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      [Various places], 1892. Folio. Early 20th-century maroon crushed morocco, gilt. Manuscript material tipped in with unobtrusive paper tape. Front hinge neatly repaired. Some letters with typical mailing folds, one detached. Overall, very good. An incredible archive of original manuscript material from some of the elite of the Confederate officer corps. The archive contains twenty-five letters and documents, signed, from before, during, and after the Civil War, all tipped into an impressive folio album bound in full morocco, with eighteen engraved portraits also bound in. Laid in is a small clipped signature with salutation by Jefferson Davis. The album begins with a manuscript calligraphic titlepage. The engravings are mostly from the publisher, Charles B. Hall of New York (from his work published in 1887), mostly busts, but there are two separate engravings each for Lee and Beauregard. There is also an engraving of a Confederate flag with a poem by John Dimitry. A full listing of the items follows, in the order in which they appear in the album: 1) Robert E. Lee: Autograph letter, signed, from Lee to Major Gen. G.H. Thomas, Camp Cooper, Tx. San Antonio. Feb. 21, 1860. [3]pp. Lee writes regarding personal and regimental matters, Indian troubles in Texas, need of decent horses and horse feed. He states that he does "not expect to be here (San Antonio) long myself, for even if the troubles on the Rio Grande do not bring more troops into the Dept...two Regts from Utah will move down in the Summer....We shall thus be all straight again." Lee writes of a request by Gen. Sam Houston for more troops and claims: "The Indians seem to be more troublesome than ever." 2) Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson: Document, signed. Opposite Hancock, Md. Jan. 5, 1862. [1]p. Jackson writes "To the Officer Comd'g the United States Forces near Hancock, Maryland" and demands the Union forces stand down, and details potential consequences of refusal. This short letter is the prize of the archive, a wonderful example of Jackson's fiery approach, and the body of the message deserves to be quoted in full: "It is my purpose to cross the River & take possession of the town of Hancock. If in opposing the execution of this purpose, you make use of the town of Hancock, or the Citizens of the town aid you in your opposition I will cannonade the town. If neither of these things is done, I will refrain, as far as practicable, from firing upon it. An immediate reply to this communication is required." Tipped in behind Jackson's letter is a separate unsigned reply from the Union officer in charge, refusing Jackson's demands. This incendiary document was written early in the war, when Jackson was commanding the troops of the Valley District, a subsection of the Department of Northern Virginia. He took over command of the Valley District after First Manassas. In January 1862 he led a sortie northward to the Potomac in far western Maryland, where he attempted to cross the river. The town held out successfully, although Jackson did shell it for several days, as promised. This communication, typical of Jackson's audacity, dates from just before his famous Valley Campaign of 1862. An excellent document. 3) Joseph E. Johnston: Autograph letter, signed, from Johnston to Col. Blanton Duncan. Savannah. Sept. 20, 1867. [1]p. Johnston declines an invitation to attend the Southern Commercial Convention, with information on other business matters. He served with distinction in a number of military conflicts before and during the Civil War, including the Mexican-American War and the Seminole wars in Florida. When Virginia seceded from the Union, Johnston became the highest ranking officer to join the Confederacy. His surrender to Sherman in mid-April 1865 was the effective end of Confederate resistance. 4) P.G.T. Beauregard: Autograph letter, signed, from Beauregard to South Carolina governor John Laurence Manning, Manchester, S.C. New Orleans. May 25, 1865. [3]pp. A lengthy reply from Beauregard dated just after the end of the Civil War, dealing with the return of a hired man, privations, and the hope that "Our rulers and their satellites" will act as humanely as enlisted men from the two armies. Most notably in this letter is Beauregard's mention of the Battle of Manassas, when he tells Gov. Channing again of his desire to give his "Stallion to Major Warren Nelson in remembrance of the five horses (belonging to him) which I had killed under me at Manassas." Governor Manning was a colonel on the staff of Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard at Fort Sumter and at the Battle of Manassas. 5) Jefferson Davis: Autograph letter, signed, from Davis to W.H. Hyatt. Beauvoir, Ms. July 1, 1887. [1]p. A thank- you letter from Davis regarding his biography. Accompanied by a laid-in autograph letter closing addressed to a niece or nephew, signed: "Affectionately Your Uncle Jefferson Davis." 6) John Bell Hood: Autograph letter, signed, from Hood to Union general George H. Thomas. New Orleans. April 28, 1866. [2]pp. A superb post-War letter. Hood writes that he is getting his records together and requests "an official statement of the total number of prisoners captured by Gen'l Sherman" on two occasions. He also writes: "General Sheridan has advised me to apply to you for this information and my dear sir I assure you it will be appreciated if you can find time to oblige me who will ever be pleased to meet you." Thomas and Hood were opposed at points during the war, in which Hood suffered both defeat and the loss of an arm and a leg. His warm outreach to his former foe suggests the fellowship that West Point graduate officers of the pre-Civil War Army often displayed toward each other even after the bitter events of the conflict. 7) James Longstreet: Autograph letter, signed, from Longstreet to Capt. Sanford C. Kellogg. Gainesville, Fl. Aug. 20, 1892. [1]p. Longstreet asks Kellogg, longtime aide-de-camp to Gen. Thomas, for clarification on maneuvers by Hinderman's divisions on Sept. 26, 1863 at the Battle of Chickamauga. Longstreet writes that he does not recall the shift of the division from the left to the right wing on the 21st. Interestingly, Chickamauga was one of Longstreet's more prominent successes during the war. 8) Jubal A. Early: Autograph letter, signed, from Early to Rev. Henry Whitney Cumberland. Lynchburg, Va. Sept. 29, 1886. [4]pp. Early writes that neither he nor Gen. Beauregard have any interest in the Louisiana lottery. He then discusses an article he had written on the lottery system and transmits a copy of said article to Rev. Cumberland. 9) William J. Hardee: Autograph document, signed. Dec. 12, 1838. [1]p. A requisition order for "9 Bushels of corn 16 Bushels of oats and 125 Empty Forage Bags" received by the 2nd Dragoons, Hardee's first military unit after he graduated from West Point in that year. Hardee would go on to a distinguished career in both the American and Confederate military, earning the nickname "Old Reliable." His military manual, written before the war, was the standard drill book for both armies. 10) Braxton Bragg: Autograph note, signed, from Bragg to Gen. Lee. Jefferson Barracks [St. Louis, Mo.]. Oct. 2, 1850. [1]p. Bragg, the commanding officer of Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis in 1850, here writes a short note to acknowledge receipt of mail for September 1850. Like many of the generals represented here, Bragg served with distinction in the U.S. Army before joining the Confederacy, in Florida and in the Mexican-American War, most notably the Battle of Buena Vista. 11) Joseph Wheeler: Letter, signed, from Wheeler to J.Q. Thompson. Wheeler, Al. Aug. 26, 1894. [1]p. A short but kind note in which Wheeler regrets missing an invitation from Thompson while in Washington. General Joseph "Fightin' Joe" Wheeler was that rare breed who served in both the Confederate Army and later in the U.S. Army. He fought in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War, among other service. 12) Samuel Jones: Autograph letter, signed, from Jones to Gen. Braxton Bragg. Chattanooga, Tn. Sept. 18, 1862. [2]pp. An extensive, important, Civil War-dated report of maneuvers and communications with Gen. Breckinridge in Tennessee and Mississippi. Jones was promoted to major general about five months before this letter's writing. Shortly after this communication Jones was given command of the Department of Western Virginia, tasked with defending the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad. 13) Edmund Kirby Smith: Letter, signed, from Smith to Major G.M. Thomas in Camp Cooper, Tx. Camp Colorado, Tx. April 9, 1860. [1]p. A short communication from one Texas camp to another, signed by Smith regarding maneuvers within the state. Smith reports that his "horses are now weak and in reduced condition." Smith would resign his commission the following year and join the Confederacy as a major in the regular artillery. His troops were the last to surrender at the end of the war, on May 8, 1865. 