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      Charles City, Va. July 9, 1773.. [4]pp., signed by Jefferson and with internal address in his hand, written on quarto sheets. Plus an additional sheet with thirteen lines of text, titled in Jefferson's hand and signed by him. Expertly repaired at fold separations, affecting about than ten words of text. Very good. In a half morocco and cloth folding case, spine gilt. An outstanding, early, and lengthy Thomas Jefferson letter, written in the immediate aftermath of the death of his wife's father, John Wayles, and seeking to settle the outstanding debts of the Wayles estate. Jefferson's early experience with indebtedness, and specifically with the inherited debt of the Wayles estate, colored his thinking about debt - both personal and public - throughout his life. Dumas Malone writes of the impact of the Wayles estate and its debt on Jefferson: "Here also is the personal background for the philosophy of economy and hostility to debt which he voiced in public life, both as Secretary of State and President. The whole of his later life was colored by the fateful Wayles inheritance, which first enriched and then impoverished him." Jefferson's bitter experiences with the debts he inherited from his father-in-law strongly affected his personal views on debt and inheritance. As he famously wrote James Madison in a letter of September 6, 1789, no doubt with the ongoing dissolution of the debts of John Wayles firmly on his mind: "The question whether one generation of men has a right to bind a question of such consequences as not only to merit decision, but place also, among the fundamental principles of every government...I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self-evident, that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living." This is one of the earliest and most substantial Jefferson letters that we have seen on the market. Its interest is heightened by the fact that it involves the young Thomas Jefferson (then only thirty years old) dealing with the legacy of his father-in-law, John Wayles. The relationship between Jefferson and Wayles lasted long beyond Wayles' death in 1773. Jefferson married Wayles' oldest daughter, Martha, in 1772, and the marriage brought Jefferson land wealth and currency debt. When John Wayles died some eighteen months after Jefferson's marriage to Martha Wayles, Jefferson and two of his brothers-in-law, Francis Eppes and Henry Skipwith, became the executors of the Wayles estate. The present letter was written at the beginning of that process, which was not completely resolved for decades. Jefferson inherited (through his wife) more than eleven thousand acres of land upon the death of his father-in-law, doubling his own estate, and adding more than 100 slaves. Some of this land Jefferson kept, including Poplar Forest - on which he built his second home, as a retreat from the constant stream of visitors at Monticello. Taking on debt and selling land in order to pay for it was a common theme in Jefferson's life, from before his marriage into his retirement years. This process was expanded by the responsibility for the John Wayles debt. Among the slaves Jefferson inherited from his father-in- law were members of the Hemings family, including Sally Hemings, who was the daughter of John Wayles by his slave mistress, Elizabeth Hemings. Martha Jefferson died in 1782, at the young age of thirty-three. A few years later Thomas Jefferson would take Sally Hemings, his deceased wife's half-sister, as his own slave mistress, fathering several children with her and adding another aspect to the complicated relationship between Thomas Jefferson and John Wayles. This letter is written to Wayles' primary creditors, the English merchant firm of Farrell and Jones. John Wayles' relationship with the Bristol-based firm was complicated and deep. As a Virginia tobacco farmer he was one of a number of tidewater planters who relied on the British merchants to market and sell their tobacco. Wayles' relationship with the firm went beyond the mere receipt of credit for tobacco, however. He was also the attorney for Farrell and Jones in the colony, and was responsible for collecting debts owed to the firm by his fellow Virginians. Moreover, a considerable part of Wayles' debt to Farrell and Jones was over the consignment of more than 400 slaves that Wayles and his partner, Richard Randolph, hoped to sell in Virginia. Jefferson and the other executors were greatly hindered by the fact that many of the slaves, sent to Virginia the previous fall on the ship, Prince of Wales, remained unsold. Furthermore, Richard Randolph could not collect the bonds of the Virginia planters and slave dealers who had in fact bought some of those slaves. The letter is a long and detailed account by Jefferson of the current state of the Wayles estate, his efforts to liquidate portions of it, and the prospects for the payment of John Wayles' outstanding debt to Farrell and Jones. We relate here some of its significant aspects. Jefferson begins by assuring Farrell and Jones of Wayles' intention, voiced even on his deathbed, to settle his debts to the firm: "Gent. Your favors of April 23, 1773 came to hand a few days after the death of Mr. Wayles an event of which I doubt not Mr. Evans [a Farrell and Jones agent] has before this advised you. We are assured that you sympathize on this occasion with his family and friends here, as a correspondence kept up, and we hope approved thro' a long course of years must have produced on your part some degree of that friendship which we know him to have expressed and felt for you. The favors received at your hands he spoke of with particular warmth to the hour of his death, a very few days before which he added a codicil to his will almost solely to secure to you a proper return. The words of it, relating to yourselves, are as follows, 'Messieurs Farrell and Jones have on every occasion acted in a most generous manner to me. I shall therefore make every grateful return in my power. I therefore direct that my estate be kept together and the whole tobacco made thereon be shipped unto the said Farrell and Jones of Bristol until his debt and interest shall be fully and completely paid and satisfied: unless my children should find it to their interest to pay and satisfy the same in a manner that may be agreeable to the said Farrell and Jones.'" Jefferson continues, "On his death the settlement of his affairs devolve together with his estate on his three daughters, all of whom are married, the eldest to myself, the second to Mr. Francis Eppes, and the youngest to Mr. Henry Skipwith; and we can assure you with truth that we enter on the transactions of his estate with every friendly and grateful disposition towards you, fully purposing to exert every effort for the paiment [sic] of your debt, and to touch no shilling of the estate till that be accomplished." Jefferson goes on to write that he and the executors are surprised by the size of the debt to Farrell and Jones, and that they will consign future tobacco crops to the firm, in an effort to pay the debt. However, he writes that tobacco alone will not settle the debt, and that they will need to sell some of the Wayles lands, but that these lands are generally of low value. Jefferson then describes the plight that he, Eppes, and Skipwith find themselves in - the situation in Virginia being so unsettled that they are having difficulty collecting debts owed to them, while at the same time having to pay their own debts in a timely fashion. He writes: "There is indeed another circumstance necessary to be mentioned here. We estimate that the debts due to the estate in the country are much about equal to the country demands against it. But as the former are in a great measure unsettled, and indeed as yet unknown to us, our debtors take advantage of the delay which will necessarily attend the settlement of our accounts against them, and withhold the monies due to us; whilst those to whom we owe, are ready and pressing to have their demands answered." Jefferson writes that as a result they may have to borrow even more money from Farrell and Jones. He lists some of his creditors, so that the firm is aware of them. Among these are "Thomas Waller of London Bookseller" to whom is owed some £200 sterling. Jefferson devotes an entire paragraph to a discussion of the debt owed on the consignment of more than 400 slaves, ordered by John Wayles and Richard Randolph and delivered to Virginia the previous fall. He writes: "The Guinea consignment you were so kind as to engage the last year for Messieurs Wayles and Randolph becomes a matter of serious attention. Two courts have now passed at which considerable sums should have been paid, yet little is done, and at so low an ebb is the circulating money of this colony at present that the business of a collector is of all the others the most subject to disappointments. That you should suffer no inconvenience in a matter which in no way could have brought you advantage we should think peculiarly hard, and therefore shall do every thing to guard against it. For this purpose the activity of Mr. Skipwith will be called to our assistance who is in that season and situation of life best equal to the task. He will act in this matter in concert with Colo. Richard Randolph and we think we may expect from his efforts whatever the times will admit." This entire passage is underscored in manuscript, showing the attention that Jefferson wanted to draw to this particular aspect of the Wayles debt. Shortly after he wrote this letter Jefferson, along with the co-executors of the Wayles estate, attempted to sell large tracts of Wayles' land. A notice in the VIRGINIA GAZETTE of July 15, 1773 announced the sale of some 5,420 acres of land in Cumberland, Goochland, and Charles City counties from "the estate of the late John Wayles." Two months later, on September 9, another advertisement was placed in the GAZETTE, again offering much of the same land for sale (for this notice and the previous notice, see Jefferson Papers, Volume 1, cited below). Both advertisements were signed in print by Jefferson, and by his brothers-in-law (and co-executors), Francis Eppes and Henry Skipwith, and payment was offered on liberal time terms. Ultimately Jefferson personally sold some 6000 acres of land to try to settle his proportionate share of the Wayles debt. These transactions did not, however, settle the Wayles estate. Jefferson and his co-executors did not get cash for the lands they sold, cash being in very short supply in Revolutionary-era Virginia. Rather, they accepted notes for the land against future payments. The English creditors, however, would not accept the notes as payment for the debts, so although Jefferson had covered the debts, they were not actually paid. These notes were later paid to Jefferson with badly depreciated money during and after the Revolution, and Jefferson was therefore forced to pay the Wayles debt all over again. In all, Jefferson wrestled with the Wayles debt for nearly three decades, and had to pay not only the principal, but decades worth of accumulated interest. He paid these monies by selling land, his crops (primarily tobacco), and slaves. This letter was unknown to the PAPERS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON project when the first volume in their series was published in 1950, but they did include it in their Volume 15, which contained a supplement printing previously unlocated letters from the period 1772 to 1790, including a series of letters relating to the estate of John Wayles. The present letter is the longest and most consequential letter by Jefferson included therein. This letter is not written in Jefferson's hand, though it is signed by him on the fourth page, and the internal address at the bottom of the fourth page is also written in his hand. The copy of the letter used by the Jefferson Papers, found in the United States Circuit Court files in the Virginia State Library, is also not written in Jefferson's hand. Jefferson apparently wrote an original draft of the letter, and then had an assistant make copies, which he signed. This letter is accompanied by a manuscript list, titled in Jefferson's hand "Invoice of goods to be sent to the Executors of John Wayles" and signed by him. Jefferson referred to this list in the letter to Farrell and Jones as "such British goods as will be necessary for the use of the plantation." The list consists of twelve lines of text, in the same clerical hand as the letter, listing goods that Jefferson is requesting be sent to him in Virginia. The list includes "50 sacks of salt," "six frying pans," "Dutch blankets," and a variety of thread, yarn, hose, and other linen goods. An outstanding and lengthy Thomas Jefferson letter, written at the outset of a financial responsibility that would burden him for decades, and which would influence his thinking about personal and public debt. Jefferson inherited lands and slaves (including the Hemings family) from his father-in-law, and had to sell land and slaves to settle the debt, making this letter deeply illustrative of the tangled relationship Jefferson had with his father-in-law, John Wayles. PAPERS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON 15, pp.643-49, 657-61; 1, pp.100, 103 (ref). Dumas Malone, JEFFERSON AND HIS TIME, VOLUME 1: JEFFERSON THE VIRGINIAN (Boston, 1948), pp.161-63, 441-45.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Americana]
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      Boston: John Boyle, 1773.. 40pp. plus preliminary advertisement leaf. 20th-century red half morocco and marbled boards, spine gilt. Extremities rubbed. Bookplate on front pastedown. Some light dampstaining and foxing. Still, a very good copy. The Frank T. Siebert copy of this famous captivity narrative, with his pencil notes on the front fly leaf. A desirable copy of this work, in an 18th-century edition. No copies are known of the first American edition, published in 1682, and only two of the second American edition which followed shortly thereafter. "The Rowlandson captivity is the first and perhaps the most famous of all Indian captivities. Tyler...comments that 'there is no more graphic or more exquisite literary memorial'" - Streeter. "One of the earliest narratives of Indian captivities, and possibly one of the most authentic. The relation of the manners and peculiarities of the Indians of New England, in 1675, by one so observant and scrupulous in her statements, has more than ordinary interest and value. The original edition is very rarely found complete" - Field. Rowlandson was captured in February 1675 and spent eleven weeks among the Indians before being ransomed. Her simple and compelling account has become one of the most famous American frontier narratives, a classic of the Indian captivity genre and of early New England. EVANS 12988. AYER 238 (1st ed). SIEBERT SALE 438 (this copy). VAIL 620. HOWES R478. SABIN 73583.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Americana]
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        Opuscula Mathematic

