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         The Foundation of Arithmetic. A logico-mathematical enquiry into the concept of number. English Translation by J.L Austin. (Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik. Eine logisch mathematische Untersuchung über den Begriff der Zahl).

      Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1950. 8vo. Orig. full green cloth w. gilt lettering to spine, orig. blue dust-jacket w. some soiling. Very minor nick to upper capital at back hinge, otherwise intact w. no loss and not price-clipped. Cloth-bdg. w. minor wear to capitals. Internally very nice and clean. Pp. xii + xiie, pp. XI + XIe, (2), 119 + 119e pp.. First U.K. edition, being the first English language, edition of this philosophical classic, Frege's later so influential first book, which is considered the best introduction to his thought. The work was originally published in German in 1894 (the text of which is also printed here), but the English translation has probably been more influential. Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege (1848 - 1925) was a German mathematician, but his main contributions lie in his becoming a logician and a philosopher, who influenced the fields of logic and analytic philosophy immensely. Together with Wittgenstein, Russel and Moore, Frege is considered the founder of analytic philosophy, and a main founder of modern mathematical logic. In the preface of the "Principia Mathematica" Russell and Whitehead state that "In all questions of logical analysis our chief debt is to Frege" (p. VIII). His influence on 20th century philosophy has been deeply profound, especially in the English speaking countries from the middle of the 20th century and onwards; in this period most of his works were translated into English for the first time.The philosophical papers of Frege were published in Germany in scholarly journals, which were barely read outside of German speaking countries. The first collections of his writings did not appear until after the Second World War, and Frege was little known as a philosopher during his lifetime. He greatly influenced the likes of Russel, wittgenstein and Carnap, though, and bears a great responsibility for the turn modern philosophical thought has taken. Due to his contributions to the philosophy of language, analytic philosophy could be founded as it were. Instead of answering the question about meaning, Frege here sets out to explore the foundations of arithmetic, beginning with questions such as "What is a number?" In his solutions the answer to the question of meaning could also be found, though, and he permitted himself "the hope that even the philosophers, if they examine what I have written without prejudice, will find in it something of use to them." (p. XIi - Introduction).The book has belonged to James K. Feibleman, the author of "A Myth is a Religion in which no one any longer believes" in "Understanding Philosophy", 1973, and bears a dedication from him "For Florence".German-English parallel-text

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         Archive Collection of 119 Original Photo Negatives of Authors and Screenwriters from the 1950's]

      - The negatives are accompanied by a proof sheet of all but two of the images; two 8" x 10" copies of one of the Huxley photos and five 8" x 10" copies of one of the Patchen photo, each with Knight's stamp on rear and later date. Generally fine condition. The more than three dozen authors represented (almost all in multiple images) include: Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, Ray Bradbury, Kenneth Patchen, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Louis L'Amour. Perhaps most notable among the images is Phillip K. Dick, whose photo was used on the first edition jacket of his sci-fi classic, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE; it is accompanied by an unused image from the same shoot. Knight was a writer, editor, and photographer who became involved in the Beat and counterculture scene as a young man. He eventually published, along with his wife Kit, many books about the Beat poets and the times. He became interested in photography as a teenager and had admirable success – as these negatives can attest. His personal relationships with many of the subjects opened the doors to other writers and resulted in his photos appearing on more than 200 dustjackets and magazines, many of which are included in this collection. A document with personal anecdotes and remembrances from Knight as to the circumstances surrounding the photos is included. For example, Knight remembers shooting Philip K. Dick in his shabby apartment and how quiet and particularly unassuming he was: "It was almost as if he weren't there (or I wasn't) when I shot this." He also recalls how writer Kenneth Rexroth asked for his girlfriend's phone number right after he (Knight) broke up with her, and how he waited to photograph Huxley while he ate dinner ("almost tearing at a steak"). Henry Miller later told Knight the photo gave Huxley a "character he never had." A series of images demonstrating Knight love both of the medium and his subjects, as well as an uncommonly intimate look at many of the authors represented. A complete inventory of images and authors is available. Purchase transfers and carries full usage rights. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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         1894-1955 Archive of S.H. Bingham of N.Y. City Railway Engineer Of Transportation for the IRT Train System, Including Blueprints, Equipment Lists and Financial Details, Subway Time Schedules, IND Division Third Rail Diagrams, Passenger Use History & M

