavo. 100000 pages and more. Original, illustrated softcover. Very good condition with only minor signs of external wear. Price includes free courier shipment worldwide.

      [Bookseller: The Time Traveller's Bookshop ]
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        Bloch, Robert THE OPENER OF THE WAY Signed US HCDJ 1st/1st VG+

      Arkham House. Hardcover. Signed American first edition, first printing. Book is not signed but comes with a loose bookplate signed by Robert Bloch. Published in 1945. Jacket is in Very Good + condition. Top spine area of jacket is chipped across. Corners of jacket are worn. Jacket is in a Mylar cover. Jacket is NOT price clipped. Covers are clean and bright. Edges are sharp. No tears or creases. The book itself is in Near Fine condition. Pages lightly browning. The binding is straight and tight. NO remainder mark. All books are marked down 35% until December 31, 2016. Start stocking up on Christmas presents now! . Very Good.

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        Die Schweiz baut. Ein Reisebericht in und durch die Schweiz. Ergänzungsbericht zum Bericht vom Oktober 1951.

      46 hektographierte Bll. mit 98 mont. Photographien sowie mont. Plänen und Kartenausschnitten. 4, illustr. Broschur. Dähn war leitender Baudirektor in Hamburg und maßgeblich am Wiederaufbau der Stadt nach 1945 beteiligt. Die 1951 mit einer Reihe von Architekten, Geschäftsführern von Baugenossenschaften u.a. unternommene Reise in die Schweiz "diente dem Studium des Wohnungsbaues, insbesondere aber dem Studium von Wohnsiedlungsanlagen und deren gärtnerische Gestaltung." Den Berichten von Besichtigungen verschiedener Schweizer Siedlungen gehen eine Teilnehmerliste mit Reiseplan, ein kurzer Bericht über den Zustand der Stadt Kassel als auch der aufgesuchten Hotels u. benutzten Landstraßen voraus. Diesem folgt ein Kapitel über die Vorteile der Summaheizung u. über deren Besichtigung in Darmstadt u. Mannheim samt damit verbundender Unterlagen für das Amt für Wohnungswesen in Hamburg. Folgende Schweizer Orte wurden aufgesucht u. photographiert: Freudenstadt, Zürich (Alsbisriederstraße, Siedlung am Katzenbach, Neubühl), Basel, Bern, Interlaken, Altdorf, Vierwaldstätter See, Luzern, Genfer See, Genf, Lausanne, Montreux. - Mit 2 Finanzierungs- u. Baukostenübersichten. - Guter Zustand.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Galerie Joy]
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        Illustrierte Wochenzeitschrift. 286 Ausgaben. 6 Bände

      Deutscher Verlag 1945 - - Ab Heft 36 aus 1944 "Hamburger Illustrierte" Wochenschrift / sehr umfangreiche, vollständige Sammlung in gutem Zustand / Fast der gesamte Zweite Weltkrieg und Vorgeschichte aus der Sicht des NS-Deutschlands - Gewicht in Gramm: 19190 Deutscher Verlag, Berlin, Heft 35 aus 1939 bis Heft 7 aus 1945 (15. Februar 1945). Einheitliche Halbleinen-Einbände, Folio (einige wenige Einrisse hinterlegt oder geklebt) [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Celler Versandantiquariat]
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        Im Dienste Bismarcks. Persönliche Erinnerungen, bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Helmuth Rogge

      Vollständige Ausgabe im original Verlagseinband (Leinen / Ganzleinen / GLn / Ln gr.8vo 17,5 x 25 cm) mit Rückentitel und Deckelvignette in Goldprägung sowie Kopffarbschnitt. 438 Seiten, Schrift: Fraktur, mit einer Frontispiz-Fotoabbildung des Verfassers auf Kunstdruckpapier. - Beiliegend: "Bücher über Bismarck", Zeitungsauschnitt mit einer Besprechung dieses Werks in der Literaturbeilage der Kölnischen Zeitung (vor 1945). - Erste Auflage, EA, Erstausgabe in guter Erhaltung (Einband mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren, sonst gut). - Biografie, Biographie, Fürstreichskanzler Otto von Bismarck, Lebensbild, deutscher Reichskanzler, Deutsches Reich, Preußen, deutsche Geschichte im 19. Jahrhundert, preußischer Junker / Adeliger, illustrierte Bücher, Auswärtiges Amt im 19. Jahrhundert, Politische Abteilung des Auswärtigen Amtes, Bismarcks diplomatische Gehilfen, Bismarcks Gedankenwerkstätte, Wilhelm I. und Bismarck, Berliner Leben und Gesellschaft, Kaiser Wilhelm II., Friedrichsruh, Reichshunde, Tischgespräche Fürst Bismarcks, Entfremdung zwischen Kaiser und Kanzler

      [Bookseller: Galerie für gegenständliche Kunst]
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        Brideshead Revisited

      Chapman and Hall, 1945 A first edition, first printing published by Chapman and Hall in 1945. A near fine book with one small name and date to the top of the front endpaper - a little fading to the spine. In a very good+ unclipped wrapper. A small stain to the foot of the spine encroaching to the bottom of the front panel. Some light chipping to the spine tips. Some browning to the spine. A very nice copy in the correct dust wrapper.

