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        Mathematics and Modern Economics

      Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60326887; EAN: 9781781000434

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        White Monks A Life in Shadows

      Las Palmas, Spain:: Francesca Phillips,, 2012.. Edition of 50. 9.96 x 9.25 x 1.57"; 176 pages. Printed on Lambeth Cartridge Paper, 170 gsm. Includes 84 black and white photographs. Bound in dark brown calfskin. Cream foil blocked. Housed in a black linen-covered slipcase with recessed silver gelatin print. Photography and design by Francesca Phillips. Printed by Senecio, Oxfordshire, UK. Binding by Ludlow Bookbinders, Shropshire, UK. Signed and numbered by the artist. English and Spanish text with selected quotations by Henry David Thoreau, James Thurber, Robert Browning, and others. Selected text includes lines from "In Silence" by Thomas Merton; "I thank You God for most this amazing" by E. E. Cummings: and "If It Be Your Will" by Leonard Cohen. Translation by Miguel Curbelo, Las Palmas, Spain. Francesca Phillips: "White Monks: A Life in Shadows offers an intimate glimpse into an ancient way of life that is slowly disappearing, a testament to lives devoted to spiritual service, in extraordinary counterpoint to the modern world. "The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance, more commonly known as the Trappists, is a Roman Catholic contemplative enclosed order of monks and nuns that evolved from a succession of reforms to return to the true spirit of the Benedictines. Living in solitude, in an atmosphere of silence, they have chosen a life of private contemplation very rarely seen by others. Made over a period of three years, this collection of photographs gives us a sense of the mystique of monastic life, the enigmatic otherness of monks. "Photographed in three monasteries in Spain: Monasterio de La Oliva in Navarra, Monasterio de San Pedro de Cardeña in Burgos, and Abadia San Isidro de Dueñas in Palencia." Francesca Phillips, additional comments: With the permission to photograph came several provisos that included, at first, showing no faces at all. Wandering around alone in public areas I was to be as inconspicuous and as sensitive as possible. If accompanied I could go to certain private quarters, but just for a few minutes, and there was to be no talking, as is the rule of the Order. The slightly clandestine nature of it was strangely liberating. At six o'clock in the morning, in the winter, in the darkness of a 12th-century church, thinking you are alone, only to slowly discover that you are surrounded by twenty hooded, praying monks - it was a perfect moment of pure theatre. "I realized early on that to try and demystify their way of life was pointless, and that all I could do was attempt to capture something of its atmosphere. The photographs live as a record for those who don't have the opportunity to see for themselves the life that takes place inside a monastery. It was an extraordinary privilege to work in the communities, even more so as a woman, and during my time with them my questions grew. Above all, still, who is a monk? The times in which we live make it seem all the more remarkable that someone can renounce so much to enter a monastery, abstain from such great choice. But this is a secular thought. For those who hear the call to monastic life the ultimate desire is to concentrate on their faith. Their decision holds secrets and in them lies a poetic mystery.

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        The Oxford Companion to Archaeology

      OUP USA, 2012. Second Edition. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60040583; EAN: 9780199735785

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        Pygmy Water Lily Nymphaea Leibergii

      Portland, Maine:: Rebecca Goodale,, 2012.. Edition of 5. 5.5 x 5.5 x 3". Paper ribbon of MacGregor handmade papers. Paste papers, hand coloring, and silkscreen prints. In drop hinge cloth-covered clamshell box. Title handpainted on lid in Latin. Title, number, edition, year, and signature on pastepaper lining lid interior. Another work in Rebecca Goodale's Threatened & Endangered series, which presents the threatened and endangered flora and fauna of Maine. In Maine the small water lily is considered to be in the threatened status. Here the delicate lily pads and one bloom are attached to paper ribbon anchored to the box's bottom. Nicholas Schroeder, Rebecca Goodale's Artists Books at UNE: "For those not solely concerned with Goodale's unorthodox field guide of endangered species, her most arresting ideas are to be discovered in the limitless ways in which she conceives of a book. 'Pygmy Pond Lily,' … exploits a jack-in-the-box motif to an almost nightmarish degree, its fronds (made from paste paper and marbling on Tyvek silkscreen prints) creep in every direction.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Angelus in Domus