      Parma: Ex Typographia Regia, 1773 First edition of an scarce mathematical work, attractively printed by Bodoni, erroneously listed by Brooks in Edizioni Bodoniane, with the date 1783. The text deals with hydraulics and geometry. Original plain wrappers, old manuscript spine label. . Quarto. With ten engraved folding copper-engraved plates, each with multiple diagrams. Woodcut device on title-page. Old armorial library rubberstamp on title-page and neat ink location number on front pastedown. A very handsome, uncut copy.

      [Bookseller: Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers, ABAA/I]
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        Commentarius Historicus Et Dogmaticus De Sacramentis, in Genere Et in Specie, Quo Defenduntur Veritates Catholicæ Contra Antiquos Et Recentiores Hæreticos: .: . . His Adduntur Dissertationes De Censuris, De Irregularitatibus, Et De Indulgentiis, Exactæ Ad Veterem Et Hodiernam Ecclesiæ Disciplinam. Auctore Gaspare Juenin

      Venetiis : Sumptibus Societatem [Sic] 1773 - Ab innumeris mendis sedulo expurgata. Printed with 2 columns per page. Half-title: Juenin De sacrementis in genere, et specie. Editio novissima Veneta post sextam Lugdunensem. Physical desc. : XX, 602, [1] p. ; fol. Subject: Sacraments - Catholic Church - Early works to 1800. Language: Latin. Very good in the original full [limp] vellum. Minor generalized wear to extremities of covers, with insignificant external stamps and dust-dulling. Internally, altogether clean and quite sound. A very good copy. Scans and additional bibliographic detail on request. 4 Kg. 602 pp. Editio novissima Veneta post sextam Lugdunensem

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd]
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        Gnomonique mise à la portée de tout le monde, ou Méthode simple et aisée pour tracer des cadrans solaires.

      Marseille, Jean Mossy, 1773 - 1 volume Xp., 1 feuillet, 460p.; 5 planches dépliantes in fine. Bon état (coins légèrement frottés). "Méthode simple et aisée [.] dans laquelle on trouvera des tables calculées depuis un degré de déclinaifon tant orientale qu'occidentale jufqu'au 90è d pour les différens angles horaires, pris au centre du cadran; commencées au 43è d 18 m de lalitude jufqu'au 51è qui comprennent tout le Royaume de France & les pays qui font entre les mêmes parallèles. Avec une table alphabétique des principales villes, & la figure & l'explication des inftrumens néceffaires pour l'opération" (8 figures in fine). Publié par un maître-maçon de Marseille. Avec un tableau supplémentaire, manuscrit, contrecollé sur la garde de fin. Reliure d'époque pleine basane racinée; dos à 5 nerfs ornés, 5 caissons ornés de motifs floraux, pièce de titre rouge en encadrement doré; filet doré sur les bords; tranches rouges; gardes marbrées. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: PAROLES]
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      Imp. Pascual Ibáñez. Oficina Josef Longas. 1773. 1776., Pamplona. - 2 Vols. En Vol. I. Algunas marcas de humedad. En Vol. II. Algunas páginas amarronadas. Faltan pags. 102 a 118 y 203 a 216 por expurgo indicado en cubierta. Enc. Pergamino de época. LIBRO EN ESPANOL SANTIAGOPARDO

      [Bookseller: Librería Javier Fernández]
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        An Abridgment of Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer.