      [Bookseller: John Atkinson Books]
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        The Thurber Carnival

      Harper & Bros, 1945 War Edition. NF/Good- Scarce, hard to find copy. Hard boards are in excellent, like new condition! Tight clean copy, no marks. Light brown boards illustrated with orange and black. Thurber and his wife on bunny rabbit carousel ride. Even spine is in excellent condition. Bright colors. DJ is present, but not in tack. It's in 4 pieces with considerable edge wear. It has the exact illustration as the hard boards. Back of DJ titled "The Critics say of James Thurber, and begins "I regard Thurber as Ohio's gift to the oppressed and downtrodden of all nations and I am just going to continue to be glad that he is around, and the moral of that is: 'Always look a gift horse in the face, especially if Thurber threw it." - Frank Sullivan.... "A JOYCE IN falseface, Mr. Thurber strews hilarious pages with characters who take their subconsciouses out on benders. There's beautiful method in this madness." - Charles Poore, N.Y. Times

      [Bookseller: Cova Rare Books]
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        The Radlett Trilogy - The Pursuit of Love/Love in a Cold Climate/Don't Tell Alfred

      Hamish Hamilton, 1945 A set of three first edition, first printings published by Hamish Hamilton between 1945-1950. Comprising: 'The Pursuit of Love' - a very good book with some light handling marks to the front cover and a small previous owner's stamp to the extreme of the corner of the front endpaper. In a very good unclipped first issue wrapper with some light browning to the head of the front panel from some internal tape repairs. A couple of very small chips to the edges and a little rubbed to the corners. 'Love in a Cold Climate' - a very good/near fine book with a touch of spotting to the top of the page edges - without inscriptions. In a very good unclipped wrapper with one chip to the head of the spine (not affecting the lettering). No fading to the spine whatsoever. 'Don't Tell Alfred' - a very good+ book with one faint stain to the front board. One small name to the head of the endpaper. In a near fine clipped wrapper. A lovely set of Mitford's trilogy.

      [Bookseller: John Atkinson Books]
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        All in Line

      New York: Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1945. Hardcover. G- (Cover is soiled esp. along edges, pages are still clear though edges are tanning; SIGNED by the author/artist with an inscription and original drawing on the first tp.). Tan stamped cloth, unpaginated, many line drawings. Another book of amusing drawings by Romanian-born American artist Saul Steinberg (1914-1999), known most for his cartoons in The New Yorker. Note that this one is inscribed with an original drawing by the artist.

      [Bookseller: Mullen Books, Inc. ABAA / ILAB]
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        IL VITTORIOSO 1945 01-50

      IL VITTORIOSO anno IX - 1945 nn. 1-50 annata completa nn. 2-50 rilegati in volume + n. 1 non rilegato Società Editrice A.V.E. cart. 27,5 x 37 cm b/n e col. Stato di conservazione: OTTIMO!

      [Bookseller: Supergulp di Rem Srl]
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        IL CICLOPE tradotto da SBARBARO 1945 il veliero

      1945. UN'Introvabile prima edizione CAMILLO SBARBARO TRADUCE  EURIPIDE, Il ciclope 1945 collana Il veliero - editrice ligure arte e lettere genova disegni di sandro cherchi

      [Bookseller: Libri Editoria Grafica Henry Beyle]
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        SOCIETA', rivista bimestrale dal n. 1 del 1945 alla fine del 1957 - consistente parte di TUTTO IL PUBBLICATO, varie città , Vari editori, 1945

