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        [Opp. 18, 59, 74, 95, 127, 130-133, 135]. A complete collection of sets of parts of all of the string quartets in first and early editions

      . 1 - Op. 18 1tes [-6tes] Quartett... 2 Violinen, Viola und Violoncello... 18tes Werk. Wien: Tobias Haslinger [without plate number] [ca. 1840]. Vl I: 1f. (title), [1] (blank), 2-12; 1f. (title), [1] (blank), 2-11; 1f. (title), [1] (blank), 2-11; 1f. (title), 9; 1f. (title), 9; 1f. (title), 9 pp. Vl II: 9; 8; 9; 8; 8; 8 pp. Va: 9; 7; 8; 8; 8; 8 pp. Vc: 9; 7; 8; 7; 8; 7 pp. Engraved. Kinsky p. 44. Hoboken 2, 96 and 97. "It was to the set of String Quartets, op. 18, that Beethoven turned for the most ambitious single project of his early Vienna years. This set was begun in 1798, composed primarily in 1799 and 1800, and published in 1801 with a dedication to Prince Lobkowitz... All of them essentially accept the usual four-movement structure and all reflect the Viennese Classic style, with an occasional admixture of Italianate melody - perhaps under the influence of Salieri, to whom Beethoven had just dedicated his Sonatas, op. 12." Solomon: Beethoven, p. 101. 2 - Op. 59 [Trois Quatuors pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncello... Oeuvre 59]. [Vienne: Au Bureau des arts et d'industrie A' Pesth chez Schreyvogel & Comp. [PNs 580, 585, 585] [1808]. Vl I: 2ff. (title, dedication to Count Razumovsky), [1] (blank), 2-13; [1] (blank), 2-11; 10 pp. Vl II: 10; 9; 9 pp. Va: 10; [1] (blank), 2-9; [1] (blank), 2-10 pp. Vc: 10; 9; [1] (blank) 2-9 pp. Engraved. First Edition of the Razumovsky quartets. Kinsky-Halm, p. 141. Dorfmüller, p. 216. Hirsch IV, 299. Hoboken 2, 274. "The string quartets of op. 59 so strained the medium, as it was understood in 1806, that they met with resistance from players and audiences alike... Each quartet was supposed to include a Russian melody, for the benefit of the dedicatee Count Razumovsky, the Russian ambassador in Vienna. Here for the first time may be seen Beethoven's interest in folksong, which was to grow in later years. Folksongs did not much help the first two quartets, but Razumovsky's notion came to superb fruition in the third, where Beethoven gave up the idea of incorporating pre-existing tunes and instead wrote the haunting A minor Andante in what he must have conceived to be a Russian idiom." TNG Vol. 2, p. 383. 3 - Op. 74 Quatuor pour Deux Violons, Viola et Violoncelle compose et dedie a Son Altesse le Prince Regnant de Lobkowitz Duc de Raudnitz... Oeuv. 74. Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel [PN] 1609 [1810]. Vl I: [1] (title), [2] (blank), 3-11 pp. Vl II: 7 pp. Vla: 7 pp. Vc: 7 pp. Engraved. First German edition, second issue, published very shortly after the Clementi edition (see Del Mar: Beethoven's String Quartets op. 74 op. 95 Critical Commentary, pp. 14-15). Kinsky p. 198; Hirsch IV, 320; Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 220; Hoboken 2, 333 (all citing the Breitkopf edition as the first). Often referred to as the "harp" quartet; the name derives from the pizzicato effects in the first movement. 4 - Op. 95 Elftes Quartett für zwey Violinen, Bratsche und Violoncelle Seinem Freunde dem Herrn Hofsekretär Nik. Zmeskall von Domanovetz ... 95tes Werk. Wien: S.A. Steiner und Comp. [PN S. et C. 2580] [1816]. Vl. I: 1f. (title, v. blank), [1] (publisher's announcement dated February 1816), 2-9 pp. Vl II: [1] (blank), 2-9 pp. Vla: [1] (blank), 2- 9 pp. Vc: [1] (blank), 2-9 pp. Engraved. First Edition, variant issue (distinguished by the presence of a diminuendo sign in measure 21 and a crescendo sign in measure 22 in the third movement of the second violin part). Del Mar P 1-1/2, p. 17. Kinsky-Halm p. 268. Hirsch IV, 355. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 224. Hoboken 2, 409. "The Quartets in Eb and F minor were written about a year apart, then: an appreciable span of time, by Beethoven's earlier standards. But on this occasion, nothing of first importance appears to have occupied him in between. There would seem to be every reason to consider the two quartets together, in the same way that we naturally group together the six quartets, Op. 18, or the three of Op. 59. Indeed, the two share certain technical proclivities - in the attitude toward sonata form, for example, and toward the key sequence of movements - and both exhibit a poise and control that mark a decided advance over the earlier period (or sub-period). Nonetheless, between the two there is a cleavage in aesthetic stance unlike anything that differentiates the "Razumovsky" Quartets from one another. The Eb Quartet is an open, unproblematic, lucid work of consolidation, like some others written at this time. The F minor Quartet is an involved, impassioned, highly idiosyncratic piece, problematic in every one of its movements, advanced in a hundred ways. One work looks backward, perhaps, the other forward. Or to put it better, one work looks outward, the other inward. It would be hard to imagine any composer grouping these antipodes together as a single opus." Kerman: The Beethoven Quartets, p. 156. We would like to thank Dr. Jonathan Del Mar for his kind assistance in the identification of this issue. 5 - Op. 127 Quatuor pour deux Violons, Alto et Violoncelle compose et dedie a Son Altesse Monseigneur le Prince Nicolas Galitzin... Oeuvre 127. Mayence: les fils de B. Schott [PN] 2351 [March 1826]. Vl I: 1f. (title, v. blank), [1] (blank), 2-13 pp. Vl II: [1] (title), 2-12 pp. Va: [1] (title), 2-11 pp. Vc: [1] (title), 2-11 pp. Title lithographed, music engraved. First Edition. Kinsky-Halm p. 385. Hirsch IV, 399. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 232. Hoboken 2, 510. Schott also published this work in Paris at about the same time. 6 - Op. 130 Troisieme Quatuor pour 2 Violons, Alte & Violoncelle des Quatuors composes et dedies A Son Altesse Monseigneur le Prince Nicolas de Galitzin... Oeuvre 130... Ecrit et piquire par A. Kurka. Vienne: Maths. Artaria [PN M.A. 871] [May 1827]. Vl I: [1] (title), 2-15 pp. Vl II: 13 pp. Va: 11 pp., with manuscript overpaste to page 7 Vc: 11 pp. Engraved throughout. Small oval publisher's blindstamp to lower margins. Binder's holes to inner margin. First Edition variant, with music commencing on verso of title to first violin part. Kinsky-Halm p. 395 (describing another printing with blank verso to title). Hirsch IV, 403. Hoboken 2, 516. 7 - Op. 131 Grand Quatuor En Ut dieze mineur pour deux Violons alto et Violoncelle compose et dedie a Son Excellence Monsieur Le Baron de Stutterhiem... Oeuvre 131. Mayence: les fils de B. Schott [PN] 2628 [June 1827]. Vl I: 1f. (title, v. blank), 13 pp. Vl II: [1] (title), 2-13 pp. Va: [1] (title), 2-13 pp. Vc: [1] (title), 2-13 pp. Lithographic titles, music engraved. First Edition. Kinsky-Halm p. 399. Hirsch IV, 405. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 233. 8 - Op. 132 Quatuor pour 2 Violons, Alto & Violoncelle Compose & Dedie a Son Altesse Monseigneur le Prince Nicolas de Galitzin... Oeuvre posthume. Oeuv 132. No. 12 des Quatuors. Berlin: Ad. Mt. Schlesinger... Paris: Maurice Schlesinger [PN] 1443 [Sept. 1827]. Vl I: [1] (title), [2]-[3] (blank), 4-19 pp. Vl II: [1] (title), 2-15 pp. Va: [1] (title), 2-15 pp. Vc: [1] (title), 2-15 pp. Engraved throughout. Small oval publisher's stamp to lower corners of title. First Edition. Kinsky-Halm p. 402. Hirsch IV, 407. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 233. Hoboken 2, 521. 9 - Op. 133 Grande Fugue tantot libre, tantot recherche 2 Violons, Alte & Violoncelle. Dediee avec les plus profonde veneration A Son Altesse Imperiale et Royale Eminentissime Monseigneur le Cardinal Rodolphe... Oeuvre 133. Vienne: Math. Artaria [PN M.A. 877] [May 1827]. Vl I: [1] (title), [2] (blank), 3- 10 pp. Vl II: [1] (blank), 9 pp. Va: [1] (blank), 2-9 pp. Vc: [1] (blank), 2-9 pp. Engraved throughout. First Edition. Kinsky-Halm p. 405. Hirsch IV, 409. Dorfmüller-Weinhold p. 234. Hoboken 2, 524. 10 - Op. 135 Quatuor pour 2 Violons Alto & Violoncelle Compose & dedie a son ami Johann Wolfmeier... Oeuvre posthume. Oeuv. ....