      Collection of material in seven binders, approx. 5" x 7" size; of the six-ring variety in uniform black 'leatherette' covers; including: Binder titled BMT 1 Vol. 1-A to G-1 to 26 (2 copies, identical contents) which contain a frontispiece foldout (to 20") of Bureau of Line Equipment B.M.T. Division Third Rail Diagrams, giving index, key, list of 49 locations and specific street addresses for equipment, trolley third rail, and a separate section of circuit breakers & control list, noting diagrams, control wiring, breakers, etc.; location sheet on white which gives key to diagrams, via map of the area served; page with list of graphic symbols used on the plans, and their purposes; followed by the blueprints of the systems, often in tri-fold format and very clearly printed; emergency alarm boxes and their standard connections and another which shows the trip operators and grid at which each are located on blueprint- with standard alarm trip circuit diagram; 6-fold Fourth Avenue line shown in detail + a 4-fold extension of same, continuation sheets; Manhattan Bridge materials, Myrtle Ave., Canal, Broadway, with connections hooking to the I.R.T. and circuit breaker plans, points, instructions on locations of housings, details, Montague St. Tunnel, Broad Street Shaft, 5-fold blueprint, Furman St. shaft, De Kalb Ave., City Hall, Broadway, Cortlandt St., Whitehall St. Nassau St. Loop, Rector St., all the details for breaker locations, tracks, controller locations, Union Sq. Broadway Subway, Prince St. express trains, Q line, G line, 60th St., 57, 53rd Sts., cable, circuit lines, tracks, sections, Lexington Ave. Contact rails, 60th St. River tunnel, the complications of routing the Breaker house, east approach, Queens Plaza controlled from IRT, and notes as in "...Snow melters on Contact Rail controlled from Switch Tower Lower level, West-end of North Platform Queens Plaza Station..." and more of the same ilk - even marking temporary manual operation control areas; a small one-page dark blue on white divider map notes "This sheet showing a portion of the IRT line is included in the BMT pocket book in order to show the full extent of emerg. Alarm control from IRT S.S. No. 26 for the Queens Plaza Area and Vicinity followed by a 7-panel blueprint extending from the Bowery to Broad Street Shaft, Essex St., track lines Canal Street, Chambers St., noting control of vent fans, circuit breakers, cables, more; Williamsburgh Bridge Brooklyn approach, Essex St., track lines , control cables, breakers, portals, followed by a smaller blueprint of 3 panels with the Williamsburgh Bridge and the Broadway showing Marcy Ave, Hewes St. Lorimer St. crossings, next with Myrtle Ave, Kosciusko St.; nice five-fold of the Broadway L to Fulton St., with an extension of the same to Crescent St. and Jamaica Ave.; another of the Broadway L along Jamaica Ave straight run, to 168th St.; 6-fold 14th St. Canarsie St. Line crossing 8th, 6th, Union Square, 3rd Ave., 1st and then into the 14th st. Tunnels coming to Bedford Ave.; 3-fold extension of the same from Bedford to Bushwick S.S.; and the following map f the crossing of the Canarsie Line with the Myrtle Ave., showing auxiliary switches, controllers, cables, more; 5-fold of the Canarsie Line traveling from Palmetto St. to East New York, with various control stations noted; and the next following on the edge of E. New York following the Canarsie Line; which then extends along Van Sinderen Ave. to the Church Ave. Surface feeder; a black on white plan follows, 4-fold which shows the Fulton St. overhead feeders from Halsey S.S. and leading south to Van Sinderen Ave., Snediker Ave, Pitkin Ave.; 7-page foldout leads the line along Pitkin as it makes the bend at Euclid to Liberty and Lefferts Ave.; Vol. II follows on with approx. 35 more blueprints and plans, much on Coney Island and Culver Line, Sea Beach Line, section on Coney Island Shop Yard Circuit Breaker Control plans and diagrams, 5th Ave. Bus Garage, and also material useful for repair: "…Schematic control wiring diagram of typical Circuit breaker panel GE Co., Mct Automatic Reclosing Circuit Breaker" with full details; all three of these volumes with the name of the engineer, S.H. Bingham printed on covers; these volumes have all have the updates to 1950-1955 imprinted on the plans; (with) a similar ringed binder, titled on spine, "IND Division Third Rail Diagrams", first leaf a blueprint map or 'Key Plan' of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, showing the lines routes (splitting along folds); followed by folding blueprint of Court St. to B'way E.N.Y. rail diagrams and details of operation, a smaller map of the Shepherd Ave. Euclid Ave. details, map of Church St. to B'Way Nassau St. with notations on open switches, power lines, crossover networks, more; (with) a binder with alphabetical tab section dividers containing: list of IRT Co. Automobiles and Trucks Operated by Departments - the General Manager drive a Cadillac 1928 sedan, Treasury a White 1927 Truck, Car Equip. Dept. 1930 sedan, Engineering Dept. had Reos, Fords, Packards, Dodges, GMs of various styles, weights of trucks and sizes - and a limousine, the Motive Power Unit drove a 1916 Pierce-Arrow 5 ton Truck, a Studebaker sedan, several G.M.C. Trucks, Dodges, Fords, an Indiana, Brockway, Graham Page, General, again listing sizes and motor #s; also in the 'A' section of this pocketbook are the Amortization of Debt, Discount & Expense, Manhattan Railway Company Second Mortgage 4% Bonds; giving dated information from 1916 & 1917 by month, totals, and other pertinent financial information; "C" section gives cash balances for various divisions and totals - Manhattan, Subway, Corporate, totals; 1930s, 1940s, distribution of construction cash, for Subway Contribution, Manhattan 3d Tracking, Elevated Extensions, Manhattan Div. P.P.; interesting section on car mileages for divisions, massive totals and several pages of lists of same; Dividend rentals; Deferred charges to profit and loss for dividend rentals; statement of dividends declared on capital stock of the IRT: starting in 1904 and listing through to 1919; Debt Discount & Expense Contract No. 3 & Certificates; Manhattan Preferential Deficits from Operation of new elevated lines (large section of pages); balance sheets, assets, liabilities all delineated here; Pension board balances, Employee Pension Fund, First and Refunding Mortgage 5% Gold Bonds - Fully Insured and other percentage notes; interest on city bonds, sinking fund on city bonds, 1929-1940 Lessee's Charges 6 to 9 inclusive of Article XLIX Contract No. 3, 9 pages; Notes payable; joint operations; a most interesting section, with typed entries as well as manuscript concerning the Manhattan Divisions operations: Dec. 4, 1938 Service on Sixth Avenue Elevated Line from South Ferry to 53rd St. & 8th Ave. discontinued...May 19, 1941 Night Service on 2nd Ave. 'L' from South Ferry to Astoria & Flushing discontinued...July 14, 1930 34th Street Spur from 3rd Ave. to East River, discontinued at 11:59 P.M. Title taken by City of New York...June 27th, 1908 Transfers bet. Met. St. Ry. and Man. Ry. and the 8c transfer agreement bet. Union Ry. Co. and Man. Ry. Co. discontinued; Nov. 20th, 1894 Transfer system at South Ferry inaugurated whereby passengers may ride on East or West Side lines for 5c fare; the same listing of historical data by date is listed for the Subway division as well as the Independent Subway System, pages of very specific line openings and closings and availability of passenger movement, pricing, stops, and more; 6 pages of Payments to the City of N.Y. under contract No. 3 Agreement dated August 30, 1929 and going forward to 1934, with totals and payments, dates by month, more; 5 closely-typed pages listed in columns by division of passengers carried from 1873 to 1940; Patent license fees; Percentages, Division of Material and Supplies,1904-1939; Rates of Fares, Rental Accounts, offices, storage space, reports, Sinking Fund savings, Manhattan Division Power Station and Sub-Stations, with notes; same for Subway system; taxes and rates structures; water rates accrued; another binder beginning with Passenger Traffic including loss due to New Subway Operation dating 1926-1931; these loose pages preface a hand-written 'title' page stating Sidney H. Bingham Engineer of Transportation Office of President & General Manager 165 Broadway, New York. Data Pertaining To: Subway & Manhattan Railway Divisions/ Motive Power Department, Engineering, Maint. of Way, Car Equipment Dept., Transportation Dept., Claim Dept., Operation - Earnings & Expenses Passengers Carried, Population by Boroughs and Miscellaneous-hundreds of pages, typewritten, double-sided with dated, detailed information on the daily running of the greatest subway system in the world; a final binder with about 100 pages gives details on the Subway Division cars - numbers, H.V. Motors, L.V., car equipment including trailers, motors, pay cars, construction car, open cars, composite cars and their numbers in series; about 10 pages have tipped-in line stations and miles & minutes, distances from points and about 40 pages with typed street numbers with finely hand-drawn lines and printing indicating submarine cables passing under lines, hand switches, portals, switch towers, and important operating instructions, ie.: "...Track 'M' con't by Hand Switch can be connected to N.B. or S.B. Express Track...Hand Switch to Cut out Middle Track..." and more, on each page. These are accurate, obviously painstaking observations taken by Bingham in an effort to operate a secure and safe system; this smaller binder ends with lists of pertinent phone numbers for the various stations and operators, schedule of trains in a.m. and p.m. rush hours, and their capacity to handle crowds; condition: two of the binders without covers; contents in all generally good to very good, legible and with typed information, when handwritten, also clear and concise, some leaves loose, with some soiling and wear; a collection of hundreds of pages worth of New York City subway and mass transit transportation history that is a trove of information on the development of this massive system, from the engineer that was closely involved in its development and use.. Very Good.