14) Wade Hampton: Autograph letter, signed, from Hampton to Gen. Chestnut. Washington, D.C. May 13, 1882. [2]pp. A political letter, attempting to place Gen. Chestnut on the Tariff Committee and requesting conference so that "we do not lose all we have gained." Hampton attained the rank of lieutenant general in the Confederate Army, commanding Hampton's Legion and the Cavalry Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia. He is perhaps best remembered for his later post-Reconstruction political career, serving as governor of South Carolina and for twelve years as the state's senator in Washington. It is from this latter post that this letter emanates. 15) John Bankhead Magruder: Autograph letter, signed, from Magruder to "My dear Sir." Aboard U.S.S. Lexington, "At Sea Near Bahama Islands." Sept. 20, 1845. [1]p. A short letter discussing libel in a case "against O'Brien." Magruder claims "I owe him nothing and he has no evidence of debt." John B. Magruder had an interesting career, serving not one, not two, but three countries in the military: the United States in the Mexican-American War, the Confederacy in the Civil War, and as a major general in the Imperial Army of Mexico after the defeat of the Confederacy. 16) Roger Atkinson Pryor: Autograph letter, signed, from Pryor to Mr. Cunson (?). House of Representatives, Washington, D.C. Dec. 8, 1860. [1]p. Pryor writes that he cannot lecture before Cunson's Society because "[t]he public perils allow us no other thought besides the dreadful extremity of the Union." At the time he penned this letter Atkinson was serving his home state of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives. A short time later Atkinson served as a brigadier general in the Confederate infantry, participating in the Peninsula Campaign, Second Manassas, and the Battle of Antietam. 17) Robert Augustus Toombs: Autograph letter, signed, from Toombs to "May." Washington, Ga. May 1, 1877. [1]p. Toombs writes that he cannot repay money at the present time because he doesn't have any to lend. Then he proposes a trip to Texas with the recipient and asks if she can go. Toombs was a big proponent of Texas throughout his political career. He was also a fiery figure in the Confederacy, often disagreeing vehemently with Jefferson Davis. He commanded the Georgia volunteers in Virginia, but did not last long due to the unpredictability of both his command and his unit's execution. 18) John S. Mosby: Autograph note, signed, from Mosby to Otto Neswith, Esq. Warrenton, Va. June 1, 1872. [1]p. On Mosby's law office stationery. A short note from Mosby responding to an autograph seeker, with signature, as requested. The "Gray Ghost" was a Confederate Army cavalry battalion commander for the 43rd Battalion, 1st Virginia Cavalry known as "Mosby's Rangers." His legendary exploits have made him one of the most collected of Confederate leaders. 19) John B. Floyd: Letter, signed, from Floyd to Frederick Townsend, Adjutant General, State of New York. War Department, Washington, D.C. May 20, 1857. [1]p. A short letter, written during Floyd's term as the United States Secretary of War in 1857-60, involves the proposed purchase of U.S. Arsenal property in Rome by the State of New York. Floyd later served as a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army but did not perform his duties well. No less than Ulysses S. Grant described Floyd as "no soldier" and as "unfitted for command for the reason that his conscience must have troubled him and made him afraid." Grant did describe Floyd as "a man of talent enough for any civil position," and Floyd was serving in such a position when he wrote this letter. 20) Raphael Semmes: Autograph letter, signed, from Semmes to Mr. Camaron. Mobile, Al. Sept. 12, 1871. [3 1/4]pp. A very interesting letter, with excellent content, from Semmes to a fan, giving thanks for appreciative remarks concerning his book, MEMOIRS OF SERVICE AFLOAT DURING THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, and "my poor career in defense of our down-trodden South." He continues that after cessation of the war he "felt myself a stranger in my native land; as if I had awakened from a hideous dream, and found myself, I scarce know how, an exile and an outcast from country and home." He says that after six years "that feeling has disappeared." In fact, Semmes feared he would be tried for piracy and only returned to the U.S. when it was clear he would be left alone. He is "beginning to feel more like an American, who has a country to live and struggle for...." He expresses hope for America. Responding to his correspondent's desire for a relic from the C.S.S. Alabama, Semmes sadly replies that nothing remains of the ship except "the thanks of her commander, for the beautiful tribute you have paid her, and him." Semmes famously commanded the Alabama, a successful commerce raider that attacked Union merchant and naval ships for two years during the Civil War. Semmes is the only Confederate officer to simultaneously hold the ranks of admiral and general. 21) John C. Breckenridge: Autograph letter, signed, from Breckenridge to Gen. Jubal A. Early in Toronto, Canada. Paris, France. April 16, 1867. [3 1/2]pp. An excellent personal letter regarding family and health matters during travels in London and elsewhere. A remarkable individual deserving greater fame, Breckenridge was vice president under Buchanan, ran for president in 1860, served with distinction as a Confederate general, and ended the war as the last rebel Secretary of War. Fearing persecution, he fled to Cuba and then Europe, returning to the U.S. in 1869. He also writes poignantly of the tenor of the nation at that time, commenting: "As to our poor Country I have no heart to write about it - but I believe in an eternal Spirit of Justice and Goodness who will shed light on this black darkness." In 1867, Breckenridge was in France on advice from doctors who suggested the move to aid his wife's health. He and his family traveled extensively around Europe during their overseas stay, to places such as England, Germany, Austria, and others. 22) M. Jeff Thompson: Autograph document, signed by Thompson, to "Genrl Richardson or Officer in Charge of Missouri Artillery, New Madrid." Camp Hunter, [Mo]. Aug. 31, 1861. [1]p. A brief special order from Gen. Thompson stating: "It is absolutely necessary that my whole force should be together, therefore bring up the Battery immediately." Thompson was a brigadier general in the Missouri State Guard during the Civil War and saw action at the battles of Fredericktown, Westport, and Mine Creek, among others. This order could pertain to preparations for Thompson's first major action during the war, at Fredericktown, which occurred about a month and a half after this communication. 23) Basil W. Duke: Autograph note, signed, from Duke to "Dear Sir." Louisville, Ky. Feb. 2, 1892. [1]p. on Duke's professional stationery. Duke humorously responds to an autograph seeker, enclosing "a photograph and card signed upon request." He jokes about his current likeness no longer being a likeness, comparing himself to "Blackbeard or Capt. Flint, or, indeed, any celebrated pirate you fancy most." Duke was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army, commanding Morgan's Raiders after the death of their leader, John Hunt Morgan, and seeing major action at the Battle of Shiloh. After the war Duke's career as a historian became as much his legacy as his service during the war. 24) Albert Pike: Autograph note, signed, from Pike to Jas. G. Dennett, Esq. New Orleans. July 9, 1855. [1]p. Pike requests that his subscription of the NEW YORK DAILY HERALD be sent to Little Rock, Arkansas until Sept. 15, and afterwards to New Orleans, with payment of $5 enclosed. Pike was a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army, having served the United States earlier in the Mexican-American War. He was also a journalist, lawyer, and devoted Freemason. A remarkable and polymathic figure, he was a newspaper editor as well. 25) Henry A. Wise: Autograph letter, signed, from Wise to Thos. Dunn English. Richmond, Va. Nov. 10, 1856. [2]pp. Wise grants permission to add his name to the subscriber's list for English's latest publication and notes that it gives him "pleasure whenever I see a publication proposed south of the M[ason] & D[ixon] line." He promises to recommend the publication to others, praising Dr. English: "Your pen far better deserves a binding than many Yankee nibs which presume to scribble at our literature." Wise was a major general in the Army of Northern Virginia, participating in the Battle of Roanoke Island, the Peninsula Campaign, the Siege of Petersburg, and the Appomattox Campaign. At the time of writing this letter he was governor of Virginia. Thomas Dunn English was a politician, author, and songwriter who is best remembered for a longtime feud with Edgar Allan Poe. A rare opportunity to obtain a fine assemblage of original Confederate officers' letters, many with superb content, in a handsome presentation album.

