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Welcome NVvA
We have just added another important group of booksellers to our search results: the Nederlandsche Vereeniging van Antiquaren (NVvA). The members of this Dutch bookselling association, founded in 1935, are all affiliates of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers and include the most prominent and respected antiquarian booksellers in the Netherlands.

Their newly created book search engine has just been launched and is expected to grow quickly in the near future. We are very pleased to welcome them on board.

Two New Features
We have just added a pair of new features that we know will be of interest to at least a few of our most active users. It is now possible to perform multiple deletes of unwanted match results without having to manually check the check box for each separate item. Once this feature is activated you only have to check the items you want to keep.

We have also added the ability to perform bulk deletes of Libribot matches that no longer need to be saved. This feature has been requested by several of our users and we are pleased to finally make it available.

Details on using these new features will be found HERE. and HERE.

Welcome TomFolio!
We are pleased to announce the addition of TomFolio [] to the bookselling sites we now search. This puts nearly 2 million additional listings within our reach, many of them offered exclusively on their site. Libribot is also including books from TomFolio in its searches.

TomFolio was launched 13 years ago. It is unusual among multi-dealer bookselling websites in being organized as a cooperative owned and directed by its booksellers. As booksellers ourselves, we are always happy to see other bookselling sites being run by actual booksellers. Welcome TomFolio; long may you prosper!

viaLibri now blogs
The official viaLibri blog is now online. Visit it at

New Features and Improvements
The latest viaLibri upgrade has now been launched. It includes several new features and numerous enhancements that we believe will make viaLibri even more powerful and useful than ever. Much of what is new has come in response to suggestions received from our users. We hope our latest efforts have satisfied those requests. Other less visible improvements have also been made to improve performance and reliability. Work on these will remain ongoing. If you are one of our many regular visitors we hope you will be pleased with the new version of viaLibri we offer to you now. Please try it and let us know what you think. As soon as the last bugs have been eliminated from this new release we will start work again on the next set of improvements. As always, your continued feedback in that process will be greatly appreciated. Here is a summary of the most important new features you will find:

Book Search
  • Unwanted search results can be removed.

  • It is now possible to remove items from your search results using a checkbox that appears with each item. You can check all the items that are not of interest and remove them from your results with one click of a button.

  • Improved translation

  • We are now able to identify the language used with each book description. If you click the "translate" button the text will automatically be translated into your native language, as recorded in your browser language preference settings. (Or you can choose a different language if you prefer). The scroll menu is no longer required and over 60 languages are available as both source and target.

  • Improved grouping algorithm

  • Some careful back-end modifications have further improved our ability to group multiple listings for the same book under a single entry. Repetitive entries are now significantly reduced..
Wants Manager / Libribot
  • Updated Display

  • We have significantly revised the way want records are displayed in the Want Manager. Readability and navigation are now much improved.

  • Note Field

  • All want records now include a "Note" field that can be used to record information you may want to save regarding an individual want. Bibliographic references, customer names and any other related details can now be saved for future reference.

  • Libribot Match removal

  • You can now delete records for any Libribot matches you may not want to save.

  • Match Results for Individual Wants

  • It is now possible to view a separate list of Libribot matches for each of your specific wants. These lists can be accessed directly from the Wants manager, or from the individual wants records that can be accessed from Libribot match results.

  • livre-rare-book

  • livre-rare-book has recently been added to libribot searches.
A New Feature for Premium Services Subscribers
  • Libristat

  • Summary valuation statistics are now generated from each manual search and can be displayed a the top of your results screen. Statistics include average, median, highest and lowest prices for all matching items along with a count of the total of unique matches made, excluding most duplicates. Statistics are recalculated when items are removed from results. Libristat is optional and can be easily turned on and off. It is only available to viaLibri Premium Services subscribers.

viaLibri welcomes UKBookworld
We are pleased to welcome to the list of multi-dealer websites that are included in our search results. Their 340+ booksellers, all of whom are located in the United Kingdom, will add another 2.7 million titles to the millions we already search. Libribot will also search them daily to find new matches for the permanent wants of all our registered users.

We are equally pleased to announce that all the book listings from MareMagnum are now also being searched daily by Libribot. These two additions increase significantly the scope of material that Libribot can now find. For more information about Libribot please click HERE .