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         Diary of Erika Walbrun: Original Manuscript Diary covering the Bombing of Berlin by a Teenage Girl; Archive of Related Material,

      n.p., n.p. 1950 - Handwritten diary/album approximately 6 by 8 inches, 180 pages, with pasted in photographs and watercolor paintings by the author. Erika was born in 1929, making her about 16 when Dresden fell in 1945. The diary was completed in 1950. It starts with pictures of Erika's parents, her childhood, and schooling. Around page 70 it starts to speak of the war years in Dresden where she lived with her parents and grandmother. By page 85 she discusses the latter days of the war in detail: She had to clean rubble from air attacks on Dresden; her mother had a miscarriage; she had to work among refugees as a red cross volunteer. Starting February 13, 1945, she describes in detail the bombing of Dresden. She watched the cathedral collapse form her window. She describes the dead lying in the streets, the low-flying aircraft shooting people trying to flee. "Don't get buried alive: that's all I could think of." The next day they started to walk to Bavaria and safety. She describes her journey and happenings along the way. The later parts of the diary describe happier, postwar times. With pictures, letters and clippings laid-in. Together with another journal captioned 'Dresden", undated. Only the first 30pp are written in, along with pictures and original sketches of Dresden landmarks. The diary ends abruptly with the note that on the night of February 13/14, 1945, Dresden was bombed. Photographs, clippings and memorial cards are laid in as well. together with a 3rd journal dated 1951 with photographs and descriptions, also with letters and cards laid in. All in German with only a bit of English at the end; all in very good condition. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

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      Birn Brothers (London) [nd, circa 1940?s-1950's] + Book. - Lot of 5 ORIGINAL 1950's CHILDREN'S FAIRY TALE BOOK paintings for JACK AND THE BEANSTOCK published by Birn Brothers (London) [nd, circa 1940?s-1950's] + Book. MEDIUM - WATERCOLOUR and GOUACHE on illustration board. ARTIST - E.V.A. (Eleanor Vera ABBOTT). DATE - circa 1940's?-1950's. 1) "JACK WITH GIANT'S WIFE". This image features Jack meeting the giant's wife for the first time. 2) "GIANT WITH BAGS OF GOLD AND SILVER AND WIFE". This image features the giant counting his gold and silver along with his wife. 3) "JACK WITH SLEEPING GIANT AND CHICKEN THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS". This image features Jack attempting to steal the chicken that lays golden eggs from the sleeping giant. 4) "JACK WITH MOTHER AND CHICKEN THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS". This image features Jack and his mother receiving the chicken that lays golden eggs. 5) "GIANT WITH CLUB CHASING JACK WITH STOLEN SINGING HARP". This image features the giant with a club chasing Jack carrying the stolen singing harp. Four of the five pieces of artwork measures approx. 5 3/4" x 8" on a 6 7/8" x 9 1/2" illustration board. The 5th piece measures approx. 6 5/8" x 9 1/8" on illustration board and as the back cover art, it is a bit bigger than the interior page illustrations and has no blank border. A very nice, lot of bright original watercolour and gouache paintings that were used as four interior pages and the back cover for the story JACK AND THE BEANSTOCK a Children's book published by the Birn Brothers (London) circa 1940's - 1950's. Each of thel five watercolours are monogrammed by the British artist Eleanor Vera Abbott (E.V.A.) towards the bottom corners. Eleanor V. Abbott did a good amount of very attractive artwork for British Children's books with an emphasis on classic Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Tales. All five paintings have a rubber-stamped name of the well known publisher, the Birn Brothers with the reference labels on the reverse of the artwork. These are ORIGINAL PAINTINGS for this classic Fairy Tale story, NOT reproductions. These 5 paintings all appeared in the British Children's book entitled JACK AND THE BEANSTOCK published by the Birn Brothers (London) circa 1940's- 1950's. A scan of the front cover of the scarce original book where these paintings are from is shown in the last scan and is also included with this lot! These sort of original Children book paintings just do not turn up for sale often, let along 5 multiple paintings from a single book! A RARE OPPORTUNITY to acquire some wonderful original Children's book artwork by an excellent and perhaps underrated British artist. **These also would be available separately, please inquire.** CONDITION: Four of the five paintings have minor stains in the blank margins, each paintings has some paper residue on the verso, o/w the 5 paintings in Very Good or better condition are ready to mat and frame! The book has tanned interior text pages, o/w is also in Very Good or better condition. #005981 Price: $1,500.00 (Please e-mail to confirm availability and correct postage before ordering.)

