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        The Treaty of Washington 1871-1875. A complete collection of 41 British Parliamentary documents

      London: Houses of Parliament, 1871. 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Near Fine. This extraordinary 3 volumes set in full darkened red cloth covers with gilt type on the spines includes and 11 sewn reports, 31.5cm x 20cm (12.5 x 8 inches). A remarkable collection of 41 British Parliamentary paper ex Public Record Office (British National Archives) and 11 sewn reports in paper wrappers. Very clean copies in near fine condition.The Treaty of Washington 1871-75 UK documents are historically significant and of great importance to American, Great Britain and Canadian history. Historical context and importance.In 1871 the United States demanded compensation from Great Britain for damages inflicted on U.S. commerce during the Civil War by the Alabama, a Confederate warship built in England. The United Sates also demanded the resumption of use of Canadian and Newfoundland inshore fisheries, previously denied 1818-54 and after the 1866 lapse of the Reciprocity Treaty and also in dispute the ownership of San Juan Island (off the coast of British Columbia in the Straight of Georgia and concerning the Oregon boundary line). Restitution to Canada for Fenian raids, 1866-70 .The Treaty was settled in a series of arbitrations in Washington. "And yet 1870 and 1871 are perhaps remembered less for the vast strides taken by Canadian federalism than for the sudden marked improvement, somewhat at Canadian expense, which took place in Anglo-American relations as a whole -- culminating, as it did, in the Treaty of Washington, 8 May 1871, which has been held by some to be second only in importance for the United States to the Treaty of Versailles in 1783." quoted from The Cambridge History of the British Empire Vol. 3, page 294The quote preceding, relating to the "somewhat at Canadian expense" is a very important part of the reality of Canadian history. Sir John A. MacDonald was at the negotiations but had virtually NO impact or say. He was the first Prime Minister of Canada, elected in 1867, and all the Canadian decisions and concessions were made by the British negotiators.A great success for the United States, the Treaty of Washington was also a milestone in the history of international arbitration. The treaty was considered an "unprecedented accomplishment", having solved border disputes, reciprocal trade, and navigation issues. A friendly perpetual relationship between Great Britain and America was established, with Britain having expressed regret over the Alabama damages. The complete collection of 41 British Parliamentary documents CONTENTS.11 sewn reports in paper wrappers.• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE APPOINTMENT OF A JOINT HIGH COMMISSION TO CONSIDER THE VARIOUS QUESTIONS AFFECTING THE RELATIONS BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. North America No 1 (1871). C262. Paper wrappers. 6pp.• DESPATCH FROM HER MAJESTY'S HIGH COMMISSIONERS, WITH COPY ANNEXED OF THE TREATY SIGNED AT WASHINGTON, MAY 8, 1871. . North America No 2 (1871). C344. Paper wrappers. 12pp• INSTRUCTIONS TO HER MAJESTY'S HIGH COMMISSIONERS, AND PROTOCOLS OF CONFERENCES HELD AT WASHINGTON BETWEENFEBRUARY 27 AND MAY 6, 1871. North America No 3 (1871). C346. Paper wrappers. 16pp.• TREATY BETWEEN HER MAJESTY AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. SIGNED AT WASHINGTON, MAY 8, 1871.C386. Paper wrappers. 11pp.• CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA IN CONNECTION WITH THE APPOINTMENT OF THE JOINT HIGH COMMISSION AND THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1872. C539. Paper wrappers. 15pp• FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA IN CONNECTION WITH THE APPOINTMENT OF THE JOINT HIGH COMMISSION AND THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1872. C540. 2pp • FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA AND CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENTS OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND AND NEWFOUNDLAND, RESPECTING THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1872. C557. 12pp• FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA IN CONNECTION WITH THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1873. C702. Paper wrappers 8pp• FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENTS OF CANADA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, AND NEWFOUNDLAND, RESPECTING THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1873. C750. Paper wrappers. iv + 22pp.• FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENTS OF CANADA, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, AND NEWFOUNDLAND, RESPECTING THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. 1873. C774. Paper wrappers. 8pp.• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE DETERMINATION OF THE NORTH-WESTERN BOUNDARY BETWEEN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. 1875. C1131. 2ppBound volume for 1872.• CASE PRESENTED ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY FOR THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION UNDER ARTICLE 1 OF THE TREATY CONCLUDED AT WASHINGTON…North America No 1 (1872) C469. 168pp.• THE CASE OF THE UNITED STATES, TO BE AID BEFORE THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION TO BE CONVENED AT GENEVA UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE TREATY….North America No 2(1872). C476. viii + 145pp. Folding map.• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE PRESENTATION AT GENEVA OF THE BRITISH COUNTER-CASE TO THE ARBITRATORS, INDER THE IVth ARTICLE OF THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON…North America No3 (1872). North America No3 (1872). C505. 2pp• COUNTER-CASE PRESENTED ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY FOR THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION UNDER ARTICLE 1 OF THE TREATY CONCLUDED AT WASHINGTON…North America No 4 (1872) C506. vi + 154pp. Folding map (of Port Phillip, Australia).• APPENDIX TO THE CASE PRESENTED ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY. Appendix to North America No4 (1872). iv + 111pp.• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE PRESENTATION OF THE• COUNTER-CASES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND OF THE UNITED STATES, WITH THE DECLARATIONS MADE BY THE AGENTS OF THE RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENTS. North America No5 (1872). C528. 6pp• THE COUNTER-CASE OF THE UNITED STATES PRESENTED TO THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA, UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON…North America No6 (1872). C531. 49pp• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING CLAIMS FOR INDIRECT LOSSES PUT FORWARD IN THE CASE PRESENTED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT TO THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA DRAFT OF ARTICLE PROPOSED BY HER MAJESTY'S GOVERNMENT TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES….North America No 8 (1872). C548. 1pp• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE GENEVA ARBITRATION. North America No 9 (1872). C566. iv + 48pp• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA. North America No 10 (1872). C570. 12pp• ARGUMENT OR SUMMARY SHOWING THE POINTS, AND REFERRING TO THE EVIDENCE RELIED UPON BY THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY IN ANSWER TO THE CLAIMS OF THE UNITED STATES: PRESENTED TO THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION…North America No 11 (1872). C571. 91pp• ARGUMENT OF THE UNITED STATES DELIVERED TO THE TRIBUNAL OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA…North America No 12 (1872). C531. 193pp. Library mark to 1 page.Bound volume for 1873• ADDITIONAL ARTICLE TO THE TREATY BETWEEN HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY AND THE UNITED STATES OF MAY 8, 1871. SIGNED AT WASHINGTON, JANUARY 18, 1873. C736. 1pp• PROTOCOL OF A CONFERENCE HELD AT WASHINGTON, JUNE 7, 1873. North America No12 (1873). C775. 1pp• PAPERS RELATING TO THE PROCEEDINGS OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA. Part I. PROTOCOLS, CORRESPONDENCE, &c. North America No 1 (1873). C688. vii + 401pp.• PAPERS RELATING TO THE PROCEEDINGS OF ARBITRATION AT GENEVA. Part II.CONTAINING THE AWARD OF THE TRIBUNAL., North America No 2 (1873). C689. iv + 258pp.• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. CASE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY, SUBMITTED TO THE ARBITRATION AND AWARD OF HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. North America No 3 (1873). iv + 41pp• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. MEMORIAL ON THE CANAL DE HARO AS THE BOUNDARY LINE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…. North America No 4 (1873). 36pp• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. SECOND AND DEFINITIVE STATEMENT ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY, SUBMITTED TO HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF GRAFITI. …. North America No 5 (1873). 17 + xxxiv pp• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. REPLY OF THE UNITED STATES TO THE CASE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY, PRESENTED TO HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY, AS ARBITRATOR…North America No 6 (1873). 45pp• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. MAPS ANNEXED TO THE CASE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF HER BRITANNIC MAJESTY, SUBMITTED TO THE ARBITRATION AND AWARD OF HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. North America No 7 (1873). 5 large folding maps.• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. MAPS ANNEXED TO THE MEMORIAL AND REPLY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, SUBMITTED TO THE ARBITRATION AND AWARD OF HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. North America No 8 (1873). 14 folding maps.• NORTH-WEST AMERICAN WATER BOUNDARY. CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE AWARD OF THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY IN THE MATTER OF THE BOUNDARY LINE BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE UNITED STATES. North America No 9 (1873). 12pp• PROTOCOL SIGNED AT WASHINGTON ON THE 10th OF MARCH, 1873, DEFINING THE BOUNDARY LINE THROUGH THE CANAL DE HARO, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AWARD OF THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY. OF OCTOBER 21, 1872. North America No 10 (1873). 3pp• CORRESPONDENCE RESPECTING THE "LAFAYETTE", CAPTURED AND DESTROYED BY THE "ALABAMA". North America No 11 (1873) 5ppBound volume for 1874• CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES RESPECTING THE COMMUNICATION TO OTHER GOVERNMENTS OF THE RULES OF THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON. North America No 1 (1874) C1012. 21pp. Library mark on title • REPORT BY HER MAJESTY'S AGENT OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND AWARDS OF THE MIXED COMMISSION ON BRITISH AND AMERICAN CLAIMS…North America No 2 (1874). xii + 757pp• PAPERS RESPECTING THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE MIXED CLAIMS COMMISSION AT WASHINGTON. North America No 3 (1874). vi + 128pp• CORRESPONDENCE RELATING TO THE NEGOTIATIONS FOR A • RECIPROCITY TREATY BETWEEN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES, C1060. 24pp.

