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        Journal of the Right Honorable Sir Joseph Banks during Captain Cook's first voyage

      London: Mac Millan & Co, 1896. xlix+466 pages with engraved portrait frontispiece and one other plate, 5 maps and index. Octavo (9" x 6") issued in blue cloth with gilt lettering to spine.1st edition.He was the second son of the famous botanist and regius professor of botany at Glasgow University Sir William Jackson Hooker and Maria Sarah Turner, eldest daughter of the banker Dawson Turner and sister-in-law of Francis Palgrave. Hooker attended his fathers lectures at the university from age 7, and formed an early interest in plant distribution and the voyages of explorers like Captain James Cook. He was formally educated at the Glasgow High School and went on to study medicine at Glasgow University, graduating M.D. in 1839. After completing his studies he was qualified for employment in the Naval Medical Service, he joined Captain James Clark Ross's Antarctic expedition to the South Magnetic Pole after receiving a commission as assistant-surgeon on the HMSS Erebus. The Erebus voyage lasted 4 years and 5 months and visited numerous locations in the southern oceans. Led by renowned polar explorer James Clark Ross, the expedition consisted of two ships, the Erebus and the HMS Terror and was the last major voyage of exploration made entirely under sail. The ships left England and rounded the Cape of Good Hope, they wintered in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and New Zealand and visited sub-Antarctic Islands and Antarctica. In the second year of the expedition, he was appointed their botanist. The ships arrived back in England on September 4, 1843. His father had recently been appointed director of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, and through his connections secured an Admiralty grant of 1000 pounds to cover the cost of the production of plates for his son's Botany of the Antarctic Voyage's by Walter Hood Fitch. Hooker's collections from the voyage eventually formed six volumes, two volumes each of the Flora Antarctica (1844-47), Flora Novae-Zelandiae (1851-53) and Flora Tasmaniae (1853-59). Failing to gain an academic position at the University of Edinburgh, his fathers influence led to Hooker's appointment to the Geological Survey of Great Britain in 1846. This role stimulated his interest in palaeobotany. While on the Erebus, Hooker had read proofs of Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle provided by Charles Lyell and had been very impressed by Darwin's naturalism. When following his return to England he was approached by Darwin who asked Hooker if he would classify the plants that he had collected in the Galapagos. Hooker agreed and the pair began a life-long correspondence, in a letter in 1844 Darwin shared with Hooker his early ideas on the transmutation of species and natural selection. Their correspondence continued throughout the development of Darwin's theory and later Darwin wrote that Hooker was "the one living soul from whom I have constantly received sympathy". (Wikipedia)Condition:Light edge wear, corners bumped, cover some what faded with some foxing to spine else a very good copy issued without jacket.

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        THE EGYPTIAN STRUWWELPETER Being The Struwwelpeter Papyrus. With full text and 100 original vignettes from the Vienna papyri. Dedicated to children of all ages.

      Original cloth-backed pictorial boards. Quarto. Some wear to corners of boards; cracking at joints; ownership inscription; else an excellent copy of this rare and desirable parody. Originally published in Germany in 1895. See Baumgartner Vol. 1 page 72.

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        Sur les radiations invisibles émises par les corps phosphorescents; Sur les radiations émises par phosphorescence.

      Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1896. First edition, in original printed wrappers, of the discovery of radioactivity. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 was shared between Becquerel, "in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity," and Marie and Pierre Curie, "in recognition of the extraordinary services they have rendered by their joint researches on the radiation phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel." "Becquerel was born in Paris and studied civil engineering at the École Polytechnique. Having obtained his diploma in 1877, he opted for a career as a scientist. He did research in optics, took his PhD in 1888, and was elected a member of the Academy of Sciences a year later. In 1892 Becquerel became professor at the Natural History Museum in Paris, like his father and grandfather before him (and later his son after him). In 1895 he was also appointed professor at the École Polytechnique. His speciality (as that of his father and grandfather) was the study of uorescence and phosphorescence. These are properties of materials to emit light if properly stimulated, usually by irradiation with light of shorter wavelength than that of the emitted light... In the Académie des Sciences Röntgen's discovery [of X-rays] was discussed in January 1896. It was quite natural for Becquerel to wonder, as Poincaré had suggested, whether X-rays were produced by some kind of phosphorescence. "Becquerel began investigations with materials which were phosphorescent if exposed to sunlight. Because of its scienti c tradition the Museum possessed many samples of such material. This was a decisive advantage which he had over his competitors. His technique was clear and simple. He wrapped a photographic plate in thick black paper, protecting it from light, placed on it the phosphorescent substance, exposed the arrangement for some time to the direct sunlight, and nally developed the plate. Since X-rays were known to traverse the paper, the plate would be blackened if X-rays were produced. At rst the results were negative. But when he used a sample of potassium uranyl disulphate K2UO2 (SO4)22H2O, he observed an effect which he reported to the Academy on 24 February [in 'Sur les radiations émises par phosphorescence']. "A week later, on 2 March 1896, Becquerel reported again to the Academy [in 'Sur les radiations invisibles émises par les corps phosphorescents']. It is this report that contained the discovery which would make him famous [our emphasis]. We rst quote from a paragraph dealing with repetitions of his previous experiment: A photographic plate, gelatine with silver bromide, was enclosed in an opaque frame in black cloth, closed on one side by a sheet of aluminium; if one exposed the frame in full sunshine, even for a whole day, the plate was not fogged; but, if one had xed on the aluminium sheet, on the outside, a lamella of uranium salt [...] and if one exposed it for several hours to the sun, one recognised, after one had developed the plate in the usual way, that the silhouette of the crystalline lamella appeared in black on the sensitive plate. "The unexpected discovery is described two paragraphs further down [p. 502]: I shall insist in particular on the following fact which seems to me very important and outside the phenomena one could expect to observe: The same crystalline lamellas, placed with respect to photographic plates in the same way [...] but kept in the dark, produce again the same photographic prints. Here is how I have been led to make that observation: Of the previous experiments some had been prepared on Wednesday 26th and on Thursday 27th of February and, since on these days the sun had shown itself only intermittently, I had kept the experiments prepared and placed the frames back in the dark into a drawer, leaving the lamellas of uranium salt in place. Since the sun had also not shown itself the following days, I developed the plates, expecting to nd very feeble images. The silhouettes appeared, on the contrary, with great intensity. "Becquerel then went on to describe how he repeated experiments in complete darkness with the same result. Thus besides X-rays (or Röntgen rays) there was yet another kind of new rays, which were emitted seemingly without cause by a certain phosphorescent substance although that substance had not been stimulated to phosphoresce. "During the course of 1896 Becquerel continued to investigate these rays. Still in March he found that they discharge an electroscope, i.e., they give some electric conductivity to air [reported in 'Sur quelques propriétés nouvelles des radiations invisibles émises par divers corps phosphorescents,' pp. 559-564]. He also performed observations, which later turned out to be erroneous, namely, that the rays could be re ected, refracted, and could possess polarization. These erroneous ndings seemed to attribute to Becquerel's rays most of the properties of ordinary light; they seemed to be better understood than Röntgen rays. It can be assumed that for this reason there was little interest in them for the next two years. In May 1896, Becquerel found out that all uranium compounds, phosphorescent or not, which he had studied, emitted rays. He concluded that pure metallic uranium should show the strongest radiation and con rmed that hypothesis by experiment. Becquerel now called his rays uranic rays. At the end of 1896, he reported on the absorbing power of different materials with respect to his rays. Moreover, he stressed the fact that the source of energy, which makes uranium emit rays, was completely unknown. "We can summarize the events of 1896 in Paris by stating that Becquerel discovered radioactivity. He found it to be a property of the element uranium. It could be detected photographically and electrically. An unknown source of energy had to exist to keep the radiation going" (Brandt, The Harvest of a Century, pp. 10-12). There is some confusion in the literature as to which of Becquerel's six papers in Vol. 122 of Comptes Rendus represents the discovery of radioactivity. Garrison & Morton ascribe the discovery of radioactivity to 'Sur les radiations émises par phosphorescence,' in which Becquerel observes the effect of uranium sulphate on photographic paper but wrongly believes it to be due to phosphorescence caused by the effect of sunlight on the salt. PMM incorrectly states that the discovery was first reported in Becquerel's third paper 'Sur quelques propriétés nouvelles des radiations invisibles émises par divers corps phosphorescents,' which only describes the effect of the rays on an electroscope. As Brandt correctly states, and as is clearly established by the quotation above, it was in Becquerel's second paper in this volume, 'Sur les radiations invisibles émises par les corps phosphorescents,' that the discovery was made: the effect of the uranium salt on a photographic plate was observed even though the effect of sunlight on the salt had been excluded. Garrison & Morton 2001. Dibner, Heralds of Science 163; PMM 393 (both referring to the 1903 book edition of Becquerel's radioactivity papers). Norman 158 (complete journal volume). pp. 501-503 in Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de L'Académie des Sciences, Tome 122, No. 9, 3 March 1896. [With:] 'Sur les radiations émises par phosphorescence,' pp. 420-421 in ibid., No. 8, 24 February 1896. Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1896. Original printed wrappers.

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        ??????? [Hakureisui posut?] [Hakureisui Poster].

      [Osaka?].. (circa1910).. Colour lithograph poster 54.5 x 38cm. Two closed tears from margin, the largest running 3.5cm into the image, tiny chip and one small hole. Very good. This early 20th century Japanese advertising poster for the face lotion, Hakureisui (meaning literally white beautiful water) features the face of the most popular pin-up girl in Japan in the 1910s - the geisha later known as Teruha ?? . On the poster alongside Teruha is a cartoonesque image of an African (African American?) in a suit, his face double the size of Teruha's, each pointing to the skin of the other - a frightening example of racial stereotyping! Teruha was born as Takaoka Tatsuko ???? in Nara in 1896. Sold by her alcoholic father at the age of 12 into slavery, her fortune changed two years later when she began training as a geisha in Osaka, taking the name of Chiyoha ???. Due to her stunning and unusual looks she quickly became very well known. Over her career she had a number of liasons but probably the best known is her relationship with a playboy and high-end fashion dealer in 1911, as during their break-up she cut off her small finger to prove her love. Because of this scandal, she could not stay in Osaka and moved to Shinbashi, in Tokyo where she became a geisha named Teruha ??. In Shinbashi she was also a very popular and it was here that she became known as the "Nine-finger Geisha". Such was her fame that postcards with her image were published in large quantities and are still collected to this day. Teruha married twice but in both cases the marriage ended badly. Her first marriage to a stock broker brought her to the United States. While in New York she enrolled in a school to learn English where she had an affair with a woman. On her return to Japan the scandal of her affair in America became known and the marriage broke up. She returned to New York, later living also in London and Paris where it is thought she might have had a child. In the 1920s Teruha also appeared as a lead character in a romantic film. In 1935 she became a Buddhist nun at Gio-ji Temple in Kyoto, where it appears she lived happily until her death in 1994. Takegaki, the company which published this advertising poster for their lotion was located in Osaka. It appears the company is no longer in business. The caption on the poster at the lower right translates as: "For a face like this,[use] Hakureisui which removes pimples and makes [the face] white." The Japanese characters found in the frame on the lower left shows names of other medicines produced by this company. As Teruha appears to have her fingers in this image and the company was located in Osaka, it seems highly likely that the poster was produced before Teruha's move to Tokyo in 1911. .

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        Harper's Bazaar 1896. FULL YEAR BOUND VOLUME.