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         THE RING World's Foremost Boxing Magazine (British Edition) A RUN FROM 1950-1959 INCLUSIVE

      The Ring Inc., New York 1950 - An excellent run of 10 years - 1950-1959 all magazines generally in very good condition, with just a few issues missing as follows. 1950 complete with 12 issues; 1951 complete with 12 issues; 1952 complete with 12 issues; 1953 11 issues, missing May; 1954 10 issues, missing June and Sept; 1955 11 issues, missing Oct; 1956 11 issues, missing April; 1957 10 issues, missing July/August and October/November; 1958 10 issues, missing February/March and December 58/January 59; 1959 9 issues missing April/May, September/October and December 59/January 1960. Just ten issues missing, so a total of 110 separate issues present. Mostly in very good condition with a little cover wear, a few with light creases and the odd mark. Please contact us for further information. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

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      Houghton Mifflin/Virginia Adams, Boston/Yosemite National Park 1950 - Folio, 81 pp., 30 full-page plates. Spiral bound boards. Faint foxing on free endpapers, else a very good copy in the scarce dustjacket that is moderately worn at edges and along spine. Photographer Ralph Gilson's neat ex-libris stamp on the front free endpaper. [Attributes: First Edition]

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      Garden City: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1950 - Octavo, cloth. First edition. The author's first SF novel. Anatomy of Wonder (1995) 3-15. In 333. A fine copy in near fine dust jacket with orange and yellow lettering on spine panel faded and 23 mm closed tear at bottom edge of rear panel. A nice copy. (#100062). [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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         Forward American Wines, Including Wine Producer's Formulae

      Carl Dumbra Boston: Carl Dumbra, (1948, 1950). Two volumes. Thick quartos, xxvi, 518 & xxvii-xlv, 519-1175 pages. Book one a stated second printing; book two stated first edition. Illustrated with occasional black and white photos and figures. A very scarce technical treatise. The jacket states, "The master guide for the chemist, researcher, winemaker, wine producer, and production man. Technical information and numerous wine formulae and blends are listed... Chemical and engineering developments. Methods, processes, and formulae for making vermouth extracts used in the manufacture of vermouths, sweet and dry. Artificial and rapid aging by special process, and many other types and California varieties." Light shelfwear to both volumes. Some dampstaining to top edges, and some general light wear to dust jackets. Still very presentable copies of these very scarce volumes [Not in Gabler, Amerine or Cagle].

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      Greenberg, New York 1950 - 8vo, pp. 373. Original black boards, lettered and decorated in gilt on front panel and spine. A bright, tight copy in the pictorial dustwrapper, a little edgeworn, with some chipping to spine ends, and a closed lateral tear to spine centre. Very good. First edition of the author's first book, inscribed by Barr to Richard Yates on the front free endpaper: 'To: My dearest friend, Dick Yates, with my very best wishes always. James Barr New York 1959.' In the late 1950s both Barr and the novelist Richard Yates were contributors to the New Yorker. Described by Roger Austen as 'one of the most intelligently written of American gay novels', and 'one of the earliest novels that could have produced a glow of gay pride.' Barr was born in rural America, where his sexuality saw him cast out by both his family and the wider community, and where he saw his (gay) best friend commit suicide on his wedding day. Quatrefoil, semi-autobiographical and unashamed, charts the central characters' progress as they come to terms with their sexuality, each other, themselves and the world around them. It eschews all gay stereotypes, and was written at the suggestion of Barr's psychiatrist 'as a key to solving [Barr's] problems at the time'. Although overwritten for today's taste, and with a melodramatic ending, Quatrefoil quickly became a rallying point for the gay readership of the 1950s, a readership delighted at last to have been written about with insight, accuracy and a modicum of style. One of the first true works of gay literature -- as opposed to gay fiction-- and certainly the first ever to be published by a mainstream imprint. An important book with a fine association. Slide 1. Slide 1

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         The Magic of a Name

      : G. T. Foulis & Co. Ltd.,, London 1950 - This is a very rare and desirable leatherbound limited edition history of Rolls-Royce automobiles and aviation. Approxiametly 240 of these special editions were created at the personal commission of Lord Hives, the then Chairman Of Rolls-Royce. The books were then to be gifted to dignataries, and special Rolls Royce customers. No expense was spared and the High quality bindings by Sangorski are a testament to that, being hand tooled in Dark Red Morocco Leather, with gilt titles, 5 raised bands and the high quality paper all further edged in gilt and with highly decorative endpapers. This specific book was signed and gifted by Roy W. A. Robotham who was a Director of Rolls-Royce, and presented to Ray Armington who was the President of the Euclid Road Machinery Company. It was Robotham's idea that the company should manufacture 'diesel engines', or oil engines as he preferred to call them. Reducing weight was high on the agenda also, and it was his idea to produce oil engines using light alloys where possible. Armington was a founder and Chairman of the Webb-Triax co; and headed numerous business, educational and civic organisations. Euclid was acquired by General Motors in 1953, but Armington remained the general manager of the Euclid Division. 283 pages with a wonderful Roy Nockolds colour tipped-in frontispiece illustration showing The Rolls-Royce Battle Of Britain Memorial Window, with other similar quality illustrations throughout the book. This copy is in fine clean, crisp and fresh condition, but does have a light fade to to spine. One for a Collector of Motoring and Fine books. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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         Jeux de Cartes Box with 2 decks playing cards (complete) and gallery prospectus with 2 cards tipped-in on cover.

