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        La Flore et la Pomone Francaises, ou histoire et figure en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalises sur le sol francais.

      1828. Paris, chez l'auteur, 1828 (-1835). 4 volumes. Royal-8vo (260 x 170mm). With 540 (of 544) fine engraved plates printed in colours with handfinishing. Contemporary black half morocco, gilt ornamented spines. The work was issued in 136 (138?) parts. It was planned to publish 800 plates but in so far as we know the regular publication was terminated with plate 544. Jean Henri Jaume Saint Hilaire (1772-1845) was a French botanist and botanical artist. "It is not until the beginning of the nineteenth century that precise scientific drawing commences to characterize French flower plates but with the transition the French artists such as Jaume St. Hilaire, Bessa, Turpin and Redoute rose almost immediately to world pre-eminence. These names are collector's high points" (Dunthorne p. 4). Blunt considers Jaume Saint-Hilaire a distinguised botanist and praises his 'Plantes de France' with its 1000 pleasant little stipple plates. Jaume Saint-Hilaire studied flower painting under van Spaendonck in Paris. Some occasional foxing, latin names written in pencil at foot of plates. Dunthorne 160; Stafleu & Cowan 3311; Johnston 943 quoting 552 plates..

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        Histoire naturelle des poissons. Bde. I - IX (von insgesamt XXII Bdn.), in 5 Bdn..

      Paris, F. G. Levrault, 1828-33. Gr.8°, Bd. I: XIV, 422 S., 1 Bl.; Bd.II: XVII, 371 S., Bd. III: 368 S.; Bd.IV: XX, 379 S., 1 Bl.; Bd.V: XX, 374 S., 1 Bl.; Bd. VI: XVIII, 419 S., 1 Bl.; Bd. VII: XXII, 399 S., 1 Bl.; Bd. VIII: XV, 375 S., 1 Bl.; Bd. IX: XXIV, 1 Bl., 379 S,, HLdr. der Zeit (neu aufgebunden unter Verwendung der alten Rücken und Deckeln.). Innen einige Bl. mit Rissen (diese Hinterlegt), asnonsten gutes Exemplar., Etwas berieben. Bibliotheksstempel a. Vorsatz. Einge wenige Bleistift anstreichungen. Preis in CHF: 1650. (Nissen ZBI 1017). Leider ohne die legendären Fisch-Abbildungen.Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert, Baron de Cuvier (1769 -1832), französischer Naturforscher. Georges Cuvier gilt als wissenschaftlicher Begründer der Paläontologie und machte die vergleichende Anatomie zu einer Forschungsdisziplin. Er untersuchte die Anatomie verschiedener Lebewesen und verglich systematisch alle Ähnlichkeiten und Unterschiede. Diese Studien ermöglichten ihm, aus der Existenz einiger Knochen die Gestalt anderer Knochen und die zugehörigen Muskeln abzuleiten. So gelang ihm schließlich die Rekonstruktion eines ganzen Tierkörpers aus nur wenigen Teilen.

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        Autograph letter signed.

      East India College, Hertford Heath, 17. III. 1828.. 4to (185 x 227 mm). 4 pp. including integral address leaf. In cloth slip case.. Important unpublished autograph letter on the definition of wealth, written by Malthus from the East India College where he was Professor of Political Economy to Nassau William Senior (1790-1864), discussing Senior's definition of wealth in his lecture on mercantile wealth in his "Three Lectures on the Transmission of Precious Metals from Country to Country and the Mercantile Theory of Wealth" which were delivered in Oxford in June 1827 and first published in 1828. Malthus writes: "You know however that I consider it of the utmost importance to the progress of the sciences of Political Economy, and to its useful practical application to confine the term wealth to those objects the increase or decrease of which we can form some estimate of." - Senior was First Drummond Professor of Political Economy, Oxford 1825-30, a highly original classical economist, making original contributions to the theory of value, rent, population, money and international trade. But Senior was unsympathetic to the Malthusian population theory. Senior's "Two Lectures on Population" (1829) was one of the first criticisms of the Malthusian theory, based on the argument that the theory is refuted by empirical evidence about rising living standards despite growth of population. - Page 3 shows two paper repairs with loss of 3 or 4 words; ink stain on the final page.

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        Autograph letter signed ("JFW Herschel").

      "Austria", 24. VII. 1828.. 4to. 4 pp. on double leaf. With autograph address. Together with five related letters, notes, and a drawing.. An extraordinary letter to Mr. Mr. Henn, discussing Henn's paper on object glasses and the planetary ephemerides: "It is so long since I wrote to you, you will think I have forgotten you. It is not so, but I have been so overwhelmed with business that I have been obliged to neglect my correspondence -much to my regret. Let me first acknowledge your communication on object glasses and on the planetary ephemerides, if I have not already done so, with the tables and the letters accompanying them. They are printed (not the letters) in the forthcoming volume of the Astron. society's transactions. I have now the proof sheets of the former before me, on which allow me some remarks. 1. The second value off as it stands in your MS. is incorrect the factor 1/r + 1/s being accidentally omitted. I have rectified this in the printed copy. 2. You say [... a quote in German, followed by an equation ...]. Now this is not true of the Spherical aberration itself but (if instead of l/n2 p we write x2 /2n2 p the x2 /2 having been inadvertently or perhaps for brevity omitted by you) it is true [symbol] the function which in my paper on object glasses referred to by you, is called ? is equal to your [symbol] multiplied by [an equation]. In order to rectify this with as little alteration of your words as possible I have substituted for [a German phrase], in the English translation (by Dr. Tiarks) the words 'the coefficient of spherical aberration' and explained in a note that this 'coefficient' means the function above mentioned. 3. When you say '[a German phrase] &c' you seem to say it [doubles] as a theorem that The Spherical aberration of a double lens is Equal to the Sum of the Spherical aberration of its component lenses. Not only no such theorem can be taken for granted, but it is not correct in fact It is true that the 'coefficient' of Spherical aberration in a double lens is the Sum of the 'coefficient of S.A.' ff its component ones, but this is by no means self evident, but requires all the proof (a pretty complicated one) which is given in my paper-to which I have therefore annexed a reference. 4. In deriving my Equations (A) and (z) you have made W = dn/dn1, p=1-W, p1 = 1 W/W, and throughout your paper you have regarded the ratio of the dispersion powers (which I have called W in my Equations) as the same with that of dn: dnl whereas it is in reality dn/n -1: nd1 /n1-1 and the value of W which satisfies my equations (A) (z) is not W = dn/dn1, but W = dn/dn1 X n1 - 1/n - 1. I have therefore made this correction, and in the remainder of your paper have represented the fraction dn/dn1 not by W but by another letter [symbol] to avoid confusion. 5. You have remarked 'that the terms + [equation] and- [equation]' [it should be[ equation]] '[followed by a quote in German].' If this remark be well founded, all my theory of aberrations falls to the ground I am convinced, if you will consider the matter again, you will coincide with me that this paragraph ought not to stand, and admit that I have done right in striking it out of the printed copy. At all events, as you deduce no conclusion from it in what follows, its omission no way vitiates any part of what you have said. 6. In the first example of your very real and useful practical formulae, you have given, you have taken n = 1.53, n1 = 1.60 and you say 'zersXeiing dn = 0.0, dn1= 0.04 also W = 0.25'. Since the values of dn and dn1 are 0.01 and 0.04 the true ratio of dispersive powers or of focal lengths of the glasses is not 0.25 but 0.25 X 60/53. I have therefore struck out 'W =' and left dn/dn1 = 0.25, after which, the numerical calculations, in which W is not involved, are (I suppose) correct I cannot but remark however that no crown x flint glass hitherto met with will give dn/dn1 = 0.01/0.04. The lowest value of [equation] I know of is 0.425 for glasses. So that this example though good is a numerical illustration has no practical meaning. I cannot imagine by what mode of experimenting you have got such very small values as 0.004 and 0.008 in the specimens of glass you tried, for dn and dn1. I presume they do not relate to extreme rays, but I wish you had mentioned what rays they were determined for, and by what [means]. I hope you will now not think me a very severe critic when I tell you that I think very highly of your paper, as a most useful practical work, and which promises to be of the greatest service. A gentleman named Rogers of Lieth has made a considerable improvement (as promises) in the construction of Large telescopes -he corrects a large disc of Crown by a compound lens of crown x flint of much smaller aperture [followed by a sketch] thus. Vide the Vol. III of the Trans. Ast. Soc. I am sorry you should have thought it necessary to send the money for Dr. Pearson's book as I never intended you to pay for it at all events the (2 13 shill) you mention to have sent by Perther...has never come to hand. I am delighted to see that you are not contented to observe but deduce results. Your catalogues of stars whose proper motions come out from your obsns so well, are excellent examples. I wish all astronomers would go & do likewise work muchdispute little-use their eyes & draw conclusions the best they can, and trust the next sensation with their fame. I shall shortly find a way to send you my 3d Catalogue of new double stars- this completes my first thousand. What a wonderful work Struve's Catalogue is! My nebulae get on slowly but steadily. Within the last few days I have been examining the Satellites of Uranus. About two there remains no doubt-and I am almost sure there are more, but the planet is most unfavorably situated [...]". - Seal tear repaired.

