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        Der Schwarzwald, / der Odenwald, Bodensee und die Rheinebene. / Handbuch für Reisende. / Mit einer Karte von Baden und Würtemberg, 8 Ansichten und 2 Panorama's in Farbendruck. - Dritte (3.), bedeutend veränderte u. vermehrte Auflage.

      . Heidelberg, Druck und Verlag von Adolph Emmerling, 1868; 16,6 cm (kl. 8°). 8 einfarbige lithographische Tafeln (Heidelberg; Baden vom Hasslich; Der Zwerribach; Freiburg; Badenweiler; Insel Meinnau am Bodensee; Zwingenberg am Neckar; Der Hirschsprung im Höllental; 2 ausklappbare mehrfarbige Lithographien (Lith. W. Creuzbauer, Carlsruhe): "Panorama von Baden vom alten Schloß aus" (ca. 11,5 (H) x 42,5 cm) und: "Alpen-Ansicht von dem Schauinsland (bei Freiburg)" (ca. 12,5 (H) x 42,5 cm): XVIII, 321 SS.; roter blindgeprägter rahmenverzierter Original-Leinwand-Band mit goldgeprägtem Deckel- und Rückentitel und hinterer Innendeckel-Tasche.- Seltener und früher, gebrauchter Reiseführer mit Mängeln: Einband berieben und bestoßen; hinterer Buchdeckel am Falz gerissen und lose (durchgängige Klebeband-Spuren am hinteren Inenfalz); Titelblatt und Inhalt vereinzelt stärker braunfleckig, untere Ecken leicht bestoßen, eine Tafel lose, wenige Blätter leicht knickfaltig; Tafeln sauber. Übersichtskarte aus hinterer Innentasche fehlt! - Statt der (fehlenden) Übersichtskarte sind 5 ganzseitige Regional-Karten (aus der ersten Auflage ?) vor dem Titelblatt eingebunden, dazwischen Leerblätter mit privaten Notizen zu den einzelnen Regionen..

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        Principia mathematica.Cambridge: at the University Press, 1910-12-13.

      First edition of all three volumes of this monumental work. Complete sets of the first edition which, like ours, are not ex-library, are very rare on the market - only two such copies have sold at auction in the past 25 years. Probably named after Isaac Newton's great work, "<i>Principia Mathematica</i> was Whitehead and Russell's detailed account of their 'logicist' thesis that mathematics could be derived solely from logical concepts and by logical methods...[it] has had an influence, direct and indirect, of near Newtonian proportions upon the spheres of its chief influence: mathematical logic, set theory, the foundations of mathematics, linguistic analysis and analytical philosophy" (Grattan-Guinness, p. 89). "Whether they know it or not, all modern logicians are the heirs of Whitehead and Russell" (<i>Palgrave</i>, p. 20). "After the failure of Frege's <i>Grundgesetze</i>, due to Russell's paradox, it was the <i>Principia Mathematica</i> of Whitehead and Russell which first successfully developed mathematics within a logical framework" (<i>ibid</i>., p. 21). <br/><br/> ❧Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 16; The Collection of the Garden Ltd. 219; Norman 1868.<br/><br/> "Gottlob Frege had attempted to demonstrate logicism about arithmetic (though not geometry) in the period from 1879, when his first book, <i>Begriffsschrift</i>, was published, to 1903, when the second volume of his <i>Grundgesetze der Arithmetik</i> appeared. However, in 1902, as that second volume was in press, Russell had written to him informing him of the contradiction that he had discovered in Frege's system. Frege had attempted to respond to the contradiction - now known as Russell's paradox - in a hastily written appendix, but he soon realized that his response was inadequate and abandoned his logicist project. It was left to Russell to find a solution to the paradox and to reconstruct the logicist program accordingly. The final result was Russell's ramified theory of types and <i>Principia Mathematica</i> itself, but this theory and the logicist reconstruction in which it is embedded took a decade to develop" (<i>ibid</i>., p. viii). <br/><br/> "<i>Principia Mathematica</i> had its origins in Russell's discovery of the work of Peano at the International Congress of Philosophy held in Paris in the summer of 1900, which Peano and his supporters attended in force. To that time Russell had been working for several years attempting to develop a satisfactory philosophy of mathematics. Despite some philosophical successes ... a satisfactory outcome had always eluded him. At the conference, however, he very quickly realized that the Peano school had a set of techniques of which he could make use, and on his return from the conference he immediately set about applying them. As a result, he quickly rewrote <i>The Principles of Mathematics</i>, which he had started in 1899, finishing the new version by the end of the year. It was published, after some delay and substantial revisions of Part I, in 1903, billed as the first of two volumes. It was intended as a philosophical introduction to, and defence of, the logicist program that all mathematical concepts could be defined in terms of logic and that all mathematical theorems could be derived from purely logical axioms. It was to be followed by a second volume, done in Peano's notation, in which the logicist program would actually be carried out by providing the requisite definitions and proofs. At about the same time that Russell was finishing <i>The Principles of Mathematics</i>, he began the collaboration with his former teacher, Whitehead, that produced, many years later, <i>Principia Mathematica</i>. <br/><br/> "Whitehead in 1898 had published <i>A Treatise on Universal Algebra</i>, another first volume, in which a variety of symbolic systems were interpreted on a general, abstract conception of space. Again much detailed formal work was held over for the second volume. By September 1902 the two second volumes had merged, both authors having decided to unite in producing a joint second volume to each of their projects. This in turn grew until it constituted the three volumes of <i>Principia Mathematica</i>. The reason for the long delay in completing [<i>Principia Mathematica</i>] ... was the difficulty in dealing with a paradox that Russell had discovered around May 1901 in the set-theoretic basis of the logicist system. The natural initial supposition of that system was that a class would correspond to each propositional function of the system, intuitively the class of terms which satisfied that propositional function. This being the case, there would be a class corresponding to the propositional function '<i>x</i> is not a member of itself', and this class would be a member of itself if and only if it was not a member of itself. The problem of restricting the underlying logic so that this result could not arise while leaving it strong enough to support the mathematical superstructure that Russell and Whitehead wished to build on it absorbed many years of intense labour" (<i>ibid</i>., pp. xvi-xvii). <br/><br/> "<i>Principia Mathematica</i> proved to be remarkably influential in at least three ways. First, it popularized modern mathematical logic to an extent undreamt of by its authors. By using a notation superior to that used by Frege, Whitehead and Russell managed to convey the remarkable expressive power of modern predicate logic in a way that previous writers had been unable to achieve. Second, by exhibiting so clearly the deductive power of the new logic, Whitehead and Russell were able to show how powerful the idea of a modern formal system could be, thus opening up new work in what soon was to be called metalogic. Third, <i>Principia Mathematica</i> re-affirmed clear and interesting connections between logicism and two of the main branches of traditional philosophy, namely metaphysics and epistemology, thereby initiating new and interesting work in both of these areas. <br/><br/> "As a result, not only did <i>Principia</i> introduce a wide range of philosophically rich notions (including propositional function, logical construction, and type theory), it also set the stage for the discovery of crucial metatheoretic results (including those of Kurt Gödel, Alonzo Church, Alan Turing and others). Just as importantly, it initiated a tradition of common technical work in fields as diverse as philosophy, mathematics, linguistics, economics and computer science" (<i>Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i>).<br/><br/> "Although they divided up the initial responsibility for the various parts of the project, they checked each other's work and in the end produced a truly collaborative text. 'Whitehead and I make alternate recensions of the various parts of our book,' Russell explained to P. E. B. Jourdain in a letter of March 1906, 'each correcting the last recension made by the other.' There were relatively few periods of extensive personal contact between them; indeed, during the period from the autumn of 1906 to the autumn of 1909, when most of <i>Principia Mathematica</i> was actually written, Whitehead lived in Cambridge and Russell in Oxford" (Grattan-Guinness, p. 90). The final manuscript, of more than 4000 folios, was delivered to the printers on 19 October, 1909 (only a few leaves of the original manuscript are known to have survived). Publication was delayed by financial problems. In the end, Cambridge University Press contributed £300 to the cost of publication, a further £200 was obtained from the Royal Society, and the authors contributed £50 each (the latter contributions were refunded by the Press some 40 years later - but without interest!). <br/><br/> The first volume of <i>Principia Mathematica</i> was published in December 1910 in an edition of 750 copies, priced 25 shillings; volumes II and III had a print run of only 500 copies, and were priced at 30 shillings and 21 shillings, respectively. A fourth volume, dealing with the applications to geometry, was planned and much of it written, by Whitehead alone, but never published and the manuscript was destroyed shortly after his death in 1947. Complimentary copies were sent by the authors to the library of Trinity College, Cambridge (of which they both were or had been Fellows), R. G. Hawtrey (who checked over some of the text while it had been in preparation), G. G. Berry (a clerk at the Bodleian Library with remarkable abilities in mathematical logic), and Jourdain (this was the copy in the library of Haskell F. Norman). The Press sent copies to G. Peano, G. Frege, L. Couturat, J. Royce, W. E. Johnson (who had examined the manuscript for the Press), E. W. Hobson and A. R. Forsyth. Review copies were also issued, including one to G. H. Hardy. <br/><br/> The book was not a best seller. In his review of the book in the <i>Times Literary Supplement</i>, Hardy wrote: "Perhaps twenty or thirty people in England may be expected to read this book." Erwin Schrödinger went further: he said that he didn't believe that even Whitehead and Russell themselves had read all of it. Nevertheless, by the early 1920s the work was going out of print and a second edition, with three new appendices and a long new introduction, all written by Russell himself, was published in 1925-27. After 1927 Russell withdrew from logic. "After the massive achievement of <i>Principia Mathematica</i>, nothing remained but a job of cleaning up the formal foundations, a task that was essentially completed by the early 1930s, as a result of the work of Ramsey, Gödel and Tarski" (Palgrave, p. 14). <br/><br/> Norman 1868; Blackwell & Ruja A9.1a; Church, <i>Bibliography of Symbolic Logic</i>, 194.1-1 (one of a handful of works marked by Church as being "of special interest or importance"); Martin 101.01-03; Kneebone, <i>Mathematical Logic</i> (1963), p. 161ff; <i>Landmark Writings in Western Mathematics 1640-1940</i>, Chapter 61; <i>The Palgrave Centenary Companion to Principia Mathematica</i>, N. Griffin & B. Linsky (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2013; I. Grattan-Guinness, 'The Royal Society's financial support of the publication of Whitehead and Russell's <i>Principia Mathematica,' Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London</i>, Vol. 30 (1975), pp. 89-104.. Three volumes, large 8vo (260 x 175 mm), pp. xiii, [3], 666, [2]; [ii], xxxiv, 772; [ii], x, 491, [1]. Original publisher's dark blue cloth, spines lettered in gilt. Volume I: Ink notes and underlining on a few pages: pp. v, vi, vii, viii, 1, 3, 5, 8, 12, 13, 168. Upper corners of pp. 577-584 lightly creased. Volume II: small abrasion on spine where number removed. Small tear in top of spine of volume II. Ghost of bookplate on front flyleaf Ink mark on p. xxi. Volume III: skillful repair at top of spine with piece of new cloth. Bottom of spine a little frayed. Corners of covers lightly bumped. Inner hinges cracked (especially the inner front hinge). Stain in upper blank comer of pp. 463-469. Ink signature of J C Brown on front pastedown of volume III