      New York. Harper Brothers. 1896. Massive volume; three-quarter leather binding 16 x 11 inches; 1100 pp. Fifty-two lavishly illustrated issues including Supplements. Of great interest are the 23 tipped-in folded patterns for clothing (on light-weight paper): these are for women's garments, young girls' garments; etc. Except for two that are loose, these are bound into the volume, and all are in very good condition. Copious illustrations of women's and young girls' costumes are featured in the newspaper; these include bicycling costumes, formal evening wear, sporting costumes, gowns for various occasions including weddings; also shawls, hats, embroidery patterns and more. Emphasis is placed on sport for women: side saddle horseback riding; crewing (rowing); basketball; golf; etc. Greatest emphasis, however, is placed on bicycling, with numerous illustrations depicting a woman and her "wheel"; considerable advertising aimed at this new market, eg. a full page article by Martha McCulloch-Williams endorsing Fibre Chamois with four illustrations of costumes by Redfern; also a multi-page article on "The Making of a Woman's Bicycle," and more. Full-page illustrations of costumes by M. Felix and House of Worth. Several pages in the December 12 issue are duplicated and/or bound out of sequence. There are several short marginal tears (repaired with archival tape). Abrasions to exterior: spine edges and corners of covers; overall very good clean condition. ITEM WEIGHS APPROXIMATELY 20 LBS - WE WILL QUOTE EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES. The rear pages of each issue of the newspaper feature captioned cartoon images (6 x 4.5 inches or so) focusing on class-centered faux pas as well as African-American, Irish or Chinese characters whose utterances are rendered in dialect. The newspaper's extensive single and double-page illustrations focus on costumes of the day (many by Felix and Worth) but other features reflect wider-ranging interests: these include profiles of Helen Keller and Harriet Beecher Stowe and fiction by Octave Thanet. Illustrations of theatrical interest include illustrated product endorsements offered by Lillian Russell and Sarah Bernhardt. Loads of full-page illustrations of British royalty and English historical subjects make clear the Anglophile leanings of the publisher and no doubt the bulk of the newspaper's readers. The volume was part of the library of Jacob Kamm of Portland Oregon. Kamm, a prominent businessman in 19th century Portland, founded the Oregon Steam Navigation Company and was heavily involved in real estate in the city. His estate was valued at over four million dollars at the time of his death in 1912. The volume is in very good condition, tight and attractive in its binding. Uncommon in such good condition.

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        Faune 5

      Crayon sur papier. Original pencil drawing. Signature stamp of the artist's signature in the lower right corner of the work, and signature stamp of the workshop at the back. Very nice condition. Provenance: the artist's studio, referenced to catalog Atelier Louis Anquetin (Thierry de Maigret, 28/11/08). Louis Anquetin, Étrépagny born in 1861 and died in Paris in 1932, is an important French painter. He began his career with avant-garde artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. With Émile Bernard, he is the inventor of Cloisonnisme. From 1884 to 1893, Louis Anquetin continues to explore new opportunities introduced by the release of Impressionism in French painting. From 1893, after a long confrontation with the "old masters", he adopts a bias pictorial that will line the general art movement, and take away from his friends. Dazzled by the baroque art and its creative force, so he thinks his childhood friends were involved in a pathway leading to the death of painting. He believes in a "perfect painting" which is embodied in the re-remember the lessons of Michelangelo and Rubens among others. His work becomes more conventional, he advocated a return to business by offering to reflect on the a priori conditions of any possible form of art in accordance with the rules of perspective and anatomy, as practiced by the masters the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Leaving only a few works that can be described as monumental, Anquetin turns prolific with its many studies and sketches, who considered that the design was "a very powerful means of expression" compulsory foundation of all arts plastics. Working voluntarily countdown of his time, Louis Anquetin made possible the existence of an original modern figuration. By his obstinacy and his passion for painting, he has indeed prevented is completely closed the way to the great Western tradition. You can admire his works in many prestigious museums such as the Musée d'Orsay or the Louvre in Paris, San Francisco and Detroit, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the National Gallery and the Tate London, etc.. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! Crayon sur papier Circa 1896 23 x 35 cm

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        La princesse sous verre

      Jules Tallandier. Original, one of 50 numbered copies on Japan Edition, leading copy. "Bradel" binding covered with decorative paper, smooth back, part of title chocolate morocco, top edge gilt, modern pastiche signed binding of T. Boichot. Illustrated book of original compositions in color and Inserts André Cahard. Beautiful and rare copy. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! Jules Tallandier Paris s.d. (1896) 25x32,5cm relié

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        Westminster Abbey.

      1896. Octavo. Bound in brown morocco with gilt panelling to front board, raised bands, extensive gilt decoration and gilt titles to spine, all edges gilt and slightly gauffered to extremeties, additional gilt line to edges of boards and triple ruled gilt dentelles.A handsome copy. Gilt is bright, spine slightly tanned. Internally clean, illustrations bright and clear. Bound by Elizabeth Griscom Marrot (b.1863), a pupil of Cobden-Sanderson at The Doves Bindery from 1901; a US apprentice binder from Philadelphia, daughter of a Quaker bookseller and publisher, Charles Henry Marrot. TIDCOMBE, Women Bookbinders, p.182.

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        Collected Works.