Announcing Libribot and other viaLibri Premium Services.
After an extended period of development and testing we are now ready to launch the beta version of Libribot™, an automated searching service that will continuously scour the internet to find new items that match your permanent wants. Just record your wants in the Wants Manager and Libribot will take over from there. Freshly uploaded listings on 10 major search engines (more to come) and the independent websites of dozens of individual booksellers are regularly scanned for their most recent additions. When new matches are discovered they are added to your personal catalogue of found items where they can be easily browsed at any time.

If you are a registered user with wants already saved in the viaLibri Wants Manager Libribot may already be at work for you. Just click the tab marked "Libribot" at the top of the screen and you will find a catalogue of your latest matches.

Libribot includes several advanced features that are not available from any similar service. A description of these features can be found by clicking HERE .

The full power of Libribot is one of the benefits available to subscribers to our new Premium Services. Other benefits include an enhanced searchable Clipboard, inclusion of your website in viaLibri searches, and discounts on viaLibri advertising. More information about Premium Services can be found HERE .
How the Internet Moves Book Prices
Our good friend Bob Fleck at Oak Knoll Books has just written a candid and informative account of how he is responding to the current trend in book prices (mostly lower) brought on by the internet. We think it will be of interest to both collectors and other booksellers. You can read it HERE.
Major Enhancements To viaLibri Book Search
Several months of development work are finished at last and we are now pleased to put on line an updated and improved version of our viaLibri book search tool. We hope you will like the changes we have made. Many of our new or improved features have come as a result of suggestions received from our regular users. Among them you will find...
  • Print On Demand Filter...

  • It is now possible to eliminate from your search results most print-on-demand titles and other new reprints of older works. We have received many requests for this feature from users who were frustrated by search results for older books that were overwhelmed by repetitive listings of these inferior reprints, many of which are described in a manner intended to conceal their true nature. This optional filter can be activated by clicking the search form checkbox labeled "No PODs". The methodology we use to identify these reprints is as thorough as possible, but also requires continual updating and fine-tuning. If you use this feature and discover any items that escape our filter please let us know about them so that we can make further adjustments to improve the accuracy of our results.

  • Simplified Search Exclusion...

  • If you want to execute a search that also excludes specific names and keywords we have now made that easier than it was before. All that is required is to enter the term to be excluded into the form field marked "Exclude" and then check the checkbox corresponding to the fields where you want the exclusion applied.

  • Improved Want Lists...

  • We have renamed the Search Manager to "Wants Manager" in order to more accurately reflect its primary function as a tool to save permanent wants for repeat searching. The new print-on-demand and exclusion filters can now also be incorporated into the wants that wants that you record using the "Wants Manager". But to make things even simpler, we now also include a button at the bottom of every search results that you can click to save your last search terms as permanent wants. (Additional major enhancements to Wants Manager are now also being tested and will be launched shortly. Watch this space for further details).

  • Improved Photos...

  • Many books will now have illustrations embedded in their descriptions instead of appearing in the column on the right side of the search results page. The illustrations are also being displayed in a larger format with greater detail.

  • More dealers to search...

  • We are now including books listed on The leading Australian website for antiquarian books.

  • Under the Hood...

  • Numerous other invisible improvements have been made to make searching faster, more reliable, and more accurate. If you notice any bugs that have escaped our testing please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention.

Browser Search Plugins for viaLibri
    OpenSearch browser plugins are now available for viaLibri. If you are using Internet Explorer7+ or FireFox2+ these plugins will allow you to perform simple viaLibri searches directly from your toolbar regardless of where on the internet you might be browsing. There are separate plugins for searching by author, title or keywords. To install any (or all) of them you only need to click on one of the links below...

    Click HERE to install the Author Search browser plugin
    Click HERE to install the Title Search browser plugin
    Click HERE to install the Keyword Search browser plugin

    Once a plugin is installed, it should be possible to select it from the list displayed when you click on the search box located at the right side of your browser. We would like to note that the addition of this feature came at the request of Matt Caywood, one of our users, who first created it for his own use and then generously offered the code for us to copy. The long viaLibri "to-do" list is now one item shorter. We are always happy to hear from our users with requests for features, even ones we have already planned. For this purpose, a contact form can be found under the "More" tab at the top of every page.

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Author: longfellow Title: song of hiawatha published : houghton [144 found]

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