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Advertising on viaLibri:

The following advertising options are offered, subject to availability:


NB: VAT will be charged where applicable.

JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats are supported. Animated GIFs require a minimum 4 second delay.
Minimum booking: 10 days.
Ad Description Max. size Rate
Home Page Medium Box Display [ho_2] 180 x 240 pixels £12 per day
Home Page Small Box Display [ho_1] 125 x 300 pixels £12 per day
Home Page Center Banner Display [ho_4] 640 x 90 pixels £15 per day (50% exposure)
Search Result Interstitial [bs_4] 728 x 100 pixels £11 per day
Search Result Large Vertical Banner [bs_3] 125 x 360 pixels £10 per day

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