      New York: Appleton and Company 1895-, 1896. Fifteen volumes, octavo, engraved plates, numerous other diagrams and illustrations throughout, maps and charts (some folding); spines of a few volumes in publisher's half morocco with marbled boards, top edge gilt; a fine set. A handsome set of the collected works of Charles Darwin in the original uniform binding, including his masterpiece On the Origin of Species and a number of equally important works including his journal of the Beagle voyage. Published some 13 years after the great naturalist's death, it reflects widespread popular interest in natural history and the theory of evolution. Taken together, Darwin's works are a monument to a lifetime of painstaking research which began with his now legendary journey of discovery aboard the Beagle between 1831 and 1836. The set includes relatively uncommon works such as The Power of Movement in Plants and The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs, while several of the volumes relate to the work on evolution that he conducted at his country estate Down House, including his famous decades-long experiment with earthworms and their role in the regeneration of soil.Also included are two biographical volumes, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, both featuring striking portrait frontispieces of Darwin in advancing years. The biographical volumes were edited by Darwin's son Francis and include hundreds of letters exchanged between the great naturalist and Asa Grey, Joseph Hooker, Alfred Russel Wallace, Thomas Huxley, Robert FitzRoy and other prominent individuals of the era.A full listing of the titles is available upon request.

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        Jane Austen's Novels. In Ten Volumes.

      8vo.; 10 volumes; original pale green cloth prettily and delicately decorated and lettered in gilt to spines and upper boards with title cartouches and Jane Austen's facsimile signature in gilt to each cover, top edges gilt, others untrimmed, with printed Ex Libris panels to front pastedown of each volume; with decorated sepia and red title-pages, a photogravure frontispiece, and 2 or 3 other photogravure plates in each volume, all guarded by tissues, by William C. Cooke; a fine, exceptional and charming set with only minor offset shadowing to endpapers and light browning, and a few fox-spots, to prelims of a couple of volumes, but otherwise with barely any signs of use; scarce in this condition. One of the most popular sets of Austen's works. Her four longer novels Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice; Emma and Mansfield Park are presented as two-volume works alongside single volumes of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

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        Michel Strogoff suivi de Un drame au Mexique

      Jules Hetzel . Edition illustrated with 41 drawings in black Benett and 12 chromotypographies colors. 2 cards.Cardboard called "golden globe" type 1 black headband (1896) signed Blancheland and connected by Engel. JAUZAC retains 4 types until 1903. Back to the lighthouse. Beautiful top plate, the brilliant golds, well back in the net with the sticker off-lighthouse, second course carrying some pale spots in the upper parts. Book slightly warped with some notebooks projections externally slice but not visible in the upper groove. Copy free of foxing, clean. Nice copy overall. Jules Hetzel Paris 1896 Grd. in 8 (18x28cm) relié

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        J. G. Krauer - der Dichter des Rütli-Liedes und seine Zeit. [Handexemplar des anonymen Verfassers Hans Hunkeler].

      H.R.Sauerländer & Co.,, 1896. Zweite, vermehrte Auflage. Aarau, H.R.Sauerländer & Co., 1896. 8°. VI, 358 Seiten und im Anhang zahlreiche leere Seiten mit handschriftlichen Eintragungen Hunkeler's auf einigen wenigen Seiten und Annotationen im Text. Original Hardcover / Wunderschöner, blindgeprägter Ganzleinenband der Zeit. Exzellente Erhaltung ! Mit Hunkeler's handschriftlichem Besitzvermerk auf dem Titelblatt der eingebundenen Originalbroschur. Ein wunderbares Dokument schweizerischen Nationalbewusstseins. ?Von ferne sei herzlich gegrüsset, du stilles Gelände am See?nnJohann Georg Krauer (* 3. April 1792 in Kriens; ? 3. Oktober 1845 in Altwis) war ein Schweizer Naturwissenschaftler, Arzt und Dichter.nNach dem Schulbesuch in Luzern studierte Johann Georg Krauer Naturwissenschaften und Medizin in Zürich, Freiburg im Breisgau und Genf. Während seines Studiums wurde er Mitglied der Alten Freiburger Burschenschaft/ Harmonie und 1816 des Corps Helvetia Freiburg. Er doktorierte in Göttingen und wirkte anschließend als Professor für Naturgeschichte am Lyzeum in Luzern. Wegen seiner politischen Anschauungen wurde er entlassen und betätigte sich anschließend als Landarzt in verschiedenen Luzerner Landgemeinden.nJohann Georg Krauer veröffentlichte 1824 ein Verzeichnis wild wachsender Pflanzen im Kanton Luzern (Prodromus florae Lucernensis, sive stirpium phancrogamarum in agro Lucernensi et proximis ejus confiniis sponte nascendum catalogus). Daneben verfasste er patriotische Gedichte, von denen das von Franz Josef Greith vertonte Rütlilied (1820) am bekanntesten ist (?Von ferne sei herzlich gegrüsset, du stilles Gelände am See?) nn

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        A Natural History of the Nests and Eggs of British Birds. 4th edition. With 248 plates chiefly coloured by hand. In Three Volumes.

      - London, John C. Nimmo, 1896. 3 forts volumes in-4, XIX-(1)-176-(4), VIII-155-(1) et XI-(1)-207-(1) pp., reliure éditeur percaline, titre doré aux dos, plats supérieurs ornés, (coiffes un peu frottées, restauration ancienne à la charnière int. sup. du vol. 3 ; intérieur bien frais). Ex-libris manuscrits : Théo Webb, 1899. / 3 thick 4to volumes, XIX-(1)-176-(4), VIII-155-(1) et XI-(1)-207-(1) p., publisher's cloth binding, title gilt on backs, adorned upper boards (light wear to spine-ends, old mending to vol. 3 inside upper hinge ; fresh copy inside). * Histoire naturelle des nids et des oeufs des oiseaux du Royaume-Uni. * Voir photographie(s) / See picture(s). *** Membre du SLAM et de la LILA / ILAB Member. * La librairie est ouverte du mardi au samedi de 14h à 19h. * Si vous souhaitez passer à la librairie pour un livre, merci de nous prévenir au préalable, l'ensemble du stock visible en ligne n'étant pas immédiatement consultable. *** Du fait de notre participation au Salon international du livre de New York, les expéditions ne se pourront faire qu'après le 15 mars. Merci de votre compréhension et de votre patience. *** Due to our participation to the New York International Book Fair, books won't be able to be shipped until after March 15. Thank you for your understanding and your patience. *** Langue : Français

