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        United States Reports. Official edition. Vols. 138-560 (1891-2014)

      2014. United States Reports. Official edition. United States Supreme Court. Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court... opinions and decisions. Washington: Government Printing Office. Vols. 138 to 557. (1891-2014) October Term 1890 to October Term 2008. Hardcover. Vols. 558 to 560 in 6 preliminary print paper issues. October Term 2009 to June 2010. Publisher's cloth bindings. Most volumes upper red lower black labels, ex-library with property stamps on outer edges and inside covers. Many stamped "Property of United States" on outside lower front cover. Six volumes with chipped labels. Several volumes with creased spines. All volumes internally clean and bright. Reprint Price USD 21,050.

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        Collective Investment Schemes in Luxembourg

      Oxford Univ Pr, 2014. 2. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21572253; EAN: 9780199651863

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        The Artist of the Beautiful

      (Mesa, AZ): Books of Kell's, 2014. Houle, Kelly M.. 133pp. One of eight copies, printed in black with red initials on Hiromi Asuka paper and designed by artist Kelly M. Houle. The book is bound in silver-stamped purple cloth, with marbled endpapers by Ann Muir. Butterfly wings with gear patterns grace both covers, and a key-like design along the spine acts as the body of the butterfly when the binding is spread open. The book rests in a black wooden box, lined in red velvet, and standing on four metal scroll feet, made by Michael J. Houle. The lid of the box is decorated with a mother-of-pearl inlay of a fairy boy chasing a butterfly, surrounded by vines. When the lid is opened, a large pop-up butterfly spreads its wings as though to fly away. Mint. (Book measures 2 7/8 by 2 3/4; 73x70mm. Box measures 4 3/4 by 4 3/4 by 2 5/8; 122x122x70mm).

      [Bookseller: Bromer Booksellers]
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        Anne spent 3 English Nature spelling(Chinese Edition) AN NI HUA YING YU ZI RAN PIN DU 3

      Machinery Industry Press, 2014-01-01. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2014-01-01 Pages: 1000 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press songs. rhymes grinding ears. the rhythm and the rhythm of language sense steps to overcome the 220 high-frequency words. 50% of dyslexia across natural phonics let you Look words will read. write listening to break the bottleneck from the word love reading. improve the comprehensive ability in English fine grinding ear rhyme picture book - a large number of foreign research results showed that the process of readi... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        Hundred Flowers Awards 2013 Chinese Jade Collection (Set 2 Volumes)(Chinese Edition) 2013 NIAN ZHONG GUO YU QI BAI HUA JIANG ZUO PIN JI TAO ZHUANG SHANG XIA CE

      Beijing Arts and Crafts Press, 2014-10-01. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date: 2014-10-01 Pages: 424 Language: Chinese Publisher: Beijing Arts and Crafts Press exciting in every Chinese jade (stone) is the Hundred Flowers Award selection. there's a group of aspiring young disabilities. their vision. expectations. continue to struggle in the Chinese jade journey of artistic innovation. perseverance. wisdom in the arts through the spectacular. and now creating the future of innovation in the art of Chinese jade road. This commendable spirit like a fresh spring b... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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      Cengage Learning, 2014. 15. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21493293; EAN: 9781285453538