      1945. formato 14 x 21,5,alcuni hanno ferite ai dorsi. La periodicità è variata da bimestrale a trimestrale. Brossure con pagine variabili e numerazione continua per ogni anno. Copertine con vari colori. La rivista è stata una importante palestra della SINISTRA ove si sono dibattuti ad un buon livello i vari problemi politici e sociali legati alla ricostruzione anche morale italiana. Specialmente dopo il 1947 poi, la rivista si presentava come un punto di riferimento politico ben netto !. Importanti però anche le occasioni di proposte culturali di letteratura e saggistica, con la collaborazione di intellettuali di prestigio come Concetto Marchesi, Sapegno, Salinari, Banfi, Crisafulli, De Grada, ecc. La rivista venne fondata a Firenze da R. BIANCHI BANDINELLIO e da un gruppo di intellettuali comunisti (ROMANO BILENCHI, MARTA CHIESI, MARIA BIANCA GALLIANI E CESARE LUPORINI. Le varie direzioni che si sono succedute sono indicate di seguito, a fianco della comsistenza che offriamo. DAL N. 1 E FINO ALLA FINE DEL 1947- direttore BANDINELLI 1945 : numeri 1/2.3.4. 1946 : numeri 5/9, 7/8. 1947 : numeri mancanio 2,5 DAL 1948 E FINO ALLA FINE DEL 1953 direttore LUPPORINI. 1948 : numeri 1,2,3/6. 1949 : numeri 1,2,3,4. 1950 ; numeri 1,2,3,4, 1951 : numeri 1,2,3,4 mancano 3,4. 1952 : numeri 1,2,3,4. 1953 : numeri 1/2.3.3 manca 4. dal 1954 al 1957 direttori MANACORDA E MUSCETTA. 1954 : numeri 1,2,3,4,5,6. 1955 : numeri 1,2,3,4,5,6. 1956 : numeri 1,2,3,4,5,6 manca 6 direttore nel 1957 e fino al 1961 un comitato di redazione composto da ALOISI, BANDINELLI, CANDELORO, NATOLI. La rivista cessava poi con il numero 6 del 1961- Si sono succeduti vari editori, in coincidenza con i cambi delle direzioni 1915-1947 Einaudi Giulio a Firenze 1948-1951 Leonardo a Firenze 1952-1956 Einaudi a Torino 1957-1961 Patrnti a Milano Il consistente lotto che qui presentiamo (non divisibile) viene offerto a

      [Bookseller: Libreria e Rivisteria Ferraguti]
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        Böhmen und Mähren. Blatt des Reichsprotektors in Böhmen und Mähren, herausgegeben von Staatssekretär SS-Gruppenführer Karl Hermann Frank, Hauptschriftleiter: Friedrich Heiss * Heft 1 / 2 Januar 1945 * l e t z t e s e r s c h i e n e n e s H e f t , mit Bildbericht über den US.-amerikanischen Terrorangriff auf die Prager Altstadt

      Prag, Volk und Reich Verlag, 1945. (noch zu Nr.23622:) . . . Beilage in der Umschau zwischen den Seiten 54 und 55: \"Terrorangriff auf Prag\": Fotostrecke mit vielen Bildern vom anglo-amerikanischen Luftangriff auf die böhmische Hauptstadt samt Vorwort: \"Anglo-amerikanische Terrorflieger bombardierten am Mittag des 14. Feber einige Stadtbezirke von Prag und fügten der Zivilbevölkerung erhebliche Verluste zu. Der Terrorcharakter des Angriffs ergibt sich eindeutig daraus, daß ausschließlich Wohngebiete getroffen wurden. Neben zahlreichen Wohnhäusern wurden auch mehrere Krankenhäuser, Frauenkliniken und Kinderspitäler sowie kulturell wertvolle Bauten zum Teil schwer getroffen. Unter den betroffenen Kulturdenkmälern befindet sich das Emauskloster, das Fausthaus und das ehemalige Jesuitenkolleg von St.Ignazius. Auch das Schauspielhaus des Nationaltheaters in den Weinbergen wurde bestätigt. Das Kulissenlager des tschechischen Nationaltheaters ist vollkommen ausgebrannt\" - Umschau. Y.Z.: Benesch-Kurve / Dokumente - Wechsel im Vorsitz der Protektoratsregierung - Schriftleiter Josef Bös: Über das Wirtschaftsgeschehen im Jahre 1944 - Kriegsberichter Jupp Müller-Marein: Budapest im Orkan - Dr. Kurt Wessely: Geheimnisse um \"Propalica\" Neue Akten über großserbische Umtriebe vor dem 1.Weltkrieg - Buchbesprechungen - Das Prager Musikjahr 1944 - Später Kriegsdruck, Erstausgabe in sehr guter Erhaltung. - Deutsches / Drittes / Großdeutsches Reich, Großdeutschland im 2.Weltkrieg, Böhmen und Mähren unter deutscher Herrschaft, Deutscher Volkssturm, Feier des Jahrestages der Machtergreifung zu Prag am 30. Januar 1945, Gauleiter Konrad Henlein, anspruchsvolle deutsche Kunst- und Kulturzeitschrift aus dem Protektorat, deutsche Kulturarbeit im Osten, illustrierte Bücher, angloamerikanische Terrorangriff auf die Prager Altstadt, alliierte Luftterror / Luftvandalismus gegen Mitteleuropa, Budapest im Ansturm der Bolschewisten, NS.-Schrifttum, Kunstgeschichte, Kunstwissenschaft, der deutsche politische Führungsanspruch in Ostmitteleuropa, NS.-Schrifttum, völkisches / nationalsozialistisches Gedankengut Versand D: 5,90 EUR Deutsches / Drittes / Großdeutsches Reich, Großdeutschland im 2.Weltkrieg, Böhmen und Mähren unter deutscher Herrschaft, Deutscher Volkssturm, Feier des Jahrestages der Machtergreifung zu Prag am 30. Januar 1945, Gauleiter Konrad Henlein, anspruchsvolle deutsche Kunst- und Kulturzeitschrift aus dem Protektorat, deutsche Kulturarbeit im Osten, illustrierte Bücher, angloamerikanische Terrorangriff auf die Prager Altstadt, alliierte Luftterror / Luftvandalismus gegen Mitteleuropa, Budapest im Ansturm der Bolschewisten, NS.-Schrifttum, Kunstgeschichte, Kunstwissenschaft, der deutsche politische Führungsanspruch in Ostmitteleuropa, NS.-Schrifttum, völkisches / nationalsozialistisches Gedankengut