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        Les Affiches Illustrées 1886-1895

      G. Boudet, Paris 1896 - Ouvrage orné de 64 lithographies en coluleur et de cent deux reproductions en noir et en couleur d'apres les affiches originales des meilleures artistes - 4to, half leather, with colour illustrations, complete with half title, title page in black and red with small illustration, II, 251 pages, 1 collaborators list page, 1 advertisements page. with amazing 72 colour plates from the original (8+64 described on the title page.), of which 37 from Cheret, 3 from Toulouse-Lautrec, 2 from Steinlen, 1 from Mucha etc. The first issue (pages 1-9) bound at the back. All complete. Very good copy. Limited to 1025. This copy is 658. "Sur papier velin". Pages 31, 75-78 loose. Bound in quarter leather over marbled boards, spine in compartments with gilt title lettering. Size: Large 4to [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Henry Pordes Books Ltd]
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        Bauernland. Im Land der Bauern in historischen Meisterphotographien von Franz Beer. 1896-1979.

      302 S. mit s/w Fotografien, 4, Ppbd., mit SchUm. Sehr guter Zustand, praktisch neuwertig.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Im Seefeld]
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        The Exploration of the Caucasus

      London: Edwin Arnold, 1896. First Edition. Hardcover. Very good. Two volumes in original green cloth, pp xxiii, 278; x, 295, complete with 76 full-page photographic plates, 4 color folding maps (one in rear pocket), 3 folding panoramas, additional illustrations in the text. Boards have some old insect nibbling at the edges, corners bumped, spines browned as usual; internally clean and sound. Bookplate of R. Jewell, Thurleigh House, on front pastedown of each volume. Freshfield (1835-1934) was a geographer and accomplished mountaineer. "While still a schoolboy he ascended Mont Blanc, and in the 1860s and 1870s made at least twenty first ascents, chiefly in the lesser-known Italian Alps....In 1868 he explored, together with Charles Tucker, Adolphus Moor, and his lifelong friend François Devouassoud, the central Caucasus, which, except for the lower heights, were then unknown. He made the first ascent of Kazbek (16,546 ft), Elbrus (18,470 ft), and several other peaks, and recorded the existence of large glaciers in the regions between them." After returning to the Caucasus in 1887 and 1889, he published this work, which was the authority on the region for many years. The photographs by Sella are regarded as some of the finest mountain images ever produced. Shipping cost will be more than standard for priority or international orders. Please enquire.

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        Orthic New Testament (1896)

      London: Office of Technical Education. Very Good+ with no dust jacket. 1896. Hardcover. Hardcover. 1896. Light wear, else Very Good Plus condition. 170 pages. New Testament in shorthand. Office of Technical Education. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 170 pages .

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        Lawyer Addressing the Bench with Portrait of Lincoln

      New York: Circa 1940s. Oil on canvas. Signed lower right. 25 x 30 inches. The legal name of Jack Levitz was likely Ebbitt Abraham Levitz, born September 27, 1896 in Vilna, also known as the Jerusalem of Lithuania. There was civil unrest in Vilna in 1897 due to agitation for worker's rights by the General Jewish Workers Union, also known as the bund. It is likely that Levitz immigrated to the United States with his family around the end of the nineteenth century. Levitz became friends with William Saroyan, the author of many children's books. In 1941 Saroyan wrote a profile of Levitz for Don Freeman's Newsstand journal. He describes Levitz as "roly-poly" with a cigar in his mouth. According to Saroyan who got it from Levitz, Levitz could not recall his original first name and simply made up the name "Ebbet." Levitz was prolific and tossed off drawings and casual paintings with ease which he sold for a few dollars. According to Saroyan, "The paintings he really paints... are usually great." Ebbitt Abraham [Jack] Levitz died in December, 1964 at the age of 68.

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        94 Lichtdrucktafeln von Wien.

      Dresden, Vlg. von Römmler & Jonas, 1888-1896. - 16,5 x 11cm, insgesamt guter Zustand. Schwarz-weiß, Karten einzeln nummeriert mit Jahreszahl. Umfangreiche Sammlung historischer Fotodokumente der Stadt Wien. In deutscher Sprache. pages.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Klabund, 1090 Wien]
 19.   Check availability:     ZVAB     Link/Print  

        Poussières de Paris

      Fayard frères 1896 - - Fayard frères, Paris s.d. (1896), 11,5x18,5cm, relié. - Edition originale sur papier courant. Reliure à la bradel en plein papier, dos lisse, pièce de titre de maroquin caramel, élégante reliure pastiche signée de T. Boichot. Envoi autographe daté et signé de Jean Lorrain à Jean Hébrard : ". ces quelques vagues de Bigorre, fleurs de montagne et d'exil. Une pâle mouillure en tête des derniers feuillets. [AUTOMATIC ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOLLOWS] first edition on the current paper. Binding to bradel in . autograph dedication of the author autograph signed and dated by Jean Lorrain Jean Hebrard: ". these few waves of Bigorre, mountain flowers and exile. [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
 20.   Check availability:     IberLibro     Link/Print  

        Reproduction of Drawings Accompanying Proposal of Henry R. Worthington [drawings of his vertical triple expansion high duty pumping engine]

      Brooklyn: Henry R. Worthington Co, 1896. Very Good. [21] leaves of photographic reproductions of drawings; 25 cm. Morocco-grain binder with 2 metals fasteners. Written inside front cover: "Reproduction of drawings accampanyinng proposal of Henry R. Worthington Chicago Nov 14th /96." Henry Rossiter Worthington (1817-1880) was an American mechanical engineer who patented the duplex steam pump in 1859 and was a founder of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1880. He established the Henry R. Worthington Pump Works in 1845 in Brooklyn. The Henry R. Worthington Co. was established in 1893 in New Jersey to continue the manufacturing of steam pumps and pump engines. This propoal submitted to the city of Chicago includes drawings of the Worthington vertical triple expansion high duty pumping engine, as well as of Worthington pumps made for the water works in Providence, St. Louis, Brooklyn, Nashville, Memphis, and Peoria. A very scarce or unique item. In Very Good Condition: one vertical crease in front cover; back cover is scraped; contents are clean and intact.