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      [Nara 1258, Kongo Hoji-Ji]. Folded Buddhist sutra, 16.2 x 29. cm. wide, 28 folded leaves, 8 columns of Kanji per page, 21. Kanji characters per column, woodblock printed, red brush. dots as grammatical marks, printed on stiff, strong Washi.. The title for this in Chinese is CHENG WEI SHI LUEN SHU JI. A Chinese Buddhist Treatise/Sutra, most likely brought from China to Japan by Kukai. * Chinese internet sources stated about this work: 'As main object is discussed, the "Cheng wei shi lun Shuji," is very detailed, "'o world all things all Lai Ye knowledge is changed, there is "no" circumstances "only" inside "knowledge." At the same time with the help of Hetuvidya, Buddhism, and Theravada Buddhism outside critique of various schools of philosophy.' The Chinese title translates into something like: "As discussed in note Consciousness," meaning: "INTRODUCTION FOR DISCOURSE ON THE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS." * The earliest Japanese Buddhist written documents, treatises and Sutras were brought to Japan by the celebrated and most famous Japanese Buddhist monk, Kukai [774-835], posthumously and popularly known as Kobo Daishi. . WHO WAS KUKAI: The original title was most likely copied by Kukai. He belonged to a long line of famous Buddhist scholars. He was the first disciple of Gonso, then attended Daigakuryo [ancient university] to study Confucianism and Buddhism. . Kukai became a priest at Makioji Temple, Osaka in 792. Not satisfied with the standards of Buddhist teachings in those days, he decided to go to China for further study and spend several years in preparation. Finally he accompanied the Japanese envoy to China and studied Buddhism at various temples there and also collected and copied a large number of religious books, which he brought back to Japan in 804 A.D. . Upon his return in 806 A.D., Kukai was received by Emperor Heizei and obtained the Imperial sanction to promulgate esoteric Buddhism in Japan. He was appointed head priest of Todaiji Temple in Yamato province, now Nara, in 810 A.D. Kukai was given Mt. Koya, where he built Kongobuji Temple in 816 and then set forth on a preaching mission in north-east Japan. Kukai was the inventor of Hiragana, the writer of the Iroha poem and above all created Shinto religion, unique to Japan. Kukai retired at Mt. Koya, where he died in 835 A.D. . Kukai was the founder of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. We believe this example was one of a good number of Buddhist texts & treatises Kukai brought back to Japan from China in 804 A.D. . The above liberally extracted from Japan Biographical Encyclopedia, see below for more details. ***** THIS BUDDHIST TREATISE/SUTRA: This is a mid-Kamakura period [1185-1336] Buddhist Treatise/Sutra, dated Koan 4th year [1281] on the brown folder enclosing the work. From the style of the characters and superb quality of the stiff paper, the work is consistent with that date. . Buddhist Treatises/Sutras were always the property of Buddhist temples. Occasionally patrons who donated large sums of money to assist temples in need of repair & restoration were given as "honorarium" and in recognition of their "Good Deed." They were commonly given a gift of an early Buddhist Treatise/Sutra in gratitude by the head Abbott/monk or priest. This item is a fine example of this ancient custom. . The Treatise/Sutra is in two disconnected but related parts. The first part consists of 24 2/3rds pages; the second consists of 3 1/4 pages. . The two parts do not connect, but are clearly from the same Treatise/Sutra. There is no beginning nor end page, these are essentially two "fragments" from the original period work. *** . STATEMENTS ON THE BROWN FOLDER HOLDING THE TREATISE/SUTRA: . The two Treatise/Sutra parts were contained in a brown folder with the following hand-written title and text: The Sutra came from the "NARA KONGO HOJI TEMPLE" located in old Yamato province now called Nara, located at the top of Mt. Keya. . The brown folder states: "Koan 4th year" which is 1281 A.D. With the commend: "By Akita Josuke," but after an exhaustive search we can not find any information about this person. . The title is written in black-Sumi ink Fude [Japanese bamboo brush] strokes for 6 Kanji characters reading: "SE I YU I SHIKI RON JUTSU KI" or meaning in English: "INTRODUCTION FOR DISCOURSE ON THE THEORY OF CONSCIOUSNESS." . In addition, there is a small white slip of paper attached to the brown folder, with Japanese that we translated into English, meaning: "This Treatise/Sutra was not made as a 'scroll type' format, it was originally made as a 'folding type scroll-book' [accordion-folded woodblock printed book format], printed on 'composite' paper.'" *** THE TWO PARTS OF THE SUTRA: The first part consists of 24 2/3rds pages; the second part consists of 3 1/4 pages. Each page is 16.3 x 18.9 cm. The leaves are accordion folded, they are of identical size. . The two parts are not connected but are from the same work or Sutra. There is no beginning nor end, these are essentially two 'fragments' or pieces from the original period work. . Each page contains 8 lines of text, 21 Chinese character per vertical line, called Kambun [Chinese writing] by the Japanese, meaning 'Chinese text.' There are red ink "grammatical" brush marks and other Furigana in red to make the text readable by Japanese. *** PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES OF THE SUTRA: We have posted several photos of the parts of the treatise/Sutra to our website. Please see the color photos posted to our website, Starting with: cover.jpg, illus02.jpg through illus11.jpg are the larger part; while illus12.jpg & illus13.jpg are the second and smaller part. **** CONDITION: The work is woodblock printed with beautiful and very vivid black, bold Chinese [Kambun] characters, printed on very strong and substantial Washi [hand-made] hand-made Japanese paper. . There are a good number of old worm holes, all of which have been properly restored in the ancient past on the verso [back side] using old, period Washi paper. There are also a few old mends to the verso hinged folds. . These restorations do not seriously detract from the whole, being some 733 years old, one expects their to be some attrition. The work is now solid and folds nicely, there are no other issues. . An excellent and RARE example of mid-Kamakura [13th century] era woodblock printing and Washi paper. *** TITLE: The title is recorded on the brown paper folder. There is no title page on the work, therefore we call it a 'fragment.' . Knowing little about this work, we were inspired to bring it to a large Buddhist temple in China, to inquire about it. In March, 2014, we visited the largest Buddhist temple in Nanning city, Guangxi province, southern China. . AUTHENTICATION/CONFIRMATION: The work was brought to Nanning, Guangxi Province Buddhist temple, named QIN SHANG GUAN YIN SHI [GREEN MOUNTAIN TEMPLE OF THE GODDESS OF MERCY],located at Mt. Qingxiu. . The old Buddhist Abbott looked at this work. I asked him if he recognized the work, but he did not. I asked about the contents, the Abbott replied, the work was a "Fójiào Lùnwén" [Buddhist Treatise, i.e. a "paper"] or "Lun Wen" for short. He confirmed the period was correct based on the style of the Hanzi [Chinese characters], type of and the very high-quality of the ancient paper, the format of the printing columns and content of the text. . After reading through the text, the old Abbott stated there was a lot about the correct kinds of food to eat, vegetarian dishes, Doufu [Tofu], prohibitions about not eating meat or animal products. While he was reluctant to give me anything in writing, His impressions and comments were valuable. The old Abbott did not ask for a fee but appeared to be quite delighted to see such an ancient and beautifully preserved example of a Buddhist treatise. He did comment on the lovely old traditional style Hanzi [Chinese] characters. *** PROVENANCE: This item came from the personal and private collection of Muir Dawson, late owner of Dawson's Bookshop, ABAA, Los Angeles, California. It was part of a group of items that were held back by Muir in his private collection. The brown sleeve has some recent scotch tape reinforcement on the inside folds. . The brown paper sleeve has a pencil note in Muir's hand: "Gift-hold for Muir." . Muir Dawson was an old friend. We knew of his private collection of superb examples of old printing, among which he had several stunning ancient Japanese examples. He was a fan of printing in all its forms and cultures. He and his store had close a relationship with Japan during the 1950-1970's and he pulled aside several fine items that came into his shop for his own personal collection. This item was one of those examples. *** REFERENCES: . BUDDHIST PRINTING: . a. * BUDDHIST PRINTING: . NARA NATIONAL MUSEUM.ARTS OF THE LOTUS SUTRA: please see the Kamakura or 13th century listings, from ca. pp.72-135. . BASKETT, Mary W.: FOOTPRINTS OF THE BUDDHA: Japanese Buddhist Prints from American and Japanese Collections. [Exhibition] August 23 to October 26, 1980 * ROSENFIELD, John: JAPANESE ARTS OF THE HEIAN PERIOD 794-1185. * SATOW, Ernest M.:ON THE EARLY HISTORY OF PRINTING IN JAPAN. see p.53 et al. * NARA NATIONAL MUSEUM: ARTS OF THE LOTUS SUTRA. * *** EARLY WASHI PAPERMAKING: . b. * EARLY WASHI PAPERMAKING: NARITA, Kiyofusa: JAPANESE PAPERMAKING. . NARITA, Kiyofusa: A LIFE OF TS'AI LUNG AND JAPANESE PAPER-MAKING. * HORIKOSHI, Jusuke: KAMI KOSHII CHOHO-KI: DIARY OF JAPANESE PAPERMAKING. * TINDALE, Thomas K. et al.: THE HANDMADE PAPERS OF JAPAN. . *** HISTORIC RESOURCES: . c. * HISTORIC RESOURCES: SANSOM, George B. A HISTORY OF JAPAN: To 1334, pp.424-437. * PAPINOT, E. HISTORICAL AND GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF JAPAN: see pp.815,882, et al., map of Kinai. * JAPAN BIOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA AND WHO'S WHO.1964-'65 edition, pp. 292, 321, 721-722. * KUKAI: Kobo Daishi: * BRINKLEY, F.: A HISTORY OF THE JAPANESE PEOPLE: From the Earliest Times to the End of the Meiji Era: pp.760 index for Kukai and many entries, et al. *** Color scans can be sent by email. Images displayed may not be the actual copy in stock for sale at any given time; if you want to see the exact image of the book or edition in stock, please request this by email and an image will be returned to you by attachment. * * * * BUY WITH .