      1773 - Burn, Richard [1709-1785]. Greenleaf, Joseph [1720-1810], Editor. An Abridgment of Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. To Which is Added, An Appendix, Containing Some General Rules and Directions Necessary to be Known and Observed by All Justices of the Peace. Boston: Printed for, and sold by, Joseph Greenleaf, 1773. [viii], 386, [2] pp. Includes two-page publisher advertisement. Quarto (8-1/2" x 7"). Contemporary sheep, rebacked retaining original spine with raised bands and lettering piece, hinges mended, spine ends restored. Moderate rubbing and minor scuffing to boards, some offsetting to margins of endleaves, very light browning to text. Early owner signature (J. Rowe/ Sept 16. 1776) to title page, interior otherwise clean. A handsome copy. * Only American edition and the only abridgement of a legal treatise printed in America before the Revolution. Richard Burn was an attorney and antiquarian who edited the ninth, tenth, and eleventh editions of Blackstone's Commentaries. His Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer (1755) was perhaps his most important work. Holdsworth considered it to be one of the best treatments of the subject, an opinion shared by Burn's contemporaries, both in England and in the colonies. The "best proof that his book.was accepted as the leading text-book on that topic is the number of editions through which it passed. It deserved its success. Burn carefully abridged the statutes, and stated the manner in which their clauses had been interpreted by the courts. His treatment of the criminal law was based upon a thorough study of the works of Coke, Hale, and Hawkins." Greenleaf explains the nature of his abridgement in the preface: "The London edition takes in the whole practice of England and Scotland, this renders it both bulky and dear. The circle of a justices business in those places is vastly extensive, and is founded chiefly on acts of the British parliament, which can never have any relation to this colony" [i]. Greenleaf also added an appendix of forms and general rules and directions for American courts. Holdsworth, A History of English Law XII:332-333. Cohen, Bibliography of Early American Law 8325. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., ABAA ILAB]
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        Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire de la chirurgie du XVIIIe siècle, et de supplément aux Institutions Chirurgicales de M.Heister; avec un discours préliminaire, contenant un tableau des principales découvertes dont la Chirurgie s'est enrichie

      Avignon, J.J.Niel 1773 Grand in-8° relié plein veau raciné de l'époque, dos à cinq nerfs, titre gravé, pages de titre, page de faux titre, XLVIII-672 pages et 2 feuillets d'errata. Une très grande planche hors-texte avec 5 figures. Mors supérieurs légèrement fendus. Les coiffes sont intactes. Coi supérieur droit émoussé. Sinon très bel exemplaire. Large 8vo. Half title + title + xlviii + 672pp. One engraved folding plate with 5 illustrations at end. A collection of medical articles by more than 50 physicians, edited by the French medical author François Paul (1731-74). A wide range of subjects is covered including the rejoining of almost totally severed limbs to the body, abscesses of the liver resulting from head injuries, the treatment of wounds caused by firearms, and liquid feeding via the nose. Paul was himself the author of 3 of the articles. He wrote a number of works as well as translating Boerhaave and the Memoirs of the Academies of Bologna, Berlin, Paris and Turin Très bon couverture rigide Edition originale

      [Bookseller: Librairie Dejolibelle]
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        An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere and successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavour: Drawn up from the Journals Which Were Kept by the Several Commanders, and From the Papers of Joseph Banks, Esq

      London: W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1773. First edition. Spines a bit rubbed with slight loss of leather at top of volume I, covers slightly rubbed, some moderate water staining primarily in lower margin only affecting a few leaves in volume I, moderate waterstain about 3/4 height of first 11 leaves in inner margins of volume II, very minor waterstain upper right margin affecting 4 leaves of volume III, spine labels lacking on volume III; leaf 557/558 with small closed tear in right margin. Quarto [leaf size 28.5 x 23 cm).

      [Bookseller: Randall House Rare Books]
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        Trattato della Struttura del Cuore, della sua azione e delle sue infermità... Tradotto per la prima volta dal Francese. -

      Brescia, Rizzardi, 1773.4 voll. In-4. Cartonatura originale; insignificanti tracce d'uso. 17 interessanti tavv. ripieg. inc. in rame. Compl. 1315 pp.; tracce di polvere sul primo frontespizio, altrimenti esemplare particolarmente fresco e intonso. Prima edizione italiana. Senac fu il medico personale di Luigi XV; i suoi «studî nel campo della diagnostica delle malattie cardiache costituiscono un'opera fondamentale e segnarono la via a tutte le posteriori ricerche» (Treccani). Blake 414. Garrison & M. 2733 (prima ediz. del 1749): «S.'s valuable treatise on the heart added much to the knowledge of the anatomy and diseases of that organ...».

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport]
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        Versi sciolti e rimati di Dorillo Dafneio P.A.

      Parma, dalla stamperia reale 1773 - Un volume in-4°, pp. [8], 137, [1], antiporta calcografica. Legatura ottocentesca in mezza pergamena e carta marmorizzata, con doppio tassello con titolo e stampatore (Bodoni) in oro al dorso. Stupendi fregi, vignette e finalini calcografici di Benigno Bossi. Bodoniana con i versi del conte Carlo Gastone della Torre, il cui nome compare alla fine della dedica a Ferdinando I di Borbone e all’arciduchessa Maria Amalia. Legatura lievemente allentata nelle carte iniziali e finali, interno in ottimo stato. Brooks, 40; Iccu, TO0E\039633. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Linea d'acqua]
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        Illustrationes et Observationes Botanicae, ad specierum historiam facientes. Seu rariorum plantarum indigenarum, pyrenaicarum, exoticarum adumbrationes... cum iconibus ex naturae... ab auctore delineatis. -

      Zürich, Orell, Gessner etc., 1773.Folio. Contemp. green quarter vellum, slightly worn. 28 finely engr. folding plates drawn by the author. (8), 84 pp.; except for the binding, a very fine, crisp copy. Rare first edition. Gouan was professor of botany at Montpellier and an early and enthusiastic supporter of Linnaeus, with whom he entertained an active correspondence. In this work he describes plants mostly from the Pyrenees. Nissen 741. Pritzel 3487. Rara edizione originale. 28 tavv. ripiegate inc. in rame. Mezza pergamena coeva con lievi tracce d'uso, ma fresco esemplare.

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport]
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        [Tilas] Förteckning på framledne landshöfdingens och commendeurens af kongl.

      maj:ts Nordstjerne-orden, högwälborne herr baron Daniel Tilas efterlämnade ansenliga och wackra boksamling, bestående af til största delen i franska och nya wälska band inbundne böcker, i åtskilliga språk och wetenskaper, hwaribland en del äro ganska rara, som genom auction komma at försäljas i huset n:o 34 på St. Claræ wästra kyrko-gata, midt emot samma församlings kyrkoherde-hus, den mart. och följ. år 1773. [=rubrik]. Sthlm, L. Salvius, 1771. 8:o. 64 s. Bra mörkbrunt stänkdekorerat pappbd med benvit titeletikett (Johanna Röjgård). Titelsidan lätt solkig. Sista bladen lätt bruntonade. Genomgående lite snävt skuren i övre marginalen.. Almquist Sveriges bibliografiska litteratur 4395. Auktionen omfattade 1002 nr. I slutet av katalogen erbjuds flera specialsamlingar under hand, bl.a. Tilas fina samling omfattande 3823 mineraler, två manuskriptsamlingar, personskrifter, akademiska avhandlingar m.m. Daniel Tilas (1712-72) verksamhetsfält spände från geologi till genealogi. Han var bergsråd i Bergskollegiet och gjorde i dess tjänst långa studieresor inom och utom landet. 1768 blev han utsedd till kronprinsens handledare under dennes resa till Bergslagen. Han var en av sin tids främsta bok- och mineralsamlare samt framstående genealogisk expert. Hans ursprungliga samlingar förstördes i Klarabranden 1751

      [Bookseller: Mats Rehnström]
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        Manuel métallotechnique, ou Recueil de Secrets & de curiosités sur les métaux & les minéraux, appliqué aux arts & aux métiers.

