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        Landschaft im Riesengebirge. Öl auf Hartfaserplatte.

       Unten rechts signiert \"H. Kuron\". 42,5 x 44,5 cm. Schöne Jugendstil-Landschaft mit Blick auf eine teils verschneite Lichtung. Im Hintergrund das schneebedeckte Riesengebirge hinterfangen vom Licht der Abendsonne. - Der Landschaftsmaler Herbert Kuron war Schüler von C. E. Morgenstern und Fr. Kallmorgen. - Leichte Craquelebildung. Versand D: 5,00 EUR Landschaft, Jugendstil, Um 1900, Riesengebirge, Tschechien, Krkonese, Karkonosze, Riesageberge, Riesegeberche, Sudeten,

      [Bookseller: Kunstantiquariat Joachim Lührs]
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      London 1900, Blackwood.Original red cloth, 2 vols., 442+510p. 6 maps, index, appendix, 30 illustrations, an exceptionally. clean & bright copy, a tiny bit of spine fading, else a nice. copy. RARE FIRST EDITION. BIOGRAPHY OF A BRITISH DIPLOMAT IN 19th CTY. CHINA & JAPAN Covering Alcock's life as an army surgeon, sent to China, the first war, treaty of 1842, fruits of war, intercourse in Canton 1842-47, New treaty ports: Foochow, Amoy, Ningpo, and Shanghai. The Tsingpu affair, rebellion, Chinese Maritime Customs, Alcock's departure from Shanghai. * Consul Alcock's views, trade under the treaty of Nanking: tea, silk, opium, Chinese exports, British exports, native trade, traders, Macau, Hong Kong, Piracy, Arrow War, treaties of 1858 & 1860. * Japan: his part in the treaties & negotiations, assassination period 1860-61, 1862-64, Tycoon's dilemma, crisis, Birth of New Japan, Diplomatic body-Tsushima, trade and traders. * Alcock in Peking 1865-69, British legation, foreign life in Peking, emigration, Korea, treaty revisions, missionary problem: Tientsin Massacre of 1870. Expansion of intercourse: Russia, Japan aggressive, Korea opened, Murder of Margary. * Also covers essays on tea, silk, economics, trade, Canton, Macao, Shanghai, Peking, Yangtze River, Formosa, opium, shipping, Hong Kong, piracy, Lord Elgin's missions, new ports opened. * Japan: treaties & their negotiators, assassination period 1860-61. * Korean Imbroglio 1882-85, Port Hamilton episode 1855-57. Tibet, Tonking quarrel, resettlement of the Far East &c. Volume I: China; Vol. II: Japan, Korea & Formosa. *** FIRST AND ONLY EDITION. A major primary resource by Alcock [1809-1897] who was personally involved with the diplomatic efforts & negotiations. * A most important & valuable primary reference work. Complete as issued with all maps and plates. S C A R C E ! *** Color scans can be can be sent by email. Images displayed may not be the actual copy in stock for sale at any given time; if you want to see the exact image of the book or edition in stock, please request this by email and an image will be returned to you by attachment. * * * * BUY WITH .

      [Bookseller: Rare Oriental Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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        DINNER TO COMMEMORATE RELIEF OF MAFEKING’. Menu printed on red silk with embroidered borders for a commemorative dinner on the occasion of the relief of Mafeking during the second Boer War. Printed for the Port Elizabeth Club in South Africa by