      [Bookseller: Galerie für gegenständliche Kunst]
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        WOMEN . . . OUR WOUNDED NEED YOUR CARE! [. . . ] Join a Hospital Company

      Recruiting Publicity Bureau United States Army 1945 - Broadside. Linen-backed. Large illustration of a woman in a blue WAC uniform carrying a surgical tray. Poster: 37-3/4" x 25-1/4". Backing: 39-1/2" x 27-1/4" Although the U.S. Army Medical Department was one of the slowest to integrate women, when over 5,000 of its combat-ready men -- including many trained technicians and orderlies -- were forced to transfer to the Infantry in early 1944, the department began a major push to recruit women to fill the positions. The Female Medical Technician campaign, as pictured here, was hugely successful, despite the high qualifications demanded of applicants, many of whom were required to have advanced degrees and at least two years of experience in their fields. WACs also served as laboratory technicians, psychiatric social workers, medical stenographers, and in a variety of other technical and/or skilled medical positions; by the end of the war, the Medical Department employed approximately 20,000 WACs, nearly a fifth of the Corps. [Treadwell, United States Armies in WWII. Special Studies: The Women's Army Corps]The poster reads, in full: "Women . . . our wounded need your care! | You can help to give it . . . The U.S. Army Medical Department is calling for help -- the help of WOMEN -- needed in Army hospitals to serve as medical technicians, surgical technicians, and in other important assignments. Assignments also available at Army Air Forces, Ground Forces, and Service Force Installations. | Join a hospital company. | For information apply at any U.S. Army Recruiting Station or ask your local Postmaster."Uncommon, particularly in this fine of condition. Cream paper printed in blue, grey and white. Backed in linen with white paper coating to poster side [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Tavistock Books, ABAA]
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        The Expert at the Card Table / Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table: A Treatise on the Science and Art of Manipulating Cards

      Paragon Agencies Co, 1945. 205 pages. Over 100 black and white illustrations. "Embracing the whole calendar of sleights that are employed by the gambler and conjurer, describing with detail and illustration every known expedient, manoeuvre, and stratagem of the expert card handler." - from title page. Reprint of the 1902 first edition. Unmarked with moderate wear and external soiling. Binding intact. A quality early copy of this classic work.

      [Bookseller: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow]
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        Aus den Karnischen Alpen", 1945.

      - Aquarell, 34 x 45 cm, signiert u. datiert. Eines der letzten Bilder des bekannten Kärntner Landschaftsmalers (1880 – 1945), bekannt als „der Kärntner Compton". [Attributes: Signed Copy]

      [Bookseller: Galerie Magnet GmbH]
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        The B-29

      Airplane Commander Training Manual for the Superfortress Rare original AAF Manual No. 50-9 from 1945 in very good condition. Restricted. - Revised edition from 1 March, 1945. - This is the pilot's master guide to the B-29 Superfortress with normal and emergency procedures, checklists, flight pattern, panel photos and many illustrations... many photos and illustrations

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Lindbergh]
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        Naked City

      Essential Books 1945 - First edition, first printing. Bound in original course grey cloth with navy blue stamping. Signed by Weegee on the title page, and again with inscription on the dedication page reading [to you the people of New York] "+ especially to Bob + Mike / Best Regards / Weegee / a grown up dead end kid 1945". Weegee's rubber stamp is also present on the dedication page. Very Good. Cloth lightly soiled, bottom front corner lightly frayed. Pages at rear roughly cut and jagged along the top edge. Signed and inscribed by the photographer in the year of publication. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
 24.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Portrait de Mounet-Sully