      Chez Arkstée & Merhus 1773 Ouvrage traduit de l'Allemand de M. Silberman, de l'Académie des Curieux de la Nature & de l'Art, 1 vol. in-12 reliure d'époque, Chez Arkstée & Merhus, Leipsick, Chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, Paris, 1773, faux-titre, titre, vj-473 pp. et 1 f. n. ch. (errata) Rare exemplaire de ce manuel dont Conlon signale que "l'original et le traducteur sont inconnus". Conlon, XVII, 147 (reliure frottée restaurée avec fente en dos, manques en coiffes, bon état intérieur). Ce titre est absent du catalogue de la BNF, on ne trouve que deux exemplaires recensés au CCFR. Ward & Carozzi, 2052 Français

      [Bookseller: Librairie Du Cardinal]
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        Orlando furioso. -

      Birmingham, Baskerville, 1773.4 voll. In-8 gr. Eleganti legature coeve in marocchino rosso, piatti con ampia bordura impr. in oro con fiori e vasi stilizzati, dorsi con tasselli verdi e ricchi fregi oro, merletti dorati interni, tagli dorati; traccia d'uso alla cuffia del vol.III. Antiporta inc. con ritratto dell'Ariosto dis. da Eisen e 46 belle tavv. f.t. dis. dal Cipriani, Cochin, Eisen, Monnet, Moreau ecc. e finemente inc. in rame da Bartolozzi, Choffard, Duclos, Moreau ed altri. (6), LVIII, 362, (2) pp.; (2), 450, (2) pp.; (2) 446, (2) pp.; (2), 446, (2) pp.; senza l'elenco degli associati; lieve ed uniforme ossidazione della carta e qualche brunitura come in quasi tutti gli esemplari. Stupenda edizione: per la bellezza della stampa, la qualità delle incisioni e la bontà del testo è da tutti riconosciuta come una delle più belle del poema. Cohen-De Ricci 95. Gamba 62. Guidi 111. Agnelli Ravegnani, Edizioni Ariostee, I, 204: «Magnifica edizione... uno dei livres à figures meglio riusciti del secolo XVIII...»

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport]
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        Afbeelding van In- en Uitlandsche Houten, zo wel van Boomen als Heesters, welken door de liefhebbers der Natuurlijke Historie in hunne Naturaliën-Cabinetten, tot vermaak en nuttigheid, verzameld worden/ Abbildung In- und Ausländischer Höltzer, so wohl von Bäumen, als Staudengewächsen.../ A representation of Inland and Foreign Wood, as well Trees as Shrubs.../ Réprésentation des Bois, des Arbres & Arbrisseaux tant du Pays qu'Etrangers.../ Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium...

      Amsterdam, Jan Christiaan Sepp, 1773-(1791). 4to (285 x 218mm). With 100 fine handcoloured engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gilt spine in 6 compartments with red gilt lettered label. The most beautifully produced work on wood ever published, showing some 800 wood specimens on 100 beautifully handcoloured engraved plates. The work was originally intended to be a translation of Seligmann's 'Abbildung in- und ausländischer Hölzer' published in Nürnberg from 1773-1748 with 48 plates, but became an independant work. "Sepp added some 42 plates which show especially timbers from the West Indies, drawn from the Cabinet of Reverend Hazeu at Rotterdam. Eighty samples were taken from the collection of Martinus Houttuyn" (Landwehr 84). The text of the work is in Dutch, German, English, French and Latin. The famous publishing house Sepp & Zoon, was a firm which excercised the utmost care in producing colour-plate books of outstanding quality. In the present case Sepp was the author as well as the publisher. The work is an important source of information about the knowledge and use of wood in the 18th century. As the work was published in parts over a longer period of time copies with 100 plates are very rare. In 1795 Houttuyn brought out a supplement with 6 more plates which is present in only a few copies. The work is beautifully produced and the colouring of the plates is excellent. A fine copy of this rare item. Landwehr 84; Nissen BBI, 939.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariaat Junk B.V.]
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        (Samuel) A Dictionary of the English Language.... The Fourth Edition, Revised by the Author.

      London, Printed by W. Strahan..., 1773 . 2 Vols., lge.folio, titles in black and red; fresh in contemp. lightly diced russia, gilt Greek-key border to covers, well rebacked with orig. green and dark blue morocco labels laid down, very good Alston v/184; Cordell J-53; Courtney & Smith pp.56-7. the only edition revised by the author: the definitive text. "One estimate is that there were over 15,000 changes..., with many quotations omitted, others substituted, definitions changed or abridged, errors corrected. It was a major revision. Thus the fourth edition is now accepted as the best, representing most fully what Johnson wanted the Dictionary to be." (J.L. Clifford, Dictionary Johnson, 1980) Even more recently, Alan Reddick (The Making of Johnson's Dictionary, 1990) has demonstrated how Johnson's reading since the first edition of 1755 had resulted in hundreds of new quotations. Johnson himself wrote in the revised preface: "...finding my Dictionary about to be reprinted, I have endeavoured, by a revisal, to make it less reprehensible. I will not deny that I found many parts requiring emendation, and many more capable of improvement...."

      [Bookseller: Grant & Shaw Ltd]
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        Traité de l'exploitation des mines, ou l'on décrit les situations des Mines, l'art... de former les puits & les galeries, de procurer de l'air aux souterrains, d'en vuider les eaux... traduit de l'Allemand. -

      Paris, Didot l'aîné, 1773.4to. Contemp. tree calf neatly rebacked. With 24 folding plates finely engr. by Boutrois showing machinery and mining techniques. XX, 348 pp.; two old owner's stamps on title; a good copy. First edition. Monnet was Inspector General of Mines in France; «his employment took (him) to Alsace and the German states to study mining and metallurgy, and after 1772 his principal duty was to inspect and to suggest improvements in French mining industry...» (DSB IX, 478). According to the Preface, in this work one can see fully the 18th century scientific approach to the subject of mining. Not in the Hoover Collection. Roller & G. II, 206. Added is a copy of: Clough, Robert T. A Treatise on the Exploitation of Mines. Antoine Grimoald Monnet. A forgotten French chemist and metallurgist 1734-1817. Leeds, 1974 [Signed limited edition (No.59 of 400 copies)] Small 4to. Original cloth gilt, dustwrapper, with 24 plates, 43 pp. Prima edizione di un'importante trattato sulle miniere. Con 24 tavv. ripieg. inc. in rame. Due antichi timbretti sul frontepizio; buon esemplare in pelle coeva (dorso rifatto).

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Rappaport]
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        Erleichterte Arzneykraeuter-Wissenschaft. Nebst sechs Kupfertafeln mit ausgemahlten Abbildungen. Neue und vermehrte Auflage.

      Regensburg 1773. 4to. pp. (8), 234, (14), with 6 fine handcoloured engraved plates. Contemporary half calf, red & green gilt lettered label. Stafleu & Cowan 10.472. Second edition of this rather scarce work on medical plants. Jacob Christian Schaeffer (1718-1790) was a Bavarian clergyman, who wrote a number of superbly illustrated natural history works. Brown staining at the upper margin, else a fine copy.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariaat Junk B.V.]
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        Briefe aus Wälchland, über natürliche Merkwürdigkeiten dieses Landes an den Herausgeber derselben Ignatz Edlen von Born.

      Prag, Wolfgang Gerle, 1773. 8vo (220 x 145mm). pp. (6), 407, (1), with engraved title vignette. Contemporary boards. First edition. A series of letters addressed to Ignaz von Born, describing the mineralogy, mining etc. of Italy. 'His descriptions of the neighbourhood of Naples, and still more his account of the ejected rocks of Vesuvius, are among the finest scientific writings of the eighteenth century' (Zittel p. 41). Ferber describes a.o. the areas of Padua, Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, Naples, Sicily (Etna), Sienna, Bologna, Livorno, Genua, Turin, Milano. As a result of the present publication Ferber was elected member of the Academy of Sciences of Sienna and of the 'Naturforschenden Gesellschaft' of Berlin. Hoover quotes the French edition of 1776. A fine uncut copy. B.M.(Nat. Hist.) II, 566; Olson, Bibliographia discipuli Linnaei, p. 129.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariaat Junk B.V.]
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        Remarques sur quelques articles de l'Essai général de tactique.