      Acanthe Gallery, Paris 1950 - This is a very good set of two packs of playing cards and a carrying case for them + a prospectus. There is a folded sheet of heavy green card stock:a "Prospectus" in very good condition with just a slight crease to front and back not affecting the two original cards tipped-onto the front of the Prospectus which show an example of the face card and its obverse (the patterned side of the card). Inside there is one double-page tipped-in text in French discussing Surrealism, games of chance and the work of Leonor Fini. Original clamshell box with 2 compartments for 2 decks of cards and slipcase cover. Printed paper title label: Leonor Fini - Jeux de Cartes. Each one of the face cards of each suit: Jack, Queen, King and a Joker have fanciful designs of men and women on them, the colors still very bold and bright. All designs typical of Fini's work of this period. The cards have all gilt edges. One pack has a purple "sponge" patterned back, and the other has the same type pattern in green. Light soiling to spine of box and to slip case. Small stain to corner of slip case, splits to head and tail. Overall in very good condition, with all cards very clean, no marks or creases. Both decks are complete. Bibliographical reference: Uwe-Volker Segreth, Spielkarten, Jugendstil und Art Deco. Edition Christian Brandstetter, 1994. pg 152-53 for reproductions of face cards, and also an important note concerning the number of cards per deck issued in this edition. It states 52 cards + 1 Joker per deck. Box is 5.5" high X 3.5" wide X 1" thick. Prospectus is 4to size, 11" high X 8" wide. A beautiful set.

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         Estudios sobre el amor

      - Emociones. Afectos. Sensibilidad. Sentimientos.(159.942) Aguilar. Madrid. 1950. 8 cm. 366 p. lám. Encuadernación en tapa dura de editorial con lomo estampado. Colección 'Colección Crisol', 03. Ortega y Gasset, José 1883-1955. Amor. CF2 [Attributes: Hard Cover]

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      C.1950 - Lang: Español 0 Soporte: Entelado/On linen. Tamaño del cartel: 89x120 El cartel está en buenas condiciones.

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         Plu kifekler moinkon nivoua

      1950 - Livre épuisé 19,3 x 12,4 cm, broché, couv. rempliée imprimée en noir et rouge, 49 pp., 2 ff. n. ch. Réf. bibliographiques : Maurice Imbert - Nomenclature des livres et plaquettes publiés ou édités Pierre Bettencourt, n°16, p. 33. Condition : Première édition collective des trois textes en écriture phonétique de Jean Dubuffet publiés antérieurement séparément à petit nombre : an vouaiaje (anlonerd gaztonchesac) ; Ler dla campane ; La bonfam abeber. Tirage limité à 175 ex. num. sur Arches (150 ex. num. et 25 ex. num. d'auteur (dont le nôtre)). Livre recherché du fait de la grande rareté des éditions originales des trois textes. Impeccable travail d'édition de Pierre Bettencourt tant pour la qualité de la composition, de l'impression et du papier. 400g. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

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         The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone / Tennessee Williams

      [New York] : New Directions 1950 - Description: 148 p. ; 21 cm. Subjects: Americans--Italy--Fiction. Women--Italy--Fiction. Rome (Italy) --Fiction. Limited to 500 copies and SIGNED by the author. Finely bound vellum-backed batik boards in glassine dw, near fine. An exceptional copy complete with the original (somewhat edge-worn) slip-case. Scans and additional bibliographic detail on request. 1 Kg. 148 pp. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

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         Poemes de Charles d'Orleans

      Teriade Editeur Verve 1950 - One of the original sets of 1200 lithograph copies of Matisse’s original, which was done in color pencil and crayon. The text is a selection of Charles’ poems that Matisse wrote out in hand in French. He then added fleur de lis decorations and hand drawn borders, all in various colors. Slightly more than 100 pages and more than 50 original lithographs, loose in sets of four pages each, housed in illustrated wrappers. A beautiful set with only slight offsetting on some internal pages. The acetate protector on the wrappers is yellowed and has a closed tear bottom left of front cover. Signed by Matisse in pencil on the limitation page. This is copy number 778. The protective cardboard box is in Poor condition, soiled and faded, with splits at the seams and one long, folding flap detached. Even though the number produced was large, intact copies are quite rare – presumably because many copies were broken and sold separately as single Matisse lithographs. This production is widely considered one of the most important illustrated books ever done. Included is a note from M. J. Royer, Antiquarian Bookseller and Gallery of Fine and Applied Arts, Los Angeles, to “Mrs. Tarr” stating that he has located this copy in Europe. The note is dated Dec. 4, 1958; additionally there is an Invoice for the purchase dated 14 Feb. ’59. Special shipping will be required at extra cost. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : Squid Ink Books]
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         Primera parte de la Murgetana del Oriolano, guerras, y conquista del Reyno de Murcia por el Rey don Iayme primero de Aragon. Con la redempcion del Castillo de Origuela. Donde se illustra casi toda la nobleza de España, como se vera en la pagina siguiente. Compuesta por . / Edición presentada (y dirigida) por Antonio Pérez Gómez

      - EDICION DE BIBLIOFILO LIMITADA Y NUMERADA.- Valencia: ["la fonte que mana y corre" ?], Imp. en los Talleres de Tipografía Moderna, 1950.- [2 h.] + mas 8 h., 100 folios, 8 h. de la reedición + [2 h.]: Incluye la portada original facsimil; 4º (24,6 cm.); Excelente impresión sobre magnífico papel de hilo verjurado; Finamente encuadernado en Plena Piel chagrén verde intenso, tapas con rueda dorada, lomo dorado y con 5 nervios, cabeza pintada, conseva las cubiertas originales.- [Aunque no va indicado en el libro, creo que pertenece a las ediciones de ."la fonte que mana y corre". que dirigía Antonio Pérez y Gómez]. Reedición de lujo basada íntegramente en la edición de "Valencia, por Iuan Vicente Franco, a la Pelleria vieja, junto a sant Martin, Año 1608". La presente edición ha sido dirigida por Antonio Pérez y Gomez, impresa a mano con caracteres Bodoni, en los Talleres de Tipografía Moderna, bajo el cuidado de María Amparo y Vicente Soler. Consta de 218 ejemplares, sobre papel de hilo ahuesado verjurado, numerados del 1 al 218. SIENDO ESTE EL Nº 61. RARISIMA EDICION DE BIBLIOFILO, MAGISTRALMENTE ENCUADERNADA Y EN IMPECABLE ESTADO.{ Libro en español [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : Librería Miguel Miranda, AILA ILAB]
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         THE GRASS IS SINGING. Signed.