      - François Bernouard, Paris 1945, 24,5x28,5cm, broché. - Edizione ornato con sedici nuovi disegni dell'autore e colorata a mano, una delle 278 copie numerate su carta di stoffa handmade puro Francia Isola. La nostra copia è completata, come si afferma nella giustificazione del sorteggio, seguendo i suoi disegni neri. Piccoli strappi sul retro al testimone, un altro più importante e che è stato restaurato nella seconda testa piatta - [FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Edition originale ornée de seize dessins inédits de l'auteur et coloriés à la main, un des 278 exemplaires numérotés sur papier Isle de France pur chiffon fabriqué à la main. Notre exemplaire est bien complet, ainsi qu'il l'est stipulé à la justification du tirage, de sa suite en noir des dessins.  Petites déchirures sur le dos au niveau des témoins, une autre plus importante et qui a été restaurée en tête du second plat.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        Death Comes as the End.

      London: for The Crime Club by Collins, 1945 - Octavo. Original red cloth, titles to spine in black. With the dust jacket. An excellent copy in the jacket with slightly faded spine. First edition, first impression. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        [Caption title]: And the Migrants Kept Coming

      [New York: Fortune Magazine. 1945]. First. Offprint of an article from Fortune Magazine. 8pp. plus cover leaf. Cover leaf, printed on extremely poor paper, is detached and badly chipped, but present (we've seen this offprint before, but never with the cover leaf), modest stain on first page of text, very good. Inscribed by Jacob Lawrence at a later date to an art critic: "For: Richard Long - Jacob Lawrence 1/9/87." Perhaps prepared by the magazine for Lawrence's use, the other two copies we've seen were also Inscribed. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
 27.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        The Open Society and its Enemies.

      2 vols. gr.-8. 268 352 pp. OLn. m. goldgepr. Rückentitel. EA. Very rare first edition. - "The book is a critical introduction to the policy of politics and of history" (Preface). - Vol. I: The spell of Plato. Vol. II: The high tide of prophecy. - "Written in political exile in New Zealand during the Second World War and first published in two volumes in 1945, Karl Poppers The Open Society and Its Enemies is one of the most famous and influential books of the twentieth century. Hailed by Bertrand Russell as a vigorous and profound defence of democracy, its now legendary attack on the philosophies of Plato, Hegel and Marx prophesied the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and exposed the fatal flaws of socially engineered political systems" (Routledge).

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Burgverlag]
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        This Hunger

      New York: Gemor Press, 1945. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good. Signed. First Edition. Signed by Anais Nin on the front free end paper. White paper covered boards printed in maroon, with woodcuts by Ian Hugo. Very Good with light rubbing at corners, light bump to top of spine, offsetting to end sheets from binder's glue. One of 1,000 copies (of 1,050 total).

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        Recueil 11 Pièces Manuscrit Lagoya Guitare 1945

      - Recueil de 11 Pièces pour Guitare - Emilio Pujol : Tornadilla - Moreno Torroba : Preludio - Fr. Tarrega : Danza Mora - N. Coste : Andantino - N. Coste : Rondo - Fr. Tarrega : Capricho Arabe - Theodor Fleck : Berceuse de B. Godard - Antonio Dominici : Fantasia Patetica - Fr. Tarrega : El Raton - Quajiras - I. Albeniz : Cantos de Espana Partitions manuscites par Alexandre Lagoya Toutes les pièces sont datées (entre le 22/08/1945 et le 25/09/1945) et signées "Alexandre" Partition issue des archives personnelles de Alexandre Lagoya et Ida Presti XXe siècle 1945 20 pages Très bon état 016276 Instruments à cordes

      [Bookseller: partitions-anciennes]
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        L'âge de raison

      - Gallimard, Paris 1945, 14,5x20,5cm, broché. - Edizione dopo pochi mesi a quello originale. Firmato autografo di Jean-Paul Sartre a R. Gallay. Leggermente indietro insolated con una piccola mancanza in testa. - [FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Edition postérieure de quelques mois à l'originale. Envoi autographe signé de Jean-Paul Sartre à R. Gallay. Dos légèrement insolé comportant un petit manque en tête.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        ONE NATION

