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What is Libribot ?

Libribot finds the books you want (while you do something else).

Once you have entered your permanent wants using the viaLibri Wants Manager, Libribot starts searching for them automatically. It continuously examines the latest items that are uploaded to the internet and matches them against the search criteria you have recorded. When new items are found they are flagged and saved. Every time you return to viaLibri you will be notified if any new matches exist and then given a link to access them directly.

Your searches do not need to be limited to specific titles or authors. You can use any author names, titles, keywords or combinations that are likely to match with items you might want to buy. Libribot can find exactly the book you want, or the rare and interesting item you have never heard of. And once a match has been reported it will do its best to prevent the same item from appearing in your results again.

Libribot casts a wide net

Libribot currently searches for new listings on multiple web sites, not just one. These sites include:ABAA, Abebooks,, Biblio, Bibliophile Bookbase, Bokbörsen, Bookzangle, Books and Collectibles, livre-rare-book, Maremagnum, NVvA, PBFA, ZVAB. Also included are books listed on the individual websites of numerous viaLibri subscribers.

Libribot finds what you want, and ignores what you don't want.

If you are actively hunting for books on the internet you will find that Libribot will make your work both easier and more productive. All the filtering options available for regular viaLibri searches can be applied to your permanent wants. You can exclude print-on-demand items, limit results to specific dates or date ranges, set price limits, match only on first editions, signed copies, copies with dust jackets, or use any other filter already available for normal viaLibri book searching.

Libribot eliminates the endless clicking.

Once new matches have been found you can browse through them quickly and easily. The list of your new matches is displayed as a continually growing full-text catalogue that can be easily scrolled, with the latest matches positioned at the top. You can also have new matches reported to you by email. No additional clicks are required in order to read the full details of each book description. If an item is of interest it can also be saved to your Clipboard and consulted later.

Libribot saves everything, and finds it again when you want it.

Subscribers to viaLibri Premium Services also have the ability to search within their accumulated matches, as well as searching for items previously saved to their clipboard. This makes it possible to archive items that are of interest and then easily find them again later. Even the items that turn up in regular searches can be archived to your clipboard and retrieved at a later date.

How can I put Libribot to work for me?

The full power of Libribot is only available to our Premium Services subscribers, but we also provide a free limited version to all viaLibri registered users. The free version collects new matches for one want per day on most of the sites we include. (Paid subscribers are matched on up to fifty wants per day) And regardless of your subscription status, all your wants will be matched every day against the latest online offerings of booksellers whose individual websites are included in the viaLibri metasearch. All you have to do is enter your wants into the viaLibri Wants Manager. After that, Libribot will do the rest.