      Michael Joseph, London 1950 - First Edition of Lessing's first novel neatly Signed by her to the title-page. A very good copy in faded red cloth, (as is usual), yellow titles to the spine in a very good 2nd issue supplied dustwrapper which has been marginally trimmed about an 1/8". A vivid blend of Lessing's imaginative vision and her own memories of early childhood. An important book. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : TBCL The Book Collector's Library]
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         Japanese Head (print).

      1950 - Artist's proof. Signed by Leonard Baskin. Image measures 40 X 24 cm. Fern and O'Sullivan 75.

      [Bookseller : James & Mary Laurie, Booksellers A.B.A.A]
 20.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  


      1950. 2. (FOUJITA)illus. NIGHT AND THE CAT by Elizabeth Coatsworth. NY: Macmillan 1950, 4to (6 3/4 x 10"), two-tone cloth, near Fine in dust wrapper (dw slightly worn but VG+). Stated 1st printing. Featuring 12 beautiful full page lithographs of all types of cats by FOUJITA, the noted Japanese artist, to accompany poems by Coatsworth.

      [Bookseller : Aleph-Bet Books, Inc. ]
 21.   Check availability:     ABAA     Link/Print  

         Farmer in the Sky

      Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1950 - First Printing of the First Edition, with Scribner A on the copyright page. Original black cloth with titles and decoration in yellow on the spine and front board. Book in fine condition; and in a very good to near fine dust jacket, with some tanning to spine, a couple short closed tears, and mild wear to corners and spine ends. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : Idler Fine Books]
 22.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

         Quelques aventures de maître renart, burins de Joseph Hecht, la jeune gravure contemporaine, éditions michel de romilly, Paris, 1950.

      - 1 vol. grand in-4° en feuilles sous couv. rempliée et chemise cartonnée (chemise empoussiérée), 82 p + 14 burins hors-texte, très bel état.Un des 185 exemplaires su BFK rives. Tirage à 265 exemplaires.

      [Bookseller : Comptoir Du Livre Ancien]
 23.   Check availability:     AbeBooks     Link/Print  

         OUT OF MY LATER YEARS. Signed

      The Philosophical Library, New York 1950 - Einstein, Albert [1879-1955]. OUT OF MY LATER YEARS. Signed. New York: New York. Philosophical Library [1950]. Very Good plus in a Near Fine Dustwrapper. First Edition. 8vo., pp 282. Publisher's Blue cloth with gilt signature stamped on front cover; gilt lettering on spine on a darker blue background. Beige/gray dustwrapper with red borders & red & black lettering. Frontispiece photo of Einstein [Photo by Lotte Jacobi]. Publisher's blue cloth printed black at the spine. Contents very bright. Neatly signed in medium blue fountain pen by Einstein at the top of the title page. This is the early reprint edition lacking only the hallmark & number 1 on the copyright page. Collects 60 essays, some of which are published for the first time & on a wide variety of topics: science, of course, but also many societal issues such as education, religion, race relations, war & peace, & the Jewish people. Custom red slipcase. $5500 [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : TBCL The Book Collector's Library]
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      Sagittaire,, Paris, 1950 - 1 des 50 exemplaires numerotes sur velin pur fil, signe par Andre BRETON. 353 pp. in-8, [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : alphabets]
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      Tokyo: Graphic Shudan [Tokyo]: Graphic Shudan, [late 1950s]. First Edition. 4 volumes in card slipcase with a square cutout window. Square 12mos. Number 87 of 1000 numbered copies. Despite the apparent limitation, one of the great rarities of Japanese photographic literature: this is the first time I have seen these wonderful, diminutive volumes, apparently intended as a promotional giveaway for the Graphic Shudan, a group of artists, photographers, and art directors active in the advertising world. If indeed this is advertising, Don Draper would be doing boozy cartwheels in his office. From a design and aesthetic standpoint, this publication appears to presage every design trend from Sam Haskins to Eikoh Hosoe; indeed the brilliance of the photography, sequencing, packaging and layout is perhaps unrivaled by anything of this era. That the photographers are largely unknown and the item essentially unobtainable, only adds to the mystique. The four books are crisp and fine in photo-illustrated wrappers; the cardboard slipcase with a square cutout window is also close to fine.

      [Bookseller : Harper's Books, Inc. ]
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         Philippines. American President Lines Orient Cruises.

      No date. Ca. 1950? - Vintage screenprinted color poster, 39 x 25 inches, professionally conserved with Japanese paper and wheat paste. Paper loss to 3 x 3 and 1 x 1 inch areas of upper left corner, a few additional smaller chips along upper edge (all professionally filled), faint toning from removed adhesive tape in corners (barely visible), archivally mended long tears to mid upper edge and lower left edge, staining to upper corner of verso (not visible on front of poster), pinhole at each corner. Image is clean and bright. A stunningly bright image by A. Belen of a family of agricultural workers, set in a rural scene with volcano in the background. "Screen Process by Advertising Associates Inc. Philippines" printed at lower right image. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : oldimprints]
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         Le Dur Désir De Durer - 1st Edition with 1 Lithograph By Chagall / Ltd 1000 Copies

      Bordas, Paris 1950 - Nice first edition of this book illustrated by Chagall. Here the rarest french edition including 1 orig lithograph by Chagall on a loose page + 1 frontispice (reproduce by Jacomet) + many drawings (most full page and signed) in b&w in and hors text. With the fragile original glassine cover in VG condition. Limited to 1000 copies on "Alfa bouffant" paper. ASK FOR EXTRA PICTURES. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : Artfever]
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         Flyda of the Seas

      Imago London: Imago, (1950). Octavo. 88pp. One of thirty copies printed on handmade paper, not for sale. Illustrated with twelve color lithographs by John Buckland Wright, all but one of them full-page. A presentation inscription on the front blank dated September, 1958 reads, "To Anne & Georg, a story of the seas -- your loving Aunt Marie." Princess Marie Bonaparte was the great-grandniece of Napoleon I of France and an amateur psychoanalyst, who maintained a friendship with Sigmund Freud. She married Prince George of Greece and Denmark, and the inscription is probably to her cousins-by-marriage, Prince Georg Valdemar of Denmark and Iceland, and his wife, Anne. Bound in lime-green vellum with an image of a mermaid in gilt on the front cover and gilt titling to spine. Some sunning to spine and edges of front cover, else a fine copy of a handsome book. (Reid A59).