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        Histoire Naturelle des Poissons.

      1828. Paris, F.G. Levrault, 1828-1849. 22 volumes. 4to (254 x 210mm). With 657 (70 plain) beautifully handcoloured engraved plates. Later blue cloth, gilt lettered spines. The very rare large paper issue of the most important iconography on fishes published in the 19th century. The work is very reasonably priced as the text and plates are partly seriously affected by foxing. The plates of volumes 19 and 20 are not coloured. The work is usually found in 8vo with either plain or coloured plates. The work is important as it gives the correct Linnaean nomenclature of many fishes from Cook's voyages. "Cuvier and his assistant, Achille Valenciennes, did not actually see the voyage drawings; instead, they were to be plentifully supplied with tracings and sketched copies by a remarkable traveller, writer and artist called Sarah Bowdich. Together with her husband Thomas Bowdich, she had spent three-and-a-half years in Paris where they became close friends of Cuvier... The Bowdich copies of fish drawn by Georg Forster and other artists are in pencil on now-faded scraps of paper, and include a number of New Zealand species. They are bound in with the original Cuvier manuscript from which emerged the enormous 'Histoire naturelle des Poissons' (1824-49) in which some further fish from the Cook voyages were properly described and named..." (Andrews, The Southern Ark p. 57). "Nearly all that was known about fishes during the first half of the nineteenth century was summarized by Georges Cuvier and his pupil and successor, Achille Valenciennes, in the monumental 'Histoire Naturelle des Poissons'. ... (It) contains descriptions of 4,514 nominal species, the greater portion, approximately two-thirds, written by Valenciennes after the death of Cuvier in 1832. To-day the work of Cuvier and Valenciennes is indispensable to systematic ichthyology ... In many parts of the world people assisted Cuvier with notes, manuscripts, and particularly specimens. For many years the Jardin des Plantes was the center where all ichthyological materials were deposited. Thus, Cuvier was able to bring together the richest and largest contemporary collection of fishes. Althogether, his vast communication network, huge world-wide collections, and extensive ichthyological library, made Paris the center of ichthyology and Cuvier the foremost ichthyologist in the world" (T.W. Pietsch in 'Archives of Nat. Hist, 12, 1'). The plates belong to the very best ever made, no ichthyological work equals the delicacy of colouring and precision of engraving. Nissen. Schöne Fischbücher, 46; B.M.(Nat. Hist.)I, 411..

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        Analytisch-geometrische Entwicklungen. (2 Bde. in 1 Bd.).

      Essen, Baedeker, 1828/1831. 4°, VIII, 270, 1 Bl., 8 Kupfertaf. m. 148 geometr. Abb.; X, 293 S., 1 Bl., 2 Kupfertaf. m. 39 geometr. Abb., Priv.-Hldr. d. Zt. m. gold. Rückenpräg., Kapitale u. Ecken etw. berieben, kl. Stempel u. Name a. Vs., tlw. stockfl. (Titelei des 1. Bandes grossflächig), die Taf. am Seitensteg knapp beschnitten u. tlw. m. Bild- bzw. Buchstabenverlusten. Preis in CHF: 990. Jeweils in Erstausgabe. J. Plücker (1801 - 1868), Professor in Bonn, Halle, später wieder Bonn, Begründer der Liniengeometrie, als Physiker Wegbereiter der modernen Vakuumtechnik.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Peter Petrej]
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        Viro illustrissimo, rerum naturae, animantium, inanimorum, investigatori acerrimo, Societas Naturae Curiosorum Senckenbergia impetrati in Facultate Medica summi honoris solennia quinquagesima die VII. aprilis MDCCCCXXVIII auspiciis summi numinis agenda pie laeteque gratulatur.

      Frankfurt, Broenner, 1828.. (26 x 21 cm). 43 S. Mit 4 gefalteten lithographierten Tafeln. Moderner Halbleinwandband.. Seltene Arbeit des berühmten Mediziners über die Sonnenflecken, anlässlich seines fünfzigjährigen Doktorjubiläums herausgegeben. Die Beobachtungen führte er ab 1817 zusammen mit Thilo durch, unter Zuhilfenahme mehrerer Frauenhoferscher Fernrohre. Mit eigenem Titelblatt (aber fortlaufender Paginierung) ist hier enthalten: De tabulis iconographicis quibus maculae solis mensibus anni 1826 sex posterioribus et anni 1827 sex prioribus a... S.Th. a Soemmerring observatae adumbrantur commentatus est Ludwig Thilo in Verbindung mit Wilhelm Ernst Weber. - Die Tafeln zeigen die beobachteten Sonnenflecken. - Durchgehend stockfleckig. Rechte obere Ecke mit kleinem braunen Fleck. Einige Blätter sauber angefalzt, sonst gut erhalten. - Wenzel-Naß, Soemmerring-Bibliographie 179

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Gerhard Gruber]
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        Analytisch-geometrische Entwicklungen. 2 Bände.

      Essen, Baedeker, 1828-31.. (27 x 21,5 cm). VIII, 270 (1) S./ X (2) 293, (1) S. Mit zus. 10 Kupfertafeln. Halblederbände der Zeit.. Erste Ausgabe seines Erstlingswerkes. "In his 'Analytisch-geometrische Entwicklungen'... Plücker used only nonhomogeneous point coordinates. At the end of volume II he presented a detailed explanation of the principle of reciprocity, now called the principle of duality" (DSB). - Plücker (1801-1868) war Professor für Mathematik in Bonn und Halle. Seine Arbeiten waren durch den Neuaufbau der analytischen Geometrie für die projektive Geometrie von großer Wichtigkeit und bilden einen Meilenstein in der Überwindung der lange Zeit in Deutschland vorherrschenden synthetischen Geometrie. - Stempel auf Titel. Stellenweise leicht stockfleckig bzw. gebräunt. Einbände leicht berieben und bestoßen. Insgesamt gut erhalten. - DSB 11, 44.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Gerhard Gruber]
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        Constantinople et le Bosphore de Thrace, pendant les annees 1812, 1813 et 1814, et pendant l'annee 1826, avec un atlas compose de six planches gravees, et de quatre paysages lithographies.

