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Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell Acts Quickly to Corner the Market For Telephones
Just three years after opening the 1st telephone exchange in the Unites States in 1877, he moves to the international scene& The utility of the telephone was immediately obvious and its rise was a rapid one. However, it was the drive of its inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, that made its acceptance and installation happen so quickly.& Bell received a U.S. patent for the invention of the telephone on March 7, 1876. He soon displayed it at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. On June 25, 1876, at one end of the huge Machinery Hall, Bell demonstrated the invention by speaking into what looked to be an odd-shaped instrument attached to a wire. At the same time, a fair official at the far end of the hall heard the voice through a second instrument. This public demonstration was the first physical proof that the human voice could be carried through a wire. Attendees, including the Emperor of Brazil, marveled; Lord Kelvin saw it as "the most wonderful thing" he had seen in America. The Exhibition ended in November 1876. In 1877, Bell formed the American Bell Telephone Company, and that very year it opened the first telephone exchange (in New Haven, Connecticut) and laid the first long-distance telephone line. By the end of 1877, Mark Twain and President Rutherford Hayes became two of the first people to have a telephone. Bell installed a phone booth inside the White House just outside the Oval Office; there would not be a telephone on a President's desk for decades. In 1879, the first telephone numbers were issued in Lowell, Massachusetts. Before that the operator had to … [Click Below for Full Description]
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