      [Bookseller : Bromer Booksellers ]
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         Flyda of the Seas.

      London Imago (1950) Octavo. 88pp. One of thirty copies printed on handmade paper, not for sale. Illustrated with twelve color lithographs by John Buckland Wright, all but one of them full-page. A presentation inscription on the front blank dated September, 1958 reads, "To Anne & Georg, a story of the seas -- your loving Aunt Marie." Princess Marie Bonaparte was the great-grandniece of Napoleon I of France and an amateur psychoanalyst, who maintained a friendship with Sigmund Freud. She married Prince George of Greece and Denmark, and the inscription is probably to her cousins-by-marriage, Prince Georg Valdemar of Denmark and Iceland, and his wife, Anne. Bound in lime-green vellum with an image of a mermaid in gilt on the front cover and gilt titling to spine. Some sunning to spine and edges of front cover, else a fine copy of a handsome book. (Reid A59).

      [Bookseller : Bromer Booksellers]
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         The Delicate Prey and Other Stories.

      New York: Random House, (1950). 8vo, original decorated rust-red cloth, silver, gold, and black lettering. A fine copy in fine, unblemished dust jacket. ¶ From the inventory of Burton Weiss, Bookseller.

      [Bookseller : Brick Row Book Shop]
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         DRAWINGS - Signed

      Collins, London:(1950) - Limited edition 1/125 copies, 188pp. signed by the artist with an original drawing titled "washtub" showing a women bending over a basin washing her face, drawing held within a paper envelope, book bound in 1/4 rust morocco over tan cloth covered boards, spine lettering gilt, corners only lightly bumped with a hint of finger soiling to boards. A very nice and uncommon work housed within original paper covered slipcase with paper label which shows wear and soiling. very nice. [Attributes: Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : The Antiquarian Shop]
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         The Public Papers and Addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Complete 13 Volume Set, covering the years 1928-1945

      Random House Macmillan Harper New York: Random House, Macmillan, Harper. 1938-1950. First printing. Hardcover. Near Fine. First editions, published from 1938-1950. Published by Random House, Macmillan and Harpers. Complete 13 volume set, large bluish gray cloth 8vo's. First 5 volumes lacking their dust jackets. 1935 has a light tidemark toward the upper edge of the pages at the crease, throughout. Otherwise, all volumes are in near fine condition, some with areas of dusting on the edges. 1937 DJ is fair-- heavily taped and worn; others are G to VG with rubbing to corners and the usual wear. Complete set with very bright, clean contents. A great scholar's collection. Because of the weight of the set, additional shipping charges will be required. Subtitles as follows: 1928-1932: The Genesis of the New Deal; 1933: The Year of Crisis; 1934: The Advance of Recovery and Reform; 1935: The Court Disapproves; 1936: The People Approve; 1937: The Constitution Prevails; 1938: The Continuing Struggle for Liberalism; 1939: War-- and Neutrality; 1940: War-- and Aid to Democracies; 1941: The Call to Battle Stations; 1942: Humanity on the Defensive; 1943: The Tide Turns; 1944-45: Victory and the Threshold of Peace.

      [Bookseller : Caliban Books ABAA-ILAB ]
 33.   Check availability:     ABAA     Link/Print  


      Editions Du Rameau d'Or, Paul Cotinaud, Paris - S.D. (1950). In-12, en feuilles sous couverture illustrée rempliée, dans un double emboitage de l'éditeur. 55 illustrations de Henry Lemarié, coloriées au pochoir dans l'atelier de Maurice Beaufumé. Tirage limité à 1200 exemplaires sur vélin d'Arches à la forme (N° 56). Bel exemplaire. [Attributes: Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : Librairie Maraxine]
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         Chant du Prince Igor. Précédé d'un Essai sur la poésie. Illustré d'eaux-fortes en couleurs d'Alexeieff.

      Eynard, Rolle, 1950. - 230 X 290 mm. en ff. sous double emboîtage. XXV-69 pp. Illustré de 17 eaux-fortes originales en couleurs par Alexandre Alexeïeff, dont 7 hors texte. E.O. de la version française établie par Ph. Soupault et de son "Essai sur la poésie", tirée à 290 ex. 1/230 ex. num. sur Arches. Quelques piqûres. [Attributes: First Edition]

      [Bookseller : Serge Paratte, Livres anciens & modernes]
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         Lucian Freud, Recent Works. Roger Vieillard, Engravings. The Hanover Gallery, 18 April until 27 May 1950.

      The Hanover Gallery., London. 1950 - Folding Sheet. Fine. First Edition. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Folding sheet, list of works. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : Roe and Moore]
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      Chicago: Shasta Publishers Chicago: Shasta Publishers,. 1950. cloth.. Signed by Ed Wood (THE Ed Wood?) on front free endpaper. A fine copy. in near fine dust jacket (designed by Hannes Bok) with some spotting. along top edges of front and rear panels, more so on the latter.. Still a very nice copy. (#110872). First edition. A fine association copy, inscribed on the front free endpaper by Jenkins to T. E. Dikty who, along with Erle Korshak, founded Shasta Publishers: "To Ted Dikty; / Who can't find his way / about on Long Island, but / is a good guy just the / same / Will F. Jenkins / 'Murray Leinster.'" Anatomy of Wonder (1995) 2-70.

      [Bookseller : L. W. Currey, Inc. ]
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         Born to be Bad (Original poster)

      RKO Radio Pictures 1950 - American one sheet film poster for the 1950 film noir, "Born to be Bad." Directed by Nicholas Ray and starring Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan, Zachary Scott, Joan Leslie, and Mel Ferrer. A superb illustrated one sheet, capturing Ms. Fontaine at her peak, and playing against type as femme fatale. Fine condition, unrestored, on linen. Rolled, 27 x 41 inches. Neibaur 119. Selby 46.