      Paris, Theophile Barrois & Benj. Duprat, J. S. Merlin, 1828.. (4), XLIV, 525, (1) pp. Contemp. half calf with giltstamped spine title. With the folio atlas: 6 engr. maps and plans and 4 lithogr. views. Contemp. half calf over marbled boards, with original printed wrapper cover on upper cover. 8vo.. First edition, text and atlas together. Descended from a family of canal builders, Antoine Francois Conte Andreossi (1761-1828) served at the French embassy in Constantinople from 1811 to 1814, when he was recalled to France by Louis XVIII, much to the dismay of the local French community. Some of the plates show his beloved waterways and fountains; they also include a view of the Hippodrome and Mosque of Sultan Ahmed. - Endpapers of 8vo volume loose; bookplate of Dr. Th. Weber (no. 518). Slight worming to hinges of atlas; old stamp to first engraved plates. - Atabey 22. Blackmer 33. Weber I, 154-155. Brunet I, 276. Graesse I, 122. Not in Aboussouan.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Inlibris, Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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        "Neuburg". Blick von Norden über die Donau auf die Stadt mit dem beherrschenden Schloßbau, vorne rechts zwischen Bäumen das Arco-Schlößchen.

      . Altkol. Lithographie von Gustav Kraus nach Heinrich Adam bei Lacroix um 1828, 25 x 42 cm.. Pressler 178; Lentner 9056; Schefold 47023. - Aus der um 1828 erschienenen Folge großformatiger Ansichten bayerischer Städte. - Breitrandig und wohl erhalten. Aufwendig gerahmt. Prächtiges Altkolorit!

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Gesamtansicht von Norden über die Wörnitz auf die spätgotische Pfarrkirche in der Bildmitte und das Benediktinerkloster Heiligkreuz links.

      . Kol. Lithographie von Gustav Kraus bei Jos. Selb, um 1828, 25 x 40,5 cm.. Pressler 169; Lentner 7515; Schefold 43422. - Aus der 1829 erschienenen Folge "22 Ansichten bayerischer Städte". Die Ansicht im Vordergrund belebt durch "einige interessante Bauerntypen" (Lentner). - Breitrandig und tadellos erhalten.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Gesamtansicht über die Iller mit dem Stift und der Lorenzkirche rechts.

      . Altkol. Lithographie von Gustav Kraus, gedruckt bei Jos. Selb, um 1828, 25 x 41 cm.. Pressler 175; Schefold 45314. - Aus der um 1828 erschienenen Folge großformatiger Ansichten bayerischer Städte. - Im sehr breiten Rand leicht stockfleckig, sonst tadellos. Prächtiges Altkolorit!

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Blick von Norden auf die Stadt im Bodensee, vorne links Anhöhe und ein Weg mit einem Reiter, der mit zwei Bauersleuten spricht.

      . Altkol. Lithographie von Gustav Kraus, um 1828, 25 x 41 cm.. Pressler 177, I; Schefold 46077; Maillinger II, 1487; Lentner 8804: "Prächtige Lithographie". - Aus der um 1828 erschienenen Folge großformatiger Ansichten bayerischer Städte. - Im sehr breiten Rand ganz gering stockfleckig, sonst tadellos. Prächtiges Altkolorit!

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Gesamtansicht über die Iller mit dem Stift und der Lorenzkirche rechts.

      . Lithographie von Gustav Kraus, gedruckt bei Jos. Selb, um 1828, 25 x 41 cm.. Pressler 175; Schefold 45314. - Aus der um 1828 erschienenen Folge großformatiger Ansichten bayerischer Städte. - Breitrandig und sehr gut erhalten.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Blick von Norden auf die Stadt im Bodensee, vorne links Anhöhe und ein Weg mit einem Reiter, der mit zwei Bauersleuten spricht.

      . Altkol. Lithographie von Gustav Kraus, um 1828, 25 x 41 cm.. Pressler 177, I; Schefold 46077; Maillinger II, 1487; Lentner 8804: "Prächtige Lithographie". - Aus der um 1828 erschienenen Folge großformatiger Ansichten bayerischer Städte. - Auf Einfassungslinie geschnitten und angerändert. Sehr feines Altkolorit.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Contes inedits des Mille et Une Nuits, extraits de l'original Arabe. Traduits en Francais par G.-S. Trebutien. 3 Bände.

      Paris, Dondey-Dupre, 1828.. 8vo (21 : 12.5 cm). I: 4 Bl., XLVII, 435 S. - II: 2 Bl., 424 S. - III: 2 Bl., 504 S. Mit 3 Frontispizen in Stahlstich. Grüne Halblederbände d. Zt. mit auberginefarbenen Titel- und Bandschildern, Rückenvergoldung und -blindprägung; Deckel, Vorsätze und Schnitt marmoriert.. Erste französische Ausgabe. Hammer benutzte ein 1797 in Kairo kopiertes Manuskript, seinerzeit das umfangreichste bekannte. Er übertrug erstmals alle Episoden der 1001 Nacht, die Galland unbekannt geblieben waren, darunter der glückliche Schluß der Rahmenhandlung. Als Referenz vor Galland übersetzte Hammer ins Französische. Für die bereits 1803-10 entstandene Arbeit fand sich kein Verleger, erst 1823 brachte Cotta Zinserlings deutsche Version heraus. Hammers Manuskript ging wenig später auf dem Postweg zu einem Londoner Verleger verloren. Die vorliegende französische Ausgabe isteine Rückübersetzung nach der deutschen durch Trebutien. - Hammers bemerkenswerte Einleitung umfaßt eine bereits weit entwickelte Entstehungsgeschichte der Märchensammlung, eine genaue Untersuchung der von Galland übersetzten Teile und eine Konkordanz der in Europa bekannten zwölf größeren Manuskripte des Alf laila wa-laila. - Chauvin IV, p. 98, no. 257; Goedeke VII, p. 764, no. 65b. - Die eleganten Einbände minim berieben. Vorzugsexemplar auf feinem Schreibpapier mit den nicht immer beigegebenen Frontispizen. Vor allem zu Beginn und Ende stockfleckig, insgesamt frisch.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Müller & Draheim]
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        >Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire<. 94 (von 97 Bänden.) Avec des remarques et des notes historiques, scientifiques, et litteraires par MM. Auguis, Clogenson, Daunou, Louis du Bois, Etienne, Charles Nodier, etc.