      Chez les Freres Reycends 1773 Pp. 171 (1). Unito a: (SILVA) Considérations sur la guerre présente entre les Russes et les Turcs? A Turin, Reycends, '1773. Pp. (4) 85 (3). Con tre grandi tavole ripiegate fuori testo. Due opere in un volume di cm. 19,5. Solida legatura coeva in piena pelle bazzana, dorso liscio con ricchi fregi e titoli in oro su tassello. Tagli rossi. Esemplare fresco e ben conservato. Edizione originale ed unica per entrambe le opere. La prima si traduce in una critica del trattato di Guibert (1722), la seconda è un trattato riguardante le ostilità tra Russi e Turchi che si concluderà con il trattato di Kutchuk.

      [Bookseller: Studio Bibliografico Benacense]
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        Fables Nouvelles

      Chez Delalain 1773 1 vol. in-12 rel. moderne (fin XIXe) plein maroquin rouge, dos à 5 nerfs, filets sur coupes, chasses richement ornées, tête dorée, Chez Delalain, La Haye, Paris, 1773, frontispice (gravé par De Ghendt), xxij pp. (dont titre gravé), 1 f. n. ch. (figure allégorique gravée par Delaunay), pp.1-176, 1 f. n. ch. (second frontispice gravé par De Ghendt), pp. 177-309, 1 f. n. ch. (tables), avec 99 vignettes et 99 culs-de-lampe dessinés par Marillier Elégant exemplaire dans une reliure moderne de la meilleure facture, avec la rangée d'entrelacs au lieu du triple filet typographique p. iij, avec le bon texte mais sans le carton p. 162, une seule des figures gravées par Delaunay, comme souvent, une discrète restauration marginale au second frontispice. L'ensemble des 99 vignettes et des 99 culs-de-lampe de Marillier illustrant cette édition constitue un des chefs-d'oeuvre de la gravure française du XVIIIe siècle. Cioranescu, 25113 ; Cohen, I, 313 Français

      [Bookseller: Librairie Du Cardinal]
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        Description méthodique d'une collection de minéraux, du cabinet de M.D.R.D.L. Ouvrage où l'on donne de nouvelles idées sur la formation & la décomposition des mines, avec un court exposé des sentimens des minéralogistes les plus connus, sur la nature de chaque espèce...

      Paris, Didot jeune and Knapen, 1773. 8vo (194 x 123 mm). pp. (xxxii), 299, (5), with engraved frontispiece; a fine, crisp copy in contemporary French mottled sheep, head and tail of spine slightly worn. First edition of this catalogue of the minerals in Romé de Lisle's own mineral cabinet. Romé 'earned money by cataloguing at least fourteen mineral collections, according to his own, probably incomplete, list in the bibliography to his Cristallographie of 1783. Three of the catalogues remained in manuscript... In 1773 he brought out a description of the metallic ores of his own mineral cabinet, in which he discussed the origin, metamorphosis, and paragenesis of each' (DSB). The descriptions are highly detailed, in terms of locale, mineral and crystal structure, composition, etc. The minerals are cross-referenced to Romé's 'Essai de cristallographie' (1772), the work in which he had established that crystallography was the basis of mineralogical classification. This was amplified in his epochal 'Cristallographie' in 1783, in which he established the general form of the law of constancy of interfacial angles and that each species of mineral has his characteristic primitive form and each form its characteristic constant angles. Pp. xx-xv contain a bibliography of works cited. Hoover 690; Ward and Carozzi 1908

      [Bookseller: Antiquariaat Junk B.V.]
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        Orlando Furioso.

      Birmingham, Da'Torchj di G. Baskerville: per P. Molini, 1773. 1773 4 voll. in-8° grande (235x153mm), pp. (6), LVIII, 362, (2); (4), 450, (2); (4), 446, (4); (4), 431, (40) di elenco degli associati dell'edizione, (1) bianca. Bella legatura coeva in p. pelle marrone marmorizzata con triplice bordura dorata di filetti a inquadrare il perimetro dei piatti. Dorsi a 5 nervi con titolo e segnatura di volume in oro su doppio tassello, fregi floreali e fitomorfi in oro entro scomparti. Tagli dorati, sguardie in marmorizzatura rosa, dentelle interne dorate. Un ritratto dell'Ariosto all'antiporta del primo vol., e 46 stupende tavole fuori testo disegnate da G. Cipriani, Moreau il Giovane, Eisen, Cochin figlio, Monnet, J. B. Greuze ed incise da Bartolazzi, Launay, Longueil, de Ghendt, Prevost, Henriquez, Massard, Simonet, Ponce, Duclos, Martini, Moreau il Giovane, Choffard, Helmon. Duplice ex-libris. Arrossature leggere, minimi restauri alle cuffie e alle cerniere. Bellissimo esemplare. Tutte le 46 tavole sono in fine coloritura all'acquerello del tempo. Celebre edizione di Birmingham del poema ariosteo, fra le più pregiate del Settecento per la bellezza del corredo figurativo. Agnelli / Ravegnani, I, pp. 204-205 (con puntuali indicazioni del numero di tavole realizzate dai singoli disegnatori e calcografi). Lowndes, I 63. Brunet, I, 438. Cohen / De Ricci, coll. 95-97. Gamba, n. 62: "Se per bellezza di stampa e per merito d'intagli va riguardata questa edizione come una delle migliori produzioni della tipografia, è stata eziandio dal Morali trovata una delle migliori per bontà del testo". Guidi, p. 111. Melzi, p. 175. Melzi/Tosi, p. 70. Baruffaldi, p. 304. Graesse, I, 199. Catalogue des livres comp. la Bibliothèque Rothschild, n. 1033. Hoepli, Cento libri preziosi, pp. 72-73. Ferrazzi, p. 72.

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Galleria Gilibert]
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        Försök til en systematisk inledning i swenska landt-skötselen; lämpad efter rikets nordliga climate, och grundad på rön, försök och anmärkningar, i natural-historien, physiken, chemien, samt den allmänna och enskilta oeconomien.

      I-III. Sthlm, H. Fougt, 1773-77. 8:o. (40),374,(22) s. & 2 utvikbara grav. plr + (16),478,(2) s. & 2 utvikbara grav. plr + (16),594,(17) s. & 4 utvikbara grav. plr. Tre nötta ouniforma och olika höga samtida hfrbd med upphöjda bind. Stänkta snitt. Första bandet med några sprickor i bakre ytterfalsen och tredje bandet med defekter överst på ryggen, defekt titelfält och stora sprickor i ytterfalsarna. Del I genomgående lätt lagerfläckig och med kraftigt bruna fläckar på s. 371-72 och (7)-(8) i registret. En gammal lagad reva överst i yttermarginalen på s. (9) i början av del III. Med initialerna "G:M:" på titelbladen till del I och II och Nils Zenzéns namnteckning daterad 1928 i samtliga delar, med uppgiften att han fått arbetet av H. Nordenskiöld på Fårebo och att de härrör ur Virkvarns bibliotek.. Hebbe Den svenska lantbrukslitteraturen 90. Denne har inte räknat med det sista bladet Gg8 i andra delen som består av en "förtekning på economiska böcker, som finnas hos H. Fougt". Pehr Adrian Gadd (1727-97) var bl.a. professor i ekonomi, kemi och fysik vid Åbo universitet. Detta är hans vetenskapliga huvudarbete

      [Bookseller: Mats Rehnström]
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        Opuscula Mathematic

      Parma: Ex Typographia Regia, 1773 First edition of an scarce mathematical work, attractively printed by Bodoni, erroneously listed by Brooks in Edizioni Bodoniane, with the date 1783. The text deals with hydraulics and geometry. Original plain wrappers, old manuscript spine label. . Quarto. With ten engraved folding copper-engraved plates, each with multiple diagrams. Woodcut device on title-page. Old armorial library rubberstamp on title-page and neat ink location number on front pastedown. A very handsome, uncut copy.