      New York:: Honey Tree Press,, 2012.. Edition of 40. 4 x 6.25"; 158 pages. Printed in the spring of 2012 at the Center for Book Arts in New York. Printed in Centaur and Dearest fonts on Johannot paper using polymer plates. An edition of 40: 30 standard in red cloth-covered boards and 10 deluxe bound in embroidered covers. Laid in four-fold paper portfolio with slip and slot closure. Mukti Cerio: "There exists a romantic vision of the Victorians that has taken root in our generation, but this vision hides a far more nefarious time in history. Beyond the well-mannered parlors of the English country home lay a quagmire of filth, iniquity, and sorrow. Disease was rampant, poverty was almost all pervasive, and the explosion of the Industrial Revolution meant that most English laborers spent from dawn till dusk toiling in factories and below the earth in the blackness of the mines. To be poor in Victorian England was a grueling march to death, which included few daily pleasures and almost no respite. "If this was the life of the English working class, it is inconceivable to contemplate the life of women during this period. If you were lucky enough to be born into a good family your sole purpose in life was to be wed to a suitable husband. Once married, women lost all their land, wealth, and titles and became the property of their husbands; and these unfortunate women were the lucky ones. Consider the countless women who were unable to marry? They quickly joined an invisible class of unwanted old maids who took their place at the edge of the ballroom. They had no home, no income, no status, and worst of all they were blamed for their condition as if it was a choice rather than an infliction. And behind every well-bred young lady, and every kitchen maid, beside every governess, and every matchstick girl, stood the Angel in the House like a ghostly reminder of their own imperfection. "Angelus in Domus is an artist book that contrasts Coventry Patmore's epic poem 'The Angel in the House,' against facts about women's lives in Victorian England. Patmore's poem came to symbolize the ideal that every woman was expected to bend to. His work was viewed in this manner by his contemporaries and still exists as a by line used to refer to the perfect Victorian woman. The statistical information is all derived from original sources including the 1831 and 1871 census. Throughout the book I have used silhouette images to illustrate the text, which was an art form typically practiced by women during the period. The deluxe edition of the book comes with embroidered covers, embroidery being one of the prized accomplishments of a Victorian lady.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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      Beijing, China:: Leilei Guo,, 2012.. Edition of 5. 19.5 x 13 x 1.5", expands to 13"; 13 pages. Double-sided modified tunnel structure. Hand-cut. Silkscreen prints. Laid in four flap hard cover portfolio wrapper. Signed by the artist. Leilei Guo: "This book is one of my continuing themes about the living environment in our modern life. Nowadays, the living spaces of human beings are becoming smaller and smaller, and the boundaries of regions are becoming blurred and even indistinct. People from different countries live and mingle together. We see Western people in Asia and Asian people in the West. People may have different color skin, but they use the same languages. Sometimes it is hard to know where we are, it could be New York, Tokyo, Beijing, or Paris. It seems as if the boundaries between nations are disappearing day by day. This growing similarity in architecture around the world is just one sign of a world becoming homogenous. "In this book my idea is that in ancient times there are many mountains on the land, and as civilizations developed these have been replaced (sometimes literally) by many apartments. On the two sides of this book is an image of the mountains from the ancient Chinese paintings; the interior shows the modern apartments, one layer by another."

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        China Design Collection (Juan Shiyi): Catering class series kitchenware articles(Chinese Edition) ZHONG GUO SHE JI QUAN JI JUAN SHI YI CAN YIN LEI BIAN CHU JU PIAN

      Commercial Press, 2012-10-01. hardcover. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.HardCover. Pub Date :2012-10-01 Pages: 315 Language: Chinese Publisher: Commercial Press. kitchen refers to people in the cooking utensils used in the process. including both cooking utensils used for cooking. but also the result of fires. do The meal derived from various ancillary equipment. Food styling means fruits and specialty pasta and cold cuts sculpture creative styling. China Design Collection (Juan Shiyi): Catering class series kitchenware articles selected cases 150 cases. the sele... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        China Design Collection (Book Nine): dining utensils class series articles(Chinese Edition) ZHONG GUO SHE JI QUAN JI JUAN JIU CAN YIN LEI BIAN SHI JU PIAN

      Commercial Press, 2012-10-01. hardcover. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.HardCover. Pub Date :2012-10-01 Pages: 306 Language: Chinese Publisher: Commercial Press. China Design Collection (Book Nine): Catering class series utensils chapter. a book on ancient utensils made of a data Fan cut. the selection of Chinese ancient history 150 cases utensils works include pottery. bronze. lacquer. gold. silver. porcelain. jade. wood and other utensils of different materials. they represent from ancient times to the Qing Dynasty Ancient Chinese utensils in the boutique. With... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        The Intruder foreword by Richard F. Vander Veenwood engravings by Jim Westergard