      [Bookseller: Rare Oriental Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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        Bleak House

      [Claremont, CA]: Burning Bridges Press, 2014. Fine. A unique artists' book by California bookmaker Stanley Strauss. It both reproduces Dickens's text and vividly renders key aspects of the novel in tactile form, offering a skilled visual interpretation of one of Dickens's most important novels. The work comprises three items, each in a matching custom black and grey cloth clamshell case with red title block, silver title plate, and black script title on white label affixed to the top. The first item is the entire text of the novel, composed of of 92 signatures with a total of 736 pages measuring 5 1/2 inches in width at the spine. They are bound only with binding straps, creating a volume as mammoth and unwieldy as the court case that gives the novel its impetus. The second volume, named "Jarndyce v Jarndyce" for the court case, has the name of each of the book's 58 characters handwritten on torn pieces of cream-colored paper and sewn into an accordian-bound volume in no particular order. As the artist states, none of the 58 characters in the novel is left untouched by "Jarndyce v Jarndyce." The final item, titled "Last Will and Testament,is intended by the artist to convey the futility of the litigation. It contains innumerable scraps of torn printed paper suggestive of the will that the litigants spend so much of their lives fighting about. The scraps are sealed within a clear acrylic box inside its clamshell case. Quite a remarkable production in fine condition. ARTISTS/121415.

      [Bookseller: The Kelmscott Bookshop]
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        The Legal Environment of Business

      Cengage Learning, 2014. 12. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21608000; EAN: 9781285428222

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Signed 2014 Elizabeth Peyton Elias Lithograph

      2014 - "Elias" by Elizabeth Peyton, Signed Lithograph printed in 2014 from an edition size of 100. The overall is size of the Lithograph is 25.75 x 19.75 inches. The condition of this piece has been graded as A: Mint. Here is some supplemental information about the Lithograph: Portrait of Elias Bender Ronnefelt, the lead singer of Danish punk band Iceage. Signed, Titled, Dated and Numbered out of 100 in pencil by Peyton. [Attributes: Signed Copy]