      [Bookseller: Lord Durham Rare Books Inc. (IOBA)]
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        [Drop-title]: Report on [Sugar Canes in] New Caledonia

      44 very finely hand-colored lithographed plates of sugar cane stems, each numbered & captioned in manuscript and signed by the artist Mrs. Maley de C. Moon. 11 pp. of text. Large 4to, orig. buff wrappers (dust soiled, spine torn, & stitching loose) with a contemporary manuscript inscription on upper cover (see below). N.p.: no publisher, n.d. [but New Caledonia (?) & Vacoas, Mauritius: Privately Printed, before 24 April 1871]. An extremely rare -- especially when complete, like our copy -- and finely illustrated work on the varieties of sugar cane cultivated on New Caledonia, an archipelago belonging to France, 750 miles east of Australia in the Pacific Ocean. We have located five other copies (National Library of Australia, State Library of New South Wales, Alexander Turnbull Library, Kew, and the Natural History Museum, London). All of them seem to lack a complete set of the lithographed plates (the Alexander Turnbull Library has only twelve plates and the copy at Kew is accompanied by the original drawings; the other located copies seem to have no plates). The upper wrapper bears the following contemporary inscription: "Sugar Canes collected in New Caledonia in 1869, 1870 for the Colony of Mauritius by J. Caldwell. Drawn from nature and on stone, and painted by Mad. M. de C. Moon. Printed by J. Caldwell. Vacoas [Mauritius]: 1873." Also inscribed on the upper wrapper, in the same hand, is: "Lady Stevenson." The sugar crisis of 1860 in the Indian Ocean island of Réunion, caused by a world-wide fall in the price of sugar and the ravages of a cane disease, motivated thousands of skilled and unskilled sugar workers and planters to migrate to New Caledonia in the following years. In 1869 Caldwell was dispatched by "the Chamber" of the government of Mauritius to study the sugar industry of New Caledonia and bring back sugar cane specimens. He observed that New Caledonian production of sugar, though one of the archipelago's principal foodstuffs, was barely sufficient for the requirements of locals (some of whom resorted to cannibalism to make up for nutritional deficits). Caldwell engaged Mrs. Moon, his companion and a resident of New Caledonia, to execute the original paintings and prepare them for lithography. Maley de C. Moon was a natural history artist whose "talent for drawing is quite remarkable," producing "exquisite drawings of island flowers" (Cheke & Hume, Lost Land of the Dodo, 2008, quoting Pfeiffer, 1861). Mrs. Moon's husband William had died in 1862, and thereafter she associated with James Caldwell, travelling with him to islands in the Indian Ocean, New Caledonia, Australia and India, where she died in 1880. As Mrs. Moon lived on New Caledonia, it seems likely that the plates were actually lithographed and hand-colored there. If the plates were prepared and printed in New Caledonia, this would have been a very remarkable achievement: based on Caldwell's description, it seems to have been in those early days of colonization one of the worst places on earth. The accompanying text was most probably printed at Vacoas, Mauritius. Caldwell reviews the history of New Caledonia from its earliest days of colonization in 1840, and the state of the sugar industry, which was at the time "on a very small scale," with only one working sugar house. He describes the enormous difficulties experienced -- drought, lack of capital, devastation caused by swarms of locusts, inadequate labor, etc. -- on the islands to grow and process cane. In the appendix (pages 9-11), he lists all the 44 varieties of canes that he collected for the government in Mauritius, with carefully observed details. Each is accompanied by an exquisite lithographed illustration, finely handcolored. With the manuscript captions, each one has the appearance of an original botanical watercolor. Lady Stevenson, to whom this copy was evidently presented, was presumably the widow of Sir William Stevenson, the governor-general of Mauritius between 1857 and 1863. Small stain on plate 32, otherwise in fine and fresh condition, preserved in a blue morocco-backed box. The copy at the Mitchell Library of the State Library of New South bears a note stating that they received the 11-page pamphlet on the 24th of April 1871. .