      Boston Houghton Mifflin 1945 - First Edition, Affectionately and very personally INSCRIBED AND SIGNED BY STEGNER "For Jinny, with gratitude and (whisper) love. Wally Stegner.Breadloaf, Aug. 26, 1946". Jinny was close to Stegner for many years. Their relationship continued for decades. Profusely illustrated with black and white photographs. 8vo, publisher’s original beige boards, the spine lettered in brown and orange. 340 pp. A nice copy with some subtle age mellowing. A HANDSOME COPY OF THIS INSCRIBED FIRST EDITION. A LIFE-IN-AMERICA PRIZE BOOK. The Editors of LOOK produced this book as a concerned response to a growing wave of intolerance and prejudice. It includes a photographic survey of racial and religious stresses in wartime America. Mr. Stegner and photographers from the LOOK staff spent slightly more than a year in preparing the survey. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Buddenbrooks, Inc. ABAA]
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        La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia

      Milano, Rizzoli, 1945, 8vo cartonato editoriale, sovraccoperta illustrata a colori facsimilata, pp. 150 con dodici illustrazioni in nero e sedici a colori tutti dell’autore. Prima edizione. Qualche leggera traccia d’uso, carta normalmente ossidata per l’epoca.

      [Bookseller: Libreria Piani già' Naturalistica snc]
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        Animal Farm, a Fairy Story

      London: Secker & Warburg, 1945. First printing. Hardcover. Very Good/very good. First printing, but dust wrapper states 'Second Edition' on the front flap. Book is about very good, some fading to the white lettering on the spine and discoloration and darkening to top and bottom centimeters of both boards, stamp on title page from the Bundesmädche nmittelschulen in Linz at Körnerstrasse (körnerstraße) 9, with an inked '133' below the stamp. Dust jacket shows short tear to top edge of front panel, minor loss to spine ends and light scratching and rubbing to spine, mostly along rear joint, slight darkening to rear panel. Handsome copy. The most relevant book, even more so than 1984, of Orwell's prescient novels to describe the current Trump administration. Linz, where this copy came from, was where Adolf Hitler spent his youth and the place he referred to as his home town. Dubious honor, but interesting that this book, a satire of dictatorship, should come from there.

      [Bookseller: Caliban Books ABAA-ILAB]
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      - This fine view is one of the rarest early printed views of Wroc?aw, capturing the entire city from a panoptic perspective, looking towards the southwest. The large walled city is shown to occupy islands within of the Oder River. Keys, located in the lower corners of the map identify 91 key buildings and sites of interest. Highlights include the Great Market Square (13, ‘Rynek we Wroc?awiu’), St. Elizabeth’s Church (10), the Town Hall (14), the Guildhall and the New Market (54). Cathedral Island (80), indicates the location where the Bishopric of Wroc?aw was established in 1000 A.D. The fortified castle (30) was built in the late 12th century as a bulwark against invasion. Wroc?aw developed three power centres: the political center under he immediate protection of the Castle, the mercantile center around the Market Square, and the Ecclesiastical center on Sand and Cathedral Islands. Wroc?aw became prosperous due to its strategic location in the Silesian Lowlands, along Oder River, at intersection of two trade routes, the Via Regia (which ran across Europe from Santiago de Compostela, Spain to Moscow) and the Amber Road (which ran from the Baltic Sea to Venice). However, Wroc?aw’s location also ensured that it was coveted by competing regional powers. Over the last 500 years the city has variously been part of the Kingdom of Poland, Bohemia, Hungary, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, and Germany, before being returned to Poland in 1945. At the time that the present view was printed, Wroc?aw was, since 1526, under the rule of the Austrian Habsburgs. Writing in 1588, the chronicler George Braun noted the followed about Wroc?aw: "The city government, which is constituted of the best and wisest of councillors, is held there in high esteem and great honour. The populace also obeys the Council with the greatest deference and the humblest submissiveness. The city ordinances there do not favour any one party over another but rather strive for propriety, the observance of justice and the equality of all citizens. [.] In addition, there are also designated magistrates, who with their clerks, impart advice to everyone in the country who seeks their counsel. In addition, there are many arts and crafts in this city that are both good and useful for everyday life. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that good, flavoursome beer is brewed there."?? The present view is one of the rarest and most prized early views of Warsaw. It was issued in a rare work Tooneel der vermaarste koop-steden by Johannes Janssonius van Waesberghe an was based on a view from Jan Jansson’s monumental 8-volume book of European urban views, Illustriorvm principumque urbium septentrionalium Europae tabulae (in volume 1, as plate 40), which is generally referred to as the Theatrum urbium (Amsterdam, 1657). Jansson’s endeavor was by far the most lavish and comprehensive early series of city views ever published, and the high cost of the production ensured that only a very limited number of sets were ever issued. Jansson’s view of Wroc?aw is derived from Georg Braun’s view that first appeared in the fourth and six volumes of Braun & Frans Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum (Cologne, 1588). In 1653, Jansson purchased the nearly 500 surviving plates from the Civitates Orbis Terrarum from Frans’ heir, Abraham Hogenberg, of which the present view was one of the 232 Braun & Hogenberg views that Jansson adapted for his own endeavor. The only way to tell the editions apart is that on the verso, the Braun & Hogenberg edition employs one column of text per page, while the Jansson edition prints the text in two columns. Johannes van Waesberghe (1616/7 – 1681) was born in a famous family of Dutch publishers. He married Jan Jansson’s daughter Elisabeth Janssonius (1615-1681) and established himself in Amsterdam under the name Johannes Janssonius van Waesberghe. He took over Jansson’s publishing house and printing plates, including the Braun and Hogenberg’s revised plates from Jansson’s T