      [Bookseller: Rare Posters]
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      Cornville, Maine, 2014. Artist's book, one of 7 copies, all on handmade paper by Katie MacGregor, each copy signed and numbered by the artist / author, Bonnie Bishop. Page size: 5-3/4 x 8-1/2 inches; 64pp. Bound by the artist: hand-sewn Coptic style binding, single thread sewn through each of the 8 signatures, black wrappers stiffened with archival paper, title blind embossed on front panel, housed in black paper box. Ms. Bishop has written 7 poems, hymns to the divine spirit, manifested in the animals pictured and referenced: Ar-Wa-Soose: Bear (Penobscot), Strix Varia: Barred Owl (Latin), Arachne: Greek weaver turned into a spider by Athena, Chang-O: Chinese goddess allied by the moon and hare, Taxidea Taxus: Badger (Latin), Migizi: Eagle (Ojibway), Animadiva: Divine Animal. The images are printed silkscreen for the deep blue and grey and monoprint in silver. The text is handset in Optima and printed letterpress by Scott Vile at Ascensius Press. Ms. Bishop's animals are not ordinary creatures. Rather, they are magical and imbued with mystic presence and powers. Their images take over the page - even if only covering a small portion of the page spread. We are reminded of a divine life-force. Each page spread, silver monoprint textures overprinted with blue or grey silkscreens, or white pages with silver gilt silkscreens (the white page serving as negative space and creating images), illuminates the text. The strong line of the silkscreen is repeated over three pages (in blue, then grey, and again blue), each time on different grounds, provoking different responses with each image. Ms. Bishop's verse conjures up reverence for the natural with grounds in silver gilt of feathers, ferns, honeycombs, spider webs, and other elements of the natural world. This is the third in a series of four books: the first and second published are SHE and FURIES. Each volume explores aspects of the feminine in words and images. Here, we enter the realm of the divine Earth Mother. Owing much to Native American spirituality and traditions, Ms. Bishop's personal heritage and philosophy enlightens and informs the reader / viewer. Ms. Bishop has taught art and graphic design at several Maine institutions, including Colby College as well as holding positions as graphic designer at Hudson Museum at University of Maine and prior to that Scholastic Magazine. She has participated in a number of book arts exhibitions in Maine and Canada and received a number of design awards.

      [Bookseller: Priscilla Juvelis, Inc.]
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      Pearson College Div, 2014. 13 PCK HAR. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21514224; EAN: 9780321864406

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Japanese Popular Culture

      Taylor & Francis, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21600913; EAN: 9780415827898

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        Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum Rare Books and Special Archives(Chinese Edition) GU GONG BO WU YUAN CANG PIN DA XI SHAN BEN TE CANG BIAN 67 GU XI FANG ZHI TAO ZHUANG SHANG XIA CE

      Forbidden City Press, 2014-08-01. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date: 2014-08-01 Pages: 400 Language: Chinese Publisher: Forbidden City Publishing House National Palace Museum collection Rare Books and Special Collections Department of the big series 6-7: solitary dilute Chronicles (Set 2 Volumes) contains not only this exhibition Many hard work out of the Forbidden City. usually missed seeing many more excellent works. Introducing each piece. both title and author's name. but also interpretation of the text. as well as the relevant inscription. Plate... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

      [Bookseller: cninternationalseller]
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        Functional Skills Progress English Entry 1 - Entry 2

      Oxford Univ Pr, 2014. CDR. CDR. New. SKU: MM-26920482; EAN: 9781408515730

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Monsters & Beasts Tales Imagined from Greek Myths

      Tacoma, Washington:: Gabrielle Cooksey,, 2014.. Edition of 22. 9.75" x 13.25"; 10 leaves. Letterpress printed at Springtide Press with Jessica Spring. In paper wraps. Silkscreen. Handpainted. Signed and numbered by the artist. Colophon: "These familiar stories were retold and illustrated with pen and ink, then cleaned up in Illustrator. Photopolymer plates were combined with handset Pencraft, Packard, & Hadriano, then letterpress printed and hand colored on Arches Text Wove." Five brief renditions of tales from Greek mythology featuring beasts: Actaeon & Artemis; Typhon, Aphrodite, Eros, & two fish; Arachne & Athena; Medusa & Athena; Stymphalia & Man-eating Birds. Gabrielle Cooksey: "This story started with just random border doodles. I had no idea where I was going with it until I stumbled upon a Greek myth book and all the animals I doodled happened to have their own Greek tale. Everything unraveled after that."

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Signed 2014 Alex Katz Diana Linocut

      2014 - "Diana" by Alex Katz, Signed Linocut printed in 2014 from an edition size of 70. The overall is size of the Linocut is 36.5 x 37.5 inches. The condition of this piece has been graded as A: Mint. Here is some supplemental information about the Linocut: Signed and Numbered out of 70 by Alex Katz. 4 color linocut, published by Lococo Fine Art. A portrait of a curator Katz met at a painting exhibition in Salzburg, Germany during the 1960s. Katz's attempted to capture her, in his own words, "historic" beauty emulated the woodcut style of Anselm Kiefer. [Attributes: Signed Copy]

      [Bookseller: Rare Posters]
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        Systems Biology of Free Radicals and Antioxidants

      Springer Verlag, 2014. 1. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-20877571; EAN: 9783642300172

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Who's Who in International Organizations 2014-2015

      Brill Academic Pub, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-26952962; EAN: 9789004272026

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Warhol Andy Catalogue Raisonne: 04

      Phaidon Press Ltd, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60611451; EAN: 9780714867175

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        The North and South Trilogy: North and South, Love and War, Heaven and Hell (Signed Collector's Edition)

      The Easton Press, Norwalk, Connecticut, 2014. Full-Leather. Fine/No Jacket. Signed by author. First volume signed without inscription by John Jakes. Publisher's certificate of authenticity signed by author, a witness, and the publisher, laid in. 2014 Full-Leather. We have more books available by this author!. Complete in three volumes. 740; 1019; 700 pp. 8vo. Brown full leather, gilt titles & decorations, all edges gilt, silk moire endpapers, orange ribbon markers bound into each volume. Jakes's classic trilogy of the American Civil War. "John Jakes was born in Chicago, graduated from De Pauw University, and earned his M.A. in literature at Ohio State. He worked for fifteen years at various creative posts in advertising before deciding to devote full time to his own writing."