      [Bookseller: Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller, Inc.]
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      Chicago: Knight & Leonard, Printers, n.d. (ca 1871)., 1871. 8vo. 14 1/2" x 22" sheet, black and white map on one side, the other side has twelve panels of time tables, printed in black and white. The handsome map is of the Eastern U. S. with rail points of Bangor, Maine, Boston and New York and showing the railroad's routes and connections both East and West. The route moves westward to Kearney, Nebraska and south to Galveston, Texas, with all states defined including Indian Territory, Dakota Territory, Kansas, and a bit of Texas. There is also an inset map of the railroad route and connections throughout the Northwestern U.S. This brochure is identified as Form 2, E.P.W. and is in excellent condition. A fine copy.

      [Bookseller: BUCKINGHAM BOOKS]
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        Map of the Bays, Harbors and Rivers around New York

      New York: published by M. Dripps, 1871. Provenance: Thomas H. Kane (early ink stamp to lower right corner). Lithographic map, with full period hand-colour, on fine paper (old folds with some browning, expert repairs and occasional facsimile work). Sheet size: 33 1/4 x 28 3/8 inches. An attractive map of Manhattan and its surroundings. As the title suggests, this map concentrates on physical landmarks and features of the land and sea "Showing the channels, soundings, lighthouses, buoys &c. and the complete topography of the surrounding country; including Hemstead, Sandy-Hook, South-Amboy, Newark, Yonkers, N. Rochelle & Glencove". The title goes on to note that the map is "Based on the trigonometrical survey, executed in 1856, for the Harbor Commissioners of New York, by A.D. Bache Superintendent of the U.S. Coast Survey", but is at pains to point out that "The surveys of the cities, townships, railways, canals, roads, etc. are entirely original, & have been carefully revised & completed to date". "Checklist of Maps and Atlases relating to the city of New York in the New York Public Library" in the Bulletin of the New York Public Library , volume V (New York: 1901), p.70.

      [Bookseller: Donald Heald Rare Books]
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        Jüdische Dogmen. Offenes Sendschreiben and den Herrn Dr. Ignatz Hirschler, Eigenthümer des "Izraelita Közlöny." Von --

      L. Aigner, Pest 1871 - First edition. Old entry of ownership (Schulhof) on titlepage. In contemporary paper. VIII, 40 p. A very important and early compilation of the "official" thoughts about the religious principles of Judaism of the Hungarian Neolog Jewry. Written after the 1868 Jewish Congress, the so-called Schism in Hungarian Jewry. The congress was held in order to establish a national representative organisation of the Hungarian Jewry initiated by the Hungarian government, but resulted the institutional division of the Jewry into the Orthodox, Neolog (Reform) and "Status Quo" factions. In this "response" Löw summarises the principles of the Jewish religion in exegetical, philosophical, theological, historical, ritual, pedagogical-didactical and liturgical aspects. Leopold Löw (Judah Leib; 1811-1875) was the most important Hungarian Neolog Rabbi of the 19th century, served in Pápa and Szeged. He was one of the chief figures of the emancipation of the Hungarian Jewry. As rabbi he was the first who held the sermons in Hungarian, already in 1840s, his sermons in Hungarian were published in 1870 which was the first publication of such collection in Hungarian. Ignatz Hirschler (Ignác; 1823-1891) was a pioneer of ophthalmology in Hungary, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He was the president of the Jewish Community of Pest, Hungary's leading Neolog community. Served as the president of the Hungarian Physicians Association and published numerous scientific articles on innovative ophthalmologic methods in Hungarian and German medical journals. First edition. Old entry of ownership (Schulhof) on titlepage

      [Bookseller: Földvári Books]
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        The Chess Journal: Devoted to the Interests of Caissa No 1 August 1870; No II, August 15th, 1870; No 3, September 1st, 1870 Volume I [Second edition]; No IV, September 15th 1870; No V October 1st, 1870; No 6 October 15th, 1870 [Second edition]; No VII November 1st 1870; No VIII November 15th 1870

      Dubuque, Iowa: O. A. Bronson Jr, 1871. (CHESS) 8vo. Pp.13 (last page text printed on inside back wrapper, small photograph tipped in); Pp. [2], [15]-24 (18 printed in red); Pp. [12] (page numbering confused, self wrappers), this last interfiled with previous issue; Pp. [37]-52; Pp. [53]- 64; Pp. 12 (self wrappers); Pp. 12 (self wrappers); Pp.16 (self wrappers). Illustrations of chess boards. Disbound, with front wrapper only for yearly volume, wrappers for Parts II, IV and V bound in, several parts in self wrappers. Title browned, losses in lower outer margin from gnawing, browning of some leaves, else very good . First volume of this chess journal. The early volumes were called "Dubuque Chess Journal" and "Brownson's Chess Journal," then in 1876 the title was changed to "The American Chess Journal "and then in 1877 returned to "Chess Journal."¶ The portrait photograph is inserted between a problem by Edward H. Courtnay and problems by Ludwig von Bilou

      [Bookseller: James Cummins Bookseller]
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        Essai de Commentaire des Fragments Cosmogoniques de Bérose : d'après les Textes cunéiformes et les Monuments de l'art Asiatique

      Paris: Maisonneuve et Ce.. Very Good. 1871. Hardcover. Number 102 of only 200 copies. Bibliographic note to front fly. Quarter cloth to marbled boards. A nice, clean, tight copy. ; 8vo ; 576 pages .

      [Bookseller: Virginia Book Shop, Inc.]
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        The photographic world. Volume I

      Philadelphia: Benerman & Wilson 8vo (24.7 cm, 9.75"). viii, 8, 384 pp.; 13 plts.. 1871 American photographic incunable: the premier volume of this journal from the early days of professional photography, supervised by one of the most prominent photographers of the day. Wilson (1838–1903), one of the organizers of the National Photographic Association, was the editor of the Philadelphia Photographer and held the official license for photography at the Centennial Exhibition World's Fair. Collected here are all 12 monthly issues of the 1871debut of his addition to the Philadelphia Photographer, prefaced by a biographical sketch of George W. Childs written by James Parton. This periodical covers all the latest technical advances, tips on tricky procedures and techniques, discussions of the challenges of pursuing a career in photography (made clear here is that capturing children on film has always been frustrating!), methods for developing an artistic eye and sense of composition, and many other topics of interest to the dedicated photographer — with regular dashes of trade humor. The volume is => illustrated with 13 photographic plates: portraits, landscapes, copies of artworks, etc., intended to offer interesting and practical lessons in particular aspects of the art. In addition, a number of in-text wood engravings depict aspects of composition and pieces of equipment. Recent black moiré silk, spine with gilt-stamped title; new, archival guard tissues opposite photographs. Title-page and a number of others institutionally rubber-stamped. Pages gently age-toned, a few outer margins with small chips. First few leaves with inner margins reinforced, one later leaf with inner and lower margins thus; four leaves with small burn mark. First plate with short edge tear touching frame (only) of image and with small chip to upper outer corner of image; two darker plates (the two using Woodbury's Patent Process) with slight bloom, sepia-toned plates all clean and beautiful. Perfectly captures the state of the art.