      [Bookseller : Royal Books, Inc., ABAA]
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         The Waters Reglitterized

      John Kidis [No place]: John Kidis. 1950. First. First edition. Stapled wrappers. Split at the bottom of the spine, a very good copy in wrappers with modest edgewear. One of 1000 numbered copies. This is copy #39. The first printed edition of a small manuscript book that Miller had originally prepared for his friend Emil Schnellock in 1939. This copy Inscribed by Miller to June Mansfield, his second wife, and the inspiration for much of his best fiction: "For June -- a souvenir of Paris & Schnellockian days. Henry. 3/51." .

      [Bookseller : Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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      [Bookseller : Librairie Courant d'Art]
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         Lilium Bolanderi

      Published in 1933-1950 - A wonderfully detailed hand colored lithograph from Henry John Elwes book “A Supplement to Elwes' Monograph of the Genus Lilium”, published from 1933-1950. Overall this print is of superior quality on crisp white paper with dimensions of 14.5”x21.5”. In very good condition with some light foxing and staining. H. J. Elwes published the original “Monograph of the Genus Lilium” in 1877-80. In this monumental work a series of magnificent plates represented all the lilies at that time in cultivation in Great Britain. The illustrations were all drawn from living specimens. Elwes recognized that his work was incomplete, as many other species had still to be introduced into European cultivation. It was characteristic of his enthusiasm and energy that immediately on publication of his monograph he began the long and laborious task of collecting material for a supplement. This he pursued for many years, and although unfortunately he passed away before its completion. Arthur Grove, an associate working with Elwes to assemble material for the publication continued with the project. Grove had devoted a long life to the cultivation and study of lilies. Mr. D. Cotton, keeper of the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, was also instrumental to its publication as .was Lillian Snelling who illustrated the book. The result of these endeavors was a valuable supplement, which was produced in the same form as the original monograph.

      [Bookseller : Arader Galleries San Francisco]
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         A Little Stone

      John Lehman London: John Lehman. (1950). First. First edition, first issue binding. Fine in a bright and fresh, near fine dustwrapper with a small scraped tear on the spine. A nice copy of this collection of stories. .

      [Bookseller : Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. ABA]
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         Conozca la Argentina [Meet Argentina]

      Cambytur S.A., Buenos Aires 1950 - First edition. Oblong octavo. Spiral bound printed decorated boards with clear plastic dustwrapper, attached at the flaps to insides of the boards. Boards a little warped, and the plastic has pulled through a few of the spirals, but otherwise very good or better. Issued by a tourism agency extolling the virtues of Argentina as a tourism destination, and illustrated with 15 full-page original photographs mounted with captions in both Spanish and English on the verso of the preceding page. The photographs are unattributed, but wonderfully composed and presented. Very scarce. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : Between the Covers-Rare Books, Inc. ABAA]
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         First Lensman (Signed First Edition)

      Fantasy Press 1950 - Fantasy Press. Edward E. Smith, PhD. First Lensman. Illustrated by A. J. Donnell. This First Edition is limited to 5,000 copies, of which 500 are numbered and autographed, this being number 13 personally inscribed by Edward E. Smith on the dedication page. It has the original dustjacket designed for the book - of which only several are known to exist. It also has the dustjacket later used for the book. Book Condition: Near Fine showing minor cover wear and minor soiling inside covers. Yellow Dustjacket Condition: Near Fine showing minor wear around the edges. Blue Dustjacket Condition: Fine. Please email for additional pictures. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : Zeds Books]
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         Principia Mathematica; 3 Vols

      Cambridge University Press Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1950. Reprint. Hardcover. Near Fine. Three volumes. Reprints of the second edition. Cloth hardcovers in dust jackets, 674 + 742 + 491 pp., clean unmarked texts, all volumes about Near Fine in Very Good dust jackets, light discoloration to some pages of the texts and/or the page-edges, a bit of rubbing to the covers at the tips, dust jackets with some soil/discoloraiton, dust jackets with rubbing or wear at the tips and edges including chipping, creasing, and minor loss. All copies with dust jackets in archival dust jacket protectors. Uncommon set, especially in such nice shape.

      [Bookseller : Caliban Books ABAA-ILAB ]
 45.   Check availability:     ABAA     Link/Print  

         The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: A Story for Children

      The Macmillan Company, New York 1950 - Macmillan Company, New York, 1950. First American edition, stated First Printing. The first volume in the Chronicles of Narnia. Illustrated by Pauline Baynes. Publisher's original light blue cloth with reindeer design on front in yellow and dark blue. (vi) + 154 pages. A slightly better than good book, sound and unmarked, boards have spotting and light soil, top edge sunned, spine pushed at top and bottom. In a fair to good dust jacket, front flap is price clipped at top with $2.50 at bottom, front fold is rubbed with a chip off at bottom, front panel has a 3/4 by 1/2 inch triangle off top left side, a 1/2 inch tear and a small piece off top edge at the flap, spine darkened, chipped and has a 1 1/2 inch tear at bottom, back panel has a 3/4 by 1 1/2 inch piece off bottom at spine, small piece off top at flap and light chipping. Many flaws but quite presentable. [Attributes: First Edition; Hard Cover]

      [Bookseller : Dark Star Books]
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         Vogue Magazine (American), June 1950 - Original Erwin Blumenfeld "Doe Eye" Cover Featuring Jean Patchett

      Conde Nast, New York 1950 - 164 pages. The original "Doe Eye" issue. Unmarked with moderate wear. Minor loss at each end of back strip. A high-quality copy of this iconic masterpiece. [Attributes: First Edition; Soft Cover]

      [Bookseller : RareNonFiction]
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      - Lausanne, André Gonin, 1950. En feuilles. Ouvrage orné de 20 compositions originales en couleurs et de 8 ornements en cul-de-lampe, dessinés sur la pierre par Jean Lurçat. Couverture rempliée. Chemise-étui en demi-parchemin. Minimes traces d'usage sur la chemise-étui, sinon ensemble en excellent état. Un des 250 exemplaires (n° 26), signé par l'artiste et l'éditeur.

      [Bookseller : Librairie de l'Univers]
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