      [Bookseller: Yesterday's Muse, ABAA, ILAB, IOBA]
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        Why Do You Read So Slowly? [Original Artwork]

      2014. Spray paint and silkscreen on cigarette pack foil mounted to cardboard. Measuring approximately 28" x 22". SIGNED and dated by artist to verso.

      [Bookseller: Brian Cassidy, Bookseller]
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        Individual Income Taxes 2015

      Cengage Learning, 2014. 38 HAR/CDR. CDR. New. SKU: MM-21720496; EAN: 9781285438849

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition

      Cengage Learning, 2014. 10 HAR/CRD. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21459914; EAN: 9781285458762

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Smith & Roberson's Business Law

      Cengage Learning, 2014. 16. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21493299; EAN: 9781285428253

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

      Elsevier Science Health Science div, 2014. 10 HAR/PSC. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21730019; EAN: 9781455756179

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Sometimes I Pretend.

      Santa Cruz, California:: Peter and Donna Thomas,, 2014.. Edition of 35 . Double-sided scroll in a spring-loaded 4.25 x 10. 375 x 4.25" box. Handmade paper by Peter Thomas. Paper pulp stenciled images by Donna Thomas. Box sides covered in pulp stenciled handmade paper. Box ends of California walnut wood. Wooden sprocket cranks made from maple. Unsharpened No.2 Ticonderoga Beginners pencil attached to the end of the scroll. Signed and numbered by the artists. Peter and Donna Thomas: "We found the words 'secret motor chirring' central to our reading of the poem. Our interpretation of Nye's poem was informed by previous explorations into this timeless theme, both by British arts and crafts fine press printers when they said 'don't let yourself become part of the machine, but work to create beauty with your hands…' and the visual depiction of Charlie Chaplin in 'Modern Times' when he works at the assembly line or as he swings precariously from the hands of the giant clock, and this led us to bind the book as a motor. This also inspired our use of the clock and pencil imagery and the pencil page stop, which for us symbolize the relentless call of work. "This short poem by Nye has been hand set with various sizes and fonts of wood and metal type and printed as a scroll, in multiple colors using a 'rainbow roll'… The paper is also illustrated with two paper pulp stenciled steam punk images made by Donna. Each image was sprayed using 4 colors of pulp through 2 or 3 stencils. The spray pulp was made from old colored rags with no added pigments. The scroll is bound in a unique box structure made with paper pulp stenciled handmade paper and California walnut. The box also features wooden sprocket cranks made from straight grain maple, inscribed with the word 'close' and an arrow indicating the direction to rotate the sprocket to return the scroll into the box. There is a pencil attached to the end of the scrolling text to restrain it from slipping into the box.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Chinese History (1-12 copies) (Revised)(Chinese Edition) ZHONG GUO TONG SHI (112 CE XIU DING BEN

      People's Publishing House, 2014-11-01. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Language:Chinese.Pub Date: 2014-11-01 Pages: 6570 Publisher: People's Publishing House Fan Wenlan recognized contemporary historian. historical authority. Four straight years of this century. he wrote China's first use of the Marxist view of the system described in the writings of Chinese history at Ann cave lamp - Compendium of Chinese History. July 20. 1968. Mao Zedong sent a message to Fan Wenlan: China needs a general history. No new wording in the past. or in accordance with the kind of ... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

      [Bookseller: cninternationalseller]
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        The Writings of Abraham Lincoln, together with The Essay on Lincoln, Address on Lincoln, and The Life of Lincoln, in Eight Volumes (Centennial Edition) (Easton Press Deluxe Limited Edition)

      The Easton Press, Norwalk, Connecticut, 2014. Limited Edition. Full-Leather. Fine/No Jacket. Limited edition, #370 of 800 copies. Publisher's limitation slip laid in. 2014 Full-Leather. Complete in eight volumes. 8vo. Light brown full leather, gilt titles & decorations, all edges gilt, marbled endpapers, copper ribbon marker bound into each volume, printed on Glatfelter Nature's Book paper, lithography by Falcon Press. Photogravure frontispieces in each volume, and several photographic plates in text. The collected writings of the 16th President of the United States, edited by Arthur Brooks Lapsley, with an introduction by Theodore Roosevelt, The Essay on Lincoln by Carl Schurz, Address on Lincoln by Joseph H. Choate, and The Life of Lincoln by Noah Brooks. The set comprises volumes covering the following: 1832-1843; 1843-1858; The Lincoln Douglas Debates (2 vols.); 1858-1862; 1862-1863; 1863-1865; The Life of Lincoln.

      [Bookseller: Yesterday's Muse, ABAA, ILAB, IOBA]
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        Made Up.