      [Bookseller: SessaBks, A Division of the Philadelphia]
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        Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life

      Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1871-1872 Four volumes. First edition, first printing. Contemporary three-quarter green morocco over red marbled boards, with five raised bands ruled in black to the spine, spine compartments ruled in black, spine lettered in gilt, all edges marbled, marbled endpapers. Very good or better, with some wear and rubbing to the extremities, early color restoration to rubbed areas, former owner's bookplates to the front pastedown, former owner's signatures to the front free endpapers, stamp from Charles Edward Mudie's lending library to the front free endpaper, minor spotting to the first and last pages, otherwise bright and clean interiors. Overall, a bright and pleasing set in a contemporary binding. Middlemarch is the seventh novel by Mary Anne Evans, a top writer of the Victorian Era who chose to write under a male pseudonym so that her works would be taken more seriously. In addition to writing novels, she edited and contributed to the left-wing journal The Westminster Review as one of the only female editors of her time. Her novels were praised for being socially and politically conscious and realistic depictions of country life. Set in the fictional town Midlands in Middlemarch (thought to be based on Coventry) in the early 19th century, Middlemarch tells the interwoven stories of three couples' marriages, which are unhappy for a range of romantic and financial reasons. Throughout the text, Eliot references contemporary political events, including the death of George IV, the Reform Act of 1832, and the Industrial Revolution. The novel is divided into eight parts, reflecting its initial serial publication; Volume I contains "Miss Brooke" and "Old and Young," Volume II has "Waiting for Death" and "Three Love Problems," Volume III has "The Dead Hand" and "The Widow and the Wife," and Volume IV contains "Two Temptations" and "Sunset and Sunrise." Middlemarch is widely considered Eliot's masterpiece; when she was asked her opinion on the novel, her contemporary Emily Dickinson responded, "What do I think of Middlemarch? What do I think of glory - except that in a few instances 'this mortal has already put on immortality.'" Indeed, Virginia Woolf praised Middlemarch as the "magnificent book, which with all its imperfections, is one of the few English books written for grown-up people.". 1st Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good.

      [Bookseller: B & B Rare Books, Ltd., ABAA]
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        At Last: A Christmas in the West Indies.

      . New York: Harper & Brothers 1871. Illustr. 465 + [2] pp. Publisher's, a little grubby, pictorial cloth. First free endpaper torn out; with a few contemporary underscores..

      [Bookseller: Peter Grosell, Antiquarian Bookseller]
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      Imprenta en el pensamiento español - Madrid. 1871. Holandesa con puntas. 2Vol. 320Pág+648Pág. 22X15. Ilustrado. Obra fundamental. Ref 13 Biblioteca A. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Libreria Anticuaria Marc & Antiques]
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        Instructions to Her Majesty's High Commissioners and Protocols of Conferences Held at Washington Between February 27 and May 6 1871

      ONT> 1871 - An 19th century act relating to North America. The third act in the Treaty of Washington of 1871- a treaty signed and ratified by the United Kingdom and the United States in 1871 that settled various disputes between the countries, in particular the Alabama Claims. Condition: In a quarter morocco binding. Externally, smart with some rubbing and dampstaining. Joints starting. Internally, firmly bound with several blanks to front and back. Pages generally bright with spotting throughout. Overall: VERY GOOD [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Rooke Books PBFA]
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        Pilgrimage to the Caaba and Charing Cross.

      London, W. H. Allen & Co., [1871]. - 8vo. VIII, 174, 8, (2) pp. With mounted photoportrait frontispiece. Original elaborately giltstamped forest green cloth. All edges red. First and only edition; inscribed copy. The author worked in the service of the Nawab (sovereign) of Tonk, in Hindustan. A Muslim, the Nawab in January 1870 received permission to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. Ahmed Hassan accompanied him, and his account includes details of the crossing from Bombay to Jeddah, of the visits to Mecca and Medina, and of the continuation of his journey to England. The account is uncommon. - Occasional minute foxing to interior, otherwise a very fine copy in well-preserved original binding. Inscribed by the author on t. p.: "With the author's compliments". OCLC 4384569. Not in Macro, Bibliography of the Arabian Peninsula. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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      Robert Clarke & Co., 1871. - First edition. 8vo. Original purple printed wrappers, viii, 9 - 95 pp., preface, introduction, illustrated, advertisements. Details the resources of Kansas including rivers, timber, coal, soil, culture, crops, fruits, livestock, cities, towns, railroads, stage companies, schools, colleges, churches, etc. There are sections on livestock, railroads, cities and towns, and the general character of the people and future prospects of the state. The booklet is a strong and positive commentary on the state and encourages people to come and live there citing cheap homes and an opportunity to succeed. Herd 939 says "Rare." Very good copy housed in a 4-point cloth binder and slipcase with leather label on the spine and titles stamped in gold. GRAFF 1681. HERD 939. HOWES G439. RADER 1706. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: BUCKINGHAM BOOKS, ABAA, ILAB]
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        PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM, 19th Century high varnished honey-colored wood picturing six engraved Scottish scenes with brass clasp, leather spine and 26 boards all edges gilt with leather joints, 104 embellished photograph slots

      ca.1871. Illustrated by Dunolly Castle, Eban; Iona Cathedral; St. Martin's Cross, Iona; Inveraray Cross; Dunstafnage Castle on boards; photographic 6.5x10.5cm cards by Patterson, N. Bowness, F. Bedford, G. Wilson, London Stereocopic Co., T. Edge. Wood boards, gilt dentelles under moire pastedowns and endpapers, thick embellished paper boards with mixed oval and rectangle insertion slots (aeg), brass clasp. Oblong: 22 x 15.5 cm for 10.5 x 6.5cm cards/photos. pp. [52] for 104 pictures. Very Good+. Boards near fine, leather spine has one joint tear and rubbing, some boards shaken, but repairable. Contents 53-b/w view of Scotland (Castles, Abbeys, Monuments, Bridges, Landscapes); 6-Famous person ports (Mary Queen of Scotts, Sir Walter Scott & Lady Scott, Thomas Moore, etc.); 7-color Curenius & Quist (Prisbeloni, Dublin 1865) cards of period costumes; 11-family ports; 27-lots blank; 15x11cm W. Banks & Sons engraving of Dunolly Castle (VG+) laid in. A magnificent unique custom album on family tour of Scotland in the Summer of 1871..