      W. L. Chandler ca. 1900 - 24x21cm. Excellent condition.

      [Bookseller: Garwood & Voigt]
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      [China 1900-1912, Various Publishers]. Brown cloth album,. ribbon tied, spine, 23.1 x 13 cm., gold stamped cover title,. brown deckle-edge pages, very good, clean condition, 38. various photos & photo postcards, color and black & white.. A GRIZZLY & STUNNING GROUP OF REAL & COLLOTYPE PHOTOS A stunning collection of bizarre and unusual images, seldom found. There were probably thousands of images of all walks of life of China done from about 1890-1945. While we have been an antiquarian Asian specialist dealers for 50 years, we have seen very few images of this subject, and never had an album with such a rounded and cohesive group on the subject of punishment, beheading and torture. . The Chinese legal system demanded severe punishment for heinous crimes, crimes against Confucianism and the state. The government exacted retribution in the most severe form of social and legal justice. . The most serious crimes such as harming one's parents or family members meant certain death, even dismembering called "LINCHI," where the criminal is cut into small pieces. This would mean his soul would never come to rest. . Beheading was the usual punishment for pirates, thieves and major crimes. The "cage" was for less severe crimes but often meant slow death by being suspended in the "cage" by one's neck until dead. The "cage" was used mostly on women for severe crimes, it could mean death or a very uncomfortable time. The "cangue" was for minor crimes and was used commonly for both men and women. *** TECHNIQUE OF THE IMAGES: The album consists of some 38 individual original photographs in silver gelatin type images, standard photographs, hand-colored photographs, colored collotype photos and printed color collotypes. We have indicated the graphic technique with each description of the individual images. . SIZE: By and large most images are "postcard" size, give or take a few millimeters. Most are postcard format, that is on stiff card, with blank mailing address on the verso. . CONDITION: Each item is in very good or better condition. Where there is a condition issue, we point that out. If nothing is stated then it is in "very good or better condition." * DATES: A few of the cards are dated. We believe the earliest is from about 1900-1912. Some have postal dates, or written dates, others for example when Chinese wear the long braid queue, that indicates an image from just before or no later than 1912. *** A LIST OF EACH CARD, ITS CAPTION AND TITLE: Not all cards have a title. Where there is not title we have attempted to put an appropriate title to indicate the subject. Most cards that have captions are in English, then followed by French, German and Russian. . TITLE/CONTENTS OF EACH CARD: . 1. English caption: "CHINESE COURT OF JUSTICE." This shows two criminals performing "Kow-Tow" by humbling themselves on their knees bowing down to the seated Magistrate, who is a Mandarin. He wears his official robe, sports sunglasses, wears the typical black hat, and review the charges at his desk. His deputy stands to his left, along with four other Imperial guards. Two of which each hold a long paddle to whip the criminals should they get out of hand. A scribe is seated to the Magistrate's right, brush in hand. The Imperial banner is in the background. The card is printed in collotype color. The verso states: "M. Sternberg & Co., Hongkong. There is a penned Chinese greeting on the verso and a signature, else clean. Color collotype. . 2. English caption at the bottom: "EXECUTION OF 'NAMOA' PIRATES AT KOWLOONG [sic] for Kowloon." Eight British officials have witnessed the beheading of 12 Chinese Pirates on the beach in Hong Kong. Original silver gelatin photograph. . 3. Another b.w. photograph of the same as #2 above, in post card format. Original b.w. photograph. . 4. Another per above #2, 3 above, right, left corners broken away, lesser quality, same photograph. Published by M. Sternberg, Hong Kong. Black & white collotype photograph. . 5. English caption at the bottom: "THE HIGH EXECUTIONER. NOTE HIS HAPPY SMILE." Shows the High Executioner standing by his desk of justice'. He holds a very long beheading sword in his left hand [toward the camera] other officials look on. Original b.w. photograph. . 6. The High Executioner [same man as above] readies his next victim, he forces the convicted man into position. Several officials and onlookers observe. Original b.w. photograph. . 7. The Chinese peasant executioner stands behind two bound and kneeling convicted men in the dirt street. A mob of people are present, on the right are a number of foreigners in summer straw hats, as well as 2 groups of 5-6 U.S. Navy sailors in white uniforms looking on. This indicates the location to be a "Port of Call" for the American navy, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tientsin and other "Treaty Ports." Most likely this is a scene in Hong Kong or Canton b the looks of the light clothing on the Chinese. Adjacent to the U.S. sailors are a group of Chinese onlookers on both sides of the street. Some wear a long queue of braided hair. This indicates a date of before 1912. Original b.w. photograph, a bit faded & grainy. . 8. English caption at the bottom: "BEHEADED IN MANCHURIA." This shows a scene of many Chinese soldiers, many of which hold rifles or swords. The Executioner is about to swing his very long sword and behead the convicted who is on his knees, blindfolded and has his shirt pulled off his shoulders. With a semi-circle of military onlookers. B.w. collotype. . 9. English caption: "IN CHINA." This early photo shows four Imperial Guards holding down the convicted man; one pulls his long queue of hair two others hold his arms while the fourth holds the sword just above the mans neck. There are two other Imperial Guards looking on. A large mob has gathered in the dirt covered street looking on curiously. There are a number of foreign men and women standing behind the first rank of Chinese slightly in the Background, including what appears to be foreign military men. This card is old, ca. 1900-1905, with rounded corners. Original b.w. photograph, a bit faded. . 10. English caption: "EXECUTION IN CHINA." This is a matching card to item #8. It shows a muddy dirt road with water and tire tracks, and the torso of the above beheaded man laying in the middle of the road. A very large number of Chinese and one foreigner stands to the immediate left foreground with a bow tie and white suit and straw hat. Many of the Chinese hold round fans, its hot, most likely Canton or Hong Kong. One Chinese in the immediate foreground faces away from the camera with a very long braided queue. Circa 1900-1905. Original b.w. photograph, same series and fading as item #9. . THE RAREST OF ALL PHOTOS IN THIS ALBUM: 11. A beheaded person, with many deep large gashes cut into his hip, legs arms. He is bound on two pieces of board with bamboo strips like a hog going to market. There is a thick and long pole at the uppermost part, so that two Chinese may carry him like any other baggage. His legs and arms are folded to make this parcel as small as possible. There is no head whatsoever. This is a special kind of torture and punishment, called "LINCHI," where the criminal is cut into pieces. A grizzly original b.w. photograph, about the same bit of fading per #9, 10, similar series.. . 12. The Chinese army with rifles drawn and pointing at blind-folded prisoners. There are four convicted sitting on the weeds. Three foreigners wearing sport jackets, white pants and straw hats look on, while other several soldiers including one officer with a very long sword looks on. Original b.w. photograph, a touch of fading at both margin sides with a small amount encroaching into the image, ca .2mm on each side, else excellent sharp clean image. . 13. English caption: "A PAIR WHO PAID" 2.1 [February 1901]. This grizzly photograph shows two beheaded heads resting on rocks looking at the camera. They are bloody. There is a monogram reading "cp' at the lower right corner. Original b.w. photograph, a bit of very minor fading else sharp image. . 14. A Chinese pirate is captured and being held by Imperial Guards. In the immediate left background can be seen a Mandarin official wearing the typical conical hat. In the foreground is a guard holding the convicted. The convicted has no shirt and has what appears to be a large breast with a long nipple, and a beard. It looks like a man, he has no shirt on, and is being held fast. Original b.w. photograph. This is the smallest of the group, 7 x 11.4 cm., it is too small to fit into the slits and was mounted with the usual antique photo 'corners.' . 15. English caption: "NANKING CHINA 1911." This shows a group of Chinese soldiers look at four decapitated bodies on the ground. The closest Chinese soldier has a large white cloth, and he is wiping the blood from a very long sword. Ten other Chinese army men look on, one has three medals on his left chest, and he wears long leather boots, and is most likely an officer as his hat is different from all others. The convicted are bound in ropes and blindfolded. Original b.w. photograph. . 16. A close-up photograph of two beheaded torsos and the grizzly detached heads. The convicted is tied with a heavy rope around his neck and arms. Original b.w. photograph, likely from the same series as #15 above. . 17. English caption: "AGRESSION STOPS THIEVING IN CHINA." This shows a tripod of bamboo holding a head, below which is a decapitated body in the street. Many Chinese onlookers observe the scene. Original b.w. photograph, grainy quality, slight discoloration to right one-half.. . 18. "REVOLUTIONARIES AND HANKOW." Shows five men bound and tied to a large post. Published by Ta Fung & Co., made in Japan. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 19. English caption: "REVOLUTIONIST KILLED BY MANCHURIAN HANKOW. This shows a young man decapitated, his head is laying on his crotch. Collotype photograph. . 20. English caption: "REVOLUTION AND HANKOW." Shows a wide field with six beheaded bodies scattered. Published by the Ta Fung & Co., made in Japan. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 21. English caption: "LOOTERS SHOT AT HANKOW." This shows four looters on their knees tied to posts with baskets over their faces, each has a poster stuck to their posts stating the nature of their crime. Several Chinese onlookers look on. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 22. French caption: "EXECUTION D'UN PIRATE CHINOIS." "EXECUTION OF A CHINESE PIRATE." This shows an ethnic minority clothed man holding a very long sword. In front of him is the beheaded torso of a man who has his arms tied behind him. There are several other Chinese women and children in the background. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 23. English caption: "READY TO BE BEHEADED." "Photo by Denniston & Sullivan." This shows a Chinese man with another pulling his braided queue. The convicted is on his knees, and another Chinese is pulling his rope-bound hands as the convicted man faces the ground. Many Chinese onlookers observe the scene. A Chinese official seems to defer to a higher officer off to the side as many people look to him for the signal to behead the criminal. In the background is one foreign man wearing a suite and had smoking a cigar. Published by Denniston & Sullivan, Series 2, No 92 on the back. Blue [blue ink used rather than the standard black] collotype photograph. . 24. English caption: "ROBBERS BEING BEHEADED AT TIELING." This shows a circle of eight beheaded robbers. Each has no shirt and is face down in the dirt. A large circle of Chinese on lookers take in the grizzly scene. The executioner seems to be standing in the center left in front of all others, he holds a white fan. Two other young men sit on their haunches close to the dead. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 25. English caption: "HEADS AND BODIES OF CHINESE CRIMINALS AFTER DECAPTION." This shows a grizzly scene in what appears to be a public park with refreshment tents in the background. In the foreground are twelve decapitated bodies and their heads detached and strewn about. On the verso is: "Published by M. Sterngerg, Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer at No. 51 Queen's Road Central and at No. 34 Queen's Road Central, HongKong." Collotype b.w. photograph. . 26. English caption: "CHINESE EXECUTION OF A PIRATE." This shows a large gathering of Chinese. The executioner holds a large sword over his head in readiness to lop off the head of the pirate. Another Chinese pulls on the queue of convicted while the convicted is on his knees and looks down. His hands are tied behind his back. There is a penned note on the front in the lower margin with a date of Oct.22/06 [1906]. On the verso is: "Published by M. Sternberg, Hongkong." There is a Hong Kong 4 cent postage stamp on this card and it is cancelled, with "06" date on it. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 27. The same as 26 but in color collotype. . 28. French & Russian captions: "A LA TORTURE." "THE TORTURE." This shows a prisoner man held fast a by Chinese guard who holds a rifle and has a belt of a ammunition around his waist. Behind him is a large contingent of army or war-lord soldiers as they have no standard uniform on. The verso is in Russian, with a date of 27 October 1903. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 29. English caption: "ONE OF THE MANY MODES OF CHINESE TORTURE." This shows four Chinese male criminals all in large wooden "cangue" around their necks. two on the outside are standing, two on the inside are seated. The center left seated man has a paper attached to his "cangue" stating: "600." We presume it means that amount of days he is sentenced for. Three others have a tag of some sort, but the writing is illegible. The card is a color collotype, with purple, blue, red, white and yellow color. The verso states: "The Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co., P.O. Box, No. 4." Followed by: "1072:06," meaning no. 1972, printed 1096. At the far right corner is "170389." Color printed collotype photograph . 30. French, English & German captions: "VOEUR CHINOIS DANS LA CAGE." "[THE MAN IN THE CAGE]." "CHINESISCHER RAUBER IM KAFIG." This shows a man in the background being held in a wooden cage, his neck is clamped so he is suspended by his head. He stands on a cross board. If the Magistrate orders no cross board is allowed and the man hangs to death by the head bone and jaw. In this case he is just caged. There is a Chinese board with his crime attached to the left side of the cage. In the foreground is a pony with his master and two young men looking on. There is a Chinese text at the top stating this example is near the Great Wall of China. Collotype b.w. photograph. . 31. English caption: "CHINESE IN DEATH CAGES." This shows six wooden cages with six men suspended by their head, feet dangling. They appear to be dead or near dead, Each has a haunting look on his face. There is a penned caption on two margins, from Shanghai, dated August 18,1905, with a postal stamp on the verso also stamped Shanghai and '06 date. It is addressed to France. 18.8.05. There is the Imperial Dragon flag a the far right, with yellow background, indicating sanctioned by the Emperor. Collotype b.w. photograph. . NOTE: From here onward, all images are in color, hand-colored, or color collotype photographs. . 32. The same as image as #31 above but with English caption: "CHINESE DEATH CAGES, printed in collotype color. Verso states: "Chrom. Edit Kingshill. No. 10013." Color collotype photograph. . 33. English caption: "CHINESE PIRATES ON THE EXECUTION GROUND." This shows five Chinese pirates on their knees, very well bound with rope, awaiting the executioner's sword. They convicted on a beach, with the water in the background, along with several Imperial troops and a few other onlookers. One Chinese man onlooker wears the typical bamboo hat that men wear in Hong Kong and Canton area. All of the convicted look at the ground except one who watches intently to his right [off camera] where the likely executioner is doing his executions. The card was published by M. Sternberg, Hongkong. Printed in color collotype photograph. . 34. English caption: "THE MOST HORRIBLE WAY OF EXECUTTING [sic] CRIMINALS IS THE 'LINCHI' CUTTING INTO PIECES. WHEN ONE MURDERING THEIR PARENTS AN DOTHER CAPITAL CRIMES, WOULD BE UNDER PENALT OF SUCH TORTURE. No. 377." This shows a street scene with a single beheaded man with both legs, arms, hands and elbows cut off, he lays on the dirt street. A grizzly scene. The verso states: "Published by M. Sternberg, Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer at No. 51 Queen's Road central and at No. 34 t Queen's Road central, Hongkong." Hand-colored red and blue tint collotype photograph. . 35. English caption: "HEADS AND BODIES OF CHINESE CRIMINALS AFTER DECAPATION." This very grizzly scene shows about 10 or more headless bodies in what appears to be a park or place with refreshments. The bodies are strewn about with heads entirely separated and distant. Verso states: "Published by M. Sternberg, Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer at No. 51 Queen's Road central and at No. 34 t Queen's Road central, Hongkong." The card is hand-colored with tints of red, green, blue and tan, collotype photograph. . 36. English & German captions: "TIENTSIN 1912 HEAD OF EXECUTED LOOTER" & "TIENTSIN-PEKING 1912 KOPL EINES HINGERICHTETEN RAUBERS." This shows a robber's head suspended from his queue on an iron electric post. Printed in color collotype photograph. . 37. English & German captions: "TIENTSIN-PEKING 1912 BEHEADED LOOTER" & "TIENTSIN-PEKING 1912 GEKOPFTER RAUBER." This shows a beheaded man laying face down in the street along the tram tracks, his hands are bound behind his back, his head is separated with lots of blood. The blood on the street is hand-tinted, otherwise printed in blue, yellow, red collotype photograph. No.156 is printed on the verso. . 38. English caption: "PRISONERS OF KIA-TING, CHINA." This shows a group five Chinese in the very large wooden "cangue." There are also three others in the foreground mostly looking down or laying down on the street. There is a crowd of Chinese onlookers on the right and in the distant background. The verso of the card states: "PRISONERS OF KIA-TING, CHINA prisoners have a square board [cangue] through which their heads protrude, and fastened with a chain to their neck. The women are placed in cages with a hole on top large enough for their heads to come through when they stand up. this is only one of the mild forms of punishment inflicted by the Chinese for petty larceny offences." Color printed, but hand-tinted collotype, glossy type, red in the convicted garments and on the neck of the left cangue held-person. *** THE ALBUM: The album is brown cloth with gold lettering on the front. The back cover matches the front, and has: "Ideas Specialty Company Chicago New York" on a small pink label with "No.601" stamped on it. There is a brown shoestring tied at the left spine. I goes through two brass grommets. . The album leaves are dark brown, each page has four pair of slits to insert the photos and postcards, without damage to the images. Each page is a 'deckle-edge' at the right side, three other sides neatly cut. Each item is easily removed for inspecting the verso. One item per page. Thirty-eight pages, 38 items in all. *** CONDITION: The album covers are in very good plus condition, no rubbing or wear. There are a few old silverfish spots to the front and back covers, else exceptionally clean, fresh and solid. * COLOR SCANS POSTED TO OUR WEBSITE: A good number of photos have been posted to our website, please look there or ask us to send them to you. *** Color scans can be sent by email. Images displayed may not be the actual copy in stock for sale at any given time; if you want to see the exact image of the book or edition in stock, please request this by email and an image will be returned to you by attachment. * * * * BUY WITH .

