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1- Acceptance of Terms of Service.

By using (viaLibri) you agree to all the terms and conditions of service included in this document. If you violate any of the terms of this agreement viaLibri may, at its own discretion, terminate access to any service it provides, either free or paid.

By using viaLibri you agree to waive and hold harmless viaLibri Limited, its employees and affiliates, from all liabilities claims and damages relating to the information available on, the merchants represented there, the merchandise that may be found there or purchases of such merchandise. Any use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms.

2- Use

The content and information on viaLibri is subject to copyright and is provided for personal and individual use only. It cannot be republished, sold or re-issued for any purpose without written consent from viaLibri.

The use of search functions by robots and other automated, programmed or script-driven methods of access is strictly forbidden. Excessive use that is indicative of automated searching may result in termination of access.

The use of data that is accessed by using the viaLibri website or its related software is strictly limited to online visitors while actively connected to the website by means of an internet browser. Transfer, storage or use of such data to/in any separate database is strictly prohibited.

3 - Accuracy of Content

viaLibri cannot guarantee or verify the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any information presented on its site. The accuracy of content is the sole responsibility of the person, business or organization that is identified as its source. While it accepts in good faith that its content providers make adequate effort to verify the accuracy of the information they provide, viaLibri reserves the right to remove from its site any information which, in its sole judgement, it considers inaccurate, inappropriate, objectionable or not in keeping with its requirements.

4 - Requests for Removal of Content

Some information presented on viaLibri is transferred to its users instantaneously, as received, from various content providers. ViaLibri cannot modify or delete this information, and any modification to such information is the sole responsibility of the original content provider and not viaLibri. In the case of items that have already been sold but still appear in our search results we will continue to show these books as being for sale until they have been removed from the data provided by our content providers. In some cases there may be a delay between the time when an item is first reported to us as sold and the time when we are able to remove it from our listings.

ViaLibri does not remove information at the request of third parties. Requests for removal must be received from the individual or organisation that has provided the information to us.

5 - Paid Content

viaLibri accepts payment from some of its content providers in return for presenting to its users the information they provide. ViaLibri reserves the right to remove such paid content for any reason without any obligation other than return of payment for any services not rendered.

6 - Availability of Content and Features.

The sources and availability of the content offered on viaLibri are subject to change without notice. The features and functionality of viaLibri are also subject to change without notice.

7 - Warranties.

All information, features and services available on viaLibri are presented strictly "as is" and are provided without warranty, express or implied.

8 - Paid Services.

Paid subscriptions to Premium Services are provided without warranty and may be cancelled at any time. Refunds will be paid to subscribers for any pre-paid quarterly subscription period that has not yet begun as of the date of cancellation notificaton. Quarterly subscription periods begin on the day that a subscription first begins and are renewed every three months on that day of the month.

9 - Notice.

Notice of violations of any terms of service may be made to you by email, postal delivery, or display of notice directly on the viaLibri website.


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