      [Bookseller: OLD WORKING BOOKS (since 1994)]
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        Ten Great Religions book from the library of President James Garfield, inscribed to him from ?King of the Lobby?, Sam Ward, one of the most powerful and influential lobbyists of the Gilded Age

      "The first Presidential memorial library, completed at the Lawnfield estate in Ohio by the widow of James Garfield four years after his assassination, houses almost 3,000 books that were used and treasured by the 20th president. Books were a scarce commodity to young James, who lost his father before the age of two, and was raised by his mother who struggled to maintain a humble existence. Both James Garfield and his wife Lucretia were voracious readers and amassed a large collection of books. Some twenty years ago, several dozen of his books were de-accessioned, and one of these books is described below:Book: Ten Great Religions: An Essay in Comparative Theology. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1871, 8vo, 528 pps. James A. Garfield bookplate affixed to front end paper, over another bookplate of similar size. Inscribed to James Garfield on the front flyleaf by Sam Ward, ?This charming résumé which I have read with pleasure & profit is now appropriately bestowed upon my dear friend Garfield whose enlightened & inquiring spirit will appreciate the great fairness & intelligence of this Freeman Clarke whom I have heard preach to my great delight. / Sam Ward / Feb 1872?. Pencil notation in most likely Ward?s hand on back flyleaf, ?p 14-19- [21 to 81] a most beautiful and comprehensive summary.? Page block split mid-way at binding which can be repaired. Chips and wear to spine and corners. Pencil lines on a few pages. Good condition.Sam Ward, sometimes referred to as ?King of the Lobby? or ?Uncle Sam Ward?, was the sister of Juliet Ward Howe, the son-in-law of William B. Astor, a prominent banker, and one of the Gilded Age?s most influential lobbyists. Publishers Weekly, in its review of Kathryn Allamong Jacob?s biography of Ward, writes, ? Ward earned the title ?King of the Lobby? by applying savoir faire, gastronomy and a genius for social combinations to the hitherto crude process of influencing votes in Congress. He represented insurance, telegraph and steamship companies as well as banking, mining and railroad interests, among others.? Ward jokingly referred to himself as Rex Vestiari. He cultivated a style of lobbying that survives today in the form of expensive golf outings, extravagant dinners, and luxurious vacations. His friends included James Garfield, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Sumner, Lord Rosebery, Thackeray, and William Seward."

      [Bookseller: University Archives]
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        Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) Two Original Drawings

      - Image size 4¾ x 2¾ in. (12.4 x 7.3 cm.) Frame size 11 x 13¼ in. (28 x 33.7 cm.) Children Playing (2). Each signed with initials KG in bottom left hand corner. Pen and ink on paper. Within a 19th century gilded frame. Kate Greenaway was one of the most popular figures in British book illustration in the latter part of the 19th Century, rivalled only by Walter Crane and Randolph Caldecott. She is best known for sugar-sweet pictures of little children and girls in bonnets. Kate Greenaway was the daughter of John Greenaway, a wood-engraver for Punch and the Illustrated London News. She studied at South Kensington, where she befriended the painter Lady Butler, and then at the Slade under Alphonse Legros. From 1871 she produced a variety of designs for Christmas and Valentine cards for Messrs. Marcus Ward. When this work stopped in 1877, she started to design book illustrations for Edmund Evans, printer of both Crane and Caldecott. Provenance: Bonhams. Lot 138, Auction 14300: Fine British and Continental Watercolours and Drawings, 6 June 2006.

      [Bookseller: Karol Krysik Books, IOBA]
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        LITTLE MEN

      1871. Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1871. 4 pp preliminary undated ads. Original terra-cotta cloth decorated in gilt. First American Edition, published about two weeks after the London one. This is Louisa May Alcott's sequel to her vastly-successful book for children LITTLE WOMEN (two volumes, 1868-1869), in which she had portrayed her own childhood in New England -- with herself as the model for "Jo," and her sisters May, Elizabeth and Anna as (respectively) "Amy," "Beth" and "Meg."~This copy is in terra-cotta cloth (purple and green were also available, without priority). This is a near-fine copy (just a trace of wear at the spine ends, front endpaper very slightly cracked); the front flyleaf bears a curious pencil inscription dated July 3rd 1871, "For my 'little' Wife (as it were)". Blanck 167; a Merle Johnson "High-Spot" of American Literature.

      [Bookseller: Sumner & Stillman]
 18.   Check availability:     Biblio     Link/Print  

        The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex [Volume I + Volume II]

      New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1871: Two Volumes, both First Edition, First Printings, Second Issues; dated 1871 on the title page. Second issue, lacking the errata slip. In Very Good condition, with wear commensurate with age. Rubbing and edge wear to cloth, wear to spine ends, with light ring stain to Volume I, and light waviness to Volume II. Volume I shows splitting to cloth at extremities of spine. Front and rear hinges cracked in both volumes, except for rear hinge of Volume II. Pages are toned, with a few edge tears, corner creases and an occasional age related blemish or spot. A nice set.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        Hermione. Sorgspel. Af författaren till "I Rom" och "Den fredlöse". Stockholm, I. Marcus, 1871. 95,(1) pp.

      1871 - Red half cloth, somewhat worn and soiled. Front wrapper preserved, stains on wrapper and title, faint stains on p. 55. Bookplate and bookstamp. Dedication to August Dörum from the author.Zetterlund I:3. One of the copies without the name of the author on front wrapper. In January 1870 Strindberg sent a script with the title "Det sjunkande Hellas" [Hellas sinking] to the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. This play was refused by the theatre and sent back to the author, who made significant alterations to the work and published it through Albert Bonnier in Stockholm. Despite the changes, the play was never performed. The main character of the tragedy, Hermione, is given the task of murdering Philip II, whose armies are threathening Athens, but instead she falls in love with him, fails with her assignment and causes the destruction of the Athenian army. August Dörum (1841-1880) was an actor at the Royal Dramatic Theatre. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Mats Rehnström Rare Books SVAF, ILAB]
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        Biography of Victoria C. Woodhull