      Erschienen in Paris bei Delange Freres, in den Jahren 1828 bis 1834.. Erstausgabe, 1. Auflage, gedruckt bei Imprimerie de Jules Didot Aine, imprimeur du Roi. Insgesamt 94 von 97 Bänden mit ca. 400 Seiten pro Band, die Bde. 70, 85 und 97 fehlen! 8°(Oktav- Format bis 22,5 cm.) Schwarz- grüne Original Halbleder- Einbände mit anthrazit- schwarzen, leinenstrukturierten Deckelüberzügen, auf vier Bünden, sowie Lesebändchen und mit blau- grau marmorierten Vor- und Nachsätzen.. Inhalt: Eine fast vollständige Gesamtausgabe in der Originalsprache (von 97 Bänden fehlen nur 3 Bde.) des großen europäischen Philosophen, Dichter und Aufklärers von weltgeschichtlichen Ausmaßen. Voltaire (geb. 1694 in Paris; gest. 1778). Vol. 1: Biographie. Vol.2: Memoires. Vol. 3-12: Theatre. Vol. 13: La Henriade. Vol. 14: La Pucelle. Vol. 15-18: Poesie. Vol. 19-24: Essai sur les moeurs. Vol. 25-27: Le Siecle de Louis XIV. Vol. 28-29: Le Siecle de Louis XV. Vol. 30: Histoire de Charles XII. Vol. 31: Histoire de Russie. Vol. 32-33: Annales de l'Empire. Vol. 34: Histoire du Parlement de Paris. Vol. 35-37: Melanges historiques. Vol. 38-40: Politique et legislation. Vol. 41-42: Physique. Vol. 43-48: Philosophie. Vol. 49-50: Dialogues. Vol. 51-58: Dictionnaire philosophique, petite perte a la coiffe du volume 54. Vol. 59-60: Romans. Vol. 61: Faceties. Vol. 62-64: Melanges litteraires. Vol. 65-67: Commentaires. Vol. 68-95: Correspondance. Vol. 96-97: Tableau analytique. Zustand: Achtung! Es fehlen die Bde. 70, 85 und 97, sonst komplett. Einbände leicht berieben und etwas beschabt, Ecken und Kanten wenig bestoßen. Innen: Seiten teilweise stärker gebräunt, sonst sauber und erstaunlich gut erhalten.

      [Bookseller: Galerie-Antiquariat Schlegl]
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        St Petersburgh. A Journal of Travels to and From That Capital; Through Flanders, The Rhenish Provinces, Prussia, Russia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, The Federated States of Germany, and France. 2 Volume set

      London Henry Colburn 1828. G : in Good condition. Cover rubbed with upper board detached. Lacks outer spines. Title page of volume 2 repaired. Lacks plate 62 in Volume 2. Some scattered browning. Contents firm. Ex.-lib. Royal College of Surgeons with minimal marking First Edition Half leather marbled board cover 220mm x 130mm (9" x 5"). xxxii, 582pp; xii, 742pp, + errata page. 70 plates and vignettes.

      [Bookseller: Barter Books]
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        A Selection From the Public and Private Correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood

      London: James Ridgway, 1828 - Full morocco, 8.5 inches tall. An exceptionally fine copy of the third edition in a spectacular regency binding. With an unusual red title piece between extravagent gilt flourishes and an attractive gilt decorated date at the tail. Gilt and blind tooling to the boards, gilt dentelles and all edges. Portrait and folding plate. Some slight rubbing and fading to the lower board but overall a splendid copy. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: McConnell Fine Books ABA & ILAB]
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        40 Lithographirte Tafeln Nebst Erklarung und Erlauterung Deserselben [40 Lithographic plates with additional explanation and clarification]

      First Edition. Half-leather cover with marbled boards. G: in Good condition without dust jacket. Cover rubbed with scuffing and wear to leather at corners and spine. Occasional light foxing. Ex library Royal College of Surgeons Ireland stamps to prelim pages. 260mm x 420mm (10" x 17"). 31pp, 39 plates. 39 engraved lithographic plates. Text in German.

      [Bookseller: Barter Books Ltd]
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        Catalonien in Malerischer, Architectonisher und Antiquariarischer Beziehung dargestellt auf Dreissig Blättern.

      Leipzig und Darmstadt, verlag von Carl Wilhelm Leske, s.d. (1828). - Grand in-folio. Titre. 30 planches gravées sur cuivre. Cartonnage de l'époque, étiquette imprimée sur le plat supérieur (dos frotté avec manques). Edition Originale de ce recueil de gravures de grand format exclusivement consacré à la Catalogne avec des vues de Barcelone, du pont de Martorell, de Montserrat, Cardona, Girona, Tarragona, etc. Fortes rousseurs, comme souvent. Palau, 77728. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librería Comellas]
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        An American Dictionary of the English Language

      New York: S. Converse, 1828. First edition. Printed by Hezekiah Howe in New Haven. Two quarto volumes (pages 274 x 222 mm), with double fly-leaves beginning and end of each volume, frontis portrait, and signatures A-K(4), 1-113(4), 114(2) for the first volume and: Title, 1-115(4), 116(2) for the second volume. Complete with the "Additions and Corrections" leaf at the end of volume 2. Unpaginated, but with 498 leaves in the first volume (not including the frontis portrait) and 463 leaves in volume 2. Dictionary entries in triple column. & & Bound in contemporary full sheep with original red and black morocco spine labels and marbled end pages. The spine labels have been patched, board corners repaired and prelims through the title page in each volume cleaned. But here&#39;s something you won&#39;t see very often, Webster&#39;;s in a contemporary sheepskin binding that hasn&#39;t been rebacked and with the joints holding. An attractive, authentic set. & & Noah Webster wrote over 70,000 entries for his American dictionary, 12,000 of which had never before appeared in a dictionary. His work was an orphanage for all the bastardized English, French and even Indian words that had been assimilated into the American vernacular during the 200 years that American English had been evolving. Many words were given their American spelling in his dictionary for the first time as a way to further distance American English from that of Great Britain and also in an effort at uniformity and consistency in spelling. Uniquely American words, like "hickory" and "chowder," appear for the first time in Webster&#39;s dictionary, embraced as a part of the budding American dialect and culture. & & "...the book marked a definite advance in modern lexicography, as it included many non-literary terms and paid great attention to the language actually spoken. Moreover, his definitions of the meaning of words were accurate and concise... and have for the greater part stood the test of time superbly well. In fact, Webster succeeded in breaking the fetters imposed upon American English by Dr. Johnson (201), to the ultimate benefit of the living languages of both countries." (PMM 291).

      [Bookseller: Whitmore Rare Books]
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        Dramatic Works of J.W. Goethe Containing the Second Edition of Faust

      Alexandre Mesnier, 1828. Hardcover, Very Good. "Alexandre Mesnier, Paris 1828. Second Edition. 4 Volumes including a biography of Goethe by Albert Stapfer. Translated into French. Contains what is apparently the Second Edition of the French Translation of Faust. No comparable copies of this edition could be found anywhere online at the time of listing. A rare early printing of Goethe's works including Faust with the errata present. Original binding. Leather spine over marbled boards. Gold lettering at the spine. Book Condition: Very Good, books are tight and square, shelf wear at the edges, tight spines, clean pages, minor foxing."