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Dasa Pahor]
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        David Jacks of Monterey, and Lee L. Jacks, his daughter with a foreword by Donald Bertrand Tresidder...

      Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, October, 1945. vi, 44p., 10.75x14.25 inches, decorated title page of green Monterey Cypress (with light-offset reflection from ink transfer) foreword, marginal annotation, three tipped-in photo portraits of the subjects, very good first edition limited to 105 copiesbound in tan cloth boards decorated with Cypress design and quarter brick-cloth backing and paper title label on spine. Eleven copies located in OCLC as of 2/2017. Account of early California pioneer and his daughter....

      [Bookseller: Bolerium Books]
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        Applied Mathematical Research in Germany, with particular Reference to Naval Applications. Report No. 79. British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee.

      London: H.M. Stationer's Office, (1945) - Folio (195 x 255 mm), [iv], 65 pp., stapled roneoed typescript in printed wrappers as issued (2 early leaves bound out of sequence but complete), marked "Copy No. 438" and stamped "Restricted" in red, later stamped "Unclassified" in blue (with, however, one paragraph on p. 2 blacked out), covers discoloured towards edges, considerable fraying around spine, internally very good. First edition, the report of an investigation carried out in Germany during June-July 1945, which included visits to A. Walther at the IPM, Darmstadt, and to the University of Göttingen. Page 63 gives a brief account of "Ing. Zuse's calculating machines", written before direct contact had been established with him. As the war in Europe was drawing to a close, the Allies planned to find out as much information as possible about the work of German scientists and mathematicians, particularly those engaged in rocketry and atomic weapons. This report documents an intelligence mission to Germany by a six-man team of mathematicians in June, July and August 1945. Eight 'targets' were selected for investigation, each of which is the subject of a section in the report (see Table of Contents). Notable among them was the 'Peenemünde Group' working on the trajectories of V2 rockets at Niederhausen near Darmstadt (Section 1, Group 1), and the Mathematisches Reichsinstitut at Oberwolfach, founded in 1944 by Wilhelm Süss, then Rektor of Freiburg University. Pages 63-4 give a brief account of Konrad Zuse's electro-mechanical binary computer (the Z4), evacuated to Göttingen in February 1945. The team was led by the British mathematician John Todd (1911-2007), who would go on to end his distinguished career at Caltech, after doing pioneering work in numerical analysis and playing a key role in the development of some of the first large computers. In 1943 he had founded the Admiralty Computing Service, from which he recruited this team. Fred Hoyle was added for his expertise with radar. 'There is no possibility of "controlling" mathematical research, i.e. preventing work being carried out on "war" subjects. It is abundantly clear from our observations in Germany and from information obtained from U.S.A. (and, to a much less extent, from our experience in U.K.) that almost any top-class mathematician practising in the most abstract fields can very quickly make substantial contributions in the mathematics of technology' (pp. 2-3). Elsewhere Todd recounted how on this mission he earned the title 'The Saviour of Oberwolfach', by preventing Moroccan soldiers from burning the entire mathematical library of Freiburg which Süss had evacuated to the Black Forest for safe-keeping (interview with Don Albers, 'John Todd—Numerical Mathematics Pioneer', The College Mathematics Journal, Volume 38, Number 1, January 2007 , pp. 2-23) [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        Day of Paris

      New York: J.J.Augustin 1945 - First edition. 4to. pp. [iv], 147, 1, index. Original light tan cloth with black lettering. Dust jacket is torn with loss to head and foot of spine. Loss to head of upper and lower cover and to the hinge of the upper cover with flap. The jacket is not in good condition but it is rare to find the jacket at all. Edited by George Davis. The Day of Paris includes “the best of his humanist documentary imagery” (The Photobook). A superb collection of photographs of everyday life in Paris and Kertesz’s most sought after title. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Voewood Rare Books]
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        Les mains sales

      - Gallimard, Paris 1945, 12x19cm, broché. - Prima edizione, una delle 210 copie numerate su Alfa, solo carta di grandi dimensioni l'Olanda dopo 15 e 60 filato puro. Bella copia. - [FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Edition originale, un des 210 exemplaires numérotés sur alfa, tirage de tête après 15 Hollande et 60 pur fil.  Agréable exemplaire.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        BARRAUD (M.)]. Rose Lourdin. Gravures originales de Maurice Barraud.