      [Bookseller: J & J Lubrano Music Antiquarians]
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        Hinterlassene Schriften. Herausgegeben von dessen ältestem Bruder (d.i. Johann Daniel Runge). 2 Bde.

      Hamburg, Friedrich Perthes, 1840 - 1841.. 2 Bl., 435, (1) S. mit 22 Textfiguren u. -illustrationen, 7 (1 gefaltete) Tafeln (1 Selbstbildnis Runges u. 4 Tafeln in Lithographie von Speckter & Co. in Hamburg, 1 Kupferstich von Sprinck in Dresden sowie 1 Holzschnitt Runges) u. XII S. Titel u. "Verzeichniß der Subskribenten", 554 S. mit 1 Textfigur, 1 Bl. Druckfehler, 1 Titelbild (Lithographie von Speckter & Co.), 1 gefaltete Notenbeilage mit der Melodie zu "Die Blume der Blumen". Schlichte Handeinbände des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts in Pappe mit jeweils 2 goldgeprägten Rückenschildern, pergamentverstärkten Rückenober- u. -unterkanten sowie eingebundenen bedruckten Originalumschlägen (Rücken gleichmäßig gebräunt (von Hellgrün der Deckel zum Braun der Rücken) u. leicht berieben, stellenweise etwas stärker, meist aber gering braunfleckig).. Erste Ausgabe.- Enthält in Band 1: Buch I: Gedanken und Erörterungen über die Kunst und das Leben: 1. Bestimmung 1801 - 1803. 2. Kunst 1805 - 1807. 3. Farbenlehre (Elemente der Farben. Farbenkugel u.a.) 4. Practik und Leben 1804 - 1810. Buch II. Entwürfe zu Bildern. Buch III. Phantasien und Mährchen.- Band 2 umfaßt: Buch IV. Auswahl von Briefen 1795 - 1810. V. Nachrichten aus dem Lebens- und Bildungsgange des Mahlers Philipp Otto Runge. Von dem Herausgeber (J. D. Runge). VI. Kritiken und Berichte (a. Die Kunst betreffend. b. Die Farbenlehre betreffend). VII. Zeugnisse.- Auf einem hinteren Umschlag werden bei Perthes, Besser & Mauke angebotene Blätter (Die Tageszeiten. Der Morgen) und die Schrift "Die Farbenkugel" offeriert. Im Subskribenten-Verzeichniß sind aufgeführt: Abegg, Arndt, Bettina v. Arnim, Bartels, Bendemann, Benecke, Bethmann-Holweg, J. und W. und Sulpiz Boisseree, Cl. Brentano, Bunsen, Campe, de Chapeaurouge, Commeter, Cornelius, Dahl, v. Einsiedel, Godeffroy, J. Görres, J. Grimm, von der Hagen, W. v. Haxthausen, Hitzig, Hübner, Hülsenbeck, W. Kaulbach, Lappenberg, v. Martius, Nathusius, Louise Otto, Perthes-Gotha, Graf Pocci, K. Rosenkranz, v. Rumohr, die Brüder G. L. P. und P. O. Runge u. andere Mitglieder der Familie, Rietschel, Schelling, J. F. Schlosser, J. Schnorr v. Carolsfeld, Schorn, G. H. v. Schubert, Schwanthaler, Sieveking, Steffens, Fr. Tieck, Ph. Veit, Villers, Waagen u.a.- Schröder 3335,2; Goed. VI,48,2; Ehmcke/Hobrecker (Speckter) 18; Rümann 2177; Borst 1961.- Beiliegend: PERTHES, FRIEDRICH: Eröffnung der Subscription auf die hinterlassenen Schriften von Philipp Otto Runge, Mahler, herausgegeben von dessen ältestem Bruder". Hamburg, im December 1839. 4° (ca. 25,6 : 21,2 cm). 4 Seiten. Gefalteter Einblattdruck (an 2 Knicks eingerissen, etwas braunfleckig).

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Gabriele Klara]
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        Album aus Tyrol und Salzburg nach Originalzeichnungen von G. Auer und A. Podesta. I. Abtheilung: Das Zillerthal. Zell am Ziller. Zell am See. Botzen. St. Martinswand. Innsbruck. Hofers Zufluchtsort 1809. Hofers Haus. Salzburg. Schloss Amras mit dem Salzgebirge bei Hall. Hohen Werfen im Salzburgischen Pongau. Der Hintersee bei Berchtesgaden. 2. Abtheilung: Der Orteles. Das Stubaythal. Riva. Die Scharnitz. Das Etschthal. Torbole. Das Grödner-Thal. Engpass von Finstermünz. Das Dolomitgebirge. Bad Ratzes. Am Brenner. Der Peterskirchhof in Salzburg.

      München, Literarisch artistische Anstalt (Cotta), o. J. [um 1840].. OLithographie. ca. 29 x 40 cm. ca. 35,5 x 52 cm. Je 12 Ansichten in Brosch.Mappen.. In der Abbildung: jeweils 1. Ansicht der Abteilungen. Weitere Ansichten auf Anfrage. - Leicht stockfleckig.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Weinek]
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        "Ansicht von Frankfurt a/M". Blick von der Mainbrücke auf den Fluß und die Häuserzeilen am Ufer mit dem Dom rechts. Auf der Brücke zahlreiche Personengruppen (Handwerker, ein Bauer mit seiner Kuh, Spaziergänger mit Hund).

      . Lithographie von F. Heister nach Carl Morgenstern, gedruckt bei F.C. Vogel, Frankfurt, um 1840, 42,5 x 65,5 cm.. Thieme-Becker Bd. XXV, S. 147/48. - Der Frankfurt Landschaftsmaler Carl Morgenstern lebte von 1811 bis 1893. Er war Schüler seines Vaters Johann Friedrich. Seit 1832 wirkte er in München, beeinflußt von Christian Morgenstern und Rottmann. Er bereiste Italien, Belgien, Holland und Frankreich. - Monumentales Blatt mit breitem Rand und einwandfreier Erhaltung.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Geoffenbarter Einfluss in das allgemeine Wohl der Staaten der ächten Freymäurerey ...