      [Bookseller: William Reese Company - Americana]
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      THE ORIGINAL EDITION OF THE MOST CELEBRATED JOURNAL ON JAPANLondon 1892- - 1941, Kegan. Green cloth, very good, with orig-inal covers bound in, Vols. 1-37, 1892-1941. An exeptionallynice copy. Vol. III, Pt. III in wrappers, 16 x 25 cm., goldstamped covers. VERY LONG RUN OF THE JOURNAL R A R E Color scans available for this book on request. Description content 2015Copyright Rare Oriental Books Co.

      [Bookseller: RARE ORIENTAL BOOK CO., ABAA, ILAB]
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      London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, & Co. Limtd, 1892 - Octavo, pp. [1-17] 18-293 [294-296: ads], inserted frontispiece, other illustrations in the text, original blue cloth, front and spine panels stamped in gold, white endpapers with floral pattern printed in yellow- green. First edition. A "creepy" tale of black magic and witchcraft in early eighteenth-century Northamptonshire, loosely based on the story of Elinor Shaw, the last person burnt in England for the practice of witchcraft. The narrator is the victim of mesmerism and hallucinatory horrors, one of which is a gigantic blue dragon that materializes in the air. Wright has read, but claims not to have been influenced by Harrison Ainsworth's THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES (1849), which, although "useful as an exponent of the old beliefs of Lancashire," is "too long, and the characters are anything but sharply cut." Wright apologizes for the portions of his story that "are necessarily of a somewhat creepy nature," but he hopes that "mingled with the more serious features of the southern narratives," he has caught something of their spirit, "a quaintness, a naivety, a sly humour, that makes Northamptonshire in respect to these ancient and exploded theories, far and away the most interesting county in England." Bleiler (1978), p. 213. Reginald 15674. Wolff 7332. Spine panel darkened, spine ends and corner tips worn, outer joints mended, damp stain on front cover, a sound, good copy with tight and clean interior. A rare book. (#149386) [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Currey, L.W. Inc. ABAA/ILAB]
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        THE CONDITION OF LABOUR. An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII. From Clarence Darrow's library, with his bookplate and signed by Clarence Darrow

      London: Swan Sonnenschein & Co., 1892. [iv], 195 pages of text, followed by [iv] pages of publisher's advertisement. Original red hardcover cloth binding is heavily worn at the top of the spine, with small chips and tears, about a third of the front hinge is rubbed and frayed, the spine is moderately darkened, with other minor shelfwear and soiling; protected in custom stiff archival mylar. Inner hinges are weakened. Lacks the front endpaper. With the floral motif bookplate stating "From the Library of Clarence S. Darrow" on the inside front cover, and autographed "C. S. Darrow" on the top margin of the title page. Half-title page with previous owner's name "J. Gershenson?" neatly in the top corner. The text is clean and unmarked. Second edition.. Signed. Second edition. Hardcover. Very good- condition. Octavo (8vo).

      [Bookseller: Kurt Gippert Bookseller (ABAA)]
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        Finger Prints; Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints.

      London: Macmillan and Co.,, 1892 & 1893. 2 volumes, octavo. Original dark red cloth, titles to spines gilt, green and black coated endpapers. 31 plates (15 are called for in the list of plates in Vol I; the 16th plate is between pages 176 & 177). Vol. I with illustrated card and plain ticket to front pastedown, Vol. II with bookseller's ticket and 2 bookplates to front pastedown, and plain card to rear pastedown. Spines faded, contents mildly toned, faint foxing to endleaves, pencilled annotations; Vol. II with minor wear to spine ends and small split to head of spine. A very good set. First edition of the first book on finger prints. Though not the first to propose the use of fingerprints for identification, Galton was among the first to explain their possibilities in the identification of criminals. "Galton gathered together all the earlier studies and recorded other experiments, illustrated from photographs and drawings. The outcome of this was the appointment in 1899 of a Royal Commission which came out in favour of the adoption of the system by the British police forces" (PMM 376). With the supplementary chapter, Decipherment of Blurred Finger Prints.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Cabinet photograph signed and dedicated on verso.

      Vienna, January 1892. - 145:100 mm. Three bars from a work by Beethoven, dedicated to Oskar Berl. - From the studio of Julius Gertinger, Vienna.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat INLIBRIS Gilhofer Nfg. GmbH]
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        Die Königs-Chevaulegers. Gedenkblätter aus der Geschichte des kgl. bayerischen 4. Chevaulegers-Regimentes "König".

      O. O. und Dr., 1892. - Mit kalligraphiertem Widmungsblatt, 8 chromolithog. Tafeln und Buchschmuck von Hans Messerschmidt und dem Verfasser. VIII, 2 Bll., 537 S., 3 Bll. Blauer Maroquinband der Zeit mit Innenkantenvergoldung, 4 vergoldeten Metall-Eckbeschlägen u. zentralem vergoldeten Metall-Wappenbeschlag. 4°. Einzige Ausgabe, auch in der "Normalausgabe" nicht häufig. Hier in einem Wilhelm II. gewidmeten Exemplar, mit zus. kalligraphierten Widmungsblatt "Seiner Majestät Wilhelm II. Deutscher Kaiser, König von Preussen etc. etc. etc. allerunterthänigst Juni 1892 der Verfasser". - Auf sehr dickes Papier gedruckt. Unikales Exemplar in einem außergewöhnlich prachtvollen Einband, mit entsprechender Provenienz. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Uwe Turszynski]
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        Eigenh. Widmungsgedicht mit U.

      Berlin, 19. Dezember 1892. - 1 S. 8vo. Alt einmontiert auf dem vorderen Vorsatzblatt von „Frau Jenny Treibel oder ‚Wo sich Herz zum Herzen find’t’" (3. Aufl., Berlin, F. Fontane & Co., 1893): „Gehen Sie nicht streng mit ins Gericht, | Weil’s eine Commerzienräthin-Geschicht’, | ‚Frau Jenny Treibel’, es fehlt der Connex, | Am Rheine wächst ein ander Gewächs | Th. Fontane [.]". – Bei dem Adressaten des Blattes dürfte es sich um den Kommerzienrat und Weingutbesitzer Friedrich Feldheim handeln; was die Datierung angeht, so dürfte das Blatt ursprünglich einem Exemplar der ersten Auflage beigelegen haben, die mit der Jahresangabe 1893 erschien, nachdem erste Veröffentlichungen von Fortsetzungen im Jahr zuvor in der „Deutschen Rundschau" erschienen waren. – Kapitale und Ecken leicht berieben und angeplatzt, innen an den Rändern leicht gebräunt.