      New York: Published at the Office of The Golden Age. 1871. First. First edition. 12mo. 35,(1)pp. Stitched gray printed wrappers. Soiling to the wrappers and tiny chips to the corners of the wrapper and first two leaves, very good or better. Woodhull was a leader of the American women's suffrage movement, and an espouser of women's rights, free love, and labor reforms. She and her sister were the first female Wall Street stockbrokers, and she was the first female candidate for President of the United States. Woodhull came to Tilton's aid in 1872 when she published in her own magazine, Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly, the scandalous allegations of the adulterous relationship that the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher (who had railed against Woodhull's free love philosophy) was having with Tilton's wife. This precipitated what was widely regarded as the sensational "trial of the century" when Beecher was charged with adultery. An important early biography compiled from notes gathered by Woodhull's third husband, the sanguineously named spiritualist Colonel Blood, published by the prominent abolitionist and reformer the year before Woodhull announced her candidacy for President. Uncommon. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Der Golf von Buccari-Porto Re. Bilder und Skizzen

      Prag, H. Mercy, 1871, Hardback, Book Condition: Very Good, First EditionScattered, minor marginal foxing. SIGNED and inscribed by the Archduke/Author to W.H. Middleton whose bookplate is present. Near fine copy in the original, elaborately gilt-blocked and tooled cloth. Slightest suggestion only of dust-dulling to the spine bands and panel edges. Remains particularly well-preserved overall; tight, bright, clean and strong. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 125 pages; Description: 4 p.l., 125 p. front. (col.) illus., pl., plans, 29 cm. Maps lacking. The color frontis is tissue-guarded.

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        Die Stadtmauern von N?rnberg, photographische Original Aufnahmen von Joh. Hahn [The City wall of Nuremberg, original photographs taken by Joh. Hahn].

      Heinr. Schrag, 1871, Hardcover, Book Condition: Very Good ConditionSize: 29,5cm x 37,5cm, Oblong folio (295 x 375 mm). Mounted on guards throughout, letterpress dedication to Ludwig II (verso blank), 2pp. letterpress foreword by R. Bergau, dated 1871. Mounted albumen print title, mounted albumen print of a bird's-eye-view drawing, 29 mounted albumen print views, all by Hahn. Original red/brown cloth, covers with blocked panels in gilt and blind, the flat spine divided into six compartments with gilt-blocked compartments, blue-glazed endpapers, g.e. (expertly rebacked, old spine laid down), modern cloth box, brown morocco lettering piece to spine. Provenance: Lothar Faber (presentation inscription, dated Christmas 1873, from the 'Familie Lothar Faber', to an unnamed recipient). A fine and early photographic record of the picturesque german town of nuremberg. The plates are of the most interesting views of the ancient town wall that surrounded the old city of Nuremberg - with each view on its own original mount with printed border, title and imprint. The provenance of this copy is interesting: according to the calligraphic manuscript inscription at the front of the album, it was given (to an unnamed recipient) as a memento or souvenir of a stay in Stein (near Nuremberg) during the summer of 1873. It is inscribed from the family of Lothar Faber. Lothar von Faber was the fourth generation to work in the family business of pencil-making. He proved to have a genius for both invention and marketing and by the end of the 19th century the firm of Faber-Castell was one of the largest of its kind in the world. The firm is still going strong and produces over 1.8 billion pencils a year. Photos available upon request!, Livre

      [Bookseller: Louis Caron]
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      Austria 1871 - A fine decorative 19th century map of Ukraine by Joseph Ritter von Schede published in Autria c. 1871. Original folding map laid down on original canvas. The map has one inch decorative wide border. , Size : 495x560 (mm), 19.5x22 (Inches), Original Outline Coloring Excellent, disected and laid on contemporary canvas

      [Bookseller: Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books]
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        The Grizzly Papers in 5 Issues of The Overland Monthly

      John H. Carmany & Co, San Francisco 1871 - January - June, 1871 (Issues 1-4, 6) of The Overland Monthly. Light wear to wraps. corners bent and a few short tears to edges of issue 2. Rear of issue 6 detached but present. The Grizzly Papers are notably more literary and thoughtful than his journalism of the period. Not in BAL (actually earlier than anything in BAL). Also includes Hartes "Further Language From Truthful James", his sequel to the poem known as The Heathen Chinee. Five issues in a custom clamshell box with morocco label. Faint soiling to blue cloth of box. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: 2 lbs 0 oz. Category: Americana; Antiquarian & Rare; Literature & Literary. Inventory No: 033008. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Pazzo Books, ABAA]
 25.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

        Pilgrimage to the Caaba and Charing Cross.

      London: W. H. Allen & Co. 1871 - Octavo. Original green cloth, bevelled boards, title to spine, and to the front board within decorative panel, edges stained red, brown surface-paper endpapers. A little rubbed, lower fore-corner showing mild signs of damp, hinges starting, half-title browned, else very good. Mounted photographic portrait frontispiece. First edition. The author held a position equivalent to chancellor of the exchequer at the court of the young Nawab of Tonk, a small Muslim kingdom in Rajasthan, hedged on all sides by Hindu-ruled states. After the death of the Thakoor of Lawa , the largest tributary of Tonk, and a number of his retainers at the home of the prime minister of Tonk, the local political agent Lieut.-Col. Eden supported Lawa's claims in the incident and deposed the Nawab. Hassan was a key member in a deputation that set out for London to appeal against the local agent's findings. He gives a highly-detailed account of the voyage from Bombay to Jedda via Aden and Hodyda, and of the journey on camel-back to Mecca, where they complete the Hajj, and on to Medina to see The Prophet's tomb. The party then returned to Jedda, from where Hassan set out for London via Suez and Marseilles. Hassan's appeal was unsuccessful, and the Nawab's son continued in his stead. Attractive and unusual account, with much on Mecca and the proceedings of the hajj. Not in Macro. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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        Double Play; or How Joe Hardy Chose His Friends

      Boston: Lee and Shepard. 1871. First. First edition. 12mo. 244pp. Original red-brown cloth with gilt title and baseball decorations on the spine. Contemporary, neat gift inscription, bottom corners bumped, some wear to the spine ends, a very good copy. The fourth novel to incorporate baseball activity, the second was the author's own Changing Base; or What Edward Rice Learnt at School (Boston, 1869). The author, son of the famous orator Edward Everett and cousin of the author Edward Everett Hale, also served in Congress. An attractive copy. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Derecho Publico Mexicano (Complete in 4 volumes)

      Mexico: Imprenta del Gobierno. 1871-1882. First. First edition. Four volumes (Vols. 1 and 4, 1871; vols. 2-3, 1882). 30 cm. Owner's signature in neat ink on the title pages, "P-.M. Astiazaran." Contemporary dark red half levant leather and marbled paper boards, gilt spine titles. All four volumes are very good, with moderate soiling and wear to the leather, light rubbing to the boards, and browning to the text pages; with a small chip to the back board of volume 4. The full title reads: "Compilacion que contiene: importantes documentos relativos a la independencia, la Constitucion de Apatzingan, el plan de Iguala, tratados de Cordoba, la acta de independencia, cuestiones de derecho publico resueltas por la Soberana junta gubernativa, cuestiones constitucionales tratadas por el primer Congreso constituyente, la acta constitutiva de los Estados-unidos mexicanos, la Constitucion de 1824, las leyes constitucionales de 1836, las bases organicas, la acta de reformas, la Constitucion de 1857 y la discusion de todas esta constituciones." .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        White Jacket; or the World In a Man-Of-War

      Harper & Brothers; London. First American edition.. Binding very slightly rubbed; fine copy.. BAL 13662, first printing; Wright I, 1871. Large 12mo, contemporary tan half calf, marbled paper sides, red and black leather labels, gilt lettering. Inscribed on the front blank ?To Barrel-pants Peterson / with the best wishes of the season / Papantonio Bookshop / Christmas 1941.? The Papantonio Bookshop was founded by Michael Papantonio, who later became co-founder and partner in the Seven Gables Bookshop.