      [Bookseller: Rare Oriental Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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        1900 to 1909 Rebound Wisden without Original Covers.

      Hi, This Wisden is part of the Firefighter Gordon's Wisden Primary Set and is a run of Wisdens from 1900-1909, so 10 Books in total including the harder to find 1903. 1900-1909, Rebound Wisden without Original Covers, in Very Good Condition. The 1900 is without adverts too. They are bound without original covers (not 1900) otherwise complete and internally in very good condition. Minimal trimming. Very clean pages inside with odd internal mark, with photoplates. 1905/8/9 have more trimming but not offputting.

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        The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

      George M. Hill & Co., 1900 A very good restored first edition, mixed state, free endpapers replaced. Housed in a custom-made collector's slipcase.

      [Bookseller: Bookbid Rare Books]
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        Contes de La Fileuse (Signed Limited Edition, Author's Copy, Rene Kieffer Art Nouveau Binding)

      Paris: Tallandier, 1900. Quarto. From an edition limited to 551 copies, this the author's copy, with an original watercolor by illustrator Alfred Garth Jones bound in at the front, and complete set of his separate woodcut illustrations and border designs bound in at the rear, along with additional advertising and prospectus material. Also laid in is a two-page autograph letter signed from the publisher, Tallandier, to Doucet regarding the project, outlining the details of the limitation. In a gorgeous Art Nouveau-style binding by Rene Kieffer. Bound in brown morocco with intertwined roses, in citron and beige onlay and ruled in blind, spine in compartments with citron onlaid bud design between raised bands, and gilt titles and violet morocco doublures with onlaid floral corner pieces in blue and turquoise. Brown silk endpapers with the original cream wrappers bound in. The binding is signed by Kieffer at the bottom of the front doublure. Housed in a marbled paper slipcase edged in brown morocco. Fine condition but for a touch of fading to the spine and a bit of rubbing to the slipcase edges. An exquisite production enhanced by its presentation in Kieffer's gorgeous binding.

      [Bookseller: Royal Books, Inc.]
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        Logische Untersuchungen. Erster Theil (von 2). Prolegomena zur reinen Logik.

      Leipzig Veit & Comp 1900 - 22,5 x 14,5 cm. XII, 257 Seiten. Halbleinenband der Zeit (Ecken und Kanten beschabt, Rücken berieben, Kapitale leicht eingedrückt). Vorliegend die noch im selben Jahr der Erstausgabe erschienene und sehr seltene Ausgabe des Veit-Verlages, der wohl eine Teilauflage vom Niemeyer-Verlag aus Halle Erstausgabe übernommen hatte. - Buchblock mit leichter Längsfaltspur in der Mitte, Text mit vielen An- und Untstreichungen sowie mehreren Marginalien; sonst innen gut erhalten und nur stellenweise ein wenig randfleckig. 670 g Schlagworte: Logik - Philosophy; Old and Rare Books; Philosophie [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Wolfgang Mertens]
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        CARL FLINK EISEN - UND BRONCE-GIESSEREI. Specialität Bauguß und Eisenconstructionen. Mannheim. Hrsg:

      Hoflichtdruck-Anstalt von J. Schober., Karlsruhe. 1900 - Reichhaltiges Musterbuch der Mannheimer "Eisen- & Bronze-Gießerei, der Firma Carl Flink. Zeigt u.a. Wendeltreppen, Balkone, Kandelaber, Säulen und Pfosten u.ä. Lederrücken mit Metallkette, an einer Seite ausgerissen (diente als Hänkel), Leder an einigen Stellen schadhaft, Papeinband mit Gebrauchsspuren (Ecken bestossen, Einband berieben), Seiten 1-16 fehlen. Auf jeder Seite ist ein Produkt der Firma dargestellt, zum Teil als Graphik in Teilansichten (Masstab 1:10) oder als Fotographie. Die Fotos entstanden in Mannheim/ Karlsruhe an verschiedenen historischen Orten. Die einzelnen Blätter sind mit dem Einband am Rücken verschraubt. Seiten sind guten sauberen Zustand, außer die ersten Seiten- fingerfleckig. Es handelt sich um ein selten erhaltenes Exemplar eines Handelkataloges der Zeit. Bilder werden zugesendet. 5500 gr. 211 S., 50x31x4,5 cm, 5500 Gramm. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat im Schloss]
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        War and Peace