      [Bookseller: Kotte Autographs GmbH]
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        Along New England Roads

      New York: Harper & Brothers. Near Fine in Very Good dust jacket. 1892. First Edition. Cloth. Light green cloth, titles and decoration stamped in bright silver and gilt on upper board and spine, t.e.g., in the publisher's printed paper dust-wrapper; pp. [8], 200. Tiniest bit of rubbing to the corners and tips, red pencil erasure to the ffep, else fine, a bright and sharp copy; the jacket is age-darkened, with chips out at the spine ends and corners .

      [Bookseller: Books Tell You Why]
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        Regesta diplomatica nec non epistolaria Bohemiae et Moraviae (600 - 1346). Band I.1/I.2/II.1II.2.//III.I/III/2/IV.1 und IV.2, 4 Bände in 8 Bänden,

      - - Nachdr. der Ausg. Prag, Greger, 1892/neuwertig/original verlagsfrisch verschweißt - Gewicht in Gramm: 5310 Georg Olms Verlag, Hildesheim, 2007. Zusammen 4.260 S., Leinen mit Goldprägung [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Celler Versandantiquariat]
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        Sammlung sämmtlicher Drucksachen des Hauses der Abgeordneten aus der XVII. Legislaturperiode, IV. Session, 1892. Band I - IV cpl.

      Moeser, Berlin 1892 - Enthält die Drucksachen des Jahres 1892 in diesen 4 Bänden fast cpl. Enhält die Drucksachen Nr. 1 - 261 mit zusammen ca. 4000 Seiten. ( Es fehlt die separat gebundene Drucksache Nr. 15 mit dem Etat für 1892/1893. ). Mit zahlreichen Tabellen sowie einigen farbigen Karten. ( Drucksache Nr. 33: " Denkschrift über die Ausführung des Gesetzes vom 26.April 1886, betreffend die Beförderung Deutscher Ansiedelungen in den Provinzen Westpreußen und Posen, für das Jahr 1891 " mit 1 Lageplan der Provinz Posen, enthaltend die von der Ansiedelungs-Commission erworbenen Güter-und Bauernwirtschaften " / Lageplan der Provinz Westpreussen, enthaltend die von der Ansiederlungs-Commission erworbenen Güter- und Bauernwirtschaften / Drucksache Nr. 121: " Einen weiteren zwischen Preussen und Bremen wegen Erweiterung des Bremischen Staatsgebietes nördlich von Bremerhaven unterm 14.d.Mts. abgeschlossenen Vertrag " mit 1 großen Plan von Bremerhaven ) Goldgeprägte Ohlrd, 4°. Einbände etwas berieben, innen Exlibris, Bibliotheksvermerk. Dekorative Reihe. ( Gesamtgewicht ca. 14000 Gramm ) ( Lagerort LG ) ( Pic erhältlich / webimage available )

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Friederichsen]
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        Das Kaiserbuch, anno 1891, aus d. Hofbibliothek Donaueschingen

      Herrig Hans, 1845-1892 - Herrig, Hans Das Kaiserbuch. Acht Jahrhunderte deutscher Geschichte von Karl dem Großen bis Maximilian I. Mückenberger, Berlin (1891). 448 S., III Bl. mit zahlr. Photogravüren u. teils farb. lithogr. Tafeln, Abbildungen u. Vignetten v. Theodor Kutschmann. 4°. Orig. Ledereinband, Goldschnitt, Innenkantenvergoldung. Gering berieben, repräsentativ, aus der HOFBIBLIOTHEK DONAUESCHINGEN. Prachtvoll ausgestatteter Band mit zahlreichen Chromolithographien, lithographierten Vignetten u. Photogravüren. Illustrationen v. Theodor Kutschmann. Erstausgabe. GEDRUCKT BEI OTTO VON HOLTEN KUNST UND BUCHDRUCKEREI BERLIN [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Hammelburger Antiquariat]
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        The Story of a Puppet or the Adventures of Pinocchio

      London: T. Fisher Unwin,, 1892. Translated from the Italian by M. A. Murray. Illustrated by C. Mazzanti. Small octavo (151 × 95 mm). Finely bound by the Chelsea Bindery in royal blue morocco, titles and centre tool to spine, raised bands, single rule to boards, twin rule to turn-ins, marbled endpapers, gilt edges. With black and white illustrations. A couple of very minor marks else an excellent copy in a fine binding. First English edition.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        Tess Of The D'Urbervilles

      Harper & Brothers 1892 - FIRST US EDITION. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1892. Crimson cloth with gilt lettering, black stamping. 421 p. with two pages of ads at rear. Good condition. Cloth rubbed along edges and a bit frayed and chipped. Binding appears to have been repaired inexpertly. Hinge at rear a bit free. A good copy of the first American appearance of Hardy's classic novel. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Singing Saw Books]
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        The Afghan Wars.: 1839-42 and 1878-80.

      London Seeley & Co. 1892 - An extremely handsome copy of the large paper issue of the first edition in an Eton presentation tree calf gilt-tooled binding. A little light foxing to plates. First edition pp.337, 4 portraits, 5 plans.

      [Bookseller: John Randall (Books of Asia), ABA, ILAB]
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        The Soft Porcelain of Sevres, With an Historical Introduction

      1892. GARNIER, Édouard. The Soft Porcelain of Sèvres, with an Historical Introduction. [2] ff., 32 pp. Half-title, title printed in red and black. With 50 full-page chromolithographic plates with additional gouache coloring and heightened with gold, depicting over 250 different porcelain pieces, captions printed on a separate leaf preceding each plate; a few lithographic text illustrations. Folio, 441 x 315, bound in publisher's cloth-backed boards. London: John C. Nimmo, 1892.|~||~||~||~| |~||~||~||~||~||~| First Edition in English of an important survey of the porcelaine tendre of the French national porcelain manufactory at Sèvres and a spectacular work of chromolithography. Founded in 1738 and still active today, Sèvres porcelain overtook Meissen as the most influential center of European porcelain production in the eighteenth century. Garnier's introduction contains an interesting history of the early years of the state-sponsored factory, when production was dominated by soft porcelain, a capricious, fragile, but beautiful material, developed to emulate Chinese porcelain-making techniques. The technique was abandoned by the end of the century, making the specimens produced during its heyday all the more precious to collectors. The marvelously luminous quality of the porcelain is beautifully conveyed in the exquisitely printed and colored plates, some of which exhibit a breath-taking three-dimensionality. Additional documentary interest is provided by the identification of the current owners and locations of each piece on the caption leaves preceding each plate. A very fine copy of this masterpiece of chromolithography. |~|

      [Bookseller: Ursus Rare Books]
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        Claudius Bombarnac - Le château des Carpathes

      1892. relié. DeCollectionCommeNeuf. Hetzel, s.d.(1892). In/4 percaline éditeur au portrait collé, tranches dorées, 55 illustrations de L. Benett, dont 12 planches en chromotypographie, 2 cartes en couleurs, 285 et 199 p., 4 f. de catalogue (nouveautés 1892-1893). Exemplaire extrêmement frais hormis une coiffe inférieure légèrement amortie. Un écrit en page de garde. Biblio Philippe Jauzac p. 267.

      [Bookseller: Librairie]
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        [The Works.]