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        Cid-Abul-Prim por Victorina Fereal de Cuendias. Madrid, imprenta de D. Anselmo Sta. Coloma, 1860. RELIE AVEC (en tête): 2). (De la même). Ode sur les Débordements du Rhône. Par V. de Féréal. Toulouse, chez Martegoute et Compagnie, 1840. 3). [ CUENDIAS (Manuel de) ]. Cartas al Gobierno por un Filósofo sin Ambición. Madrid, D. Saavedra y Compañia, 1851. AVEC (à la suite): 4). (Du même). Etudes Linguistiques. (à la fin:) Bruxelles, A. Lacroix, Verboeckhoven et Compagnie, s.d. (1868).

      - 5 ouvrages en 1 volume in-8. 1). 14pp. (1f.blanc). 2). 16pp. 3). 136pp. 4). 15pp. Cartonnage postérieur (défauts à la coiffe supérieure). 1). Edition Originale très rare, imprimée à Madrid, de ce poème d'une femme de lettres française installée dans cette ville. Aujourd'hui tombée dans l'oubli, Madame de Suberwick, née Germillon, composa plusieurs ouvrages sur l'Espagne, en particulier les "Mystères de l'Inquisition et autres sociétés secrètes d'Espagne" (1845), ouvrage "curieux" et "sérieusement anticlérical" (Caillet) qui fut traduit en plusieurs langues et qui connut de nombreuses réimpressions. Rédigé en français, avec une page de titre en espagnol, le présent poème paru sous le pseudonyme de "Victorine de Féréal" met en scène l'Espagne personnifiée sous les traits d'une "femme à l'&#156;il noir, au visage de Reine". Exemplaire offert par l'auteur à la romancière belge Estelle Crèvecoeur, dit Caroline Gravière (1821-1878) féministe d'avant-garde, "souvent comparée à George Sand" (Gubin): "A Caroline Gravière, ton humble s&#156;ur en poésie, V. de Féréal (Victorine Germillon)". Le plat supérieur de la couverture originale a été conservé. 2). Edition Originale extrêmement rare, imprimée à Toulouse, de ce poème en vers sur la prodigieuse crue du Rhône de 1840 dont le souvenir est encore présent dans la mémoire populaire. Très rare, cet opuscule "vendu au profit des victimes de l'inondation" ne se trouve répertorié dans aucune bibliothèque que nous avons consultée. Envoi autographe de l'auteur à Caroline Gravière. Exemplaire non rogné, dont la couverture originale a été conservée. 3). Edition Originale très rare de ce recueil de lettres adressées à différentes personnalités espagnoles (la reine Isabel II, les députés, les ministres, etc.). Professeur à l'Institut Royal de Madrid, Manuel de Cuendias écrivit en collaboration avec Madame de Suberwick plusieurs ouvrages, tel "L'Espagne pittoresque, artistique et monumentale" (1848), qui eut un grand succès. Rarissime, le présent ouvrage porte l'inscription "tomo 1" sur la page de titre, mais ne semble pas avoir eu de suite. Envoi de l'auteur sur le faux-titre, avec l'inscription manuscrite suivante: "A Mr. Bulens, hommage de la plus haute considération, l'auteur M. Cuendias". 4). Très rare tiré-à-part imprimé à Bruxelles. Manuel de Cuendias y prône les avantages de l'apprentissage des langues vivantes. 1). Dionisio Hidalgo, Diccionario general de bibliografía española, 1862, p. 402. Sur Caroline Gravière, cf. Eliane Gubin, Dictionnaire des femmes belges: XIXe et Xxe siècles, (2006), p. 126. Manque à la BN. Inconnu à Palau. 2). Manque à la BN. 3). Manque à la BN. Inconnu à Palau. 4). Manque à la BN. [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