      [Bookseller: Classic Books and Ephemera]
 21.   Check availability:     IOBABooks     Link/Print  

        Spiritual Poems, Chiefly Done out of Several Languages.

      Sold by Hacon & Ricketts, London. 1896 - First edition. Octavo. pp cxiii. Frontispiece woodcut and border design to first page by Charles Ricketts. Grey boards with title labels. Eleven original poems by Gray as well as the twenty-nine translations.Free endpapers tanned. Spine a bit darkened. Very good indeed. Scarce. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Peter Ellis, Bookseller, ABA, ILAB]
 22.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Feminies: Huit Chapitres Inedits Devoues a la Femme, a l'Amour, a la Beaute.

      Paris: Academie des Beaux Livres, 1896. Limited. hardcover. fine. rops. Illustrated with 8 magnificent colored etchings by Felicien Rops, protected by tissue. Each plate is followed by an uncolored duplicate etching. Each page of text is printed within a wide floral border, printed in colors. 208pp., Tall 8vo, beautifully bound in full crimson crushed levant with wide and ornate gilt borders; gilt-decorated spine with raised bands; inner and outer dentelles; doublures & endleaves of red silk moire, a.e.g. The original beautiful color wrappers (including the spine) are bound-in. Paris: Academie des Beaux Livres, 1896. Fine. Limited edition. Number 177 of only 183 copies printed on Japanese vellum. A masterpiece of Fin-de-Siecle book production, in a superb binding and matching morocco-tipped, lined slipcase.

      [Bookseller: Argosy Book Store]
 23.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        Bozena. Erzählung.

      Stuttgart, Bln., Cotta 1896.. 3. Aufl. 8°. 264 S. OHLdr. Mit Rückensch., Rückengoldpräg. Rü. etw. gebleicht. Mit eh., mehrzeil. Widmungsgedicht der Verfasserin an Baronon Lenore v. Plaser, dat. Wien im Dec. [19]01.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Burgverlag]
 24.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        A Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question

      David Nutt, 1896. pp (xii) 102, [1 ad]. First English edition of Der Judenstaat, published in German in the same year. "Let the sovereignty be granted us over a portion of the globe large enough to satisfy the reasonable requirements of a nation; the rest we shall manage for ourselves." - from page 25. Moderate external soiling. Above-average external wear with a variety of small chips from and short openings to the thin paper covers. Short openings along central fore-edge of many pages. Binding intact. Prior owner's details in pencil, dated 1896, atop half-title page, otherwise unmarked. A sound copy of this profoundly influential work.

      [Bookseller: Online Bookshop Jim and Mina Stachow]
 25.   Check availability:     Link/Print  

        The SYMPOSIUM. A Monthly Literary Magazine. Voume I. Nos. 1 - 3.; October - November - December 1896....

      Northampton, Massachusetts: 1896. 3 issues, including original wrappers, bound in one volume, 136 pp, plus adverts. Illustrations by Will Bradley. 8vo. Some modest binding wear, with evidence of damping to top portion of front board. Period ownership signature, "Ida J. Holmes / April 9. 1898.", to ffep. Overall, Very Good....

      [Bookseller: Tavistock Books]
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        Daily Resolves (Gem Series)

      London and New York: Ernest Nister and E.P. Dutton & Co, 1896. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good. First edition. Pictorial boards backed in white cloth. Very Good+ with 1912 gift inscription on front flyleaf. light foxing to endpapers, a hint of soiling and light wear to covers. A nice copy. The famous African-American educator, author, speaker, and leader's rare first book, a small collection of inspirational quotes with multicolor illuminated-manuscript-style illustrations, printed in Bavaria, Germany.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        Archive of correspondence, sworn statements, photographs, and related documents about the provenance and sale of twelve silver tumblers, known as the "camp cups," which were owned and used by George Washington during the American Revolution

      The papers are from various places (New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and St. Louis) and are dated circa 1896-1916, 1896. One of the photographs is defective in the right margin; overall, in vrey good condition.. Gray cloth clasp binder, 35 x 21 cm, with the manuscript label on the upper board "Camp Cups owned and used by General George Washington during the War of the Revolution." Enclosed in the binder are 15 documents, typed and in manuscript, in approximately 20 pages, including three photographs of the tumblers. The documents attest to the following: That the silver tumblers were bequeathed by George Washington to his nephew Judge Bushrod Washington; that Judge Bushrod Washington gave the tumblers to his nephew, Colonel George C. Washington; George C. Washington gave the tumblers to his niece Fannie Washington Finch. Fannie Washington Finch sold the tumblers to William Nelson Johnson; William Nelson Johnson sold the tumblers to William Lanier Washington; and William Lanier Washington sold the tumblers to St. Lous collector W.K. Bixby.