      Walter Scott, UK 1900 - New Edition Circa 1900. Undated. Four volumes bound up as two. Five plates by E H Garrett. Bound in the original cloth. Books are very good+ with quite bright boards.Edges lightly rubbed. Spines a little un-even. Contents good. Light foxing and age toning to some pages. Very un-common set. More images can be taken upon request. Ref11381 Size: 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Lasting Words Ltd]
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        Bulwer Lytton's Works 13 volumes

      Mershon Company Press, Rahway, NJ 1900 - Mershon Company Press, Rahway, NJ, circa 1900. Handsome Set. Dark blue cloth with gilt on spine. Pretty floral design at top of spine. No printed publication date, however estimate 1900, (published by The Mershon Company Press, Rahway, NJ, in business between 1899-1906). Includes 13 Volumes: Pelham, (1828); Devereux, (1829); Paul Clifford, (1830); Last Days of Pompeii, (1834) (8 roughly cut pages); Ernest Maltravers, (1837); Night and Morning, (1841); The Last of the Barons, (1843); The Caxtons, (1849); My Novel, (1853); What Will He Do With It?, (1858) (2¿ spot on front cover); A Strange Story, (1862); Kenelm Chillingly, (1873); The Parisians, (1873). Except as noted, volumes in excellent condition. Gilt top edges. Bindings tight. Corners mostly flat (only 5-6 are very slightly bumped). Very minimal shelf rubbing. Gilt bright on all. Blue/cream floral fly pages. No writing, names, or bookplates. Look gorgeous on the shelf. Unusual blue contrasts with often-red sets. Great addition to your library! [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: BegoraBooks]
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        Archives de la Commission des Monuments Historiques: Publiees Sous la Patronage de l'Administration des Beaux-Arts (Five volume set)

      Paris: Henri Laurens and Charles Schmid. no date (ca. 1900). Hardcover. Ex-Library. Five volumes, no date (ca. 1900?), hardcovers with gilt stamped maroon cloth boards, folio, illustrated with 500 monochrome plates. Books are ex- library with stickers to spine heels, plates, stickers and stamps to endpapers, no stamps to plates; wear and tearing to spines at hinges and ends, volume two has tape-reinforced spine, edgewear to corners, bindings tender, texts (aside from library marks) unmarked. No DJs. THIS LARGE, HEAVY SET WILL REQUIRE ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEES.

      [Bookseller: Caliban Books ABAA-ILAB]
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        Privat angelegtes Scrapalbum mit ca. 150 montierten Grafiken von Haustieren, zum weit überwiegenden Teil Hunderassen aber auch Nutztiere. Angelegt um 1900, die Grafiken aus dem 17. bis 19. Jahrhundert.

      (um 1900). - Folio (30,5 x 42,5 cm). Mit Deckellasche verschließbares Album in genarbtem Ganzmaroquin mit reicher Goldprägung auf beiden Deckeln. Gelenke an den Kapitalen unauffällig alt ausgebessert. Wenige Trägerblatt alt entfernt. Einige Blatt mit Sammlungsstempel im weißen Blattgrund. Insgesamt von schöner Erhaltung. Enthält insgesamt 111 Darstellungen von Hunderassen, darunter zahlreiche kolorierte Tafeln aus Götz Hunde-Gallerie (1. und 2. Auflage), den berühmten Stammbaum der Hunde aus Buffons Histoire Naturelle, sowie diverse Einzelblätter aus Kupferstichfolgen seit dem 17. Jahrhundert (u. a. v. Huet, Barlow, Hillegast/Visscher, Wintter, Howitt, Klein, de Bruyn, Potter, Roos). Ferner 41 Darstellungen von Nutztieren (Schafe & Ziegen) und eine kolorierte Tafel mit Karniggels. Zu den meisten Grafiken finden sich handschriftliche Annotationen des Kompilators mit Angaben über Künstler, Stecher oder Herkunftswerke. 3000 g

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Stefan Wulf]
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      [Seoul n.d. ca 1900-1930's].Brown blind-stamp embossed album. 34 x 26.5 cm., black pages, most are collo-type photos, some. are hand-colored, others are later glossy types, all by and. large clean, all corner mounted, in period album. RARE NICE!. The album contains 23 pages in all, each page with 3 or 4 average per page, total postcard count is 76 in all. * BEGINNING PAGE: The beginning page shows a "Korean District Governor at out," the a "Bird's-eye view of Seoul," which is a very RARE double photo postcard [2 attached]. Then a "View of Seoul City." * * * 1st. page: Begins with a picture of the King's ancient carriage, Koka Gate of Shotoku Palace, Throne Room, and a Korean family of middle class. * 2nd. page: Kokamon Seoul, Nandimon [3 different] photos, two with an electric trolley. * 3rd. page: The mourning dress [man], Full dresses two women: Keenan, A student, * 4th. page: Choson Hotel, Sin Song, guide, Game of checkers, and three lower class women. * 5th. page: The home dress of the Corean gentlemen, + another gentleman, Keenan. * 6th. 2 photos of Keenan girls. * 7th. The lady going out on carriage. Buffalo, vendor, fishers house. * 8th. The Pagoda Park, Seoul 2 each, Seoul Korea in Soul., The East Great Gate. * 9th. Porters of water, a Idol and a carrier, Imperial musicians. * 10th. Washing [clothes in the river] 2 each, harvest of wheat, Corean children collecting Hay. * 11th. The front of Custom House, Chemulpo, Port of Chemulpo. * 12th. Street in Seoul, Nagate Dori Street of Fusan, Corean cottages called Ondoru, the middle below this house Chosan. * 13th. Suckka Tower, Grave of the Monmoo King, Buddha statues. * 14th. Bool Kuk Temple [2 each], Grove of the domestic fowl, stone pond. * 15th. Chosen hotel, Keijo, Temple of Heaven in Choson hotel. Boy's school at Chinnampo [Methodist Episcopal Mission], The Old Korea news agency, Korea Government building. ***** The above are all old collotype photos, probably from 1900-1915 period, some hand-tinted. * Next begins other photo postcards, probably from the 1930's, most are b.w. some color, we state "color" in that case. *****. 16 th. Korean man smoking pipe, women looking at a pond [Keenan ?], Upper class Korean gentleman. * 17th. Royal Assembly Hall, Ferry crossing the river, Fusan Station color, Capitol building. * 18 th. White Buddha temple, Royal Assembly Hall shows 2 girls. * 19 th. City wall and gate Pyong Yang with long penned inscription, Korean women weaving and spinning, basket seller. * 20 th. Water-wheel, a firewood carrier, carriers of timber. * 21 st. Young porter [beggar boy]. Ferry below the Han River, Labor of Corea. * 22. nd. 4 color cards: Government of Korea, two Keenan [?] girls on the pond, Sedan chair, Main street Fusan [a rendering not a photo card. *********** The collection is superb, with great examples of Korean-types, people in native costume at daily chores, and the sights of Korea, its old buildings, temples, waterways and the like. A keen insight to the land, people, customs of old Korea, and the Japanese administration period. *** CAPTIONS: Some captions are in English, others in Japanese, Hangul or Korean. *** Color scans can be sent by email. Images displayed may not be the actual copy in stock for sale at any given time; if you want to see the exact image of the book or edition in stock, please request this by email and an image will be returned to you by attachment. * * * * BUY WITH .

      [Bookseller: Rare Oriental Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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        Frühlingsstraße in Garmisch<

      Original- Ölbild auf Holzplatte mit dunklem Profil- Holzrahmen der Zeit, mit Goldeinlage., Um 1900. - Vita: Hans Frahm, geboren 1864 in Schwerin, Schüler von Angelo Quaglio, Landschaftsmaler in München, um 1900, Jahrhundertwende. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 1050 Bildgröße 22 x 33; Gesamt- Größe mit Rahmen 40 x 51 cm.