      [Bookseller: 1st Editions and Antiquarian Books]
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      1828. Hardcover. Good. Hardcover. 8vo. Brown leather spine with gilt lines and black title label with gilt lettering. Front cover has brown marbled paste down sheets, leather corners and joints. & & A Sammelband of 9 Eulogies: & & 1. An Eulogy Pronounced at the Funeral of Dead. Benjamin Chaplin, Late of Mansfield in Connecticut, March 27th, 1795 by Moses C Welch. Norwich: Printed by Thomas Hubbard. 10 pages. Name of Deborah Clarke written at bottom of title page. & & 2. Two Sermons on the Hope of Righteous; Preached at Manfield, March 29th, 1795. The Sabbath Next After Interment of Dea Benjamin Chaplin by David Avery. Norwich. Printed by Thomas Hubbard 1796. 64 pages. Name of Deborah Clarke written at bottom of title page and top of three other pages. Page 39, 40 has a closed tear. & & 3. Eulogy of Gen CHS. Cotesworth Pinckney, President General of the Society of the Cincinnati, Delivered, By Appointment of the Society of the Cincinnati of South Carolina on Tuesday, The 1st of November, 1825 by Alexander Garden. Charleston. Printed by A E Miller 1825. 48 pages. & & 4. A Discourse in Commemoration of the Lives and Services of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Delivered in Faneuil Hall, Boston August 2, 1826 by Daniel Webster. Boston, Printed by Cummings, Hillard and Company 1826. 62 pages. & & 5. Eulogy of Thomas Jefferson, Delivered August 3rd, 1826, in The First Presbyterian Church by the Hon. William Johnson. Charleston. Printed by C C Sebring 1826. 38 pages. & & 6. Eulogy of John Adams, Delivered, September 14th, 1826 in St Michaels Church by Timothy Ford. Charleston. Printed by Ellis & Neufville 1826. 39 pages. & & 7. Eulogy on the Hon Wm. Crafts, Delivered Before the Palmetto Society in the Second Independent Church by E S Courtenay. Charleston. Printed by Ellis & Neufville 1826. 15 pages. & & 8. A Sketch of the Character of the Late Hon. Samuel Howe, Delivered Third Day March 1828 by John Williams. Worcestor. Aegis Press 1828. 9. A Sketch of the Life and Services of John Quincy Adams, President of the United States of America. New York. Printed by Sickels Printer 1828. 27 pages.& & Pages are age toned with some light damp-stains to edges of pages. Light to moderate foxing. Right front blank end sheet removed. The two next end sheets are cream colored. Period handwritten contents of the 9 Eulogies is written on the verso side of the first blank end sheet. Some scuffing to leather corners, joints and spine. Overall binding is in good condition. (4) Charleston South Carolina Antebellum Imprints.

      [Bookseller: Americana Books ABAA]
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      [Bookseller: Château de Capens]
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        TRAJES ASIÁTICOS en Cuarenta y Cuatro Estampas Iluminadas según Dinujos al Natural, con una esplicación para cada una.

      R. Ackermann,, London 1828 - 10.5x17.5. 3h. 88pp. 3h. 44 láminas grabadas a la aquatinta(?) y coloreadas a mano. Precioso libro de trajes, mostrando tipos indios de Calcuta, las láminas bellamente coloreadas. Durante el exilio liberal de 1823 - 1834, hubo numerosas colaboraciones entre el edtor emigrado alemán Rudolph Ackermann y la comunidad española en Lonres, tanto para consumo de los propios emigrados como para el creciente mercado hispaoamericano. Este libro trae 4pp. de catálogo editorial con unas 80 obras en castellano publicadas por esta casa. No hemos podido localizar ningún ejemplar de este libro en España (ni en la Biblioteca Nacional, CCPB, Archivo Virtual), tampoco lo recoge Palau. Hemos encontrado solamente un ejemplar en el Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, y uno de la ed. en inglés en el British Library. Pôr lo tanto, extremademente raro. Envíos para España: el pago contra reembolso conlleva un recargo de 2 Euros. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Carmen Alonso Libros]
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        "An American dictionary of the English language: intended to exhibit, I. the origin&#133; II. the genuine orthography&#133; III. accurate and discriminating definitions&#133;"

      "S. Converse. Printed by Hezekiah Howe, New Haven" New York: "S. Converse. Printed by Hezekiah Howe, New Haven". 1828. "First edition of Webster&#39;s greatest dictionary, his magnum opus, and arguably the most popular American book ever published. Only 2500 were printed.& & Two big quarto volumes, engraved portrait after Samuel F.B. Morse, unpaginated text in triple column (collated complete), the 44 preliminary leaves in vol. I containing Webster&#39;s preface on the history of the dictionary, his introductory dissertation ""on the origin, history and connection of the languages of western Asia and of Europe,"" and a grammar, revised and updated from his own of 1807. & & With the terminal printed ""Additions"" leaf in Volume II which is never lacking (unless the book is defective), even though many descriptions of the book suggest that it is sometimes lacking; this ""Additions"" is the second leaf in gathering 116 - the third and fourth leaves in 116 are blank, and are not present in this copy. This copy, however, does have the separately printed ""Advertisement"" leaf (dated Nov. 28, 1828) which is almost always lacking (distinct from the Advertisement appearing on G3 and G4 in the first volume). The November 28 Advertisement, a loose quarto sheet which was separately published, was ostensibly given by Webster to his subscribers in order that he might &#39;be permitted to make a few statements and explanations which would have been less appropriate in the body of the work.&#39; Skeel makes no note of this separately printed sheet being exclusive to subscribers&#39; copies. In fact, it was integral in the British edition which appeared in 1831-32.& & SLate 19th century full paneled sheep with calf onlays at top and bottom edges, and at spine ends; gilt stamp of A. G. Smith central on all covers; neatly rebacked in reversed calf, new black morocco labels on spine; free endpapers in volume I wanting; extremities a bit scuffed, but in all, a good, sound copy. & & A. G. Smith is likely Alonzo G. Smith, the President of the Indiana State Senate in the late 1880s.& & ""This dictionary, which almost at once became, and has remained, the standard English dictionary in the United States, was the end-product of a stream of spelling books, grammars, readers, and dictionaries which flowed from the pen of the industrious Noah Webster. Webster&#39;s great dictionary, all the 70,000 entries of which he wrote with his own hand &#133; The book marked a definite advance in modern lexicography, as it included many non-literary terms and paid great attention to the language actually spoken. Moreover, his definitions of the meaning of words were accurate and concise and have for the greater part stood the test of time superbly well"" (PMM). & & Grolier, American 100, 36. Sabin 102335. Skeel 583. Printing & the Mind of Man, 291."

      [Bookseller: Rulon-Miller Books]
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        Diccionarios de los Fueros del Reino de Navarra, y de las leyes vigentes promulgadas hasta las córtes de los años 1817 y 18 inclusive.