      Boston: Estes and Lauriat,, 1892. 30 volumes, octavo. Recent light brown crushed half morocco, raised bands forming compartments to spine ruled in gilt, titles direct to second and third gilt, others with foliate cornerpieces and central arabesque devices gilt with circular green morocco onlays, marbled sides ruled in gilt, top edges gilt, others untrimmed. Vignette title-pages printed in red and black, 200 plates with captioned tissue guards. A fine set. Limited edition, numbered 148 of 500 sets printed on Holland paper, translated into English by Alexandre Baillot and with two volumes of biography by Alfred Barbou (1846-1907).

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        THE FALLEN RACE ... With an Introduction by Opie Read

      New York and Chicago: F. T. Neely, Publisher,. [1892]. original decorated red cloth, front panel stamped in gold and blind, spine panel stamped in gold, rear panel stamped in blind, decorated endpapers with floral pattern printed in olive-green.. Touch of wear at spine ends and corner tips, cloth dust soiled, De. Foe's bookplate on front paste-down, a very good copy of a scarce. book that is rarely found in nice condition. (#149996). First edition. Presentation copy with signed inscription by Granville to "my friend" Louis V. De Foe on copyright page. "A doctor-scientist and his faithful bushman companion discover a new race in an Australian desert - a cross between a lost tribe of bushmen and some pugnacious kangaroos! These four- foot balls are ruled by a white woman who had been stranded among them as a child. Like Twain's Hank Morgan, the doctor revolutionizes the native culture with mechanical wonders. The final result is a technologically sophisticated land where governments, judges, lawyers, and police are unnecessary because of the new morality inspired by the doctor's explosives and ideals." - Roemer, The Obsolete Necessity, p. 193. Bleiler, Science-Fiction: The Early Years 909. Clareson, Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s 349. Locke, A Spectrum of Fantasy, p. 94. Suvin, Victorian Science Fiction in the UK, pp. 51-2. Bleiler (1978), p. 85. Reginald 06243. Wright (III) 2243. Not in Lewis, Negley or Sargent.

      [Bookseller: L. W. Currey, Inc. ]
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        Durch das Land der Skipetaren EA,

      Freiburg i.B., Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld, 1892., - Kl.-8° Carl May`s gesammelte Reiseromane Band V Durch das Land der Skipetaren Reiseerlebnisse von Carl May, hrsg. Freiburg i.Br., Friedrich Ernst Fehsenfeld, o.J. (EA 1892), kl 8° in der seltenen Original-Halbleder-Ausgabe mit Lederecken u. goldgepr. Rückentiteln, 597 S ein sehr gutem Sammlerzustand. (Rücken m. Prägung tadellos, minimal best. Kanten, Vorderdeckel leicht berieben, 1 Besitzerstempel auf Titelbl. u. Titelbl. leicht fleckig, sehr schöne Marmorierung); gesamt sehr guter Zustand. (rar!) Best.Nr.20363 Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 950

      [Bookseller: Alte Bücherwelt]
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      Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1892 - Octavo, pp. [1-4] 5-299 [300: blank], fly leaves at front and rear, original pictorial blue cloth, front and spine panels stamped in red and gold, white endpapers with floral pattern printed in orange. First edition. An eccentric occult novel. The ghost of a woman who possessed great paranormal abilities walks the countryside. Her effects are preserved in a haunted house where a vital force shocks those who touch her books. Dr. Aubrey Grotius, a psychiatrist, investigates the mystery and is killed in a psychic explosion. Bizarre cosmology includes earliest humans migrated from the Moon; first people in America were tiny dwarfs, etc. Bleiler, The Guide to Supernatural Fiction 1297. Bleiler (1978), p. 155. Reginald 11275. Slight spine lean, touch of rubbing to cloth at spine ends and corner tips, a bright, tight, very good copy. (#148840) [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Currey, L.W. Inc. ABAA/ILAB]
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        LYRIC LOVE

      London and New York: Macmillan and Co, 1892. n. Hardcover. 159 x 105 mm (6 1/4 x 4 1/8"). xxii, 238 pp. Edited by William Watson. LOVELY CONTEMPORARY BLUE-GRAY CRUSHED MOROCCO, ELEGANTLY AND ELABORATELY GILT, BY BUMPUS (stamp-signed on front turn-in), covers with delicate filigree frame and large, densely intricate central medallion composed of hundreds of small tools, fan-shaped cornerpieces of similar design, raised bands, spine gilt in compartments with central medallion and scrolling cornerpieces, pastedowns framed by turquoise morocco with gilt filigree borders, fleuron cornerpieces, and alternating dot and crescent tools along the four sides, ivory silk endleaves, all edges gilt. With title page vignette. Front pastedown with engraved bookplate of Victoria Sackville-West (see below). Spine sunned to a pleasant slightly darker blue-green, joints with just a hint of wear, light offsetting to free endleaves from turn-ins (as usual), isolated corner creases, other trivial imperfections, but a most attractive little book, especially smooth and clean internally, and in a flamboyant binding showing almost no wear. This is a romantic book in terms of its contents, a fine piece of work in terms of its binding, and an intriguing object in terms of its special provenance. The text comprises a collection of 206 love poems ranging from old anonymous ballads to sonnets by the titans of English literature. The editor, poet and literary critic William Watson (1858-1935) has arranged these thematically into "Love's Tragedies," "Romance of Love," "Love's Philosophy," "Love and Nature," "Chivalric Love," "Love's Divine Comedy," "The Wings of Eros," and "Love with Many Lyres." The binding, signed "J. Bumpus, 350 Oxford St.," is typical of the well-executed, quite pleasing, and generally undervalued work produced under the Bumpus name for a substantial period, beginning in the latter part of the 19th century. Packer says that the Bumpus bindings were done at the premises of the bookselling firm of John and Edward Bumpus, which was founded in 1780, and he suggests that the Oxford Street address appearing in our volume was the bindery's long-standing location, encompassing the Victorian period and beyond. The filigree work on the covers is extremely delicate and complex, and no doubt took many hours and great skill to execute. Our former owner, Victoria Sackville-West (1862-1936), best known as the mother of writer Vita Sackville-West, was a fascinating woman in her own right. The illegitimate daughter of diplomat Lionel Sackville Sackville-West, second Baron Sackville, and his long-time mistress, Spanish dancer Josefa de la Oliva, Victoria was born in Paris, travelled widely in Europe, and later accompanied her father to his posting in Washington, D.C. On their return to London, she was accepted by British society and married her first cousin, Lionel Edward Sackville-West, who subsequently inherited her father's title and the family estate of Knole. A cultured and intelligent woman, Victoria was the great friend of Sir John Murry Scott, secretary to Sir Richard Wallace and residual legatee of the famed Wallace art collection. He left most of his estate--more than $6,000,000--to Victoria, a decision the courts upheld over the objections of Scott's family. Someone, probably Victoria herself, has pencilled a cross beside a title in the table of contents, a poem by ancestor Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset.

      [Bookseller: Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books and Mediev]
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        Episoden des Untergangs.