      [Bookseller: Galerie Antiquariat Schlegl]
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      China n.d. ca. 1900-1901. 3/4 Gilt-stamped leather over buff. cloth, very good, 25 x 29 cm., 30p., 26p. with photos, 2 per. side = total of 104 photographs,16 x 11 cm., all very clean,. albumen type, bit of fading, but clear, strong images. RARE!. This is a wonderful and quite rare album. It shows the German contingent sent to China to join in the defense of foreign embassies in Peking during the 1900 uprising of the siege of the Boxers. The work begins with the group aboard the S.S. Strassburg from Bremen, and their landing in the German colony of Tsingtao, Tsingtau. From there, it was a long trek down to Peking in the snowy winter. Classic photos posed for the camera & history [4 in all]. Arrival in China with more classic poses of the German troops before Chinese sights and in a temple where they were stationed. One shows large wooden cases of their supplies stacked up in the temple garden with the commanders posing for a lovely memor- ial photos. Well taken photographs by the group's photograp- hic officer, nicely composed and carefully taken, these are NOT tourist snap shots ! These average two photos per page. * A group of German military men pose before a wide variety of Chinese pagodas and sights, some in long capes, spiked helmets, with Chinese officials ! Their arrival in Peking during a heavy snowfall in 1900 is documented by a series of superb & rare photographs from the Summer Palace where the lake is frozen ! Magnificent but frozen Peking sights, architectural views, palaces, Germans on the move with horse and carts through the snow as they deployment on orders to defend the foreign legations. Inside a legation taking lunch [tiffin]; outside two or three Chinese Boxers were executed hands bound they lay face down in the snow. More photos of travel along the way, wonderful Chinese scenery & buildings, architecture, snowed in barracks, their visit to the Great Wall in the dead of winter with snow sprinkled all over, a passage through Chinese villages and towns with long columns of German troops. One comic and lovely image of a German dressed in Chinese clothes, another in a Chinese garden. A German celebration, Chinese and German open-air trial where the accused Chinese are on their knees before a magistrate, Germans playing badminton, leisure time in a garden, soldiers packing medical supplies on horses, and German headquarters &c. * PEKING: A lovely series of photos showing the great sites of Peking and the Imperial Palace, large battalion of German soldiers on parade, another shows them marching to a great hall, destruction of Chinese buildings, superb views of fine Chinese architecture, lakes, bridges, bas-reliefs, the Great Buddha with soldiers taking a memorial snap shot. A fascina- ting photo of "Coal Hill" and stunning panoramic bird's eye view of the Forbidden City. Interiors of the Forbidden city, Temple of Heaven, Emperor's throne, the great walled city, Germans guarding Chinese buildings, Japanese Embassy, Chine- ese gates and walls showing Chinese children saluting a German officer. Magnificent temples and Fu-dogs, Germans playing tourists taking commemorative photos before many great sights. Fascinating photographs of ordinary Chinese who mug for the German camera with a German officer standing in the background, pagodas, Chinese officials, and photos of the German cemetery with tribute paid to fallen comrades. Huge temple guardians, stone bride & others. * A final pair of photos grace the last page the upper shows a large contingent of Germans on parade as they are reviewed by their officers on horse-back, the lower shows them aboard a train, in preparations for departure back to Germany, thus ending the album. The remaining five pages are blank. * This album is an excellent example of the German contingent in China during the historic Boxer Rebellion [1900-1901]. It is also a primary record of what they did, where they went, acting as tourists during free moments. Recording photos of the great and small wonders in China, the people and their exotic culture. * This excellent album is in remarkable condition, with tissue guards over each page intact, all are photos neatly laid down and centered, their condition is flawless. While the images have some degree of fading, they are nevertheless still clear and sharp photographs taken by an officer with an excellent Leila [German ?] camera. This bright officer had the great foresight to record this great adventure showing himself and his comrades-in-arms on their sojourn through China to Peking. We thank him for leaving this superb album for posterity. * Color scans can be sent by email. Images displayed may not be the actual copy in stock for sale at any given time; if you want to see the exact image of the book or edition in stock, please request this by email and an image will be returned to you by attachment. * * * * BUY WITH .

      [Bookseller: Rare Oriental Book Company, ABAA, ILAB]
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        THE THOMPSON INDIANS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (Vol. II, Part IV, 1900) . BASKETRY DESIGNS OF THE SALISH INDIANS (Vol. II, Part V, 1900) ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE THOMPSON RIVER REGION, BRITISH COLUMBIA (Vol. II, Part VI). Jesup North Pacific Expedition American Museum of Natural History, Memoirs, Vol. II

      1900 - Pp.163-390 containing 198 figures and 1 map, plus 7 full-page plates (Vol. II, Part IV, 1900) Pp. 391-400 containing 15 figures, plus 1 full-page plate (Vol. II, Part V, 1900) Pp. 401-442, containing 50 figures that illustrate approximately 200 objects, plus 3 full-page plates (Vol. II, Part VI, 1900) . Index pages 443-454. All are bound together in a later cloth cover over original wrappers. folio size, 11" x 14" [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Ethnographic Arts Publications]
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        John Wisden's Cricketers' Almanack for 1900 - 1900 Original Hardback Wisden.

      1900. Hi, Here we have a rare 1900 Original Hardback Wisden, it is in Very Good Condition and without restoration. Just the 5th Wisden Hardback. The lettering (gilt) is bright and strong to the front, very slight darkening to the spine gilt which is 100% original. The boards are very good, odd small mark to front and back, the spine cloth is a bit dark but internally this book is Wonderful. The hinges are strong as can be seen in the pictures and the yellow inside pages are very bright as are the white pages that follow. Hardly any foxing and an excellent photoplate a very good copy of this rare Wisden.

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        The Works

      Philadelphia: G. Barrie, 1900. Full leather. Fine. Philadelphia: G. Barrie, Circa 1900s. Full leather. Twelve volumes. Large quartos. The Works of Jean-Baptiste Pocquelin De. Molière. Handsomely illustrated by MM. Louis Leloir, Maurice Leloir, Jacques Leman, Edmond, Hèdouin. This edition is limited to five hundred and fifty copies which this is number 161. Contemporary full grain red morocco. covers with antique gilt panelling consisting of a border frame and delicate thistle corners with gilt rule, spine in gilt decoration in six compartments between raised banding, gilt titles, top edge gilt, inner covers of red and green morocco leather lavishly gilt scrolls and sorrounding paisley forms, green water silk doublures. An exceptionally fine set and a romantic french novelist.

      [Bookseller: Imperial Fine Books]
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        Proclamation of Emancipation. Names of Members of Congress Who Voted for the Resolution to Submit to the Legislatures of the Several States the Amendment to the Constitution of the United States Prohibiting Slavery Forever

      Denver: Halsey M. Rhoads. Very Good. Picture. Later printing, circa 1900. Mounted on backing board with crisp edges and a few small soil spots. A calligraphic portrait of Lincoln in which the script of the Emancipation Proclamation forms Lincoln's image within a 9" x 11" decorated oval border, surrounded by the names of the members of Congress who voted for the resolution as a Constitutional amendment. W. H. Pratt designed the original 1865 edition with just the portrait and border, followed by this variation with the additional names. Only one auction record in the last 40 years. The print is scarce in any printing; on OCLC there are five of the 1865 edition, with an additional two variant copies and two of this later edition, at the Lincoln Memorial Library and the Lilly Library. ; 17 3/4" x 14" .

      [Bookseller: Back of Beyond Books, ABAA]
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        The Winning of the West

      G.P.Putnam's Sons, 1900. Hardcover. Good. Four volume set. Published in 1900 by G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York. Books are used in good condition. Covers show use and shelf wear. Gilded top edges. Five maps, 100 templates all in excellent condition. Ex-library books with typical markings and labels.

      [Bookseller: LomaxDirect]
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        [Photo Album] Views of Mexico

      Mexico City: C. B. Waite, ca 1900. Oblong folio, 31 x 26 cm, consisting of a photograph album with 51 b/w (albumen print) photos, 20 x 13 cm. The photos depict life in Mexico; included are architectural photos, photos of tradesmen, street scenes, parades, and railroads. Waite (1861 - 1927) moved from a studio in El Paso, TX, to Mexico City in 1896 and remained there until sometime around 1916. His extensive output is characterized by an eye for what was considered traditional Mexican. Although somewhat later than Briquet, his photographs are much more difficult to find. This is confirmed as well by the scarcity of library holdings - only the Bancroft has more than a small handful - and the situation is the same at auction, where apparently no album of his is recorded as having appeared to date. The present album is in very good condition; a few of the photos show some fading, but other wise this is a superb collection of Waite's work. The album as well is in excellent condition.

      [Bookseller: Plaza Books]
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        Phra Malai (probably).