      Marcelona, Michigan:: Deep Wood Press,, 2012.. Edition of 150. 8.25 x 10.375"; 36 pages. Letterpress printed in 14 pt Linotype Janson with ATF Garamond in display sizes. Printed in five colors on Hahnemuhle Shiller 150 gsm paper. Illustrated with 10 wood engravings by Jim Westergard. Includes a foreword by Richard F. Vander Even, co-founder of the John D. Voelker Foundation. Quarter-bound in heavy board with a Canapetta book cloth spine and Twinrocker Rustler paper. Copper foil title on cover and an embossed umber printed panel with Jim Westergard's small "fly" wood engraving printed on a green paper inset. Dark green Hahnemühle Bugra flyleaves back up the book blocks which are all handsewn on straps, mull attached, and cased in. Edition of 150: 20 deluxe; 10 unbound; 120 standard. Signed and numbered by the printer. This is the standard edition. Deep Wood Press: "John D. Voelker (June 19, 1903 - March 19, 1991), better known by his pen name Robert Traver, was a renowned fly fisherman, and a member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. His early professional career was as an attorney, judge, and later a writer. He is best known as the author of the novel Anatomy of a Murder published in 1958. The best-selling novel was turned into an Academy Award nominated film - directed by Otto Preminger and starring James Stewart - that was released July 1, 1959. After the success of his novel, Anatomy of a Murder, Voelker retired from the court in 1959 in order to write full-time and to fish at his beloved Frenchman's Pond. There, he devoted himself to writing, and perhaps above all else, fly fishing, with a special passion for wild brook trout. Although he traveled far in his pursuit of trout, he recognized the Upper Peninsula as a particularly special place to fish. His writings, though steeped in fly fishing, also embraced the larger beauty of nature, and human nature. ?"John Voelker lived his life as most of us wish we could - on his own terms. He was a renowned novelist and outdoor writer, an eminent member of the bench and bar, and a skilled fly fisherman. Author of 11 books and numerous stories, a Michigan Supreme Court Justice who wrote over 100 finely crafted opinions, and self 'proclaimed U.P. Cribbage Champ,?' John Voelker made many contributions that live on today." Colophon: "The Intruder was originally published as a chapter in the book Trout Madness published by St. Martin's Press in 1960. ... Nothing as ironic as printing a book about fishing while the trout are frantically rising to big hatches 30 feet from the studio door. Promises made, promises kept.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Uluhaimalama Legacies of Lili'uokalani

      Tallahasee, Florida:: Great Basin Press,, 2012.. Edition of 50. 12.25 x 12.25" custom sectioned clamshell box containing pamphlet, postcards, lei-making kit, lyrics sheet, record in sleeve, stencil-cut portrait. Letterpress printed. Images and text printed from photopolymer plates and laser engraved wood blocks on handmade cotton/abaca, chipboard, and French Papers. Edition of 50: 10 deluxe, 40 standard. Both versions bound in illustrated printed papers. Standard copies are quarter-cloth bound; deluxe copies are quarter-leather. Title blind embossed on spine. Contents: Pamphlet, "Uncovering Hawai'i's Past - Beyond Textbooks & Travel Guides": 5.5 x 8.5", 28 pages. Handbound. Illustrated wraps. Project colophon printed on bottom of this section in the box. Postcards, "Let the Story Be Told": 3.5 x 4.5"; 4 cards. Laid in chipboard wraps with printed band closure. Lei making kit: 2 x 3.75" black envelope containing 49 paper flowers. Thread provided. Instructions included on bottom of custom section for envelope. Music by Queen Lili'uokalani: 33 1/3 rpm record of music selections (slightly less than 40 minutes play time) in printed 12 x 12" sleeve. Lyrics printed on 24 x 12" sheet, folded once forming 4 pages. Portrait of Queen Lili'ulkalani: 12 x 12" one stencil-cut sheet. This is a deluxe copy. (LAST COPY) Allison Milham: "This project explores the occupied state of Hawai'i; it's political past and history of organized resistance. Milham combines music composed by Queen Lili'uokalani, (played and recorded by the artist), with a detailed portrayal of Hawai'i's story contained within the accompanying album artwork and packaging. The content plays out in an interactive uncovering; an intense discovery of successive layers to be sifted through, understood and felt. Postcards, 12" laser-cut stencil, booklet and other items of ephemera become tools, allowing the viewer to turn their newly acquired knowledge into action. "Being one quarter Native Hawaiian, this project is very personal, honoring my family and heritage, but it also speaks to my interests in activism, sharing history and my efforts for social change.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Industrial Organization: Competition. Strategy and Policy Industrial Organization: Competition, Strategy and Policy

      Pearson, 2012-10-18. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2012-10-18 Pages: 872 Language: English Publisher: Pearson The fourth edition of Industrial Organisation continues to highlight the strong link between the theory and analysis of industrial economics using engaging case studies It takes students on a journey. through the historical development of industrial organisation to the present day with new case studies exploring contemporary issues in business. finance and economics such as: Corporate governance Executive pay Pric... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        The Handbook of the Neuropsychology of Language

      Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. Hardcover. New. This handbook provides a comprehensive review of new developments in the study of the relationship between the brain and language, from the perspectives of both basic research and clinical neuroscience.SKU: MM-60297201; EAN: 9781444330403

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        A Companion to Greek Art

      Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. Hardcover. New. This well-illustrated two-volume set offers a comprehensive, authoritative account of the development of Greek art through the 1st millennium BC. While there is no shortage of introductory handbooks on Greek art, the current publication takes a fresh look at the many facets of the subject, from the basic forms, materials, and types, to colonization, iconography, and finally the reception of Greek art in post-classical periods. A Companion to Greek Art is a collaborative effort joining scholars of various nationalities and specializations. The chapter authors are foremost experts in their field, and, being drawn from the ranks of university lecturers and professors, museum curators and field archaeologists, they offer unique perspectives to the collection. As a result, this is an unbiased and inclusive representation of the state of the discipline and the current ways it is being examined by scholars all over the world. A Companion to Greek Art presents a nuanced portrait of the development of Greek art,through a narrative that is factually oriented and technically detailed, as well as thematic, contextual, and historiographical"--SKU: MM-60274186; EAN: 9781405186049

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        The Golden Bough 12 Volume Set

      Cambridge University Press, 2012. New. SKU: MM-60254930; EAN: 9781108047432

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        Treetops at Risk: Challenges of Global Canopy Ecology and Conservation Treetops at Risk: Challenges of Global Canopy Ecology and Conservation

      Springer, 2012-11-20. hardcover. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.HardCover. Pub Date :2012-11-20 Pages: 464 Language: English Publisher:. Springer Forest canopies not only support high terrestrial biodiversity but also represent a critical interface between the atmosphere and the earth They provide goods and services to support diverse human communities and offer opportunities to explore sustainable use of these resources for many generations of local livelihoods. Forest canopies are important carbon sequestration units. and in this sense. serve as climate... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        In A Single Gesture

      Santa Rosa, CA: Nawakum Press, 2012. 61/2 x 12"; 32 pages. One of 30 copies, of which 24 were for sale. Letterpress printed on mould-made Somerset Book and handmade Cave Paper. Jason Dewinetz of Greenboathouse Press designed the edition. The text is Brioso Pro, designed by Robert Slimbach. California calligrapher Judy Detrick illustrated the text with a calligraphic line, printed letterpress, running throughout the entire length of the book. Patrick Reagh printed the text and covers from polymer plates. The accordion bindings and clamshell boxes were produced by John DeMerritt. Alan Loney has developed an international reputation as a poet, writer of prose and criticism, publisher, and as a fine press printer. He is the 2011 recipient of the Janet Frame Award for Poetry in New Zealand for lifetime achievement, and previously won the 1976 New Zealand Book Award for poetry with his collection Dear Mondrian. Loney has printed over fifty books of his own work and the work of other poets. His Hawk Press (1974-83) , Black Light Press (1987-91) , and Holloway Press (1994-98) have given voice to the smallest nuances of his creative expressions and those of other poets. In A Single Gesture is a sequence of 24 poems manifesting as one, connected by a single calligraphic line drawn by Judy Detrick through the entire sixteen-foot length of the accordion style binding. Poetry of thoughtful feeling from the outset, as Loney himself describes it, the work draws inspiration from ancient Greek poets and philosophers. Each poem's first line has been selected from an original Greek text and translated by the poet. Expanding on the essence of these first lines, each poem then resonates with immediate personal relevance in a style both self reflective and circumspect, in a manner that is crisp, fragmented, erudite and uniquely Loney. Fine.

      [Bookseller: Books Tell You Why]
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        Law and Politics

      Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60106688; EAN: 9780415680356

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        Gua sha: A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice. 2e Gua sha: A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice, 2e