      Paris (Bern), (Jenni), 1840. PLUMENOEK, Carl Hubert Lobreich von (d. i. Schleiss von Löwenfeld, B. J.). "Geoffenbarter Einfluss in das allgemeine Wohl der Staaten der ächten Freymäurerey, aus dem wahren Endzweck ihrer ursprünglichen Stiftung erwiesen, ..., entgegen gesetzt. Samt dem ... Unterricht, das wahre Rosenkreutzerische Astralpulver ächt zu bereiten, und zum Besten des gemeinen Wesens wider fast alle Krankheiten zu gebrauchen." Amsterdam (d.i. Regensburg, Montag,) 1777, gr.- 8°, 160 S. + 1 Bl. Errata. HLdr.aus d. Zeit, in Ecken angestossen bzw. berieben, doch noch sehr gutes Ex.. Seltene EA des früher Freimaurerschrift (zweitesmal 1779 erschienen). Anlass war eine Schrift des berühmten dänischen Juristen J. J. Moser über die Frage, ob die Freimaurer als Geheimgesellschaft dem Staate gefährlich und daher zu verbieten seien.

      [Bookseller: Antikvariat Karel Krenek]
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        Abbildungen zu Oken's Naturgeschichte.

      . Stuttgart, Hoffmann'sche Verlags Buchhandlung, o.J. (um 1840). 34,7 : 29,5 cm. Lithogr. Titelbl., 100 unn. S. Text u. 75 meist handkolorierte Lithographien. HLeder d.Zt.. Die Tafeln zu Mineralogie (6), Pflanzenanatomie, -system (3), Pilze (4), Pflanzen (15), Infusions-Thierchen, Korallen (4), Quallen (4), Muscheln (4), Schnecken (5), Muschel-Kracken (3), Würmer, Seeigel (8), Asseln (1), Krebse, Spinnen (3), Mücken, Immen (3), Motten, Schmetterlinge (5), Fliegen, Käfer (7). - Text stockfleckig, die Tafeln meist nur am Rand schwach fleckig. Rücken, Ecken u. Kanten berieben, RSchild mit grösserer Fehlstelle.

      [Bookseller: Gerhard Zähringer Antiquariat und Galeri]
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        Die Günderode.

      5 Bl., 440 S. Glasierter brauner Halblederband der Zeit mit goldgeprägtem Rückentitel, Bandnummer und wenig Rückenvergoldung. Band 1 (von 2). Goedeke VI,84,4. - Borst 1930. - Erster Band der ersten Ausgabe des berühmten Briefromans. Mit handschriftlicher Widmung der Verfasserin auf dem fliegenden Vorsatz: "Dem Herrn von Flach geschenkt mit der Bitte sich meiner zuweilen zu erinnern, Bettina Arnim". - Leider bleibt der Widmungsempfänger unbekannt, obwohl der Arnim-Spezialist Prof. Bernhard Gajek Nachforschungen unternahm (s. beigelegte Briefkarte vom 22.11.1967 an den Vorbesitzer). - Kanten und Deckel beschabt. Vorsätze mit Leimschatten. - Widmungsexemplare von Bettina von Arnim werden selten angeboten.

      [Bookseller: Daniel Thierstein Buchantiquariat]
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        Gesamtansicht mit Hügelkette im Hintergrund, vorne Heuernte.

      . Kol. Lithographie von Anton Schleich nach J. Zimmermann bei Zach, um 1840, 28 x 43,5 cm.. Vgl. Schefold 48851. - Schefold kennt nur ein ähnliches Blatt, ebenfalls von Schleich lithographiert, jedoch stammt die Vorzeichnung von N. Lechner. - Mit feinem Rändchen um die Einfassungslinie. Schönes, frisches Kolorit.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        Gesamtansicht über den Lech auf Schloß und Stadt.

      . Lithographie mit Tonplatte von Eberhard Emminger nach Hohe, um 1840, 32 x 46 cm.. Nicht bei Henning-Maier und Lentner. - Sehr seltene Ansicht. Tadelloser Zustand mit breitem Rand.

      [Bookseller: Peter Bierl Buch- & Kunstantiquariat]
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        "Maximilian Kronprinz und Maria Kronprinzessin von Bayern in Hohenschwangau". Das Paar in zweispänniger offener Kutsche vor dem Alpenpanorama mit dem Schloß.

      . Lithographie auf China von Th. Driendl nach Alois Bach, gedruckt von Th. Kammerer, München, um 1840, 49 x 67 cm.. Thieme-Becker Bd. II, S. 307/08; nicht bei Lentner. - Der Genre- und Landschaftsmaler Alois Bach wurde 1809 in Eschlkam geboren. Er studierte in München bei Heinrich Hess und wurde besonders von Wagenbauer und Bürkel beeinflußt. In der Gestaltung der Landschaft zählt er zur Schule von Eduard Schleich. Bach starb 1893 in München. - Abzug mit Rand auf Chinapapier. Der Kopf der Kronprinzessin extra einmontiert!

      [Bookseller: Franziska Bierl Antiquariat]
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        Selbstbiographie nebst einer Sammlung von Briefen an ihn von Biester, Bode, (Boie), Bürger, Cramer, Ewald, v. Fredenheim, Gramberg, Heerwagen, v. Hennings, Justi, v. Knigge, Kosegarten, Lavater, Marcard, Meißner, v. Meister, Nicolai, Oelsner, v. Ompteda, Reinhold, v. Schlieffen, Schröder, F. L. Graf zu Stolberg, Stoltz, v. Ungern (-Sternberg), Voß und Wieland; zum Druck bearbeitet von seinem Bruder Ludwig Wilhelm Christian v. Halem ... und herausgegeben von C. F. Strackerjan. VI, 203, 215 S. Mit gestoch. Porträt in Medaillonform. Etwas späterer Pappbd (Rücken gering fleckig), der Orig.-Umschlag ist auf dem Rücken und den Innendeckeln montiert.

      Oldenburg, Schulze, 1840.. . Sehr seltene erste Ausgabe der gesuchten Publikation zum Leben des Oldenburger Justizrates und Schriftstellers v. Halem (1752-1819), der in enger Verbindung zu den führenden Köpfen der Aufklärung stand und durch seine literarischen und historischen Veröffentlichungen Kontakte zu vielen Literaten knüpfte. "Die starke Seite seiner geistigen Veranlagungen bestand vor allem in einer hochentwickelten Empfänglichkeit für die Ideenströmungen, welche seine Zeit bewegten, in einem ausgebildeten Sinne für poetische Form und in einer großen Leichtigkeit der Darstellung. Dabei kam ihm eine ungewöhnlich umfassende und vielseitige Belesenheit, die Gabe leichter und sicherer Aneignung in den verschiedensten Gedanken- und Empfindungsreisen zu Hülfe, und seine litterarische Wirksamkeit war getragen von dem Feuereifer, welcher das Zeitalter bezeichnete" (ADB). Halems Autobiographie lag im Jahr 1822 bis zur Seite 144 gedruckt vor. Sein Bruder Ludwig Wilhelm Christian v. Halem verhinderte jedoch die Veröffentlichung. Grund war die Haltung Halems zur Französischen Revolution, der diese u. a. auch in seinen 'Blicken auf einen Theil Deutschlands' begeistert begrüßt hatte und der auf einer sechsmonatigen Reise auch den Schauplatz der von ihm mit lebhaftem Interesse verfolgten Ereignisse besucht hatte und dabei in Paris mit Oelsner in nähere Verbindung getreten war. Knapp 20 Jahre später übertrug Halem die Herausgabe des Werkes seinem Freund Strackerjan. - Titelrückseite mit hübschem altem Bibliotheksstempel und zeitgenöss. handschriftl. Besitzvermerk, nur gelegentlich etwas fleckig. Unbeschnittenes Exemplar. - Goed. V 428, 2b. Klaiber S. 120.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Wolfgang Braecklein]
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        Büffon's sämmtliche Werke sammt den Ergänzungen, nach der Classifikation von G. Cuvier.