      Thailand around 1900. A folding manuscript, (leporello, concertino style, accordion style) in original painted brown boards, imitating wood. 670 x 140 mm. With a total lenght of ca. 1450 cm. 94 leaves (188 pages) on thick khoi paper. Cambodian script in black ink. 2 leaves with many corrections. Containg 22 fine coloured miniatures arranged as pairs of paintings at the ends of two pages. Each painting measuring ca. 28 x 18 cm. and runs on two pages each (12 on one side and 10 on the other side). Text in five lines, sometimes between paintings. Well preserved and complete.. "From the early 19th century the didactic account of the monk Phra Malai who journed to heaven and hell was the most prevalent subject of illustrated Thai manuscripts. It is not clear why examples of this story are so rare from the 18th century and before, for it had apparantly been known in Thailand for many centuries. The Phra Malai story derives from a Pali language text thought to have originated in Sri Lanka. A Thai verse setting was composed in the first half of the 18th century by the poet Prince Thammathibet. Other Thai versions of it are anonymous, and hence hard to date. Pali language texts, from Tahiland and other south-east Asian lands such as Burma, Cambodia, and Laos suggest that it may have been composed as early as the 15th or 16th century by learned monks in northern Thailand." (Henry Ginsburg: Thai Manuscript Painting p. 72)

      [Bookseller: Lynge & Søn A/S]
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        The Rulers of the South: Sicily, Calabria, Malta.

      London, MacMillan 1900.2 Bände. Mit 100 Illustration von Henry Brokman und 2 gefalt. Karten.6 Bll., 391 S.; VIII, 1 Bl., 407 S. Rote Maroquinbde. d. Zt. mit reicher Rücken - und Deckenverg., Innenkantenfileten und Goldschnitt. Signiert von dem römischen Buchbinder C. Glinger. 20 x 14 cm. Rücken der prachtvollen Einbände leicht rissig. Frontispiz von Bd. I am seitlichen Rand etwas feuchtfleckig. Bücher en

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Turszynski]
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        Original Drawing. Babylolia.

      [c.1900?] - Ink, pencil & watercolour on thin paper, with Crane?s illustrated signature at lower left corner. Mounted on cream card. 22 x 28.5cm. A baby boy holding a rattle sits on a cushion alongside two dogs and a host of toys. He is in front of a globe with imaginary locations including the Bay of Milkolia and Lollipopolis. Mother (to the left) and father (to the right) overlook the globe and child from above. The title, Babylolia, illustrated with playing children runs across the centre of the image. An unrecorded illustration by the influential and prolific children?s book illustrator Walter Crane, 1845-1915. Neither the BL or Copac record this title. In addition, the Ashmolean and the Whitworth Art Gallery, both of which hold significant Crane collections, can find no reference to a publication or drawing by Crane under this title. It is likely therefore that this was a personal drawing given as a gift to celebrate the birth or birthday of a friend or relative?s baby.

      [Bookseller: Jarndyce, The 19th Century Booksellers]
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        Paris, Blick über Dächer am Montmartre auf Sacré-Coeur".

      - Farbradierung und Mischtechnik, um 1900, auf bräunlichem Kupferdruckpapier, signiert. 59,5:44,7 cm. Vom Künstler als &#132;épreuve l&#146;artiste" bezeichnet. &#150; Mit Blindstempel in der rechten unteren Ecke. An den Seiten und oben auf die Plattenkante geschnitten, hinterlegte Knickfalte rechts unten außerhalb der Darstellung. Héran war als Graphiker sehr experimentierfreudig. Er hatte damit erst 1896 begonnen und konnte bis 1914 bereits ein &#140;uvre von 183 Blättern vorweisen. &#132;In Paris hat sich Herrmann den Sinn für die feine, delikate &#130;facture&#145; angeeignet; das springt auch in seiner Graphik hinüber. Er ist keinesfalls ein Tüftler und Pedant. Aber es beliebt ihm nicht, seine wohlverstandene Zeichnung und Modellierung durch einen ruddeligen Vortrag zu paralysieren. Im Tiefdruck pflegt er besonders die kalte Nadel und die Schabkunst: für die letztere bedient er sich sehr oft der durch Sandgebläse gekörnten Platten. Sie tragen einen Charakter, der zwischen jenen der Sandpapiermanier und dem eigentlichen gewiegten Mezzotint liegt, nicht so weich und sanft wie diese, nicht so unausgeglichen und zufallsreich wie jene. Dann hat er auch viel mit der Kreide auf Stein gezeichnet" (zit. aus: H. W. Singer, Die moderne Graphik. 2. Aufl. Leipzig, 1920, Ss. 134/135).

      [Bookseller: Galerie Joseph Fach GmbH]
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        Partie am Waldrand),

      um 1900. - Über eine leicht gewellte Wiese fällt der Blick auf den Rand eines Mischwaldes. Aquarellstudie auf Papier von Eduard Zetsche, re. u. sign., um 1900. 22 x 14 cm. - Ohne Flecken, lediglich geringe Altersspuren, an den Papierrändern Löcher von Reisnägeln (außerhalb der Darstellung). - Qualitätvolle Aquarellskizze des bekannten Wiener Landschaftsmalers. - Eduard Zetsche: Wien 21.12.1844 - 26.4.1927 ebenda. Zetsche, der zuerst Privatunterricht genoß und später an der Wiener Akademie ausgebildet wurde, wechselte nach der Aufgabe seines Bankberufes zur weiteren Ausbildung nach Düsseldorf, wo er bei Eugen Drücker die spätromantische Landschaftsauffassung überwand. Zetsche beschickte Ausstellungen in Wien, dem Münchner Glaspalast, Berlin und Düsseldorf. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 0

      [Bookseller: Buch- und Kunstantiquariat Tobias Müller]
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        ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED COLOR OTSU-E. [An Original Otsu-e Color Painting of a Samurai]

      AN ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED COLOR OTSU-E FOLK ART PAINTING [Otsu n.d. ca. 1900, - n.p.]. Single sheet painting, 25 x 71cm., very good, hand-painted on thin hand-made Washi paper,polychrome color, a few old mends on the verso, else clean,good solid color, unsigned as usual. OBSCURE ORIGINAL ART Color scans available for this book on request. Description content 2016Copyright Rare Oriental Books Co.

      [Bookseller: RARE ORIENTAL BOOK CO., ABAA, ILAB]
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        The Arabian Nights and the Supplemental Nights

      Printed by the Burton Club for Private Subscribers Only, London 1900 - London: Printed by the Burton Club for Private Subscribers Only, No Date Circa 1900s. Leather_bound. Seventeen volumes. Octavo. The plain and literal translation of the arabian nights entertainments now entituled the book of the THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT with introduction explanatory notes on the manners and custom of moslem men and a terminal essay upon the history of the night. And with SUPPLEMENTAL NIGHTS to the book of the Thousand nights and a night, with notes anthropological and explanatory. Limited to one thousand sets which this is number 429, illustrated throughout to frontipiece with tissue guard.Beautifully bound in three quarter wine morocco, spine gilt decorations in compartments with green onlays of crescent moon, gilt titles, raised bands, top edge gilt, decorative endpaper. A splendid set.

      [Bookseller: Imperial Fine Books ABAA, ILAB]
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      New York and London: Harper & Brothers Publishers,. 1900. original decorated blue cloth, front panel stamped in white, light green, and silver, spine panel stamped in white.. Bookplate of T. Zurbrugg affixed to front paste-down (Theophilus. Zurbrugg founded the Philadelphia Watch Case Company, which became. the world's largest manufacturer of pocket watch cases). Gift. inscription from R. W. Kessting to the Hon. James H. Fleming, an. advocate for "free silver," dated 1 January 1901 on front free. endpaper. Mild flaking to white stamping, a very good copy. (#151885). First edition. Signed and dated January 1901 by Serviss on the verso of the front free endpaper. The second of four science fiction novels by Serviss, the first to be published as a book. Basically, a catastrophe novel. Following the discovery of a rare metal that replaces gold as the world's monetary standard human greed reduces the moon to rubble and the earth narrowly escapes destruction. "Serviss's best story." - Bleiler, Science-Fiction: The Early Years 1996. Anatomy of Wonder (1981) 1-148. Clareson, Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s 681. Clarke, Tale of the Future (1978), p. 26. Locke, A Spectrum of Fantasy, p. 192. Locke, Voyages in Space 190. Suvin, Victorian Science Fiction in the UK, p. 81. In 333. Bleiler (1978), p. 177. Reginald 12902. Wright (III) 4869.

      [Bookseller: L. W. Currey, Inc.]
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        Bronzierte Kaminuhr. Ein junges Liebespaar umrahmt die Uhr und das Mädchen ritzt die Anfangsinitialen in einen Baumstumpf einer Eiche.