      En San Sebastián, en la imprenta de Ignacio Ramón Baroja, 1828. - 2 parties en 1 volume petit in-4. 2ff. XX 3ff. 433pp. 1f. (1f.blanc). + 1f. II. 1f. 114pp. 2ff. (1f.blanc). Demi-vélin à coins, étiquettes de maroquin rouge et vert au dos (reliure postérieure). Edition Originale, bien complète du supplément paru l'année suivante, de cet ouvrage classique sur le droit foral de Navarre du célèbre historien espagnol originaire de Tudela José Yanguas y Miranda (1782-1863). "El protagonismo de Yanguas en el proceso político que culminó en la ley modificadora de los fueros de 1841 (la llamada ley paccionada), e igualmente su presencia en los primeros debates intelectuales relacionados con la nueva situación de Navarra, exigen prestar una mayor atención a su figura, en buena parte aún desconocida" (Sánchez Prieto et Neva). Tache marginale à deux feuillets. Très bon exemplaire. Cf. Juan María Sánchez Prieto & José Luis Nieva, "La Aventura Política e Intelectual de Yanguas y Miranda" (Cuadernos del Marqués de San Adrián, Centro Asociado de la UNED de Tudela). Palau, 377565. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Librería Comellas]
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        Tour Through Paris, A

      London: William Sams, [1828]. - An Unusually Fresh & Clean CopySAMS, William. A Tour Through Paris, Illustrated with Twenty-One Coloured Plates, Accompanied with Descriptive Letter-Press. London: William Sams, [n.d., 1828]. Second edition, identical to the first of 1824 but with subtitle added, and plates in different order. Folio (14 1/4 x 10 7/16 inches; 361 x 265 mm.). Engraved title-page and twenty-one hand-colored aquatint plates with accompanying unpaginated text to each. Plates watermarked 1827 and 1828.Contemporary quarter crimson straight-grained morocco over marbled boards. Gilt decorated compartments at spine head and tail bookending title in gilt. With the bookplate of Laurence Currie. A fine copy, unusually fresh and clean.Published by printer-bookseller William Sams, of whom little is known, these beautifully designed and aquatinted prints of brilliant hue and warm saturation depict lively and diverse Parisian street scenes and interiors.The Plates:1. Distribution of Wine on the Morning of St. Louis2. The Voitures of Versailles3. The Blind Man of the Pont des Arts4. Dancers on Stilts in the Shams-Elysées5. Office of Nurses6. Porters and Fishwomen Revelling Round the Statue of Henry IV7. Interior of a Swimming School8. Parisians Reading the Public Prints in the Garden of the Tuilleries9. The Catacombs10. Chamber of Deputies11. Street Characters12. Itinerants on the Boulevards13. Military Degradation14. The Juggler of the Chateau d'Eau15. La Morgue16. The Flower-Market17. The Meridian of the Palais Royal18. The Charcoal Porters19. Procession of the Fete-Dieu20. A Corps de Garde of the Garde Nationale21. Promenade of Her Serene Highness the Duchess of Berri.Abbey, Travel, 114. Colas, 2898. Lipperheide, 1187. Tooley, 444

      [Bookseller: David Brass Rare Books, Inc.]
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        A complete and universal English dictionary

      Printed for Thomas Kelly, London 1828 - A new and improved edition, carefully revised and considerably enlarged, 4to, pp. xxiv, 1015, [1]; engraved frontispiece, 18 portrait and map plates, including one hand-colored folding world map; text in double column; contemporary calf boards recently rebacked, red gilt spine label, marbled endpapers; corners worn, occasional dampstaining along edges, else very good and sound. Not in Alston; Vancil, p. 18. Indiana State only in OCLC. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Rulon-Miller Books (ABAA / ILAB)]
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        Tales of a Grandfather; Being Stories Taken From Scottish History Humbly Inscribed to Hugh Littlejohn (first series - complete in three volumes)

      Edingurgh: printed for Cadell and Co. Edinburgh; Simpkin and Marshall, London; and John Cumming, Dublin, 1828. Hardcover. Very Good/No Jacket. 16mo - over 5¾ - 6¾" tall. These three book are stated fifth edition and are clean, tight, square and internally unmarked, but each ffep has an 1829 name on it. They are mildly bumped at the corners and lightly rubbed at the tops of the spines. The page edges are a bit uneven. They have 283, 286, 306, bright, clear pages with rare foxing in a one-quarter binding with black leather (?) and gold titles and lines on the spine. Each has a tissue guarded frontispiece and a pictorial half title page. The boards are the original brown paper and age darkened. There are 6 pages of ads at the end of volume 3.

      [Bookseller: mdpinc Books]
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        The History of Massachusetts, from the First Settlement thereof in 1628, Until the Year 1750 [with:] The History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the Year 1750, until June, 1774

      Boston, Salem: By Manning and Loring for Thomas and Andrews; London: John Murray, 1795 & 1828 - The classic history of Massachusetts, by Governor Hutchinson Third edition "with additional Notes and Corrections of the first title", and first edition of the second title. 3 vols., 8vo. viii, [9]-478 pp., + index [10] pp.; viii, [9]-452 pp.; iv, 551 pp. Bound in modern quarter brown calf, red leather title labels and cloth. Bookplates, contemporary marginalia pp. 165-6, vol. I, vols. I & II with sporadic foxing, else fine. Howes H853; Sabin 34080, 34081 [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller, ABAA]
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        Manuale Procuratorum et Causantium: Complectens Processus in Jure

      1828. [Hungary]. Manuale Procuratorum et Causantium: Complectens Processus in Jure Hungarico Occurrentes, Ordine Alphabetico Exprimens Instituta, Quo Quis Actor, Contra Quem Incattum, Coram quo Judice Procedendum, Quidve Probandum Habeat, Ut Objectum Processus Assequatur, Adjectis Nonnullis Observationibus. Pest: Landerer de Fuskut, 1828. [ii], 172, [4] pp. Octavo (8-1/4" x 5-1/4"). Original plain publisher wrappers, early hand-lettered title and private-library shelf label to spine. Light soiling and shelfwear and a few minor inkstains, minor wear to spine ends and corners. Some toning to text, light foxing in a few places, minor worm holes near center of final three leaves are rear cover. Early owner signature to front pastedown, interior otherwise clean. * First edition. This treatise on civil actions and defenses went though two later editions in 1835 and 1841. OCLC locates 3 copies of this title in North American Law Libraries at Harvard, which has a first edition, and the Library of Congress, which has the first and second editions.

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.]
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        Our Country. Vol. 1. No. 11. September 13, 1828

      Hager's-Town [Md]: Printed alternately at the Offices of the Torch Light & Farmers' Register, 1828. First edition. Self wrappers. A very good copy, a few brown spots and folds, two marginal tears with some expert repairs, period signature in margin. . Our Country was a presidential campaign newspaper started by supporters of John Quincy Adams in his fight against Andrew Jackson and the newly formed Democrats in what was one of the dirtiest presidential campaigns ever. The paper published 18 issues, and in one issue inserted one of the now famous Coffin handbills. In this issue the editors tie Jackson to Aaron Burr, his conspiracy, and trial for treason: "He [Jackson] was either a traitor to Burr in November 1805 when he wrote his letter to Claiborne, or he was a traitor to his country in December of the same year, when he took Burr into his house, and appeared in the streets and public places with him as his bosom friend and pledged supporter." The paper publishes an extract from a financial account showing moneys owed to Jackson by Burr for the purchase of ships for use in his conspiracy. Further attacks against Jackson followed, using the words of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Hart Benton, and others. Scarce. OCLC locates four copies: three in Maryland and one at the Amer. Antiquarian Society. We could find none at auction except a copy of the prospectus for the paper which notes it is to be a corrective for the "flood of false and spurious intelligence which has been let loose... principally by the opposition presses, by which the public mind has been... misled and corrupted.

      [Bookseller: Kaaterskill Books, ABAA/ILAB]
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      Printed for the author London: Printed for the author, 1828 - 1829. First Edition. hardcover. Minimal foxing, slight darkening to the very edges of the plates, but a very clean, superior copy. Bindings with just light wear. Near Fine. Two large quarto (8-1/2" x 11-1/2") volumes bound in contemporary half brown morocco leather and marbled boards with morocco corners, lettered in gilt on the spines, signed A. Macomie. Illustrated with 96 fine steel-engraved plates with tissue guards and 13 engraved maps including one folding. Brockedon describes in words, images, and maps 12 mountain passes including The Little St. Bernard; The Mont Genevre, The Mont Cenis, The Mont St. Gothard, The Great St. Bernard, The Stelvio, The Cornice, The Grimsel and the Gries, The Bernardin and The Splugen, The Brenner, The Tendre and The Argentiere, and The Simplon. Brockedon traversed the Alps 58 times, crossing more than 40 different passes, in the course of his researches.