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        Dealing with the Fairies

      London: Strahan & Co., 1868. Original gilt and blindstamped cloth. Second issue. Woodcut illustrations throughout by Arthur Hughes. The second issue is uncommon and no recorded by Bulloch or Osborne. Expertly rebacked retaining original cloth. Near fine internally

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        Extensive autograph notes, on 2 pages folio and 2 pages 4to (one corner torn away).

      - Described (in pencil in another hand) as notes written in 1868 for an analysis or review of a work of Dupanloup on education. Felix-Antoine-Philibert Dupanloup (1802-1878, Bishop of Orléans) had been a prominent supporter of the Loi Falloux (1851), which, under the guise of freedom of education, had restored much of the church's tradition influence in education.

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        Travels in the East Indian archipelago.

      Murray London 1868 - First edition. 8vo., 555pp., 5 pages ads at end, frontispiece, large folding map, 35 illustrations, original red cloth gilt, pictorial gilt vignette to upper cover, spine lightly faded, old stamp to title. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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        A Narrative of Captivity in Abyssinia; With Some Account of the Late Emperor Theodore, His Country and People

      London: Smith, Elder and Co. 1868, 1st Edition. () [i-v], vi-xii, 409, [3]. Very good. 12mo. Publisher's red cloth with titles in gilt to spine. Boards with border stamped in black and image of shackles stamped in gilt to front board. Light shelfwear to boards. Discrete professional restoration to spine. Foredge uncut. Old adhesive stain to first few pages. Foxing to first and last few pages, else only occasional foxing throughout. Illustrated with 8 full page plates. A scarce Abyssinia travel narrative by Henry Blanc, who gives his first hand accounts of Ethiopia including its scenery, people and late Emperor Téwodros II (Theodore). The author was taken captive in Ethiopia for a time, and the shackles stamped to the front board of the book are an illustration of those used on him. A very scarce title..

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      Frankfurt a/M: Kunst-Verlag Klimsch & Co, 1868. later cloth. large 4to. later cloth. (ii),12 plates; (ii),72 plates. Gezeichnet und auf Stein radirt von Eugen Klimsch. Heft 1. Bound together with DEVISEN VIGNETTEN UND ALLEGORIEN FÜR DECORATIONSMALER, GRAVEURE, LITHOGRAPHEN, ETC. entworfen und gezeichnet von F.C. Klimsch. Heft 1. Klimsch & Co. Frankfurt a/M. 1864. Written in German. Title page and 12 plates with Putti-style infants. Eugen Klimsch was the son of Ferdinand Karl Klimsch, author of the Devisen here bound together. WorldCat locates 6 other copies of Kindergruppen and 3 other copies of the Devisen, but none together. Covers and spine faded, several small binding flaws, light soiling, corners and spine ends rubbed. Front hinge separating, all plates strengthened, occasional foxing. Plates only on recto. Contents very good.

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      1868 - Dessins Un Dessin Original, à la mine de plomb, Format : 39 centimètres de haut par 27,8 centimètres de large, sur papier crème, notée en bas à la mine de plomb : "A GAUCHE PLACE DUMOUSTIER A NANTES 1868 " de la main d'Olivier de Wismes (vérifié) , Période création/exécution : 1868 Le baron Jean-Baptiste Heraclée Olivier de Wismes était un dessinateur, graveur et lithographe français né le 16 septembre 1814 à Paris, et mort le 5 janvier 1887 à Nantes, a illustré les grand volumes in-folio suivant : Le Maine et l'Anjou historiques, archéologiques et pittoresques - La Vendée - l'Anjou ETC.DESSIN SUPERBE.UNIQUE.en trés bon état (very good condition).

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        Travels in the East Indian Archipelago

      London: John Murray 1868 - John Murray, London. 1868. 553 p., [34] leaves of plates (some folded) : ill., maps ; 23 cm. 8vo. Rebound. Quarter bound in modern calf-skin. Corners bound. Marbled boards. 5 raised bands. 6 compartments. Gilt borders and decorative flourishes. Dark green Morocco title plate on spine with gilt lettering. Tight binding and solid boards. Marbled endpapers. Owners inscription on second leaf. Otherwise, pages are clean and unmarked. Detailed steel plate illustrations throughout. Fold-out map toward rear is in excellent condition, not torn or faded. A well-restored volume in nearly immaculate condition. Albert Smith Bickmore (March 1, 1839â??1914) was an American naturalist and one of the founders of the American Museum of Natural History. His book, "Travels in East Indian Archepelago" was published in 1869. The preface begin by saying; "The object of my voyage to Amboina was simply to re-collect the shells figured in Rumphiuss's " Rari-teit Kamer," and the idea of writing a volume of travels was not seriously entertained until I arrived at Batavia, and, instead of being forbidden by the Dutch Government to proceed to the Spice Islands, as some of my warmest friends feared, I was honored by His Excellency, the Governor-General of " the Netherlands India." An enlightening and eye-opening volume, "Travels in the East Indian Archipeligo" was Bickmores best known work. Please feel free to view our photographs of this lovely volume. Ships daily. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

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        The Philippine Islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China, at the Close of the Sixteenth Century. By Antonio De Morga. Translated from the Spanish, with Notes and a Preface, and a Letter from Luis Vaez de Torres describing his Voyage through the Torres Straits

      London: Printed for the Hakluyt Society, 1868. First edition. Cloth. Spine sunned, ends a bit worn, small institutional bookplate to front pastedown, owner's nautical bookplate opposite, toning and soiling to endpapers and a few preliminary leaves, but still about very good. 8vo. Illus. with 1 b/w engraving and 1 folding drawing. Translation of Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas. Includes reproduction of title page of original Spanish edition (Mexici ad Indos, 1609). The appendix includes a brief continuation of the history of the Philippines to 1868, particularly with regard to government and commerce. Sabin 50632. Cordier: Bibliotheca Japonica 266. Cox II: 309. Ferguson 12806. Robertson p. 86. Tavera, Biblioteca Filipina, p.28.