      Köln, Expedition von Büffon's, 1840.. Ausgabe in deutscher Übersetzung von H. J. Schaltenbrand. Band 2 Allgemeine Gegenstände 820 S. gebundene Ausgabe, Halbleder mit 2 Faltkarten Frakturschrift 8°, gebundene Ausgabe Exemplar antiquarisch gut erhalten, Seiten alters- sowie papierbedingt gebräunt, mit Gebrauchsspuren und Braunfleckig K14472.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Buchhandel Daniel Viertel]
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        Abbildungen aus der Naturgeschichte mit Text.

      Zürich, Friedrich Schulthess, (1840).. 41x27,8 cm. Lithogr. Titelbl. mit Vignette, 112 (recte 106, Pagination springt von S. 20 auf S. 27) S. Text und 41 (39 handkolor.) lithogr. Tafeln. Neuerer PP.-Bd. mit goldgepr. Deckeltitel.. Nissen ZBI 3669. - Leemann-van Elck, Die zürcherische Buchillustration von den Anfängen bis um 1850, S. 207: "... ein prächtiges Werk". - Zweite Ausgabe, die Erstausgabe erschien mit dem Untertitel "für den Schul- und Privatunterricht". - Mit den Abteilungen: Säugetiere (Tafeln I-XII), Vögel (Tafeln 1-VIII), Amphibien, Reptilien, Fische, Insekten, Muscheln (Tafeln I-IX) und Pflanzen (Tafeln I-XII, davon 2 unkoloriert). - Heinrich Rudolf Schinz (1777-1861) kehrte nach seinem Studium der Medizin in Würzburg und Jena nach Zürich zurück. Er war Lehrer und auch Rektor der Industrieschule, Prof. für Zoologie an der neugegründeten Universität Zürich, Begründer und Konservator der Zürcher Zoologischen Sammlung, Oberrichter, Grossrat, Präsident der Naturfoschenden Gesellschaft Zürich, Initiant, Mitgründer und später Präsident der Schweiz. Naturfoschenden Gesllschaft. - (Rücken etwas beschabt. Goldprägung stellenweise abgesplittert. Textbl. leicht fleckig. Erste Tafel unten knapp beschnitten mit halbzeiligem Textverlust). - Tafeln praktisch fleckenlos und frisch. Komplettes Exemplar.

      [Bookseller: Biblion Antiquariat Leonidas Sakellaridi]
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        Spitzweg, Carl. - "Sonntagsspaziergang".

      . Zeichnung / Bleistiftzeichnung, um 1840. Von Carl Spitzweg. 14,5 x 13,3 cm (Darstellung) / 18,5 x 16,5 cm (Blatt). Rechts unten in Bleistift signiert. - Die Skizze zeigt die vordere Figurengruppe des gleichnamigen Gemäldes. Dargestellt wird die typische Familie des Kleinbürgertums bei einem Ausflug. Der "Sonntagsspaziergang" zählt zu den Hauptwerken des Künstlers. - Beiliegend ein Zertifikat unserer Galerie. - Papier gebräunt und durchgehend etwas fleckig. Minimal knickspurig. Verso Reste einer ehemaligen Montierung. Der Zustand kann als mäßig gut bis gut beschrieben werden. Carl Spitzweg (1808 Unterpfaffenhofen - 1885 München). Deutscher Maler und Illustrator. Als Autodidakt zählt er dennoch zu den bedeutendsten Vertretern der Spätromantik und des Biedermeiers. Zunächst Ausbildung zum Apotheker. 1830-32 Studium der Pharmazie, Botanik und Chemie an der Münchner Universität. 1833 beschloß er während eines Kuraufenthalts, sich komplett der Malerei zuzuwenden und seinen erlernten Beruf aufzugeben. Ab 1835 Mitglied des Münchner Kunstvereins. Reisen nach Dalmatien, Venedig, Paris, London und Antwerpen. Freundschaft mit dem Landschaftsmaler Eduard Schleich. Ab 1844 Mitarbeiter der "Fliegenden Blätter"..

      [Bookseller: Kunsthandlung Koenitz]
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        Chamonix, le Mont-Blanc et les deux Saint-Bernard. Nouvel itineraire descriptif des alpes centrales et de leurs vallees, conduisant aux eaux thermales de St. Gervais, etc. Genf, Combe 1843. 8°. 2 Bll., 182 S., mit 1 (mehrf. gef.) gest. Karte.- Angebunden: Ders., La Vallee de Sixt en 1843. Complement...Genf, Combe 1843. 51 S., OBrosch.

      . . Dreyer 771 - Perret II, 2795: "Rare" bzw. 2796: "Tres rare".- 3. Aufl., (erstmals 1840 erschienen) des sehr seltenen Führers (kein Ex. auf dt. Auktion seit 1950)) in die Gegenden um Chamonix, auf den Mont Blanc u. St. Bernhard. J.-L. Manget wurde 1785 in Genf geboren, er war Schriftsteller u. Prof. der Literatur in Lausanne.- Mit einer Karte von Chamonix und seiner Umgebung.- Etw. stockfleckig, Innendeckel mit Exlibris, original Einband gering fleckig, breitrandiges, unbeschn. Ex.,

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Johannes Müller]
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        IL FACCHINO, giornaletto di scienze, lettere ed arti 1840, Parma, Ferrari tipografia, 1840

      straordinario avvenimento culturale nella Parma ottocentesca. Il MALASPINA, facchino, (che avrebbe anche stampato dizionari in dialetto locale) fonda , dirige ed anima questo periodico, con buona grafica ed interessanti notizie locali ma anche nazionali. ANNO SECONDO 1840 (formato 22 x 30 e pp. 8 per esemplare) Dal n. 1 del 4 gennaio al n. 52 del 28 dicembre (41 giornali) Dettaglio numeri : 1, 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (4 luglio), 29 (18 luglio), 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41,42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50, 52. li offriamo in blocco (non divisibili)

      [Bookseller: Libreria e Rivisteria Ferraguti]
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        AMERICAN SCENERY; Or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature. Two Volumes. [Roycroft Binding]

      London:: George Virtue,, 1840. London:: George Virtue,, 1840. First Edition. Very Good++. TWO VOLUMES. Complete Set. Two Very Good++ hardback First Edition First Printings bound in half brown suede binding by the Roycrofters. Marbled endpapers with raised bands spines, gilt lettering on red leather spine labels, marbled endpapers. Engraved by R. Wallis, J. Cousen, Willmore, Brandard, Adlard, Richardson, Etc. Complete with 68 Plates in Volume 1 and 53 Plates in Volume 2. Includes frontispiece engraved portrait of W. H. Bartlett in Volume 1 and extra engraved title pages in both volumes. Endpaper notations in pencil that the volumes were rebound by Elbert Hubbard (Roycrofters). Scattered foxing. Minimal cover edge wear. Sm. 4tos. 140 pp. 106 pp.