      - Quart. Mit 1 signierten Original-Lithographie als Frontispiz und 27 Illustrationen (davon 1 ganzseitig und eine Initiale) nach Federzeichnungen von Alfred Kubin. 137 S. Originalpergament mit goldgeprägter Deckelillustration des Künstlers (verkleinerte Wiederaufnahme der letzten Textillustration: Nackter Jüngling, vom Speer durchbohrt) und goldgeprägtem Rückentitel. Kongeniale Verbindung der den Untergang der Welt beschreibenden Prosa Schmidts mit den dazu in ihrer Intensität passenden drastischen Illustrationen Kubins, hier in der Vorzugsausgabe mit einer signierten Originallithographie Kubins und einer handschriftlichen Widmung des Verfassers. - Kubin Bücher, Bd.1. - Raabe 302; Horodisch A 51 (Normalausgabe); Marks A 92; siehe Raabe-Expressionismus, 265,5 und Kosch XV, S. 415 (für Schmidt). - Roberto Renato Schmidt (1892 - 1948) begründete den Merlin-Verlag und leitete ihn seit 1925. In einer rauschhaften gesteigerten Schilderung beschreibt der Verfasser einen kurzen Lebensabschnitt eines gewissen Rolfs. Szenen, die sich wie kurze Schlaglichter oder 'Episoden' aneinanderreihen, beschreiben die Welt als Morast, dem niemand entkommt. Es ist die Zeit des ersten Weltkrieges; die Philosophie und Wissenschaft sind hilflos angesichts des Schreckens. Gott wird als ein "Selbst Verlorener, Selbst Verstoßener, Selbst Entfernter" (S. 35) beschrieben. Die Hoffnung - von Rolf - daß "all dies ringsum [ ] vermodern [muß], das Neues entstehen kann" (S. 72) erweißt sich als Trug; aus dem "Untergang" erwächst kein Neuanfang. Wie unausweichlich von Beginn an das endgültige Verderben droht, fängt Kubin - quasi als Rahmen der Geschichte - in seinem Frontispiz und in der Illustration seiner Schlußvignette ein: Der Tod, mit Pfeil und Bogen bereit zum Schuß, tötet den Jüngling, der vom Pfeil durchbohrt, zusammenfällt. - Die Vorzugsausgabe besteht aus 50 nummerierten Exemplaren auf Juball-Bütten mit jeweils signierter Originallithographie. Nr.1 - 20 sind dabei in Ganzleder gebunden, jedem dieser Exemplare ist eine Originalzeichnung Kubins beigefügt. Nr. 21 - 50 sind in Ganzpergament gebunden; vorliegend ist dies die Nr. 41. - Die handschriftliche Widmung des Verfassers lautet: Herr Dr. W. Maag/ gewidmet/ vom Verfasser/ RRSchmidt/ Lugano/ 3.Juli.1937". - Pergamentdeckel leicht aufgebogen. Vereinzelt leicht fleckig. [Attributes: Signed Copy; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: terrahe.oswald]
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        The Select Poetical Works of Thomas Moore. Edited, with a prefatory note, by J. R. Tutin

      Griffith, Farran & Co, 1892. Hardcover. Used; Good. Hardcover; English language; No jacket; 12mo - over 6.75" - 7.75" tall; good condition. Your book will be securely packed and promptly dispatched from our UK warehouse. All international orders are sent Royal Mail airmail.

      [Bookseller: Sunrise Books Ltd]
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        KAI GA CHO, KAMPO, KAGETOSHI, BAIREI, YOSHIFUMI KATEI &c.: A Salute to Ancient Painters.

      A MARVELOUS RENDERING OF BEAUTIFUL COLOR ART IN WOODBLOCKS Tokyo [1892] - , Okuma. Stitched stiff wrs., vol 2 of 2 vol setblocks carved by Minokichi, complete in itself, 23 doublefolded leaves [ie 46p.], 40p. color woodblock prints, handprinted on hand made paper, 16 x 14.5 cm., very good. Color scans available for this book on request. Description content 2015Copyright Rare Oriental Books Co.

      [Bookseller: RARE ORIENTAL BOOK CO., ABAA, ILAB]
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        Mekha'a Gedola

      1892 - Backed, in acid free mylar envelope, slight damage to two words.

      [Bookseller: Meir Turner]
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        Across Thibet Being A Translation of "De Paris Au Tonking A Travers Le Tibet Inconnu"'

      New York: Cassell Publishing Company. 1892., 1892. First US edition. Octavo, pp. xiii, 417. Publisher's brown cloth with a bevelled edge. Gilt titles and portrait of a Tibetan to the spine. A evocative rendering of a camel train adorns the front cover under a decorative title. Gilt top edge, other edges untrimmed. Fold out map housed in pouch on front pastedown, in good condition but starting to split on some of the folds. Numerous illustrations throughout. Some bumping to the headcap, tail, and corners. Internally very clean, a very good copy.

      [Bookseller: Adrian Harrington Rare Books]
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        The Complete Poetical Works

      Cambridge, MA: The Riverside Press,, 1892. The text newly collated and revised and edited with a memoir and notes by George Edward Woodberry. 8 volumes, octavo. Contemporary full blue calf by Riviere and Son, raised bands milled gilt forming six compartments to spine, red and brown morocco labels lettered in gilt to second and fourth respectively, elaborate central fleurons and foliate cornerpieces to remaining compartments gilt, French fillet to sides gilt, inner dentelles extending over board-edges gilt, marbled endpapers, top edges gilt, others untrimmed. Engraved portrait frontispiece with tissue guard to vol. I, half-titles and title-pages printed in red and black with publisher's woodcut device to the former. Spines attractively sunned to green, light toning to edges and binder's blanks. A fine set. First Woodberry edition, large-paper issue, this set number 237 of 250 and considerably enhanced by a highly attractive binding of full calf gilt. The Riverside Press was established in Boston in 1852 by Henry Houghton, later co-founder of Houghton Mifflin. The trade issue of the Woodberry Shelley was divided into four volumes rather than eight.

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        The Green Fairy Book

      London: Longmans, Green & Co.,, 1892. Octavo. Original green cloth, titles to spine gilt, elaborate pictorial decorations to spine and front board gilt, all edges gilt, black endpapers. Frontispiece and numerous illustrations by H. J. Ford in text. Inked gift inscription to front free endpaper. Spine rolled, spine ends and tips a little worn, front hinge starting, rear hinge cracked but holding, contents lightly foxed. A very good copy. First edition. Andrew Lang (1844?-1912), Scottish poet, scholar and journalist, devoted most of his life to folklore and the compilation of traditional fairy stories from around the world. Begun in 1889, "his 'coloured' fairy books have been popular with boys and girls since their first appearance." (Osborne Collection I, pp. 34-36, and II, p. 604).

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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        New Zealand alpine journal - Volume 1 - April 1892 to October 1894

      Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, N.Z. : Whitcombe & Tombs Limited, 1892, Hardback, Book Condition: Very Good, First Edition. Provenance; Manchester centrakl library bookplate to the front paste-down. Collected and bound in contemporary fine-ribbed tan cloth, very good. Gilt-blocked leather label to the spine. Bands and panel edges slightly rubbed and dust-toned as with age. Remain uncommonly well-preseved; tight, bright, clean and strong. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; At head of title; 'Perge et Perage'. Subjects; Monutains & Mountaineering - New Zealand - Periodicals. Mountaineering - Societies, etc. Referenced by: Index to New Zealand periodicals ISSN: 0073-5957 To 1986. Physical description; volumes : illustrations (some color), folding maps, portraits (some color) ; 24 cm.