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        The Four Ancient Books of Wales, containing The Cymric Poems attributed to the Bards of The Sixth Century ( 2 volumes ).

      Edmonston & Douglas, Edinburgh, Scotland 1868 - Hardcovers. Large octavos. Two volumes (complete). Vol.1: xiv + 600pp. + 22pp. publisher's catalog; Vol.II: xiv + 496pp. + 18pp. publisher's catalog. Original green cloth gilt-lettered on spines. Extensive endnotes, index. Color frontis. & color fold-out map in Vol.I; four color plates in Vol.II. Top-edges-gilt. A massive and scarce anthology of Welsh Bardic poetry from the 12th to 15th centuries taken from four manuscripts: the "Black Book of Caermarthen", the "Red Book of Hergest" (also the source of the Mabinogion), the "Book of Taliessin" and the "Book of Aneurin". Cloth lightly rubbed, spine ends and corners lightly bumped and chafed, extremities very lightly spot chafed, very light ripple to cloth of spine on Vol II., page edges very slightly darkened, tiny bit of scattered foxing - mostly early and later pages, otherwise an especially bright and well-preserved VG+ set. Quite scarce in this condition. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc.]
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        Die Venen der oberen Extremität des Menschen. Ein Glückwunsch . Dr. Freiherrn von Schleinitz dargebracht.

      - Breslau, Hirt, 1868, Groß-Folio (54 x 38 cm), 67 Seiten Text, mit 6 großen, schön kolorierten Steindrucktafeln und 26 meist colorierten Textholzschnitten, geprägter Leinenband d.Zt.; Rücken beschädigt, sonst breitrandiges, frisches Expl. Erste Ausgabe dieses angiologischen Prachtwerkes. - Hans Karl Ludwig Barkow (1798-1873) aus Rügen, Geh. Medizinalrat und ordentl. Professor der Anatomie, war fast 50 Jahre a.d. Universität Breslau tätig. Durch die Veröffentlichung kostbarer Abbildungswerke, ohne Aussicht auf materiellen Gewinn, hat er sich um die Wissenschaft verdient gemacht. cf. Hirsch-H. I/336. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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        Real-Encyklopädie für protestantische Theologie und Kirche. In Verbindung mit vielen protestantischen Theologen und Gelehrten herausgegeben. Komplett in 22 Bänden (21 Bände plus Generalregisterband).

      Rudolf Besser, Hamburg. 1. Auflage 1854 - 1868. - JudUeb 25 x 10 cm. Braune, uniforme Originalleinenbände mit goldgeprägten Rückentiteln und marmoriertem Dreiseitenschnitt. Die Einbände etwas berieben, teils minimal bestoßen, einige Bände [ wahrscheinlich durch entfernte Rückenaufkleber) im unteren Drittel leicht ausgeblichen. Pro Band ca. 540 - 800 Seiten. 18 Bände A-Z sowie drei ebenfalls alphabetisch sortierte Ergänzungsbände ( Supplementsbände 1 - 3 ) und 1 Generalregisterband. Das Papier leicht gebräunt und auch randgebräunt. Das Titelblatt von Band 4 braunfleckig, das vordere Innengelenk von Bd. 6 und 14 ca. 4 cm angeplatzt, das vordere Außengelenk von Band 22 mit vier kleinen Einrissen bis zu 1 cm, die Seiten 179 / 180 von Band 21 mit kleiner Fehlstelle (5 x 1 cm) am Rand, kein Textverlust. Die Bände 4,6, 8 und 19 mit einigen alten hellen Feuchtigkeitsspuren. Insgesamt richtig gutes Exemplar. Beispielstichwörter: Abendmahl, Advent, Auferstehung, Beelzebub, Beichte, Bethlehem, Bistum, Communismus, Dogmatik, Edelmann, Ehe, Gerechtigkeit Gottes, Gewissen, Gnosis, Gott, Hegel, Hermeneutik, Hohepriester, Keuschheit, Kirche, Klöster, Litanei, Luther, Maria, Messe, Missionen, Moses, Oratorium, Paulus, Pius, Polen, Reliquien, Sabbath, Stuttgarter Synode, Sünde, Taufexorcismus, Thomas von Aquinus, Trinität, Versöhnung, Wahrhaftigkeit, Zion. 23000

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat und Buchhandlung Carl Wegner]
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        "Bab" Ballads, Much Sound and Little Sense

      London: George Routledge, [1868]. First edition thus. Superb full light brown crushed morocco binding by Wood nearly matching a famous design by Constance Karslake documented in one of the Guild of Women Binders prospectuses and shown in Studio, 1899-1900, with quite a few variations, but the overall styiistic composition is strikingly similar, and thus a curious &#39;copy&#39; by a noted binder.Superb workmanship as found in nearly all Wood bindings, with a plethora of gilt patterning, including both covers, spine and both dentelles. Signed by woo in gilt pallet, front dentelle. Margins of spine sl. wear, else fine. AEG. A classic illustrated book with wonderful woodcuts by Gilbert throughout.

      [Bookseller: Nudelman Rare Books ]
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        Guerra de los Estados-Unidos. Estudios Sobre Artilleria, Fortificacion Y Marina Militar

      Madrid: Imprenta del Memorial de Ingenieros, 1868. First Edition. Hardcover (Full Leather). Very Good Condition. Full calf with gilt edges, ruling, raised bands - some wear at corners and spine ends, but still a very attractive binding, page edges gilt, discoloration to endpapers and slight foxing at beginning, but generally clean and fine internally. With 19 folding plates at the rear - maps and remarkably detailed depictions of artillery and naval vessels including The Monitor; most with minor tears at attachments, creasing, and a bit of foxing. &#11;&#11;Inscribed on the half title to General Sickles, at the time, Ambassador to Spain. Sickles, famous in military circles for disobeying Meade&#39;s orders which led to the decimation of his III Corps at Gettysburg, was previously famed for killing his wife&#39;s lover, the son of Francis Scott Key, and being acquitted in the first use of the "temporary insanity" defense in US court history. A lovely, scarce book, and a terrific association. Worldcat shows only 4 copies. The Second edition was printed in 1870. Size: Octavo (8vo). Text is clean and unmarked. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilo. Category: Military & Warfare; United States; 19th century; Antiquarian & Rare. Signed by Author. Inventory No: 038787.

