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Albert Einstein
Einstein: My Work in Relativity Supplanted Newtonian Mechanics and Changed Our Notion of Space and Time Forever ""In classical mechanics, space and time were completed existences, which had to be presupposed as real [a priori] in order to give meaning to the laws of motion. It was a reality in the same sense as the reality of matter; even governing the latter. In this sense Kant was entirely wrong.""
1905. 9/9/54. The fullest summation we have seen by Einstein comparing relativity to Newtonian concepts of space and timeImmanuel Kant took both Euclidean geometry and the Newtonian laws of motion to be synthetic a priori principles, which, from Kant’s point of view, function as necessary presuppositions for applying our fundamental concepts of space, time, matter, and motion to our sensible experience of the natural world, meaning they are fixed necessary conditions. This idea rested on the absolute nature of space and time, the work of Newton, and the relationship between geometry and physics.In 1905, while a young patent clerk and physicist in Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein obtained his doctorate and published a paper that explained his newly developed Special Theory of Relativity. This unlocked many mysteries of the universe, and introduced the world to ""e=mc2,"" equating mass and the speed of light with energy. It established that time and space are not fixed, and in fact change to maintain a constant speed of light regardless of the relative motions of sources and observers. Just 10 years later, in 1915, Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity, which described the universe as a four-dimensional continuum (with time added as the fourth dimension), where gravitational effects are explained by the warping of space-time. In this theory, Einstein incorporated gravity as a geometric property of space-time.The impact of Einstein's work between 1905 and 1915 challenged many principles of physics that had been accepted for centuries. In 1921, he won the Nob … [Click Below for Full Description]
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