      [Bookseller: The Brick Row Book Shop]
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        Recherches sur l'absorption et la dispersion de la lumière par les milieux doués du pouvoir rotatoire

      de 20 pages Tours, Deslis frères, [circa 1896], in-8, de 20 pages, exemplaire broché, sans couverture, Très rare publication pré-originale de la thèse d'Aimé Cotton, dans laquelle le physicien français découvrit la dispersion rotatoire optique, appelée aujourd'hui « effet Cotton », et le dichroïsme circulaire. Cette pré-publication consiste en un "Résumé" de sa thèse de doctorat qui fut publié à Paris chez Gauthier-Villars et dans les Annales de Chimie et de Physique et qui comptait près de 100 pages. Une rareté, non répertoriée dans les bibliothèques publiques françaises.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        L'hygiène alimentaire. Aliments, alimentation, régime alimentaire dans les maladies

      VIII-[2]-239 pages, 1 planche Paris, Octave Doin, 1896, in-8, VIII-[2]-239 pages, 1 planche à double page en chromolithographie, demi-chagrin brun moderne à la bradel, dos lisse, couvertures originales conservées, Troisième édition, revue, corrigée et augmentée, la première ayant paru en 1887. L'ouvrage comporte un tableau à double page en rouge et noir représentant la valeur nutritive pour 100 en azote et en carbone des principaux aliments frais. Figures in texte. Cet ouvrage a été publié dans le cadre des conférences de thérapeutique de l'hôpital Cochin en 1885-1886.Mouillures. Cachet au titre.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Recherches sur les différentes variétés de carbone

      de (4) et 152 pages Paris, Gauthier-Villars et fils, 1896, in-8, de (4) et 152 pages, exemplaire broché, Tiré à part extrait des Annales de chimie et de physique publiée en juillet et août 1896. Bien que Moissan reste essentiellement connu pour ses recherches sur le fluor, qui lui valurent de recevoir le Prix Nobel de chimie en 1906, il entrepris, à partir de la fin des années 1880, d'importantes recherches sur la fabrication de diamants de synthèse. Les présentes publications y jouent un rôle central : "Pour réaliser la reproduction du diamant, nous avons été conduit à reprendre l'étude générale des différentes variétés de carbone. Nous réunissons aujourd'hui toute nos expériences sur ce sujet, et nous traiterons successivement du carbone amorphe, du graphite et du diamant." La présente étude cherche ainsi a mieux cerner les propriétés chimiques de ce corps simple. Très bel exemplaire, non coupée, dans son brochage d'origine intact. DSB, IX, p. 451.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Taschenflora des Alpen-Wanderers

      (42)pp., 18pl. Zurich, Albert Raustein, 1896, in-8, (42)pp, 18pl, toile bleue imprimée en couleur. (Rel. de l'éd.), Nouvelle édition. 18 planches h.t. chromolithographiées ; texte en allemand, anglais et français. Bon exemplaire en dépit d'un défaut au texte allemand face à la planche 7

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Die Bischöfe von Hildesheim - Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Denkmäler und Geschichte des Bisthums Hildesheim.

      2, XII, 338 Seiten und 13 Tafeln im ANhang mit den Bildnissen von 18 Bischöfen und 173 Abbildungen von Kirchen, kirchlichen Kunstwerken und Grabdenkmälern, reich verzierter und illustrierter roter Original-Halbleinen - sehr guter Zustand - 1896. Sehr selten ! a93329

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Ehbrecht - Preis inkl. MwSt.]
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        PONCHIELLI A. La Gioconda Danza delle Ore Orchestre 1896

      - PONCHIELLI A. La Gioconda di A. Ponchielli- Danza delle Orepour OrchestreConducteur : 74 pagesMatériel d'Orchestre : 1er Violons x6, 2e Violons x4, Altos x3, Violoncelles x3, Contrebasses x3, Grandes Flutes, Flutes, Hautbois, Clarinettes, Bassons, 1er et 2e Cors, 3e et e4e Cors, Trompettes, Cornetes, 1er et 2e Trombone, 3e trombone, Timbales, Triangles, Cloches, Grosse Caisses, HarpeMilano, G. Ricordi & C. (98657-63)XIXe siècle 1896Bon état, annotations au crayon de couleur, pliures016750 Ensemble/Orchestre

      [Bookseller: partitions-anciennes]
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        The Floure and the Leafe, & the Boke of Cupide, God of Love, or the Cuckow and the Nightingale

      London/Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1896. Limited First Edition. Hardcover. Near Fine. One of 300 copies on handmade paper, plus 10 on vellum. 8vo. 6½" x 9¼" (16.5 x 23.5 cm). Edited by F.S. Ellis. Bound in original quarter Holland-backed blue paper boards, with white linen spine, and title printed in black on cover. [viii, blank], [ii], 47, [iii, blank] pp. Printed in red and black Troy type, with the ?Note? and ?Colophon? in the Chaucer type. The two stories opening with title printed in red and large elaborate foliate woodcut by Hooper (after Morris). Explicit printed in red, woodcut press device after Morris on colophon leaf. Issued in November 1896, the first copy received at Kelmscott House an hour or two before Morris's death. A very handsome printing of this Middle English allegorical poem, written in a woman's voice, which was for many years attributed to Chaucer (now attributed to Sir Thomas Clanvowe). Externally near-fine condition, with slight wear to spine. Internally fine. No ownership marks, and free from the usual spotting and foxing. Near fine condition overall. [Peterson A43. Sparling 43.]

      [Bookseller: MRM Books]
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        L'Or. Minerais aurifères et auroargentifères, extraction, traitement métallurgique

      in-18 de X, 344 pages, 2 Paris, Fritsch, 1896, , in-18 de X, 344 pages, 2 planches et 4 pages de publicités, cartonnage bordeaux de l'éditeur, Unique édition, rare, de ce "traité pratique comprenant : l'analyse, l'étude et la préparation mécanique des minerais aurifères, les méthodes de concentration et de grillage, les procédés par amalgamation, par chloruration, par cyanuration, par électrolyse et par fusion, ainsi que la coupellation et l'affinage des métaux précieux. Bon exemplaire portant le cachet de la bibliothèque "Bonne presse".

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        1896 ?. [In the Memory of the Coronation of their Imperial Majesties in Moscow in 1896].