      Gainesville, Florida:: Crooked Letter Press,, 2014/2015.. Edition of 50 (1-5 deluxe). 19" x 14" x 2.5" sectioned clamshell box containing 14 unfolded prints with copy of the book Made Up. Base of box sectioned for book on right and 9 sheets 12 x 12" with title page, text, and images. 18.25 x 12.25" separate board laid over sectioned compartments. 8 prints 18 x 12" each laid on separation board. Ellen Knudson, deluxe edition: "The color multiple block linoleum prints of imaginary cellular structures are featured without text in their pure, vibrant glory. The Deluxe edition is limited to 5 copies, numbers 1 through 5. … Each box has a window that features a detail from a selected print. Each of the five Deluxe copies have a different print in the window. Ellen Knudson, original book: "Made Up is a non-scientific science book about the imaginary cellular composition of the human body. Fourteen cells are illustrated: Anger, Curiosity, Failure, Fear, Jealousy, Joy, Knowledge, Location, Love, The Past, Success, Talent, Trust, Work. "The cell images are vibrant multi-block and reduction linoleum prints with a diagram explaining how each cell operates. The text is playfully pseudo-scientific and presents theories about the attributes that 'make up' a person. "The inspiration for Made Up stems from a general fascination with how things are constructed. I often think about how people are similar and how we are different, and wonder how those similarities and differences occur. I had been drawing cells in my sketchbook and formed the idea of imaginary, emotional cellular structures that might 'make up' a person. I listed fourteen types of cells (Anger, Curiosity, etc.) and wrote text for each cell using indirectly scientific language. To further support the pseudo-scientific nature of the books' content, I used a non-digital form of image creation for the cells - multi-block linoleum cuts.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Managerial Accounting

      Pearson College Div, 2014. 4 PCK HAR/. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21515284; EAN: 9780133803808

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing + Study Guide + PrepU

      Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014. 13 PCK CSM. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21550221; EAN: 9781469864570

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Im Lande des Don Quijote. Drei Briefe. Stefan Knechtel, Holzschnitte.

      Witzwort, Quetsche - Verlag für Buchkunst, 2014. 55 (1) S. mit 5 blattgr. und 5 gefalt. dreiblattgr. farb. Holzschnitten von Stefan Knechtel. Extrasuite mit den 5 blattgr. Farbholzschnitten, num. (1 von 10) und vom Künstler sign. in Büttenmappe. Fol., bedrucktes Leder mit Übermalungen, Buch und Büttenmappe in Leinenschuber.. Eines von 10 Exemplaren der Vorzugsausgabe (GA 77 Ex.). - Handeinband von Roland Meuter. Bedruckte Vorsätze. - Mit einem Vorwort von Jürgen Pütz. - Impressum von Stefan Knechtel sign. Versandkostenfreie Lieferung

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Galerie Joy]
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        Clinical Handbook for Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Thirteenth Edition + CoursePoint + Brunner & Suddarth's Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Second Edition + Nursing Diagnosis, Fourteenth Edition

      Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014. 13 PCK PAP. Paperback. New. This concise clinical companion to the thirteenth edition of Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing presents nearly 200 diseases and disorders in alphabetical format, allowing rapid access to need-to-know information on the most common clinical problems nurses are likely to encounter. The content is completely cross-referenced to the main text. Pages are tabbed alphabetically for speedy reference"--Provided by publisher.SKU: MM-21706208; EAN: 9781469887340

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Anglo-American Life Insurance, 1800-1914

      Taylor & Francis, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-21262784; EAN: 9781848933521

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies

      Oxford Univ Pr, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-22016368; EAN: 9780199836994

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics: Two-Volume Set

      OUP USA, 2014. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60535339; EAN: 9780199829910

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Pressed for Time. A Descriptive Bibliography of the Work of Russell Maret.,

      NY, 2014. - 11 1/2 x 16 1/2. Profusely illustrated with original leaves; broadsides; type specimens; marginal illustrations, including original drawings made in pencil, ink, gouache, and candle smoke. Four-color photographs of the books by Annie Schlecter. Quarter cloth & decorated boards, slipcase. Fine. One of 105 copies on Zerkall and French papers. (There were also 17 deluxe copies on Twinrocker handmade papers.) A descriptive bibliography of 25 years of Russell's printing: published and commissioned books, broadsides, and ephemera, with anecdotes about the making of the books. Essays by Mark Dimunation and Paul Gehl. The large format accommodates untrimmed leaves from AEthelwold Etc, Specimens of Diverse Characters, and Interstices & Intersections. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Veatchs Arts of the Book, ABAA]
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        Love Saves the Day.

      London: White Cube,, 2014. 15 colour screenprint on 410gsm Somerset paper. Sheet size: 146 x 105 cm. Excellent condition. Presented in a white wooden frame with conservation perspex. Edition of 100. Signed in pencil lower right by Miller, numbered lower left. Harland Miller has reworked a rare design from the archive of Penguin Books; the Russian Review periodical, published in the 1940s in this print. Miller has created a fictional paperback cover using the same design but has changed the colour to a cerise pink. The direct and optimistic statement, 'Love - Saves The Day' is unusual for the artist who frequently employs a dark and satirical turn of phrase to create works that are as unsettling as they are humorous. This cover has been painted in a gestural style which references the colour field paintings of American Abstract Expressionism. Miller says, 'colour changes the way people read text ?- if you made the same work in green, people would read the text differently. The same text would have a very different meaning but you would never really know why.'