      [Bookseller: Pazzo Books ]
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        Die Ausmessung der stromenden Blutvolumina. Offprint

      1868. Dogiel, Jan (1830-1905). Die Ausmessung der strumenden Blutvolumina. Offprint from Berichte der k. Sachs. Gesell. d. Wiss., math.-phys. Classe, Sitzung am 12 December 1867 (1868). [1], 200-275, [3]pp. Text illustrations. 222 x 145 mm. Original plain wrappers, small split in spine. Light toning, but a fine copy. First Edition. Garrison-Morton 779. The invention of the Stromuhr, a double vessel on a swivel for measuring blood volume flow. "An accurate method of measuring blood flow was not available until 1868, when Dogiel, working in Ludwig's laboratory, described the 'Stromuhr'" (Fishman & Richards, Circulation of the Blood: Men and Ideas, p. 679). Dogiel was a student of Carl Ludwig, professor of physiology at the University of Leipzig; "so far as the advancement of knowledge of the circulation is concerned, and particularly the action of the heart, Carl Ludwig and his school probably contributed a larger share than any other group" (ibid., p. 87).

      [Bookseller: Jeremy Norman's]
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        Fables de La Fontaine avec les dessins de Gustave Doré

      L. Hachette 1868 in 4° grande (cm 36,5x27) pp. LX, 864 ; leg. coeva m / pelle con angoli e filetti in oro, piatti in tela bordeaux, tit. e fregi in oro al ds., tagli spruzz.; ritratto dell?A in ovale da Sandos all?antip.; notizie sulla vita dell?A. a cura di Geruzez, prefaz., dediche, vita di Esopo. Testo incorniciato da doppio filetto, ill. con 84+8 inc. a p / pag., (doppie e diverse le illustrazioni delle pp. 35, 65, 93, 117, 385, 395, 455, 741), 248 grandi testatine e finalini. Lievi fior., lievi aloni d?umido interessano gli angoli interni delle ultime 150 pp., ma buon esemplare solido e ben conservato. 098 / 29 94

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria La Fenice]
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        Landeskunde von Vorarlberg.

      Innsbruck-Feldkirch, Wagner, 1868.. 4°. Mit einer gefalt. farb. lithogr. Karte. VIII, 128 S., Mod. Ppbd. m. mont. OUmschlag.. Erstausgabe. - Der österr. Historiker Joseph Ritter von Bergmann (1796-1872) wurde nach dem Philosophie- und Jurastudium in Wien 1826 Gymnasiallehrer in Cilli, 1828 Kustos am Münz- und Antiken-Kabinett der Ambraser Sammlung in Wien, dem er seit 1863 als Direktor vorstand. 1831-44 war er Geschichts- und Lateinlehrer der Söhne des Erzherzogs Albrecht. Bergmann befaßte sich hauptsächlich mit historischen und numismatischen Studien. - Titel gestempelt u. mit Bibl.-Signatur. Tlw. etw. gebräunt bzw. stockfleckig, die Karte sauber. - Sehr selten. - Barth 21822.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Wolfgang Friebes]
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        Chronicles of England, France, Spain and The Adjoining Countries, from the Latter Part of the Reign of Edward II To the Coronation of Henry IV (2 volumes)

      London: George Routledge and Sons, 1868. Half Morocco. Near Fine. Humphreys, H. Noel. 8vo. 25 by 17 cm. xlvii, [i], 768, xiv, 733, [1] pp. With 72 color plates (chromolithographic) copied from original manuscripts by H. Noel Humphreys, and these plates deliberately capture the wondrous quality associated with illuminated manuscripts. Many additional text woodcuts. Gilt edging. Handsome half red morocco, with gilt devices of Medieval armor and weapons on spines. Marbled pastedown. Clean within. Corners slightly pushed inward.

      [Bookseller: White Fox Rare Books and Antiques]
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        Nine years on the north-west frontier of India from 1854 to 1863

      London : Bentley, 1868-01-01. Hardcover. Acceptable. Page block is solid. more than half of spine covering is missing. Both boards severed but present. Scarce. The folding map is present with no wear at all. OWnership stamp.

      [Bookseller: Books Renewed]
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        National History of The Late Civil War, Civil, Military and Naval - 3 Volume Set

      JOHNSON, WILSON & COMPANY, NEW YORK 1868 - 3-Volumes: moderate, book, shelf, edge-wear, rubs, corner bumps, five raised bands on the spine, gilt title/design on spine, all edges gilt, half Leather-spine and corners are bound in brown leather with purple boards. Front/back hinge cracks. Illustrated with highly-finished Steel Engravings. Including battle scenes by sea and land, and full-length portraits of naval and military heroes, from original paintings, by Alonzo Chappel and Thomas Nast. Foxing. Pages browning. Volume 1: small two-inch portion of the cloth lifted exposing boards from the front cover side edges. Frontispiece of A. Lincoln. 620 pages. Moderate fading to spine with small leather piece lifted from spine but not detached. Volume 2: small one-inch portion of the cloth lifted exposing boards from the front cover side edge. Frontispiece of U. S. Grant. 660 pages. One illustrated page slightly detached from the bottom of the spine. Volume 3: Frontispiece-Surrender of General Lee. Pages 337, 338 and illustrated detached from the spine but in place. 642 Pages. For the age of these volumes, they are still in Good Condition. DATE PUBLISHED: 1868 EDITION: 1922 TOTAL [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Princeton Antiques Bookshop]
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        Le camp des bourgeois

      E. Dentu 1868 - - E. Dentu, Paris 1868, 12,5x19cm, broché. - Edition originale dont il n'a pas été tiré de grands papiers. Ouvrage orné de nombreuses illustrations originales hors texte de Gustave Courbet. Dos légèrement fendillé en tête comportant également un léger manque. Emile Zola cite cet ouvrage dans 'L'Evénement illustré' du 5 mai 1868: 'c'est là une oeuvre qui fera sensation. L'auteur est un utilitaire tombant à bras raccourcis sur la bourgeoisie fainéante et oisive. (.) Courbet ne pouvait guère trouver un texte dont l'esprit convînt mieux à son genre de talent. Le Franc-Comtois a dû se réjouir en lui de ce plaidoyer en faveur des paysans, des rudes enfants de la terre. Aussi, comme il s'est mis volontiers à dauber les bourgeois, les messieurs qui ne sauraient distinguer une pelle d'un râteau ! Chacun de ses dessins est une satire.' Très rare. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        Letter signed to Latimer Clark

      1868. Very Good. Reuter, [Paul] Julius, Baron (1821-99). L.s. on the letterhead of Reuter's Telegram Company, Limited, to Latimer Clark. London, July 7, 1868. 1 page. 201 x 127 mm. Remains of mounting. Provenance: Latimer Clark.After setting up a carrier-pigeon service between Aachen and Brussels, terminal points of the German and French-Belgian telegraph lines, Reuter, formerly known as Israel Beer Josaphat, founded in 1851 the international news agency that still bears his name. In connection with his business, which was originally a telegraphic news agency, Reuter had several cables of his own laid, and in 1865 obtained a concession on a submarine cable between France and the United States, which he agreed to operate jointly with the Anglo-American Telegraph Company. In his letter he asks Clark to give his opinion on the quality and durability of one of his telegraph cables. Origins of Cyberspace 183.</p.