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd.]
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        French Manuscript Collection of Song Lyrics and Watercolored Illustrations and Vignettes

      1892 - 8vo. 25 by 18 cm. 88 pp. of content, with a few blank numbered pages following. With 31 watercolored illustrations or vignettes, usually by the title to the song, but occasionally to the side. The songs were generally well-known songs; the watercolors are painted directly onto the pages. Occasionally there is musical notation, but most songs are given with only the lyrics, which are written in a very neat, attractive hand. The songs include "Nous en sommes", "L'Invalide de marseille", "Je suis gobe par maportiere", "Dans l'autre panier elles sont plus molles", "L'enfant des Remparts", "L'invalide Belge", "L'Anarchiste", "Brunes et Blondes", "Naples", "Salut aux hirondelles", "Le Gondolier", "Souviens-toi du cruel Vainqueur", "Veux-tu?" "Vive la Musique Militaire", "Le Moulin Rose", "Les Roses-The", "Offre-moi ton baiser", "Estudiantina", "Les Rameaux", "La Czarine", "Les Sapins", "La Valse des Vins", "L'Esclave noir", "Le roi des hohemiens", "La Vague", "Le Credo des 4 Saisons", "Les Bresiliennes", "Les fleurs de ma Mie", "Les Deux Temoins", "Un tour de Valse", "Le Refus", "Poivrot", "Balochard", "Explaire" and "La Chanson des Paves". Several of the entries in the back are partial, without the title or image. Some of the images are not truly original, copied or adapted from published material. The pages are loose and are heavily age toned and brittle. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: White Fox Rare Books, ABAA/ILAB]
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        Im Hafen von Riva" originales Aquarell ca. 36x50cm auf festem Aquarell-Papier; links unten signiert , bezeichnet "Heimstetten b.Mnchn." um 1910

      - Kurzbiographie: Der Maler Carl Kessler besuchte 1892/93 und 1998/99 die Königlich-Sächsische Kunstgewerbeschule in Dresden. 1899 immatrikulierte er sich an der Münchner Akademie für die Naturklasse von Karl Raupp. Seit ca. 1910 spezialisierte er sich auf Winterlandschaften; auch einige Städtelandschaften sind bekannt. Kessler wird in der zeitgenössischen Kunstkritik als Meister des Aquarells gerühmt. Seine Vorliebe galt Motiven aus den bayerischen Alpen, Tirol und der Schweiz. Als Mitglied der Münchner Künstlergenossenschaft stellte er regelmäßig im Glaspalast aus.

      [Bookseller: Antiquariat Niederbayern]
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        Along New England Roads

      New York: Harper & Brothers. Near Fine in Very Good dust jacket. 1892. First Edition. Cloth. Light green cloth, titles and decoration stamped in bright silver and gilt on upper board and spine, t.e.g., in the publisher's printed paper dust-wrapper; pp. [8], 200. Tiniest bit of rubbing to the corners and tips, red pencil erasure to the ffep, else fine, a bright and sharp copy; the jacket is age-darkened, with chips out at the spine ends and corners .

      [Bookseller: Books Tell You Why]
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        1892 Perlen aus der Instrumenten-Sammlung von Paul de Wit, Leipzig. Pearls from the instrument collection of Paul de Wit, Leipzig (Saxony). Perles de la collection d'instruments de Paul de Wit a Leipzig (Saxe). Vorzugsausgabe

      Leipzig, Verlag von Paul de Wit., 1892. 1 Titelblatt, 14 Seiten, 16 Chromolithographien Mappe 27 x 38 cm. Samtmappe mit einem Bild in der Mitte, 4 Messingbeschläge, Goldschnitt an den Seiten u. an den Blättern der Chromolithographien. 3 sprachig: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch. Die Samtmappe ist etwas verblasst und hat ganz kleine Fehlstellen, sonst guter Zustand, keinerlei Einträge.

      [Bookseller: adamsbuch Einzelunternehmen]
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        Sur le retour EDITION ORIGINALE Tirage de tête ENVOI AUTOGRAPHE

      Paris: Ernest Kolb, 1892. Fine. Ernest Kolb, Paris 1892, 12x19.5cm, relié. - First Edition, one of the few copies on Holland paper paper only leading copies. Binding to bradel half red calico, smooth back, part of title rubbed black morocco, wrappers preserved and bound in, binding signed Henry Joseph, typical of copies from the library Goncourt. Autograph signed by the author Edmond de Goncourt: "A fervent tribute Edmond de Goncourt." Sign up - as often - Edmond de Goncourt on the first guard: "First Edition copy on Holland paper paper.." Paul Margueritte, a member of the Académie Goncourt first naturalist and writer, is near Edmond de Goncourt. It was one of the signatories of the Manifesto of the Five Earth against Zola and one of the regulars Grenier d'Auteuil. --- Please note that the translation in english is done automatically, we apologize if the formulas are inaccurate. Contact us for any information! - [FRENCH VERSION FOLLOWS] Edition originale, un des quelques exemplaires sur papier de Hollande, seuls grands papiers. Reliure à la bradel en demi percaline rouge, dos lisse, pièce de titre de maroquin noir frottée, couvertures conservées, reliure signée de Henry-Joseph, typique des exemplaires provenant de la bibliothèque des Goncourt. Envoi autographe signé de l'auteur à Edmond de Goncourt : "A Edmond de Goncourt hommage fervent." Inscription - comme souvent - d'Edmond de Goncourt sur la première garde : "Edition originale. Exemplaire sur papier de Hollande." Paul Margueritte, membre de la première Académie des Goncourt et écrivain naturaliste, est un proche d'Edmond de Goncourt. Il a été l'un des signataires du Manifeste des Cinq contre La Terre de Zola et l'un des habitués du Grenier d'Auteuil.

      [Bookseller: Librairie Le Feu Follet]
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        Indian Fairy Tales

      London: David Nutt,, 1892. Large octavo. Original cream-coloured boards, spine and front cover lettered in gilt, top edge brown, untrimmed. Housed in a custom made marbled paper slipcase. Title page printed in red & black, frontispiece and 7 plates in two states, 36 illustrations in the text, 29 decorated initials, by John D. Batten. Photogravure bookplate on front free endpaper of F. E. Dinshaw (d.1936), one of pre-partition India's most prominent businessmen and lawyers (neat library accession label on front pastedown). Spine lightly toned, some discolouration and a few creases to binding, a few blue marks to tissue guards of frontispieces, one or two marks internally. First and limited edition, one of 160 numbered large paper copies signed by the publisher and printed on Japanese vellum. Joseph Jacobs (1854-1916), historian and folklorist, produced a number of fairy tale books in the 90s, following his marriage and the birth of three children: "perhaps it was the presence of young children that encouraged the scholarly Jacobs to turn his attention to the world of folklore and fairy tales" (ODNB). The illustrations are by John D. Batten (1860-1932), "probably the best of that group of illustrators who took mythology as the keynote for their work" (Simon Houfe, The Dictionary of 19th Century British Book Illustrators and Caricaturists, 1998, p. 56).