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Seamus Heaney - pictured for his 70th birthday at his Home in Dublin, 2009 - This was the image the An Post used for his commemoration stamp and the original photograph is framed with a signed First Day Cover bearing the stamp with this original photograph.

      Ireland, 2014 - Original, Vintage Photograph on archival paper - mounted with First Day Cover. Ireland, 2014. From the library of irish photographer John Minihan. With John's copyright-stamp verso. Signed and titled by John Minihan below the image and additionally signed on the Fist Day Cover. RARE ! John Minihan is an Irish photographer, born in Dublin in 1946 and raised in Athy, County Kildare. At the age of 12 he was brought to live in London, and went on to become an apprentice photographer with the Daily Mail. At the age of 15 he won the Evening Standard amateur photography competition. At 21 he became the youngest staff photographer for the Evening Standard. For thirty years he remained in London, returning every year to his hometown of Athy to record the people and their daily lives. The work of Minihan in Athy makes up a large part of his canon. Minihan began taking photos in Athy when he was 16. The photos are an attempt to document the lives of the ordinary people of the town in their day to day business and also in times of joy and sadness, notably during the wake of a woman called Katy Tyrrell. In between documenting Athy on visits home, Minihan continued his career on Fleet Street, which included the iconic snap of the 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer in the garden of the nursery at which she worked, the morning sun to her back, her legs in silhouette through her skirt. Diana had just been announced as the Prince of Wales's love interest and photographers raced to take her photo, Minihan having the fortune to turn up first. Over the years Minihan developed a close relationship with many writers and his photographs of Samuel Beckett show a particular affinity between the two men. Minihans photos of Beckett are some of his best known, one in particular is described as one of the greatest photos of the twentieth century. William S. Burroughs once referred to Minihan as "a painless photographer". Minihan is perhaps best known for his photographs of Samuel Beckett. Minihan first expressed a desire to photograph Beckett in 1969, following Becketts winning of the Nobel Prize for literature, having noticed that all the available photos of Beckett were of a poor quality; 'We were running a story but discovered there were only two very vague images of Beckett taken many years before. It was like he didn't exist - that was the moment I decided I wanted to meet this man and take his photograph.' Minihan first encountered Beckett in London in 1980, while Beckett was working on a production of one of his own plays, Endgame. Minihan met Beckett in the Hyde Park hotel and showed him some of his photos of Athy to break the ice. The two met on a number of occasions over the next few years, but it was not until 1985 that they met in Paris. They arranged to meet in the restaurant of the Hotel PLM, a regular haunt of Beckett. At ten to five, with the light fading, Minihan took the photo that would go on to be called by some as the photograph of the twentieth century. John Calder credited Minihan with capturing, 'the introspective, infinitely sad gaze of a man looking into the abyss of the world's woes'. Among his numerous photographic publications are Photographs: Samuel Beckett (1995); Shadows from the Pale, Portrait of an Irish Town (1996); and An Unweaving of Rainbows, Images of Irish Writers, 1996. He is currently a freelance photographer specialising in 'the arts'. His book of photographs of Samuel Beckett was published in 1995. His photographs of Athy have been exhibited throughout the world. He was given the freedom of Athy in 1990. Minihan currently lives and works in West Cork. Minihan's many exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world include the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, 1984; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 1986; the National Portrait Gallery, London 1987/8 and the October Gallery, London 1990 as well as the Guinness Hop Store, Dublin 1991. (Wikipedia) From the library of irish photographer John Minihan. With John's cop

      [Bookseller: The Time Traveller's Bookshop Ltd.]
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        Vigiliae Christianae. A Review of Early Christian Life and Language. (1-67 / 1947-2013).

      Amsterdam / Leiden, North-Holland / Brill, 1947 - 2014. - Volumes 1-65 cloth hardcovers (red and yellow bindings) fasc. 1-5 of 2013 in paperbacks & Index to volumes 1-50. (added fasc. 1, 2,3 & 4 of 2014). Very good set. See picture. 41000g [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Emile Kerssemakers]
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        Tokyo bookstore era: between Er Shi II independent bookstores. countless types of intersection between man and the soul of the book DONG JING SHU DIAN SHI DAI ER SHI ER JIAN DU LI SHU DIAN QIAN BAI ZHONG REN YU SHU DE LING HUN JIAO HUI

      Popular wind, 2014-01-16. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date: 2014-01-16 Language: Traditional Chinese Publisher: popular style inspired bookstore SHIBUYAPUBLISHINGBOOKSELLERSBB molded cable homes COW reformer living in Meguro hundred bookstores BOOKS BOOK CLUB KAICOOKCOOPLIXIL BOOK GALLERY whole world travel bookstore bookstore NomadSOUVENIRFROM TOKYO ancient street of the game Church BOOK246Tokyos Tokyo people think beauty bookstore LimArt ancient moon Church source hi town hall bookstore bookstore since starting Morioka bookstore. go to the... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

      [Bookseller: cninternationalseller]
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        The Gale Encyclopedia of Science

      Gale / Cengage Learning, 2014. 5. Hardcover. New. An encyclopedia of various topics relating to science, technology, and ethics, in a set with articles written by scientists, physicians, teachers, and specialized science writers.SKU: MM-21525126; EAN: 9781414498492

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        United States Supreme Court Reports L.ed 2d Vols. 1-173 (1956-2008)