      [Bookseller: By The Book, LC ABAA-ILAB]
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        Abbildungen des Königlich-Hannoverschen Militairs in characteristischen Gruppen dargestellt. Entworfen und auf Stein gezeichnet von G. Osterwald

      Hannover, Schrader um 1840: . Hannover, Schrader um 1840. 38 cm. 24 kolorierte Lithographien von Georg Osterwald. Festeinband, Halbleineneinband der Zeit, Original-Umschlagtitel aufgezogen - Colas 2257 - Merlo 636 - Vollständiges Exemplar des Uniformwerkes. Die schön kolorierten Lithographien sind jeweils auf Karton montiert, die den Titel, die Bezeichnung des Blattes, eine Linienumrahmung und den Trockenstempel des Verlages tragen. Am Einband stärkere Gebrauchsspuren, Blattränder außerhalb der Darstellung fingerfleckig und wasserrandig -

      [Bookseller: Wenner Antiquariat]
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        Umrisse und kritische Studien zur Geschichte von Siebenbürgen. Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Geschichte der deutschen Colonisten im Lande

      Hermannstadt, Hochmeister 1840 - 1851.. Hermannstadt, Hochmeister 1840 - 1851.. 2 in 1 Band. 1 Bl., III, 102, 31 S.; 3 Bll., 194 S. Neuere HLwd. mit eingeb. vord. Orig.-Karton. Wurzbach XXXII, 160; Petrik III, 338. - Tls. etwas fleckig.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Turszynski]
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      Ernest Fleischer 1840-1847 In-8 gr. (mm. 280x210), 2 voll. in 1, mz. pelle coeva, dorso a cordoni con tit. oro, pp. VI,252; (2),98; con ritratto dell?A. in b.n. all?antiporta e complessive 140 pregevoli tavv. f.t. che raffigurano felci. Le belle illustrazioni sono inc. in rame, con fine coloritura d?epoca, e sono tutte dettagliatamente descritte. "Edizione originale" di questa importante opera del naturalista tedesco Gustav Kunze (1793-1851), professore di Zoologia all?Università di Lipsia dove diresse anche il giardino botanico. Cfr. Nissen, Die Botanische Buchillustration, p. 102: ?Das Werk bildet ein Supplement zu Christ. Schkurs Farnnkrautern in dessen Botan. Handbuch? - Pritzel, p. 172 - Cat. British Museum (Natural History),II, p. 1036. Solo il testo fiorito o brunito mentre le tavole sono fresche e ben conservate.

      [Bookseller: Libreria Antiquaria Malavasi]
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      Paris: Furne, Imprimerie Béthune et Plon, 1840 - 1846 - 16 volumes in-8; Collation conforme à Vicaire (IV, 384-387). Les illustrations comprennent une vignette sur chaque page de titre, 2 portraits, 7 frontispices, et 25 gravures hors-texte. Reliure d'époque uniforme en demi-chagrin cerise, dos à nerfs ornés de filets à froid avec tomaison et titres dorés, plats et gardes marbrés. Quelques minimes frottis et rousseurs éparses, mais généralement très frais intérieurement. L'une des meilleures éditions anciennes des Oeuvres, parue en livraisons et qui fut vérifiée et corrigée par Hugo lui-même. Les figures sont celles de l'édition Renduel de 1832-1842. Elles sont gravées par Geoffroy, Lacour Lestudier, Langlois, Sisco, W. et E. Finden, d'après Bayalos, Colin, Steinheil, Boulanger, Raffet, Tony et Alfred Johannot? Vicaire IV, 384-87.

      [Bookseller: LIBRAIRIE DES CARRÉS]
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        Neue Gattungen fossiler Krebse aus Gebilden vom Bunten Sandstein bis in die Kreide. Gezeichnet und beschrieben von Hermann von Meyer. Mit vier Tafeln Abbildungen

      Stuttgart, Schweizerbartsche Verlagshandlung, 1840.. Stuttgart, Schweizerbartsche Verlagshandlung, 1840.. Illustrierter Org.-Pappband. Gr.-Quart. VI, (2), 28 S., mit vier lithographischen Tafeln. Titel mit rückseitigem Stempel der Bibliothek Donau-Eschingen. Geringfügig gebräunt. Schönes Exemplar. Erste Ausgabe. Selten. - Nissen, ZBI 2801. BMC (Natural History), S. 1300. - Hermann von Meyer gilt als der Begründer der deutschsprachigen Wirbeltierpaläontologie und hinterließ mit über 300 wissenschaftlichen Publikationen ein beeindruckendes Lebenswerk. Sein Arbeitseifer erscheint umso bewunderswerter, als daß seine paläontologischen Forschungen eine bloße Nebenbeschäftigung darstellten - im Hauptamt war er seit 1837 für die Finanzverwaltung des Deutschen Bundestag in Frankfurt am Main tätig.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Stefan Wulf]
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        Pl. 297 Cock of the Plains [Sage Grouse] The Birds of America, from Drawings Made in the United States and Their Territories

      New York & Philadelphia: Audubon, J. J. & Chevalier, J.B., 1840-44. Matted in Ivory Rag Board First Royal Octavo Fine condition with bright original hand-coloring A fine original hand-colored lithograph on paper. Sheet size: 6.5 x 10.25 inches. Drawn from nature by J. J. Audubon, FRS, FLS and lithographed, printed and colored by JT Bowen, Philadelphia from The First Royal Octavo Edition of John James Audubon's The Birds of America. Includes the text from Audubon's Ornithological Biography. The Royal Octavo Edition of The Birds of America represents John James Audubon's desire to create a democratic (affordable) work based his magnum opus; the Double Elephant Folio Edition of The Birds of America. Satisfied with his research, as well as his portrayals of North America's native and distinct bird species, J.J. Audubon here rendered a miniature yet unique version of The Birds of America. As is the case with prolific artists, Audubon continued to improve upon a body of work which was viewed as perfection. During the mid-19th century, there were no photomechanical means of reproduction, every composition was then redrawn by hand, with the aid of the Camera Lucida. For this Royal Octavo Edition Audubon and his assistants translated the 435 compositions of the Double Elephant Folio edition into 500 unique compositions of individual species. Previously documented groups of heretofore unrelated birds were now separated and divided according to species, and portrayed either on a new botanical perch or within a renewed landscape. Unlike the life-sized portraits of the Double Elephant Folio edition each bird was now sized to scale on the octavo-sized plate; approximately 6.5 x 10.25 inches. With this slight alteration, Audubon created a perfected composition, and thus offered a charming vignette view of the bird, or family of birds in its natural setting. For the Royal Octavo Edition, Audubon enlisted America's premier lithographers, JT Bowen and Co. in Philadelphia and Endicott in New York to produce the work. Every composition was drawn on a limestone tablet, inked, printed and then hand-colored with watercolor. In this format Audubon presented the undocumented birds discovered during his explorations of the American West, but not previously included in the Double Elephant Folio Edition of The Birds of America. As with the folio edition, the Royal Octavo Edition was sold by subscription. One hundred individual packets of five hand-colored lithographs and accompanying text; Audubon's Ornithological Biography, was sent to the subscriber. It was issued the first and fifteenth of each month for four subsequent years. The pagination of the Royal Octavo Edition was organized to be bound in seven volumes. This successful and popular work of American ornithology was produced in an eventual eight editions, the final edition of which was issued in 1870 by George Lockwood, New York. (Wood, Casey. An Introduction to the Literature of Vertebrate Literature. London: Oxford University Press, 1931. Tyler, Ron. Audubon's Great National Work. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1993. )

      [Bookseller: Lowry-James Rare Prints & Books, ABAA]
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        The Works of Benjamin Franklin : Containing several Political and Historical Tracts not included in any former edition, and many Letters Official and Private, not hitherto published. With Notes and Life of the Author by Jared Sparks [complete 10 volume set]

      Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Company, 1840. Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Company. Very Good- with no dust jacket. 1840. Hardcover. Seven volumes professionally rebacked with original spine remnants laid on. Random foxing, light wear. Solid copies. ; Ten of ten volumes, complete set. A Checklist of American Imprints for 1840, 40-2431. William Thomas Lowndes, The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, volume 2, page 834. Joseph Sabin, A Dictionary of Books relating to America, 25606. Well regarded as a founder of the academic study of American history, later President of Harvard, Jared Sparks rescued much of the papers of key American leaders of the American Revolution. Bookplates of George Brinley and J Hammond Trumbull on pastedown of volume I. George Brinley, of Hartford, was a leading collector of American history, and the five auctions of his library 1878-1880 were landmark events. J Hammond Trumbull, state librarian of Connecticut, one of the founders and a President of the American Philological Association, and thirty years President of the Connecticut Historical Society, was given rights in Brinley's will to purchase a given value of books at the auctions without payment. Sparks' Works of Benjamin Franklin was the definitive nineteenth-century version, and this particular set has fascinating provenance and associations. ; 10 v pages .