      Churchill Livingstone, 2012-12-14. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2012-12-14 Pages: 174 Language: English Publisher: Churchill Livingstone Sometimes called coining. spooning or scraping. Gua sha is defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press stroking of a lubricated area of ??the body surface that intentionally creates transitory therapeutic petechiae representing extravasation of blood in the subcutis. Gua sha has been used for centuries in Asia. in Asian immigrant communities and by acupuncturists and practitioners of traditio... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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      Berkeley, California:: Set in Motion Press,, 2012.. Edition of 50. 5.75 x 11.5" closed, opens to 11.5 x 11.5"; Turkish map fold book structure. Handbound, letterpress printed. Materials: Rives Heavyweight and Rives BFK, Elephant Hide paper, and book cloth. Bound in paper-covered boards with typographic paper title on front board and illustrated colophon on back board. Casey Gardner: "Threshold is a book about approaching and moving through transformation. The piece explores several aspects of change and revolves around a story inspired by Ovid's tale of Daphne and Apollo in The Metamorphosis. Daphne is a nymph with a passion for hunting; she is pursued by Apollo, the god of sunlight, music, poetry, and healing. His Delphic edict is gnothi seauton, know yourself. Despite all his interesting traits, Daphne prefers her freedom. He chases her through the forest and rather than be caught, she pleas for a transformation and is turned into a laurel tree. (Apollo makes the laurel his sacred symbol.) "Whenever I read Ovid's tale or see Bernini's Baroque sculpture of Daphne's transformation, I wonder, why a tree, so I wrote the story about her to explore this question. It's tragic to see the wild huntress rooted to the earth, yet I find her grace and strength inspiring as she reaches and grows into the sky. I admire her determination to remain free, yet her call for change had an unexpected outcome, as do many thresholds we cross. "The book also features four Mythological Meta-Muses of Flux. These are muses who embody a threshold between states of being; they are muses of the imagination who assist in creative journeys of transformation. I've given them names based on Greek roots: Euthalia, Eupraxia, Eutropia, and Euphemia.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Advanced Accounting Advanced Accounting

      Pearson, 2012-04-05. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2012-04-05 Pages: 840 Language: English Publisher: Pearson An in-depth guide to accounting that reflects the most up-to-date business developments.This comprehensive textbook addresses practical financial reporting problems while reflecting recent business developments and changes in accounting standards.This edition has been rewritten to align with the Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Codification. Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        The Works of Nicholas Tarling on Southeast Asia

      Routledge, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60106116; EAN: 9780415670753

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Furniture Design Furniture Design

      Wiley, 2012-11-06. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2012-11-06 Pages: 416 Language: English Publisher: Wiley The comprehensive guide to furniture design-expanded and updatedFurniture designers draw on a range of knowledge and disciplines to create their work From history to theory to technology.. Furniture Design offers a comprehensive survey of the essential craft-and practice-related aspects of furniture design.Generously illustrated with photographs and drawings-including a new color section-this Second Edition features... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        Comprehensive Chirality

      Elsevier Science & Technology, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60010863; EAN: 9780080951676

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        Modernizing Nursery

      Editon Synapse, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60394287; EAN: 9784902454635

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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      Deep Wood Press, (Mancelona, MI) 2012 - 4to. full contemporary leather with leather panels in the form of fish. unpaginated. Limited to 150 numbered copies, signed by designer, printer and binder Chad Pastonik, of which this copy has been specially bound by Don Etherington. Originally published as a chapter in the book Trout Madness (St. Martin's Press, 1960). Wood engravings by Jim Westergard from original maple blocks. Foreword by Richard F. Vander Veen. Composed in Linotype Janson with ATF Garamond on dampened Hahnemüle Schiller paper. Reflections of quiet days trout fishing in rural Michigan. Deep Wood Press catalogue, bookplate and Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles program (printed by Deep Wood) laid in. Beautiful one-of-a-kind binding by this renowned binder. full contemporary leather with leather panels in the form of fish [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Oak Knoll Books, ABAA, ILAB]
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        Road Classics - Sinology Collection - ( a letter seven volumes )(Chinese Edition) DAO XUE JING DIAN GUO XUE DIAN CANG ( YI HAN QI JUAN )

      Zhongzhou Ancient Books Publishing House, 2012-09-01. paperback. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date :2012-09-01 Pages: 676 Language: Chinese Publisher: Zhongzhou Ancient Books Publishing House Basic information Title : Road Classics - Sinology Collection - ( a letter seven volumes ) Price: 842 yuan Author: Publisher : Zhongzhou Ancient Books Press Publication Date : September 1. 2012 ISBN: 9787534838842 words: pages: 676 Edition : 1st Edition Binding: Paperback : Weight : 3.7 Kg editor's Choice Daoist classics ( one letter ) ( Set of 7 ) ancient Books Publishing House pu... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

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        Bernoulli equation for unsteady potential flow PVC Version

      Irvine, California:: Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli,, 2012.. Edition of 4 + 1 AP. 13.5 x 3 x 2"; 87 leaves. Digital pigment prints on Epson Premium Luster paper. Palm leaf structure. PVC and nylon thread. Housed in Plexiglass box with slide-out lid. Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli: "I have made a big Bernoulli (nearly twice the size) for people to handle. I printed it on transparent plastic strips it looks wonderful and completely different from the paper format. It is looks more like an object than a book when it is larger." Colophon: "This sequence of nine continuous photographs is a personal representation of the element water. In traditional philosophies it is commonly associated with the qualities of emotions and intuition. Its wavy patterns call to mind waves on the oceans surfaces, described in mathematical theory by Bernoulli's equation for unstated potential flow.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Music Education

      Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60107111; EAN: 9780415693356

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        Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, 10 Volume Set

      Elsevier Science, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60123487; EAN: 9780444533494

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Sidewalk Interstice [From the Archive of Provisional Traces]

      Vienna, Austria:, 2012.. Edition of 20 . 15.25 x 9.75"; 22 pages. Giclée pigment prints. Sixteen French-fold pages on heavy Somerset Velvet photographic paper, 255 gsm. Bound with hand-sanded aluminum, steel inlay, and posts. Small grate (3 x 3") on front cover. Writing and photographs by artist, with additional quotes from Hélène Cixous, Michel de Certeau, and Edmond Jabès. Victoria Hindley: "In the midst of global upheaval, Sidewalk is conceived as a meditation on the connections between urbanity and civil disobedience. With the sidewalk as a point of departure ?- symbol of contested space; access, protest, (re)claiming ?- the book presents what one might call a poetics of resistance. That is to say, a celebration of Henry David Thoreau's notion of civil disobedience as the duty to protest injustice. "I'm quite interested in what I think of as these quiet and elusive traces of resistance. I find they often suggest poignant stories ?- the kinds of stories that have always existed in the urban core, and the center of the political body. I attempt to convey some of those sensations, those traces, in Sidewalk Interstice. Victoria Hindley, lecture notes: "My most recent project, Sidewalk Interstice belies my belief that the artist as politically engaged citizen is and always has been an essential part of a healthy society. "I'm quite interested in the intersection of art and politics and the ways that meaning is constructed through various social and cultural institutions and ideologies. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about these concepts in relation to public space, notions of civil responsibility, and the artist as citizen. "I think of Sidewalk Interstice as part of a larger body of ongoing work called Archive of Provisional Traces, which are various reflections on what I think of as the interstitial zones of urbanity. "One of the things that instigated this work was the discovery of an official ordinance in Vienna, which states that it is 'forbidden to stop on the sidewalk without a reason.' I kind of fell in love with the absurdity of this ordinance. It raised so many fascinating questions for me. How for instance, does one officially define reason or purpose? So, the work unfolded for me as a dialogue between the imperative of the ordinance and my own ideas about the sidewalk as a common symbol of public space, suggesting freedom of movement, but also freedom of stopping. The sidewalk as a symbol of contrasted space ?- as much as a site of access, as it is a site of protest and (re)claiming. The sidewalk as a kind of metaphor the connections I see between urbanity and civil disobedience especially in the midst of global upheaval. Where occupying the sidewalk, as we see in the so called Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, can rapidly become a polemical statement ?- sometimes an act with grave consequences, sometimes a celebration of civil liberty." Victoria Hindley (personal email): "For me, there are two main reasons to use metal. One, it represents much about urbanity. Coming of age in the industrial era, aluminum was one the first materials of its ilk that could be and still is recycled at such a high level of quality that we are still using more than half of the original material from the turn of the century according to some estimates, so I think of it as representing the durability of urbanity amidst the constant recycling of concepts of 'city.' And, the grate for me is symbolic of the grates one sees in urban centers: fences, sewage drains, etc. while walking on the sidewalk, it is part of the sidewalk experience ?- these things block, yet one can see through them, through the interstices, the in-between spaces. I like the metaphor. I suppose I am working intuitively here with the constant contradictions of urbanity, including the weight of oppressiveness vs. the beauty and poignancy of liberation (i.e., the responsibility of civil disobedience in the most positive sense). Also, I simply like working with metal!

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Zug um Zug

      Ullstein Taschenbuch, 2012.. 320 Seiten Taschenbuch.

      [Bookseller: Versandantiquariat Felix Mücke]
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        The Twelfth Marcel Grossmann Meeting

      World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60398542; EAN: 9789814374514

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Albino Bestiary

      Portland, Maine:: Rebecca Goodale,, 2012.. Edition of 5. 13.75 x 12.5 x 3.5"; 24 pages. Handcolored silkscreen prints with paste patterns. Letterpress printed text. Wedding cake binding. Housed in three quarter clamshell case. LAST 2 COPIES Rebecca Goodale: "This is a book I have been working on since 2010. In its 11 chapters it conjures up memories of white animals (and plants). Although this book is not specifically about flora and fauna protected by the Endangered Species Act, the book brings to mind how human impact has created islands of territory that limit DNA pools and lead to such anomalies as albinism, leucism, melanism, and piebalds. In fact two piebald white tail deer in our neighborhood were the start of my poetic remembrance in chapter 5. So, although there isn't a specifically labeled threatened or endangered species in this collection, I feel I am still working from the same point of view with this volume. "The binding is referred to as a compound dos-à-dos or Wedding Cake. At first it may seem clumsy to manipulate, but after a turn through once or twice you will feel at ease. It also displays nicely carefully opened flat to reveal the hot side (lobsters, porcupine, birds, whale, rhinos) and it stands well on the cool side (mayflies, squirrels, poem, unicorn, and moose) ?- the raccoons do not open while standing.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Almanac of American Military History