      [Bookseller: Michael R. Thompson, Booksellers, ABAA/I]
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        Zur elementarischen Bibliothek. Das Methodenbuch für Väter und Mütter der Familien und Völker. Dritte Auflage.

      8°. 8 n.n. Bl., 384 S. Halblederband der Zeit mit goldgeprägtem Rückenschild und reicher floraler Rückenvergoldung. Dritte überarbeitete und erweiterte Fassung des erstmals 1770 veröffentlichten pädagogischen Leitfadens, der stark von Rousseau beeinflusst war. Erschien gleichzeitig und als Ergänzung zu seinem an Kinder und Jugendliche gerichtetn Elementarbuch. Basedow war 1771 von Leopold Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau zum Direktor der dortigen Erziehungsanstalt berufen worden, aus der 1774 das sogenannten 'Philanthropin' entstand, eine Musterschule, die für einige Jahre einer der pädagogischen Mittelpunkte Europas wurde. - Papier stellenweise gebräunt und stockfleckig. Titel mehrfach gestempelt. Rückenkanten leicht angebrochen. Dekorativ gebundenes Exemplar. [2 Warenabbildungen bei]

      [Bookseller: Daniel Thierstein Buchantiquariat]
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        Umständliche Nachricht von dem Leben und sonderbaren Schicksale Kaspar Neutons eines unweit Paris gewesenen Tabuletkrämers Sohns : welcher seine ihm zugestossene Unglücksfälle von Jugend an sowohl als auch die nachhero erfolgten Begebenheiten da er auf einer unbewohnten Insul neunzehen Jahre hingebracht durch ein Englisches Schiff befreyet und in Europa wieder angelanget aufrichtig erzählet, und auf guter Freunde Ersuchen aufgezeichnet

      8°. XII S., 431 S. mit gestochenem Frontispiz. Halbpergamentband der Zeit mit erneuertem Rücken. Hayn-G. 5, 270 - Ullrich 171m 78. - Sehr seltene deutsche Robinsonade. - Ullrich zählt das Werk "zu den besten der Gattung". - Als Verfasser wird O.B. Verdion vermutet, was aber nicht nachgewiesen werden kann. Nur in 2 Exemplaren in den Bibliotheken von Göttingen und der Staatsbibliothek Berlin nachweisbar. - Der anonyme Verfasser hält sich in vielen Bereichen an das berühmte Original, bringt dann aber in der Gestalt einer Frau, Katharina genannt, einen leichten erotischen Einschlag in die Geschichte. - Durchgehend fleckig und gebräunt. Die ersten 5 Blätter mit Wurmspur im Innenfalz. Rücken fachgerecht erneuert.

      [Bookseller: Daniel Thierstein Buchantiquariat]
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      Westerås Tryckt hos Joh: Laur: Horrn på Auctors bekostnad 1773, (24)+323+5s samt 4 graverade delvis utvikbara orgelplanscher av Fr Acrel. Vackert modernt handbundet pastischband i rött skinn med rik exklusiv blindpräglad dekor, förgylld ryggtitel, sprängfärgat övre snitt, i skinnskodd, fodrad pappkassett med marmorerat pärmpapper; titelbladet med kunnigt lagad reva, några fuktfläckar på s 7-11 samt på några av dedikationsbladen (s 1-24) varav även några lätt solkiga, 3 av planscherna med var sin blekt fläck, exlibris (Lars Bergström); i övrigt ett mycket vackert och representativt exemplar

      [Bookseller: Antikvariatet i Norrköping]
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        Histoire Litteraire de S. Bernard, abbe de Clairvaux, et de Pierre Le Venerable, abbe de Cluni

      Chez la veuve Desaint Paris: Chez la veuve Desaint. 1773. First. First Edition. Quarto. xii, 569 [2] pp. Illustrated with two copper plate engravings and woodcut tailpieces. 24 cm. Text in French. Contemporary full calf with gilt borders, gilt fillet turn-ins, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt. Both boards are a bit bowed and nearly detached, with wear to the board edges and spine, else very good, the interior text pages are clean and tight with light scattered spotting.A scarce, supplementary volume to the celebrated "Histoire litteraire de France," initiated in 1733 by Dom Rivest and the Benedictines of St. Maur. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Description de l´Arabie d´apres les observations et recherches faites dans le pays meme + Voyage en Arabie & en d´autres Pays circonvoisins I-II.

      Copenhague, Nicolas Möller 1773 + Amsterdam, S.J. Baalde/ Utrecht, J. van Schoonhoven 1776; Amsterdam, S.J. Baalde/ Utrecht, Barthelemy Wild 1780. (2),XLIII,(3),372,(2) + VIII,(6),409,(1) + VI,(10),389,(1) + 150 plates and maps + large folding map. Half calf. 4 volumes, The plates of both titles bound together in one separate volume. Description de l´Arabie has 25 plates and maps (including 1 large map). Voyage en Arabie has 72+52 plates and maps + 1 large folding map. (Plates and maps complete). Many plates and maps folding, a few small tears. Plate XIV of Description with stain. Title page of Voyage vol.I closely cut in upper margin, not affecting text. First 10 pages of Voyage vol II. with brown stain 10-15 squarecentimeter or less. Boards of Voyage vol. II.with brown stain. Slightly worn bindings. All in all a nice set

      [Bookseller: Antikvariat Thomas Andersson]
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        Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times.

      Birmingham: John Baskerville, 1773. . Fifth edition overall, the first Baskerville edition. Three volumes. 8vo. (2) iv, (2, contents leaf misbound), 364; 176, (179)-443, (1); (4), 410, (48, index) pp., bound without the errata leaf in volume III as is often the case. 20th century full brown morocco, spines with raised bands, gilt lettered direct to two panels, decorated to others. Frontispiece portrait in volume I plus 3 finely engraved title vignettes. Small tear with loss to the original rear free endpaper of volume III, a very good set overall. "Characteristicks was a complex as well as composite book, a work of philosophy in a polite mode. It aimed centrally to convey a notion of philosophy as a form of ethical training. criticized those philosophical 'innovators', namely René Descartes, Thomas Hobbes, and John Locke, who themselves sought to demolish scholasticism. If they took their inspiration from mathematics and natural philosophy Shaftesbury took his from social and aesthetic experience. If they helped to make epistemology the central task of philosophy, Shaftesbury insisted on philosophy's ethical core". (ODNB). Gaskell, 49. First published in 1711.

      [Bookseller: Bow Windows Bookshop]
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        Beskrifning Öfwer Wärmeland

      Afdeld I Sex Tidehwarf, Twänne under Hedendomen, Och lika många under Påfwedömet Och Lutherska Tiden; Jämte en kort Inledning, Om Landets Läge, Namn, Wattudrag, Bergsträkningar, Skogar, med mera. Götheborg. Trykt hos Immanuel Smitt 1773-79. 8:o. Träsnittsillustrationer i texten. (14),370,(2) s. + 2 utvikbaratabeller; (19),392-900,(16) s. Oskurna i två nära samtida marmorerade pappomslag, handskrivna ryggtitlar. Ryggar något blekta. Första bandet med svag i stort sett genomgående fuktfläck, andra delen med motsvarande från sidan 891 till slutet. Namnteckning G. Halldin på titelblad och främre spegel, där med tillägget Norby Bibliotek. På speglar även namnstämpel A. C. Waern. 19 x 12 cm

      [Bookseller: Antiquaria]
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        Kristni-Saga, sive Historia Religionis Christianæ in Islandiam introductæ; nec non þattr af Islefi Biskuoi, sive Narratio de Isleifo Episcopo; Ex Manuscriptis Legati Magnæani cum Interpretione latina, notis, Chronologia, tabulis Genealogicis & Indicibus, tam rerum, qvam Verborum.