      [Bookseller: Jeremy Norman's]
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      Brooklyn: D.S. Holmes, [1868].. Broadside, 13 x 10 inches. Some small tears, chipping and loss to top and right edges. Minor foxing. Very good. Broadside printed for the U.S. Presidential Campaign of 1868, which pitted former New York Governor Horatio Seymour against Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. This broadside points out Seymour's Copperhead tendencies and statements made by him in 1864, linking him to similar sentiments made by notorious traitor Benedict Arnold. Seymour's Copperhead utterances during the war haunted his campaign, and he lost decisively to Grant. The text printed here strives to demonstrate: ^"...the points made by Horatio Seymour against the Administration in 1864 [re] identical, point by point, with those made by Benedict Arnold against Washington and the Continental Congress in 1780....The Copperhead chiefs of these times, who draw so lavishly upon the sophistries and fallacies of 1780 for the furtherance of their factious designs, cannot too well understand that the sequel to all this is endless disgrace. They must not expect to fight the Government with weapons of the Tories and of the blue-light Federalists, without sharing the same fate." ^OCLC locates three copies (incorrectly dated 1864), at the New-York Historical Society, the Library Company, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. OCLC 77763594.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Americana]
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        Autograph memorandum.

      No place, [c. 1868]. - 8vo (206 x 134 mm). 3 pp. on a single bifolium. Autograph memorandum, bearing instructions for the preparation of the map appearing in his "Saint Paul" (1869), the third (and arguably best) part of Renan&#146;s "Histoire des origines du christianisme", the magnum opus which had begun in 1863 with "Vie de Jésus" and became a succès de scandale. Published by Michel Lévy Frères in 1869, "Saint Paul" contained the fruits of the journey Renan made with his wife Cornélie Scheffer following in the footsteps of the historical Paul. It also contained a detailed map with coloured itineraries of each of the journeys. The present memorandum provides the colour-coding for each of these, together with no less than 33 amendments to the details of the map. - Offered with a carte de visite of the architect Edmond Guillaume (1826-94) with Renan&#146;s autograph pencil notes to verso giving directions to his house in Sèvres (tipped to paper mount) and a letter (20 May 1893) from Noémie Psichari, Renan&#146;s daughter. - Provenance: Von Scholl collection.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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        The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication

      London: John Murray,, 1868. In two volumes. With illustrations. 2 volumes, octavo. Original green cloth, blind-panelled covers, titles to spines gilt, dark blue-coated endpapers. 43 text woodcuts. Bookplate of King's College, Cambridge. Extremities lightly bumped, mild rubbing to spine, short area of very light wear at head of first joint on each volume, very mild cockling on first volume, minor marks to covers and endpapers, stitching slightly strained in places. Overall, a very good copy, with the cloth bright and fresh. First edition, second issue. The term "survival of the fittest" (borrowed at Wallace's insistence from Herbert Spencer's 1866 Principles of Biology) was first used by Darwin in the first edition of this work, preceding its first use in the fifth edition of the Origin of Species (1869). Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication was a full statement of the facts on which the theories of the Origin of Species were based, though leaving aside an account of human evolution for The Descent of Man (1871). Though Darwin studied at Christ's College rather than King's, he enjoyed attending concerts in King's College Chapel.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        The "Ever-Victorious Army" A History of the Chinese Campaign under Lt.-Col. C. G. Gordon, C.B. R.E. and of the Suppression of the Tai-Ping Rebellion

      Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1868. Octavo, with six six folding maps, a most attractive copy in contemporary red polished calf with gilt ornament. Gordon in China - the formative years. An account of the Tai-ping rebellion against the Qing dynasty (1850 to 1864) with special detail of the operations of the 'Ever-Victorious Army', an elite force of Chinese troops trained in modern methods under European command. The 'Ever-Victorious Army' came under the authority of Lieutenant-Colonel (later General) Charles Gordon, a legendary figure in British colonial history renowned for his heroic death at the hands of the Mahdi's army after the fall of Khartoum. This book concerns an earlier phase in Gordon's career - the event that won him his nickname Charles "Chinese" Gordon. The Taiping rebellion was a widespread peasant revolt that led to immense loss of life through ensuing disturbance and famines. Fatality estimates vary between 20 and 30 million persons. This account, sympathetic to Chinese interests and somewhat critical of British policy, is the work of journalist Andrew Wilson (1831-1881), born in India to colonial missionaries and later editor of the China Mail and Bombay Times.

      [Bookseller: Hordern House Rare Books]
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        Vijf jaren in Japan (1857-1863) Bijdragen tot de kennis van het Japansche Keizerrijk en zijne bevolking (2 volumes)

      Firma van den Heuvell & van Santen, Leiden, 1868. Hardcover. Fair/No Dust Jacket. Size: 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Text is in Dutch. Two volumes. Number written in pencil on free endpage of each volume. Slight foxing front/rear pages, but body of book mostly clean and unfoxed. All edges gilt. Color illustrations. Fold-out map. Color frontispieces. Wear to outer hinge of volume I. Small closed tears to the spine ends of volume I. The rear board on volume II is nearly detached. The spine cover on volume II is partially detached and has two strips of clear tape at head. Font hinge on volume II is cracked, but binding is secure. Red cloth giltstamped embossed pebble boards lightly rubbed and bumped at corners and spine ends. Volume I is in good condition overall while volume II is in fair condition mainly due to spine and rear hinge damage. Light stamp on front pastedown of each volume. Boards lighlty soiled on leading edge. Quantity Available: 1. Inventory No: 133805..

      [Bookseller: The Dusty Bookshelf]
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        The Capital Of The Tycoon: A Narrative Of A Three Years Residence In Japan - Two Volume Set

      Harper & Brothers, New York, NY 1868 - Books are in fine condition. Folding map in Volume One has two in closed tear. Folding map in Volume Two has two closed tears, one of ~6 in and the other of ~1 in. No other flaws and no names or markings. ; Beautiful set bound in blue half-leather over marbled boards. Top edge gilt. Gilt lettering on spine is bright and clear. Five raised bands. Marble endpapers. While not the first edition of 1863 this is a lovely copy of the 1868 printing. Important work by Alcock who was the first British Consul-General to Japan. ; 12mo 7" - 7½" tall; 436 p. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Optical Insights, IOBA]
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        Ragged Dick; Or, Street Life In New York With The Boot-Blacks

      Loring, Publisher, Boston 1868 - 296 pages. 18 x 12 cm. This copy with ad leaf and Dick standing alone with his boot-blacking box: later issues have image of four street boys. Ad leaf here contains two titles in the "Ragged Dick Series," plus three in "Campaign Series." First edition is indicated by two titles only of the former with the second title described as available "In December" 1868. There are also three additional wood engraved illustrations. This story was first published serially in "Student and Schoolmate" [Boston], January - December, 1867, and then issued in book format, 1868. GROLIER AMERICAN HUNDRED 75. PETER PARLEY TO PENROD p.29. Interior contents fresh and clean with very minor scattered toning, mostly marginal. Modern quarter brown cloth and marbled boards. Fine. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Royoung Bookseller, Inc. ABAA]
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        Teoriia nravstvennykh chuvstv ? S pis'mami M. Kondorse k Kabanisu o simpatii. Perevel P. A. Bibikov