      Abc-Clio Inc, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-20798121; EAN: 9781598845303

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Plunkett's Chemicals, Coatings & Plastics Industry Almanac 2013

      Plunkett Research Ltd, 2012. Paperback. New. SKU: MM-20872201; EAN: 9781608796793

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Plunkett's InfoTech Industry Almanac 2012

      Plunkett Research Ltd, 2012. Paperback. New. SKU: MM-20750385; EAN: 9781608796618

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Plunkett's E-Commerce & Internet Business Almanac 2012

      Plunkett Research Ltd, 2012. Paperback. New. SKU: MM-20710661; EAN: 9781608796625

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        A Cultural History of Food: Volumes 1-6

      Bloomsbury Acad & Prof, 2012. Hardback. New. A Cultural History of Food presents an authoritative survey from ancient times to the present. This set of six volumes covers nearly 3,000 years of food and its physical, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions...1. A Cultural History of Food in Antiquity (800 BCE - 500 CE)..2. A Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age (500 - 1300)..3. A Cultural History of Food in the Renaissance (1300 - 1600)..4. A Cultural History of Food in the Early Modern Age (1600 - 1800)..5. A Cultural History of Food in the Age of Empire (1800 - 1900)..6. A Cultural History of Food in the Modern Age (1920 - 2000)..Each volume discusses the same themes in its chapters:..1. Food Production..2. Food Systems..3. Food Security, Safety and Crises..4. Food and Politics..5. Eating Out..6. Professional Cooking, Kitchens and Service Work..7. Family and Domesticity..8. Body and Soul..9. Food Representations..10. World Developments..This structure means readers can either have a broad overview of a period by reading a volume or follow a theme through history by reading the relevant chapter in each volume...Superbly illustrated, the full six volume set combines to present the most authoritative and comprehensive survey available on food through history...SKU: MM-42045064; EAN: 9781847883551

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Critical Readings on the Emperors of Japan

      Brill Academic Pub, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-20849384; EAN: 9789004208865

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Sepic River Ballet

      San Francisco, California:: Persona Grata Productions, Inc.,, 2012.. One-of-a-Kind. 12.5 x 18.5"; 6 pages. Four original artworks in acrylic paint. Accordion structure with first and last pages attached to boards. Spineless binging: multi-textured boards dominated by floral patterned cloth. Paper title label on front board. In matching slipcase with paper tile label on spine. Arnold Iger: "As a child I would often dream of adventures inspired by images of cannibals in the green mountain forests of New Guinea as depicted in the pages of National Geographic. "What was a fantasy journey through the heart of darkness remained hidden until I found myself wandering in a museum lost in reverie and stumbled into an exhibit of Sepic River masks. "Suddenly the painted wooden eyes transfixed me with their mysterious gaze and unlocked a dormant muse. In my imagination a ballet of masked dancers leaped as a village chorus sang the sacred stories of creation, of the marriage of the sun and the moon, of spirit ancestors, and of animal, tree, man, and river living in harmonious nature.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Year Book of Psychiatry and Applied Mental Health 2013. First Edition (Year Books) Year Book of Psychiatry and Applied Mental Health 2013, First Edition (Year Books)

      Elsevier Medicine, 2012-12-10. hardcover. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.HardCover. Pub Date :2012-12-10 Pages: 452 Language: English Publisher: Elsevier Medicine The Year Book of Psychiatry and Applied Mental Health brings you abstracts of the articles that reported the years breakthrough developments in psychiatry and mental health. carefully selected from more than 300 journals worldwide. Expert commentaries evaluate the clinical importance of each article and discuss its application to your practice. Theres no faster or easier way to stay informed! Annual topi... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

      [Bookseller: cninternationalseller]
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        Pentawards (The Package Design. Book 2) ( Package Design Book 2 ) Pentawards (The Package Design, Book 2)( BAO ZHUANG SHE JI SHU 2)

      Taschen GmbH, 2012-10-25. hardcover. New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.HardCover. Pub Date :2012-10-25 Pages: 432 Language: English Publisher: Taschen GmbH An international guide to contemporary packaging design Packaging is a highly underrated art form As the first thing a consumer sees when looking at a product. the packaging. can make or break a sale. Every year. the Pentawards celebrate the art of the package by presenting awards to designs from around the world. Designers compete in five main categories-beverages. food. body. luxury. and other markets-and n... Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back.