      [Bookseller: Charles Agvent, ABAA ]
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      Date unknown, circa 1828.. 16 lines handwritten in ink on half a sheet of notepaper without address, unfolded size: 320 x 205 mm, 13 x 8 inches. Addressed to Miss Sarah Lachlan for whom he had written the acrostic poem Un Solitaire: " Dear Miss Lachlan, Emma has so few days to stay with me, that it would be painful to me to part with her for one whole one. But I will bring her to tea with you on Monday, and you shall let us go before 8. I enclose your brother an autograph of Jekyll, Bencher of the Temple, and the reputed wit of the Bar for the last 50 years. Your brother is too young to have heard much about him, but he has been widely known in his profession, as a capital epigrammatist etc. and was the reigning joker of his age. With Emma&#39;s kindest love to your aunt & self. Yours truly C Lamb, Saturday evening." The letter refers to Emma Isola the adopted daughter of Charles and Mary. She was an accomplished amateur artist and did a drawing to go with the poem Un Solitaire written for Miss Lachlan. With the letter is a copy of the poem in an unknown hand on a pale yellow leaf to which is pasted a brief note seemingly in Lamb&#39;s hand: "Mr Lamb has scribbled on a vacant leaf, which may be torn out without ceremony, if his nonsense is out of place. He will in that case beg leave to try again. Miss Isola requests him to return thanks for a sight of the album, & could wish her contribution better". There are very slight textual differences in this version of the poem from the usual printed one. Finally there is a sheet of notepaper with a poem of 3 4-line stanzas by Mary Lamb beginning: "My sweetly modest tranquil Child / So Humble duteous pensive mild.." addressed to "My Dear Sarah with my earnest prayers for every happiness to attend Her, M L". This seems also to concern Sarah Lachlan and was written for the occasion of her birthday. The letters have been folded twice, remains of a small red seal on Charles Lamb&#39;s, address panel browned on Mary&#39;s, leaf with Un Solitaire has a greetings card pasted to reverse from when it was in an album. MORE IMAGES ATTACHED TO THIS LISTING, ALL ZOOMABLE. FURTHER IMAGES ON REQUEST. POSTAGE AT COST.

      [Bookseller: Roger Middleton]
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        A Pilgrimage in Europe and America, leading to the Discovery of the Sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River; with a description of the Whole Course of the Former, and of the Ohio. [Two volumes].

      London: Printed for Hunt and Clarke, 1828.. xxiii, 472 pp.; 545 pp. 8vo. Three quarter dark brown morocco over marbled boards, five raised bands decorated in gilt, black morocco lettering pieces, gilt volume numerals. First English edition. Illus. with engraved frontis, 3 plates, 2 folding plans, and large folding map of the Mississippi. Sabin 4605. Field 111. Pilling: Proof Sheets, 340. Eberstadt 107-20. Howes B338. Wagner-Camp 26a: 2. Clark II: 182. Monaghan: French Travellers 178B. Larned 1591. Hubach 59. Giacomo Costantino Beltrami was a naturalist and explorer who left Italy for Europe after a period of political persecution, then journeyed to America where he traveled from Pittsburgh down the Ohio and up the Mississippi to Ft. Anthony; then to Canada, down the Red River, across to the Missouri and down the Mississippi to New Orleans. For a while he had joined up with an expedition led by Major Stephen Long in 1823 but left to travel again on his own after relations with Long soured. Vol. II. is "almost entirely devoted to the author?s travels among the North-western Indians, of whom he gives some novel particulars. The narrations of what he witnessed are tinged with the peculiar glow of the author?s temperament. Beltrami must have moved in a gigantic world, if he saw external objects through the same media with which he viewed his own person and accomplishments, " Field, Indian Bibliography, p. 28. The work was not well received. Nearly invisible repair to front hinge, else a very good set, extremities worn, scattered foxing; tear at inner margin to first few leaves, offsetting on title, folding map remounted, creased, trimmed to exclude the left side neat line but without loss to map, mainly marginal repairs to two tears on verso of one plan.

      [Bookseller: Henry F. Hain III]
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        Elia. Essays Which Have Appeared Under That Signature in the London Magazine. First Series [with] Elia. Essays Which Have Appeared Under That Signature in the London Magazine. Second Series

      Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, and Carey. 1828. First. First American Editions and the true first complete edition of the second series of essays (the second series wasn't published in England until 1833 as The Last Essays of Elia). Two volumes. 12mos. Linen and original printed glazed papercovered boards with applied paper spine labels. Each volume bears on the front pastedown the bookplate of James Fenimore Cooper, Jr., grandson of the American author. Laid in are an old bookseller's description, and a letter dated in 1916, to Mrs. James Fenimore Cooper, Jr., sending the books along, and discussing some of the bibliographical niceties. Front joint professionally and neatly repaired, and the spine label partly perished on First Series, small stains to the boards, chip to the unprinted front fly in Second Series, still a nice set, in the uncommon original boards, in better condition than one might reasonably expect of these famous, autobiographical essays, and with an interesting association. In 1820 Lamb invented the pseudonym for his first essay, about the work place of his brother, by taking the name of a clerk no longer employed there. The pseudonym stuck, however, and it allowed Lamb to develop a persona with which he examined a variety of subjects with celebrated humor and style. Probably Lamb's best work, though he is also remembered for his children's versions of Shakespeare and Homer which he wrote with his sister Mary (who became his charge after she had a bout of insanity in 1796 and killed their mother). .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Andreas Zaimis. "Zaimis,

      Philhellenic: Munich, Karl August Krazeisen. 1828-1831., 1831. Black & white lithograph of Andreas Zaimis from Krazeizen&#39;s "Bildnisse ausgezeichneter Greichen und Philhellene nebst einigen Ansichten und Trachten." ["Portraits of famous Greeks and Philellenes, along with some views and costumes designed from nature and published by Karl Krazeisen"). verso blank. Head and shoulders portrait with printed signature below. Andreas Asimakou Zaimis (1791â&#128;&#147;1840) was a Greek freedom fighter and government leader during the Greek War of Independence. Born in Kalavryta, in the northern Peloponnesos, Zaimis was a leader of armed men who fought the Ottoman Turks, ultimately securing Greece&#39;s freedom. In 1826, Zaimis was chosen as the leader of the interim Greek government. His son, Thrasivoulos Zaimis, and grandson, Alexandros Zaimis, would also serve as Prime Ministers of Greece. Image bright and clean; light spotting to blank borders. Karl August Krazeisen 1794- 1878. was an amateur artist and soldier in 1812 he entered the Bavarian army and took part in the 1813/1814&#39;s war against Napoleon&#39;s domination. In 1826, having by then promoted to lieutenant, along with 11 other Bavarians went to Greece,as aide to Carl von Heydeck where the Greek War of Independence was going through a critical phase, with the entrance of the Egyptians It was the first public action to support struggle of Greeks, taken by small European state of Bavarian King and Philhellen Ludwig. Krazeisen was not a professional artist. But having the ability to draw, he used his stay in Greece with historical insight, creating portraits of the heroes of the war, the sketches of camps, costumes, uniforms,and battle plans. He returned to Munich in 1827,and published his Greek album, from 1828-31 which promoted the Greek cause throughout Europe As Krazeisen had drawn all Greek leaders living at the time of his stay in Greece, his album constitutes a principal source and the most comprehensive collection of its kind: he remained the only artist to have portrayed the Greek national heroes during their lifetime. The newly founded modern Greek state honoured him with the Order of the Redeemer Under the command of Charles Nicolas Fabvier Krazeisen was present at the battles of the Acropolis, Athens from November 1826 till April 1827 (Battle of Phaleron), he is portrayed by Theodoros Vrysakis in his famous painting of the event "The camp of Georgios Karaiskakis"(1855); indeed it is clear that Vrysakis used the portraits of Krazaeisen as reference for the painting. Droulia 1426-29. Blackmer / Navari: 926; Blackmer/Sotheby&#39;s: 743). Lipperheide 1447. Philhellenic Andreas Zaimis.