      [Bookseller: Mike's Library]
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      1840 - [a handsome copy] With Illustrations by George Cattermole and Hablot Browne. [In Three Volumes.] London: Chapman and Hall, 1840/-41/-41. Original blind-stamped purple-brown cloth with gilt-decorated spines and front covers. First Edition in book form of THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP and of BARNABY RUDGE. After NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, Dickens decided that all his future novels would be issued as loosely-connected tales presented by one Master Humphrey; furthermore, serialization would be weekly, and with illustrations printed within the text rather than on separate plates. MASTER HUMPHREY'S CLOCK was initially issued in 88 weekly (and also grouped as 20 monthly) parts; the three volumes in cloth were accordingly published separately, at intervals of about seven months. Simultaneous with the publication of Vol III, MASTER HUMPHREY'S CLOCK was divided and issued as two separate one-volume novels -- at which time Dickens gave up on the experiment, and reverted to the old formula (monthly serial parts, with separate plates) for MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT and subsequent novels.~This set is in the primary (and usual) binding, with the gilt front cover clock whose hands point to the appropriate volume number. We have seen copies of MASTER HUMPHREY'S CLOCK with several variations of endpapers: marbled, light coffee-brown, pale yellow, and (as here) plain white. The page edges are plain (some copies with marbled endpapers also have marbled edges). Subscribers to serial parts could have them bound into this "original publisher's cloth" at a multitude of places, so variations of endpapers and edges are many.~The condition of the volumes is near-fine: there is very slight wear at a few extremities and some of the endpapers are cracked, but there is none of the usual fading of the spines, the cover gilt remains nice and bright, and there is scarcely any foxing within. In all, quite a desirable set. Smith I pp 44-57. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Sumner & Stillman [ABAA]]
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        Philodemi Rhetorica ex Herculanei Papyro lithographice oxonii excusa Restituit latine vertit Dissertatione De graeca Eloquentia et Rhetorica notitiaque De Herculanensibus voluminibus auxit annotaionubus indicibusque instruxit E. Gros adjecti sunt Duo Philodemi Libri De Rhetorica Neapoli editi.

      Excudebant Firmin Didot Fratres 1840 - 1 vol. in-8 reliure demi-chagrin vert, dos à 4 nerfs, Excudebant Firmin Didot Fratres [ Firmin Didot Frères ], Paris, 1840, 3 ff., cxxxii pp., 5 ff. (dont 4 planches reproduisant les fragments), 246 pp. et 1 f. Titre complet : Philodemi Rhetorica ex Herculanei Papyro lithographice oxonii excusa Restituit latine vertit Dissertatione De graeca Eloquentia et Rhetorica notitiaque De Herculanensibus voluminibus auxit annotaionubus indicibusque instruxit E. Gros adjecti sunt Duo Philodemi Libri De Rhetorica Neapoli editi. Bon état pour cette rare édition des fragments de la Rhétorique de Philodème découverts à Herculanum (très petite restauration ancienne à un accroc sans mq. à 2 ff., qq. rouss.). Texte grec avec traduction latine en regard. Langue: Grec [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie du Cardinal]
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        THE NEW ROYAL BATTLEDORE. A set of 4 all unused, all different

      Kettering, Joseph Toller, circa 1840.. Folded size 130 x 87 mm, 5 1/8 x 3 3/8 inches, white paper laid on grey card with 2 folds to form 2 pages and a shaped flap or handle bearing the title, imprint, price of one penny and a small cut of a zebra. An alphabet, irregular alphabets and 2 reading lessons inside and 2 on the outside panels. The text on each battledore is the same but the 3 good cuts inside are all different: 1. a basket maker, a ragged old man chased by a vicious-looking snake and a goose, a herald with trumpet and proclamation standing by a column; 2. a girl praying; a mother and child watch a royal coach go by in Italy; an actor on the stage takes a bow; 3. a woman spinning outside her cottage; a beautiful angel leads a cherub on a raft to shore; Mother Hubbard shows her dog the cupboard is bare; 4. a man weaving; a courtroom brawl before a judge; a cat on a chair, a dog making a fuss of and their old lady owner. Plus upper and lower case alphabets and numbers. All near Fine crisp clean copies. Oppenheimer catalogue No. 173 dates this circa 1830. MORE IMAGES ATTACHED TO THIS LISTING.

      [Bookseller: Roger Middleton]
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        Ausgewählte Werke. 40 Bände (Nachgewiesen 51 Bände) in 14 Büchern, Neu übersetzt von Carl Andrae, Friedrich Funck, C. Herrmann, Friedrich Richter und Wilhelm Sauerwein.

      Mannheim, Verlag Heirich Hoff, 1840 - 1841. - Einbände etwas berieben, gute feste Bindung, Buchblöcke fleckenfrei Sprache: de Gewicht in Gramm: 4500 15 cm, Original-Pappeinband, dreiseitiger Farbschnitt, mit einem Rückenschild

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Rump]
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      Paris: Impr. Duverger, Rue de Verneuil, 1840. stiff paper wrappers. 106247|107715|108134|108137. large 4to. (345 x 265 mm). stiff paper wrappers. Double-page Chinese woodblock free endpapers on yellow paper (repeated at end), half-title, title, dedication leaf, chromolithograph portrait bust of Gutenberg, Preface with decorative illus. border by Grandville, ff. 3, sectional title leaf, pp. [2] with letterpress facsimile of Donatus fragment on handmade paper tipped-in, ff. [2], sectional title leaf, 2 facsimile leaves of 36-line Bible (Genesis) on handmade paper, f. [1], plate showing projected statue of Gutenberg, pp. 15, f. [1], pp. [2]. Album Typographique Executé a l'Occasion du Jubilé Européen de l'Invention de l'Imprimerie. Text in French. Published in a folio edition limited to 150 copies in the same year, this large quarto edition of 850 copies constitutes the second edition - (the essential differences seem to be that in the folio edition, the facsimiles are printed on vellum rather than paper and the booklet is noticeably smaller). Bigmore & Wyman (1, p. 329); Burke (188, 188a); Wing (II, 47881), who devote almost a page to describing this work, give a detailed breakdown of the contents. To this one could add a couple of points of some significance. The first being that the facsimile leaves of the Premiere Bible de Mayence, sans date en sans nom d'imprimeur, imprimée par Gutenberg also referred to by Bigmore & Wyman as the Gutenberg Bible, is in fact the 36 line Bible, unattributed but probably printed by Pfister in Bamberg, i.e. not the 42 line Bible printed by Gutenberg. It was not until the end of the 19th century (too late for B & W) that Karl Dziatzko conclusively established the priority of the 42 line Bible. However, on the leaf following, there are facsimiles of characters for the 31 and 30 line Indulgences, along with a specimen of B42, which is here called "Fac-simile des Caractères de la deuxième Bible de Mayence antérieure a l'année MCCCCLV1, imprimé par Gutenberg, Fust et Schoifer." These facsimiles, including the extremely interesting Donatus fragment facsimile - a single page printed from the same type (seemingly B36) but cast or used in different ways on different lines, were copied by Charles Desriez, cast by Charles Mesnager, and printed by L. Duzy and J. Fournier and are quite possibly the earliest attempt to reproduce the type of the early printers. The second point to note is the extraordinary Appendix, which Bigmore & Wyman perhaps wisely chose to ignore, containing the text of some twenty letters, wonderful in their typographic detail, purportedly written by Gutenberg to one Frère André, a Franciscan monk. As Dr. Ing notes in Johann Gutenberg and his Bible (1988, pp. 49-50), these forgeries with their "marvel of doubletalk" introduction by Duverger, fooled Arthur Koestler, who "included lengthy quotations from the letters in The Act of Creation his popular study of the creative process." Wrappers bent and torn at edges. Front endpapers, title, and text before preface detached.

