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Theodore Roosevelt
President Theodore Roosevelt, Just 5 Days After the United States Takes Possession of the Panama Canal Zone, Introduces the First Governor of the Canal Zone to the President of Panama You may “discuss with him with absolute frankness and freedom all matters the adjustment of which may be necessary in order that there may be full and harmonious agreement for bringing to a successful conclusion the great work in which our two nations has so deep an interest.”
1890. 9/5/04. In the 19th century, the United States was a two-ocean nation, but the only way to get from one American coast to the other by sea was to go all the way around the bottom of South America. The Spanish-American War highlighted this problem, as when the USS_Maine was sunk, the battleship USS Oregon, stationed in San Francisco, was ordered to proceed at once to the Atlantic, a 12,000-mile course around the Horn. It took 67 days to arrive, far too long to satisfy U.S. military interests. At war’s end the U.S. found itself with new possessions in both oceans, such as Puerto Rico and the Philippines, and no ready way to quickly move naval assets from one to the other. This clearly showed the military significance of an Isthmian canal.Theodore Roosevelt was a proponent of the theory that U.S. naval officer and scholar Thayer Mahan propounded in his 1890 book, “The Influence of Sea Power upon History,” in which he maintained that supremacy at sea was the key ingredient in military and commercial success. For Roosevelt, who had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy before leaving to lead the Rough Riders in 1898, the lessons of the war made it clear that U.S. control over inter-ocean access was an absolute necessity. However, since 1882 the French had been trying to build an Isthmian canal, and they had the rights and the personnel and equipment on the ground. Their success would have meant potential European control of the key gateway in the Americas, in direct contravention to U.S. national security. However, their efforts had thus far been fruitless and costly … [Cliquez ci-dessous pour une description complète]
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