       Die Kaminuhr ist 31 cm maximal breit, 30 cm maximale Höhe bei einer Tiefe von 10 cm. Das emaillierte Uhrenzifferblatt ist gemarkt mit *Conrad Felsing, Brüderstrasse No. 20, Berlin*, das Uhrwerk innen ebenfalls gemarkt mit *Conrad Felsing, Berlin* sowie der Typenbezeichnung *5453* der untere Sockel der Uhr verso gemarkt mit *10 Ph. Mouray*. Die Uhr wohl aus bronziertem Eisen (?) mit einer bronzenen Schmuckblende und bronzenen Applikationen am Sockel und Aufbau der Uhr. Das Pendel und der Schlüssel liegen lose bei, ebenso ein loses kleines Teil ( ein kleiner abgebrochener Ast oben an der Uhr ). Die Uhr ist nicht richtig funktionstüchtig, das Ziffernblat ist etwas fleckig, die Uhr teils berieben bzw. teils etwas oxydiert. Wohl um 1900 herum gefertigt. ( Gewicht 3000 Gramm ). Die Uhr steht auf einem schwarzlackiertem Holzsockel, dieser verso handschriftlich beschriftet ( unleserlich ), der Holzsockel stärker berieben sowie mit kleiner Beschädigung. Der Glassturz hierzu fehlt. >>> Willibald Albert Conrad Felsing: Deutscher Uhrmacher.Felsing wurde um 1878 in Berlin als Sohn von Hofuhrmacher Albert Karl Julius Felsing geboren. Er übernahm nach dem Tod seines Vaters 1901 die Firma Conrad Felsing in Berlin. Ein Teil des Geschäftshauses wurde von Willibald Felsing an den Optiker und Instrumentenmacher Oskar Messter vermietet, der hier das erste Berliner Filmstudio einrichtete. Hierdurch erlangte Felsing Kontakte mit der Theater und Filmwelt, was später auch seiner Nichte Marlene Dietrich nutzte, die ihn Onkel Willi nannte. Das Schaufenster der Firma neben dem Hotel Adlon, ganz in der Nähe vom Brandenburger Tor, war weitbekannt und in jedem Baedeker als ein Wahrzeichen von Berlin aufgeführt. Hier pendelte eine der zentralen Anzeige der Zeit in Berlin - hierum acht kleinere Zifferblätter mit Angabe der Zeit in London, New York, San Francisco, Tokio, Bangkok, Karatchi, Teheran und Moskau. 1924 gründete Willi König und Willibald Albert Conrad Felsing aus dem \"Zentralverband der Deutschen Uhrmacher\" die Firma \"Markenuhr GmbH\". Als Marke wurde ZentRa verwendet bzw. übernommen. 1927 wurde daraus die \"ZentRa Garantiegemeinschaft e.V.\" gegründet. Ab 1940 war die Firma an den Fertigstellungsarbeiten der A. Lange & Söhne Beobachtungsuhr Kaliber 48 beteiligt. Die Firma Conrad Felsing blieb bis zm Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs in ihrem Geschäft in der Straße Unter den Linden in Berlin bis zur Zerstörung tätig. <<< ( Pic erhältlich // webimage available ) Versandkostenfreie Lieferung Felsing, Conrad Felsing, Uhr, Uhrmacher, Berlin, Kaminuhr, Tischuhr, Liebespaar, Google, Marlene Dietrich, Mouray, Johann Felsing, Willibald Felsing

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Friederichsen]
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      [c1900]., 1900. Subtitled "A Powerful Play of New York Life." A handsome 21"x38" poster by Otis Lithograph depicts a tough, Irish-looking plainclothesman, wearing a derby hat and with his NYPD badge on his shirtfront, glowering at a young woman and asking her the question, "Haven't we your picture at headquarters?" Lithographed in five or six colors in warm pastel grays and browns predominating. Near fine, professionally presented with acid-free archival mats, background protection to the picture, and beautifully matted and framed. [ADC/6/98/ODSSS].

      [Bookseller: BUCKINGHAM BOOKS]
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      LONDON : E. DEMIDOFF , 1900. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. TITLE: AFTER WILD SHEEP IN THE ALTAI AND MONGOLIA By E. DEMIDOFF (PRINCE SAN DONATO) 1900 With Map and 82 Illustrations (SCARCE!) AUTHOR: E. DEMIDOFF PUBLISHER - (LOCATION) / COPYRIGHT: ROWLAND WARD, LONDON 1900 EDITION: First Edition ISBN: None CATEGORY: Adventure, Safari, Super Rare, Regional BINDING/COVER: Hardback without dust jacket COLOR: Grayish Light Blue SIZE: 6 ½ x 9 (approximately) PAGES: 324 plus a few ad pages. CONDITION: The outside is in good condition; there are minor scrapes or rubs to the corner edges (tips) of the boards; there is a mild age tone to the spine and the edges of the boards. The inside of book is in really good condition; the zebra gutter of the front pastedown and first front free endpaper has the smallest size line chip or age separation; the pastedown and front free decorated endpaper are partially stuck together at the very edge of the gutter (possible glue or could have been published as such); the back of the zebra decorated endpapers have light age foxing or age shadow browning; there is no other foxing present in the book. Book is without marks or writings, pages are clean and book is tight and sturdy. All the pages are present in book. The foldout map at the back is in good plus condition. Good++ (for age)/None dust jacket condition as issued. BACKGROUND/DESCRIPTION: With 82 Illustrations and Map (present at the back). THIS BOOK IS SUPER SCARCE WITH ONLY TWO OTHER 1900 FIRST EDITIONS FOUND FOR SALE ON THE INTERNET AT THE TIME OF THIS RESEARCH, AND THIS COPY IS BY FAR THE BEST CONDITIONED!! COMPETITIVE PRICING! Once paid, book(s) will ship immediately to customer (it's on the way), you are welcome to email about shipment date! We offer free gift wrapping year round on all our products regardless of item's cost. REFUNDS: All ViewFair books, prints, and manuscript items are 100% refundable up to 14 days after item is received. InvCodePrc E H V VIEWFAIR BOOKS: RSTC 004790 We support FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY nationwide with donations and purchases. .

      [Bookseller: FairView Books]
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        ?uvres de Paul Hervieu

      Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, 1900. 4 vols. 12mo. Full red morocco, a.e.g. With crown and initials "C.B." at bottom of each volume's spine in gilt, joints rubbed, else fine. 4 vols. 12mo. Inscribed in each volume on the half-title to La Countesse de la Baume. Provenance: La Countesse de la Baume (inscriptions from the author and intials stamped on spines); Louis Auchincloss (his bookplate in each volume, photo laid-in)

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller]
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        Der Kilimandjaro. Reisen und Studien.

      Berlin, Verlag Dietrich Reimer 1900; EA; ca 31x21 cm; XVI, 436 Seiten mit 4 chromolith. Farbtafeln, 16 Tafeln in Lichtdruck, 20 Tafeln in Buchdruck, 103 Textabbildungen und 2 farbige Karten; ill. Originalleinwandeinband (Einband minimal fleckig, kleiner Stempel auf Vorsatz, ersten ca 50 Seiten mit winzigem Feuchtigkeitsrand rechts außen; gutes Exemplar)Versand D: 2,00 EUR Afrika; Ostafrika

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Hilbert Kadgien]
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        Alter Spazierstock aus Elfenbein und Bein.

      - Gesamtlänge 87 cm mit Knauf und Spitze aus Elfenbein, die Knaufspitze monogrammiert mit *H M*. Der ungewöhnliche Stock ( wohl um 1900 oder früher ) selbst aus 62 aufeinander gesteckten Wirbelsäulengliedern gefertigt, wohl aus Bein ( Knochen ), die Spazierstockspitze wiederum aus Elfenbein. Der Stockknauf mit kleiner Abplatzung, einige der Wirbelsäulenglieder des Stocks gering beschädigt, die Stockspitze etwas beschädigt. ( Gewicht 450 Gramm ) ( Pic erhältlich // webimage available )

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Friederichsen]
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        A History of Banking in the United States

      New York: Bradford Rhodes & Company, 1900. 880pp. EX-LIBRARY with usual markings. Buckram binding. Covers show a little fraying at edges. Marks/chips to title page and frontispiece at edges and near binding. . First Edition. Hard Cover. Good-.