      Skt. Peterburg German Goppe 1896 - Folio (40 x 29 cm). Lith. title, half-title, title, [4], 100, 210, IV pp.; marginal tears to several leaves. Publisher's brown calf over red cloth boards, gilt lettering to upper cover; spine rubbed, some soiling. The first part comprises an overview of all the coronations that took place in Russia during almost 300 years reign of the Romanov dynasty. The second part is dedicated exclusively to the description of the coronation of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II and his spouse Maria Fedorovna, following in detail preparations for the occasion, the ceremony itself and later festivities. The text is richly illustrated with scenes of the coronation, images of the Imperial regalia, and reproductions of menus and programmes for the festivities. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Shapero Rare Books]
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      191 p., [4] p. de table, 1 pl. Paris, Éditions du Mercure de France, 1896, in-8, 191 p, [4] p. de table, 1 pl, broché, Rare. Édition originale. Portrait-frontispice de l'auteur (héliogravure). Recueil bilingue anglais-français des premières oeuvres poétiques de Lord Alfred Douglas, publiées par les Éditions du Mercure de France. Entre 1893 et 1896, sa poésie est marquée par ses amours homosexuels dont le célèbre "Two Loves" qui termine par ce fameux vers : "Je suis l'Amour qui n'ose point dire son nom". Lord Alfred Douglas (1870-1945), surnommé "Bosie", fut le célèbre amant d'Oscar Wilde. Dos cassé.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        Laudes Beatae Mariae Virginis

      London/Hammersmith: Kelmscott Press, 1896. Limited First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good. Sold by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press. One of 250 copies on paper, plus 10 on vellum. Large 4to. 11½" x 8½" (21.5 x 29 cm). Bound in original quarter Holland-backed blue paper boards, with white linen spine, and title printed in black on front cover. [vi], 34, [vi] pp. Printed on handmade paper in Troy type, Psalm text printed in red and black, alternating woodcut initials in blue and black; colophon; and additional numerous six- and eight-line initial letters and half-page floral borders. This is the first of only two books printed at the Kelmscott Press in three colors. Uncut pages. "These poems are taken from a Psalter written by an English scribe, most likely in one of the Midland counties, early in the 13th century." William Morris's printed illuminated transcription of this early thirteenth-century English Psalter, written as poems of praise to St. Mary the Virgin, includes four pages from Luke's Gospel and concludes with a Te Deum. Today the original Psalter, which Morris once owned, is known as the Reading Abbey Psalter and is in the Pierpont Morgan Library. "[A]fter the book was issued, the Rev. E.S. Dewick pointed out that the poems had already been printed at Tegernsee in 1579, in a 16mo volume in which they are ascribed to Stephen Langton. A note to this effect was printed in Chaucer type in December 1896 and distributed to the subscribers," (lacking in this edition). Light wear and soiling to boards, with small water-stain to front top right board. Internally outstanding. No ownership marks, and free from the usual spotting and foxing. Very clean. [Clark Library, Kelmscott and Doves, pp. 52-53. Peterson A42. Tomkinson, p. 118, no. 43.]

      [Bookseller: MRM Books]
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        Torten-Verzierungen / Tart-Decorations / Decorations de tartes / Ornamenti di Torte. Vorlagen zur Verzierung und Dekorierung von Torten, den Anforderungen der Gegenwart entsprechend und in natürlicher Grösse zum Gebrauch für Conditoren, deren Gehilfen und Lehrlinge, sowie auch zum Vorzeigen und Auswählen bei Bestellungen. Ausabe A in Buntdruck mit 40 Planotafeln. Mit Erläuterungen in vier Sprachen.

      1. Auflage. 4. 20 S., XXXX Tafeln (Cromolithographien). Roter OLwd. geprst. und mit reichem Goldschmuck. Mit Gebrauchsspuren. Die Tafeln sind in einem schönen Zustand. ERSTAUSGABE. Weiss 1248. Die Erläuterungen in dt., franz., englisch und italienisch. Selten und gesucht. Neben den "A" Ausgaben (mit Farbillustrationen) erschienen B" Ausgaben in schwarz/weiss. Eine 2. Aufl. erschien unverändert 1896.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Kochkunst Bibliothek]
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        Essais de Jean Rey docteur en médecine sur la recherche de la cause pour laquelle l'étain et le plomb augmentent de poids quand on les calcine

      143pp Paris, Masson (G.), Libraire-éditeur, 1896, in-8, 143pp, demi basane brune, Cachet annulé de la faculté catholique de Paris. Édition tiré à seulement 300 exemplaires,n°295.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Alain Brieux]
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        NEUE GLÜHLICHTER. Jge.1896-1910. 8 Bände.

      gr.-4, mit zahlr., tls. farb. Abb., HLn. d. Zt., berieben, Kanten berieben, Ecken leicht bestoß., Buchblock des 1. Bandes lose, sonst insges. guter Zustand. Dietzel-Hügel 1191. Unter diesem Titel als Nachfolge bzw. Vorläuferzeitschrift der "Glühlichter" zwischen 1896 u. 1910 erschienen. Das illustrierte sozialdemokratische Satireblatt richtete seine Polemiken vor allem gegen Lueger und die Christlichsozialen, aber auch gegen Adel u. Klerus. - So komplett höchst selten.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Löcker]
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        Stops Of Various Quills [signed, Limited To 50 Copies]

      Harper and Brothers, NY 1896 - Sepia; Large paper edition signed on the limitation page in black ink by both Howells and Pyle. Frontis done on China Paper tissue along with two others, headpieces and vignettes in sepia, and historiated initials in black, by Pyle. 1/2 cream cloth over granite blue boards and printed spine label. Number 34 of only 50 copies signed by Howells and Pyle. Edges untrimmed. ; Signed by Author & Illustrator; 0 [Attributes: First Edition; Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: poor man's books (mrbooks)]
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