      [Bookseller: Peter Harrington]
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      London: Chatto & Windus, 1892. FIRST EDITIONS n. Hardcover. 184 x 127 mm (7 1/4 x 5"). Two separately issued (though obviously companion) volumes. FIRST EDITIONS. VERY PLEASING BLACK MOROCCO, TASTEFULLY GILT, BY C. & C. MCLEISH (stamp-signed on rear turn-ins), covers with gilt rule border and cornerpieces of gilt lilies against a mist of gilt dots, raised bands, each spine compartment with a similar design but featuring three inlaid gray morocco lilies at center and trefoil floral ornaments at compartment extremes, all against a stippled ground, turn-ins with gilt fillets and gilt foliate tools at corners, all edges gilt. With a folding engraved frontispiece to volume I. A Large Paper Copy of each volume. A VIRTUALLY PRISTINE SET, nearly as clean and fresh as the day it left the bindery. This is a highly appealing copy of Dobson's essays, here bound by one of the most respected English binders of his (or anybody else's) time. The 32 essays printed here, all of which had appeared previously in periodical form, deal with Steele, Prior, Fielding, Hanway, Hogarth, Gray, Chesterfield, Walpole, Goldsmith, Cowper, Bewick, Richardson, Smollet, Johnson, and several others. Henry Austin Dobson (1840-1921) was a poet of lighter verse whose extensive knowledge of the 18th century led him to write full-blown biographies of Hogarth, Goldsmith, Fanny Burney, Horace Walpole, Richardson, and Steele. (He also wrote biographies of the Frenchwomen Charlotte Corday, Madame Roland, the Princesse de Lamballe, and Madame de Genlis.) Persons included are not just writers, but others of interest to bibliophiles, such as bookbinder Roger Payne. These "Vignettes" were so popular that a third series was issued in 1896, and all three went through several editions on both sides of the Atlantic. Born in 1859, our binder, Charles McLeish, was apprenticed to Andrew Grieve in Edinburgh, then came to London in 1890 to work for Riviere. When Cobden-Sanderson founded the Doves Bindery in 1893, he hired McLeish as the firm's finisher; McLeish held that estimable position until 1909, when he left to go into partnership with his son, Charles, who had apprenticed under Roger de Coverly. Although the senior McLeish was no longer in the employ of Cobden-Sanderson, all of the bindings that were signed "Doves Bindery" between 1909 and 1921 were actually done in the McLeish workshop. As can be seen here, the work produced by the McLeishes was beautifully designed and highly accomplished.

      [Bookseller: Phillip J. Pirages Fine Books and Mediev]
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        Varones Ilustres de la Compañía de Jesús. Tomo IX: Castilla (y) Misión de Etiopía

      Bilbao, El Mensajero del Corazón de Jesús, 1892. 4to. mayor; 578 pp. Encuadernación de la época, en media piel.

      [Bookseller: Hesperia Libros]
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      Kelmscott Press, London 1892 - This iconic set from the Arts and Crafts era was an early production of the Kelmscott Press under the artistic direction of William Morris. Having recently acquired the Caxton text in a reprinted edition of the 13th century lives of the Saints and Miracles, Morris wanted to proiduce a modern reprint with the knowledge gained from research and using the original printing techniques. 3 Volumes, cloth spine with paper over boards, no dust jackets as released. all three volumes are in Good- condition; The spine labels for two volumes are missing. There is evidence of fluid damage on the spines which may be partially from original binding approach. These book were always intended to be custom bound after publication, the existing bindings were always recognized as temporary. Th interiors are all pristine except for 2 former owner's bookplates on the endpapers. All interior illustrations are present and clean. There are two illustrations/ illuminations by Edward Burne-Jones and the magnificent title pages were the first done by Morris. The Kelmscott Colophon is on the last page of Volume 3, and the printed slip asking any possible re-binders not to trim the pages or put the volumes in a press so as not to destroy what Kelmscott worked so hard to replicate from medieval printing. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Trouve Books]
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        New Zealand alpine journal - Volume 1 - April 1892 to October 1894

      Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, N.Z. : Whitcombe & Tombs Limited 1892 - At head of title; 'Perge et Perage'. Subjects; Monutains & Mountaineering - New Zealand - Periodicals. Mountaineering - Societies, etc. Referenced by: Index to New Zealand periodicals ISSN: 0073-5957 To 1986. Physical description; volumes : illustrations (some color), folding maps, portraits (some color) ; 24 cm. Provenance; Manchester centrakl library bookplate to the front paste-down. Collected and bound in contemporary fine-ribbed tan cloth, very good. Gilt-blocked leather label to the spine. Bands and panel edges slightly rubbed and dust-toned as with age. Remain uncommonly well-preseved; tight, bright, clean and strong. 1 Kg. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: MW Books Ltd]
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        The Adventures and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. With illustrations by Sidney Paget

      London: George Newnes Ltd, 1892 and 1894., 1892. FIRST EDITIONS, earliest issue. Detective fiction; short stories. 2 volumes., 4to., (I) half-title, title, pp. 317, (II) half-title, frontispiece, title, pp. 279. Bound in the original publisher's pale and dark blue cloths respectively. All edges gilt. A used set; joints rubbed, shows some general wear, soiling to covers, spine ends worn, paper joints cracked. Remains presentable. 'Adventures' features the misprint 'Violent Hunter' for 'Violet Hunter' p. 317 line 23 plus the earliest Street sign on the cover, whose name is omitted; later impressions bear the 'Southampton Street' wording. The classic Holmes collection. DeWaal. Green and Gibson [A10a], [A14a]. BMC No.271, 'The Great Illustrators'. Graham Greene and Dorothy Glover; Victorian Detective Fiction [128], [129], (1966). See also Cooper & Pike [p115-119], Eric Quayle; Detective Fiction, Hardwicke; Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes (1986), Keating; Sherlock Holmes and his World (1979).

      [Bookseller: Adrian Harrington Rare Books]
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      London: James R. Osgood, McIlvaine & Co, 1892. First English edition. Fine. First English edition. Two volumes. Half-title in each vol. (iv), 213p, (iii); (iv), 235p (i). Illustrated by Du Maurier with vignette title and 85 line-engraved drawings , both full-page and in the text. Bound by Riviere in full blue crushed morocco with marbled flyleaves, t.e.g., the spines with gilt titles and panel ornaments. the upper covers with central gilt title surrounded by a field of stars with curvilinear frame with cornerpieces, the doblures mounted with the original cloth covers and with the original spines bound in rear, the front doblure of Vol. I with gilt quotation on the dentelle. Sadleir 1674a; Wolff 1950.

      [Bookseller: First Folio]
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        The Life and Letters of... Painter & Etcher. Written and Edited by A.H. Palmer

      London: Seeley & Co. Limited, 1892.. Limited edition, no. 88 of 130 large paper copies. 4to. xvi, 422, (2) pp. Publisher's maroon morocco, gilt lettered to the spine and upper board, the latter with a gilt vignette towards the foot, top edge gilt, the others untrimmed. Frontispiece portrait and 21 illustrations, some two to a page, plus one original etching. Some light rubbing to the extremities, a very good copy.

      [Bookseller: Bow Windows Bookshop]
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        Life of John Taylor: Third President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

      George Q. Cannon & Sons Co., Publishers, Salt Lake City, UT 1892 - 468pp. Octavo [24 cm] Full leather with gilt stamped titles and ornamental stamping on the boards and backstrip, and beveled edges. All edges gilt. Green and white floral endsheets. Eleven plates, including the double page Joseph and Hyrum. Good. The leather boards are lightly scratched and the spine ends and corners of the covers are mildly rubbed. The text block is cracked multiple times. Pp. 227-238 are just hanging on by a single thread. Biography of the third LDS President by Mormon intellectual and historian, B.H. Roberts. "I would like to obey and place myself in subjection to every law of man. What then? Am I to disobey the law of God? Has any man a right to control my conscience, or your conscience? .No man has a right to do it" - John Taylor. Flake/Draper 7331. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller: Ken Sanders Rare Books, ABAA]
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      The Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith 1892 - Limited to 300 copies. Large 4to. 106 leaves, 163 printed pages. Title printed in Morris' gothic type, text in Troy type, glossary in Chaucer type. Printed throughout in black and red with large initials and elaborate title and explicit en face. Bound in full limp vellum with silk ties, the title stamped in gold on spine. Peterson A10. Fine, one slik tie wanting. Housed in supplied linen slipcase

      [Bookseller: First Folio A.B.A.A.]
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