      2014 - United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition 2d (L Ed 2d). LexisNexis. Vols. 1-173 (1956-October 2008) [with] Vols. 174 to 181 Interim Bound Volumes (October 2008 to October 2011); 2012 Index A-Z with 2014 supplements (5 hardcover volumes); 2014 Tables (1 softbound vol.); 2014 Quick Case Table (1 softbound volume); 2014 Annual supplement covering V. 1 to 189 (4 softbound volumes). Together 192 books. Ex-library with stamps, volumes 1 to 15 with some shelf wear, else very good. Publisher's Price USD 6,843. * L Ed 2d is a complete enhanced reporter of U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1956 with convenient special research features not found in the official United States Reports. Subject-specific annotations prepared by LexisNexis attorneys, parallel reference tables, citations and page breaks for the official United States Reports, annotation indexing, and summarized counsel briefs. Annual supplements update case and statutory annotations and provide a citator. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., ABAA ILAB]
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        Obwohl nichts wagte ist nichts gewonnen / Although nothing ventured nothing is won.

      Flörsheim, Main, Germany:: Peter Malutzki,, 2014.. Edition of 20. 17 x 24 cm (6.7 x 9.4"); 40 pages. Collages (composed of original envelopes and used banknotes). Handset and letterpress. Bi-lingual text (German / English). Numbered and signed by the artist. Bound in printed paper over boards with paper titles on front cover. Peter Malutzki: "The peculiar language and involuntary humor of some spam e-mails from Hong Kong, machine-translated into German, and their 'back translation' via a translation program into a not less funny English build the text material of the book. Added are original collages made up of letter envelopes and Chinese Yuan notes."

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Celos aun del aie matan

      A-R Editions, 2014. Bilingual. Paperback. New. SKU: MM-26889209; EAN: 9780895797681

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Artist Francis Bacon (1909-1992), photographed at his Mews Studio / Lane - London, 1985.

      Ireland. From the private library of irish photographer John Minihan. Titled and signed by John Minihan below the image. . Ireland, 2014. Extra Large Original Photograph on archival paper. From the private library of irish photographer John Minihan. Titled and signed by John Minihan below the image. Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 ?- 28 April 1992) was an Irish-born British figurative painter known for his bold, grotesque, emotionally charged and raw imagery. His painterly abstracted figures are typically isolated in glass or steel geometrical cages, set against flat, nondescript backgrounds. Bacon took up painting in his early 20s but worked sporadically and uncertainly until his mid-30s. Unsure of his ability, he drifted as a highly complex bon vivant, homosexual, gambler and interior decorator and designer of furniture, rugs and bathroom tiles. He later admitted that his artistic career was delayed because he spent too long looking for subject matter that could sustain his interest. His breakthrough came with the 1944 triptych Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, which in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, sealed his reputation as a uniquely bleak chronicler of the human condition. Remarking on the cultural significance of Three Studies, John Russell observed that "there was painting in England before the Three Studies, and painting after them, and no one...can confuse the two." Bacon said that he saw images "in series", and his artistic output typically focused on a single subject or format for sustained periods, often in triptych or diptych formats. His output can be crudely described as sequences or variations on a single motif; beginning with the 1930s Picasso-informed Furies, moving on to the 1940s male heads isolated in rooms or geometric structures, the 1950s screaming popes, and the mid-to-late 1950s animals and lone figures. These were followed by his early 1960s variations on crucifixion scenes. From the mid-1960s he mainly produced portraits of friends and drinking companions, either as single or triptych panels. Following the 1971 suicide of his lover George Dyer, his art became more somber, inward-looking and preoccupied with the passage of time and death. The climax of this later period is marked by masterpieces, including his 1982's "Study for Self-Portrait" and Study for a Self Portrait -Triptych, 1985-86. Despite his bleak existentialist outlook, solidified in the public mind through his articulate and vivid series of interviews with David Sylvester, Bacon in person was highly engaging and charismatic, articulate, well-read and unapologetically gay. He was a prolific artist, but nonetheless spent many of the evenings of his middle age eating, drinking and gambling in London's Soho with like-minded friends such as Lucian Freud (though the two fell out in the 1950s, for reasons neither ever explained), John Deakin, Muriel Belcher, Henrietta Moraes, Daniel Farson and Jeffrey Bernard. After Dyer's suicide he largely distanced himself from this circle, and while his social life was still active and his passion for gambling and drinking continued, he settled into a platonic and somewhat fatherly relationship with his eventual heir, John Edwards. Bacon was equally reviled and acclaimed during his lifetime. Art critic Robert Hughes described him as "the most implacable, lyric artist in late 20th-century England, perhaps in all the world" and along with Willem de Kooning as "the most important painter of the disquieting human figure in the 50's of the 20th century." Francis Bacon was the subject of two Tate retrospectives and a major showing in 1971 at the Grand Palais. Since his death his reputation and market value have grown steadily, and his work is amongst the most acclaimed, expensive and sought-after. In the late 1990s a number of major works, previously assumed destroyed,[8] including early 1950s popes and 1960s portraits, reemerged to set record prices at auction. On 12 November 2013 his Three Studies of Lucian Freud set the world record as the most expensive piece of art sold at auction, selling for $142,405,000, until exceeded by the sale of a Picasso in May 2015. (Wikipedia)

      [Bookseller: The Time Traveller's Bookshop]
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