      [Bookseller: The Brick Row Book Shop]
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        D?crets Et Rapports Officiels De La Commune De Paris Et Du Gouvernement Francais, ? Versailles, Du 18 Mars Au 31 Mai 1871 : Avec Notes, Appendice, Cartes Des Environs Et Fortifications De Paris En 1871, Plans De Paris En 1871 Et 1815, ... (Truncated)

      Paris : L'Auteur, 1871, Hardback, First EditionFull Book Title: Décrets Et Rapports Officiels De La Commune De Paris Et Du Gouvernement Francais, à Versailles, Du 18 Mars Au 31 Mai 1871 : Avec Notes, Appendice, Cartes Des Environs Et Fortifications De Paris En 1871, Plans De Paris En 1871 Et 1815, Carte De FranceFinely bound in contemporary half aniline calf over marble boards. Raised bands with the title blocked direct in gilt. Spine compartments uniformly blind-tooled. Bands and panel edges somewhat rubbed and toned as with age. Scans on request. ; 1 pages; Description; 2 parties en 1 vol. (VIII-383-112 p. ) : [folding map] cartes en noir et en coul. ; in-18. Subjects; France (1870-1940, 3e République) .

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        Poems By Thomas Hood

      E. Moxon, Son & Co., London 1871 - Red morocco leather with gilt design and lettering. engravings by birket foster are marvellous. Size: 4to [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Gumshoe Books]
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        Würzburg und seine Umgebungen, ein historisch-topographisches Handbuch, illustrirt durch Abbildungen in Lithographie und Holzschnitt. 19 Lith. (davon 18 zweifarb. getönt, 3 ausfaltbar) 1 ganzs. Holzschnitt, 1 farb. Plan. Zahlr. Textholzschnitte.

      Würzburg Bonitas-Bauer 1871 - 2. Aufl. 8°. LVI(2), 570 S. Gold- und blindgepr. Ln. d. Zt. - Appretur auf Hinterdeckel ganz leicht fleckig, Kapitale und Rückengelenke kaum sichtbar ausgebessert, insgesamt schönes Expl. in frischem Rückengold. - Schönes, vollst. Expl. der begehrten umfassenderen und seltenen 2. Aufl.! Pfeiffer 50801/2 -- Beilage zum Extra-Felleisen des Würzburger Stadt- und Landboten (Holzstich) im Hinterdeckel einmontiert: "Nivellement resp. Höhenverhältnisse der höchsten Thürme der Stadt, dann der Festung und der Nicolauskirche zu der Höhe des 250 m hohen Thurmes der Marienkapelle auf dem Markte zu Würzburg." 1.100 gr. Gold- und blindgepr. Ln. d. Zt. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Klaus Schöneborn]
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        Little Women or Jo, Beth and Amy ; Two Volumes

      Roberts Brothers, 1871-01-01. Hardcover. Good. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1870-1871. 341, (10) p.; 359, (8) p. Early printings of the first editions, in two volumes. (Part 1st dated 1871 on title page. Part 2nd dated 1870 on title page.) Part 1 in about Good condition. Part 2 in Very Good+ or better condition. Both volumes complete with all illustrations, tissue-guards intact. The first volume has fading to the spine; could use binding repair with split hinges and pages 129-160 detached but present; name on fep; cloth worn away at head and foot; some finger smudges. Part Second is in great shape overall with sturdy binding and sharp, bright gilt lettering. Offsetting to title page and frontis as well as fep and paste down from apieces of paper being placed there. Hinge at p. 254 a bit free, but otherwise in very nice shape. A nice set.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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        Criminal-Bibliothek. Merkwürdige Criminalprocesse aller Nationen. [= Eisenbahnausgabe]. 4 Bde. [= alles].

      Berlin, Julius Imme 1871-1872 (Bde. 1 u. 4 o. J.).. 4°. 2 Bll. (Tit., Inh.), 960 S.; 2 Bll., 576 S.; 2 Bll., 635(1) S. u. 2 Bll., 516 S. Mit zahlr., tls. ganzseit. Textillustr. in Holzstich. Schlichte Halbleinenbde. d. Zt. m. Titel und Bandnr. in Goldpräg. auf Rü. u. umseit Sprengschnitt. Einbde. berieben, Buchschnitte angestaubt bzw. bei Bd. 4 tintenfleckig, Vorsätze m. Gilbspuren, im Text papierbed. gebräunt.. Goed. X, 391; Kosch 22, 48, 41. Wohl vollständige Sammlung der erstmals 1867-74 in über 150 Einzellieferungen bei der Hamburger Vereinsbuchhandlung erschienenen Reihe. Das Lieferungswerk konnte nur im Abonnement über den Kolportagebuchhandel bezogen werden. Als der Autor erkannte, dass seine Criminalgeschichten sich vor allem bei Eisenbahnreisenden größter Beliebtheit erfreuten, gab er zusätzlich eine illustrierte Eisenbahnausgabe heraus, bei der drei bis vier Erzählungen zusammengefasst wurden. Hier erschienen insgesamt 17 Bände mit einem durchschnittlichen Umfang von 150 Seiten. Die uns vorliegenden Bände dürften dieser zugrunde liegen. (vgl. dazu: Haug C., Reisen und Lesen im Zeitalter der Industrialisierung: die Geschichte des Bahnhofs- und Verkehrsbuchhandels.. S.118). Vereinigt nahezu alle bekannten Kriminalfälle der damaligen Zeit. Ob Serienmörder Dumollard, die giftige Geheimrätin Ursinus, die Wiedertäufer in Münster, Cartouche, Dombrowsky, Riembauer, der Mordbrenner Horst, Oppenheimer, Seeräuber Schwarzbart und sogar die Bean Family. Die Fälle beruhen auf Niederschriften der Gerichte und reihen sich damit in die Pitaval-Tradition ein. - Herausgegeben durch den deutschen Politiker, Juristen und Schriftsteller Jodocus Temme (1798-1881). T. wurde wegen seines politischen Engagements 1851 aus dem preußischen Staatsdienst ohne Pensionsansprüche entlassen und ging aufgrund weiterer politischer Verfolgung im Jahre 1852 nach Zürich in die Emigration, wo er eine bis 1861 unbesoldete Professur für Rechtswissenschaften antrat. Zu dieser Zeit verdiende er seinen Lebensunterhalt vor allem mit literarischen Arbeiten (Kriminal- und Gesellschaftsromane) und seiner publizistischer Tätigkeit. Seine zahlreichen Kriminalerzählungen waren meist unter dem Pseudonym 'Heinrich Stahl' verfasst.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Löcker]
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        Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

