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Do you want a website that gives you your own unique place in the world’s largest search engine for old, rare and second-hand books? LibriDirect now offers what you need. This is how it can work for you.
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viaLibri sends bibliophiles to your website

When your website is enabled with LibriDirect all your books will appear in viaLibri search results and be tagged with a purchase link labelled “Direct From Seller.” That link will take customers straight to the page on your website where the book is offered for sale. Once there they can buy your book (and maybe several), explore and bookmark your site, leave their name, or contact you directly.

Libribot finds buyers for your books

Our Libribot matches books daily against over 60,000 active wants recorded by over 2,000 of our registered users - and the list grows daily. With LibriDirect your books will be included.

LibriDirect emails are sent to these serious collectors, librarians and booksellers whenever one of your new listings is matched against one of their standing wants. Any time you add a group of specialised items to your website they will immediately attract the attention of collectors eager for books in that field. Links within the email will take them directly to your site where they can also look for other items of interest. From there it is only a simple step to signing up and receiving your future catalogue announcements and becoming regular visitors to your site.

A LibriDirect website builds your unique identity online

No middlemen to confuse your buyers about the true source for the good things they find online.
Sale confirmations and communication will come directly from you, naturally enabling further contact and follow-up sales.
New visitors will have a web address they can bookmark and return to in the future.
Your books that appear in viaLibri search results help advertise your name in a place where your website is only a click away.

Here are two ways we can help you


Let us harvest data from your existing website

If you already have have a website it may be possible to add most LibriDirect benefits to what you currently have. We do this by “harvesting” data from your website and transferring it to our own web server where it is indexed and made available for viaLibri to search. This may require minor modifications to your website according to a special protocol we have created for this purpose. We have also recently added support for harvesting sites built using Shopify, and WordPress sites using WooCommerce. Please contact us for details.

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Let us build a website for you

If you don’t already have a website we can create one for you using WordPress, the world’s most widely used platform for building websites and blogs. We have developed several templates designed especially for booksellers and can personalise one of these to meet your specific needs. All the LibriDirect features described here can be included along with website hosting and support.

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Our bookselling websites and plugins

Are you interested in having a LibriDirect website? Our websites are designed specifically to serve the requirements of antiquarian booksellers and can include all these features (and more):

Scrollable book “showcase” with customisable image selection
Multiple search and browsing utilities
“Recent Arrivals” lists generated automatically or fixed manually
Integrated blogging
Shopping cart
PayPal and credit card processing (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
No costly merchant account or monthly minimums
Search Engine Optimisation to rank your books high in Google search results
Easy data and image uploads (no FTP)
Unlimited photos for each book
Responsive design adapts to all devices.
PDF catalogues
Google Analytics
Image zoom

And with WordPress anything is possible

Our LibriDirect websites and plugins are built using WordPress, the world’s most widely used website development platform. The extensive and active community of WordPress developers, programmers, bloggers and website owners support a huge internet ecosystem and active community of users. In addition to the extensive built-in features, thousands of third-party plugins and widgets have been created to provide almost any feature a user might think of - usually for free. Installing and customizing these powerful features rarely requires programming skills or code. A powerful built-in content management system also makes it easy for you to add to, update or modify whatever you want to publish on your site.

A sampling of things that can be easily added to your website include:

Event calendars, newsletters, social media share buttons, Google Maps, slideshows, eBay lists, MailChimp, social networking feeds, user forums, embedded YouTube videos, etc., etc.

But a pretty website has little value if no one ever finds it

On the vast and crowded internet your website is a small needle in a field of hay stacks. Building it is only your first and simplest step. Getting customers to find and use it is the real challenge. That is what we are here to do. LibriDirect puts you and your website one click away from the thousands of active bookbuyers who use viaLibri every day. Your books and images become the lure that draws them from our site to yours.

There are many ways in which books find buyers on viaLibri, and all of them can lead directly to you. If your books are already finding buyers on viaLibri then those buyers will currently be sent elsewhere to finalise their purchases. With LibriDirect they can be sent directly to you.

You have more to sell than just books

Your knowledge and experience as a specialist bookseller are also in demand, and many of the visitors who search on viaLibri, both buyers and sellers, are looking to find that expertise. Linking your website to viaLibri can help them discover you and all that you have to offer beyond just books to sell.


Harvested Bookseller

$25/ month or $250/year (+VAT where applicable)
  • All the benefits of viaLibri Premium Services
  • Up to 10,000 books and photos   ?
    $5/month for each additional 10,000 books

Choose this subscription level if you have your own bookselling website and want your books to appear in viaLibri search results and to be included in Libribot permanent wants matching. In order to be searchable your website will need to comply with our XML harvesting protocol (contact us for technical details).

You will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits of viaLibri Premium Services, including Libribot searching your want list.

LibriDirect Hosted &
Supported Bookseller

$80/ month or $800/year (+VAT where applicable)
  • All the benefits of viaLibri Premium Services
  • Up to 100,000 books   ?
    $5/month for each additional 10,000 books
  • Up to 40,000 photos   ?
    $20/month for each additional 20,000 images
  • Includes LibriDirect WordPress Plugin
  • viaLibri will set up, host and manage your own WordPress website
  • New website setup starting at $800, depending on level of customisation required

Choose this option if you want viaLibri to build, host and support your website. We will create a customised WordPress website with LibriDirect ecommerce features and full integration with viaLibri and Libribot search functionality. Your site will be built using an open source WordPress theme especially modified and enhanced for the needs of antiquarian booksellers.

You will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits of viaLibri Premium Services, including Libribot searching your want list.


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