      Lausanne, Nermod, 1945. - in-4, 47pp.-4ff. dont 3 blancs- 7 gravures hors-texte, comprises dans la pagination. Reliure à la Bradel demi-vélin ivoire, plats recouverts d'un papier ivoire imprimé de motifs abstraits ton brique, couverture et dos conservés. (Reliure non signée). Premier tirage des délicates gravures de Maurice Barraud. Titre imprimé en rouge et noir, avec une petite vignette, titres courants en rouge, typographie en gros caractères. Beau livre, tiré à 120 exemplaires seulement, tous sur papier "Guarro Molivell" à la main. - Un des 100 exemplaires du tirage d'édition, très frais.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Devaux]
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        As We Remember Joe

      1945 - (KENNEDY, Robert) KENNEDY, John F. As We Remember Joe. Cambridge, MA: Privately printed at the University Press, 1945. Octavo, original maroon cloth. Housed in a custom clamshell box. $7200.First edition, second issue (of only 250 copies), of this tribute to the eldest of the Kennedy brothers, inscribed by Robert Kennedy to his successor as Attorney General, Nicholas Katzenbach: "For Nick, Bob Kennedy. Christmas 1965." Privately printed for family and friends.John F. Kennedy edited this collection of 20 essays (and also wrote the first, "My Brother Joe") memorializing his eldest brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., who won the Naval Cross and was killed in action in 1944. Privately printed for family and friends. There were 390 copies printed in the first issue with winged device on title page printed in red, and 250 in this, the second issue, with winged device on title page printed in black. With numerous photographic illustrations. The recipient of this copy, Nicholas Katzenbach, was a law professor at the University of Chicago when Robert Kennedy decided to appoint him Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel in 1961. Just a year later, Kennedy placed him in the Number Two position at the Justice Department: Deputy Attorney General. Katzenbach became famous when he personally confronted Alabama Governor George Wallace when he blocked the entrance to the University of Alabama in an attempt to prevent two black students from attending. Later, when Robert F. Kennedy left office in early 1965, Lyndon Johnson appointed Katzenbach Attorney General. Two years after that, Katzenbach became Under Secretary of State, serving to the end of the Johnson Administration. With original mailing label from Kennedy's Senate office to Katzenbach laid in.Very faint foxing to preliminaries, minor rust mark to front pastedown, original cloth quite lovely. A very nearly fine inscribed copy. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Bauman Rare Books]
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        Quaderni della Critica. Diretti da Benedetto Croce

      Laterza, 1945. Brossura (wrappers) Croce prosegue idealmente la pubblicazione de "La Critica" negli anni del dopoguerra fino alla sua morte. Fascicoli pubblicati dal numero 1 del marzo 1945 al numero 19-20 del settembre 1951. Tutto il pubblicato. 18 fascicoli. 8vo. pp. 100-150/fasc. Molto Buono (Very Good). .

      [Bookseller: Studio Bibliografico Marini]
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        Quatre Ans dans les Bagnes Hitleriens Buchenwald, Laura, Ellrich, Harzungen, Dora

      Imprimerie CrÃ?¨te Ã?  Corbeil [August 1945]. Soft Cover. 125, [2] p., illus.; 19 cm. "Dessins de Charles Couturiot, ex-DÃ?©portÃ?© politique n. 66132." The experiences of two French survivors of Nazi concentration camps. An early and unusual imprint. OCLC records copies in Amsterdam and Lyon. Good+, an uncut copy in original printed wrappers. Stock#OB521.

      [Bookseller: The Owl at the Bridge]
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        Brideshead Revisited

      London: Chapman & Hall Ltd.,, 1945 [ie 1944]. Private edition, sole printing, one of 50 copies, preceding all other manifestations of this work. Not Set. Octavo. Original blue wrappers, with paper labels to front wrapper titles printed in black, note regarding privacy in red, handmade paper, all edges untrimmed Spine leaning, nicked at the ends and with some typical vertical creasing, wrappers a little grubby. A sound honest and entirely unsophisticated example of the true first printing of any version of Waugh's 'magnum opus'. From the library of Pansy Pakenham.

      [Bookseller: Blakeney Griffin Booksellers Ltd]
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