      [Bookseller: Dark and Stormy Night Books]
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        Quand j'étais photographe - préface de Léon Daudet (envoi autographe de Nadar) COPY SIGNED BY NADAR

      Paris, Ernest Flammarion 1900 - In-12° broché, couverture imprimée originale jaune ornée d'une vignette, exemplaire en parfait état - On distinguera juste un petit manque angulaire au coin inférieur du deuxième plat. Bel envoi autographe de Nadar sur la page de garde au Docteur Cabanes. Quand j&#146;étais photographe a paru en 1900 alors que Nadar avait quatre-vingts ans. Il s&#146;agit d&#146;une suite de récits dans lesquels le célèbre photographe, qui fut aussi nouvelliste, caricaturiste et aéronaute, raconte ses expériences les plus surprenantes, dont les premières photographies aérostatiques effectuées en ballon ou ses déambulations dans "Paris souterrain", des anecdotes liées aux gens qu&#146;il photographie, aux artistes et inventeurs qu&#146;il fréquente. Nadar excelle dans le détail drôle, le portrait-charge, la mise en scène comique. Vif et cocasse, son style appartient à ce journalisme boulevardier qu&#146;il a lui-même longtemps pratiqué dans Le Charivari ou la Revue comique. On trouvera, dans la présente sélection, des anecdotes sur l&#146;émerveillement ou l&#146;incrédulité que suscite la photographie, le récit des péripéties occasionnées par les fameux voyages en ballon ou des réflexions sur la portée d&#146;un procédé technique en train de devenir un art. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: PRISCA]
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        Album containing unique panorama photographs of Zanzibar and Madagascar.

      [Zanzibar, Madagascar, Mayette, November 1900.] - Oblong album (25 × 34 cm) with 47 silver gelatin print photographs, many with handwritten captions in French. 10, [10 blank] ff. The photographs vary in sizes, measuring from 8 × 5.5 cm to 27 × 20.5 cm. The 30 panorama photographs measure 17.5 × 5.5 cm. Brown cloth album made by M. Andouard in Paris, with patterned endpapers. A unique set of views from Zanzibar and Madagascar, taken five years after the French military intervention of 1894-95 and subsequent conquest of the Merina Kingdom on the island of Madagascar by France. The unidentified photographer and his fellow traveller are seen in three photographs, the man sporting a white coat and white pith sun helmet, the French tropical style first used by white colonial troops in 1878, suggesting his involvement in the French colonial army. Their visit took place during the final years of Tippu Tip's notorious slave trading activities in Zanzibar. - The first views of Zanzibar are dated 28 November 1900, where the caption indicates a worker's strike. Here, straw home villages are captured in uncommon panoramic villages, as are harbour views, and a wide malécon or boardwalk. A highlight of this album is the large, full page photograph of an Arab caravan marching along the beach. Even rarer are at least 5 photographs taken in Mayotte, affording us highly uncommon scenes of the island nation's pre-development era. A mere handful of wood plank and thatched roof dwellings are present, and some local fishermen. - In good condition with a few of the photographs slightly faded. Front endpaper clipped. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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        The Winning of the West: The Daniel Boone Edition.

      New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons. The Knickerbocker Press, 1900. Limited edition, number 156 of 200 copies. Quarto, 4 volumes. Bound in contemporary three quarters green morocco and marbled paper boards, marbled endpapers. The manuscript page in this copy contains the text that can be found in volume four, page four, the chapter St. Clair's Defeat, the text beginning with "of Holland willed to take possession" and ending with "devoted their energies to colonization." Portrait frontispiece with facsimile signature in volume one, illustrated throughout, with frontispieces in each volume, folding maps, and other plates. In near fine condition. A very nice set. "The Winning of the West remains one of the greatest works of western history. . . . [It] reflects the character of its author. It is sometimes quirky and full of prejudices and blind spots, but it is cultivated and sweeping in its learning and encompassing in its judgments" (John Milton Cooper Jr).

      [Bookseller: Raptis Rare Books, ABAA/ ILAB]
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        Drawing "View of a Cliff in Soghanlü Dere (Onion Valley)" for The Century article Troglodyte in Cappadocia by J.R. Sitlingrton Sterrett

      1900. 9 3/4x12in. Fine. 9 3/4x12in. Harry Fenn was an English-born American illustrator, landscape painter, etcher, and wood engraver. Fenn began his artistic career as a wood engraver but quickly switched to drawing for illustration and watercolor painting. His works as an engraver were first commissioned in 1867 (dated 1868) for Whittier's Snow-Bound published by Boston's Ticknor and Fields for the Christmas trade. He was a skilled and successful illustrator in the United States in the latter part of the nineteenth century, which was a time when illustrations in periodicals and books were the primary means of visual image sharing. He illustrated landscapes throughout the world, especially the United States, as well as recreated depictions of architecture and plant life. His enormous popularity informed the public about distant lands and led the middle class to appreciate printed pictures as works of art.

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller]
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        Anatomische Tafel: Venen und Adern. (Pendant zu Nr. 8355)

      o. O. o, J. ( um 1900) - 184 x 71 cm grosse zweifarbige ( rot und blau) Tafel des Körpers zeigt den Blutkreislauf der Venen und Adern, Körperteile mit Nummern versehen, vierteilig auf Leinen gezogen, gerollt und mit Holzleisten versehen, gestempelt [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat A. Wempe]
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        Anatomische Tafel: Venen und Adern.

      o. O. o, J. ( um 1900) - 184 x 71 cm grosse zweifarbige ( rot und blau) Tafel des Körpers zeigt den Blutkreislauf der Venen und Adern, Ausschnitte von Herz, Aorta und Füssen, Körperteile mit Nummern versehen, vierteilig auf Leinen gezogen, gerollt und mit Holzleisten versehen, gestempelt [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat A. Wempe]
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        The Writings

      Boston: Dana Estes and Company, 1900. Leather bound. Fine. Boston: Dana Estes and Company, 1900s. Leather bound. Twenty-six volumes. Octavo. The Writings of John Ruskin. The Illustrated Cabinet Edition. Titles included Modern Painters, Stone of Venice, Two Paths Love's, Meinie Val D' Arno, Ethics of The Dust, Praeterita, Crown of Wild Wild Olive, Munera Pulveris, St. Mark Rest, Lecture on Art. Bound in three quarter green morocco, marbled boards, gilt floral decoration to spine, raised bands, gilt title, top edge gilt, marbled endpaper, A splendid set.

      [Bookseller: Imperial Fine Books]
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        La Legende de Saint Julien L'Hospitalier.

      London: Eragny Press, sold by Hacon & Ricketts, 1900. Wood engraved frontispiece, border and initials designed by Lucien Pissarro and engraved by Lucien and Esther Pissarro. One of 226 copies. Printed in Vale type on Arnold's handmade paper. 12mo., linen backed blue paper covered boards. A really fresh, crisp copy, with very occasional spotting to the edges of 8 leaves. In 1896 Camille Pissarro suggested that Lucien should think of printing works by Flaubert which were not in copyright which led to him printing these three short stories in a uniform Kelmscott-style binding.

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      [ca.1900] - Broadside, 21 1/2 x 15 3/4 in., printed in six columns. Uniformly browned, old fold lines, with some minor chipping and wear along folds, affecting some letters in the text. Archivally deacidified, and backed with thin paper. This newspaper broadside prints the text of the Creek Treaty, as approved by the Senate of the United States on February 26. "Printed copies cannot be had from Washington for some days [and] [t]he heading and the signatures are omitted for convenience" in this special edition. According to the treaty, Creek lands were to be divided, appraised, and allotted, as per the Dawes Commission. "All citizens who were living on the first day of Apri[l], eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, entitled to be enrolled under section twenty one of the act of congress, approved June twenty-eighth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, entitled "An act for the protection of the people of the Indian Territory, and for other purposes," shall be placed upon the rolls to be made by said commission under said act of congress." Allowances were made for the several schools, boarding schools, and orphanages operating on the reservations. Each citizen on the rolls was to be allotted 160 acres of land. This weekly newspaper was published in Indian Territory [Oklahoma] between 1896 and Oct. 1910, and was succeeded by the "Holdenville Democrat." The editor Isaac Warren Singleton (1863-1940) had previously published the "Indian Journal" in Eufaula. According to Carolyn Thomas Foreman's work "Oklahoma Imprints, 1835-1907," [Univ. of Oklahoma Press, 1936, p. 188]: "The 'Times' was the pioneer paper and in 1901 Singleton, the editor and founder, was also mayor of the town." Original copies of it are scarce in institutional holdings. OCLC lists only two locations: Oklahoma Historical Society and Oklahoma State [microfilm], available for a limited number of issues, seemingly none for 1900. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Bartleby's Books, ABAA]
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