      [Bookseller: Oak Knoll Books/Oak Knoll Press]
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        The Railway Times for 1840 (Volume 3) (vol. III)

      Railway Times , 1840 . Hardback. . 4to brown contemporary half calf with raised bands, red title label and gilt decoration. Blind decoration to front. Marbled page edges. Bound in with title page and index to Volume 3. Weekly paper - No 132 Vol. 3 No 28 to Vol. 3 No 52 (July 11 1840 - December 26 1840) Aug. 15th 1840 missing. A rare volume of the journal which charts the most important period of railway history. VG hardback book. Sir Arthur Elton's copy with his bookplate. Front hinge loosening, corners scuffed. Contents fresh and bright.

      [Bookseller: High Barn Books]
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        Oeuvres complètes de Victor Hugo. Poésie. VII. Les Rayons et les Ombres -

      Delloye 1840 -, Paris - 1 volume In-8 389 pp. Reliure demi-veau marron glacé à coins. Dos à nerfs richement orné de mosaïques dorées et à froid, pièces de titre et d'auteur de maroquin vert. Couverture et dos conservés. Intérieur avec quelques rousseurs. Non rogné. Très bel ouvrage, dans une reliure élégante. EDITION ORIGINALE. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie KOEGUI]
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        The Texan Emigrant: Being a Narration of the Adventures of the Author in Texas and a Description of the Soil, Climate,

      Cincinnati: George Conclin, 1840. Beautifully rebound in brown leather & board, Mylar protective wrapper. Contains an account of the Revolution in Mexico. HOWES S998 " one of the objective accounts of Texas affairs issued during the Republic.", Streeter Texas #1367, BASIC TEXAS BOOKS #199. Attractive bookplate. Several pp foxed. Lacking map.. First. Hardcover. Good. 5.25" x 8".

      [Bookseller: McLaren Books]
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      London: Chappell and Simpkin, Marshall, 1840. Some ink annotations in the margins, foxing to engraved title, else very nice copies. . v, 118p, vi; [iv], 198p. 4to. Bound in half green morocco with marbled sides and endpapers, t.e.g., the spines with fancy panel ornaments including s flower in the center of each.

      [Bookseller: First Folio]
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        A Description and History of Vegetable Substances, Used in the Arts, and in Domestic Economy

      London: M.A. Nattali. hardcover. near fine. Timber Trees: Fruits. Illustrated with many b/w wood engravings. 422pp., 12mo, beautifully bound in contemporary brown polished calf with elaborate gilt-decorated spine; inner and outer dentelles, marbled edges. London: M.A. Nattali, (no date, circa 1840). Period ink inscription on flyleaf, otherwise a near fine copy.

      [Bookseller: Argosy Book Store]
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        Gabriel -

      Bonnaire 1840 -, Paris - 1 In-8 351 pp. Reliure demi-maroquin logn grain vert bronze à petits coins. Dos lisse finement orné de fers rocailles et chiffré en pied. Tête dorée. Couverture beige conservée. Grandes marges. Reliure signée de l'atelier "E. et A. Maylander". Intérieur propre et blanc. Mors supérieur frotté. En bon état EDITION ORIGINALE rare. Ex-libris de la bibliothèque d'Eugène Bouchez . [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Librairie KOEGUI]
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        An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports or A Complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the Present Day

      Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London 1840 - "An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports or A Complete Account, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, and other Field Sports and Athletic Amusements of the Present Day" by Delabere P. Blaine, ESQ. First edition. Published by Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London, 1840. Illustrated by 600 engravings on wood, by R. Branston, from drawings by Alken, T. Landseer, Dickes, etc. Very thick octavo [6" x 9"], 1240 pp with additional pages of publisher's advertisements at the beginning and end of the book. Hardbound in publisher's original pictoral green cloth. A large thematic gilt ornament on the top board, and elaborate gilt stamping on the spine. Rear blind-stamped with decorative border and design. The book is in very good antiquarian condition. Minor sunning to the board edges with lightly worn corners. Two small tears to the top of the sunned spine. The gilt lettering and design is bright and fresh. Advertisement and bookplate on the front paste-down. The textblock is remarkably clean and bright. Please view the many other rare titles available for purchase at our store. We are always interested in purchasing individual or collections of fine books. Inventory # (D12-32) [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Ernestoic Books]
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        The History of British India and History British India from 1805 to 1835 (9 Vols complete)

      8, Leadenhall Street. Fleet Street. London.: James Madden and Co. LA Lewis., 1840 Uniformly bound in a superb half maroon c1900 morocco, red marbled boards, some blind tooling, edges and corners rubbed and bumped. Spine, decorative gilt tooling, raised bands, titles in gilt, edges rubbed. Internally, marbled endpapers, text block edges marbled, no inscriptions, lacking half titles?, vols 1-6 printed by E Varty, 27, Camomile Street, Bishopsgate, London. Vol 1, 1840, [3], (iv only), (xliii), [1], [1], 2-650 pp, 1 map (large folding 1840). Vol 2, 1840, [3], (vi only), [1], 2-527 pp, [1], 1 map (large folding 1840 by A Arrowsmith, borders coloured). Vol 3, 1840, [3], (vi-viii), [1], 2-532 pp. Vol 4, 1840, [3], (vi-viii), [1], 2-582 pp. Vol 5, 1840, [3], (vi-vii), [1], [1], 2-640 pp. Vol 6, 1840, [3], (vi-viii), [1], 2-683 pp, [1], 70 index. Vol 7, (vol 1), 1845, [3], (vi-xv), [1], [1], 2-608 pp, printed by S & J Bentley, Wilson, and Fey, Bangor House, Shoe Lane, London. Vol 8, (vol 2), 1846, [3], (vi-xvi), [1], 2-611 pp, [1]. Vol 9, (vol 3), 1848, [3], (vi-xvi), [1], 2-592 pp, 24 index, printed by Wertheimer & Co, Circus Place, Finsbury Circus. A lovely set, with the minimum of spotting and offsetting. First published in 3 volumes in 1817. (Allibone 1278. & Lowndes 2943 for other items) Mill, writer on India, claimed that the Mughal empire was both extremely wealthy and poorly defended. It was, he argued, possible for a force of no more than three ships and 1500–2000 men to secure Bengal. Mill spoke of the British government's willingness to co-operate in return for a share of the wealth! See ODNB. Wilson, Sanskritist, whose legacy may be assessed in two contexts: his scholarship and his leadership. In the area of his scholarship, his writings and translations were pioneering efforts by one who had no formal scholarly training, as none was available at the time. During his lifetime his writings were widely read and influential among scholarly and public audiences interested in India, though later generations would far surpass his accomplishments in the area of Sanskrit grammar and translation. In the area of intellectual leadership he carefully and effectively crafted three major institutions: the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the East India Company Library, and the Royal Asiatic Society. See ODNB.

      [Bookseller: Madoc Books]
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        Neu-York (Amerique) (New York)

      Boulanger, Paris 1840 - Engraving with original hand-color. Drawn and engraved by Leonie Lacoste Cholle. Printed by Gilquin et Dupain. Sheet size: 6 3/8 x 10 1/4". Inventory#: p1154pmat.