      St. Petersburg: I. I. Glazunov,, 1868. [The Theory of Moral Sentiments ... With the letters of M. Condorcet to Cabanis on sympathy. Translated by P. A. Bibikov]. Octavo (207 × 135 mm), pp. 515 + 4pp. contents. Contemporary half diced blue roan and marbled boards, spine ruled and decorated gilt, marbled endpapers. Small Russian stamp to front free endpaper and annotation in ballpoint to rear endpaper. Short crack at foot of front board, spine gilding a little faded, extremities lightly rubbed. Marginal damp mark to first and last few leaves. A very good copy. First edition in Russian of The Theory of Moral Sentiments, very rare. This landmark translation (it is still the one used in Russia today) was made by Pavel Bibikov, who had brought out a translation of the Wealth of Nations (the edition read by Lenin) two years before. Both were published as part of his series the Library of Classical European Writers. "Bibikov [1831?"1875] already had a reputation as a historian, philosopher, and literary critic, and this undoubtedly had a part in the generally high level of presentation of the translations" (Artemieva, p. 160). The translations were probably made via French, but whereas Bibikov's Wealth of Nations was superceded by the end of the century, his Theory of Moral Sentiments remained the only Russian version available until 1997. Tatiana V. Artemieva, "Adam Smith in Russian translation", A Critical Bibliography of Adam Smith, ed. Keith Tribe (2002), pp. 153?"167.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Vijf jaren in Japan. (1857-1863). Bijdragen tot de kennis van het Japansche Keizerrijk en zijne bevolking (2 volumes)

      Firma van den Heuvell & van Santen, 1868, Hardcover, Book Condition: Fair, Dust Jacket Condition: No Dust JacketSize: 8vo - over 7?" - 9?" tall. Text is in Dutch. Two volumes. Number written in pencil on free endpage of each volume. Slight foxing front/rear pages, but body of book mostly clean and unfoxed. All edges gilt. Color illustrations. Fold-out map. Color frontispieces. Wear to outer hinge of volume I. Small closed tears to the spine ends of volume I. The rear board on volume II is nearly detached. The spine cover on volume II is partially detached and has two strips of clear tape at head. Font hinge on volume II is cracked, but binding is secure. Red cloth giltstamped embossed pebble boards lightly rubbed and bumped at corners and spine ends. Volume I is in good condition overall while volume II is in fair condition mainly due to spine and rear hinge damage. Light stamp on front pastedown of each volume. Boards lighlty soiled on leading edge. Quantity Available: 1. Inventory No: 133805.

      [Bookseller: The Dusty Bookshelf]
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        [Broadside]: White Men to Rule Alabama. Take the Representative Organ of the Democratic and Conservative Parties. The Montgomery Mail

      Montgomery, Ala.: G.H. Gibson & Co.. [1868?]. First. Broadside. Approximately 9" x 11.5". Old paper flaw resulting in a light crease, near fine. An advertisement for The Montgomery Mail asserting its claims as an enemy of Reconstruction. Rare. OCLC locates no copies. .

      [Bookseller: Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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        Los herejes de Italia.: Traducida por D. Manuel González Llana.

      [Rojas], Madrid. 1868 - Famosa opera, molto rara da reperirsi in Italia, con pregevoli illustrazioni litografiche. Una parte sono dedicate ad eretici famosi di tutti i tempi (infatti l&#146;opera è la traduzione spagnola del lavoro di Cantù sugli eretici italiani) ed una parte sono vedute di città italiane tra le quali Trento (due diverse), Venezia, Napoli, Roma, Palermo). Completa di tutte le 50 tavole come da "Plantilla para la colocacion de las laminas". Legatura coeva in mezza pelle con dorso a quattro nervi e titoli oro. Formato: 2 v. (408 p., 31 c. di tav.; [2], da p. 409 a p. 800, 19 c. di tav.), 34 cm, m.p. con titoli e fregi oro. Buono, ordinari segni d\'uso e del tempo, qualche mancanza alle sguardie e qualche fioritura ad alcune tavole. La libreria offre per un periodo limitato uno sconto del 15% su tutti i suoi libri. Il prezzo originale dell'articolo era 750.00 euro.

      [Bookseller: Studio Bibliografico Adige]
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        Ornithology and Oology of New England : Containing Full Descriptions of the Birds of New England, and Adjoining States and Provinces, Arranged By a Long-approved Classification and Nomenclature; Together with a Complete History of Their Habits

      Boston, Nichols and Noyes, 1868-01-01. Hardcover. Very Good. Royal quarto. vii, 587 p. front., illus., 27 chromolithographic plates. 24 cm. Bound in early 20th century 3/4 tan leather. Red marbled boards. 5 raised bands. Gilt lettering and tooling to spine. Marbled end pages. TEG. Good binding and cover. Wear to extremities. Small dent to top page end. Clean, unmarked pages. Scattered foxing to early pages. Sabin Edward Augustus Samuels was a Massachusetts naturalist. From 1860 until 1880, he was assistant to the secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Agriculture. For several years, he was president of the Massachusetts Fish and Game Protective Association besides following the business of a publisher of musical works. He also developed a process for engraving by photography directly from nature or from a photographic print. This particular title for sale, has technical information is quoted from Spencer F. Baird's works and sparked much interest in bird study.

      [Bookseller: SequiturBooks]
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        Trial of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, before the Senate of the United States, on Impeachment by the House of Representatives for High Crimes and Misdemeanors - [The Full Text Complete in 3 Volumes]

      Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1868, Hardback, First EditionFinely bound all in modern aniline calf over marble boards. Raised bands with dark morocco gilt-blocked labels. Spine compartments uniformly tooled in gilt. An exceptional set - scans and additional bibliographic detail on request. ; 0 pages; Description: 3 v. 23 cm. Subjects: Impeachments--United States. Subjects: Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875--seventeenth president of the United States.

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        Il Propugnatori: Studii Filologici, Storici e Bibliografici di Vari Soci della Commissione pe' Testi di Lingua. Volumes 1, 3-20

      Bologna: Presso Gaetano Romagnoli, 1868-1887, passim - *Price HAS BEEN reduced by 10% until Sunday night* volumes 1, 3-20, bound, very thick quartos, mostly untrimmed as issued, text darkened, particularly in later volumes, ex library, about good, PRICE IS FOR THE LOT:. Photos available upon request.

      [Bookseller: Zubal Books]
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        Die Natur der chemischen Elemente als Function ihrer Atomgewichte; von Lothar Meyer (Hierzu Tafel III.) (pp.354-363, 1 gefalt. Taf.).