      [Bookseller: cninternationalseller]
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        Ship Sale and Purchase

      Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012. 6th Revised edition. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60331316; EAN: 9781842145876

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Mining My Antonia

      Portland, Oregon / West Hartford, Connecticut:: Triangular Press / The Harford Art School Print Workshop,, 2012.. Edition of 30. 17 x 10" portfolio bound in cloth-covered binder's board. On the base of the portfolio is a hinged wooden frame opening left to right. The window of the frame has treated glassine with printed titles. Behind the frame is a suite of five copperplate etchings. Nestled within the window of the frame is a cloth-covered pamphlet stitched book (10.25 x 7"). Within the book is a foldout map and a fragment from the 2010 installation of "My Antonia" at Reed College as well as excerpts from the Cather novel. The excerpts were handset in foundry type and printed letterpress on Zerkall papers. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon. Barbara Tetenbaum: "This project is the second in a series of artworks stemming from the experience of reading Willa Cather's novel My Ántonia. "In the summer of 2010 I spent a month in the gallery at Reed College listening to a recording of Willa Cather's 1918 novel, My Ántonia. I had wanted to put myself in the position of a first-time reader and respond to the story however it moved me. I assumed I would draw directly on the walls as I listened and that this would be the basis for the exhibition. Instead I was amazed and captivated by the pure gorgeousness of Cather's writing. What took me by surprise was how emotional this experience became. Listening each day to her descriptions of the landscape and the sky brought me to tears, the kind that have no root in sadness or nostalgia but came from a place deep in my being. I surrendered myself to her words, retyping excerpts onto many scraps of paper and pinning them to the walls of the gallery or suspending them from fishing line for viewers to bump into. "Using the entire floor of the gallery, I mapped out the novel with colored drafting and electrical tapes, assigning a color and size to each character. The end result resembled a map of the London Underground and the room was a kind of exploded view of the novel. Visitors navigated the story as they roamed around the gallery. "This project represents a desire to put this experience back into book form. It features five automatic drawings made while listening to the novel, printed as etchings. A cloth-bound book of handset letterpress-printed excerpts accompanies this. A large fold-out map of how I see the novel, printed as a large etching with letterpress text, is housed inside the book along with one piece of text from the original Reed College installation. Nathalia King, Professor English and Humanities at Reed College, Reading the Literary Text as 'Art in Space': "To my mind, Tetenbaum's artist book, Mining My Antonia (2012) occupies the mid-point on the spectrum of this process. Its centerpiece is a series of prints (one for each of the five chapters in My Antonia) that are the product of automatic drawing - a process which explores the relation between the moving hand and the processes of thought and emotion, especially as informed by the unconscious mind. Embraced by the Surrealists (Masson, Miro, Dali, Arp, and Breton), automatic drawing can be defined as a dialogue between unconscious and conscious mental activity, between a deeply experienced drafting hand and a willfully empty mind. The hand must work freely and without deliberation, using the simple forms of a continuous and involved line, so that the artist's characteristic expression or motor memory can slide past consciousness - especially as the latter depends on the codes and conventions of illustration ... The psychic mechanisms activated here are those that Freud identified with the dream, the joke, and the symbol: the mental condensation and displacement that allow for the unexpected release of perception, the discovery of relations in randomness, visualization of pure intuition. Listening again to Cather's book on tape, and using copper etching plates prepared by master printer, Kathy Kuehn, Tetenbaum drew with an etching needle, pencil, and paint brush on hard, soft, and spit bite grounds respectively. From these different combinations of tool and surface different graphic textures emerged, varying from sharp and incisive to soft and hazy. Concomitantly, each plate became a sort of visual transparency of Tetenbaum's aural experience of a section of Cather's text: her graphic textures invoke elements of sky and water, or aspects of womanhood and boyhood. The other components of this artist book also each serve to translate the written text into images of various media. A large map reinterprets the movement of characters in space, just as smaller maps stand in for their voyage from Bohemia to Nebraska. For Tetenbaum, even the different typefaces she used and the different orientations each medium had to the original text reflected some aspect of a process of reading and interpretation in which one book becomes another book." The pamphlet A Close Read: The Cather Projects is included.

      [Bookseller: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC]
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        Elizabeth Barrett Browning

      Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60411951; EAN: 9780415507004

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Lees' Loss Prevention in the Process Industries

      Butterworth-Heinemann, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60026180; EAN: 9780123971890

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Compendium of the World's Languages

      Routledge, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60117908; EAN: 9780415499699

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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      Intl Specialized Book Service Inc, 2012. 2. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-20689577; EAN: 9781904455974

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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        Economics of Bankruptcy

      Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2012. Hardcover. New. SKU: MM-60338386; EAN: 9781845426415

      [Bookseller: Media Mall]
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