      [Bookseller: Arader Galleries of Philadelphia, PA]
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      ... Hereford .. Printed by G. Rowe Cheltenham N.d. c.[1840]. . 1st Ed. 4to. Sepia litho. t.p. + [i] Contents + 69pp. + [i] Index to the Plates. 32 sepia litho. plates including t.p. Lightly foxed to plates, t.p. sl. chipped with very minor marginal loss, contemporary half calf with marbled boards, some wear to corners with sl. loss, rebacked with much of gilt ruled original blind embossed spine laid down. Charles Walter Radclyffe (bap. 1817, d. 1903), painter.& Dedicated to Viscount Eastnor, with chapters and plates dealing with Abbey Dore Church and Valley, Hereford Cathedral, Croft Castle, Downton Castle, Eastnor Castle, Goodrich Castle, Grosmont Castle, Hampton Court, Holm Lacey, Kilpeck Church, Ledbury Church, Leominster Church, Longtown Castle, Madley Church, Symonds Yat, Weobley, Wigmore Castle etc. Additional postage may be necessary US$1046

      [Bookseller: Francis Edwards Bookshop]
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        The Maritime Flags of All Nations

      Lon., 1840.. Hand colored flag plates. “Second edition.” One preliminary spread of text (“Index”) and nine double page spreads containing hand colored engravings of 171 flags. Some interesting flags are pictured here, including the flag of “Texas or Tejas” and the “Russian American Company.” Merchant and naval flags are represented as well as national. Bound in contemporary marbled wrappers, which are worn. Sewing loose but holding. Flag images are clean.

      [Bookseller: Ten Pound Island Book Co.]
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        Autograph Letter Signed, "Washington, Feby 2, 1840. To Mssrs. Wiley

      1840. My Son, the Sculptor Story, Joseph [1779-1845]. [Autograph Letter, Signed, To Mssrs. Wiley & Putnam, Booksellers, New York]. Washington, February 2, 1840. Single leaf folded to form 10" x 8" quarto bifolium, written in ink, addressed, franked and postmarked on verso of fourth page, which has a wax seal and Daniel Webster's free-frank. Fold lines, some toning along margins, otherwise fine. * A brief but intriguing letter, in which Story orders two books on art, apparently for his son, William Wetmore Story [1819-1895], who would graduate from the Harvard Law School later this year. (The books are: Flaxman's Lectures on Sculpture. "with first impressions of the plates" and Bloomfield's Recensio Synoptica.) Was this meant to be a graduation present? Whether it was or not, Joseph Story knew William had an interest in art and, like any good father, nurtured his son's passions. (He couldn't image his some would later abandon a distinguished legal career to become a sculptor.) Upon graduation, William entered the law firm of Hillard and Sumner and published two law treatises by 1847. Sculpture remained an avid hobby at this time; by 1846 Harvard had a bust of his father that he made. Ironically, it was his father's death in 1845 that led him to abandon law and become a professional sculptor. The trustees of Mt. Auburn cemetery elected him to sculpt a likeness of his father for the cemetery's memorial chapel. "To prepare himself to carry out this commission he went to Italy in 1847 and from that time forth became more and more eager to give up the law entirely in favor of sculpture." (Gardner). Perhaps his best-known work is the iconic statue of Joseph Story that graces the entrance to Langdell Hall at Harvard Law School. The fact that this was sent under Daniel Webster's free frank is odd. Presumably Story had his own franking privilege. Perhaps he left Washington in a hurry, giving Webster his letters to mail. Gardner, "William Story and Cleopatra," Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, New Series II:4 (December 1943). 147-152.

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.]
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        Collection of drawings of Peruvian customs

      A finely executed set of Peruvian customs aquarelles. c.1840. In folio (395 mm x 250 mm). 6 leaves with 7 full page drawings in pencil, ink and gouache, some heightened with gold, captions in English, paper watermarked 1817 and 1821; light soiling to marginal corners, occasional light offset of color, very occasional light spotting, probably extracted from a bound volume. Exceedingly rare, normally such sets are unsigned; this particular set of drawings is signed by Willoughby "all dran by Avarilla Willoughby after she was 46 for her affectionate daughter Cecilia". The costumes are drawn after major printed works of the time, mainly those that illustrate skinner?s Present State of Peru; they show a variety of characters, including a bull fighter, the Ynca and his Queen, a Virgin of the Sun, an Indian warrior, a Limenian "criolla" in full attire, amongst others. The titles of the drawings are: An Indian warrior belonging to a barbarous tribe, A civilized Indian wearing the Poncho. This garment is of wool cotton on flattened straw interwoven..., A Virgin of the Sun, A representation of the costumes of the Ynca and his Queen, Indians Male & Female in costumes of festivity such as are generally adopted by the Peruvian aborigines on occasions of festivity and rejoicing, A Lady of Lima in full dress, & Fighter at a Bull feast.

      [Bookseller: Hs Rare Books]
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        S. 369. In Senate of the United States. June 12, 1840. Mr. Crittenden.

      1840 - [Bankruptcy]. [United States Senate]. [Committee on Bankruptcy]. Crittenden, John J. [1787-1863]. S. 369. In Senate of the United States. June 12, 1840. Mr. Crittenden, From The Select Committee On the Subject, Reported the Following Bill; Which was Read, And Passed to a Second Reading, And Made the Special Order of the Day for Tuesday Next, The 16th Instant. June 23, 1840. Amended in Committee of the Whole, Reported to the Senate, The Amendments Agreed to, And the Bill Ordered to be Printed. A Bill to Establish a Uniform System of Bankruptcy Throughout the United States. Washington, DC: United States Senate, 1840. 21 pp. Folio (14" x 9"). Stab-stitched, untrimmed edges. A few minor stains, three faint horizontal fold lines, light toning. A generously margined unmarked copy. * The historic Federal Bankruptcy Act of 1841 was enacted after the unprecedented commercial failures that followed the Panic of 1837. A relief measure, it was the first to permit voluntary bankruptcies. More than a generation had passed since the first Bankruptcy Act in 1800 and its repeal in 1803. The 1800 law had authorized creditors to place the debtor in bankruptcy and seize his assets, but it had not allowed debtors to choose bankruptcy. This 1840 Bill, which passed the Senate but was tabled in the House, was revived in the 27th Congress and passed in 1841. Its innovation, permitting voluntary bankruptcy petitions by persons "owing debts," tracks the 1841 Act, which was based on Congress's power to establish "uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies." Only two years after its enactment, charges of corruption and profligate expenditures, and at least one lower court's decision that the Act was unconstitutional, led to its repeal.

      [Bookseller: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., ABAA ILAB]
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      Paris. 1840.. 246pp. plus four color plates including frontispiece, and folding colored map. Original printed wrappers bound into later half cloth and marbled boards, gilt leather label. Corners worn, paper library labels on spine and front cover. Front cover of wrappers torn at top corner, reinforced with later paper. Contemporary ownership inscription on flyleaf. Library ink stamp on titlepage and several leaves in margin, not affecting text. Titlepage foxed, plates and facing pages lightly foxed. Good. Describes the Indians of North America, highlighted by four handsome color portraits of Indians, reduced versions of McKenney and Hall portraits. The folding color map illustrates the location of tribes throughout the continent, including the Eskimo, Algonquin, Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Black Feet, Sioux, and Pawnee. HOWES V7. SABIN 98293. FIELD 1592.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Americana]
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        Bref och dagboks-anteckningar.

      Utgifna efter hans död. I-II. Uppsala, Leffler & Sebell, 1840-42. 8:o. (6),417 + (6),LXIV,(2),246 s. Trevligt samtida svart hfrbd med blindpressad och guldornerad rygg, guldpräglad titeltext och grönsprängda snitt. Fin inlaga som bara är ngt lagerfläckig mot slutet. I del II är s. 135-38 delvis lösa.. Utgiven av Erik August Schröder vars redigering på tidstypisk manér var något självsvådlig. Atterbom, som var gammal vän till Törneros, har författat dennes biografi i andra delen. Oklart är hur Atterbom tolkade följande aforism av Törneros: "Homeri odödlighet sträcker sig ej längre än Atterboms, blott till - närvarande dag."

      [Bookseller: Mats Rehnström]
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        THE ADVENTURES OF PAUL PRY, and his Young Friend in London.

      1840 1840 - Baltimore: William Raine c. 1840. With 8 handcoloured engravings. 8 leaves incl. publisher's papercover. Name on frontcover.

      [Bookseller: Peter Grosell, Antiquarian Bookseller]
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