      - Ann. Chem. Pharm., Suppl. 6+7. - Leipzig und Heidelberg, C.F. Winter'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1868, 8°, (4), 390 pp., 3 Taf.; 1870, 8°, (4), 380 pp., 3 gefalt. Tafeln, geprägter Leinenband d.Zt; Rücken erneuert, feines Exemplar. First appearance in print of this groundbreaking, classic paper in which Lothar Meyer (1830-1890) first fully expressed his ideas of the relationships between the atomic weight of the elements and their properties. - The Periodic Law. - - "This law, which was discovered independently and almost at the same time*, in 1868-9, by the German chemist, Lothar Meyer and by the Russian chemist, Mendeleeff, may be stated in the words: The properties of the elements are a periodic function of (or vary in a periodic manner with) the atomic weight." - - "On arranging the elements in the order of their atomic weights, as then known, and keeping in view the possibility of undiscovered elements, a remarkable recurrence of properties was observed. This periodicity was rendered very clear by Lothar Meyer in the case of physical properties, by plotting the values of the physical property, e.g., the atomic volume (volume of 1 gram multiplied by the atomic weight), against the atomic weights of the elements. On joining together the different points, the curve shown in Fig. 1 (see the plate) was obtained. The periodic variation of the atomic volume is thus represented very clearly; and it will be observed that elements of similar chemical properties, e.g., the alkali metals, occur at corresponding points on the different parts of the curve." - - Not only was periodicity observed in the case of physical properties but it was equally evident in respect of the general chemical properties and of the valency. Thus, when the elements were arranged in order of ascending atomic weights and in accordance with the valence, Lothar Meyer and Mendeléeff showed that they fell into a number of groups or families of related elements, or elements having analogous properties. In this way a natural classification of the elements, depending on the relation between the chemical properties of the elements and their atomic weights, was obtained. This is the so-called periodic classification of the elements." - - "If the periodic law had important practical applications, the recognition of its essential validity also greatly stimulated speculation and investigation into the genesis of the elements, for as Lord Salisbury said: "The discovery of co-ordinate families dimly points to some identical origin, without suggesting the method of their genesis or the nature of their common parentage." On these questions much light was thrown by the experimental investigations of the closing decades of the nineteenth century and the opening decades of the twentieth century, and out of these there developed the theory of the electronic constitution of matter by means of which the periodic law receives interpretation." Alexander Findlay, A Hundred Years in Chemistry. 2nd. ed. (1848), pp.49-54 - - *) "The question of priority in the discovery of the periodic law gave rise to some controversy. The first clear statement of the periodic law seems to have been published by Mendeléeff in 1869, but in 1868 a classification of the elements, similar to that published by Mendeléeff in 1872, had been drawn up, although not published, by Lothar Meyer who, even in 1864, had published tables of the elements which may be regarded as forerunners of the periodic classification. Honours may be regarded as even, and were recognized as such by the Royal Society which awarded the Davy Medal to both scientists in 1882. (See G. Rudorf, The Periodic System.)" [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Medicusbooks]
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        Eigenh. Brief mit U. und eh. Bleistiftzeichnung

      Düsseldorf, 12. August 1868.. 1 S. 8vo.. An Herrn Heydendahl: "[ ] Es wäre mir lieb, wen Sie zu mir kämen, auch die versprochen[en] Rahmen schickten. Ich bin seit langer Zeit ohne Nachricht über das letzte Bild u.s.w. Mein Sohn war öfters bei Ihn[en], dies zu sagen, hat Sie aber nie finden könn[en]. Mir liegt an der Abwicklung dieser Sache viel [ ]" - Die Bleistiftzeichnung, 1 Seite gr.-8vo, zeigt einen knienden Bauern vor einem Trog fressender Schweine. - Hildebrandt studierte seit 1820 an der Berliner Kunstakademie, war dort u.a. Schüler Wilhelm von Schadows, dem er 1826 nach Düsseldorf folgte, und begleitete ihn 1829 nach Belgien, 1830/31 nach Italien. 1844 unternahm er eine Studienreise nach St. Petersburg, wo das Bild Newa bei St. Petersburg im Winter entstand. Seit 1832 unterrichtete er an der Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf und erhielt 1836 eine Professur, die er 1854 wegen Erkrankung niederlegte. Seit 1858 offiziell beurlaubt, bildete er von 1866-69 dennoch in einer Meisterklasse Maler aus. Er gehörte zu den Begründern der romantisch-poetischen Richtung der Düsseldorfer Malerei; er wirkte durch seine Maltechnik und Farbbehandlung schulbildend. Zu seinen Werken zählen "Die Räuber" (1829) und "Die Ermordung der Söhne Eduards IV." (1835), ferner zahlreiche Portraits.

      [Bookseller: Kotte Autographs GmbH]
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        The Spanish Gypsy, a Poem

      Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1868, Hardback, 1st UK EditionFinely and sumptuously bound in modern aniline calf over marble boards. Raised bands with the title blocked direct in gilt. Spine compartments uniformly tooled in gilt. An exceptional copy; of presentation quality - scans etc. On request. ; 358 pages; Description: 358 p. 23 cm. 8 pages of publisher's ads to the rear.

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        Dr. William Smith's Dictionary of the Bible - [Complete in 4 volumes]

      Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and company (1868-1892), 1868, Hardback, Book Condition: Very Good, First EditionFinely bound all in modern aniline calf over marble boards. Raised bands with dark morocco gilt-blocked labels. Spine compartments uniformly tooled in gilt. There is some light, marginal water staining in vols. 2 & 3, which is evident in the top of the title pages and in the top margins of the first 50 or so pages, without affecting any text. An exceptional set, of presentation quality. Scans and additional bibliographic detail on request.; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 0 pages; Description: 4 v. illus. (incl. maps) facsims., diagrs. 24 cm. Subjects: Bible --Dictionaries.

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        L'Art Architectural, Décoratif, Industriel et Somptuaire de L'Epoque Louis XVI Receuil de trois cents planches inédits d'après les estampes originales tirées du cabinet de la bibliothèque royale de Belgique et de la collection de l'auteur 3 volume set avec texte historique, descriptif et critique, suivi de Notices biographiques des architectes, decorateurs et artistes industriels de la seconde moitie du XVIII siecle

      Charles Claesen. Very Good. 1868. First Edition. 1/2 Morocco Marbled Boards. Three volumes bound in two; marbled pastedowns and endpapers. A gorgeous and supple set.; Folio 13" - 23" tall; Please note this set will require additional postage. .

      [Bookseller: Virginia Book Shop, Inc.]
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        The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County, And Other Sketches

      New York: C. H. Webb, 1868. Second edition of the author's first book. In About Very Good condition, with wear commensurate to age. Contents toned, with foxing at prelims, chipping to a few leaves, exposure at several hinges. Previous owner name in pencil twice at front. Cloth shows fraying at corners, chipping to spine ends. Bound in original brown cloth with beveled edges.

      [Bookseller: Burnside Rare Books]
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