      København 1773. (38) + 192 + (1 blank) + (106) s. Ekstra kobberstukket tittelbl. Stamtavler. Samt. blankt kartonert omsl. Uoppskåret. Ubeskåret.. *Et stort, rent og ubeskåret eksemplar på skrivepapir

      [Bookseller: Ruuds Antikvariat]
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        An Abridgment of Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer

      1773. Burn, Richard [1709-1785]. Greenleaf, Joseph [1720-1810], Editor. An Abridgment of Burn's Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. To Which is Added, An Appendix, Containing Some General Rules and Directions Necessary to be Known and Observed by All Justices of the Peace. Boston: Printed for, and sold by, Joseph Greenleaf, 1773. [viii], 386, [2] pp. Includes two-page publisher advertisement. Quarto (8-1/2" x 7"). Contemporary sheep, rebacked retaining original spine with raised bands and lettering piece, hinges mended, spine ends restored. Moderate rubbing and minor scuffing to boards, some offsetting to margins of endleaves, very light browning to text. Early owner signature (J. Rowe/ Sept 16. 1776) to title page, interior otherwise clean. A handsome copy. * Only American edition and the only abridgement of a legal treatise printed in America before the Revolution. Richard Burn was an attorney and antiquarian who edited the ninth, tenth, and eleventh editions of Blackstone's Commentaries. His Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer (1755) was perhaps his most important work. Holdsworth considered it to be one of the best treatments of the subject, an opinion shared by Burn's contemporaries, both in England and in the colonies. The "best proof that his book...was accepted as the leading text-book on that topic is the number of editions through which it passed.... It deserved its success. Burn carefully abridged the statutes, and stated the manner in which their clauses had been interpreted by the courts. His treatment of the criminal law was based upon a thorough study of the works of Coke, Hale, and Hawkins." Greenleaf explains the nature of his abridgement in the preface: "The London edition takes in the whole practice of England and Scotland, this renders it both bulky and dear. The circle of a justices business in those places is vastly extensive, and is founded chiefly on acts of the British parliament, which can never have any relation to this colony" [i]. Greenleaf also added an appendix of forms and general rules and directions for American courts. Holdsworth, A History of English Law XII:332-333. Cohen, Bibliography of Early American Law 8325.

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ]
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        Orlando Furioso

      Birmingham : Da' Torchi di G. Baskerville per P. Molini Libraio dell' Accademia Reale, e G. Molini. 1773 . 4 volumes 4to, Vol.1. [-]1, [-]2, a-g4, [-]1, A-Z4, Aa-Yy4, Zz2, (last leaf blank), portrait, plates 1-12 : Vol.2. [-]1, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Kkk4, Lll2, (last leaf blank), plates 13-23 : Vol.3. [-]1, A-Z4, aa-Zz4, Aaa-Kkk4 , (last leaf blank), plates 24-35 : Vol.4. [-]1, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Hhh4, Ff-Gg4, *4, ***4, ****4, *****1 (asterisks signed as per Gaskell), plates 36-46, the engraved plates by Cipirani, Cochin, Eisen, Moreau et al., a little light foxing on some plates and consequent offsetting, fine contemporary French red morocco, triple fillet borders, floral bouquet cornerpieces, fully gilt spines in 6 compartments with green morocco labels in compartments 2 and 3, marbled endpapers, a.e.g. A fine copy of the quarto edition of Baskerville's Ariosto (ten times rarer than the standard octavo edition). Apart from being in a very fine French red morocco binding the present copy has two other significant points of interest; it preserves the final blanks in vols.1-3, alluded to, but not seen, by Gaskell (q.v.) and, secondly, in Vol.3 at sig. Eee3+4 are preserved portions of deckle edges owing to the leaves being creased before coming under the binder's guillotine. These confirm Gaskell's measurements (page xvi) for an uncut page of 12 x 9 5/8 ins. Cohen/de Ricci describes this quarto edition as 'sur grand papier' and says that it was limited to 100 copies, but we have found no confirmation of this number.

      [Bookseller: H M Fletcher]
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        Beskrifning öfwer Wärmeland, afdeld i sex tidehwarf, twänne under hedendomen och lika många under påfwedömet och lutherska tiden jemte en kort inledning om landets läge, namn, wattudrag, bergsträkningar, skogar m. m. I-III.

      Göteborg, Immanuel Smitt, 1773-79. Tre delar i en volym, (14) + 160 + (7) + 168-371 + (1) + (19) + 392-900 + (16) s. + 2 utvikbara tryckta tabeller (alla). Samtida halvskinnband med fyra upphöda bind. Eftersättsblad saknas. Exlibris (Gustaf Berndtsson). Namnteckning på titelbladet (Hans Nilsson). Enstaka brunfläckar

      [Bookseller: Antikvariat Röda Rummet AB]
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      In-4 p. (mm. 290x210), 2 voll., mz. pelle coeva, dorso a cordoni con filetti e tit. oro, tagli azzurri, pp. XII,301,(3); (4),195,(3); bella vignetta allegorica al frontesp. (inc. in rame da Antonio Baratti su disegno di Michelangelo Borghi); ornato da una grande iniz. figur., e da capilett. e finali silografati; con 1 tav. idrografica inc. in rame e più volte ripieg. Dedicate a Francesco III, Duca di Modena, Reggio, Mirandola, queste 30 Memorie riguardano: ?Le operazioni eseguite nell?inalveazione del Reno di Bologna, e degli altri minori Torrenti per la Linea di Primaro al Mare dall?anno 1765 fino al 1772.. Si aggiungono altre Memorie riguardanti varie spedizioni, ed operazioni analoghe fatte contemporaneamente in Germania, ed altrove? che costituiscono un?ampia e circostanziata difesa del suo operato (come citato in Diz. Bibl. degli Italiani,LXIV, p. 269). "Edizione originale" di questa importante opera. Cfr. Riccardi,I,26-27. "Il Padre Lecchi (1702-76) della Compagnia di Gesù, matematico e ingegnere milanese, diresse opere idrauliche, specie nel campo dell'arginamento dei fiumi, per incarico di Papa Clemente XIII e dell'imperatrice Maria Teresa d'Austria". Cosi' Diz. Treccani,VI, p. 759. Solo ca. 20 carte con lievi aloni o impronte tipograf. più o meno marcate (su 2 cc. anche picc. fori margin.), altrim. bello e fresco esemplare a grandi margini, su carta distinta.

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Malavasi]
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        The History of Ireland from the Invasion of Henry II With a Preliminary Discourse on the Antient State of That Kingdom'

      London: J. Nourse, et al., 1773. First edition. Hardcover. Very good. Yes. Large 4to. 3 volumes. First editions. (52),lvi, 388;(4),516;(4),664,(30)pp. Index. Contemporary polished calf. Spines in 6 compartments with raised bands with simple gilt rules; red morocco lettereing labels, gilt. Hinges neatly and nearly invisibly repaired; some scuffing and wear to the edges and corners; chipping at spine tips; the first and last few pages have marginal offsets from the leather turn-ins, but essentially a very good copy. ESTC T135878.

      [Bookseller: Thorn Books]
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        An Historical Account of all the Voyages Round the World Performed by English Navigators Captain Cooks first voyage

      London: F Newberry, 1773. First edition. Hardcover. Good. Vol. 3 & 4 only of 4. Included is a full account of Captain Cooks first voyage + several voyages by Byron. Wallis. Carteret and Bougainville. from 1764-1771 + the Journal of a Voyage to the North Pole by the Hon. Commodore Phipps. and Captain Lutwidge. Quarter period calf leather bindings. 8vo. [2]/ 470 pages. [1]/ 364 pages + 2 pages of adverts + 118 page suppliment. Lacks maps? and illustrations? Front board on vol. 4 is only held on with a little bit of string. Rear board is loose. Spines and covers are very worn and damaged. Only very minor foxing internally. Title page of vol. 3 some what soiled.