      London: Macmillan & Co, 1871. First Edition, Scarce early printing (Twenty-Seventh Thousand), in original red cloth binding, with illustrations by John Tenniel. In Very Good condition. Sunning and soiling to cloth. Lean to spine, with wear at spine ends and light fraying along rear spine gutter. Front and rear hinges cracked with webbing exposed. Pages show sporadic age related soiling and wear. A nice copy, especially given its age.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
 35.   Check availability:     IOBABooks     Link/Print  

        College Papers No. 1; College Papers No. 2; The Philosophy of Umbrellas; College Papers No. 3; An Old Scotch Gardner [as published in] The EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. No. I [II. III.] - January [- March] 1871

      Edinburgh:: E. & S. Livingstone, 57 South Bridge.. 1871.. 8vo. 8-7/8" x 5-1/2". 1st printings [Prideaux IV.(1) - (5)]. Each issue 24 pages, with adverts leaves inserted at beginning & end.. Original printed buff paper wrappers.. General wear & soiling to wrappers [especially issue #3, which also. has some staining], with paper worn from spine ends. Overall, About. VG.. The 3 issues with 5 contributions by Stevenson [1 in issue #1; 2 each in the other 2 issues; "Umbrellas" in collaboration with James Walter Ferrier]. Per Prideaux, Stevenson was co-editor for issues No. I & II, sole editor for No. III [cf. Prideaux IV(6)n]. Rare in commerce.

      [Bookseller: Tavistock Books, ABAA]
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        The Works in Verse and Prose Complete of Henry Vaughan, Silurist, For the First Time Collected and Edited: With Memorial-Introduction: Essay on Life and Writings: And Notes - 4 Volumes

      Great Britain: Printed for Private Circulation, 1871. In Good Condition, protected in mylar jackets. SCARCE. "The Fuller Worthies Library" LIMITED TO 156 COPIES ONLY. In original brown cloth bindings with paper spine labels (light edge chips to labels). xlvi, 351pp; ci [3] 368pp; 366pp; 370pp. Plates were not issued in this edition, they were issued in the 4to format only. One signature loose, occasional inner joint crack, one with paper repair. Light wear to top/heel of some backstrips. No library pockets. There are library labels inside covers, with occasional embossed or perforated mark on pages, paper labels on spines.. Hard Cover. Good. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Ex-Library.

      [Bookseller: Monroe Bridge Books, MARIAB Member]
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        A fasciculus of the Birds of China.

      (London, Taylor and Francis, 1871). Folio (308 x 240 mm). pp. 8, with 12 handcoloured lithographed plates. New brown half morocco, spine with gilt lettering. 'These twelve plates were originally intended by my brother, Dr. J.E. Gray, to form part of a series of figures of Chinese birds; but owing to engagements on other works, which have appeared in the mean time, they were put aside and have thus remained up to the present period' (from the introduction). The beautiful handcoloured illustrations are drawn and lithographed by W. Swainson. //Nissen IVB, 389; Zimmer I, 271:.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariaat JUNK B.V. (Natural History]
 38.   Check availability:     NVvA     Link/Print  

        Cumloden Papers.

      Edinburgh: Printed for Private Circulation, 1871 - Quarto (278 × 214 mm). Contemporary purple hard-grain half morocco, title gilt to spine, single rule to spine and corner edges, purple linen sides, all edges gilt. Spine sunned, slightly rubbed, prelims foxing, else a very good copy. Oval Woodburytype portrait frontispiece, 2 mounted Woodburytypes. First edition of this uncommon memoir of "auld grog Wullie", printed in an edition of just 50 copies. OCLC locates just six copies; only one copy appears in auction records in the last 30 years. The work contains a lengthy biographical preface; Stewart's own journal of the Baltic Expedition and the Battle of Copenhagen, where he "was himself on Nelson's flagship and wrote what was regarded as the best account of the battle"(ODNB); his correspondence with Nelson, 1801–05 (Stewart's son was named Horatio at Nelson's request, and Nelson recommended Stewart to St. Vincent as "the rising hope of our Army"); and with Wellington, 1810–21, under whom Stewart served with distinction in the Peninsula. Stewart, "open-hearted and honourable in the highest degree", was very popular amongst the men of his division, which may have been at least partly down to the extra rum rations that earned him his soubriquet (and which Wellington insisted Stewart pay for personally). Not in Sandler. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington. ABA member]
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      Boston: Alexander Moore, 1871. 1st Hardcover 4to. 71 pp. Half-title. 10 mounted albumen photographs attributed to John Payson Soule with red captions, tissue guards; 3 wood-engravings in text. Original blue cloth with front cover & spine decorated in black & gilt, rear cover with same design in blind, AEG. A near fine copy (light wear to extremities; offsetting from laid-in bookseller's receipt dated 1960 internally clean; the photographs are strong) Kneeland took pains to get reliable information and present it with more than ordinary care. The photographic illustrations are excellent and include some unusual views" - Farquhar 10a. (Cowan II pg. 333; Currey & Kruska 225) Next day shipping. Celebrating our 17th year - all domestic orders ship with Delivery Confirmation Tracking Number - Images available upon request.& &

      [Bookseller: Carpe Diem Fine Books]
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        Munera Pulveris Art Nouveau Leather Bound with gilt decoration and Signed Manuscript Letter by Dante Gabriele Rossetti

      George Allen (Book) Dante Gabriele Rossetti (Manuscript Letter), UK 1871 - Munera Pulveris Art Nouveau with gilt decoration and Signed Manuscript Letter by Dante Gabriele Rossetti. The letter is undated and the paper has the seal FRANDAS NON FLECTAS 16 CHEYNE WALK Brotherhood Dante Gabriele Rossetti and signed. It comes with the original envelope with an old crest. The leather bound book has gilt Art Nouveau decorative and gilt titles with much wear to the spine. The book has gilt tipped pages and is quite good inside and free from foxing. A very collectable book and hand written letter. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Treasured Books Ltd]
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