      [Bookseller: Mary Louise Bryan/Paralos Gallery]
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        A New Improved and Authentic Life of James Allan, The Celebrated Northumberland Piper Detailing His Surprising Adventures in Various Parts of Europe, Asia and Africa Including A Complete Description of the Manners and Customs of the Gipsy Tribes

      Newcastle upon Tyne: Mackenzie and Dent. G : in Good condition without dust jacket.Covers edgeworn and lightly soiled. Wear to paper title panel on spine. New endpapers inserted. Some extinct worming to upper edges of prelims and rear pages. Ink inscription to rear of frontis plate. Sporadic foxing and light marking within. 1828. First Edition. Grey papered spine on blue papered boards. 240mm x 160mm (9" x 6"). 479pp. Engraved frontis and engraved plates after designs by Cruikshank. .

      [Bookseller: Barter Books Ltd]
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        The BEAUTIES Of DON JUAN: Including Those Passages Only Which Are Calculated to Extend the Real Fame of Lord Byron

      London:: Printed for Jame Cawthorn,. 1828.. 8vo. 1st edition (NCBEL III, 285). ASSOCIATION copy. INSCRIBED on the t.p. of Volume I "with the Editor&#39;s sincere regards." 2 volumes (ix, [1 (blank)], 208; [2], 209 - 421, [1 (blank)]; .. Period green morocco-style sheep with gilt spine lettering & decorations. AEG. NB. Binder mislabeled Volume numbers, e.g., Volume "I" is labeled "II".. Minor extremity wear to bindings. Usual foxing. A VG - VG+ set.. Frontis in each volume; of Byron in Volume I. Engraved cut, p. ix. Headpiece.

      [Bookseller: Tavistock Books, ABAA]
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        St Petersburgh a Journal of Travels to and from That Capital Through Flanders the Rhenish Provinces, Prussia, Rusia, Poland, Silesia, Saxony, the Federated States of Germany, and France

      London: Henry Colburn, 1828. Collation, xxxii,582[2]pp, 18 plates, 1 folding plan, vignettes, xii, 742[2]pp, 19 plates, including folding frontis, vignettes. Contents, and plates complete as in index. Bound in original publishers cloth. Both volumes have been recased, with some restoration to cloth, retaining the original leather labels which are rubbed, new endpapers. Generally both bindings in good clean firm condition. Internally, some occasional light spotting. Pages and illustrations in good clean condition throughout. A very nice 2 volume work. A10. First Edition. Very Good. 8vo.

      [Bookseller: George Jeffery Books]
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      London: Printed for the author, 1828 - 1829. First Edition. hardcover. Minimal foxing, slight darkening to the very edges of the plates, but a very clean, superior copy. Bindings with just light wear. Near Fine. Two large quarto (8-1/2" x 11-1/2") volumes bound in contemporary half brown morocco leather and marbled boards with morocco corners, lettered in gilt on the spines, signed A. Macomie. Illustrated with 96 fine steel-engraved plates with tissue guards and 13 engraved maps including one folding. Brockedon describes in words, images, and maps 12 mountain passes including The Little St. Bernard; The Mont Genevre, The Mont Cenis, The Mont St. Gothard, The Great St. Bernard, The Stelvio, The Cornice, The Grimsel and the Gries, The Bernardin and The Splugen, The Brenner, The Tendre and The Argentiere, and The Simplon. Brockedon traversed the Alps 58 times, crossing more than 40 different passes, in the course of his researches.

      [Bookseller: Charles Agvent]
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        Colloquia De Morbis, Practica Et Theoretica, Quaestionbus Et Responsis At Usum Ingenuae Juventutis

      nbsp;Edinburgh -Venuent Apud Adamum, 1828 Book. Very Good. Hardcover. A scarce medical text, written in Latin. Pratical and theoretical discussions on the treatment of diseases in the young. Third editionArchibald Robertson1789 1864 was a Scottish physician and medical writer who had a short but notable military career, followed by a long private practice. Condition: Rebound in a quarter calf binding and cloth boards. Externally, sound with wear to extremities and joints and fading to the spine. Internally, firmly bound, with some marginalbrowning to pages and the odd spot throughout. There is an institutional ink stamp to the titlepage. Overall: VERY GOOD INDEED.

      [Bookseller: Rooke Books]
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        La Defaite "La Defaite" or"Le Giaour, vainqueur d&#39;Hassan

      Philhellenic: Paris Jazet. 1828. Black & white mezzotint by Horace Vernet inspired by Lord Byron&#39;s poem "The Giaour "from "Turkish Tales "1813 In the particular episode from Le Giaour portrayed in the present work, the eponymous hero is seen having avenged the murder of his mistress by killing Hassan, her cruel Turkish master. Dark Impression; overall light spotting, most noticeable in margins.;scratch to upper right corner of image. Le Giaour is a subject borrowed by Vernet from Lord Byron&#39;s poem - the first of his Turkish Tales - published in 1813. Vernet would have known the work through Amede Pichot&#39;s translation. The vivid colour and drama of the Turkish Tales provided a rich source book for a generation of artists, Romantic and Classicist alike, eager to support the Greek cause in the War of Independence from their Turkish overlords. The Salons of 1824, 1827 and 1831, as well as many independent Paris exhibitions, including two at the Galerie Lebrun organised as charitable functions specifically "Au profit des grecs"saw numerous portrayals of Greek motifs. The Salon of 1827, for instance, included some 14 other Phillhelene-inspired works alongside Vernet&#39;s rendering of La Giaour. The Salon painting of La Giaour was engraved by Jazet in 1828; he added a rocky landscape. Philhellenic The Giaour La Defaite

      [Bookseller: Mary Louise Bryan/Paralos Gallery]
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        LETTRE DE TUTUNDJU-OGLOU-MOUSTAFA-AGA, veritable philosophe turk, a M. THADDEE BULGARIN. ("Letter ... "). First Edition

      St. Petersbourg: N. Gretsch, 1828. (St. Petersburg: Grech). Text in French (Original publication). Ornamented softcover. [Osip-Julian Ivanovich Senkovsky, aka Baron Brambeus (1800 Lithuania -1858 St. Petersburg): well-known Russian author of Polish origin. He also was an editor, orientalist, journalist, and collector. Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. This book is known as Senkovsky&#39;s first writing in his typical parody-satirical pseudo-scientific manner. - Rare] Please see the picture.. 1st ed..

      [Bookseller: Books You Want]
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