      [Bookseller: Golden Books Group]
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        An Introduction to the History of Great Britain and Ireland:Or, An Inquiry into the ... Britons, Irish, Scots and Anglo-Saxons

      London: T. Becket & P. A. De Hondt, 1773. Third edition, revised and enlarged. Hardcover. Very good. 4to. The third edition, revised and greatly enlarged. (xii),404,(viii)pp. Intriguing study of the manners, religion, languages, government, kings law and other aspects of the Britons, Scots, Irish and Anglo-Saxons. Short sections on the Druids, and a section on Gildas. Vocabulary list comparing Latin, Irish and English. Bound to style in quarter leather; spine has simple gilt rules, a red leather lettering piece, gilt, and tooled in blind with a crown, a thistle, a Celtic harp and a spray of shamrocks; marbled paper boards. Occasional light foxing, title lightly soiled and with two short closed tears, else a very good copy. Ownership name dated 1866 in Hamilton, Ohio. ESTC N17038

      [Bookseller: Thorn Books]
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        Edman, 1767. 4:o.

      (4),50 s. Häftad i samtida klistermarmorerat pappomslag vars främre och bakre mönster skiljer sig åt. Ett par små maskhål på ryggen. Inlaga med breda marginaler och delvis med råkanter. Med Erik Götlins namnteckning daterad 1773 och anteckning att han fått skriften i gåva av Johan Ihre. Fint ex. med Ericsbergs biblioteks exlibris.. Almquist Sveriges bibliografiska litteratur 1338. Björkbom Svensk porträttlitteratur 386. Tryckt i 175 exemplar enligt en anteckning på försättsbladet som hänvisar till ett brev från Lidén till Gjörwell. "Catalogue" är den första förteckningen över svenska graverade porträtt. Götlin (1744-1829), som sedermera blev professor i latin, numismatik och vältalighet vid Uppsala universitet, hade 1773 varit respondent till avhandlingen "Runarum in Svecia occasu" (om runornas undergång i Sverige) under Ihres presidium

      [Bookseller: Mats Rehnström]
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        Asylum Morale. Turbores saeculi ridet Democritus deflet Heraclitus, tranquille exhalat munita Philosophia (..) Tabula Riveriana Secunda (..).

      Verona. 1773. Folio. Plate mark 70 x 47,5 cm. The whole sheet 75 x 53 cm. Passe partout 81 x 58 cm. Etching / engraving. Uncut margins. Green passe partout. Some foxing, mainly to the margins. A few worm holes in the left margin.. A wonderful print in contemporary hand colouring, which is quite uncommon. Most copies are uncoloured. It is an "allegorical composition of a winged woman personyfying imagination, at which Democritus laughs and Heraclitus weeps, while philosophy calmly smokes a pipe" (British Museum). There is a long explanation of the allegory in latin below the image. The philosopher is sitting in front of a very large canvas where most of the figures are depicted. The canvas hangs from the top of the image. A cherub is standing in the lower right corner peeping out from behind the canvas. The print is described as the "Tabula Riveriana Secunda" and executed after a painting by Felix Boscarati. "Tabula Riveriana" is a famous serie of four allegorical paintings by Boscarati which were all etched and engraved by Vicentinus Christophorus ab Aqua. Boscarati was a painter active in Verona in the 18th. century. Vicentinus Christophorus ab Aqua was a reproductive etcher active in Italy in the same period. Joseph Buffetti was a painter and draughtsman also working in Italy in the 18th. century. He was the intermediate draugtsman. Scarce

      [Bookseller: Hammarlunds Antikvariat]
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        Quae Exstant [comprising] Bellum Catillinarium; Bellum Jugurth; Historiarum Fragmenta; Oratio Ad C. Cæsarum, De Republica Ordinanda. [with Florus'] Epitome Rerum Romanorum.

      Birminghamiæ [Birmingham]: Joannis Baskerville, 1773.. 4to. Curiously paginated thus (4), 1-198, (3), p. 199, p. 102, p. 200, 205-225, (2), 226-227, 230-317, (1) pp., but obviously complete by the catchwords and signatures. Full patterned calf, spine flat with gilt rules, recent green gilt lettered label, gilt decorated to compartments, decorative gilt tooled border to boards. Joints and spine expertly repaired, the latter slightly darkened and with slight loss of gilt, a few abrasions with loss to leather on boards, contents clean throughout, a handsome copy. Gaskell, 51 .

      [Bookseller: Bow Windows Bookshop, ABA, ILAB]
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        Capitaine Carl Gustav Ekebergs Ostindiska Resa Åren 1770 och 1771. Beskrefven uti Bref til Kongl. Svenska Vet. Academiens secreterare.

      Stockholm, 1773. Tryckt på eget förlag hos Henr. Fougt, Kongl. Boktryckare. 8:o. (8),170,(2 sista blank) s. + 5 utvikbara graverade planscher + utvikbar graverad karta. Nära samtida något nött halvskinnband i kalv. Främre pärm något stukad övre yttre hörn. Titelblad lagat övre yttre hörn samt raderat i nedre kant med påföljd att papperet är tunnt och med litet hål, förstärkt med japanpapper på baksidan. Planschen över Vampoe med två lagade revor i vikning, äldre papperslagning och ny med japanpapper c.a 45 mm vardera. Hörn med fuktfläck (endast i marginalen ej i närhet av text) första sidan Företal, sidan 25/26, 29/30, 165/166 och sista bladet. Sidan 15-18 med en del mindre brunfläckar och 79-82 med några fläckar i yttre marginalen. I övrigt endast någon enstaka mindre fläck. 19 x 12 cm

      [Bookseller: Antiquaria]
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      Toilette de Flore, ou Essai sur les Plantes & les Fleurs qui peuvent servir d'ornement aux Dames; contenant les différentes manières de préparer les Essences, Pommades, Rouges, Poudres, Fards & Eaux de Senteurs: auquel on a ajouté différentes recettes, pour enlever toutes sortes de Taches sur le linge & sur les étoffes, &c. &c. Ouvrage utile aux Parfumeurs, Baigneurs & aux personnes chargées de la direction des Toilettes. Seconde Edition. A Paris, Valade, 1773. In 16mo, pp.XVI,224. Cart. moderno. Solo volume primo. Vol. I only.

      [Bookseller: Studio Bibliografico Casella]
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        The Experienced English Housekeeper, for the Use and Ease of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks, &c

      London: Printed for the Author, 1773. Hardcover. Very good. The Third Edition. 8vo. (iv),366,(16)pp. Three engraved plates, one of a stove and two of table settings. The last 16pp contain the erratum and the index. Bound without the advertising leaf. Nineteenth century half calf binding, spine in six compartments with raised bands, gilt; gilt lettering label; marbled paper boards. Occasional light soil to the textblock, two small tears to the plates, neatly repaired with no loss, else a very good copy. First published in 1769, and again in 1771, this is the third edition and bears the warning on the title page: "No Book is genuine but what is signed by the Author." And indeed her signature is present on page one. In 1773 Raffald sold her rights to R. Baldwin and this warning disappeared in subsequent printings. ESTC T82676. Oxford, p. 98.

      [Bookseller: Thorn Books]
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        Chymie Experimentale et raisonnee, 3 vols

      Didot Paris, 1773 First Edition. First Edition. Hardback. Near Fine/No Jacket. First Edition first issue 1773, complete in 3 volumes. Engraved portrait frontispiece and 12 folding plates. Contemporary mottled calf, raised bands and gilt titling. Small areas of light damp to two covers. 8vo. Very attractive set.

      [Bookseller: finecopy]
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